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a quarterly magazine of genealogical, 
Antiquarian, Topographical, and 
I [eraldic Research. 




Genealogist [New Scries) Vol. XII. 


A glance at the table of " Contents " which accompanies this 
Volume will show, I venture to think, that there has been 
no falling off in the quality of the work which has been 
accomplished by The Genealogist. That this is the case is 
a matter of much gratification to me, but is, 1 am aware, 
entirely du3 to the kindness and ability of those who have 
given me assistance, to each and all of whom I am sincerely 

The Genealogist still aims, as it has always done, at being 
both constructive and destructive, constructive in providing 
material from which true pedigrees can be compiled, and 
destructive in exposing the fallacies and manifold inaccuracies 
of those false ^eneaWies which have been left to us as a 
damnosa heredities from a bye-gone and pre-scientitic period. 
The Magazine should have the sympathy and support of all 
who prefer the plain and simple truth to spurious concoctions 
however grandiloquent. 

The interesting papers contributed by Mr. J. H. Round, Sir 
George Sit well, Mr. W. A. Lindsay, Mr. John A. 0. Vincent, 


Mr. Keith W. Murray, Mr. J. Henry Lea, and others; General 
Wrottesley's invaluable Pedigrees from the Plea Rolls; Mr. 
Walter C. Metcalfe's transcript of the Visitation of Wiltshire; 
and Mr. J. W. Clay's edition of Dugdale's Visitation of York- 
shire have, I am sure, been greatly appreciated by all our 
readers. The Seize Quartiers of the Kings and Queens of 
England, by G. E. C. and Mr. Gr. W. Watson, a monument 
of patient and learned genealogical research, Mr. Oswald 
Barron's careful and much needed edition of the Parliamentary 
Roll of Arms, and the list of Wills in the Court of Delegates 
have been concluded in the present Volume. 

Before closing this short preface, I must appeal as earnestly 
us I can to those interested in the success of the Magazine to do 
all in their power to increase the list of subscribers, for though 
The Genealogist has lon£ been regarded as a standard work, 
not only in Great Britain, but in Greater Britain and the United 
States also, the list of those who give it financial aid is by 
no means co-extensive with the large number of persons who 
constantly consult its pages. It would, I am sure, be regarded 
as a real loss by all those interested in genealogy and kindred 
subjects should the Magazine cease to exist, but it is obvious 
that it is impossible to carry on an enterprise of this character 
without adequate pecuniary support. 

H. W. Forsyth Harwood. 




The Origin of the Lindsays. By Sill George SlTWELL, Bart. .. ... 1 

,, „ By J. H. Round ... ... 75 

„ „ By W. A. Lindsay, Windsor Herald ... 152 

Monumental Inscriptions at Sarnesfield, eo. Hereford. Communicated by 
G.W.M. ... ... .. ... ... ... 7 

The Visitation of Wiltshire, 15G5. Communicated by Walter C. Metcalfe 

18, 89, 163, 236 

Pe.ligrees from the Plea Rolls. By Major-General the Hon. Geouge 

Wrotteslky ... ... ... ... 28, 106, 172, 225 

The Seize Quartiers of the Kings and Queens of England. Anne (of Bohemia), 
Queen Consort to Richard II, 35 ; Isabel and Catherine (of Fiance), Queens 
Consort to Richard II and Henry Y, 36 ; Henry IV, King of England, 114 ; 
Mary (de Bohun), Consort to Henry, Earl of Derby, afterwards King of 
England, 115 ; Jane (of Navarre), Queen Consort to Henry IV, 116 ; 
Henry V, King of England, 178 ; Henry VI, King of England, 179 ; 
Margaret (of Anjou), Queen Consort to Henry VI, 180 ; Edward IV, and 
Richard III, Kings of England, 181 ; Elizabeth (VVydville), Queen Consort 
to Edward IV, 214 ; Edward V, King of England, 215 ; Anne (Neville), 
Queen Consort to Richard III, 246. By G. W. Watson 35, 114, 178, 244 

Dugdalc's Visitation of Yorkshire, with Additions. Edited by J. W. Clay, 
F.S.A. ... ... ... ... ...43,121, 193,253 

The Parliamentary Roll of Arms. Communicated by Oswald Barron 59, 133. 206, 268 

Inquisitiones Post Mortem temp. Henry VIII to Charles I 63, 137, 212, 282 

A Bri&tol Ancestor of the Dukes of Somerset. By John A. C. Vincent ... 73 



Royal Descent of Kingsmill. By the Rev. Thomas Kingsmill Abbott, B.D., 

Litt. D. ... ... ... ... ... ... 7b" 

A Deed relating to the Convent of St. Catherine, of Sienna, near Edinburgh. 

Communicated by J. G. Wallace- James ... ... .. 78 

A List of Funeral Certificates. Communicated by G.E.C, .. SO, 153 

Wills and Administrations in the Court of Delegates .. .. ... 97 

The Descendants of Paul Wesselowski. Communicated by Henry Wagner, 

FS.A. ... ... ... ... ... ... 102 

In Memoriam— Rev. Thomas Proctor Wadley. By Rev. R. E. H. Duke .. 140 

Faramus of Boulogne. By J. H. Round ... ... ... ... 145 

Genealogical Notes on the Family of Lee of Quarrendon. By J. Henry Lea 186 

Pedigree of Baynard. By J. H. Hound ... ... ... ... '211 

" The Outlaw Murray." By Keith W. Murray, F,S. A. ... ... 217 

Le Poller. By Count de la Poeu ... ... ... .. 221 

The Registers of Christ Church, Newgate Street By J. Challenor Smith ... 223 

Pedigree of the Lords Burgh of Gainsborough. By the Rev. Robert Eden 

Cole, with Introduction hy G.E.C. ... ... ... ... 233 

Sir John Kerne. By Major E. M. Poynton ... ... ... 251 

Notices of Books : — 

The Colonial Gentry. By Sir Bernard Burke, Ulster. Vol. ii. Edited 

by AsilWOItTH P. Buhkk... ... .. ... .. b"l) 

Feudal England. By J. H. Round ... . .. .. hi 

A Handbook to the Ancient Courts of Probate and Depositories of Wills. 

By George W. Marshall, LL.l)., Rouge Croix, Pursuivant of Arms .. 1 13 

The Gentleman's Magazine Library — English Topography — Parts v and vi 143 

The Herts Genealogist and Antiquary, Vol. ii, No. 9. Edited by William 

Brigg ... ... ... ... ... . 144 

Cratfield Parish Papers. By the late Rev. William Holland, B.A, Edited 

by John James Raven, D.D., F.S A. ... .. ' ... 212 

Stoke under Hamdon and other Manors in Somerset in connection with 
Sir Matthew Gouruay, Kt., and the Duchy of Cornwall. By John 

Batten, F.S.A. .. ... ... ... ... 213 


Notices of Books — continued. PAGE 
The Gillmans of Highgate: By Alexander W. Gillman ... ... ' 213 

Notes on Shippo. Ry James fi. Bowes .. .. ... 214 

Old Sl<»ke Charity. By lV. \V. Greenfield, M.A., F.S.A. ... ... 2.14 

Records and Pedigree of the Family <>f Maryon of Essex and Herts. 
Compiled by John Ernest Maryox ... ... ... ... 214 

Bailey's Photo Ancestral Record. By the Bey. Frederic Bailey, B.D. ... 215 

The History of the Granville Family, traced back to Rollo, first Duke of 
Normandy, By Roger Granville, M.A., Rector of Bideford ... 284 

Searches into the History of the Gillman or Gilman Family. By Alexander 
W. Gillman ... ... ... ... .. ... 287 

Prehistoric Man in Ayrshire. By John Smith .. ... ... 288 

Notes and Queries: — 

Sir Walter Manny 


The Origin of the Thynncs 

... 72 

Fox Family 

... 72 

English Epitaphs Abroad ... 

... 144 

Peebles of Dewsbury 

... 144 

Be Poher Family 


De Laci Family ... ... ... 

... 21G 

Fnviuuus of Mouiogno 

... 28S 

IliihleH of Uiddell 

... 288 

Wade Family of America and England 

... 288 

Illustration's : — 

Seal of William Erskine, Archbishop of Glasgow .. ... Frontispiece. 

Memorial Cross to Isabel de Sarnesfield in Sarnesfield Church ... 7 

Arms of More of Austrop . . . ... .., .. ... 4'5 

,, ,, Foulis of Ingleby Manour ... .. ... j ... 4G 

„ „ Copley of Batley ... .. ... ... ... 52 

,, ,, Greene of Thundercliffe ... ... ... ... 5G 

„ Greene of Bumke... .,. .,. ... ... J'Jl 


Illustrations — continued. yxc.t. 

Arms of Stapleton of Carlton ... .. ... ..123 

„ Stapletou of Wartre .. ... ... ... 193 

„ Croslancl of Crosland Hill ... ... ... ... 199 

,, „ Simpson of Leede* ... ... ... ... 205 

,. „ Foljambe of Steeton ... ... ... ... 253 

,, ,, Osbaldeston of Hunmanby ... ... ... ... 260 

Thomlinson of Thorgamby ... ... ... 262 

„ Thomlinson of Whitby ... ... ... ... 267 

^he Parish glegieters of -Street, <Eo. Somerset Transcribed 
and Annotated by A. J. Jeweiis, F.S.A. 

Index of Persons 
Index of Places 


By Sir Georgk Sitwell, Bart., M.P. 

Two generations of genealogists have lavished time and labour in the 
attempt to discover the origin of the house of Lindsay. Their struggles 
have been in vain. Lord Crawford's descent from the De Limesays, 
which Burke tells us has been " surmised, after long and patient 
investigation," remains to-day unproved and improbable, and the investi- 
gators would have done better to have told us simply in the words of 
the old Scotch poet, 

" Of England come the Lyndysay, 
Mair of them I can nocht say." 

I propose, however, in this article to say a good deal more of them, 
and to trace the family to its Domesday settlement in England, from 
England into Normandy, and from Normandy in the tenth century into 
Cermany. I do not claim that [ can produce, at a few days notice, 
such proof as would be accepted by the Heralds College, but I do say, 
with the greatest confidence, that the descent I am indicating is so clear 
that it will eventually be accepted by all genealogists. 

In Domesday we find a certain " Baldrieus " holding of the Earl of 
Chester in Hamingebi, Earforde, to which Oxccumbn was attached, and 
Fulnotebi, all in the province of Lindsey. This Baldrieus, as appears 
by King William's charter of confirmation to the monks of St. Evroul 
in 1081, gave to that Abbey the tithe of his lands at Farefort ; and his 
donation was continued by the first Earl Uanulf of Chester in the 
following terms : — 

" decimam quoque de farefort et oxcumbe quam dedit Baldrieus 
de Lihdissi." 1 

To this charter of confirmation Ricardus filius Baldrici de Lindissi is 
a witness. 

Hamingebi in the North Riding was the caput of Baldric's Lincoln- 
shire property in 108G, and in the Lindsey survey of 1114-16 we find 
Richard de Heningebi holding two carucatcs of Earl Richard. 2 This is 
evidently the same person as Ricardus Jit tux Baldrici de Lindissi. There 
are many evidences of the presence of various members of this family 
in Lincolnshire throughout the twelfth century ; and Hamingebi seems 

1 Cartulary of St. Evroul at Paris, fo. 16, number 31. Windsor Herald has 
kindly lent me a copy of the charter. 

- Greenstreet's edition, 18, and Chester Waters, 32. 



to have remained in their possession, for a Richard de Lindesi was one 
of the knights whoso services were granted by Ranulph, Earl of 
Chester, to r>arl David, brother of the Scotch King, in 1189, and 
" Enunungcby " (undoubtedly lianiingebi) one of the properties men- 
tioned in the charter for which the services were to be rendered. 1 A 
charter of this Richard de Lindesi, made in c. 1181-5, is preserved in 
the Ilarleian collection. 2 He was evidently the head of his family, and 
the representative of Baldric, and held his lands by service for one 
knight's fee. 

Having thus pointed out the original settlement of the Lindsays in 
England, and the manor in Lindsey at which they resided, at least 
occasionally, for a hundred and thirty years after the Conquest, I 
propose to follow their ancestor Baldric back to his Norman home. 
The Lincolnshire tenants of Hugo Lupus did not hold of the Earl in 
that county alone. Robert de Rodelent and Osbern Fitz Tezson, whose 
gifts to St. Evroul are mentioned in the same sentence with that of 
Baldric, were barons in Cheshire ; as were also William Fitz Nigel and 
Hugh (Fitz Osbern) who appear side by side with Baldric in the great 
survey. Some of the lesser landowners may also be traced in both 
counties. It is, therefore, something more than an assumption when I 
assert that the Lincolnshire Baldricus is the same person as the 
l'aldricus who held of the Ear! in Code (either Kelsall or Coghall) in 

Now this Baldricus, the Earl's tenant in Cheshire, had a wife named 
" Billeheldis," as appears by Earl Hugh's charter of 1093 to the Abbey 
of St, Werburgh :— 

" Item Billeheld uxor Baldrici dedit Pecfortunam. Teste Normanno 
de Arreeio, multisque aliis." 3 

It is very noticeable as regards the companions of Baldricus, both in 
Lincolnshire and Cheshire, that many of them appear as principals or 
witnesses in charters to the Abbey of St. Evroul. Cannot we identify 
l'aldricus of Lincolnshire and Cheshire, who gave the tithes of his 
Lincolnshire lands to St. Evroul, with some other Baldricus of the 
same date who was also a benefactor to that Abbey. 1 think we can, 
in the person of Baldric, lord of the Honour of Bocquence, and con- 
jecture ripens into conviction when we find that the latter had also a 
wife of the name of Billeheld : — 

" Tempore Rogerii abbatis, qui abbati Serloni successit, venit Bille- 
hcldis uxor Baldrici de Balchenccio in capitulum Sancti Ebrulfi, ct 
accepit orationes ct beneficium loci, et dedit decimam de suo dominio, 
id est de sua carruca, ct hoc libenter concesscrunt filii sui, Rodbcrtus 
videlicet dominus de honorc ct Baldricus. Eodcm die;, hoc est in die 
iuventiouis sancte crucis, Rodbcrtus et Baldricus, lilii ejus, qui cum 
ipsa venerant in capitulum, coneesserunt sua spontanea voluntatc quic- 
quid pater et antcccssorcs corum loco dederant ct conecsserant, ct cum 
matre sua fraternitatem loci cum magna devotione susceperunt, et 

1 Cotton Charters, xxiv, If). 

2 53 A. 30. Syp also 52 Q. 34. 

3 Rfon. ii, 3S6\ 



ecclesiam sancti Martini nominatim concesserunt, et dc his omnibus 
cum sua matre super altare donationcm et coiicessioncra posuerunt. 
Quapropter abbas dedit eis unum caballum, licet ipsi minimo 
requisisscnt. Quod cum gratiarum actione susceperunt, eo quod major 
f rater, videlicet llodbertus, Baldricum fratrem juniorem instruere tunc 
cupiebat ad militem. Testes Wigerius patruus eorumdem fratrum et 
filius ejus Fulco, Fulbertus forestarius, eorum, Hugo filius Fulcaldi, 
Marseius, Odo cocus, Natalis nutricius infantis AVillelmi videlicet de 
Roelcnt et Goderfridus sanguinator." 1 

Tlie descent of thin Baldric de Bocquence from a certain Baldricus 
the German, who entered the service of Richard, Duke of Normandy, 
at the end of the tenth or beginning of the eleventh century is fully 
recorded by Ordcric- I give a translation, which owing to exigencies 
of time, is not my own : — 

" The monks of St. Evrpuit were well pleased that Arnold was restored 
to his lawful jurisdiction, and with his support resisted the oppressions 
of some troublesome persons who had taken advantage of their defence- 
less state. In the time of the Abbot Theodoric and Robert, his 
sueccssor, Baldric and Viger de Bauquencey and their people, had not 
only earrL d themselves insolently towards the monks, and were 
insubordinate to them as their lords, but often harassed them and their 
servants. Robert, on his becoming abbot, thought it disgraceful to 
submit any longer to such conduct. He, therefore, having consulted 
the brethren, gave up the rebels to his cousin, that he might chastise 
with a soldier's strong hand the stubborness of men who were too 
proud to submit to the gentle rule of the monks. Arnold laid upon 
them the burden of many hard services, compelling them and their 
people to guard his fortified castles of Kehaufour and St. Ceneri. 
Upon this they earnestly entreated Abbot Robert and the monks that 
they would be pleased to take them again under their own rule, 
promising in future entire submission and better conduct. The abbot 
and monks, listening to their prayers, besought Arnold to restore them 
to their service under the church, which to those who are humble and 
well disposed is truly liberal." 

" At this time Roger, the eldest son of Engenulf de Aquila was slain. 
Kngenylf and his wife Richveride came to St. in deep grief, 
entreating the prayers and good ofhees of the monks for the good of 
the souls of themselves and their son Roger, which were granted ; and 
they thereupon ottered his best horse to God and the monks. The 
horse being very valuable, Arnold begged to have it, yielding up 
Baldric and his people with the lief of Bauquencey to be subject to the 
monks as before. This was done : Arnold receiving the horse from his 
cousin Robert, and restoring Baldric with the land of Bauquencey to his 
former tenure under the abbey. Baldric, overjoyed at having thus 
escaped from the burdensome service of Arnold, granted to the monks 
a domain which he possessed in the vill of St. Evroult, as also his land 

1 Le Prevost's Ordcric, v, 184. 

a Le IYevost'.s Ordeiic, ii, 71-0, and 25, 35 ; v, 176, 184. 



upon the rivulet of Douet Villars, and thai of the Norman Mica and 
Benignus. Then Baldric swore fealty to Abbot Robert with joined 
hands, promising suit and service, and demanding- that his fief should 
not again be severed from the estates of the monks. They granted 
and ratified this, and both Baldric and Robert, his son, from that time 
to the present day, have done service to none but the monks for the 
lands of Bauquencey." 

" The abbey of St. Evroult stands in the fief of Bauquencey, and this 
Baldric was a man of high birth. For Gislebert, Count de Brionne, 
nephew of Richard, Duke of Normandy, gave his niece in marriage to 
Baldric the German, who came into Normandy, with Viger, his 
brother, to take service under the Duke. From this marriage sprang 
six sons, besides several daughters, viz., Nicholas de Basqueville, Fulk 
d'Aunoun, Robert de Courcy, Richard de Neuville, Baldric de Bau- 
quencey, and Viger of Apulia. They all distinguished themselves by 
great valour under Duke William, from whom they received great 
riches and honours, and left to their heirs vast possessions in Nor- 

" Baldric who, with his brother Viger, held the fief of Bauquencey, 
gave his sister Elizabeth in marriage to Fulk de Bonneval, a brave 
knight, and for her dowry the church of St. Nicholas, built by his 
father, with the lands adjoining. Fulk, not forgetful of the life to 
come, presented to God, for the good of his soul and those of his 
kindred, his son Theodoric, to whom Abbot Theodoric was baptismal 
sponsor, offering to St. Evroult the youth and the abbey of St. 
Nicholas, of which we have just spoken. Baldric, Viger, and William 
de Bonneval, readily confirmed these offerings." 

Though it would appear from the pages of Orderic that there was 
only one Baldric de Boequence in possession of that fief from c. 1045-93, 
I have strong suspieions that the period may really have been covered 
by a father and son bearing the same names. Baldric is recorded to 
have given certain properly in free marriage with his sister Elizabeth to 
Kulco de Bonavilla. But surely if this Baldric is the same person as 
Baldric, the fifth son of Baldric the German, the portion would have 
been given not by him but by his eldest brother. Again I notice that 
in Duke William's charter of c. 1050 Baldricus de Balchcncei is 
referred to in the past tense : — 

" Thcodcricus Abbas emit ipse ab Ernaldo prefati Willelmi filio, 
consenciente Roberto avunculo et jubente comite Willelmo, terram de 
Balchencei, sicut tenuerat Baldricus ejus comitis arcearius." 1 

This conjecture seems to be supported also by Rodbert de Bocquenc6's 
confirmation to St. Evroul of all that his father and ancestors had 
given, and by a study of the descendants of Baldric the German's four 
elder sons. 2 

1 Orderic, Le Prevost, v, 176. 

2 See Addit. MSS. (Kyton) 31, 938, pp. 61, 129, 173 ; and 31, 939, p. 235. 

...... A ... _„ . . . » ^ «, a »r»/n > 



I have made no attempt to connect Walter de Lindesi of 1116-20, 
who was apparently the first to settle in Scotland, with this family, 
though I think it very probable that he may have been brother to 
Kichard, son of Baldric. It was probably this Walter who at some 
date earlier than 1185 gave land in Fordington, co. Lincoln, to the 
Templars. Fordington was held by the Earl of Chester in 1086. The 
collateral descendants of Walter held a knight's fee in Suffolk of the 
honour of St. Edmund de veteri feofamento, and I agree with the late 
Lord Crawford in conjecturing that Walter had been enfeoffed in 
c. 1102 by Robert the Abbot, who was son to Hugo Lupus, and had 
formerly been a monk of St. Evroul. Here also the indications leads 
us back to our starting point, to the Earldom of Chester and to the 
Abbey of St. Evroul. 

This new derivation of the house of Lindsay must appeal, I think, to 
our sense of historie fitness. It takes us back more than a thousand 
years, and finds Lord Crawford's ancestors then, as ever afterwards, 
belonging to the old nobility and to the "pares," of whom the sovereign 
is " primus." It commences with a soldier of fortune, himself a man 
of high birth, who left the home of his ancestors in Germany to serve 
Duke Richard of Normandy, and was given in marriage the niece of 
Cislebcrt, Count of Brionne. The five sons who sprang from this union 
gained, we are told, great riches and honour, and vast possessions by 
their valour in the wars of Duke William, and their descendants were 
distinguished by the same adventurous spirit. One followed the Do 
Hautevilles into Apulia ; seven at least 1 took part in the conquest 
of England, founding there the great houses of Neville, De Courci, 
Dawney, St. Martin and Fitz Erncis ; one fought under Earl Hugh 
in Cheshire ; two accompanied David Earl of Huntingdon into the 
Lowlands, and one, if not more than one, played his part in the 
reduction of Ireland. Though the race from which they sprang was not 
originally Norman, I know of none which lias exhibited in such a high 
degree the Norman genius for adventure, for conquest, and for 

Baldricus Teutonicus, a German magnae nobilita- 
tis, who came into Normandy Ricardo Duci servire 
(Richard II, 996-1026). Lord of Baqueville-en- 
Caux, and of the Honour of Boequence, which he 
held of Geroie, by the service of castle -guard at 
KchaufYour and St. Ceneri, and builder of the 
church of St. Nicholas (des Lettiera). Identical 
with the Baldric de Bauquencei who, by the advice 
of Geroie, placed his fief under the jurisdiction of 
Roger, Bishop of Lisieux (before 1022), and prob- 
ably with the Baldric who witnesses several of 
Duke Richard II. 's charters. 

_ 1 

=t=. . . given in marriage Wiger, 

by her uncle or entered 

grandfather, Gisle- Duke 

bert, Count of Brion- Richard's 

ne. Duchesne makes service 

her dau. of his son with his 

Richard de Clare, but brother, 
according to Kytoir 
she must have been 
Gislebert's niece. 

1 Raoul, or Fulk, d'Aunou, Richard de Courci, Robert Fitz Erneis, Martcl de 
Bacqueville, Richard, or Gilbert, de Neville, the Sire of St. Martin, and Baldricus de 

2 Addit. MSS. 31, 939, p. 235. 


Elizabeth, wife of Fulco dc Bonavilia (St. 
Aubin do Bonneval). He gave the church 
of St. Nicholas, part of her portion, to 
St. Evroul, on their son Theodoric (born 
c. 1050-8) being received as a monk. 

1 NlCHOLAUa UE BascHEVILLE (Baqueville- 
en-Caux, eldest son of Baldric the Ger- 
man) He married a niece of the Duchess 
Gunnora (da. of Her fast us), and was an- 
cestor of \\ illiam kartell and Walter de 
St. Martin. In 1047 he witnessed Duke 
William's charter as Nicholaus filius Bald- 
rici. He was probably father of Marie] 
de Baqueville, who fought at Hastings, 
lOoG. 1 

Ha WISH, wife of Erneis, the brother of 
Raoul Tesson and cofounder of Fontenay. 
Their son Robert Fitz Krneis fell at the 
foot of the standard at Hastings. 


2 Fulco de Alnou (Aunou-le-Faucou), 
second son of Baldric and ancestor of 
the Dawneys. 

3 Roduertus de Curceio (near Crois- 
sanville), third son of Baldric, ancestor 
of the de Courcis, and father of Richard, 
who was present at Hastings, 1066. 

4 Richard de Nova villa (perhaps 
Neuville-sur-Tonque), fourth son of 
Baldric and ancestor of the dc 

6 Wicjer APULIENSIS, sixth son of Baldric, 
had a share in the Honour of Bocquence, 
and rebelled against Theodoric (1050-8). 
Witnessed Billeheld's grant, after 1 0.9 1 , and 
confirmed that of Fulco de Bonavilia. 

5 Baldricus de Baloenzaio, 5th son of Baldric, lord of the Honour 
of Bocquence and bow-bearer (nrcearius, avc/icariu$, or f'arvhocarius) 
to W illiam, Duke of Normandy. In c. 1050-8 gave the church of 
St. Nicholas to his sister Elizabeth in free marriage with Fulco de 
Bonavilia. The overlordship of Bocquence, in which the Abbey of 
St. Evroul stands, having been sold by Frnald, son of William Geroie, 
to Theodoric the Abbot, baldric rebelled against the latter (1050- 
1 058), but eventually submitted and did homage to the Abbot hobert, 
c. 10G0. Having accompanied Uichard, Vicomte D'Avranches, or his 

After the death 
of her husband 
gave the tithes 
of her demesne 
to St. Evroul. 
(Between 1091 
and 1126 ) Be- 
fore lOi'3 gave 

son, Hugo Lupus, to England, Baldricus held under the latter in I the manor of 

Hamingebi, Faiforde, and Fulnotebi in Lindsey, and Cocle in 
Cheshire. Before 1081 he gave the tithes of Farcfort and Oxecumbe 
to St. Fvroul, and Earl Banulf's charter of confirmation describes 
him as Baldric dc LindnsL He probably died before 1093. 

at the time of his mother's grant 
to St. Evroul. He confirmed her 
gift, and gave the church of St. 
Martin to the Abbey. A witness 
to Roger Tii-ell's charter. Living 
when Orderic wrote the first 
book of his History. 

Kk\\i;i>i skilius Balurici deLin- 
dissi, a witness to Earl Rauulf's 
confirmation of Baldric's gift of 
the tithes of Farefort and Oxe- 
cumbe. As Richard de Henin- 
gebi holds that manor (Baldric's 
in 108G) under Richard, Earl of 

Richard de Lindesi, 1189, holds 
a knight's fee of Ranulf , Earl of 
Chester ,and his service (apparent- 
ly for Hemingcbi, which is men- 
tioned in the charter) is trans- 
ferred by the Earl to David, 
brother of the Scotch King. 

Peekforton, co, 
Chester, to St. 

J 1 

Baldricus, a 
youth at the 
time of his 
mother's grant 
by Rodbert's 
desire inUructus 
ad milium. 

1 See Martene's Thesaurus, 1717, i, 168 ; Duchesne's Historiae N., 313 ; and Maisoil 
d'H ireourt, xi, 1397. 





Sarnesfield at the time of the Domesday Survey formed part of the 
vast possessions of Roger de Laci, and then gave name to a family who 
held it for at least three hundred years, when it passed by the coheiress 
of Sir Nicholas de Sarnesfield, K.G., to the Moningtons, hi* whose family 
it remained till their extinction in mule line in 17-11, and in female line 
at the end of the last century. Philip de Sarnesfield held one and a 
half hides of Hugh de Lacy in 1109. A Philip de Sarnesfield appears 
as witness to a charter, undated, of Henry dc Penebrugge. Roger de 
Sarueslield, Philip de Sarnesfield, and Robert de Sarnesfield occur in the 
Testa de Nevil. William de Sarnesfield appears as party to a deed, 
undated, between 12S5 and 1298. Walter de Sarnesfield occurs in a 
Roll of Arms (Archacologia, vol. xxxvi, 127), cirea 1295. A Geffrey de 
Sarueslield was living in 1311. John de Sarueslield was Lord of the 
Manor of Sarueslield in 1310. In 1317 Margaret de Sarnesfield pre- 
sented to the living of Sarnesfield, and Robert de Sarueslield in 1318, 
and Thomas de Sarueslield in 1319. In 13-39 Letters of Protection to 
pass with Edward, Prince of Wales, beyond sea, were granted to 
Nicholas and John de Sarnesfield. Nicholas was after a Knight of the 
Garter, and it is possible that John may have been his brother. Thomas 
de Sarnesfield presented to the living of Sarnesfield in 1388, and 
Thomas, I presume the same person, died seized of the Manor of 
Sarueslield in 1390. Probably he was the. father of Sir Nicholas. Sir 
Nicholas died about the end of the year 1391, leaving a widow, 
Margaret, who was living in 1131. He l« i ft two daughters, his coheirs, 
one married to Hugh Monington, who died in 1121-5, the other to 
Walter Bromwich of Little Sarnesfield in the parish of Weobley, whose 
descendant was residing there temp. Henry VI II. 1 Great Sarueslield 
became the inheritance of the Moningtons, it is therefore probable that 
Hugh Monington's wife was the elder coheir. A full memoir of Sir 
Nicholas de Sarueslield will be found in Beltz's "Memorials of the 
Order of the Garter," p. 308. 

Several fragments of thirteenth or fourteenth century floriated 
crosses, which have served as memorials to the early inhabitants of 
Sarnesfield, still remain in the church, but one only bears any inscrip- 
tion. This commemorates an Isabel de Sarnesfield, and appears to be 
of fourteenth century workmanship. The accompanying engraving, 
from a sketch made by J. Paul Rylands, Esq., E.S.A., gives an, accurate 
representation of it, and renders further comment unnecessary. 

The church consists of nave, with south aisle, chancel, and chapel on 
south side belonging to the manor, south porch, and square tower in 
which are two bells with these inscriptions : — 

1 . Iesv salva me. 

2. Peace and good neighbourhood. 172G. 
There are no monuments in the chancel. 

1 Patent Roll 1 Richard II, pars 2, 1377-8. MS- in Coll. Arms, II. 8, fol, 33. 



' On the floor of the Nave. 

Here lieth the Body of the Rev d Roger Powell, Vicar of Lyonshall who died 
January 14«», 1816, aged 76. 

Here lieth the Body of Ann Powell relict of the Rev d Roger Powell who died the 
... day of Oct r 1825. Aged 92. 

In Memory of Joseph Hall who Died the ... of April, 1760. Aged ... 

In the Chapel, on the floor. 

In hope of Resurection to Eternal life Here Lyeth y e body of Thomas Moningtom 
Esq r who died y e 4 May Anno Do'ni 1709. 

Here Lyeth y e body of Gainor the wife of John Monington, Esq' who departed 
Mar. 24 th , 1688-9. Also the Body of Edward Monington, Esq 1 " who died the 14 th of 
April, 1741. Aged 49. R.J.P. Also the Body of Bridget Monington his Wife Who 
died Eeb r y the 11 th 17... Aged 49. R.I. P. 

Here lieth the Body of Elizabeth Monington who died the ... February 17... 

Here Lyeth the Body of Micha ' Mar... O.S.F. Who Died Novemb cr the 19 th 
1755, K 1 P. Also the Body of Richard 1 Poole. S.I. Who Departed this Life 
December the 23 l1 1767. R-LP. 

Here lieth the Body of Winefrid Bering ton Daughter of John Hornyold of Black- 
more Park in the County of Worcester, Esq. & W ife of John Berington of Devereux 
Wooton late of Winsley in the County of Hereford, Esq, she died the 12 th January 
1791. Aged 82. RIP. 

Here lies the Body of John Berington- of Devereux Wooton late of Winsley Esq r 
who died Feb)' 2 d , 1794. Aged 87. R.I. P. 

On the wall of the said Chapel. 

Sacred to the Memory of Ann Teresa Monington. She was born the 21 ht Nov r 
1735, at Sarnesfield Court the Seat of her Ancestors where She resided many years 
in the exercise of every social virtue, and in hospitality to her neighbours and 
benevolence to the Poor, surpassed by none. On the 2" d Feb 1- ? 1780 She took the 
Veil in the Franciscan Convent of English Ladies at Bruges in Flanders, driven from 
thence by the French Revolution in 1794, with them retired to the Abbey House in 
Winchester where she died on the 24 th Nov. following and her Remains are 
deposited. Through Life Revered in Death regretted. On her embracing a 
Religious State She renounced all her Worldly possessions and generously gave up 
her Estates in this County to her Kiusmau John Webb Weston, Esq. who in grateful 
remembrance has caused this tablet to be erected. R.I. P. 

Here lies the Body of Bridget Monnington youngest Daughter and Coheiress of 
Edward Monnington, Fsq r , of Sarnesfield Court, who died in the 34 tl1 year of her 
age, A.D. 1775. Kvery pleasing endowment of Humanity And every Virtue that 
Christianty inspires were the ornaments as well as the happiness of her life. Snatched 
away in the prime of Youth Her loss was much lamented by all who knew her, But 
by no one so Severely felt As by her only Surviving Sister Anne Monnington who 
erected this Monument As a Memorial of her own love And of Her Virtues. R.I. P. 

The following pedigree, though by no means complete, is sufficient to 
show the descent of the Sarnesfield estate in the Monnington family till 
that family became extinct in male line on the death of Edward 
Monnington in 1741, and so far as I have been able to ascertain in 
female line also, on that of his daughter Anne, the Franciscan nun, 

1 Foley, "Records of the English Province S. J. General Statistics," p. 610, calls 
him Francis. \ 

2 See Burke's Landed Gentry, second edition, Supplement, p. 19. Devereux 
Wooton is in the parish of YVeobley. John Berrington's will was proved in the 
Consistory Court, Hereford, by Winifred Berrington, spinster, and power reserved to 
Thomas Hornyold, Esq., the other executor, 26 April, 1791. Will proved under 



1794, whose monumental inscription is given above. It will be 
noticed that she is then called Ann Teresa, and Ann only on the 
monument of her sister Bridget. I infer that "Teresa" was her name 
in Religion. 

It is probable that the Moningtons took their name from the parish 
of Monnington on Wye. John de Monington was M P. for co. Here- 
ford in 1340. Another John de Moningtcn was Mayor of Hereford 
in 1425. Sir Richard Monington 1 married for his second wife, Janet, 
widow of Sir John Croft, and daughter of the famous Owen Glendour. 
She married for her third husband Sir John Upton. Johanna, daughter 
of Sir Thomas Blount of Kinlet, Sheriff of Salop 1480, was wife of John 
Monington.' 2 

Hugh de Monington, member of Parliament for co. Hereford 1364-9, 
and probably also in 1344, 1346, and 1352, married Ellenor, daughter 
and heir of Sir John Lawton, of Lawtonshope, in the parish of Canon 
Pyon. He was living in 10 Ed. Ill, 1336, and bore for Arms, Argent, 
on a bend Sable three mullet* Or. 3 Robinson calls Hugh de Monington 
'■'Sir," and states that he resided at Canon Pyon. 4 He had issue, Hugh 
Monington, probably High Sheriff in 11590. Inq. p.m. 3 Hen. VI, 
1121-5. Married (Isabel!?) daughter and coheir of Sir Nicholas Sarncs- 
field, K.G. 5 Anns, Azure, an eagle displayed Or, crowned Argent. Their 
son Richard Monington of Sarncsfield, married Ellen, daughter and 
coheir of John Walweyn 7 of Wellington, co. Hereford, and had issue, — 

Sir Thomas Monington of Sarncsfield, MP. for the County of 
Hereford 1467 and 1472. He is probably the Thomas Monington who 
was High Sheriff of Herefordshire in 1462, 1474, and 1490. He was a 
zealous Yorkist, and was knighted at the battle of Stoke-by-Newark, 
1487. The manor of Brugge (Bridge Solers) was granted to him on its 
escheating to the Crown on the attainder of Thomas, eighth Lord 
Clifford, who was killed at Towton in 1461, and continued with his 
descendants ti'l 1622, when Richard Monington sold it to Thomas 
Geers. 6 He married Elizabeth, eldest daughter, and one of the twelve 
coheirs of Sir Simon Milborne 9 of Icombe, co. Gloucester, and Tilling- 
ton, co. Hereford. She brought Almelcy Castle in dower to her 
husband. She married secondly John Whittington of Pauntley, co. 
Gloucester, and had issue by him. 

Sir Thomas Monington had issue by his wife Elizabeth Milborne, 
besides a daughter Sybell, who married first . . . Hame, and secondly 
John ( ? Edward) Try of Hard wick :— 

I. Thomas Monington of Sarncsfield, of whom presently. 

1 Robinson's Mansions of Herefordshire, p. 211 ; Memoirs of Owen Glendower, by- 
Lewis Dwnn ; see King's Heraldic Miscellanies, in Coll. Arms, vol xxi, p. 51, etc. 
3 Visitation of Salop 1023, Harleian Society, xxviii, p. 54. 

3 Visitation of Herefordshire, 1569. Coll. Arms, MS. D. 12, 79 b . 

4 Robinson's Mansions of Herefordshire, p. 62. 
6 Belt/Zs Order of the Garter, 308. 

6 Called "Hugh " in MS. A. 20, fol. 230, in College of Arms. 

7 See Cook's Continuation of Duncumb's Herefordshire, Grimsworth Hundred, 
p. 172. 

8 See Cook's Continuation of Duncumb's Herefordshire, Grimsworth Hundred, 
p. 20. 

u See Robinson's Castles of Herefordshire, p. 5 ; and College of Arms, MS. A. 20, 
fo. 229 b . 



II. Richard Monington of Shobdon, co. Hereford. (?B.C.L. Oxford 
1508-9.) Married Katherine, daughter of James Scudaniore 
of Kentchurch, co. Hereford. 

III. John Monington of Buttas and Lawtonshope in the parish of 
Canon Pyon, co. Hereford. Lessee of Lawtonshope, jure 
uxor is, temp. Henry VI. Robinson calls him of Marston. 
Living 1551. Married Elizabeth, daughter of . . . Law ton 
of Lawtonshope 1 They had issue : — 

i. Henry Monington, on whose death the manor of Lawtons- 

hope passed to his brother George. 

ii. Alexander Monington. See MS. A 20, fo. 230, in Coll. 


iii. George Monington of Lawtonshope. Living 1514. Married 
a, daughter of . . . Bevill of Ripley Court, co. 
Kent. 'They had a son, John Monington, who married 
Mary, daughter of Richard Wei ford of Wistaston, 
co. Hereford, by whom he had — 

1. William Monington of Buttas and Lawtons- 

hope, who by Joyce, daughter of Simon 
Hiett, of co Gloucester, had George Mon- 
ington, aged eight at the Visitation of 
Herefordshire, 15G9, and he died without 
issue, having married Margaret, daughter 
of Ralph Clive of Walford, co. Salop. 2 

2. Richard Monington of . . . co. Hereford, who 

had an only daughter and heir Sibill, who 
became the second wife of Sir Rowland 
Morton of Twining, co. Gloucester, 3 by 
whom she left issue. 

3. Roger Monington, 4 married Anne, daughter of 

John Rompney of Lullcsley, co. Worcester, 
and a daughter Susanna. 

4. George Monington, mentioned in the will of 

his son, William Monington, 1G29. Married 
Elizabeth, daughter of James Tompkins, 
and had besides the said William, Thomas 
Monington, Baskerville Monington, John 
Monington, and a daughter Ellinor. 

5. Hugh Monington. 
(>. 1 lenry Monington. 

7. Edward Monington of Bodenham. Married 

Frances Unett, and had a daughter Eleanor, 
wife of William Parrott of Morton-on-Lugg, 
co. Hereford. 

8. John Monington. | 

1 Stx CooU'h Continuation of Duneumb'a J [orofordahiro, Qrimsworth Hundred, p. 74. 
" Vif-itation of Salop, 1023, Hurl. Society, vol. xxviii, p. 121. 

3 The (irat wifo of Sir Rowland Morton waa Elizabeth, daughter of Walter 
Pembridge. Sir Rowland died 13 Feb. 1554. See Inq. poat mortem, Harl. MS 700, fo. 8(i. 

4 See ProceedingH in Chancery, vol. ii, d. 213 ; and College of Arms, MS. J. P. v, 
p. 291. 



William, son of George Monington and Elizabeth Tompkins, was of 
Wcobley, mercer, had a wife named Elizabeth, and left three daughters 
his coheirs. I note the wills of him and his widow. 

Will of William Monington of Webley, mercer. Dated 13 June, 
1G39. To be buried in the body of the parish church of Webley. 
Whereas I purchased of George Monington, gent., my father, and of 
Thomas Monington, gent., my brother, those my two messuages in 
in Webley wherein one John Owen and one Elinor Monington 
do now inhabit, by a deed dated 12 May, 13 James — devises said 
messuages to wife Elizabeth for her life, and after her decease to William 
Barnes son of John Barnes of Webley and of Elizabeth his wife my 
daughter, with remainder in default of issue to Alice and Letis daughters 
of the said John and Elizabeth Barnes, with remainder over to right 
heirs. Elinor Monington my sister to have house she dwells in for her 
life. Testator devises his messuage in Kington to wife for life with 
remainder to John Crow of Webley, mercer, and Ann his wife being my 
daughter, and their heirs. Mentions his shops in Webley and Kington. 
Wife Elizabeth sole executrix. Witnesses Will. Coxe, Gilbert Coxe, 
Thomas Driver, Jane Vinsley. Proved by relict 6 July, 1639, in 
Consistory Court of Hereford. Bundle M 1638/9. Inventory £236 - 8 - 7. 

Will of Elizabeth Monnington of Weobley, co. Hereford, widow. 
Dated 20 Oct., 1653. To my daughter Elizabeth the wife of John 
Barnes £5. To my daughter Anne the wife of John Crowe £5. Residue 
to my daughter Lcttice Coxe, widow, and makes her sole executrix. 
Witnesses, W. Gregory, Abr. Seward, Howell Bevan. Proved in Con- 
sistory Court of Hereford 20 March, 1663. Inventory £11-12-0. 

I. Thomas Monington 1 of Sarnesfield, High Sheriff of Herefordshire 
in 1511, 1532, and 1510. Died 17 Jan. 1551. Inq. p.m. 
Married Anne, daughter of Henry Tracy of Toddington, co. 
Gloucester. She remarried William Wye of Tewkesbury. 
They had issue one son Richard, and two daughters, i. Elizabeth, 
who married first James Baskervile 2 of Wotton in Wellington, 
co. Hereford, son and heir of William Baskervile, Inq. post 
mortem 8 Eeb. 32 Henry VIII, by whom she had 1. Ellianor, 
wife of . . . Roger ; 2. Anna, wife of Richard Monington, who 
had issue Johanna, daughter and heir, married Walter Basker- 
ville of Pontrilas, bastard son of Thomas Baskerville, and 
left issue ; 3. Johanna, wife of Thomas Pembridge ; and ii. 
Margaret, wife of Thomas Hayward of Hereford. 

II. Richard Monington 15 of Sarneslield, aged forty at the date of his 
father's Inquisition, 1551, High Sheriff - of Herefordshire in 
1557, Lord of the manor of Brugge 1552. Married 
Katherine, daughter of John Scudamore of Holm Lacy, and 
had issue : — ; 
i. Thomas Monington of Sarncsfield, of whom presently. 

1 See MS. H 8, fo 31 b in College of Arms. 

8 Coll. Arms MS. A 'JO, to. 230 ; Harl. MS. 760, p. 338. She married secondly 
Thomas llavard, by whom she had a son, Nicholas Havard. 
8 Robinson's Mansions of Herefordshire, p. 39. 



ii. William Monington of the Ley, in the parish of 
Weobley. His will is dated 13 Nov. 1617. Devises 
his estate in fee simple or otherwise in the Ley, and 
all other his lands in Weobley to wife Elizabeth for 
life, and after her decease to brother Richard Mon- 
mgton and cozen William Hawkins, gentlemen, in 
trust to secure to Kichard Hnrdman my wife's 
grandchild annuity of £10, and six score pounds 
towards the preferment of Wynefride Monington, 
Anne Monington, and Elizabeth Monington, the 
three daughters of said brother Richard Monington, 
i.e. £40 apiece. My nephew Rychard Monington son 
of my said brother Rychard Monington. Remainder 
of estate to heir male. Brother Richard Monington, 
and cozen William Hawkins, executors. Proved in 
Consistory Court of Hereford. Bundle M, 1616-21. 

iii. John Monington. 1 

iv. Richard Monington. Mentioned in the will of his 

brother Thomas, 1597, and as also his children in 
the will of William Monington of the Ley, above. 

i. Maud, married William Naufan of Birtsmorton. Nash's 

Worcestershire, vol. i, p. 87. 

ii. Margery, married Roger Vaughan of Clyro, co. Radnor. 

iii. Sybell, married John Seaborn of Sutton, co. Hereford. 

iv. Anne, married Richard Wigmore of Lucton, co. Here- 

ford, Bailiff of the Monastery of Leominster. Died 
circa 15S0. 

i. Thomas Monington of Sarnesfield, married Anne, daughter of Richard 
Seaborn of Sutton ; she was living in 1 G0l2. Her husband died before 
f) March, 1002-3. His will dated 23 October, 1597, proved ia the Con- 
sistory Court of Hereford, 29 April, 1603, is as follows: — Thomas 
Monyngton of Sarnsfylde in perfect health. If my wife keep herself 
unmarried she shall have the use of half my household stuff during her 
life — then to son Richard. To my son Richard the other half of my 
household stutl", and if Richard shall die before he comcth to lawful ago 
my son Thomas shall have the said household stuff. To Anne my wife 

1 It is probable that this John is ideutical with John Monington of the City of 
Hereford, gent., whose will is dated 7 and 14 Sept. 1625. He devises messuage 
called Shellwicke's Court and lands in Shellwicke, Houldmer, Hampton Buahopp, or 
the suburbs of the City of Hereford, or elsewhere in the County of [Somerset error 
fur f/ereford) to wife Katherine for life, remainder to Richard Monington of Merston, 
co. Hereford and his heirs males, remainder to John Monington brother of the said 
Kichard and his heirs males, remainder to James Monyngton another brother of the 
said Richard, remainder to William Monington of Webley, gent., remainder over to 
right heirs. To every of my sisters children except Sibbell the daughter of Thomas 
Oviatt £5 apiece. To repair of the church of Holdmer 10s. My sister Margaret 
Hunt to take no benefit by my will. To my cousin Richard Pearle 10s. My brother 
in law Oviatt's children. Cousins Anthony Pembridge, Esq r , and Thomas Lotchard of 
Pembridge, gent., executors. Adm'on with will annexed in P.C.C. 28 July 1651 to 
Peter Oviat, nephew by the sister, both executors being dead. (148 Cray). He died 
15 Sept. 1625, and was buried in Hereford Cathedral. Dingley's History from 
Marble, p. 191. Of. Robinson's Mansions of Herefordshire, p. 264 ; Weaver's 
Visitation of Herefordshire, p. 61. 



all my kyne. I have made a feofiment for tho levying and gathering 
£500 to the marriage of my daughter Catharyn, the money to be levied 
out of my lands in Sarnsfyld, Lyttle Sarnesfyld, excepted the Lye Coort, 
and also out of my land of Brydge and Brydgmylls. All my rents in 
Ahnely to my daughters Sybell and Anne for term of 1G years. Son 
Thomas shall have £10 out of my manor of Sarnsfyld for term of his 
life. My cosyn and servant Alles Moyngton shall have the new mylls 
in Sarnsfyld for term of her life. To daughter Catheryn 20 poundes of 
my goods. To son Thomas 20 pounds of my goods. To my brother 
Richard Monyngton four pounds of annuity for term of his life out of 
my manor of Sarnsfyld if he shall not make claim to the lands in 
Weobley w ch I sold to John Smyth. To Thomas Poytheres my servant 
two of my best oxen, and he to have a lease, the lease granted to 
Richard Hopley, Anne Hopley, and Myles Hopley being determined of 
Allhaston [Hallaston] within my manor of Sarnsfyld, for term of his 
life paying the rent reserved in the said Hopleys lease. John Mime my 
servant and Thomas Smyth my servant shall have a lease of my 
demeanes of the Hurst for the term of their lives, the lease in esse 
granted to Roger Phellpotes and his son being determined, paying the 
old rent. Son Thomas and daughters Sybill and Anne to have rents of 
the Lye Coort, Tadington, and Mars ton, to help to maintain them till 
my son Richard shall come to his full age. Son Richard to receive the 
rents of my lands in Dynnington and Byerley to help to maintain him 
in his minority. Wife Anne residuary legatee. To my brother William 
Monyngton my best bay gelding. To my brother in law M r Roger 
Vaughan my turkesse rynge. John Braser and Steaven Braser shall 
have a lease of Ticketon for term of their lives or the longest liver of 
them after the determination of llarrie 1'arterich and his wifes lease, 
paying the old rent. Mentions the profits of my manors of Sarnsfyld 
and Brydge. Sou Rieliard to have the lease of the Strecto meadow. 
Anne my wife, my brother Richard Monyngton, and my brother William 
Monyngton executors. " Wryttcn w Ul myne owne hand" the 23 Oct., 
1597. There is a bond with the will by all three executors dated 
5 March, 1002. 

Thomas Monington had besides the children mentioned above, a son 
James. Catharine married John Harper of Oh lis ton, CO. Hereford. 
Sybill married Nicholas Barnesley of Bosley, co. Worcester. 

Richard Monington, the son and heir, of Sarneslield. Matriculated 
at Cloucester Hall, Oxford, 8 May, 1601, aged fourteen. Student of 
the Inner Temple 1 GO i. Entered his pedigree in the 1631 Visitation 
of Herefordshire. Living 1G41. Died before 1G45. Married first, 
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Francis Stonor of Stonor, co. Oxford, by 
whom he apparently had no issue. He married secondly, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Sir Edward Winter of Lidney, co. Gloucester, Kt. 1 Her 
will as " Elizabeth Monnington of Sarnesfield, widow, and relict of 
Richard Monnington late of Sarneslield, Esq.," is dated G October 
15 Charles 11. (1GG3). Makes her daughter Anne Monnington universal 
legatee and sole executrix. She proved in Consistory Court of Hereford 
3 Feb. 1GG7. Witnesses, J. Barthron, Rowland Adams, Alice Fowle. 

1 See Visitation of co. Gloucester, edited by Fenwick and Metcalfe, p. 20G. 



Inventory £457 - 16 - 8. The date of probate in the Act Book is 
13 Feby. Mrs. Monnington was a popish recusant, and her estate was 
sequestered in 1G49, 1 a lease of this estate was granted to Rowland 
Adams for twenty five years, if her recusancy so long continue, at £135. 
From the fact of Rowland Adams appearing as a witness to her will it 
is, perhaps, not unfair to infer that there was some collusion between 

The issue of Richard Monnington by Elizabeth Winter, was Edward 
Monnington, aged about twelve years at the Visitation of 1634. Died 
sine prole ; John Monnington of Sarnesficld ; and Anne, who proved her 
mother's will, and was alive in 1683. 2 

John Monnington of Sarnesficld, married Gaynor, daughter of . 
Roberts of Llanarmon in Yale, co. Flint. She died 24 March, 1688-9, 
and was buried in the church at Sarnesfield as appears by a monumental 
inscription given above. They had issue one son, Thomas Monnington 
of Sarnesfield, and two daughters, Elizabeth, buried at Sarnesfield 17..., 
and Mary married to Thomas Berrington 3 of Cowarnc, co. Hereford. 

Thomas Monnington of Sarnesficld, married Mary Tylden, and dying 
4 May, 1709, was buried in Sarnesfield Church as appears by monu- 
mental inscription given above. His will, undated, as Thomas Moning- 
ton of Sarnesfield, is as follows : — To be buried witli as much privacy 
and little cxpence as decency will permitt. If I dye at or near Sarnes- 
ficld I desire to be entcr'd near my Honour'd mothers' grave. Gives 
annuity of £'25 to sister M rs Elizabeth Monington and charges it upon 
his farm of Lower Dew all in the parish of Dilwyn in the tenure of John 
Herring or his under tenant, and on farm called the Birches in the 
parishes of Eard island and Weobley in the tenure of James Davies at 
the yearly rent of £10. To said sister Elizabeth Monington for her 
life half of the rents accruing from the lands which were my mothers 
in the parish of Lanarmon in Vale in the co. of Flint, and half profitts 
of those houses in the Burrough of Weobley purchased by my said 
mother, other moiety to his two daughters Mary and Elizabeth for their 
lives, and after the decease of their aunt the whole for their lives, and 
after their decease to 41 my heirs for ever." To my son Edward 
Moninglon £300 at my death or on his attaining the age of 21, and 
also the present reserved rent of the farm of Marston in the tenure of 
M 1 ' (Jreenley for his life. To my four daughters Mary, Elizabeth, 
Frances, and Gaynor £2 000 equally amongst them at 21. Mentions 
the deed of settlement made upon my marriage with my present dear 
wife. To daughters Mary and Elizabeth £100 apiece being in considera- 
tion of a legacy of £50 each left in my hands for their use by their 
Godfather Doctor Gorden. To my other two daughters Lewesia and 
Catharine, both under age, £100 charged upon the lands called the 
Parks of Aim cloy. To Elizabeth Adams a yearly rent charge of 40 s 
being a legacy left her at the request of my aunt Ann Monington upon 

1 Sec Calendar of the Committee for Compounding, p. 3195 -also Records of 
English Province. S.J.. by Henry Foley, vol. iv, p 488. 

2 She gave evidence upon the trial of Charles Kerne, a seminary priest, for High 
Treason in 1(579. See The Trial, kc , of Andrew Bromwieh and William Atkins 
together with the Tryal of Charles Kern. London, 1879, fol. pp. 20. Records of the 
English Province, S.J., by Henry Koloy, vol. v, p. 908. 

3 Sec r>U)ke's Landed Gentry, 2nd Edition, Supplement, p. 18. 



her death bed, for which she hath a lease from me. To my present 
dear wife Mary Monington all my plate. To my son Thomas Moning- 
ton all those few books I have, a bed, etc., and the furniture of the 
middle room To wife Mary Monington and son Thomas Monington 
subject to the trusts following, all my lands called the Parks of Almeley 
in the parish of Almeley, co. Hereford, my farm of Marston in the 
parish of Pembridge, my farm of Lower Dewall in the parish of Dilwyn 
purchased of Roger Herring and now in the tenure of John Herring, 
lands called the Birches purchased of one M r Cox, lands purchased of 
Stephen Dewall in the parish of Sarnesfield, lands purchased of Thomas 
llopley of Sutton in the parish of Sarnesfield, messuage known by the 
name of Witham's farm in Woodmanton in the parish of Sarnesheld in 
the tenure of the widow Adams, and all other my lands, in trust to pay 
debts and childrens portions, with remainder to said son Thomas 
Monington and his heirs. No executor named. Adm'on with will 
annexed in Consistory Court, Hereford, to Mary Monington his relict, 
and Thomas Monington his son 15 July, 1700. Inventory iUOOG -4-7. 

An abstract of the above mentioned deed of settlement in the hand- 
writing of Thomas Monington is in my possession. It is dated 8 May 
1G83, between Thomas Monington and Anne Monington of the 1 st part, 
Mary Tilden of the 2 1 " 1 part, Gaynor Monington mother of Thomas 
Monington of the 3 rtl part, Edward Ange and Thomas Ange of the 4 th 
part, John Pelson and Jonathan Parthrop of the 5 th part, William 
Whorewood and Charles Wintour of the G u ' part. It does not disclose 
the parentage of Mary Tilden, nor the probable fact that she was a 
second wife. 

Of the daughters mentioned in Thomas Monington's will Elizabeth 
married Thomas Williams of Holywell, co. Flint, and had issue. 
Catherine became a nun; made her religious profession 3 Feb. 1729, 
then aged t went}' six, died 2G Dec. 1733, at Rouen. Thomas Monington, 
the eldest son, appears to have been of intemperate habits, and was sent 
abroad by his family, and his brother Edward obtained possession of the 
Sarnesfield estate, his unfortunate history is too long - to enter into 
here. It is sufficient to say that he died in Flanders, unmarried, 
leaving a will dated ( J Dei:. 1727, now in my possession, which does 
not appear to have been proved. 

Edward Monington, the second son and last heir male of the family, 
was a merchant trading with Portugal, and apparently possessed of 
considerable property. He married first, 27 May, 1727, Anne, daughter 
of Humphrey Steare, of St. Andrew's, Holborn She is mentioned, as 
also her husband, in her father's will, dated 20 August, 1728, proved in 
P.C.C. 29 July, 1729; also their son, Robert Monington, who died 
young. Edward Monington married secondly Bridget, daughter of 
John Webbe, of St. George the Martyr, Queen's Square. She died 
1 1 Feb. 17..., aged forty-nine, and was buried at Sarnesfield. M.I. Ho 
died 1 I April 1711, aged forty-nine, and was also buried at Sarnesfield. 
His will dated 10 Oct., 1736, was proved in P.C.C. 13 June, 174*1, by 
Bridget, his relict. (IGO Spurway.) Of his two daughters Anne Teresa 
and Bridget, their monumental inscriptions which precede this note 
give all that need be said here. There is a hatchment. still remaining 
in the church which is no doubt that of Bridget. John Webbc above 



mentioned had a brother Thomas Webbe of Brook Green in Hammer- 
smith, who had a son John Webbe of Sutton Place, co. Surrey, and 
Sarncsfield Court, who took the name and arms of Weston, and is the 
John Webb- Weston to whom Ann Teresa Monington gave the Sarnes- 
field estate. He had issue, Thomas Joseph Webb- Weston 1 who assumed 
by Royal Licence 1829 the name, but not the arms of Monington. He 
died without issue, and the estate passed to the issue of his sister, Anna 
Maria, wife of William Thomas Salvin of Croxdale, co. Durham, whose 
issue sold it to William Worsley Worswick in 1878, and he to its 
present proprietor in 1891. 

In the Churchyard. 

In Memory of Thomas Stephens who died Aug. 22 th 1807. Aged 48. 

In Memory of Richard Stephens late of Woudmington 2 in this parish who died Jan. 
29 11 ' 1795. Aged 59 years. In Memory of Kldanor 3 the wife of Richard Stephens 
who departed this Life Sept. 30 th 1817. Aged 72 years. 

In Memory of Edward the Son of Richard ami Elea r Stephens of Woodmanton who 
died July 3 nl 1815. Aged 4 1. Also In Memory of Joseph the Son of Richard and 
Eleanor Stephens who died Sept 1 ' 17, 1 81G. Aged 38. 

In Memory of Eleanor the beloved wife of Thomas Ferrar late of Llanthew Court 
near Brecon," who died March 30 th 1860. Aged 75 years. 

In Memory of Ann the Daughter of Samuel & Sarah Farrar. She died May y° 1 st 
178-4. Aged 13 months. 

Here lieth the Body of William (?) Ricketts of Sarnesfield who died ... 

Here lieth the Body of Emma Ricketts Daughter of William and Ann Ricketts of 
Sarnesfield who died 13 th Jan r y 180 ... Aged 28. R.I. P. 

Here lieth the Body of Will. Ricketts of Sarnesfield who died the ... of Jany 1818. 
Aged 78 years. 

Sacred to the memory of Richard Stephens who died March 6 th 1824. Aged 54 

In Memory of Elizabeth Morgan who died ... Apr. 1763. Aged ... 

In Memory of John Hall of Woonton Almeley who departed this life Nov. 11, 1831, 
aged 59 years. Also Anne relict of the aforesaid John Hall who departed this life 
August 16 th , 1857. Aged 75 years. 

Here lieth the Body of Elizabeth Meredith, Spinster, Who died 2 day of December 
1710. Aged 29 years. I. U.S. 

I. U.S. In Memory of Roland the son of Francis Price by Bridget h ... who died 
... 1775. Aged ... Requiescat (in pace). 

In Memory of ... Price who died ... Aged 72. 

In memory of Ann daughter of William and Susann Mapp of Hope under Dinmore, 
who died August 2 1 st 1862. Aged 18 years. 

In memory of Samuel, Caroline, Catherine, Sarah, and James Hall, the beloved 
children of John ami Anne Hall all of whom died in infancy at Uopleys Green Farm, 

In memory of Frances the beloved wife of William Jones of the George Hotel, 
Swansea, and late of Broxwood Court Farm, Herefordshire, who died Sep 1 ' 16 11 ', 1873. 
Aged 51 years. 

In affectionate remembrance of Eleanor Hall who departed this life December 14, 
1876. Aged 68 years. 

1 Burke's Landed Oentry, 2nd Edition, p. 876, 1562. 
* i.e. Wood man ton. 

3 Eleanor " in Parish Register. 

4 The words in italics are not blacked in with the rest of the inscription. 


In Memory of John Ricketts of this Pariah who Died JanT 30 th 1827. Aged 84 
years. Also of Elizabeth wife of John Ricketts who died January 7, 1871. Aged 80 

In Memory of Randolph Baker. He departed this life the 27 April, 1752. Aged 87. 
Also in Memory of William Baker. 1 He departed this Life the ... Dec br 1771 Aged . . 6. 

Our glass is rund our Work is don 
Here lies the Father and the Son. 

On a small stone. E t 13. 

Here Lieth ye body of James Freece he died Decern y° 13, 1742. 

C Taylor. Aged 02 years. 1839. 

On a small stone — HI). 

On a small stone -W.B. 1742. 

In Memory of Joseph the Son of Joseph & Mary Hall who died May, 1785. Aged 
10 years. 

Here lyeth ye body of William Frown, he died july ye 20 1742. Aged 24. 

Here lieth the body of William Brown, he died August ye j, 1742. Aged 52. 

Here Licth the Body of Jone y c wife of David Evans, she died August y e ... 1742. 
Aged .. 

To the Memory of Ann the Wife of Thomas Hall of the Farney Common in this 
County who died April 27, 1800. Aged 03 years. Also to the Memory of the said 
Thomas Hall who Departed this Life August the 29 th , 1823, Aged 90 years. 

On small stones — I S. SF. 

Elianer the wife of Thomas Hall, Sen r Died Decemb r the 3 rd 1703. Aged 70. 
Anne y 1 ' wife of Tho. Hall, Jun r died Oct r y e 5, 1703. Aged 30. 

In Memory of John son of John and Elizabeth Williams of Huntingdon Farish who 
died April th 1850. Aged 27 years. 

In affectionate remembrance of Edward eldest son of Thomas and Ann Merrick. 
He died the 17 tl1 of October, 1881. Aged- 57 years. His end was peace. Also 
Thomas second son of Thomas and Ann Merrick. He died the 2 of February, 1880. 
Aged 50 years. 

Sacred to the Memory of Thomas Merrick (of Hyatt Sarnesfield in the Farish of 
Norton Canon) who departed this life the ll 11 ' day of February, 1852. Aged 54 
years. Also of Ann his beloved wife who died October 9 11 ', 1873, Aged 83 years. 

In Memory of Agnes and Margaret the beloved daughters of the llev d Joseph 
Dudley, Rector of this parish. Agnes died July 8 th 1S05, aged 20. Margaret died 
Fel»y 19 th 1800, aged 10. Also in loving memory of Eliza Jane wife of the Rev d 
Joseph Dudley,- entered into rest Dee 1 ' 30 th 1SN8. Aged 71. And of the Rev d 
Joseph Dudley. Rector of this Farish, who fell asleep at Aberystwyth, Sept. 28 th , 
1894. Aged 85. 

l.H.S. Jn Memory of John Skryme of Woodmanton in this parish who died Jan? 
2 nd 1873. Aged 19 years. 

Saced to the Memory of K'i/.abeth Susanna Jones who died April 21 th , 1809, In 
the 19 th year of Uur age, In .Memory of Ann Elizabeth wife of William Jones, and 
daughter of Richard and Ann Skryme of Woodmanton Farm, Sarneslield, who died 
Jany 10 Ul 18S0. Aged 00. 

In Memory of Ann the beloved wife of Richard Skryme of Woodmanton Farm in 
this parish who died June 3. 1875. Aged 77 years. In Memory of Richard Skryme 
of Woodmanton Farm in this parish who .died March 0, 1870. Aged 85 years. 

In Alfeetionato Remembrance of Susan Ensoll w ho departed this life June 19 th , 
1873. Aged 40 years. : 

1 Administration in Consistory Court, Hereford, of William Baker of the parish of 
Sarneslield, Bachelor, IS Jan>' 1775, to John Raker his brother, Elizabeth Baker, 
widow, his mother having renounced. Inventory under t'2". 

* At the time of his death In: wis the oldest beneficed clergyman in the diocese of 




In Memory of two beloved daughters of Evan and Mary Howells, Elizabeth died 
May '28, 1S69, aged 10 years. Mary died May 31 st , 18C9, Aged 15 years. 

Here lie the bodies of Alice Ruth Marshall, died 9 Nov 1 ' 1870, aged 26. Caroline 
Emily Marshall died 9 Jan>' 1891, aged 48. 

In Memory Jane wife of The Rev d Daniel Phillips Powell Rector of this Parish 
who died May 12 th 1835. Aged 72 years. Also of the above Rev** Daniel Phillips 
Powell, B.A. who died September 27 th 1851. Aged 86 years. Also to the Memory 
of Charles son of the Rev d Daniel Phillips Powell and Jane his wife, Who died 
December 20 th 1844. Aged 38 years. 

SacreJ to the Memory of The Rev d Rees Lloyd of the Townsend in the Parish of 
Dilwyn in this county who died July the lS th 1862. Aged 60 years. Sacred to the 
Memory of Jane Dorothy widow of the late Rev d Rees Lloyd of the Townsend House. 
Dilwyn* who died July 11 th 18S3. Aged 79 years. 

The monument of John Abel, a well-known local architect, is a 
conspicuous feature in the churchyard. Its curious inscription has been 
frequently printed ; lastly in Notes and Queries, 8 Series, vol. iv, pp. 
203, 4o7, where references to various notices of him and his monument 
will be found. C.W.M. 

&l)c Utsttatton of Kltltstyre, 

By William Harvey, Chircnccux King of Arms, A.J). 1565 (IJarl. MS. 1565). 
Communicated by Walter C. Metcalfe. 
(Contimud from Vol. XL, p. 253.) 

HULK LKY of White Parish. 

Arms: — Quarterly 1 and 4, Sable, a chevron between three bulls' heads 
mboss&i Avgeht. 2 and 3, quarterly 1 and 4, Anient, on a 
thief G ules a hemnt between tiro bucks' heads cabosat d Or and 2 
and «'), (iu/cs, bcantee, a chevron Argent. 

CuKST :- -A bull's head erased per pale Argent and Sable. 

Charles Bulk ley of Eyton, co. Chesh., Cent., eldest son and heir of 
William Hulkley, Chcefe Justice of Chester, mar. the da. and heir of 
Sir John Popham, Kt., and by her had issue, — Robert, his eldest son 
and heir; William, second son; Arthur, third son. 

Robert Bui.kley of Burgate, co. Hampshire, Cent., son and heir of 
Charles, mar. Ann, da. of *SV?' Robert Poyntz of Acton, co. (Hoc., and by 
her had issue, — Robert, his eldest son ; Charles, second son ; John, 
third son ; Anne and Elizabeth. 

Robert Bulkley of Burgate, Cent., son and heir of Robert, mar. 
Jane, da. of William Gascoywje of Carington, co. Bedf., kt., and by her 
had issue, — William, his eldest son ; Charles, second son ; Thomas, 
third son ; Ann, first mar. to Thomas Spencer of co. Bedf., Gent., and 
after to Walter Luke of Copley, co. Bedf., Cent. ; Dorathc, mar. to John 
Watts of Northampton ; Elizabeth, mar. to John Barnard in co. Hunts; 
and Marve. 



Charles Bulkley of Whitparisb, co. Wilts, Gent, second son of 
Robert, mar. Jane, naturall da. of Sir Thomas Percye, Kt., and by her 
as yet bath no issue. 

BURLEY of Potterne. 
Arms : — Quarterly 1 and 4, Vert, three boars' heads couped Argent. 2, 
Salle, a chevron wavy between three crosses paUe fitcMe 
Argent. 3, Sable, three spears erect in f ess Argent barbed Or. 
Crest : — A aemi-boar salient proper chained and ungided Or, holding 
let ween the fore paws a. sow-thistle leaved also proper. 
On each a crescent for difference. 

Robert Burley of . . . eo. Wilts, mar. Elizabeth, da. and one of the 
heirs of John Bonham, in co. afs'd, Esq., and by her had issue, — John, his 
son and heir ; Walter, second son ; Thomas, third son. 

Thomas Burley of Esterton, co. afs'd, Esq., third son to Robert, 
mar. Christian, da. of Joint Pyerseoi co. Dorset, and by her had issue, — 
Edmond, his eldest son and heir; John, second son; Agnes, first mar. 
to Tristram Keynes in Dorsetsh., and after to Richard Bundye] Jone, 
mar. to Thomas Reade of the Devizes in co. Wilts ; Elianor ; and Margret. 

Edward Burley of Whistell in the parish of Potterne, co. Wilts, Esq., 
son and heir of Thomas, mar. Jane, third da. of Walter Marvin of 
Eounteync, co. Wilts, Esq., and by her had issue, — George, son and 
heir; Hubert, second son; Elizabeth.; Jone, mar. to William Hubbard 
of Powlsowlte, eo. Wilts, Esq. ; Elizabeth, mar. to Anthony Ringwood 
of ShcrvUe, co. South'ton ; Elianor ; Millicent, mar. to Richard Dawnte- 
sey of Potterne ; Ann, mar. to John Gauntlett of Powlsolt ; Mary, mar. 
to Ralph Lamborne, in co. Wilts. 

George Burley of Whistle, Esq., son and heir of Edward, mar. 
Elianor, da. of . . . Jefsonn of Froyle, co. Hants, and by her had 
issue, — diehard, his eldest son and heir apparent ; Edward, second son ; 
Robert, third son; Jane; Joane ; Margret; Myllyccnt ; Elizabeth; 
and one other da. 

BUSH of Dilton. 

xVrms : — Azure, a wolf salient Argent collared and lined Or, in chief three 

crosses patce Jitche'e of the second. 
Crest : — A goat's head erased Argent, attired proper. 
On each a crescent for difference. 

John Bush of Dylton, co. Wilts, Gent., eldest son and heir of William 
Bush, mar. Elizabeth, da. of . . . Fernfould of Steyning, co. Sussex, 
Gent., and by her hath issue, — John, son and heir ; Walter, second 
son ; William, third son ; Elizabeth) mar. to Richard Goderidge of Ham 
in Charlton Kings, co. Gloc. 

Walter Bush of Stoford, co. Wilts, Gent., second son of John, mar. 
Mawde, da. of Thomas I [or ton of I ford, co. Wilts, Gent., and widow of 
Christopher Bayly of Stoford, and by her hath issue, — W r alter, son and 
heir; Powle, second son; James, third son; and Alice, now living all. 



BUTLER of Langley. 
Arms : — Azure, a bend between six covered cups Or. 
Crest : — A covered cup Or. 

On each a mullet for difference. 

Robert Butler of Northlich, co. Gloc., Gent., younger brother to 
Sir Thomas of Bewsey Hall, co. Lane, Kt , mar. Jane, da. of Robert 
Harcourt of Harcourt, co. Oxford, Gent., and by her hath issue, — Thomas. 

Thomas Butler of Norlich, co. Gloc., son and heir of Robert, mar. 
Margery, da. of Robert Goughe ((ionne in G 8), of Brode Rysington, 
co. Gloc, Gent., and by her hath issue, — Thomas, his eldest son. 

Thomas Butler of Hanger in the parish of Bremhill, co. Wilts, Gent, 
son and heir of Thomas, mar. Joyce, da. of John Godridge of Pyrton, 
co. Gloc, Esq., and by her hath issue, — William, son and heir; 
Richard, second son ; Edmond, third son ; Jane, mar. to Hugh Newport 
of Shropshire, Gent. ; Jone, mar. to Valentine Norton of Hunwick, co. 
Berks, Cent. ; Bridgett, mar. to George Edwards of West Wodhcy, co. 
Berks, Cent. 

William Butler of Langley, co. Wilts, Gent., son and heir of Thomas, 
mar. Mary, widow of Richard Gorney of Cory Mallett, co. Somerset, 
Gent., and da. of Sir Arthur Hopton of Wcstwood, co. Sufif., and by her 
hath issue. 

CALLEY of Highway. 

Arms : — Quarterly Argent and StdAe, on a bend Gules three mullets of the 

Crest : — A demi-lion rampant Or charged with a bend as in the ar??is 
holding a battle-axe handled of the second, head Argent. 
No Arms in the Visitation (G. 8). 
William Calley of London, Gent., mar. and had issue, — John, son 
and heir. 

John Calley of Hetherdeane, co. Southampton, Gent., son and heir of 
William, mar. Isabel/ } da. of Edmond Brugge of London, Gent., and by 
her had issue, — Ralph, son and heir; Thomas, second son; William, 
third son ; Margerett, mar. to Thomas Cawett of Hiltingbury (Hiltoun- 
bury or Old Bury, West of Fawley), co. South'ton. 

Ralph Calley of Highwaye, co. Wilts, Gent., son and heir of John, 
mar. to his first wife Eliynor, da. of Richard Woodcock of Duddenham, 
co. Wilts, Esq., and by her had issue, — John, son and heir; Suzan and 
Ann ; after, the said Ralph mar. to his second wife, Agnes, da. of Henry 
Lawrance of Tysbury, co. Wilts, Gent., and by her hath issue, — Mychell. 
(Continued in the Visitation of 1623.) 

The TOWN and BOROUGH of CALNE. 1 ,- 

Arms: — Sable, a tower towered, and domed Argent between two feathers 
of the last, each feather in an escroll Or, within the j>ort 
another such feather. 

These Armcs are belonging and apertaying to the Guild and Stewards 



of the Tounc and Borough of Calne and Burgesses of the said Tonne 
and Borogh, being one of the cheefest members of the Honor of 
Wallingford and Ewelmc, now ratified by Act of Parliament, wieh 
armes I, Clarentiux King of Armes of the Soutli, East, and West partes 
of this Relme of England, have ratified and recorded the same in the 
llegester of my Visitation now made within the county of Wilts, and att 
this present time was Robert Bage, Gent, and Henery Woodroofe Guyld 
Steivards of the said Town and Borough, and William Allein, Richard 
Nicholls, Edward Mychell, Gent, Thomas Long, William Dodsonn, 
Will'm Swaddon, Will'm Forman, Will'm Weare alias Browne, Robert 
Norman, Roger Nycholas, Thomas Fowler, Henery Geye, John Hainan, 
John Love, and Will'm Waylond Burgesses of the said Towne and 
Borough, Philip Ryche, Vicar and Towne Clark of the said Towne and 
Boroughe. In witnes whereof 1 have hereto subscribed my name the 
fourth of May 1565 and in the seventh yeare of the Reigne of our 
most Soverayne Elizabeth Queene of England France and Ireland 
Defender of the Faith. 

CARAUNTE of Wintcrboume. 

Arms : — Quarterly 1 and 4, Argent, three torteaux each charged with as 
many chem'onels Azure. 2 and 3, Barry wavy of six Argent 
and Gules. Over all a martlet for dijj'crence. 

William Car.ujntl of Tumber, co. Somerset, Esq., mar. Elizabeth, da. 
of liohcrt Wit'kmgkhy, Lord AYo/v, and Lord Steward of the King's 
House, and by her had issue, -William, his eldest son : Uiehard, second 
son; . . . mar. to John Servingfon of Langford liurford, co. Wilts, 

Sir William Caraunte of Tumber, Kt , eldest son and heir to 
William, mar. to his first wife Elizabeth, da. to Sir Hugh LuW-rell of 
. . . co. Somerset, Kt , and by her had issue, — Hugh, his eldest son ; 
William, second son ; John, third son ; Leonard, fourth son ; Mary, 
mar. to Martin Jioehe : Dorathye, mar. to . . . Hales of Kent; 
Elizabeth, mar. to Henry Clifford of Boscombe, co. Wilts; — after, the 
said Sir William mar. and had no issue. 

Leonard Caraunte of Wintcrboume, co. Wilts, Gent., fourth son to 
Sir William, mar. Mary, da. to William Clifford of Boscombe, Esq., 
and by her hath issue, — William, his eldest son ; Henry, second son ; 
Elizabeth, and Anne. 

CHAFIN of Meere. 

Arms : — Quarterly, 1 and 4, Gules, a talbot passant Or, a chief Ermine. 

2 and 3, Azure, a chevron Aigent between three escallops Or. 

Thomas Chafin of Warmyster, co. Wilts, Esq., son aiid heir of 
Thomas, mar. Margerett, da. and heir of Richard Erley of Wolfhall, 
(near Great Bedwin), co. Wilts, Esq., and by her had issue, — William, 
son andlieir ; Thomas (sec the Visitation of 1623), second son ; Lenard, 
third son ; Nicholas, fourth son ; and Elizabeth, unmar. 



William Ciiafin of Bulford, co. afs'd, son and heir of Thomas, mar. 
Avys, sister to Nicholas Tychhorne of . . . co. Southampton, Esq., and hy 
her had issue, — Thomas, son and heir; Lenard, second son; William, 
third son ; Dorathe, mar. to Thomas Ashlock of Meere, co. Wilts, Gent. ; 
Elynor, first mar. to Nicholas Segwyke, merchant, after to Nicholas 
Bowreman of the lie of Wight, Gent. ; Christian, first mar. to Thomas 
Dowce of Collingborne, co. Wilts, Esq., after to John Stump of Malms- 
bery, co. afs'd, Esq. ; Elizabeth, unmar. 

Thomas Ciiafin of Sealys Clevedon, in the parish of Meere, co. Wilts, 
Esq., son and heir of William, mar. to his first wife Jfargerett, da. of 
William Bacon of Beckonsfeild, co. Bucks, and by her had issue, — 
Thomas, son and heir ; Richard, second son ; Thomas the younger, 
third son ; Lenard, fourth son ; William, fifth son ; after, the said 
Thomas mar. to his second wife Elizabeth, da. of Thomas Evance of 
Winterslowe, co. Wilts; Thomas Ciiafin and Thomas Chafin and Lenard 
and William now living. 

Thomas Ciiafin of Meere, co. Wilts, son and heir of Thomas, mar. 
Dorathe, da. of . . . Howe, and widow of . . . Cater, and by her had 
issue, — Thomas, that died young. 

(Continued in the Visitation of 1623.) 

CHENEY of Uphaven. 

Arms : — Quarterly 1 and 4, Azure, six lions rampant Argent three and 
three, a canton Ermine. 2 and 3, Ermine, a chief per pale 
dancettee Or and Gules on the dexter side a rose of the third. 

Crest : — A bull's scalp Argent. 

Roger Cheney of W r est Woodaye, co. Berks. Esq., mar. Ann, da. of 
William Stanley of the I'ype, co. Lane, and by her had issue, — John, his 
eldest son ; and Julian. 

John Cheney of Woodaye, Esq., eldest son and heir of Roger, mar. 
Jane, da. of Sir William Norrys, Kt., and by her had issue,— John, son 
and heir; Humphrey, second son; Edward, third son; John, fourth 
son ; Margett, mar. to the Lord Sowch ; Elizabeth, mar. to . . . 
Willowjhby of co. . . . ; Jane, mar. to . . . Palmer of co. Oxford ; 
Katherine, mar. to John Arderne of Cottesford, co. Oxford. 

Edward Cheney of Uphaven, co. Wilts, Gent., third son of John, 
mar. Margery, da. of . . . and widow of Thomas King, and as yet 
hath no issue. 

CORDRAY of Chute. 
(Nut in G. 8.) 

Arms : — Sable, a chevron Or between two mullets of the second in chief and 
a lion passant Argent ducally crowned of the second in base 
ivithifi a bordure of the third. 
Thomas Couduay of Chute, co. Wilts, Gent., mar. Jone, da. of . . , 

Gray in co. Somerset, and by her had issue, — Thomas, son and heir ; 

Richard, second son ; Mawde, mar. to Lucas Lmiion of Alsford. co. 




Thomas Cordray, son and heir of Thomas, mar, Jane, da. and one of 
the heirs of Roger Sennore of Andover, eo. Southampton, and by her had 
issue, — Thomas, son and heir; Richard, second son ; Alys, first mar. to 
Thomas Bartholomew of Salisbury, after to Robert Elliott of the same 
place; Katherin, mar. to William Poton of Colbarwiek. 

Thomas Coudray of Chute, Gent , son and heir of Thomas, mar. Jane, 
da. of Thomas Coxwell of . . . co. Berks and by her had issue, - -Edward, 
son and heir ; William, second son; John, third son; Thomas, fourth 
son ; Robert, fifth son ; Richard, sixth son ; James, seventh son ; 
Jcromy, eighth son; Elizabeth; Jane; Alys; Mary; and Jone. 

DAN I ELL of Preshute. 

Arms :— Quarterly as under Daniell in the Visitation of Cheshire, 1580, 
Hurl. Soc.j ]>. 71, impaling Argent, a chevron between three 
lapwings Sable (Whittokesmcade). 

Crest : — A tiger statant regardant Sable. 

Another Shield : — Quarterly, as above, over all on an escucheon of 
pretence (Whittokesmcade) impaling Quarterly 1 and 4, Gules, 
two chevrons Argent on the first an Ermine spot Hyde 'J 
Argent, a goat's head erased Sable between three cocks Gules 
3 Ermine, on a pile Gules a lion passant Argent (Cater). 

Pyers Daniell of Daresbury, co. Chesh., Esq , mar. Margery, dau. 
and heir of . . . Savage, co. afs'd, Esq., and by her had issue, — Hugh, a 
priest, and Geoffrey, that died both sans issue ; George and Peter, that 
lived ; Elianor, mar. to Robert Baker ; Margery, mar. to William Starkey 
of Budworth Magna, co. Chesh. 

George Daniell, son and heir to Pyers, mar. . . . dau. of . . . and 
by her had issue, — William. 

William Daniell of St. Margaret's in the parish of Prescott juxta 
Marleborough, co. Wilts, eldest son and heir to George, mar. to his first 
wife, Alys, da. of Robert Bythwaye of Marleborough, and by her had no 
issue : — secondly he mar. Elizabeth, da. and heir of William Whittokes- 
mcade, late of Benegar, co. Wilts, Esq., and by her had issue, — George, 
deceased, and William now living : — thirdly, the said William mar. 
Cescelly, da. of William Hyde, late of Denchworth, co. Berks, and by her 
hath issue, — John, deceased, and George, now living. 

DAWNTESEY of Potternc. 

Arms : — Gules, a griffin segreant Vert and a lion rampant Argent com- 

Crest : — A griffin's head erased Vert. 

John Dawntsey of West Lavington, co. Wilts, Esq , mar. Margery, 
da. of . . . and by her had issue. — Ambrose ; and William. ; 

Ambrose Dawntsey of Lavington, Esq., son and heir of John, mar. to 
his first wife, Eleanor, da. of Walter Marvin of Eounteine, co. afs'd, and 
by her hath issue,- -John, son and heir ; Francis, second son ; Jone, 
mar. to William Bowyer of London ; Ann, unm. ; — after the said 



Ambrose mar. to his second wife, Jane, da. of Roger Gilford, and widow 
of . . . Lamborne, and by her had issue, — William; Richard; Elianor, 
mar. to William Jennyngs of London, mercer. 

John Dawntsey of Lavington, Esq., son and heir of Ambrose, mar. to 
his first wife Katherine, da. of Anthony Twynyhoe of Steple Ashton, co. 
Wilts, Esq., and by her had issue, — Bridget, mar. to Hugh Hyde of 
Denchworth, co. Berks : — after the said John mar. to his second wife 
Margarett, da. of John Erneley of Alcannyngs, co. Wilts, Esq., and by 
her had issue, — John and Jane, now living. 

Francis Dawntesey of London, mercer, second son of Ambrose, 
mar. . . . 

Richard Dawntesey of Potterne, co. Wilts, second son of Ambrose by 
his second wife, mar. Millicent, da. of Edward Hurley of co. Wilts, Cent , 
and by her hath issue, — John, son and heir ; Jane ; Margrett ; Elianor ; 
and Elizabeth. 

(Continued in the Visitation of 1623.) 


Arms : — Per pale Gides and Azure, a castle in perspective embattled all 
round, the front triple-towered, the wliole forming a hexagon 
Or, the two outside towers domed, on each side of the middle 
tower an estoile Sable. 

These Amies are belonging and apertaining to the Maior, Aldermen 
and Burgesses of the Towne and Borough of the Devyccs, w'ch Amies I, 
Clarencieux King of Amies of the South, Est, and West partes of this 
Relnie of Englande, have not only gratified and confirmed the same to 
the said Maior, Alderman and Burgesses and there successors, but have 
alsoe recorded the same in the Register of my Visitation now made 
within the com. of Wilts, and at this present time was Edward Haines, 
Maior; Thomas Hull, Coroner; Richard Batt, Robert Lewin, John 
Blanford, Henry Moris, Anthony Cleye, John Burde, John, 
Aldermen; Henry Crubb and Nicholas Alein, Constables; Richard Cyf- 
ford, and Hencry Smyth, Bayliffs ; John llodnett, Recorder and Town 
Clark; Christopher Jones and William Smyth Under Aldermen of the 
said Town and Borough. In witnes whereof, Arc. 


Aiims : — Barry wavy of six, a pegasus, on a chief a pale charged ivith a 
maiden's head between two roundles on the dexter a paschal 
lamb couchant, on the sinister two bars wavy, and over all on 
a bend a lion jmssant. 

These be the Armes apertayning and belonging to the Eeloship and 
Corporation of the Burgesses and Marchant Advcnterors, Clothiers, and 
Weavers, Drapers and Taylors, and others using any facultie or Art 
within the Townc and Borough of the Devices, which Armes I, Clarencieux 
King of Armes of the South, Est, and West parts of this Relme of 
England, have rained and confirmed to all those of the said Corporation 



beforementioncd and to their successors for ever, and at this present 
Visitation was Edward Haynes Maior, Cheefe Hedand Governor, William 
lluttj and Richard Denny, Wardens of the Clothiers and Weavers, 
William Preston and John Smyth. Wardens of the Drapers and Taylors, 
John Chappell and Thomas Fitzall, Wardens of the Mercers. In witness 
whereof, &c. 

DODDINGTON of Woodland in Meere. 

Arms : — Quarterly 1, Sable, three bwjle horns Argent stringed Gules. 2, 
Argent, a fess between three lions rampant Gules (Gussey). 
3, Argent, a fess between three squirrels sejeant Gules. 4, 
An/ent, three talbots heads erased Gules impaling Argent, 
a chevron engrailed between three mullets pierced Gules 

Crest : — A stag lodged to the sinister side regardant. 

Thomas Doddington of Doddington, co. Somerset, mar. to his first 
wife Beatrix, da. of . . . and by her had issue, — John, son and heir ; 
he mar. to his second wife Jane, da. and heir of John Gussey of Wood- 
land in the parish of Meere, co. Wilts, and by her had issue, — Phillip. 

Phillip Doddington of Woodland, second son of Thomas and heir 
to his brother, mar. and had issue, — John, son and heir. 

John Doddington of Woodland, son and heir of Philip, mar. and 
issue,— Philip, son and heir. 

Phillip Doddington of Woodland, son and heir of John, mar. Jone, 
one of the da's and heirs of John Hug gen and Joan, his wife, da. and 
coheir of John Wyking of Meere, co. afs'd, and the said Phillip and Jonc, 
his wife, had issue, — William, son and heir. 

William Doddington of W r oodland, son and heir of Phillip, mar. 
Jane, da. of Sir Robert Poynes of co Gloc, Kt, and by her had issue, — 
Phillip, son and heir ; John, second son. 

Phillip Doddington of Woodland, son and heir of W r illiam, mar. 
Agnes, da. of Thomas Horsey of Cliftonn, co. Dorset, Esq., and by her 
had issue, — Peter, son and heir ; Richard, second son ; and Christopher, 
third son ; Elizabeth, mar. to John Horner of Stockland, co. Som'set, 
Esq. ; Thomazine, mar. to John Holbeame in co. Devon ; Margerett, 
mar. to Phillip Boucheire of Estharpetre, co. Somerset, yeoman. 

Peter Doddington of Woodland, son and heir of Phillip, mar. Jone, 
da, of John Buck/and of Westharpetre, co. Somerset, and by her had 
issue, — Christopher, son and heir ; John, second son ; Leonard, third 
son ; Mary, mar. to Thomas Boroughe of Meere, co. afs'd ; Grace, mar. 
to William Jlarne of Meere ; Sybell, mar. to Richard Stoner of South- 
ampton, merchant. 

Christopher Doddington of Woodland, son and heir of Peter, mar. 
Margerett, da. of Nicholas Francis of Combelflory, co. Somerset, Esq., 
and had issue, — William, son and heir; Thomas, second sou ; Francis, 
third son ; and Mary. 



ERINGTON of llele. 

Arms : — Argent, two bars and in chief three escallops Azure. 
Crest : — A cock Gules combed and wattled Sable. 
On each a mid let for difference. 

Gerard Erington of Walwick Grange, co. Northumberland, Gent., 
mar. . . . da. of . . . and by her had issue, — Nynyon. 

Nynyon Erington of Walwick Grange, son of the said Gerard, mar. 
. . . da. of . . . and by her had issue,— Gerard, his eldest son ; 
Elizabeth, mar. to Edmond Chasye ; and Ann who died sans issue. 

Gerard Erington of Heele, co. Wilts, Esq., eldest son and heir to 
Nynyon, mar. Mar get, da. of William Greene of Stanlinch, co. afs'd, 
Esq., and by her had issue, — Henry, his eldest son; Nicholas, second 
son ; Thomas, third son ; Cuthbcrd, fourth son ; Elizabeth, and Ursula. 

(Continued in the Visitation of 1G23.) 

ERNELEY of Cannings. 

Arms : — Quarterly 1 and -1, Argent, on a bend Sable, three eagles displayed 
Or 2 and 3 Per pale Sable and Argent, a cross moline counter- 
changed impaling ltyde as under Danicll. 

Crest: — A man's head sidefaced couped at the shoulders proper, on the 
head a long cap harry wavy of six Or and Sable at the end 
two tassells of the first. 

John Erneley of Erneley, co. Sussex, Esq., mar. Jone, da. and 
heir of Symond Best, and of Agnes, hie wife, da. and heir of John 
Malwyn of Chilhampton, co. Wilts, and by her had issue, — John, son 
and heir. 

John Erneley, son and heir of John, mar. Ann, da. of Constantin 
Darell of Collingborne, co. Wilts, and by her had issue, — John, son and 
heir ; Anthony, second son ; William, third son, a Priest ; Jone, first 
mar. to Edward Banister of Idsworth, co. Sussex, Gent., after to . . . 
Everard of Sussex, Gent. ; Dorathe. first mar. to Anthony Rogers of 
Bradford, co. Wilts, after to . . . Bamfield of Somersetsh., Esq. ; Mar- 
garett, mar. to Robert Temmes of Ashton, co. Wilts, Gent. ; and Johan, 
mar. to Thomas Goddard of Ogborne, co. Wilts, Gent. 

John Ehneley of Cannyngs, co. Wilts, Esq., son and heir to John, 
mar. Lucye, da. of Thomas Cooke of Salsbury, merchant, and by her had 
issue, — John, son and heir, now living; William, second son; Margarett, 
mar. to John Dawntsey of West Lavington, co. AVilts, Esq. ; Jane, first 
mar. to (John) Byfleet in co. Hampsh., Gent., after to John Dyer of 
Wyncawnton, co. Somerset. 

John Erneley of Cannyngs, Esq., son and heir of John, mar. Mary, 
da. of William Hyde of Dcnchworth, co. Berks, Esq., and' by her had 
issue, — Mychcll.son and heir apparent; Thomas, second son ; Francis, 
third son ; and Ann. 



EYRE of Wheathampton. 

Arms : — Quarterly 1 and 4, Argent, on a chevron Sable three quatrefoils 
of the field. 2, Argent, a chevron Gules between three crows 
Sable (Croker). 3, Arytnt, a chevron between three lozenges 
Gules impaling Quarterly 1 and 4 Gules, a fess engrailed 
Ermine between three griffins' heads erased Argent (Trapnell). 
2 and 3, Azure, five fusils in fess Or. 

Crest : — A man's leg habited per pale Argent and Gules shod proper spur 

John Eyre of Wedhampton and Northcombe, co. Wilts, Esq., mar. 
Ellin, da. and heir of John Croker of Erchefount, co. Wilts, Gent, and 
by her had issue, — Symon, son and heir. 

Symon Eyre of Wedhampton and Northcombe, Esq., son and heir of 
John, mar. and had issue, — Thomas, son and heir. 

Thomas Eyre of Wedhampton and Northcombe, son and heir of 
Symon, mar. and had issue, — William. 

William Eyre of Wedhampton and Northcombe, son and heir of 
Thomas, mar. and had issue, — William, son and heir, Tryor of Christ- 
church, Twynham, co. Southampton : and John, second son. 

John Eyre of Wedhampton and Northcombe, second son and heir 
of William, mar. to his tirst wife, Margerett, da. of John Button of 
Alton, co. Wilts, and by her had issue, — John, son and heir; William, 
died sans issue ; — after, the said John mar. to his second wife, Jane, da. 
of William Cuffe of Broughton Gyfford, co. Wilts, Gent., and by her 
had issue,— Robert (see next pedigree) ; and Christopher that lived. 

John Eyre of Wedhampton and Northcombe, son and heir of John, 
mar. Alt/s, one of the da's and heirs of Stephen Payne of Motcombe, co. 
Dorset, Esq., and by her had issue, — John, son and heir; Christopher, 
second son ; Edyth, mar. to Nicholas Bacon of Whiteparish, co. Wilts, 
Esq. ; Mary, died sans issue. 

John Eyre of Wedhampton and Northcombe, and now of Est 
Cheveld, co. Wilts, son and heir of John, mar. Ann, eldest da. of 
Thomas Trapnell of Chavyld, eo. Wilts, and by her hath issue, — 
William, son and heir; Elizabeth, mar. to John Bewshin of Cottells 
Al worth, co. Wilts, Gent. ; Margerett, Mary, Suzan, Alys, and Ann, 

EYRE of New Sarum. 

Robert Eyre of Newe Sarum, co. Wilts, eldest son to John by Jane, 
his second wife (see last pedigree), mar. to his first wife, Jone, widow of 
George Turney of Sarum, and by her had issue, — Thomas, son and heir; 
after, the said Robert mar. to his second wife, Edyth, widow of William 
Knite of Sarum, and by her had no issue ; thirdly, he mar. Elizabeth, 
widow of Thomas Fashin of Southampton, merchant, and by her had 
no issue. i 
(Continued in the Visitation of 1623). 

(To be continued.) 


ftetngrcra from tfje plea Jftolte. 

By Major-General the Hon. GEORGE WROTTESLEY, 
(Continued from Vol. X/., p. 203 J 

De Banco. Easter. 46. E. 3. m. 67. 

Glouc. — Anseline de Gyse sued the Prior of Lanthony, near Gloucester, 
for a third part of the manor of Elinor, which Beatrice, formerly wife 
of Anseline de Gyse, had held in dower of the inheritance of William 
de Lambourne, and which William had granted to John, son of John de 
Gyse, the elder, for his life, with remainder to his issue. 

Anseline de Gvse ^Beatrice. 



John, living temp. E. 2. 


Anseline, the plaintiff. 

And see suit at Vol. XL, p. 18. 

Dc Banco. Easter. 46. E. 3. m. 146. 

Warw. — Margery, daughter of John de Sudele, and Thomas, son of 
Joan, daughter of John de Sudele sued Thomas de Peauchamp, Karl of 
Warwick, for a moiety of the manor of Wellesbourne which, with the 
other moiety, Peter de Montfort gave to John, son of Peter de Montfort, 
and his issue by Alice, daughter of William de la Plaunche. 
Peter de Montfort. 

John.= r Alice de la Plaunche. 

Peter, ob. s.p. Matilda. Elizabeth. 

I I 
John de Sudeley. Baldwin de 

; Frevylle, 

Margaret, Joan, 
plaintiff, | 



The Earl stated that John, son of Peter, had an elder son, John, who 
survived his father, and was not named in the writ — and a jury found 
in his favour. 

At Mich. Term, 44. E. 3. m. 300, the same Margery sued the Earl for 
the manors of Beaudesert, Heselbrok, Wytelayc-Forwode, W r ythe, and 
Whytcchurche / and gave the same descent. The suit was "adjourned. 

De Banco. Easter. 46. E. 3. pi. 140. 
Lcyc. — John Purcfoy sued Henry Viel for lands in Swynford, 



i 1 

William Purefoy Geoffrey Purefoy. 

of Swynford, j 
clericus. William. 

i 1 

Matilda. Simon. 

John Furefoy, 
the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Easter 46. E. 3. m. 238. 

Hertford. — Elizabeth Pelytot sued Edmund Bardolf, Chivaler, and 
Katrine, his wife, for the manor of Wodhall, which John Tywe, Kt., had 
given to Eudo Pelytot and Flora, his wife, and heirs of their bodies. 

Eudo Pelytot. =pFlora, temp. Hen. 3. 


T ' ' [ 
Adomar (Aylmer). 


Elizabeth, the plaintiff. 

Coram Rege. Trinity. 46. E. 3. m. 11. Rex. 
Warw — The King sued John Pecche for the manor of Hampton in Arderne. 

i 1 1_ 

Hugh de Arderne. Hawise. Olive. 

r L -i I I 

William de Richard, John Pecche. William 

Arderne, id iota, \ le Megre. 

ob. .s.p., John Pecche. ( 1 1 

temp. K. 1. | Avice. Margery. 

John Pecche, 

the defendant. 

De Banco. Mich. 40. E. 3. m. 631. 

Essex. — John de Goldynton and Joyce, his wife, Lawrence de Pabenham, 
Chivaler, and Elizabeth, his wife, and William Bernak, Chivaler, and 
Mary, his wife, sued Katrine, formerly wife of Thomas Engayne, for the 
manor of Colne Engayne. 

Nicholas Engayne. =p A mice. 

John Engayne. 

I ■— 1 1 -pi 1 

Thomas Engayne Joyce. Elizabeth, Mary, 

=Katrine, the plaintiff. plaintiff. plaintiff, 


De Banco. Mich. 46. E. 3. m. 348. 

Northumh - -Bartholomew Picot and Elizabeth, his wife, sued John 
Poyntz, Chivaler, and Margaret, his wife, for the manor of Thurleston 
which Roger Pychard gave to Amice, his daughter, and heirs of her body. 



Roger Pychard, 


Ralph Bluet=Margaret : F=Jolin Poyntz, 

second husband. 


Elizabeth ^Bartholomew Picot. 
the plaintiff. 

Be Banco. Mich. 46. E. 3. m. 400. 

Ilettfqrdi — William de jElyngton and Elizabeth, his wife, sued John de 
Whitewell and John Uolond for the manor of Walehale which Isabella 
Destale had given to Richard Somery of Bygrave, Kt., and Elizabeth, 
his wife, and to the heirs of their bodies. 

Richard Somery. ^Elizabeth. 

John de Somery, 

Verdict for the plaintiffs. 

William de Elyngton. 

Be Banco. Mich. 46. E. 3. m. 492. 

Essex. — Petronilla, late wife of John do Renstede, sued Thomas Fitlyng, 
Chivaler, for the next presentation to the church of Great IStaiibregge. 
Henry (Jraponcll, Chevalier. 

Petronilla. Margery — Joan. Margaret. 

I ! , William Moton. | | 

William Edmund. Edmund Richard 

ob. «. p. Kit/.Siinon Haveryng. 

John ilo Boiisteile'—Potronilla of K&tcx. 
| plaint ill'. 

Edward, under ago and 
in ward to the King. 

Be Banco. Trinity. 47. E. 3. m. 65. 

Somerset. — The King sued Hugh Tyrel, Kt., and another for the next 
presentation to the church of Compton Martyn. 

Andrew Wake, enfeoffed=pJoan. 
by Nicholas fitz Martyn. | 


John Wake. 
, i 




Thomas Kaynes. 


Margaret^ Hugh Tyrell. 

John Kaynes, under age 
iu ward to the King. 

John Tyrell, 
ob. B.p. 

Hugh Tyrell, 
Kt., the 



The King's attorney stated that John Tyrell was in ward to the King, 
because John Wake, his grandfather, had held the manor of Tangele, in 
co. Southampton of the King in capite and John Tyrell had died s.p., 
but Hugh Tyrell pleaded that Tangele was not held of the King 
in capite ut de corond, but of the Honor of Punchardon, and that 
Compton Martyn was held of James de Audelegh. 

N.B. — The vacancy had taken place whilst John Tyrell was alive and 
a minor, and the King claimed the presentation as guardian. 

De Banco. Trinity. 47. E. 3. m. 288. 

Dorset. — John Fauntleroy sued Walter le Brut and Agnes, his wife, for 
land in Shirbourne, which Robert de Thornhullc had given to "Walter 
Fauntleroy in frank marriage witli Juliana, his wife. 

Walter Fauntleroy.=f Juliana. 




John, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Mich. 47. E. 3. m. 225. 

Bucks. — The King sued John Chamberleyn of Emburton, for the next 
presentation to the Church of Emburton. 

William le Lord, lord of Emburton, Tyryngham, 
and other lands, temp. lien. 3. 


r- 1 

Alianora— Thomas Furncys Isabella, enfeoffed Roger 

Rtifeuifea Robert ile Tol- de Tyryngham of her 

thorp of her purjpart)*. purparty; 

Robert d<; Till thorp. Roger de Tyryngham. 

I I 
Robert. Roger. 

I I 

John. Roger. 

Elizabeth, Anne, Katrine— John. 

ob. a. p. ob. a j). John Chamberleyn, ( 1 1 

the defendant. Roger, John, under age 

ob s p. and in ward to 

the King. 

De Banco. Mich. 47. E. 3. m. 257. \ 

Kent. — Roger Scales, Kt., and Joan, his wife, Thomas Martyn and 
Dionisia, his wife, John Levedale and Joan, his wife, and William 
Beaufoy and Agnes, his wife, sued Richard atte Lese, Kt., and other 
tenants for lands in Menstre Estcherche, Wardon, Leysdon, Isle of 
Sheppey, and other ])laces. 



John de Northwode, temp. E. 1. 

I 1 1 1 1 

John. Thomas, ob. s.p. Simon. Humfrey. 

Roger. John, ob. s.p. William, Otho, Robert. John. John. 

i — 1 1 became a ob. | 1 , | | 

John. Roger Knightof s.p. Joan= Agkes== Dionisia= Joan— 

| St. John John William Thomas Roger 

Thomas. of Clerk- Leve- Beaufoy. Marty n, Scales, 

en well. dale. Ivt 

The land was held by the tenure of Gavelkind, and was divisable 
amongst male heirs equally. 

De Banco. Easier. 48. E. 3. m. 321. 

Berks. — Robert de Lenham sued Thomas de Besiles and Katrine, his 
wife, for the manor of Boclande (Buckland) as heir at law of one Agnes, 
on whom it had been settled in frank marriage with John, son of Henry 
de Sanwys, by Hamon de Crevequer and Matilda, his wife, by a fine 
levied in 29 Hen. 3. 

Agues.=rJohn de Sanwys. 


I 1 

John. ob. s.p. Richard. 



Robert de Lenham, the plaintiff. 

The defendant Thomas claimed as heir of William de Bokelond and 
Matilda de Say, and gave this descent — 

William de Bokelond^pMatilda de Say. 

Matilda. =p William de Joan. — Robert de Ha wise. — John de 

Haveryng. Ferrars. Baville. 

John de Haveryng. 



Thomas de Besiles. 

The three coheiresses made partition of the lands of William and 
Matilda in 5 Hen. 3. 

The plaintiffs stated that Elizabeth, daughter of John de Haveryng, 
had an elder son Robert, who was not named in (he pleadings, but the 
jury found in favour of Thomas and Katrine. 

Be Banco. Trinity. 48. E. 3. m. 138. ; 

Berb. — John de Wandesford and Elizabeth, his wife, sued Roger de 
Wynfeld for laud in Asshoverne, Skaresdale, which Henry Musters de 
la Vale had given to John Musters, Chivaler, and Alice, his wife, and 
to the heirs of their bodies. 



John Musters, Kt.=7=Alice. 



Elizabeth=John de Wandesford, 
tlic plaintiffs. 

The defendant called to warranty John de la Pole and Cecily, his 
wife, sister, and heir of William de Wakebrugge. 

De Banco. Trinity. 48. E. 3. m. 250. 
Staff. — William de Kynardeslc (Kynnersley) sued Richard de Peshalc, 
Chivaler (who had been called to warranty by Richard de Colclogh) for 
the manor of 1 lanleye. 

i 1. 

John de Kynaide.sleye, Sibil, sister 

Clerk, d. s.p, and heir. 



William, the 

De Banco. Trinity. 48. E. 3. m. 239. 
Staff. — Margaret, late wife of John de Hardeshnll, Kt., sued Margaret 
de Stafford for the manor of Bromshulf (Bramshall) which William de 
Stafford had given to William, his son, and Isabella, his wife, for their 
lives, with remainder to James, son of William, son of William, and the 
heirs of his body. 

William de Stafford. 


James de Stafford. 

Margaret, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Trinity 48. E. 3. m. 38. 
Wilts— John Daunteseye, Chivaler, and Joan, his wife, sued the 
Prioress of Dcrteford (l)artford) for the manors of Fifyde and Trowe, 
which Roger de Bavent had given to Roger de Bavent, the younger, and 
llawise, his wife, and the heirs of their bodies. 

Roger do Haven t. 


Joan, d. and heir, 

the plaintiff. \ 

De Banco. Trinity. 48. E. 3. m. GO. 

Kent. — Alan de Berlce sued John de Barowe and John Prat for the next 
presentation to the t/hureh of Ahyngton. 



William de Berlee. William Py chard, presented temp. E. 1. 

I I 
Alan. Hamon Pychard of 

Alan. | 


Hamon, who was under 
a^e and in ward to 
Thomas de Scales, came 
of a^e in 47 E. 3. 

De Banco. Mich. 48. E. 3. m. 278. 

Somerset. — John do Fitclton and Joan, his wife, by lier custos, sued 
Beatrice, late wife of Simon tie llradeueyc, for the manor of Hradeueye, 
winch Mal t hew , son of Jordan di> l>radeneye had given to William, son 
of linger de (iotlnirste, and to the heirs of his body. 

Roger dc Golhurste. 

W illiam, temp. E. 1. 

r L n 

Roger, ob. s.p. Walter. 



Joan, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Mich. 48. E. 3. m. 102. dorm. 

Si</J'.—,h)}m dc Shardclowe, Ohivjiler, sued .John dc; Todynlmrh, Chivaler. 

of Crcsswell, for an illegal distress in Merton, near Mildenhale. 

Robert de Todonham. j Eva, temp. Men. 3. 

r 1 

Robert; ob. s p. Thomas. 



John, the defendant. 

De Banco. Mich. 48. E. 3. m. 211. 

Dorset — The King sued John Hamcly, Kt., for the next presentation to 
the Church of Up Wymbourne Plecy. 

John de Plecy. =fdda. 


Edmund—Matilda. — Hugh Mohaut. 
de l'leey. 2nd husband. 



I ~r 1 

John, ob. s.p. Nicholas, ob. s.p. Joan~Jolm 

Hamcley, 'Kt. 

Thomas Hamcley 
under age and in 
ward to the King. 

{To be continued.) 



8 £a3 1 Seigneur de 


MS,3 (A 1) Henry IV, Count of Luxemburg and 
' t -1 ^-. la Roche, Marquis of Arlon, 127-1 — 1288 ; 
.slain 5 June 1288. 

(A 2) Beatrice, da. of Baldwin cVAvenes,( l ) 
Seigneur de Beaumont in Hainault ; d. 1 

§ 'i s? *n lA 3 ) * ,oni1 1> the Victorious, Duke of Lotiiier 
- r ' and Brabant, Marquis of the Empire, 1268 — 
1291 ; Duke of Limburg ; b. abt. 1251 ; 
2 or 3 May 1294. 

(A 4) Margaret, da. of Guy dc Darapierre, 

»unt of Flanders ; m. 1273 ; d. 
128'. : 2nd wife. 

3 July 

A 5) Prssemysl IT, called Ottocar and the 
Victorious, King of Bohemia, 1253 — 1278 ; 
slain 26 Aug. 1278. 

<A 6) Cunegonde, niece of Bela IV, King of 
-j| Hungary d. 1285; 2nd wife. 

M ^ — (A 7) Rudolf I, of Habsburg, Kino of the 
wgf?" ^ Romans, 1273-1291 ; b. (27 Apr. or) 1 May 
1218 ; it. 15 July or 30 Sep. 1291. 

(A 8) Gertrude, da. of Burchard, Count of 
Hohenberg on the Neckar ; wi. 
16 (or 25) Feb. 1281 ; 1st wife. 

(A 9) Bogislaw HI or IV, Duke of Pome- 
Ranta at Wolgast, 1278 -1309 ; d. 21 Feb. 
13U9 [not 1319]. 

-r^et^ f (A 10) Margaret, da, of Witsilaff II, Prince 
g ' °| p ^ ov UUuun ; it. 1318 ; 2nd wife. 

W (A 11) Henry III or V, the Fat, Duke ok 
oi-, Silesia at Liegnit/ (1278), and at Brcslau 
^ (1290) ; b. 1248 ; d. 22 Feb. 1296. 

sf (A 12) Elizabeth, da. of Bolestaw, the Tious, 
Duke of 

' (A 13) Wladyslaw IV, Loketick, King of 
Poland, 1320-1333 ; d. 10 March 1333. 


= u _ (A 1-1) Jadwiga or Hedwig, da. of Boieslaw, 
^ ' I 1 ? tlie 1>ious > I )UKK 01 '' Kalisz d. 1310. 

(A 15) pediihfii, the Great, Dukk of Litiiu- 
. -r-j-i ania,( 10 J 1299—1325 ; tf. 1325. 


? S§ ( A • • • , willow of Wtthenes, Duke of 
1-0 Lithuania. 

in Poland ; t/. 28 Sep. 

IV>J .,. %K ,.. . ,, I 



































cr oo p. 2. 


1 t*r> 

CD v -' 

mq a 
S Her 

2*1 CD 

O - • 

- S es 2 

c era j~ 


- -) 

- 9. » 

" ^5 
cr „ ^ 

Pj ^ 

? ri 3' 

CD 5 

i 0^ 






w © 2 
to tJ d 

- otTt 3 do 3"« 
a"" o r- o 

^ ^ * ^ r 

© & w ~ 


^ w S li 

,_ a «_4 t-i 

^ 5 S ^ to 

CO >t- O 

tO OO tO _ 

to © to 


i_, tr m'j- 1 

D 2- |— t 

CD « 2 

^ F* co 
1 H OS q 

1-4 » o h 

^ s ° 


° 5' 9 

, . " J " 


"J O 

CO CD jj £ 
O f CD O 

S 5 s 

CD P. 
" • CD 

' tO ^ 3 

^| ^ 

co - 

CO fcj 

Ofj c 

? CO . 

^ 00 - 
CO «o p 

c r* fcr 

q CD 
_ CD 

03 „ 

S J ^ u § w (A 1) Philip VI, of Valois, King op 
P "8" > § ^1 France, 1328—1350 ; 6. 1293 ; d. 22 Aug. 
I ^^j 1350. 

OJ co cr. 

co ( g- hi 

P P (A 2) Jane, da. of Robert II, Duke of 

Burgundy; m. 1313; d. 12 Sep. 1348, 
aged abt. 55 ; 1st wife. 

co co n 

00 O) M 


»-« »L cr _j 

ft M 1 S 

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jj ^ t> S to I (A 3) John, Kino of Bohemia ; slain 26 
K w & p ^ Aug. 1316. See Tab. XX, C 1. 
? W L|, 

hMh§ (A 4) Elizabeth, da. of Wenzel IV, King 
Sf w » of Bohemia; d. 28 Sep. 1330 ; 1st wife. 
^f.tS See Tab. XX, C 2. 

gP w q co-, (A 5) Louis I, Duke of Bocrbon,( j ) Count 

-■ s,g § s> 

S'l H" CD 

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P 2 Q?^HI 

of Clermont and la March e, Chamber- 
lain of France ; b. 1279 ; d. Jan. 28-31, 

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" p SO (A 6) Mary, da. of John, Count of Hain- 

~ CO B ^ i K AULT and Holland ; ?n. Sep. 1310; cZ. 

o fe w Aug. 1354. 
% 7 1^2 

^ r ~ — I 

c u. 3 cd (A 7) Charles, Count of Valois; d. 16 

42 to Dec. 1325. See Tab. XVIII, C 3. 

g^^T J (A S) Mahaut, da. of Guy de Chatillon 

' a P Jr lit, Count of St. Pol, Butler of France ; 
wj. 1308 ; d. 3 Oct. 1358 ; 3rd wife. 

-I CM ... t>5 C7'- 


p g ^ o « 

(A 9) Louis IV, of Bavaria, Emperor, 
1328—1317 ; 6. 1286 or 87 ; d. 11 or 21 
Oct. 1347. 


•<4a m (A 10) Beatrice, da. of Henry III or VII, 

II Duke of Silesia at Glogaii and Dels ; </. 

% ^ cT W 21 Aug. 1322 or 1323 ; 1st wife. 

CO — 
M tO N 

cc CO P 

(A 11) Frederic I or II, of Aragon, King 
of Sicily, 1296-1337 ; d. 25 June 


gc?o^9 (A 12) Eleanor, da. of Charles II, King 
cfl^-j of Jerusalem and Sicily ; m. May 1302 ; 

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tZ. 9 Aug. 1341 or 1313. 

(A 13) StcfFano Visconti ; d. (poisoned) 
20 (or 6) July 1327. 


(A 14) Valentina ,da. of Barnabo Doria, 
Prefect of Genoa; rn. 1317. 

•5 b3 J ( 

OC ct I 
CD 1. L. 

(A 15) Mastino della Scala III, Signohe 
di Verona, 1329—1350; d. 1350. 


(A 16) Taddea.(") 


Additions to Table XX. 

A. I. He was killed at the Battle of Woeringeii. (Kid est son of 
Henry III, Count of Luxemburg, by Margaret of Bar. See Table XV11I, 
B. 3, 4.) 

A. 2. She was bur. in the Priory of Beaumont at Valenciennes. 
(Her mother was FeliciteV dau. of Thomas de Coucy I, Seigneur de 
Vervins, Fontaines and Landousies.) 

A. 3. He became Duke in 1268; acquired the Duchy of Lhnburg 
by conquest in 1288; mortally wounded in tournament at Bar-le-Duc, 1 
bur. (with his second wife) in the Church of the Franciscans at Brussels. 
[He m. 1, 1209, Margaret, dau. of Louis IX, King of the French ; 
she it. in 1271, bur. in the Abbey of St. Denis.] (Second son 5 of 
Henry III, Duke of Lothier and Brabant, by Aleyde of Burgundy. 
See Table XIV, C. 3, 4.) 

A. 1. (Pan. of Cuy, Count of Flanders, by his first wife Mahaut 
or Matilda, dau. of Robert VII, Seigneur do Bethune and Tenremonde). 

A. f>. He succ. his father 22 Sep. 1253; killed at the Battle of 
Laab in Marckfeld near Vienna. [lie m. 1, 11 Feb. 1252, Margaret, 
dau. of Leopold VI, the Clorious, Duke of Austria and Styria, and 
widow (Feb. 1242) of Henry, crowned King of the Romans, eldest son 
of the Emperor Frederic II; he repud. her in 1261; she (/. in 1267.] 
(Flder son of Wenzel III, called Ottocar and the One-eyed, King of 
Bohemia, by Cunegonde, dau. of Philip II, King of the Romans.) 

A. 7. Rudolf IV, the Clement, Landgrave of Upper Alsace, Count 
of llabsburg and Kyburg 8 ; b. at the Castle of Lhnburg in Breisgau ; 
succ. his father 22 Nov. 1240; elected King of the Romans at Frank- 
fort 29 Sept. 1273; crowned (with his wife) at Aachen 24 Oct. 1273; 
(/. at Oermersheim on the Rhine, bur. in the Cath. Church at Spcyer. 
[He m. 2, at Remiremont, 5 Feb. 1281, Isabel or Elizabeth, 9 dau. of 
Hugh IV, Duke of Burgundy; she d.h\ 1313.] (Eldest son of Albert IV, 
the Wise, Landgrave of Alsace, Count of llabsburg, by Hedwig, dau. 
of Ulrie, Count of Kyburg.) 

A. 8. She took the name of Anno at her coronation ; (/. at Vienna, 
bur. in the Cath. Church at Basle 20 March 1281. 

A. 9. He was bur. at Eanimin. [He m. 1, Matilda or Agnes, dau. 
of John I, Margrave of Brandenburg.] (Eldest son of Barnim I, the 
Cood, Duke of Pomcrania, by his first wife Mary, dau. of Albert I, 
Duke of Saxony.) 

A. 10. (Her mother was Agnes, dau. of Wichman, Count of Ruppin.) 

A. 11. fife succ. his father 17 Jan. 1278; bur. in the Convent of 
the nuns of St. Clare at Breslau. (Eldest son of Boleslaw II, the Bald, 
Duke of Silesia at Licgnitz, by his first wife lied wig, dau. of Henry, 
the Elder, Prince of Anhalt.) 

A. 12, 14. (Their mother was Helen, dau. of Bela IV, King of 
Hungary.) j 

A. 13. He became Duke of Poland on tho death of King 
Przemysl 11, 8 Feb. 129 } j deposed in 1300; re-established in 13ol; 
took the title of King in 1320. (Third son of Kazimicrz, Duke of 
Cujavia, by his second wife Constance, dau. of Henry II, the Pious, 
Duke of Silesia.) 

B. 1. Henry V, Count of Luxemburg and la Roche, Marquis of 



Arlon ; elected King of the Romans at Rentz near Coblcntz 15 Nov. 
1308; election confirmed at Frankfort 27 Nov.; crowned at Aachen 
G Jan. 130* ; crowned King of Lombardy at Milan G Jan. 131^', and 
Emperor (as Henry VII) at Rome in the Church of the Lateran 
29 June 1312; d. at Buonconvento in Tuscany, bur. in the Cath. 
Church at Pisa. 

L>. 2. She was nt. (papal dispens. dated 1291 12 ), by contract dated 
Apr. 1292, at the Castle of ter Vueren 28 May 1292 ; crowned at Milan 
with her hush. ; d. at Genoa. 

R. 3. lie was crowned at Prague 2 June 1297 ; elected King of 
Roland in 1300, but was compelled to resign in 1301. [lie m. 2, 
1300, Liehsa or Elizabeth (//. 128G) only child of Rrzemysl 11, King 
of Poland ; she in. 2, as second wife, in 130G, Rudolf, proclaimed King 
of Rohemia in 1307, eldest son of the Emperor Albert I, Duke of 
Austria ; she d. in 1335.] 

I!. 5. lie was elected L'riuce of Rngen in 1325; bur. at Kmnmin. 

15, 7. [lie m. 2, 1311, Adelaide, d;iu. of Henry II, Landgrave of 
Hesse, whom he repud. He ///. 3, 1357, lied wig or Jadwiga, dan. of 
Henry V or IX, Duke of Silesia at Glogau and Sagan ; she m. 2, 1371, 
Rupert, Duke of Silesia at I.iegnitz, and d. 2G March 1390.] 

C. 1. lie became Count of Luxemburg, etc, by cession from his 
father in 1309; King of Rohemia j. ux. in 1310, at the age of 11 ; 
crowned (with his wife) at Prague 4 or 5 Feb. 131^; slain at the Battle 
of Crecy, bur. in the Church of the Dominicans at Montargis. 11 [He 
m. 2, by contract dated at Vincenues Dee. 1334, Beatrice, dan. of 
Louis 1, Duke of Bourbon; she m. 2, as second wife, at Grandvilliers in 
Lorraine, Elides, Seigneur de Grancey; she d. 25 Dec. 1383, bur. in 
the Church of the Jacobins at Paris.] 

D. 1. [He Hi. 1, 1333, Margaret called Rlanchc, dau. of Charles of 
France, Count of Valois ; she d. 1 Aug. 1318, bur. in the Church of the 
Castle at Prague. lie ni. 2, Nov. 134 9, Anne or Agnes, only child of 
Rudolf II, the Blind, Count Palatine of the Rhine, Duke in Bavaria ; 
she il in 1352. He in. 3, 1353, Anne, only child of Henry II, Duke 
of Silesia at Jauer ; she was crowned 28 July 1353, and d. 11 July 13G2.] 

1 Ho \v;i.s younger brother of John (VAv&ries (Tab. XVI H, B. 1.) 

- I/an MCCXX, Le premier jour de Mars, trespassa noble et genereuse dame 
d'eternelle uiemoire, Madame Beatrix jadis Comtesse de Luxembourg, fils du tres 
illustre prince Monseigneur Baudouin tl'Avesnes, Seigneur de Beaumont, et de 
Madame Kelicite <le Gouey sa fennne ; et mcro du sercnissime Prince Henry, Kanperor 
de Koine . . . Mile a fonde" a ses fraix ee convent au lieu proprc de sa nali vile, ou 
aussi apre.-s sa mort elle a uierite d '-avoir sepulture. (Necrology of Beaumont — 
Viiichant, Annalcs d'llaynau, p According to liulkens, she d. ^> Feb. Kj'20. 

3 tSecuiula tilia [Thonhe de Couch i doihini de Vervino] nomine Felicitas domino 
Balduino de Avesnes domino de Bollonionte unam peperit liliam . . . filia dieti 
Balduini nomine Beatrix nupsit domino Henrico de Uupe primogenito ComitU 
Lucelburgensis Kenriei, ex sorore Comili.s Henrici Barrensis. (15. de Avenni.s in Chron.) 

4 According to L'Art de Ver. les Dates, citing I'eter a Tliymo, the tournament 
took place May 3, and the Duke (/. the ensuing night. 

: ' The eldest son Henry was, by (he machinal ions of his mother, ousted from the 
succession " (tour n'a\ oir la naif\ etc et prompt i I lido d/esprit esgalc a son fnYo Jean, 
cpd csloit bini chcri de leur uirrc." lie (who had hrcn allianccd v p. to Margaret, 
afterwards his brother's first wife) was induced to relinquish Inn rights, and became 
(1 Oct. j2G9).u monk in the Abbey of »St. IStionne at Dijon, 

• His corpse was can led to the Franciscan monastery, but, dying under excom- 
munication, none dared to give him sepulture with the rites of the Church. 



7 L'Art <le Vor. le.s Dates, citing Bohuslaus Balbinus. According to others, she 
was daw. (jf " Bossislas, Duke of Bulgaria." 

H lie styled himself in 12(59, " lludolfus, Comes do Habersburg et de Kiburg, 
Superioris Als.icie L&ndgravius ;" being the first who used the designation Landgrave 
of Upper Alsace. 

11 According to the Chron. of Ellenhard of Strasburg, a conteni])orary writer and 
eye-witness: — An. Dom. 1*284, dominica eireumdederutit, il lustiis Rudolfus Rex 
duxit in uxorem dominam Elisabetham, filiam Ducis Hugonis senioris Burgundhe, 
qua; tantum erat in leta-te tredecini annos et pulchra nimis. There is a charter of 
Isabeauz par le grace de Dieu jadis Royue des Romains, mentioning — nostre ties 
chiere dame et mere Beatrix jadis fennne de tres noble baron llugue Due de 
Borgoigne nostre pere . . . 1300 ; au mois de Jullot. (Plancher, torn, ii, preuves, 
\>. 102). Her parentage is therefore certain, though many writers err on the 
subjeet. Dom. Plancher (torn, ii, note 3) identifies her with Isabeau de Bourgogne, 
wife of Peter de Chambly. This latter Isabeau d. in 1323, according to her epitaph 
in the Church of the Augustines at Paris, and was, it is said, grand-daughter of 
Hugh IV, but which of his sons she was dau. of is unknown. 

J " lie is said to have murdered, and to have m. the widow of, his predecessor 

11 The date usually given for his birth is 18 July 12G2. He was, however, still 
a minor in 1289 : — Nou.s Beatrix Comtesse de Lucembourch et de la Roche et nous 
Henrla ses ainsneis filz Damisiaus de Lucembourch . . 1281', le samedi devant feste 
Sainet Jake et Sainct Chi istofore [i.e., 23 July]. In another charter, mercredi apres 
les oetaves de la Trinite, 1292, lie takes the title of Count, There is a curious eiror in 
tlx 1 note on this subject in L'Art de Ycr. les Dates, where the second charter is dated 
128!*, thus making it previous to the first. As to the day of his birth, it appears 
that his mother founded the priory of Beaumont, which she dedicated to the honour 
of GoU and the Assumption of the Virgin, because her sou Henry was born at that 
place and on such a day [15 Aug.] 

12 Venerabi'.i 'in Cliristo I'atri Domino suo Sigifi ido Dei gratia Coloniensis Eeelesie 
A rchiepiscopo ac Saori Imperii per Italiam Archicaneellario generali, .S. Parisiensis et 
C. Noviomensis eadam gratia Episcopi, judices cum veuerabili patre Episeopo 
Monastei-iensi, super dispensatione inter nobiles personas Ilenricum Lussemburgensem 
et Margaretam natam nobilis viri Joannis Lotharingie, Brabantie, et Limburgi Ducis, 
a sede Aposfoliea . . . Datum anno 1291. (Charters of Brabant — Hutkens, torn, i, 
preuves p. 127-) 

13 Of the family, it in said, of the Dukes of Liegnitz : but this is uncertain. 
(L'Art de Ver. les Dates). She is usually supposed to have been dau. of 
Henry 111 or V, though Elizabeth, dau. of that Duke, is otherwise said to have d. 
num., Abbess of St. Clare. But she could not have been dau. of his son Henry VI 
(/>. 16 M uch IlMD), as is sometimes stated. 

u His tomb was discovered there in 17-18, with the fragment of an epitaph: 
". . . i|juj trespassa a la tete de ses gens ensemblement, les reeommandant a Dieu 
le pere le jour de . . . la glorieuse Vierge Marie. Brie/ Dieu pour l'ame de ce bon 
Boy. 13-10." Historians had previously supposed that he was bur. at Luxemburg 
in the Church of the Friars minor. 

15 1 le is said to have m. 2, Adelaide, dau. either (i) of Otto, Duke of Brunswick- 
Einibeck, who (/. in 1411 (which is impossible) ; or (ii) of Henry II, Duke of 
Brunswick-Orubenhagen, who d. in 1337. 

Jli both the dates, 1320 and 1330, assigned for her death, are alike impossible. 

17 He resigned Luxemburg in 1353 to his half brother Wenceslas, and erected it 
into a duchy in his favour 13 March [not May] 1354. 

Additions to Tables XXI and XXVI. 

A. 1. He was called le Bien-fortune and le Catholiquc ; commenced 
to reign 2 Apr. 132? ; crowned with his wife Lit Reims 29 May 1328; 
(/. at Nogent-le-Koy, bur. at St. Denis 28 Aug. 1350. [Ho* m-. 2, at 
Krie-Comte-ltobert, 2!) Jan. 13* $ 4 Blanche, dau. of Philip III, King of 
Navarre ; she il at Ncaulle le-Clmtcl 5 Oct. 13'JS, bur. at St. Men is J 
(Eldest son of Charles, Count of Valois, by Margaret of Sicily. See 
Tab. XVIII, C 3, 4.) 

A. 2. She was m. by contract dated at Fontaincbleau June 1313; (/. 



at Paris in the H6tcl do Nesle, bur. at St. Denis. (Her mother was 
Agnes of France. See Tab. XXIV, A 7, 8.) 

A. 5. He was called le Boiteux and le Grand ; bur. in the Church 
of the Jacobins at Paris. (Eldest son of Robert of France, Count of 
Clermont in Beauvaisis, by Beatrice, only dan. of John of Burgundy, 
Seigneur dc Charolais, and de Bourbon j. ux.) 

A. 6. She was m. at Pontoise by contract dated June 1310 ; (/. at 
the Castle of Murat the end of Aug. 1354, bur. in the Church of the 
Franciscans at Champaigue in Bourbonnais. (Her mother was Philippa 
of Luxemburg. See Table XVIII, C 1, 2.) 

A. 8. She was m. (by papal dispens. dated 13 July 1308) by 
contract dated at Poitiers June 1308 ; 2 bur. in the Church of the 
Franciscans at Paris. 3 (Her mother was Mary, dau. of John IT, Duke 
of Brittany.) 

A. 9. Louis III, Duke of Upper Bavaria ; succ. his father 1 Jan. 
1294 ; 4 elected King of the Romans at Frankfort 20 Oct., and crowned 
at Aachen 2G Nov., 1311 ; crowned King of Lombardy at "Milan 31 May 
1327, and Fmperor (as Louis IV) at Rome 17 Jan. 132* ; bur. at 
Munich in the Church of Our Lady. [He m. 2, 1324, Margaret, 
Countess of Hainault, Holland and Zeeland, eldest dau. of William I 
Count of Hainault and III of Holland and Zeeland of that name ; she 
(/. at Valenciennes 23 June 1356, 5 bur. there in the Church of the 
Franciscans.] (Third but second surv. son of Louis II, the Severe, 
Count Palatine of the Rhine, Duke of Upper Bavaria, by his third 
wife Matilda, dau. of Rudolf I, King of the Romans.) 

A. 10. (tier mother was Matilda, dau. of Albert I, the Great, Duke 
of Brunswick.) 

A. 11. He was elected 15 Jan., and crowned in the Cath. Church at 
Palermo 25 March, 1296 ; d. near Palermo. (Third son of Peter III, 
King of Aragon, by Constance, dau. of Manfred, King of Sicily.) 

A. 12. Kloanor; m. at Messina; (/. a nun at the monastery of St. 
Nicolas at Arena, bur. in the Church of the Franciscans at Catania. 
[She in. 1, 1299, Philip de Tocy, Seigneur de la Terza ; marriage 
dissolved by papal bull of 17 Jan. 1300.] (Her mother was Mary of 
Hungary. See Tab. XVIII, B 7, 8.) 

A. 13. (Fourth son of Mattco I, il Grande, Signore di Milano, by 
Bonacosa, dau. of Squarcino Buri.) 

A. 15. He succ. his uncle Can Grande della Scala 26 July 1329. 
(Second son of Albuino della Scala, Signore di Verona, by Sibilla, dau. 
of . . . Castriot, Prince of Fpirus.) 

B. 1. He was called le Bon ; b. at the Castle of Cue de Mauny near 
le Mans; crowned (with his wife) at Reims 26 Sep. 1350 ; d. in London 
at the Savoy, bur. at St. Denis 7 May. 8 [He in. 2, at Ste. Genevieve 
de Nanterre, 19 Feb. 13£g, Jane (6. 8 May 1326) Countess of Auvergne 
and Boulogne, only dau. and hss. of William XII, Count of Auvergne 
and Boulogne, and widow (22 Sep. 1346) of Philip, elder son of Fudes 
IV, Duke of Burgundy; she </. at the Castle of Argily iii Burgundy 
29 Sep. 1360, bur. at St. Denis.] 

B. 2. Her marriage contract was dated at Fontainebleau, Jan. 
133 \ ; in. at Melun ; d. at the Abbey of Maubuisson and was bur. there. 

B. 3. He was killed at the Battle of Poitiers, bur. in the Church of 
the Jacobins at Paris. 9 



]j. 4. Her marriage contract was dated 5 Oct. 1322 ; d. a nun at 
the Franciscan convent in the faubourg St. Marcel at Paris. 

J}. 5. Jle was called flbulatm and senior; bur. in the monastery of 
Andechs. [He m. 2, Margaret, dau. of John IT, Burgrave of Nurem- 

B. 7. He d. at the Castle of Trezzo. 

C. 1. He was b. at the Castle of Vincenncs ; crowned (with his wife) 
at Reims 19 May 1364; (/. at the Castle of Beaute-sur-Marne near 
Vincenncs, bur. at St. Denis. 

C. 2. She was b. at Vincenncs ; marriage contract dated at Lyon 
July 1349 ; m. (by papal dispens.) at Tain on the Rhone; d. at Paris, 
bur. at St. Denis 14-20 Feb. 

C. 3. [He m. 2, Isabel or Elizabeth, dau. of Adolf, I Count of Cleves, 
III of la Marck of that name, and widow (17 Jan. 1396) of llenaud de 
Fauquemont (Valkenberg), Seigneur de Borne.] 

E. XXI. [She w. 2, at Compiegne (or at Senlis) 29 June 1406, as 
first wife, Charles, Count of Angouleme, afterwards (23 Nov. 1407) 
Duke of Orleans and of Valois, Count of Blois and of Beaumont-sur- 
Oise, Sire de Coucy, and Knight of the Golden Fleece ; he was b. in the 
hotel de St. Paul at Paris 26 May 1391 ; d. at Amboise 4 Jan. 146|, 
bur. in the Collegiate Church of St. Sauveur at Blois.] 

E. XXVI. [She m. 1[j 2, Owen Tudor ; he was beheaded in the 
Market Place at Hereford Feb. 1461, bur. there in the Church of the 
Crcy Friars.] 

1 11c was called Louis Mon.sieur in the lifetime of his father (who d. 7 Feb. 1 31 3). 
lie had previously (1 Oct. 1310) succ. his mother in the Sireric de Bourbon. He 
received the comto of la Marche in exchange for that of Clermont in Dec. 1327. 
The same month Bourbon was erected en duche et pairie, and la Marche en pairie. — 
Karolus Dei gratia Francorum et Navarre rex . . . Borbonesii baroniam, castraque 
do lssolduno, de Sancti Petri monasterio et de Monteferrandi, cum suis pertinentiis 
in ducatum erigimus, et ducatum in antea prefatumque consanguineum nostrum 
[FiUdovicum dominum Borbonesii comitem Marchie] proinde ducem Borbonesii 
volumus nuncupari, ejusque hercdes et successores ad quos dictus ducatus legitime 
deveniet, volumus talis nuncupationis prerogativa gaudere . . . Decrevimus : quod ratinne ducatus supradicti, ejusque successores et heredes ad quos dictus 
ducatus in posterum devenire continget legitime, dictos ducatum et comitatum 
Marchie in parreriam et ut parreriam Francie teneant, dictique ducatus et comitatus 
cum omnibus pertinentiis suis parreria Francie sit et perpetuo nominetur ; dictusque 
cousanguineus noster dux pariter par et comes, paremque ejus heredibus et success- 
oribus universaliter et insolidum succedentibus in premissis elargientes honorem . . . 
Actum apud Luparam juxta Parisiis, anno Domini mcccxxvii, rnense decembri. 
(Oh. des comptes de Paris, Titres de Bourbon, liasse lvii — Anselme, torn, iii, p. 136.) 
Clermont was restored en titre de pairie in 1331. 

2 Nous Charles fils de Roy de France, Cuens de Valois, de Chartres, d'Alencon et 
d'Anjou, savoir faisons a tous ceus qui ces lettres verrout et orront, que comme 
traitez ait entre nous et les amis do noble damoiselle Mahaut de S. Paul fille de haut 
et de noble homme Guy de Chasteillon, Conte de S. Paul, Bouteiller de France, pour 
cause de manage de nous et de ladite damoiselle. Nous desirans et voulans ledit 
mariage, voulons donnons et octroyons des maintenant as hoirs qui de nous et de 
ladite damoiselle istront, toute la conte de Chartres . . . Fait au mois de Juignet a 
Poi tiers, Tan de grace mil trois cents et huit. (Du Chesne, M. de ChastHlon, preuves 
p. l(53-. r >, where is also given the text of the dispens. by Clement V, — datum Pictavis, 
iii fdus julii, pontifical u.s mtstri anno tertio). 

:| Ilia- epitaph there : Cy g'int Madame Mahaut lille du Comto do S. Paul, femmo 
de Monsieur Charles liU du Koy de France, Comto do Valois, d'Alencon, de Chartres 
et d Anjou. Laquclle trespassa l'an 1308, lo 3 jour d'Octobro. (Du Chesne, ib., 
p. 105). 



4 His cider br. Rudolf was Count Palatine of the Rhine. 

5 According to her epitaph. The date given by Anselme (torn, ii, p. 784) is 
30 Sep. 1.5;").".. 

" She is called dau of James the Great, Marquis of Ferrara, but no such person 
as this seems to have existed. She may have been dau. of Francesco, Marquis of 
Este (slain 23 Aug. 1312), by Taddea, dau. of John Barbiano. 

7 He was styled Duke of Normandy v. p. — Philippes par le grace de Dieu, roi de 
France , . . scavoir faisons . . . que nous . . , avons donne et donnons ... la 
duchie de Normandie et les cointez d'Anjou et du Mayne ... a tenir . . . de nous 
a ung fiez etung hoinmage lige et en pairie par ledit Jehan nostre his, lequel nous 
le en avons fait et faisons pair do France, avec tous droits et honneurs de pairrie . . . 
Faites et donnees au Louvre pies Puris le lundi dix septiesrne jour en fevrier, apres 
ce que nous eumes emancipe et aagie nostre fils, l'an de grace 1331 [i.e., 133£]. 
(MSS. de Brienne, torn, ccxxxvi — Anselme, torn, ii, p. 513.) 

s Tuesday, 7 May, according to the Crandcs Chroniques of St. Denis. 

y His corpse was carried to the Church of the Dominicans at Poitiers, but, being 
under excommunication, he could not be buried there : absolution having at length 
been given by letters from Cardinal Francis, the papal commissioner, dated at 
Avignon xii kal. apr. 1357, the body was taken to Paris and bur. there in the Church 
of the Dominicans. 

10 The eldest son Louis was Elector of Brandenburg. 

11 lie was the first of the House of France to bear the title of Dauphin de 
Vicnnois. The Dauphin Humbert II, his only legit, child being dead and his finances 
greatly embarrassed, by treat)' dated 23 Apr. 13 13, left his (.'states, in the event of 
his dying sp, to Philip, Duke of Orleans, with remainder to one of the nuns of 
John, Duke of Normandy. Put next year, 7 June, by another treaty, he made the 
Duke of Normandy, or one of his sous, his heir. This was continued by two bulls 
of Clement VI, 9 July and 11 Sep. following — auctoritate tarn apostolioa quam 
imperiali, cum imperii regimen, eo vaeante, sicut nunc vacat, in nobis et in Romana 
eccles'a residens noscatur -regarding the Empire as vacant, by reason of the excom- 
munication of Louis of Bavaria. The price of the cession was 120,000 florins d'or 
ami a life pension of 10,000 livres. In 1317 Humbert's wife was dead, and the 
prospec t of his remarriage made it necessary to negotiate with him afresh ; for the 
[•receding compacts had only promised au eventual succession. His hands were tied 
by a new treaty, 30 March 13 ; after which, 10 July, at a solemn assembly held at 
Lyon, " il s'y dessaisit et devestit reellement, corporellement et de fait, desdiz 
Dalphine . . . et de toufes ses autres terrcs . . . et ensaisit et vestit reellement, 
corporellement et de fait, ledit Charles Monsieur, fils ainsne de Monsieur Jehan due 
de Normandie, present et aoeeptant pour li et ses hoirs et successeura . . . et en 
signe desdifes saisine et dessaisine, bailla audit Charles l'espee ancienne du Dalphine 
et. la banniere saint Georges, qui sont les enseignes auciennes des Dalphins de 
Vionnois, et un eeptro et un anel ..." On the morrow he took the habit of St. 
Dominie. To allay the fears of the French Court the Church received him with 
indecent precipitation. For on Christmas Day, 1350, he was ordained subdeacon, 
deacon and priest, by Pope Clement VI, at three consecutive masses, and eight days 
afterwards was consecrated Patriarch of Alexandria. In 1352, he received the 
Archbishopric of Reims, and 25 Jan. 135 J, the Bishopric of Paris : both of which he 
resigned 22 Feb. following, and retired to the convent of his order at Clermont in 
Auvergne, where he died 22 May 1355, in his 43rd year. See Valbonnays, Histoire 
de Dauphine, Anselme and L'Art de Ver. les Dates in their genealogies of the 
Dauphins of the House of la Tour du Pin. 

12 The three sons of Stephen 1 ruled Bavaria in common for many years. But in 
1392 they made partition of their inheritance : Stephen becoming Duke at Ingold- 
stadt, Frederic at Landshut, and John at Munich. 

13 W. Worcester ; Chronicles of St. Denis. Froissart gives Tuesday 1 Nov. 
[1 Nov, was a Wednesday]. Another date given is 28 Oct. 

14 Anselme. Others say in the Cath. Church (of St. Pierre) ; or in the Church of 
St. Urbain. s 

15 At least, she may have married him. See on this subject, Ramsay, Lancaster 
and York. vol. i, p. 190, ii, p. 159, and Complete Peerage, vol. vi, p. 356 note d. 


DiujiiaU's Visitation of Jorkaljtrf, 


{Continued from Vol. XI, p. l 22i.) 
Skyrack Wapentake. Leedes 10 Aug. 166J 


A it ms : — Quarterly of seven. 

1. Argent, a chevron and in chief a pile between three fleur-de lis Sable 
(More of Auslrop .) 

'2. Argent, a less between two gre\ hounds courant Sable (Hull of 

3 on u chevron between three lleur-de lis as many inulleLs 


4 (Olterburne). 

5. Or, a less daiieettee Sable, a mullet for dilfercnee (Vavasour of 


6. (Jules, .six lions rampant Argent (lleslarton). 

7. Argent, a fess daneotloe paly of four Sable and (Jules between three 

mullets of l he second (-.More of Uoruoisey ). 
An esoul < hcon of pretence: Ardent, on a fess (Jules between three church- 
bells A/.ure as many crosses lormee of the held (Oxley). 

I. LAURENCE MOORE, mar. first Ann, dau. and h. of Richard 
Wayt of Austrope, by Amabel, dau. and h. of Ralph Otter- 
borne of Otterborne, in Craven, eo. York ; mar. secondly Aliee, 
wid. of Robert Manston. By the first marriage he had issue — 

II. RICHARD MOORE, who had— 

III. NICHOLAS MOORE (?) murdered by John Sothill. Adm. 19 
May 1178. lie had— 
John (IV). 

Averay. ' ; 






VI. PERCIVALL MOORE, mar. Alice, dau. of Robert Beeston of 

VII. JOHN MOORK, LP.M., 23 Apr. P. and M., called of Staple ton, 
mar. Ann, dau. of Win. Ellis of Kiddal. They had — 

VIII. MATHEW MORE, 21 yrs. and 8 mos. at his father's Inq., mar. 

Mary, dau. and h. of James Vavasour of Austhorp, by Ann, 
da. and h. of . . . Heslerton of Heslcrton. They had — 
Nicholas (IX). 

IX. NICHOLAS MORE of Austrop in com. Ebor. y died circa 
annum 1653, signed the Visitation of 1612, bur. at Whitkirk 
9 Jan. 165f, mar. Jane, daughter of Rob 1 Partington of Bameby 
super Dun in co. Ebor., mar. lie. 1G03, bur. at Whitkirk 
2G Mar. 1G25. They had issue— 
1. Richard (X). 

#, Nicholas More of Maltby in com. Line, bp. at Whit- 
kirk 29 Dec. 1616, mar. Susan, daughter and coheir 
of Jolin Priscot of Maltby in com. Line. They had 
issue — 

1. John. 

2. Nicholas. 

3. Ingram. 

4. Richard. 

1. Su*an, wife to Robert Franhe of AUwoodley in co. Kbor., 

bp. at Whitkirk 13 June 1605, mar. there 10 Dec. 

2. Sarah, wife of . . . Lawrence, cferlce (Laurence Andro- 

mer, Hopkinson), bp. at Whitkirk 27 Sept. 1608. 

3. A/nie, wife of John Barret, bp. at Whitkirk 20 Nov. 

1606/mar. there 22 Dec. 1629. 

4. Elizabeth, wife of Miles Douglas of Austrop Hall, titer 

Ledes in coin. Ebor., bp. at Whitkirk 22 Feb. 161 J. 

X. RICHARD MOORE of Austrop, Esq r , died in his fathers life- 
time, set. 8 1612, bur. at Whitkirk 9 Jan. 165f, mar. Mary, 
daughter and sole heire of Rob' More of Hornesey in com. 
Ebor., Estf., mar. secondly Richard Ilutton, Mi A. (Hopkinson). 
They had issue — 

1. Nicholas (XI). 

2. John More, ast. 3 4 an. 10 Aug. 1665, mar. Mary, 

6 th daugliter of John Constable of Catfosse in co. 
Ebor., Esq r ., bp. at Sigglcsthorne 6 July 1629, mar. 
there 15 Aug. 1651. (C.B.N.) ; 

1. Richard. 

2. John. 

Mary, wife of Edmund Clough of Skiptonbridge, near 
Tliirsk, in com. Ebor., gent., mar. 11 Nov. 1651 at 
St. Michael le-Belfrey, York. (C.B.N). 


pito pale's visitation of Yorkshire. 


(?) Robert, bp. at Whitkirk 3 May 1G29, " Sir Wm. 
flungate, Robt. More, grandfather and Sir Henry 
Savill's ladye, Gossops." 

XI. NICHOLAS MORE of Austrop, Esq\ cet. 85 ann. 10 Aug. 

1665, bp. at Whitldrk 11 Apr. 1630, bur. there 27 Feb. 167£, 
mar. Mary, daugk. and sole heire of John Oxley of Yorhe. 

1. John (XII). 

2. Richard, cet. 7 an. 10 Aug. 1665, bp. at Whitkirk 

18 Feb. 165;-. 

3. Thomas, cei. 2 an. 10° Aug. 1665, bp. at Whitkirk 

30 Oct. 1662. 

If.. Nicholas, died young, bp. at Whitkirk 9 May, bur. there 
25 July 1661. 

1. Anw\ died young, bp. at Whitkirk 15 Mar. 16*£, bur. 
there 19 Aug'. 1662. 

l 2. Rebecca, atatis sex septim. 10 Aug. a 1665, bp. at 
Whitkirk 12 July 1665, mar. 1690 Humphrey 
Robinson of Thicket, and had four sons and four 
daughters; mar. secondly 21 Oct. 1706, at St. Mar- 
garet's, York, Rev. Christopher Armitage of Mirfield 

(?) Nicholas, bp. at Whitkirk 28 June 1649. 
(?) Richard, bp. at Whitkirk 7 Jan. 165|. 

XII. JOHN MORE of Austhorpe, Esq., cet. 9° an. 10 Aug. 1665, bp- 

at Whitkirk 11 Oct. 1655, bur. there 1702, mar. Mrs. Ruth 
Bretton, at Whitkirk 3 Apr. 1685. They had issue- 
Nicolas (XIII). 

Tabitha, wife of . . . Townelcy, bp. at Whitkirk 19 Sept. 

Ann, wife of Johnson Man waring of Chester, gent, bp. at 

Whitkirk 15 May 1687, mar. there 25 Apr. 1720. 
Rebecca, bp. at Whitkirk 3 Sept. 1690. 
Mary, bp. at Whitkirk 3 Dec. 1691. 

Ruth, bp. at Whitkirk 26 Dec. 1696, bur. there 12 July 

XIII. NICOLAS MORE, ESQ., of Austhorpe, bp. at Whitkirk 18 Aug. 

1689, d. unmar., killed at the Ram Inn in Smithfield, by Giles 
Hill, a Life Guard's man, 26 Aug. 1720. His estate became 
alienated by mortgage to Mr. Silvester of Birthwaite Hall, 
and his sisters became heirs of the surplusage. 
Authorities, Morkill's Whitkirk, Rev. C. B. Norclifl'e's Registers. 


Lanqhbarqii Wapkntakh. , Yorke, 13 Sept. 16G5. 




Ahms : — Argent, three laurel-leaves proper, on an ineseutcheon the badge of a 

baronet of England. 
Chests : — I. A demi-uaiicorn winged. 

2. Out of a crescent ... a cross patec fi tehee. 

I. WILLIAM FOULIS, Keeper of the Privy Scale to James 
if I st , K. of Scot/and, a" 11,30. He had — 

II. WILLIAM FOWLIS, mar. ElimbHh, daughter of S r Walter 
Oglehy, Kii'. They had issue — 

1. Witl'm, died w th out issue. 

2. James (111). 

III. JAMES FOULIS, mar. Margaret, daughter to S r Tho. Hender- 

son, Fit'. They had issue — 

IV. JAM MS FOWLIS, loir" to Will'm his unele, purchased the lands 

of Collington font Will. Master of G'Jencame, a" loW. 1L' 
was Keeper of the Iiajhter to James the J' h , King of Scotland, 
a° D'ni lo-U), mar. Barbara, daughter of . . . Browne of the 
House of Fordee in Fife. They hud issue — 

V. HENRY FOULIS, mar. Mary Hadden, daughter of . . . Glen- 
nageis. They had issue — 

1. James. 

2. David (VI). 
J,. Thomas. 

VI. DA VID FOULIS, came into England with James the sixth King 
of Scotland and first of England, and was made Kn L and after 
Ear 1 by him 6 Feb. 1619. He was agent from K. James to (Ju. 
Eliz., and cofferer to Prince Henry and K. Charles .the first, 
died in a" 1UJ { 3, purchased Ingleby from the Eure family, bur. 
there 25 June 1612, mar. Cordelia, daugh. of William Fleet- 
wood of C rcat Mtssmden in corn. Hitch, Es<f, Se»jeai,t at Law 
and ll<'Ci>edcr of London, in Qu. Eli:, time, bur. at Ingleby 
21 An-. 1031. They had issue— 



1. S r Henry (VII). 

2. Robert, died unmarried, Colonel in the Parliamentary 

Army, mat at Magdalene Hall, Oxf., 28 Jan. 162'!, 
[et. 14 (Foster), d. s.p. 
S. John Eoulis, mat. at St. Alban Hall, Oxf.. 29 Jan. 
16f|, *$fc 16, M.A. 10 Dee. 1632, d. s.p. 

4. Edward EouHs, died unmarried, mat. at St. Alban 

Hall, Oxf., 29 Jan. 1G|°, Fellow of All Souls. 

5. Will'm fmilis, bp. at Inglcby 28 May 1G18, d. s.p., 

(?)bur. there 19 Nov. 1G84. 
Anne, wife of Georqe Purees, D r of Phisick, mar. at 

Inglcby 15 June 1639. 
Eli;:., bp. at Inglcby 30 Apr. 1622, d. unmar. 

VII. S r HENRY ECU LIS of Im/leby Meinour in Cleveland, R', 

Lieut. -Colonel under Lord Fairfax, mat. at Magdclene Hall, 
Oxf., 28 Jan. 1G2J-, opt 17, bur. at Boston 11 Oct. 1643, mar, 
Mary, eldest datujhtur of S r Thome's Layton of SeuJw in com. 
Ebor, Kt, bur. at Ingleby 21 Nov. 1G57. They had issue— 

1. $r David (VIII). 

2. Henry, Fellow of Lincoln Coll., Oxf., bp. at Ingleby 

5 Apr. 1635, d. 24 Dec. 1669, bur. in chancel of 
St. Michael's Church, Oxford (Wotton). 

3. Edw., d : cd unmarried, bp. at Ingleby 14 May 1639. 

J/. Thomas, Captain of a Man of War, bp. at Ingleby 
30 June 1612, lost his life in the Dutch wars, temp. 
Chas. 11, leaving two sons and a daughter, who all 
died s.p. ("Wotton). 

1. Cordelia, died ui.marrird, bp. at Ingleby 17 Apr. 1634, 

bur. there 29 July 1652. 

2. Mary, wife of Rob. Shafto of Renwell. in com. Not thumb., 

bp. at Ingleby 27 Oct. 1636. 

3. Cat//., wife of Rajdie Cole, son ij* heire of S r Nich. Cole 

id' Keeper in //'' l>isshoj)prick of Durham, Bar l} bp. 
at Ingleby 23 Sept. 1637. 

4. Eli,:., bp. at Ingleby 12 Nov. 1640, d. unmar., (?) bur. 

there 8 Sept. 1696. 

VIII. S' DA VI!) E0UL1S of hujltby Manour, Bar*, ad. 32 ami. 13 

10(15, for Northallerton 1685-88, bp. at Inglcby 

14 Mar. 163*, bur. there 20 Mar. 169*, mar. Cath., eldest da. 
if S* Daciil W'uthins of if count 11 of Midd., K l , bur. at 
Ingleby 18 Jan. 171?. Will' 18 Aug. 1716, pr. at York. They 
had issue — 

1. Da rid, ai. a„u. 13 Sept. 1335, bp. at Ingleby 18 Apr. 

1656. ■ l 

2. Henry, died {/own/, bp. at Ingleby 6 June 1657, bur. 

there 15 Apr. 1608. 

3. Will'm (IX). 

^. Thomas, ad. 5 aun., bp. at Ingleby 12 Apr. 1660. 

0. Charles, died (jou/aj. 



6. John, oit. 8 inn., (?) bur. at Inglcby 1 Jan. 170?-. 

1. Honora, cet. unius an. et 9 mensiu, wife of William 

Chaloner, Esq., of Guisborough, bp. at Inglcby 29 
Oct. 16G3, mar. there 15 Aug. 1682. 

2. Mary, M. 6 mens , wife of William Turner, Esq., of 

Stainsby, bp at Ingleby 18 Apr. 16G5, mar. there 

16 Sept. 1681. 
Catherine, wife of John Rudd, Esq., of Durham, bp. at 

Ingleby 6 Aug. 1668. 
Anna, wife of Sir Reginald Graham, Bart., of Norton 

Conyers, bp. at Tngleby 16 Sept. 1669, mar. at York 

Minster 9 Apr. 1724, d. s.p. 1751. Will 11 Sept. 

1742, pr, 17 May 1751 (Skaife). 
Jane, bp. at Ingleby 18 Oct. 1670, in her mother's 

will, (?) bur, at St, Martin's, Coney Street, York, 

7 Sept. 1742. 

IX. SIR WILUM FOULIS, fourth Bart., of Ingleby Manor, cet. G 
ann., bp. at Inglcby 9 Mar. 1G5|}, bur. there 7 Oct. 1741, mar. 
■Anne, dan. of John Lawrence of Westminster, wid. of Sir 
Lumlcy Robinson of Kcntwcll Hall, Suffolk, mar. at St. Mary, 
Alderniary, 2 Aug. 1688, bur. at Westminster Abbey 13 Dec. 
1690. They had issue — 

X. SIR WILLIAM FOULIS of Ingleby, fifth Bart., bur. at Inglcby 
11 Dec. 1756, mar. 1721 Mildred, dau. of second Visct. 
Downe, bur. at Ingleby 6 Feb. 1780. They had issue — 
William (XI). 

Henry, b. 25 Apr., bp. at Ingleby 5 May 1727, bur. there 
3 Jan. 173 J. 

Mildred, d. unmar. 27 Jan., bur. in York Minster 2 Feb. 

1780. Will 13 Aug. 1779, pr. 10 Feb. 1780 (Skaife). 
Anne, wife of Win. Preston, Esq., mar. at Button 3 Dec. 

1776 (Paver). 
Catherine, wife of Robert Jubb, d. s.p. 
Mary, wife of Boynton Langley, Esq., of Wykeham Abbey. 
(?) Anne, bur. at Ingleby 30 Jan. 172*, 

XL SIR WILLIAM FOULIS of Inglcby sixth Bart., High Sheriff 
of Yorkshire 1764, bur. at Inglcby 17 June 1780, mar, 1758 
Hannah, only dau. of John Robinson, Esq., of Buckton, co. 
York. They had issue — 
Sir William (XII). 

John Robinson Foulis of Buckton, bp. at Ingleby 26 Apr. 
1762, d. 29 Apr. LS26, mar. Docima Hester Beatrix, dau. 
of Sir C. Sykcs, Bart., b. 15 Dec. 1775, mar. at Sledmere 
16 Nov. 1795, d. at York 29 Apr. 1826. 1 They had 
issue — 

John Robinson, b 1797, d. vi. pa. 
Mark, d. unmar. 

Hannah, wife of George Cholmley, Esq., of Ilowsham. 



Elizabeth, wife of Vice-Admiral George Edward Watts, 

Deeima ] fester Beatrix, wife of Major-General Norclifi'e 
Norcliife of Langton, b. 9 Feb. 1803, mar. at 
Belfreys, York, 24 June 1824, d 3 Eeb. 1828, bar. 
at Langton, M.I. 

Liicy Dorothea, wife of Rev. Charles Wasteneys Eyre of 
Rampton, co. Notts, mar. 2G Apr. 1827 (Hunter). 

XII. SIR WILLIAM FOULIS of Ingleby, seventh Bart, High 
Sherilf of Yorkshire 1802, bp. at Ingleby 30 Apr. 1759, d. 
5 Sept. 1802, mar. 1789 Mary Anne, dan. of Edmund Turner 
of Panton House, co. Line. They had issue — 
Sir William (XIII). 

Sir Henry Eoulis, ninth Bart., M.A., succeeded his brother, 

Preb. of Lincoln, Rector of Great Brickhill, Bucks, bp. 

at Ingleby 15 Sept. 1800, d. s.p. 7 Oct. 187G. 
Hannah, wife of Rev. Danson-Richardson-Ciurer, bp. at 

Ingleby 2G July 1791, mar. 28 Nov. 1815. 
Mary xVnne, wife of Sir Tatton Sykcs of Sledmere, Bart., 

bp. at Ingleby 31 Oct. 1792, mar. 19 Jan. 1822, d. 1 Feb. 


Sophia Frances, wife of Philip D. Pauncefort Duncombe, 
Esq , of Great Brickhill, Bucks, bp. at Ingleby 23 Sept. 
1798, d. 21 June 1811. 

Catherine, bp. at Ingleby 14 Oct. 179G. 

XIII. SIR WILLIAM FOULIS of Ingleby, eighth Bart., bp. at Ingleby 
29 May 1790, d. 7 Nov 1815, mar. 1821 Mary Jane, dan. of 
Sir Charles Ross, Bart. They had issue — 

Mary, first wife of Philip, Lord de l'lsle and Dudley, b. 
19 May 182G, mar. 23 Apr. 1850, d. 14 June 1891, 
leaving issue. 

Authorities, Ingleby Greenhow and York Minster Registers, Foster's 
Alumni Oxonienses. 

Strafford and Tickiiill Wapentake. Sheffeild, 10 Apr. 1665. 

(Sill of (Datr-Hoitst, 

Arms : — None entered. 1 

I. JOHN GILL of Lightwood, in the par. of Norton, co. Derb., 
bur. at Norton 3 Dec. 1589. 

Francis, d. unmar., bur. at Norton 11 Sept. 1589. 
William, d. unmar., bur. at Norton 2G May 1598. 



George, of Light wood, bur. at Norton 28 Sept. 1622. 
Edward (II). 
Adam, of Sheffield. 

Anne, wife of Win. Blythe, of Norton-Lees, mar. at Dronfield 
19 June 1509. 

EDWARD GILL of Norton in com. Derb., bur. at Norton 
2 July 1G14, mar. Iinmen Rodes, at Sheffield, 4 June 1570, 
bur. at Norton 21 May 1597. They had issue— 
Leonard ..(i ll). 

Philip Cill of Lightwood, gent,, eld. s. and h., bp. at 

Sheffield 4 Sept. 1577, bur. at Norton 18 Oct. 1030, mar. 

I 'orothy, dau. of Robert Allott, of Bentley, bur. at 

Norton 17 May 1040. 
Anne, only dau., bp. at Sheffield 25 Dec. 1581, mar. William 

Saunderson, of Blythe, at Norton, 29 Oct. 1604. 

LLONAUD GILL of Norton in com. Derb., died circa annum 
mJk bp. at Sheffield 22 Mar. 1579 ; d. 21 Mar. 1654, bur. at 
Norton, mar. Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Sanderson of 
Bit/the in com. Eborum, sister to Robert, late Bishop of Liucolne, 
mar. at Blythe 13 Oct. 1607. They had issue — 
Edward (IV). 

1. Eliz., icife of Witl'm Spenser of Attercliffe in com. 

Ebor., bp. at Norton 20 Mar. 1014, mar. there 
30 Oct. 1034, bur. there 14 June 1030. 

2. Mary, wife of Rowland Morewood of th>: Oalces in the 

parish of Bradfeild in com. Ebor urn , bp. at Norton 
14 Apr. 1019, mar. there 28 June 1641, d. 25 Mar. 
1052, bur. at Bradfield. 

}-d. inf., and bur. at Norton. 


EDWARD GILL of Carliouse in the parish of Rotherham, 
com. Ebor., a?t. 56 an?/. 10 Apr. a 1666, Commander in the 
Parliamentary Army, Governor of Sheffield Castle, M.P. for 
West Hiding 1003, bp. at Norton 24 Jan. 1010, bur. at 
Rotherham 28 Aug. 1075, mar. first Ruth, dau. of Stephen 
Bright, of Carbrook, gent., at Sheffield, 23 Sept. 1033, bur. in 
the chancel of Sheffield Church 15 Mar. 1035. They had 
issue — 

Elizabeth, d. inf. 

lie mar. secondly Elizabeth, daughter and sole heire of Henry 

W T estby of Carliouse in co. Ebor., at Rotherham 18 July 1038, 

bur. there 3 June 1G77. They had issue — 

1. John (V). 

2. Henry, of the Oaks, in Norton, bp. at Rotherham 2G July 

1054, d. 7 Mar. 1715, bur. at Norton, mar. Ursula, 



dau. of William Drake, of Bamoldswick, at Greas- 

borough Chapel 2 Nov. 1G75, bur. at Norton 23 Oct. 

1689. They had issue — 

Edward) , . ,. 
A(r }d. int. 
Mary j 

Elizabeth, wife of Richard Bagshaw, of Castleton, 
ju. ux., of the Oaks, bp. at Norton 28 Dec. 

1. Ruth, wife of Joseph Stones of Ihjmsicorth in the parish 

of Norton in com. Derb., bp. at Rotherham 4 Mar. 
1610, mar. there 21 Apr. 1661. 

2. Elizabeth, wife of John More wood, of Alfrcton, Esq., 

bp. at Rotherham 23 Aug. 1646, mar. there 3 Feb. 

William, bp. at Rotherham 19 Nov. 1642. 
Mary, bp. at Rotherham 21 Dec. 1651. 
Leonard, bp. at Rotherham Mar. 1658, bur. there 3 Apr. 

Anne, bp. at Rotherham 5 Aug., bur. there 20 Dec. 

V. JOHN GILL, ESQ., cat. 23 aim. 10 Apr. a 1666, of Car 
House, High Sheriff of Yorks. 1692, bp. at Rotherham 14 May 
1643, d. 24 Jan. 1705, bur. there, mar. Elizabeth (Sarah), 
daughter of Joshua Brooke of Neir/iouse in the parish of 
l{ot/i('rst'll (lludderslield) in coin. Ebortini, at Hudderslield 
31 Jan. 166£, bur. at Rotherham 7 Aug. 1675. They had 
issue — 

Sarah, bp. at Huddersfield 17 Mar. 1673, d. unniar. 
He remar. Martha, dau. of Joshua Horton, Esq., of Sowerby, b. 
30 Apr. 165(5, bur. at Rotherham 4 Apr. 1689. They had 
issue — 

AVestby (VI). 

Edward, bp. at Rotherham 18 Sept., bur. there 24 Oct. 

John, bp. at Rotherham 28 Sept. 1682. 
Martha, bp. at Rotherham 6 June, bur. there 14 June 1680. 
Elizabeth, bp. at Rotherham 26 Nov. 1684, wife of Benjamin 
Gregge, of Chambre, co. Lane, Major. 

VI. WESTBY GILL, ESQ., of Car House, bp. at Rotherham 21 
Mar. 167f, sold his estate and became Comptroller of the 
Board of Works, d. Sept. 1746. 



Aqbhioq and Morlbt Wapentake. 

Wakefield, 6 Apr. 16CG. 


Aums : — Argent, a cross moline pierced Sable. 1 

I. SIR RICHARD COPLEY of Batley Hall. Will 1G July, pr. 
28 Sept. 1434, to be bur. in the Church of the Carmelites in 
London (Test. Eb. iv, 47), mar. first Margaret, dau. of Sir 
Richard Denton, Knt. They had issue — 
Lyonell (II). 

He mar. secondly Eliz., dau and h. of Sir John Harrington, 
Knt. They had— 

Thomas (a quo Copley of Doncaster). 

II. LYONELL COPLEY of Batley Hall. AVill pr. at York 26 May 
1508, Imp p. m. 1 July 23 Hen. VII says he died 18 Apr. that 
year, mar. Jane, dau. of Thomas Thwaites of Lofthousc. They 
had issue- 
John (III). 

Henry of Batley. Will 15 Dec. 1511, pr. 22 Apr. 1512, to 

be bur. at Batley. 
Richard, in his brother John's will. 
Thomas, in his brother John's will. 
Sibel, wife of Henry Savile of Copley, Esq. 
Alice, wife of John Mallett of Normanton (Glover). 

III. JOHN COPLEY of Batley in com. Ebor., cet. 64 at the date 
of his father's Inq. p.m. Will 27 Dec. 1509, pro. 9 Jan. 15f£. 
Inq. p.m., mar. A<jnes, daugliter of Sir Gefferey Pigot of 
Clotherham, exor. of her husband. They had issue — 

1. John (IV). 

2 S r Will'm Copley, Kn\ from ivhom the Copleys of Sprot- 
borough are descended (see Copley of Sprotborough). 

Mary, wife of John or Thos. Portington. ; 

Anne, in her father's will, living unmar. 1543, d. s.p. 

Jane, or Jennett, in her father's will, living unmar., 
1543, d. s.p. 

The cross is generally plain. 



Elizabeth, in her father's will, wife of . . . Snydall 

(Flower and Glover). 
Margaret, wife of . . . Saltmarshe (Flower and Glover). 
Isabel, in her father's will, d. s.p. 

IV. JOHN COPLEY of Batley in com. Ebor., aged 26 at his father's 
Inq. p.m., d. 7 Apr. 1543, bur. in the Quire at Batley. Will 
1 Apr. 34 Hen. VIU, pr. 17 July 1543, Inq. p.m. 4 Nov. 
35 Hen. VIII, mar. Man/ 1 , da. of S r Bryan Stapleton of 
Wighill in co. Ebor., Kn l . They had issue — 
Alvery (V). 

Thomas Copley, (?) Vicar of Batley, mar. Dorothy, dau. of 
. . . Nowell. They had issue — 

Michael of Hotham, living 1612, mar. Ann, dau. of 
Melchis Smith of Hessle. They had— 

John, mar. Catherine, dau. of John Bourchier, 
wid. of . . . Pollard, mar. lie. 1607, mar. 17 
Aug., Kirkby Underdale (C.B.N). 
Dorothy, set, 4, 1612. 
Jane, living 1612. 
Thomas, 1 living 1612. 
Catherine, wife of Richard Plaxton. 
Cicely, wife of Anthony Eyre. 

Mary, unmar. 1612. 
Jane, wife of William Watson of Snainton. 
Henry, in his father's will, seems to have had a son Alvery, 

mentioned in his uncle Alvery's will. 
Elizabeth, wife of George Poygne (Flower and Glover). 
Agnes, wife of John Dighton of Batley. 
Alice, wife of John Norwood of Hart (Flower), Sherwood 

of Herts (Glover). 
Beatrix, wife of .lames Birkbv ot York (Glover). 
Anne, wife of John Brock of London, merchant (Flower and 


Jane, wife of Charles Nowell of Balne. 

V. ALVERY COPLEY of Batley in com. Ebor., set 16 at his 
father's Inq, p.m. Will 8 Dec. 1597, pr. 17 Jan. 1598, mar. 
J Jtne, dau/ht r of Richard Beaumont of Whitley in co. Ebor., 
Esq r i first wife. They had issue — 

1. Ednard (VI). 

2. Alvery Copley, dird unmarried, 2 but in his father's will 

there is mentioned " Robert, son of my son Alvery, 
to have manor of Cow ling." 

| ; 

1 There in a tfrar. lie. Kill. Thomas Copley of Ilotham and Margaret Millington 
Holme on Spalding, wid 

2 In Foster's "(Uovrr'n Visitation," p. 10, it .states that Avery Copley mm*. . . . 
iu. oi . . . Dunn. [Vhey had a son Robert, who marrying . . . dau. of . . . 
igers, had a Hull Lyonett, three years old 1(51-. 



Catherine, wife of Edward Savile of Stanley in com. 

Ebor., mar. at Batlcy 22 Nov. 1574, (?) rcmar. 

Sheffield Savile of Beeston 
He mar. Grace, daughter of Bryan Bradfortli of Stanley in co. 
Eborum, second icife, at Dewslniry 19 Jan. 155G. They had 
issue — 

Robert Cojdet/, died unmarried young, bp. at Batlev 
7 Nov. 1561. 

1. Dorothy , wife of Francis Boswell of Gunthwayt in com. 

Ebor., mar. at Batlcy 29 Oct. 1582 ; mar. secondly 
Lyonel lvolleston of Gunthwaite, mar. lie. 1592. 

2. Isabel/, wife of S r Robert Sam la of Howley in com. 

Et'or., An 1 , hp. at ISatloy 1 Oct. 15G3, mar. secondly 
there Joseph Pennington of Muncastcr 21 Jan. 1589. 
Gertrude, bur. at Batlcy 11 June 15G0. 

VI. EDWARD COPLEY of Batley, Esrf, died a 1605, or there- 
abouts, d. 1G1G, adm. 12 Apr., mar. Dorothy, da. of S r W m 
Mallory of Ilutton Parle cy Studley in com. Ebor., K l , bur. at 
Batley 6 May 1624. 

1. Alvery (VII). 

2. William, dyed unmarryed, bp. at Batlcy 23 Apr. 1592, 

bur. there 18 May 1635. 

3. John, dyed unmarryed, bur. at Batley 13 Jan. 163f. 
1. Grace, dyed unmarried, bur. at Batley 22 Oct. 1G21. 

Jane, died unmarried. 
3. Elizabeth, wife of Robert lloworth, son and heire of 

Edmund lloworth in com. Lane., Esqr. 
Jf. Troth, wife of Tliomas North of . . . in com. Ebor., 

mar. at Birstal 30 Aug. 1621. 
5. Ursula, dyed unmarried. 

VII. ALVERY COPLEY of Batley, died circa anna 1023, d. 1G31, 
adm. to his widow 5 Nov. 1G32, mar. Elizabeth, 2 tl daughter of 
John, L l Savile of 1/owlei/. 

1. John Copley of Batley Hall, bp. at Batley 22 Oct. 1618, 

died from wounds received while fighting for the 
King, bur. in Batley Church 19 Aug. 1643, mar. 
Sarah, 2 d daughter of Bryan Cooke of Doncaster in 
com. Ebor., obijt sine }>role, mar. at Doncaster 20 Apr. 
1 G42, she mar. secondly . . . Ncvile. 

2. Richard Coplei/, died unmarried, mat. at University 

Coll., Oxf., 7 July 1G37, ajt. 1G, B.A. 1 June 1641. 

3. Edward (VIII). 

4. Savile Copley, slayne at Tredaqh in Ireland in y 6 service 

of K. Charles if 1 st , bp. at Batley 22 Dec. 1623. 

5. Godfrey Copley, now residing in Ireland, marr. . . . 

daughter of . . . Nugent. 
Klizabeth, bp. at Batlcy 7 Sept. 1617, bur. there 28 
May 1G2G. 



Frances, bp. at Batley 7 Aug. 1621. 
Miriam, bp. at Batley 20 Jan. 1G30. 

VIII. EDWARD COPLEY of Batley in com. Elor., Esq', cet. JfS. 

annor. G Apr. 1GGG, bp. at Batley 7 Nov. 1622, bur. there 
3 Nov. 1676. Will 26 Oct. 1676, pr. 27 Feb. 1G78, to be 
bur. in the S. Quire by his first wife, mar. Susan, daughter of 
Will' in Butter icorth of Belfield in com. Lane, first wife, bur. at 
Batley 28 Mar. 1654. 

France?, at. 12 an. G° Apr. a 1GGG, wife of John Neale, 
M.D., of Doncaster. 
He mar. Beatrix, daughter of Adam Hulton of LLulton Parke in 
com. Lane, Esq r , second wife. 

Edward, cet. 2 mensiu G° Apr. a 1G66, of Batley Hall, 
bp. at Batley 13 Feb. 166*, bur. there 28 May 1716. 
Will 30 Mar. 1716, mar. Judith, dau. and coh. of 
Josh. Finch, mar. lie. 3 Dec. 1097, bur. at Batley 
24 Dec. 1701. 

1. Elizabeth, bp. at Batley 18 Oct. 1660, wife of Rev. Mr. 

Harbin (Sheard). 

2. Catherine, bp. at Batley 10 Apr. 1662, d. unmar. 

3. Jane, bp. at Batley 24 Mar. 1663, d. unmar. 
John (IX). 

Brudencll, bp. at Batley 28 Jan. 167f. 
William, in his father's will. 

IX. JOHN COPLEY, M.A., Rector of Emley and Thornhill, bp. at 
Batley 28 Feb. 1668, bur. at Thornhill 1 July 1732. Will 17 
May, mar. Ellen, dau. of James Higgles of Manchester, exec, 
of her husband, bur. 20 June 1760 at Thornhill, M.I. They 

• had issue — - 

Edward Copley, d. v.p., bur. 29 Dec. 1722 at Thornhill. 
John Copley of Batley, succeeded to the estates, resided 

with his mother and sisters at Wakefield, d. s.p., (?) bur. 

at Thornhill 10 Feb. 174§, adm to his sister Catherine 

(Sheard's Batley). 
James, d. y., in his father's will. 
Jane, d. y., bur. 28 Dec. 1730 at Thornhill. 
Eleanor, mar. first at Thornhill 29 Sept. 1735 Henry 

Hulton, Esq., of Hulton Bark, secondly 28 May 1739 

Sir Ralph Assheton of Middleton. 
Catherine, wife of Sir Thomas Crey Egerton of Ileaton, 

Bart., by whieh marriage the Batley estates came into 

the family of the Earl of Wilton. 
Beatrix, wife of Samuel Egerton, Esq., of Tatton, d. Apr. 



Strafforth and Tikhill Wapentake. Doncaster, 3 Aug. 1665. 




Arms : — Azure, threo dcmi-Uona rampant erased Erminois. 

Crust : — Out of a mural coronet (Jules, a demi-lion rampant Erminois. 

I. SYMON GREENE of Cawthome (Glover's Visitation) had— 

II. ROGER GREENE of Cawthornc (Glover), mar. Ann, dau. of 
. . . Addy. They had issue — 
Thomas (III). 

William, Vicar of Barton Agnes, d. s.p. 42 Eliz. (Poulson's 

III. THOMAS GREENE of Cawthorne in com. ELorum, to whom 
Richard St. George, Esq., Norroy K. of Amies, (/ranted the 
coate and crest here ex/>rest, G Oct. 1G12, mar. Alice, dau. of 
James Dyson of Westwood in Slaithwaite (^Glover) in com. 
Ebor. They had issne — 

1. Francis Greene of Etherdwiek in the par. of Aldbrough,, mar. Dorothy, dau. of George St. Quintin of 
Uarphani, mar. lie. 100 1. They had issue — 

Mark Greene of Etherdwiek, jet. G, 1612, bur. at 
Aldbrough 9 Aug. 1G72, net. GG, mar. Susannah 
... 31 Aug. 1G37. They had — 

Thomas Greene, bp. 5 June 1G38, mar. Marg', 

dau. of Francis Carlisle, 11 Aug. 1GGG. 
John, bp. 30 May 1643. 
William, bp. 29 Oct. 1G4G. 
Mary, bp. 23 July 1640. 
Edward, bp. I May 1610 (Poulson). 
Francis (( J lover). 

Mary. . 

2. William Greene of Filey, mar. Grace, dau. of John 

Harrison of Rudston (? rcmar. Sir Roger Da vile, 
Knt,, of Angrarn Grange, lie. 160G). They had — 
Elizabeth, wife of Sir John Buck of Filey. 
8. James (IV). 


4. George Greene, mar. Bridget, dau. of Anthony Maude 

of Ilelthwaite Hall. They had— 

5. Edward Greene, mar. Mary, dau. of Richard Burdett of 

Denhy, lie. 1607. They had— 

Anne, mar. Thos. Smythe of Hemsworth, lie. 1593. 

JAMES GREENE of ThumlercUge Grange, 3 rd sou, d. 1G13. 
Will 13 Scptj nr. at York 20 Nov. 1613, mar. Ann?., daughter 
of Nicholas Sherctijfe of Ecclesfield in com. EJborum, at Eccles- 
field 28 Aug. 1001." They had issue— 
Robert (V). 

William, bp. at Ecclesfield 11 Jan. 160°-. 
Grace, bp. at Ecclesfield 1 Jan. IGOf. 
Mary, bp. at Ecclesfield 19 Jan. 1G0*, 

Anne, wife of . . . Metcalfe, bp. at Ecclesfield 1G Feb. 

Bridget, bp. at Ecclesfield 12 Sept, 1G11. 

ROBERT GREENE of Tlnaufevch'ffe Grange, kt. 52 ami. 
o° Aug. 1G65. Had to compound for his estates and fined 
£100," bp. at Ecclesfield 10 Feb. IQlf, d. 21 Nov. 1683, 
bur. iii North Quire of church there, M.I., mar. AKce^daughter 
of Edward Fawcett of Ruff nd in com. Eboru. They had 
issue — • 

1. William (VI). 

2. Robert. 

3. J(Udc<. 

4. Malt low, bur. at Ecclesfield 10 June 1G80, M.I, mar. 

Catherine, dau. of Thos. Ilerdson of lladwortli. 
They had — 

Samuel, bur. at Ecclesfield 17 Jan. 1675, M.I. 

5. Benjamin. 
G. Joseph. 

1. Alice, wife to Francis Kellam of Pomfret in com. 


2. Sarah, wife of Edward Wingfield of Billingly, co. 


3. Afar//, wife of John Wise of Col ton, eo. York. 

J f . Mubcll (^i) Isabel, wife of Samuel Sanderson of Eirbeck. 

WILL I A J/ GREENE, a>L 28 arm. 3" Aug. a 1665, d. 13 Jan. 
1692, bur at Kcelesfield, M.I., mar. i\Ih)% damiMer of Nicliolas 
Stones of Norton in com. Derb., 2 Jan. 166|.< d. 25 July 1695, 
bur. at Kcclestield, M.I. They Nad issue — 



William (VII). 
Alice, only daughter. 

VII. WILLIAM GREEN, cel. 2 an. et amplius 3 Aug. a 1GG5, of 
Thunderclifle Grange, bur. at Ecclesfield 21 Fob. 1725, M.I., 
mar. first Frances . . . bur. at Ecclesfield 14 Mar. 168jj. 
They had issue — 

Frances, wife of Gervas Rosell, bp. at Rotherham 30 Aug. 

He mar. secondly Alice, dau. of . . . Smithson of Mai ton, bur. 

at Ecclesfield 29 Jan. 1749, M.I. They had issue- 
William, d. v.p. 14 Feb. 1719. 
Smithson (VIII). 

Charles, Lancaster Herald, bp. at Ecclesfield 5 Feb. 1702, 

bur. there 1G Jan. 1742, M.I. 
John, bur. at Feclcsfield 22 Nov. 1694, M.I. 
Thomas, bur. at Ecclesfield 21 Mar. 1711. 
George, bur. at Ecclesfield 29 Mar. 1698, M.I. 
Henry, of Hague Hall, clerk, mar. Grace, wid. of . . . 

"Watson of East Hague. They had — 

Elizabeth, wife of James Allott, Vicar of South Kirklcy, 
bp. 14 Sept. 1729 (Hunter's Miu. Gent, ii, 504). 
Alice, bur. at Ecclesfield 8 Sept. 1702, rot. 10, M.I. 
Elizabeth, wife of William Garleill of Ecclesfield Hall, d. 

25 May 177G, rot. 81, bur. at Ecclesfield, M.I. 
Ann, bur. at Ecclesfield 31 May 1711. 

VIII. SMITHSON GREEN, ESQ., of Thunderclifle Grange, bp. at 
Ecclesfield 5 Nov. 1G96, d. 1G Dec. 1756, bur. there, M.T., 
mar. Eleanor, dau. and heiress of Francis Morton of Rroster- 
ficld, co. Derby, d. 21 Jan. 1773, bur. at Ecclesfield, M I , ajt. 
G2. They had issue — 

William (IX). 

Thomas of Brosterfield, d. unmar. 17GG, rot. 21, bur. at 

; r ll,mLb bur. at Ecclesfield 11 and 13 Aug. 1739. 
Henry J ° 

Morton, bur. at Ecclesfield 19 .luly 173S. 

Francis, bur. at Ecclesfield 29 May 1737. 

Mark, bur. at Kceleslield 2G Apr. 1742. 

Smithson, bur. at Keelesfield 9 May 1744. 

Eleanor, mar. 17GG Randolf Garleill of Rrosterfield, bur. at 

Eyam 15 Feb 181 G. 

Ann, d. unmar. at Sheffield 1777. 

Mary, wife of Humphrey Brailsford, Esq. 

Elizabeth, bur. at Ecclesfield 28 Nov. 1710. , 

Alice, bur. at Ecelesfield 29 Mar. 1735. I 

IX. WILLIAM GREEN, ESQ., M.D., of ThundcrclifTe Grange, 
which he sold to Mr. Hugh Mellcr, mar. first Emilia, dau. of 
Abraham de la Frymc, merchant, of Sheffield, there 18 July 





1757, d. s.p. 1760. He mar. secondly Martha, dau. and coh. 
of Henry Waterland, Rector of Wrington, co. Som., Preb. of 
Bristol, d. while on a visit at Wrington. They had issue — 
Smithson Waterland Grcciij mar. . . . dau. of . . . Bond 
of Hull. 

Merial, wife of James Mander of Bakewell, attorney. 
Catherine, wife of Saml. Turner of Sheffield, d. in London 
4 July 1851. 

Eleanor, mar. 18 June 1788 her cousin, Win Carlcill of 
Longstone Hall, co. Derb. (son of Randolf and Eleanor 
Carlcill), d. 14 June 1818. 

3Tf)e ^arltamentarg Boll of 2trms. 

Communicated by Oswald Barron. 
[Continued from Vol. Xf, p- 214.) 

544. Sir Joltn Fitz Ainioun • de sable a vne fesse e iij c'ssaunz dargent. 

545. Sire Wilhn dc Kerdestone • de goulcs a vn sautour cngrclce 

de argent. 

54G. Sire Rog de Kerdestone • Meisme les armes a vn label de or. 

547. Sire John de boylande ■ de azure a vn sautour engrelee de or. 

548. Sire Costcntyn de Mortymer • de or Flurctte de sable. 

549. Sire Richard dc Brcouse • dc Ermyne a vn lion rampaund de 

goules od la couwe forehie e renouwe. 

550. Sire Willm de Neirford • de goules a vn lion rampaund de 


551. Sire John de Coue • de goules a vne bende de argent e ij Cotyes 

de or. 

552. Sire Roger dc bilneyc • de argent a vn egle dc vert. 

553. Sire Willm de vans • de argent a vn escuchoun dc goulcs od la 

bordurc de rrlelos de goulcs. 

554. Sire Rauf de Royinge • de argent a iij barres de goules od la 

bordurc dc mclos de goulcs. 

555. Sire Willm rosselyn • dc azure a iij fermaus dc or. 
55G. Sire Teres rosselyn • de goules a iij i'ermauls dc argent.; 

557. Sire Want 1 dc Bernynglim • de argent a vne bende de goulcs a 

iij cscalops dc or a ij Cotyes de azure. 

558. Sire Peres bosoun • de argent a iij bosons dc goulcs. 


559. Sire yngm belet • de argent od le chef de goules a iij quintefoils 

de argent. 

560. Sire John de Hinghm • Tarty de or e de vert a vn fer de molin 

de gonles. 

561. Sire Thomas dakeny • de argent a vne Crois e iiij lioncels de 


562. Sire Thomas de yngoldyorp • de goules a vne Crois engrele de 


563. Sire Mounpynzon • de argent a vn lion de sable a vn pinzon 

de or en le cspaudle. 
561. Sire Wilim de ornesby • de goules Crusulc de argent a vne 
bende chekere dor e dtuzure. 

565. Sire John de orncsby • nicismcs les amies a vn molet de sable 

cn la bende. 

566. Sire Jolin Itauward • de goules Crusulc darcft a vne bende de 


567. Sire lvo^ Oyney • Pale de or e de goules od le chef de ermyne. 

568. Sire Gyles Plays • Parti de or e de goules a vn lupd passaunt 

de argent. 

569. Sire Renaud le gros • quartile de argent e dc azure a vne bende 

de sable e iij melos de or. 

570. Sire Symon de Nouwlts • verree dc argent e de goules. 

571. Sire do Caldeeote • Parti de or e de azure od le chef de 

goules a iij testes dc lups de or. 

572. Sire John de Cubtrc • tie sable a vn Egle barrc de argent e de 


573. Sire Edward Charles • de Erniyne od le Chef de goules a iij 

niaseles de erniyne. 

574. Sire John dc Kocfcld • de azure a vne Crois chekere de argent 

c dc goules. 

575. Sire Esteuene de dephm • dc argent a vne fesse de goules a iij 

lups de or. 

576. Sire llo$ de Snoterle • de goules a vne fesse e iij Eermals de 


577. Sire Nicolas de E*t\ishude • daryent a iij </'tfo?//s dc goulys. 

578. Sire Jioh't de Witt kef are • daryent a vn lionn dc s/th/c en le 

cspaudle vn molet dor. 

579. Sire Jioijer lu lbriyge • dc or a vn lion saliant de yoides. 

580. Sire Thomas boutetour ; de or a vn sautour engrele dc sable c 

vn label de goules. 




581. Sire Nicft de Estotevile • burele de argent e de goules a iij 

lioncels de sable. 

582. Sire Rob 9 t Baynard • de sable a vne fesse e ij chcuerons de or. 

583. Sire Rob 9 t Borgyloun • qrtile de or e de goules a vne bende de 

sable en les qrfs de goules rondels pecs de argent. 

584. Sire Rauf de Hemenhale • de or a vne fesse e ij cheuerons de 

goules en la fesse iij escalops de argent. 

585. Sire Geffrey filz Wy • de azure a iij grifons de or. 

58G. Sire Richard de Walsinghm • de goules a iij roks de argent. 

587. Sire Wuim Bardolf • de azure a iij (jntefoils de argent. 

588. Sire Wal? de bcrnftm • de sable a vne crois e iiij cressauns de 


580. Sire Rob^t de Forncus • de argent a vn pel engrele de sable. 

500. Sire jftanf de Zeftiill • ddi'gent a vne ct/s patec de verd e en le 

cauntel vn oyset de gout ys. 

501. $ire Jolin cursoun • de argent a vne bende de goulys bessciunte 

de or. 


502. Sire Raudewyn de Maueres • de argeut a vn sautour engrele de 


503. Sire (Jyles de argentein • de goules Crusule de argent a iij coupes 

de argent. 

504. Sire Gyles de Trompintone • de azure Crusule de or a ij 

tronipes de or. 

505. Sire Jolni de l'rcuyle • de goules a iij cressauns de ermyne. 

500. Sire Rob*t de lacy • de argent a vn escuchoun perce de goules e 
vne bende do sable. 

507. Sire AVilhn de Boywonc • de or a vn lion de goules a vn Coler 

de argent. 

508. Sire Geffrey de Bordeleys • de ermyne od le chef de goules a vn 

lupd passaunt de or. 
500. Sire Rob 9 t Here ward • Chekere de or de azure a vne bende de 

goules a iij egles de argent. 
GOO. Sire Henri de Coleuyle ■ de argent a vne Crois patee de goules. 
G01. Sire Jolin de folebournc • de or a vn chcueron de sable e ij 

Wyures de sable. ) . 

G02. Sire Thomas de eschalers • de argent a vne fesse e iij rondels de 

goules pcrcea. 

G03. Sire Wilhn auenel • de argent a vue fesse e vj rondels de goules 


604. Sire Baudewyn de seyngorge • do argent a vne Crois patee de 


605. Sire Baudewyn de estouwe • de sable a vne crois patee de 


GOG. Sire Wilini de seyn iorge - de argent od le chef de azure a vn 
lion rampaund de goules. 

607. Sire Thomas de gardyn • de argent ij barres de sable e vn label 

de goules. 

608. Sire Rob 9 t de hastinges • de crmyne od le Chef de azure a ij 

moles de or. 

609. Sire Omfrey de bassingbourne • gcronne de argent e de goules. 

610. Sire ToJCm Peche • de azure a vn Egle de argent en le espaudle 

del egle vn manche de goules. 

611. Sire Baudeivyne dakeny ■ de aszure a vn c'oys e iiij lyounceuz dor. 

612. Sire Jotin de dokesworze • de aszure a vne croys e iiij lyounceuz de 


613. Sire Rob 5 t de Estallbid • de or a vn chcueron de gout e iij 

besanz de or. 

614. Sire llob^t Touk • barre de vj peces de argent e de sable. 

615. Sire Uob°t de llalontone- de argent a vne bende de goal o iij 

ogles de or. 

616. Sire AVilini lUigehot ■ de Ermyne a vne bende de gout e iij egles 

de or. 

617. Sire Richard de Hulles • de azur a vn egle de argent o vn baston 

de gout. 

618. Sire John de chaundos • de argent a vn peel de gout o vn label 

de uzur. 

619. Sire Huge de Meyni • verre de argent e de sable e vn label de 


620. Sire Rog de suyluertone • de argent a vne crois de sable les chefs 


621. Sire Totim de Rideware • de asure a vn egle de argent. 

Derby e Notingii'm. 

622. Sire Wilim de mongomeri • de or a vn egle de azure. 

623. Sfre John de langeford • palee de or e de goules a vne bende 

de argent. 

621. Sire Huge de Culy ■ de argent a vn chcueron o iij rouwels do 

( To be continued- ) 


Inqmsi'tiones Post jWortem, 

(Continual from Vol. XI, p. 255.) 

Carew, Edward, Knt., ob. 24 June 5 Hen 8, will 9 March 4 Hen. 8. — 

Inqi at Newton Abbot 31 Oct. 7 Hun. 8. — Devon — William s & h., 

set. 30 ; 2 other sons & 3 daughters. 
Carew, George, Knt., ob. s.p. 19 July ult. — Inq. at Exeter 3 April 

37 Hen. 8. — Devon — Peter Carew, Knt., brother & h., xt. 33. 
Carew, Henry, ob. 10 Nov. 15 Car. I. — Inq. at Whitechurch 14 Jan. 

15 Car. I. — Southampton, Dorset — George s. & h., tet. 17; 3 


Carew, John, Esq., ob. 1 March — Inq. at Stowmarket, 30 ... 16 Hen. 8. 
— Suffolk — George s. & h., set. 13. 

Carew, John, of Haccomb, Esq., ob. 31 May ult. — Inq. at Exeter 8 Oct. 
20 Hen. 8. — Devon— Thomas s. & h., set. 9 ; Henry 2nd son. 

Carew, John, of Haccomb, Esq., ob. 31 May ult. — 1st Inq. at Exeter 
8 Oct. 20 Hen. 8., 2nd Inq. at Exeter 5 June 21 Hen. 8.— Devon— 
1. Thomas s. & h., set. 9 (his wardship granted by his father to Bald- 
wyn Mallet, Esq.) ; 2. Henry. 

Carew, John, Esq., ob. 10 May 2G Hen. 8. in Suffolk — Inq. at Worces- 
ter Castle 3 June 1 Edward G. — Worcester — 

George, l^t .s., ob. v.p.=f Margaret Englefield. 

i J 

Thomas, h. & h., & cony, k h. of his 
grandfather, vdL. 17. 

Carew, John, Esq., ob. 30 Nov. ult. — Inq. at Exon 7 Apr. 31 Eliz. — 

Devon — Elizabeth, wife of Win. Bunberry, gent., is his d. it h., ajt. 40; 

Jlumfrcy C, Esq., brother & h. male, let. GO. 
Carew, Thomas, ob. 18 Sept. ult. — Inq. at Taunton 30 July 3 Jac. I. — 

Somerset — John C, Knt., s. Si h., jet. 30. 
Carew, " U'imiuulus," Knt,, ob. 22 Aug. ult. — Inq. at Westminster 

5 Nov. 3 Edw. G.—Middx— Thomas s. & h., ajt. 22. 
Carewe, Thomas, Esq., ob. 12 Feb. G Eliz. — Inq. at St. John Street 

28 April 15 Eliz. — Middlesex — Kichard s. & h., a>t. 17. 
Carey, George, Knt, Baron Hunsdon, ob. 8 Sept. 1 Jac. I. — Inq. at 

Greenwich 15 Feb. 1 Jac. I.- -Kent, Herts, Beds, Yorks, Suffolk, 

Essex, London, Cornwall — Elizabeth d. & sole h., act. 26, &c, married 

to Thomas Barkley, Esq., s. & h, of Henry, Lord Barkley. 
Carey, Henry, Knt., Baron Hunsdon, ob. 2 July 38 Eliz. — Inq. at 

Deptford Strand, 8 Oct. 38 Eliz. — Kent, Herts, Yorks, Suffolk, Essex 

— George C, Knt., Baron Hunsdon, s. & h., let. 40. 
Carie, Adolphus, Knt., ob. 8 Apr. ult. s.p. — Inq. at Hatfield G Nov. 

7 Jac. 1.— Herts— Henry C, Knt., bro. & h., let. 33; Philip C, Knt., 

2nd brother. 

Careeueoe, Gervas, ob. 10 Aug. ult. — Inq. at Maidstone ■ 15 Dec. 

18 Eliz. — Kent — Thomas s. & h., ajt. 8. 
Carleton, Dudley, Viscount Dorchester, will 13 Feb. 1631 — Inq. at 

JIenley-on-Th;imes G Oct. 8 Car. I. — Oxon, Surrey — Frances only d. 

Sl h., posth., born 23 June 1G32. 



Carleton, George, Esq., will U May 1627, ob. 8 Mar. 1627— Inq. at 
Oxford City 8 Oct, 4 Car. I.— Oxford— John Carleton, Knt. & Bart., 
s. & b., ait. 24 ; George ; Dudley ; Bridget wife of James Chambers, 
Doctor in Medicine. 

Carleton, John, Bart., will 21 Sept. 11 Car. I., ob. 7 Nov. 13 Car. I. 
— Inq. at Oxford 5 April 14 Car. I.— Oxford — George C, Bart., 
s. & h., let. 12. 

Carleton, Robert, ob. 23 Aug 1636— Inq. at Swaffham 9 Jan. 13 Car. I. 

—Norfolk— Matthew s. & h., set. 10, 21 Sept. ult. 
Carlile, John, ob. 17 April 1632 — Inq. at Doncaster 20 July 8 Car. I. 

Yorks — Richard brother & h., set. 16. 
Carlingford, vide Swifte. 

Carmenowe, John, Esq., ob. 31 March ult. (conveyed all his lands to 
Nicholas his nephew)— Inq. 2 Nov. 1 Edvv. 6. — Cornwall — 

Thomas, brother of John Carmenowe. 

Nicholas. John, s. k h., cons. & h. 

of John. 

Caumynowne, John, Esq., ob. 31 March ult — Inq. 5 Oct. 1 Edw. 6. — ■ 

His nephew John Carmynowne son of Thomas, a>t. 27, &c. 
Carmynowne, Nicholas, ob. 7 Jan. 29 Eliz. — Inq. at Launceston 14 Sept. 

30 lien. 8 {sic) — Cornwall— Elizabeth, wife of Nicholas llerle, 1st d. 

& coh., act. 21; Philippa, wife of Hugh Boscowen, 2nd d. Si coh., 

ret: 19. 

Carpenter, Jane, late wife of William C. (2 husb.), ob. 8 Dec. ult. 
(I husb. . . . IVobert) — Inq. atColeford 16 Sep. 16 Jac. I. — Glouc. 
— William Probe rt s. & h., ict. 30. 

Carr, Edward, Knt,, ob. 17 Feb. 1636— Inq. at High Holborn 1 May 
13 Car. 1. — London, Middx — Philadelphia; Jane; daughters & co- 

Carr, John, Knt., ob. 20 Jan. 14 Hen. 8. (married Anne relict of Robert 
Conyers & d. & h. of Thomas Mountford) — Inq. 1 Oct. 15 Hen. 8. — 
Lincoln— Simon Conyers s. A: h. of Anne, let. 18. 

Cark, John, Knt., ob. 20 Jan. 14 Hen. 8. — Inq. at Lincoln 1 Oct. 15 
lien. 8. — Lincoln. 

Carr, Ralph, ob. 2 Eeb. 27 Hen. 8.— Inq. at Topclifte 7 Oct. 30 Hen. 8. 

— Yorks — William, s. & h., xjt. 15. 
Carr, Rochester, lunatic. — Inq. at Lincoln 13 Jan. 12 Car. I. — Lincoln 

— Robert Carr, Bart., bro. & h., ajt, 26. 
Carre, Anthony, of Alnwick, gent., will 15 Feb. 1557, ob. 20 Feb. 

4 Mary — Inq at Ronteland 30 Sep. 15 Eliz. — Northumberland — 

Elizabeth, d. & h., ajt. 15 ; Robert Carre, bastard. 
Carre, Edward, ob. 19 Jan. 2 Jac I. — Inq. at Axbridgo 11 Sept. 

3 Jac. I. — Somerset — 

Anno C, wistor k h. , -William Yongo. (| 

I 1 1 1 1 ! 

Thomas. Hicham. William. 1<M ward. 

Caiiiik, Robert, Esq., of Sleaford, ob. 24 Feb. 35 Eliz , s.p. — Inq. at 
Sleaford 17 April 35 Eliz. — Lincoln — Elizabeth, wife of Edward 
Scisson, sister & h. of Robert C, act. 30; Robert Carre of Aswarby 



(2 son of Robert Carre, Esq., who died 11 Sept. 33 Hen. 8) cons. <fe 
h. of said Robert C. of Sleaford, & s. Si h. in tail of the grandfather 
of said Robert. 

Carre, Thomas, of Ford, Esq., ob. 26 Jan. 4 & 5 Ph Si M. — Inq. at the 

Castle of Newcastle-on-Tyne 9 March 2 Eliz. — Northumberland — 

William Carre s. & h., act. 9. 
Carrill, John, ob. 13 Sept 10 Jac. I. — Inq. at Sonthwark 15 Oct. 10 

Jac. I. — Surrey — Simon C, s. & h., xt. 35. 
Carryll, Richard, ob. 13 Feb. 18 Eliz.— Inq. at Sonthwark 29 May 18 

Eliz. — Surrey — John s. Si h., set 30. 
Oarsewell, Nicholas, Esq., ob. 22 Jan. 30 Eliz. — Inq. at Exeter 20 

April 35 Eliz. — Devon — 

Nicholas, s. & h., ob. v.p.=j= 

r J 

Nicholas, s. & h., & cons. & h. of his 
grandfather, a?t. 8. 

Carswyll, William, Esq., ob. 28 May lift.— -Inq. at Teryton 6 Oct. 38 

lien. 8. — Devon — Nicholas, s. & h., ajt. 15. 
Carter, Henry, gent., ob. 27 March 1G29 — Inq. at Stratford Langthorne 

18 June 7 Car. I. — Essex — Henry s. Si h., set. 20. 
Carter, .fames, ob. 5 Sept. 1G25— Inq. at Pontefract 2 Nov. 1 Car. I. — ■ 

Yorks— Thomas s. & hi, act. 2 yrs. 2 days; 2 Nov. afores:ud. 
Carter, Jane, ob. 10 years ago — Inq. at Axbridge 28 July 34 Eliz. — 

Somerset— Martin C, s. Si h., vet. 60. 
Carter, Richard, gent., ob. at Columb Major 4 Aug. ult. — Inq. at 

Launccston 1G Jan. 25 Eliz. — Cornwall — John s. & h. of James C, 

brother of Richard, sot. 2G. 
Carter, Thomas, ob. 22 July 1627 — Inq. at Rraintree 26 Sept. 9 Car. I. 

— Kssex — Mary 1. d., act. 7 ; Anne 2. d., act 5. 
Caimkr, William, ob. 2 July 8 Eliz —Inq. at Hatfield 18 July 9 Eliz.— 

Herts — Robert s. A h., a>t. G, 16 Jan. ult. 
Cari'wkkjiit, John, ob. 16 Jan. ult. — Inq. at Nantwich 24 March 10 

Car. 1. — Chester — Arthur s. Si h., rat. 15. 
Oakum, Thomas, ob. 9 Sept. 17 Eliz. — Inq. at Kirkby in Kendal 13 Jan. 

IS Fliz. — -Westmoreland — Elizabeth, only da. Si h., ret. 13. 
Carver, Elizabeth, ob. 2 1 Aug. ult. (da. of Matthew Ayleston, of 

Heveningham Castle, co. Essex, gent.) married, 1st Thomas Fowle, 

who d. 20 March 1 Car. I. 1625; 2nd . . . Carver — Inq. at Stratford 

11 Feb. 4 Car. I. — Fssex — John Fowle s. Si h. of Eliz. & Thomas 

act. 5, 5 Feb. 4 Car. I. 
Cary, (ieorge, Knt, will 7 Aug. 12 Jac. I., ob. 15 Feb. — Inq. at Exeter 

1 Oct. 15 Jac. I. — Devon — Richard Carey, Esq., brother Si h., act. 70. 
Cary, Margery, widow, will 25 Aug 37 Hen. 8, ob. 6 Apr. ult., married 

1st . . . Herlc-Inq. at Oolumpton 6 Oct. 38 Hen. 8 — Devon — 

Nicholas Herle s. S- h of Margery, oet. 50; Robert Cary s. Si h., 

jet. 33 

Cary, Mary, wife of William Stafford, Esq., Si d. Si solo h. of .Thomas 
Karl of Wiltes Si Orinond, ob. 19 July ult. — Inq. at Brentwood 
1 April 35 Men. tt. — - Fssex — Henry Cary s. Si h., act. 17. 

Cary, Thomas, of ( '< .kington, Esq , ob. 27 March ult.- -Inq at Exeter 
Castle 9 Sept. 9 Fliz. — Devon — Ccorge C, Esq., s. Si h., mt. 26. 



Cary, William, (nuper Hospit. Regis) armiger de corpore Begis, ob. 22 
June 20 Hen. 8.— Inq at Aylesbury 29 Oet. 20 Hen. 8.— Bucks— 
Henry s. & h.; act. 2. 

Gary, William, ob. 17 Aug. ult. — Inq. at Exeter 13 July 4 Edw. G. — 
Devon — Robert s. & h , iet. 17. 

Carve, Margery, widow, will 25 Aug. 37 Hen. 8, ob. G April ult. (1 
hush. . . . Ilorle) — Inq. at Columpton G Oet. 38 Hen. 8. — Devon- 
Nicholas Herle s. & h., ait. 50; John II. ; Robert Cary s, & h., ret. 
33 ; Gregory Cary, of Levercomb. 

( To be continued.) 

Jlotircs of IBooIts. 

The Colonial Gentry. By Sir Bernard Burke, Ulster. Vol. ii. Edited 
by Ashworth P. Burke. London (Harrison and Sons.) 8vo. 

Since the publication of the first volume of this work all genealogists 
have had to deplore the loss of its accomplished author and initiator 
Sir Bernard Burke. This volume is issued under the editorship of his 
son, Mr. Ashworth P. Burke, who has been assisted by his brother Mr. 
H. Farnhain Burke, Somerset Herald, whose heraldic and genealogical 
skill is duly acknowledged in the preface. He has been consulted on 
every point of difficulty. We have always been willing to acknowledge 
the great services rendered by Sir Bernard Burke in popularizing 
genealogical research, services which were, however, unfortunately 
marred by the uncritical method which he adopted. We may as well 
at the outset express our regret that in theso days, when no genealogist 
worthy of the name would dream of printing a pedigree without 
carefully consulting the records, adding exact dates, and giving proper 
references, Sir Uernard Hurke's sons derm it consistent with their 
reputation to issue to the public works of this character in which the 
same loose statements, the same unbridged chasms, and often the same 
apocryphal legends, sometimes, it is true, tempered with the qualifying 
" It is said," or "It is probable," appear in edition after edition. Mr. 
Ashworth Burke has, however, in the present work departed in one 
very important respect from his father's method, and has made an 
attempt to distinguish between arms properly borne and those unduly 
assumed. We quote the following from his Preface. " With respect 
to the arms attached to the memoirs, those only that I can vouch for 
are printed in ordinary type ; the remainder of the arms, printed in 
italics, though actually in use, are, I regret to say, borne without 
authority, and are for the most part mere assumptions of the armorial 
bearings of families resident in England, Ireland, and Scotland, with 
whom no relationship is proved." It is somewhat amusing (the absurdity 
of it does not appear to have struck Mr. Ashworth Burke) to find the 
son of an eminent King of Arms, and the brother of one of the Heralds 



in the English College of Arms arrogating to himself the exclusive 
function of the Kings of Arms, that of disclaiming the usurpers of false 
heraldic bearings, and that too in his first unaided essay at genealogical 
and heraldic literature. That Mr. Burke is himself hoisted with his 
own petard will appear from the frequent instances which we give 
below, where his adherence to the rule which he has seen fit to make, 
gives the lie to the statements contained in his pedigrees. The fact 
is that out of nearly three hundred families treated in this work more 
than two-thirds are, on his own showing, what the ancient heralds in 
the exercise of their lawful prerogative would have termed "no 
gentlemen." We are, moreover, somewhat surprised that Mr. Burke 
has thought it necessary to swell the dimensions of his book by including 
the pedigrees not only of colonial Governors and Bishops (who certainly 
cannot be properly termed colonial gentry), but also those of several 
Peers and Baronets, and members of the untitled aristocracy whose 
pedigrees appear already in the Peerage and Baronetage and the 
Lnndal Gentry. Neither does any attempt seem to have been made 
to distinguish between families properly Colonial as being permanently 
settled abroad, and those who having been out in the Colonies, and 
made their fortunes there, have returned to enjoy their otium cum 
diynitate in the mother country. We now proceed to accept the 
challenge held out in t lie Preface, and to enumerate a few of the errors 
and inconsistencies which have occurred to us in perusing this book, 
many of which will indeed be patent to the merest tyro in the study of 
family history. 

AozutW or Tasmania. — It is a pity that "the earlier records which extend back 
for four general ions " have hero been omitted, a.s had they been given the reader 
would perhaps have been in a better position to judge of the truth of the claim 
made to descend from the Agnews of Lochnaw. As it is, the first mentioned 
ancestor, James Agnew, of " Donegore, barony of Upper Antrim, co. Antrim," died 
in 1768, and there is no proof whatever of any .such descent. 

A iiiEY. -The derivation of this name is worth reproduction as a fair example of 
the wild, unsupported and unsupportable statements ho frequently to be found in 
amateur genealogical productions, but which one would have thought the editor 
of the present work would have known better than to introduce into his pages. 
''This iamily claims to be of Norwegian origin, Ari or Ara being a personal name 
among the Scandinavian nation*, sunl probably .settled in Westmorland between the 
years 'J4 5 and 1000, when a body of northmen who had taken possession of the Isle 
of Man made a descent upon the opposite coast and colonized Cumberland and 

Akkrman of Natal. — " It remains a matter of some uncertainty whether this 
family of Akerman is descended, as some contend, from the Counts Akerman of 
Bessarabia:, or have derived their origin elsewhere." This must, we fear, remain a 
historic doubt, but we regret to find that Canon Bardsley, in his English Surnames, 
is so lost to all sense of romance, as to hint at the ploughman rather than the count 
as the primeval progenitor of this race. Mr. Burke has given us a similar derivation 
on p. G38, where he tells us that "The family of Horsfall is said to be of foreign 
extraction, the name being a corruption of d'Orsville or d' Aussville." 

Arden of Victoria. — This family, Sir, Burke tells us, though he disclaims their 
right to arms, derives " in direct descent from Siward de Arden {temp. Henry I ), 
eldest son of Turkill de Warwick, and grandson of Alwys, Karl of Warwick, temp. 
Edward the Confessor." Now, the first recorded ancestor, Humphrey Arden, of 
LougeroftH, co. Stalford, died in 1705, and so far from being able to show his descent 
from Siward do Arden, his descendants are apparently unable even to prove con- 
nection with the extinct family of Arden of Bark Hall. 

Barton ok Nhw South Walks.- -A claim is here made to a descent from John, 
Barton of Holme, near Newark, and the original probate of his will dated 1190 is, 



says Mr. Burke, in possession of the family. We cannot, of course, tell how this 
came about, but we are in a position to challenge the truth of the claim made, the 
descendants of John Barton of Holme being extinct as the dodo. 

15 lake. — "The founder of this family was Richard Gaddell called Niger (from 
which the surname of Blak or Blake)." Truly an illustration of putting the cart 
before the horse, for if he were called Black, the nickname would in Latin charters 
be rendered Niger, The same mistake is made on page 418, where we read that 
De la Cour was originally " de Curia." 

Bon ah of New Zealand.— The Hon. James Alex,' 1m Bouar is, we observe, still 
said to be the descendant of Sir Ninian, who fell at nouueu. It is to be regretted 
that the whole pedigree as given in the 2nd edition of the Landed Gentry has not 
been reproduced, accompanied by the amusing notes thereon by the late Lyon King 
of Arms in " Popular Genealogists," pp. .05-82. 

Bowkn of New Zealand.— The pedigree of John ap Thomas ap Owen or Bowen 
is stated to be set forth in the olfice of Arms at Dublin Castle, but that the colonial 
family, whose lineage is here given, can prove no descent from him is clear from the 
fact that their right to arms is not acknowledged. Mr. Burke would have done 
better to omit the five earlier descents given, for the certain pedigree evidently 
commences with William Bowen, of Hollymount, co. Mayo, whose younger son is 
said to have died in 1 780. 

Ho YD of New BRUNSWICK —This memoir is simply an obituary notice of the late 
Mr. Boyd, Lt. -Governor of New Brunswick, which often reads as if he were still 
living, his place of residence even being given. 

Collins of New Zealand. — "This family is descended from the ancient line of 
Collins of Devon (t*ee Visitation of that co)." If this statement be true, why does 
Mr. Burke decline to recognise the right to arms? 

Dennlstoun of Canada. — It appears from Irving's " Book of Dumbartonshire," 
that "In 182S, having adduced satiHfactory evidence of his descent as heir-male of 
Sir John de Denzelstoun, Lord of Denzelstoun, he (the father of the colonist) 
obtained the authority of the Lord Lyon to bear the arms pertaining to the chief of 
the house." Why then docs Mr. Burke place the arms in italics '{ 

Donaldson of New South Wales. — "James Donaldson, third son of Donald, 

who was third son of Macdonald, Earl of Kintyre His son, llev. James 

Donaldson, of Murrock and Baunachra, of the shire of Dumbarton, b. 16-11, d. 1722." 
We may as well at once confess our ignorance, emboldened thereto by the fact that 
the learned editor of The Complete Peerage is in the same boat ; we have never 
even heard of Macdonald, Karl of Kintyre. As, however, his great-grandson died at 
so comparatively recent a date, his story cannot, of course, be lost in the dimness of 
prehistoric legend. The noble earl appears to have had no right to heraldic insignia, 
for those borne by his descendants are not acknowledged by Mr. Burke. 

De Smidt of Cape Town. — We arc told that the " family of De Smidt was 
ennobled the 22nd June 1612." If noble, why without a valid right to arms ? 

Fulton of New Zealand. — Three unproved assumptions seem to be here made. 
First, that the family was " probably " of Saxon origin ; secondly, that they were 
settled in Ayrshire (there certainly were Fultons in Ayrshire in early times, but as 
far as this family is concerned, the county may as well be spelt with an " i " instead 
of a "y ") ; thirdly, that William Fulton, who went to Ireland and died in 1638 in 
Kilkenny, was " probably " son of the Rev. Dr. Fulton, who visited Lady Arabella 
Stuart when a prisoner in the Tower. 

Graeme of Canada (recently of Inchbrakie, co. Perth). — The opening paragraph 
of this pedigree has evidently been composed on the old-fashioned principle, which 
has done so much to discredit genealogy and heraldry in the minds of sensible men, 
that any exploded myth, any rubbish in fact, is good enough for family history. 
We are told that "This ancient family derives its lineage from Graeme, who was 
made Governor of Scotland and Guardian to the young king, Eugene II. in 435. 
Graeme broke down the famous wall of Autininous" (sic), &c. King Eugene and 
his guardian have long been banished from the pages of sober fact, and it is well 
nigh incredible that a legend, which would now-a-days raise a laugh even in a Board 
School, should be gravely offered for the credence of our hard-headed colonial 
cousins. A thousand years are, in pedigrees constructed in this fashion, as one day ; 
thus Mr. Burke passes at once to the athletic hero's alleged descendant, Sir William 
Graeme of Kincardine, living 1407, and from him through the Earls of Montrose to 
Patrick Graeme, who had a charter of the lands of Inchbrakie in 1513. 




Grant of Cape Colony. — This is another instance of inconsistency on the part of 
the editor. He tells lis that the ancestor of Lieut. -Col. James Murray Grant was 
" Mungo Grant, the sou of Grant of Grant," yet he places the arms in italics. 

GitiiY ok New Zealand. — We very much regret that the pedigree of one of the 
most distinguished public servants recorded in this volume — Sir George Grey — 
affords the greatest instance of gratuitous assumption which the book contains. 
One man is " said " to have had a son, from which supposed son the family under 
discussion are "said" to descend. On the strength of this double hypothesis, a 
claim is made to descend from one of the most illustrious houses in England — the 
(beys of Groby. We have the excellent authority of The Comjilcte Peerage for 
the fact that Leonard Grey, Viscount Grane, who is here " said to have had a son by 
his wife, the daughter of the rebel O'Neil," died unmarried. 

Gkoome of the Fiji Islands. — Among the ancestors of this remarkable 
race are the far-famed Lady of the Lake ; Manasseh Ben Israel, " seventy-second in 
lineal descent from David, King of Israel," who proposed a treaty for the Jews to 
Cromwell ; the Protector himself, through a certain Mary Cromwell, wife of Thomas 
Groome, of whom, by the way, we do not seem to have heard before ; " Mary Gayter, 
daughter of Mr. do Gatrcs or Gaeta, of Italy (a nobleman (sic), whose family had 
been some generations settled in England)," and Sir Thomas DIckes aide-de-camp to 
the Duke of Marlborough at the battle of Blenheim. We hold up our hands in 
astonishment at such a brilliant array of progenitors, and cry "Truth is stranger 
than fiction." 

HUNGERFOUD of New South Wales, — Tt is somewhat surprising to find a Hunger- 
ford descended, according to the statement here made, from the grand old line of 
Hungerford of Farley, without a valid right to arms. John Hungerford, whose will 
is quoted, was a man of considerable importance in his day, and one would have 
thought that with the clue afforded by his will Mr. Burke would have been better 
able to place the Inchodony family in the Hungerford pedigree. 

Hutton of New Zealand.— As the editor has admitted the validity of the arms 
borne by this family, we presume that he has satisfied himself of the truth of the 
alleged descent from the Huttons of Hutton Hall, Penrith. The pedigree, however, 
as given in the 1S71 edition of the L<iiuk'd Qcntrtf, contains no hint of such descent, 
and merely traces the lineage to "Thomas llowton, of lleaton, owner of land in 
Treswcil, c> Notts, A.l). 1G12." It is unfortunate that Mr. Burke has omitted the 
missing links in the pedigree. 

MacMickinu of New South Wales and Queensland. — This pedigree has, we 
observe, been shorn of much of that wealth of romantic incident which characterised 
its lirst appearance in the pages of " the Landed Gentry." This climbing down to 
comparatively prosaic fact is perhaps due to the; complete exposure of some of its 
pretentious by " Anglo Scot us " in the Herald and (icneuloyiat, vol. vi, p. 140. Though 
the mythical Malum Kusid still makes his appearance, wo hear no longer of pre- 
historic battles or of a chief of Macmicking, Mr. Burke having contented himself with 
the somewhat tame and purely negative remark that " at various epochs of Scottish 
history " the family " were not undistinguished." We may add that the very unusual 
coat of arms borne by the family and acknowledged by Mr. Burke, an illustration of 
which faces page 701, is not to be found in Mr. Balfour Paul's Ordinary. 

Man bey of Manitoba. — After a preliminary statement that this family was 
included in the last Visitation of London, an assertion which is contradicted by the 
very modern coat of arms and crest which it now bears, Mr. Burke tells us that the 
Maubeys do not derive their name from, but conferred it on the place called Manby. 
All we can say is, that this is very contrary to the usual state of things, and therefore 
extremely improbable He proceeds. "It is a cadet of the baronial house of Estote- 
ville, which descends from Robert, Count of Evreux, a son of Richard I, Duke of 
Normandy, by his second wife, Gunnor, of Denmark." A certain William Manbey of 
Limehouse, who died 1759, is the first certain ancestor here produced. 

Makryat of Adelaide — We are told that this family trace their origin to one of 
three knights, who came out of Brittany at the period of the Conquest. Sir Bernard 
Burke used, by the way, to tell us that their names were Rudulphus, Augustin and 
GuHclmus, and that they came from the town of Marriott, in Normandy, interesting 
details which are now omitted. There is then a gap to the reign of Elizabeth when 
Thomas de Marryat, under John Champernon, served with the Huguenots in France, 
and it is also stated that this Thomas on his return to England settled in Suffolk, 
notwithstanding that the mention of John Champernon would of itself almost be 



sufficient to indicate his Devonshire origin. The fact is that the latter part of 
this lineage contradicts the earlier. The famous Captain Marryat, that delightful 
friend of our boyhood, who obtained a grant of anus in 1827, is shown to have 
descended without a break from the above Thomas de Marryat, to whom Henry IV. 
of France is said to have granted an augmentation to his coat. If this be true, why 
did his descendant apply for a grant ? 

Odell of New Brunswick. — " The Odell family in England is an ancient one, 
having been founded there by Walter Elandrensis, who came over with the Conqueror 
in 1066', and, as his share of the spoils of conquest, received among other estates that 
of Wadehull or Wahull (now Odell) in Bedfordshire." All this may be true, but 
that William Odell, the founder of a family that emigrated to America in 1639, 
was descc i led from Walter I< landrensis and the ancient Barons de Wahull is another 
matter. 2 perceive that Mr. Burke is also of this opinion, for he has refused to 
recognise * r,igh| to coat armour. This is one of those cases where a biographical 
account i: .'n ol a gentleman who is dead, his residences and even his clubs being 

Peuctv .j. oj New Zealand. — After a page and more of the early pedigree of the 
ancient line of De Perceval Mr. Burke passes to the Pereivals of Knightsbrook, from 
which family Sir Westby brook Perceval is descended, and quotes the following from 
Sir William Betham, Ulster King of Anns : — " We have not the intermediate genera- 
tions between this Sir William de IVivival j^of Moricetown) and Christopher, the first 
in the Knightsbrook line." Sir William of Moi icetown, be it remembered, was living 
1317, and Christopher's will was proved 1607. The pedigree has now been carried 
two generations beyond Christopher Percival, but unfortunately the fresh informa- 
tion tends rathtr to induce an impartial critic to doubt the alleged descent from Sir 
William of Moricetown. Christopher turns out to have been son of a certain Gabriel 
Percival, of St. Margaret's, Loudon Bridge, who left a widow, Elizabeth, buried at 
Richmond, in Surrey, in 1595, while Gabriel's father was John Percival, of St. 
Sepulchre's, London, whose will, proved in London, 1538, shows not the slightest 
connection with Ireland. 

Hawson ok Queensland. — "The Ravvaona are a very ancient family, for many 
generations settled in Yorkshire, in the Heralds Visitations of which county their 
pedigree is amply set forth." Yet Mr. Burke has disclaimed their right to arms ! 
Although on his own showing not armigcrous, he has, in his Preface, instanced 
these Rawsons as one of those "well-known and distinguished families at home," 
who " have sent their younger sons to win their spurs in the Colonies, and to add 
new lustre to the family renown." 

Smith (Bishop of Sydney). — " This family claims descent from the ancient and 

distinguished house of Smith (formerly ftoriz) of Withcote, eo. Leicester 

From Henry Smith, the notorious regicide, the last of the family who possessed 
Withcote, is said to have been descended Henry Smith, of Great Hautbois in the 
parish of Coltishall, eo. Norfolk, buried at Coltishajl, 2nd October, 1743." It is really 
too bail to put such an apocryphal statement into the mouth of the Primate of 
Australia, for, as it happens, very good evidence is in our possession that Henry 
Smith, the regicide, left only one child, a daughter, Mary, wife of George Tussing- 
ham, gent. 

Tin dal, late of New South Wales. — There is not the slightest proof of the 
alleged descent of this Devonshire family from the Tyndales, of Langley Castle, in 
Northumberland. The coat of arms, of which an illustration is given to face page 
608, is of itself suflicient to refute any such claim. 

Twining of Canada. — " The registers at Twining, and those at Paiuswick and 
Pershore make frequent reference to the Twinings, of Twining, to the year 1800, the 
earliest record being that of Thomas Twining, of Tewkesbury, who was b. 1360." 
There is no misprint — Thomas Twining's will is " dated 1412." We are eager for a 
sight of these wonderful registers, which must go back nearly two hundred years 
before the institution of parish registers in England. 

Weld. — The remarks which we have felt called upon to make under Graeme apply 
with equal force to the ridiculous quotation from Guillim here given, where the 
Welds are said to be " lineally descended from Edrie Sylvaticus alias Wild, a Saxon 
of great renown in the reigns of King Harold and William the Conqueror, whose 
father Alfric was brother to Edrick, of Stratton, Duke of Mereia " Mr. Burko 
gravely adds the several descent* from Edrio Sylvaticus to " William Weld, sheriff 
of London, 25 Edward III, settled at Eaton, co. Chester." Over four pages 
arc taken up with this lineage which, considering that Sir Frederick Aloysius 




"Weld is dead, and his children apparently settled in England, and that the 
pedigree has appeared in several editions of the Landed Gentry, might well have 
been omitted. 

Wolfe of Wkstern Austkalia. — " This family is of great antiquity, and has not 
been undistinguished. The military achievements of one of its descendants, Major- 
General Jaiues Wolfe, the illustrious hero of Quebec, conferred on the name a 
glorious pre-eminence in the records of British renown." On reading this sentence 
we almost hoped that at last the problem as to the ancestry of General Wolfe had 
been solved, but we were doomed to disappointment, for his name docs not again 
appear upon the pedigree. We quote the following from the Appendix to Colonel 
It. T. Wolfe's interesting little work on "The Woll'es of Korenaghts." "There are, 
perhaps, few of our illustrious characters, if any, born within the last two centuries 
respecting whoso ancestry so little is known than is that of the hero of Quebec; 
every effort would seem to have been made within the last century to discover 
definitely from what source he was derived." 

Wollaston of Melbourne. — This is another of Mr. Burke's " well known 
and distinguished families at home," who " have sent their younger sons to 
win their spurs in the Colonies and to add new lustre to the family renown." 
It therefore at first sight strikes us as somewhat astonishing to find that he 
does not acknowledge their right to the arms Which they have assumed, but 
it is still more surprising on closer inspection to discover that there is a very 
serious break in the pedigree. We will not attempt to enquire into the accuracy of 
the document quoted by Mr. burke, and written by William Wollaston, of Fin- 
borough, in I7f>.'), for without the evidences upon which it is based this would be an 
idle task, but we will confine our attention to that branch of the family which was 
settled at Trescot Grange in the parish of Over Penne, co. Stafford, with which the 
detailed pedigree commences. Fortunately dates have in this instance been given 
to us, and we have therefore been able to detect a very false assumption that has 
been made;. William Wollaston, of Trescot, (younger son of Thomas Wollaston, of 
Perton, win; lived temp, lien. VII) had an elder son, William, of Trescot Crange, 
which William had two sons, Hugh and Thomas. The younger of these sons, 
Thomas Wollaston, is "supposed" to be father of a certain Walter Wollaston, of 
Bishops' Castle, eo. Salop, from whom the Colonial family derive. Now that this 
supposition rests oil no sound basis of truth appears from the fact that on the 20th 
June, 1G00, administration of the goods of this Thomas Wollaston (described as of 
Trescot Grange) was granted to his brother Hugh. The will of the latter mentions 
no relative named Walter. After this we are not surprised to find that the motto 
of the Wollastons, of Shenton, Xc quid Jaisi, 1ms not been assumed by the family 
in Australia together with the arms. 

Wkay ok New Zealand. — Captain Henry Wray, UN., the grandfather of the 
present M r. Charles Allen Wray, is only ''said" to descend from William Wray, of 
Aids, " the last of the family who reigned at that place" (we know not if a pun be 
intended, or if the Wrays held sovereign sway at Arils). Mr. burke has disclaimed 
the right to arms. 

Jlotrs anb (Queries. 

Sin Wai/tkk Manny.— The parentage of this distinguished Warrior 
(save that his father was known as " le Borgne") was unfortunately 
not discovered by the late Mr. Heltz, when he compiled Ins history of 
the Order of thd'tlarter. It is, however, on record. Oarpent ier in his 
4< Histoire des I'ais-bas," part iii, p. 75G, quotes the followin epitaph, 
from the collections <>f lloscl, as once existing in the Church of the 



Franciscans at Valenciennes. En cheste arcure gesit noebh Chevaliers 
Mes&ires JeJians dit le Borgne de Mangny, pere a Monsignor Watiern 
qui Jit merveilUs en amies aux gatres des Anglois. Cil Jeh<ms triespassa 
U an iMCCCXLVI, li XV de March*. Sir Waller's mother was Jane 
de Jenlain, of a family of Hainanlt, of which I know nothing more 
than that their arms were, Sable bilcttec and a lion rampant Or. There 
is a charter of date 1370, given by the same Carpcntier, commencing, 
" Nous Watiers Sires de Manny ;" it appears therefore that he was head 
of the family. On the seal [Or] 3 chevrons [Sable], Sigillum Walteri 
de Mainy. Q, W. Watson. 

Tlie Origin of the Tiiynnes (Vol. xi, p. 193V — I have great doubts 
of the derivation " At th' Inn." From time to time I have collected 
very many instances of surnames commencing with "a," "at," " atte," 
or " atle," but have never come across one ending with inn or hostel. 
I think a man who kept an hostel would have always been called Le 
Hosteller. Why in this case si ion Id we not take the ejuc given us by 
Collins, who in his Peerage mentions William le Thymic of Stratton in 
1515 ? It is probably a corruption from "le Theyn." Reginald le 
Teinus was of Cornwall in 1201 (Selden Soc. Select Pleas). Nicholas 
Theyn, who was parson of a mediety of the Church of Bradheld (Norf.) 
so wrote his name in his will dated 1373 (Reg. Heydon, fo. 27a\ but he 
is described as Nicholas Thyn in the list of incumbents of Bradfield 
given in Blom. Norf., xi, p. 7. The name is still plentiful with us in 
East Norfolk, but has been corrupted into "Thaine." Elsewhere as 
early as 1259 we find linger le Theyn in Somerset and Juliana le Then 
in Wilts (Excerpta e Hot. Fin.), ami again Richard le Theyn in 21 Ed. I 
(Somerset Fines, p. 297). By the way, Burke makes out "of the Inn" 
meant of one of the Inns of Court, and Collins that it meant of the 
Inn, a mansion in Stretton, Salop. Bath cannot be light, If there 
was ever such a name as "at the Inn or "of the Inn," how is it we do 
not find it in its primal form in any Calendar, c.//., in Mr. Smith's 
admirable Index to the Prerogative Wills? Again, if Thymic was a 
byename of the But tevilles, why does it not occur in any of the 
Inquisitions of the Botteville family 1 Walter Bye. 

Fox Family. — I shall be much obliged for information as to the 
parentage of Colonel Edward Fox who commanded the 5th Marines 
1702-4. He was senior military officer in command of H.M. forces at 
the capture of Gibraltar, and it was to him that the keys of that 
fortress were surrendered ; he was subsequently killed there during the 
siege of the place by the Franco-Spanish forces on the 9th November 
of the same year. In his will dated 13th April 1701, proved P.C.C. 
18th January 1705 (dee 10), he is described as "Edward Fox of the 
parish of S* James', co Mid., Col. of one of II. M. Ueg tH of Marines." 

; , L. E. 

Is any list known to be extant of Normans who came to England 
<luring the first eighty years after the Conquest, and obtained lands by 
grant or otherwise 'I 1 am especially interested in those who possessed 
lands in East Cheshire. M. 0. (J. 



Of misreadings there appears to be no end. A remarkable one was 
perpetuated by the late Sir Thomas Hardy, who, in his edition of 
Le Neve's Fasti Ecclesic? Anglicamv (3 vols. 8vo. 1854), followed his 
author literally by giving under Bishops op Bath; "Sa various, sur- 
named Barlowinwac." Bishop Stubbs has shown that in the attestation 
of some document Savaric's (rather Savary) name was followed by that 
of Baldwin Wac (or Wake, as afterwards written), which has been 
turned into Barlowinwac. When then Burke's Peerage has the surname 
" Mac Williams "—the final s is a misprint— under Somerset in the 
notice of Sir John Seymour, who married "Isabel dau. and heir of 
William MacWilliams Esq. co. Gloucester," we may reasonably ask 
whether the name is correctly written. As a surname, it seems to be 
uncommon, for at the present moment the Post Oilice London Directory 
furnishes one MacWtfiiam only in eacli of its "Commercial" and 
"Court" sections. There were undoubtedly Mackwilliams in Essex 
during the reign of Edward the Fourth, if not earlier ; and Morant 
(Essex ii. 35G) follows Leland in saying that the family came from 
Ireland, and he sets out a pedigree which shows a William Mackwilliam 
"who had an only daughter, Isabella, who became wife to Sir John 
Seymour of Even Swindon in Wiltshire. From this match" (he goes 
on) "proceeded the Seymours, Dukes of Somerset." 

Really the ancestor of the Seymours, Dukes of Somerset, turns out 
to have been one M.utK William, merchant and burgess of Bristol, and 
sometime Mayor of that town. The facts connected with the marriage 
of his daughter and heir appear upon record of a suit in the Court of 
Common Pleas [Dr. Banco (G59), Mich. 4 Hen. VI. m. 437], by which 
John Burton of Bristol, merchant, was summoned to answer to Thomas 
Stamford for non-delivery of two writings obligatory, consigned to him 
lit Bristol for safe custody on the 2 ( Jth of July 2 Hen. VI. (1421). By 
these, Mark William above named, and this Thomas Stamford were 
bound, each to the other, in the sum of .£100. Disputes had been of 
long standing between them ; but, by mediation of friends, it was 
settled that both parties should submit themselves to arbitration. The 
arbitrators, thereupon appointed by mutual consent, directed that the 
disputants should appear before them in person, on Tuesday (22 Aug. 
1424) before the feast of S. Bartholomew following the delivery of the 
writings before mentioned, at eight o'clock of the forenoon, in the 
chapel of S. Mary upon Avon (here Amm) Bridge. Each was required 
to put in writing his complaints and causes of debate, and in presence 
of the arbitrators to read and declare them to the other, who was then 
and there to make his answer. First, Stamford was to have his turn 
on the Tuesday, and then Mark on the Wednesday. 

Certain grievances were set forth by Stamford, until finally he 
demanded amends for the broken agreement, whereby Mark William 
and Agnes, his wife, granted that he should marry Isabel, their 
daughter, when she should arrive at marriageable age ; and that the 
reversion of certain lands and tenements, lately devised in his will by 


John Droys to Isabel, his wife, for her life, and ordered by the testator 
to be sold by his executors, should come to Thomas Stamford and 
Isabel (daughter of Mark) William and the heirs of their bodies ; 
remainder, in default, to Robert, son of Mark, and the heirs of his 
body; remainder, in default, to the right heirs of Thomas Stamford in 
fee simple. And of other lands and tenements purchased, or to be pur- 
chased, by Mark, feoffment was to be made to the use of Mark and 
Agnes for life ; remainder of one moiety to the said Thomas and Isabel, 
and of the other to Robert, son of Mark. 

Afterwards Stamford came to the house in which dwelt Mark William, 
who was then in otfice as Mayor of Bristol, and had a personal con- 
ference with him touching the intended marriage. Recognizing that, 
as Robert son of Mark was dead, and Isabel, his daughter, was now 
his heir-apparent, and so her marriage had become more valuable 
(l/randim) than it was at the time of making the contract, he desired 
to be frankly told, whether or not the father would stand to the agree- 
ment. If yes, then Stamford requested Mark to assure him at what 
date his daughter would arrive at marriageable age, and when the 
espousals between himself and Isabel should be celebrated. The other 
replied that he would consider the matter, and talk it over with his 
wife and daughter. On the third day after this conversation, that is to 
say, after Easter in the first year of the now king's reign (April 1423), 
Mark and Agnes, his wife, in an interview with the suitor, held to the 
understanding previously had, and fully agreed (concord ariuit in certo) 
that the espousals should be fulfilled between Thomas Stamford and 
Isabel, daughter of Mark, at the feast of Easter in the third year of 
the king (8 April 14^5). Notwithstanding this explicit promise, thus 
renewed after mature deliberation, Mark William had fraudulently and 
deceitfully caused the said Isabel to be married to one John Seymour 
on the 30th of July in the second year (1424). 

As the proceedings, which are set out at extreme length, present no 
further point of interest, it is sufficient to state the result of the suit 
against. Bortou, in the course of which the whole of these questions 
and others were raised. O'u the 2kh of April, 4th year(142G), John 
Borlon delivered in Court to Thomas Stamford the writing obligatory 
in which he was bound to Mark William in £400. Subsequently, 
before John Juyii, Chief Baron of the Exchequer, and Richard Morgan, 
sitting at Bristol, the jury found that the two writings obligatory were 
delivered to Bortou on the conditions alleged by Mark William ; and 
they assessed his (Mark) damages against Thomas Stamford for delay 
caused in the delivery of the bond at GO shillings, to which the Bench 
added 40 shillings, making 100 shillings in all. On the 23rd January, 
G Hen. VI, 1427-8, Bortou delivered in Court to Mark the writing by 
which he was bound to Stamford. 

Isabel Seymour survived her husband for many years. Concerning 
her, the late Rev. T. I'. Wadley — whose name is familiar as a valuable 
eont rihutor to this magazine, and to whose unvarying kindness and 
readiness to procure any local information at Worcester, 1 hear veiy 
willing testimony- -in his 1 " Notes of Bristol Wills " records this interest- 
ing fact. (p. 1 i 1) :— 

1 Printed for the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society, 1886, 8vo, 



•'Bishop Carpenter's register at Worcester vol. i., folio 192, states that Isabel 
Seymour, widow, took the vow of perpetual chastity in the collegiate church 
of Westbury, inter missar) solempnin, in the presence of the said bishop, who gav£ her 
his benediction, and put upon her the vidual vesture, June 3rd, 1465." 

She died about twenty years after, namely, on 14 April 1485; as 
appears by several inquisitions taken after her death (2 Kic. III. no. 
38). She was possessed in fee of divers messuages, cottages and gardens 
in the town and suburbs of Bristol ; and held in dower, or by joint 
feoffment with her late husband, Sir John Seymour, various land in cos. 
Southampton, Wilts, Hereford and Somerset. Her heir was found to 
be her grandson, John Seymour of Wolf hale in Wilts, esquire, who. at the 
time of her death was aged thirty four years. His father and mother 
had both predeceased his grandmother, Dame Isabel Seymour; the 
father, John Seymour, also of Wolf hale, dying 29 Sept. 1463, the mother 
(Elizabeth), 19 April 1472. (Inq. p.m. 19 Edw. IV. no. 38.) 

John A. C. Vincent. 


Sir George Sitwell's interesting paper (supra, p. 1) deals with a subject 
to which I have myself devoted considerable attention. 

My researches had made me acquainted with all Sir George's 
evidences, except the mention of " Billeheld uxor Baldrici " in a St. 
Werburgh's charter. But this, of course, is of cardinal importance 
as connecting with Cheshire the house of Bocqucnce. It may fairly be 
presumed (though it is not proved) that her husband was, as Sir George 
assorts, the Baldric who held " Code," in Cheshire, of the carl. 

The difficulty lies, it seems to me, in Sir George's assumption that 
Baldric, the earl's tenant in Cheshire, was, of necessity, identical with 
Baldric, his tenant in l.indsey. In his well-known " Barons of Pulford " 
a similar identification is made the subject of elaborate argument and 
proved by careful research. In the case of Baldric, a presumption 
would, no doubt exist, if it were not for the very document Sir George 
quotes in ewtruto jn his paper. It is difficult to derive from it any other 
impression than that Robert and Baldric were the only sons of Bille- 
held, 1 yet the sons we require for the Lindsays are Richard and Walter. 
I had hoped that Sir George's paper would remove this difficulty, but 
this can only be done by connecting the Cheshire property, in its 
descent, with the Lincolnshire line. Till this is done, I venture to 
think that (as I previously suggested to my friend Windsor Herald) 
the peculiar derivation of the name from a district, not from a village, 
may perhaps be accounted for by the Baldric who held of the earl in 
Lindsey being distinguished from this Cheshire namesake as Baldric 
" de Lindissi." 

I may add that I have recently examined the St. Evroul cartulary 
at Paris and can find nothing in it affording further light. The charter 
witnessed by Richard, son of Baldric " de Lindissi," must belong to 
1121-1129. J. II. Round. 

1 In another document of the same Hcries (ibid. p. 186), the widow and son of Roger 
Tirel confirm his deathbed gift, and " promisit etiam ipsa quia hoc idem concedere 
faeeret suo filio inajori, Uogerio nomine, <jui in Anglia crat." 



Several families (including those of Lords Carlingford, Ardilaun, and 
Charlemont) descended from William Kingsmill, of Bailyowen, claim 
royal descent through his marriage with Dorothy, daughter of Sir 
Warham St. Leger, assumed to he the same Sir Warham who married 
Ursula Nevil, daughter of George Nevil, third Lord Bergavenny. Tlie 
alleged descent is printed in full in Burke's " Royal and Noble 
Families " (No. '219), " Pedigree of Guinness." It is, however, wrecked 
in the first instance by chronological considerations. Ursula Ncvil's 
daughter Anne, or Agnes, who married Thomas Digges, died in 1G3G, 
aged 81, as appears from her epitaph quoted in Collins' "Peerage" 
(under Clermont), from Le Neve's " Monumenta," vol. i, p. 170. She 
was born therefore in 1555. Now William Kingsmill was son of Sir 
Francis, who was captain in Queen Elizabeth's army in Ireland in 1G00, 
and whose eldest brother, Sir William, was born in 1557 ("Notes and 
Queries," 3 d Ser., vol. i, p. 376). Berry in his "Hants Genealogies" 
makes Francis the sixth son of the first Sir William, William being 
the eldest It is hardly possible that William Kingsmill should marry 
a lady whose full sister was many years older than his own father. But 
what is still more conclusive is that Dorothy, widow of William 
Kingsmill, was living in 1G7~), when she was party to a suit in which 
Lord Massereene was plaintiff. (Appendix to Sixth Report of the 
Deputy Keeper of the Records in Ireland, p. G2). The solution of 
the difficulty is supplied by a brief MS. pedigree in the Ollice of Arms, 
Dublin (" Pedigrees," vol. v, p. 138), written in the seventeenth 
century, from which I make an extract : — 

Antony St. Leger, of Ulcombe, K. G. , Agnes, da. of Hugh 
Lord Deputy. I Warham. 

Sir Warham St. Leger. ^Ursula, da of William St. Leger. ^Isabel Keys. 

| (ieo. Nevil. | 

Antony St. Leger, of=f=Mary, da. of Thoa. Scott, of Sir Warham St. Leger (killed 
Ulcombe. I Scott'.s Hall. in .single combat by Maguire 

in 159".) 

r J I 

Sir W T arham=fda. of Sir Rowland Heyward. William St. Leger. 

St. Leger. j 

Antony St. Leger, of Ulcombe. 

This last Sir William St. Leger was Lord President of Minister, and 
it is certain that William Kingsinill's wife was his sister, for in the 
histories of the time it is stated that in 1G41 "the rabble plundered 
Mr. Win. Kingsmill, of Bailyowen, brother-in-law of the Lord President." 
(Smith's "History of Cork," ii. ill). It is clear, therefore, that the 
uncle and nephew have been confounded in the- published pedigrees* 

1 KldenL hou, but. dininlierited. In tlio pedigree of Lord Doneniilo in burke, thin 
line i.M given correctly arcunling to the MS, line cited, 



However, I am able to trace a royal descent, which includes all the 
families interested in this fallacious one and others besides. It is as 
follows : — 

Edward I, m. secondly Margaret, da. 
of Philip of France. 


Thomas de Brothertim, Earl of Norfolk. 


Margaret, Duchess of Norfolk. =f= John, Lord Segrave. 

r J ' 

Elizabeth.^ John, Lord Mowbray. 

r J 

Eleanor. =p John, Lord Welles. 

, l 

Eleanor (second=j=Sir Hugh Poynings. 
wife). | 

Constance de Poynings.=j=Sir John Paulct. 

John Paulet.=pEleanor, da. of Robert Roos, of Gedncy. 

r — J 

Sir John Paulet.=pAlice, da. of Sir Win. Poulett. 

Eleanor =pSir Win. Gifford, of Ishill. 

Sir John Gilford. -j-Joan, da. of Henry Bruges. 


Joan.ySir John Kingsmill, Judge CP. (d. 1509). 
L 1 . 

Sir John Kingsmill. '-i-Constance Goring. 

Sir William Kingsmill. ^Bridget Raleigh. 

Sir William. Sir Francis. Ferdinando. George. other issue. 

r J 

William, of=Dorothy St. Leger (da. of Sir 
Ballyowen. Warham St. Leger, who was 
killed by Maguire). 

fiord Mowbray, whose da. married Lord Welles, was descended from 
Henry 111, his mother being a daughter of Henry Plantagonet, Marl of 
Lancaster. My authorities are, for the earlier steps, Dovles " OJHcial 
Baronage," for the Poynings links, the Poynings genealogy in the 

1 Sir George, second son of this Sir John, and like his grand father U Judge (j V 
married Sarah, da. of Sir James Harington and Lucy Sidney, a lineal descendant of 
Edward I, by his lirsl wife, Klcaiior. 


11 Sussex Archaeological Collections," vol. xv ; for the Paulet links the 
genealogy of the Marquis of Winchester in Burke, and for those that 
follow, Berry's " Hants Genealogies." 

The three brothers, Francis, Ferdinando, and George were all serving 
in the Queen's army in Ireland about 1594-1G10. John, said to be a 
cousin, obtained a grant of land in Donegal in 1612. A Rev. Antony 
Kingsmill, B.A., Cantab. 1598, ordained 1599 (son of Rev. Antony, 
Vicar of Milton), having been collated to the Prebend of Cahirultan in 
1599, was in 1639 or 1640 appointed Rector of Mallow. 1 Mallow had 
been granted by Queen Elizabeth to Sir Thomas Norreys, who m. 
Bridget, daughter of Sir William Kingsmill (the second). On his death 
in 1599 the property passed to his son-in-law, Sir John Jcphson. The 
patronage of the living belonged to his representatives when the Irish 
Church was disestablished. A daughter of Sir Francis Kingsmill m. 
firstly "an Irish esquire," and secondly Mr. St. Michel, by whom 
she was mother of Sam. Pepys' wife. Is it known who the Irish 
esquire was 1 ? 

Tiiomas Kingsmill Abbott, B.D., Litt. D. 


Communicated by J. 0. Wai.lack-Jamhs. 

Tlio Convent of St. Catherine of Sienna, near Edinburgh, was one of 
tlie last Religious Houses to be founded, before the Reformation 
introduced a new order of affairs in Scotland . The chief founder was 
Lady Janet Hepburn, dmighter of Tat rich, Earl of Uolhwell, and 
widow of CeoijM', lift 1 1 Lord Selouu, who fell at Flodvteii. The laud on 
whndi \kw Moiwe.toiv Nlood was the gift of Sir John Crawford, Canon 
of Si. Ciles, and of John Cant, a burgess of Edinburgh, and Agnes 
Carkettle, his spouse. The Sisters of the Sheens, as the JMuns were 
called, bore a high character for piety and virtue. Sir David Lindsay, 
who was not sparing of his satire on the vices of the religious, says of 
this house that Chastity — 

Thaire lies scho found hir mother Povertie 

And devotioun her awin sister Carnall 

There hes scho found Faith. Hope and Charitie 

Togidder with the Virtues Cardinall 

Thare hes .scho, found ane Convent yit untlirall 

To dame Sensual], nor with ryches abusit 

So quietlye those ladyis bene inelusit. j 

1 These dates are from Cotton's Fasti. If they are correct the patron was then 
the son of Sir John Jephson (who died 1638) ; or perhaps the fi ne date was I6?>£. 
Mallow is certain, for his claim for compensation for losses by the rebels in 1011 
exists in Trinity College Library. Cotton, who is uncertain about Mallow, was not 
aware of this. 



The family of Carkettle was an opulent and very important one 
in the Burgh of Edinburgh, and at one time or another owned 
Ovcrlibertoun in Midlothian, Forglen in Peebles, and Markle in East 

The following deed illustrates a usual family arrangement by which a 
daughter got a settlement in life by becoming a professed sister in a 
Convent — 

Tliir Indenture maid at ye place callit Sanct Katherine of Scnys 
beside Edinburgh the saxt day of October the zeir of God i m v c xxv zcris 
contenis purportis and bcris witnes in yaim self vat it is appointit 
aggreit and finally concordat betuix honorable pcrsonis Elizabeth 
Carkettill, ane of ye dochteris and airis of umquhile Thomas Carkettill 
burges of ye burgh of Edinburgh and als ane of ye sisteris and airis 
of umquhile Johne Carkettill and Adam Stewart burges of the said 
burgh, hir spoils for his interess on yat ane parte. And Katherine 
Carkettill sister to ye said Elizabeth and als ane of ye airis of ye saidis 
umquhile Thomas and Johne, hir fader and bruthir and ane of ye 
sisteris of ye ardour of Sanct Augustyn under the cur of ye freris 
predicatouris utherwayes callet Sanct Katherine of the Scnys beside 
Edinburgh and Katherine Seatoun priores yairof with consent of freir 
Johne Grierson provinciall of the saidis freris predicatoures on yat uther 
part. In maner following, yat is to say the said Katherine sail enter 
be breves of Inqueist or utherways as ane of ye airis foir saidis to all 
and siudry ane half of ye landis and annuellis rentis within ye burgh 
of Edin 1 ' and toun of Leith quhilkis pertonit to ye saidis umquhile 
Thomas and Johne the tyme of yair deceiss. And yairefter sail resigne 
the samyn in ye handis of ane of ye bail lies of the said burgh and 
utheris superioris yairof as efleris for hcretabill infeftment to be geviu 
to ye saidis Elizabeth and Adam and to ye airis of ye said Elizabeth 
quhalsumeuir. And the said Elizabeth that samyn tyme sail enter 
inlikways as ane of ye airis foirsaidis to that uther half of the saidis 
landis and annuell rentis and yairefter incontinent resigne in ane of ye 
bailies handis of the said burgh ten inerkis of annuell, nsuale money of 
Scotland to be tilUO up yearly of all and liaill the landis quhilkis 
pertenit to ye saidis uiuqnliile Thomas and Johne at t \va nsnale tennes 
in ye yeir Witsonday and Merty nines in winter be Cqualc portiones to be 
gevin to the priores and convent of the said place and yair successors 
to rcmane with yame perpetualy be charter and sesing with consent of 
hir said spous in t he best forme can be divisit. And als with consent of 
hir said spous sail infeft the said priores and convent in twenty inerkis 
of yeirly annuell to be tane up of all and haill the saidis landis at the 
termes foirsaidis attour the saidis ten merkis ayand quhill the saidis 
Elizabeth and Adam or yair aris foirsaidis content and pay to the saidis 
priores and convent of the said place for the tyme, the sonin of tua 
hundreth pundis all togidder in ane souin and on ane day, quhilk beaud 
payt yai sail renunee and ourgill" the saidis twenty nierkisof annuell 
fivly to the saidis Klizabcth and Adam and yair airis foirsaidis. And 
yai sail gif ane reversionc in dew forme yairnpon as eU'eris yi! ntheris 
ten inerkis remanand heretably as said is. And sa lang as the saidis 
Elizabeth, Adam and yair airis makis thankfull payment of the foir- 
saidis annuellis, the saidis landis nor ground sail not be poindit nor 



distrenyeit yairfoir. And the saidis Elizabeth and Katherine sail com- 
peir in prescns of ane bailye in jugement and mak faith yat yai ar not 
compellit to mak the saidis resigiiatipnis and infeftrnentis. In witness 
heirof to ye part of thir indenture remanand with the said Adam and 
his spons, the Cheptonr sele of the said place for the said Katherine, 
and iu takin of consent of the said priores and provinciale is ailixt. And 
to the part heirof remanand with the said Katherine, priores and place, 
the proper selis of the saidis Elizabeth and Adam ar atlixt : yeir day 
and place foirsaidis befoir yair witnes Maisteris Robert Galbraith. James 
Fowlis frier Alex r Lanson prior of ye saidis freris predicatouris frier 
Johne Skynnair frier Johne Smyth, JSehir Johne Stewart chapellan. 


The following list of Funeral Certificates 1 applies only to those 
which have been printed or referred to in printed works, in which latter 
case the name is set in italics. To save space the letters "A, B, C," &c, 
are nsed to denote certain works (as under) which contain or refer to 
many such entries, snch letters being followed by " 1, II," Arc, to denote 
the volume when the work is in more than one volume, and by the page 
when the work is of a miscellaneous character, e.g., " D, III, 28G," stands 
for " Coll. Top. et Gen., vol. iii, p. 280." 

The several works thus indicated are as under — 

"A" denotes "Observations on parish registers" by R. Rigland, 1 to, 
1764, a small volume containing 1G funeral certificates which is, 
apparently, the first printed work that calls attention to them. 

"B" denotes vol. vi. of "lite Record Society for Lancashire and 
Cheshire" [1882], edited (with the greatest ability) by ,1. 1\ 
Kylands, E.S.A., and containing no less than 285 Cheshire and 12 
Lancashire certificates, 1C00 to 1 G7 8. 

"O" denotes No. Ixxv. of " The Chetham Society Publications" [18G9], 
containing 12 Lancashire certificates, with copious and most 
interesting notes on them by the editors, " T. W. King, Esq., F.S.A., 
York Herald," and " the Rev. F. R. Raines, M.A., F.S.A." 

"D" denotes "Collectanea Topograpldca et Genealocjica" edited by 
J. G Nichols, F.S.A., 8 vols., 1834—1843 

J Funeral certificates were instituted by order of the Earl Marshal, 18 July 1568, 
which order is set forth in " C," page 1, where (p. v) as also in B " (pp. V-xxiiij and 
in "D " (iii, 286), is some account of them, the author stating that " they continue 
to the close of the following century : after which period the}' gradually fell into 
disuse." Certain State funerals, however, (e.y., those of Nelson, Wellington, &c.), 
are of their character. Some account of the numerous entries of these certificates, 
which exist in the i coords of the College of Arms, as also of those at the British 
Museum, &c., is in Sinus's " Manual for the Genealoyi&t " (1856), pp. 284—286, tho' the 
" early funerals " from 1550 to 1563 (mentioned in "D"iv, p. Ill), in the " J/6'. 
Cotton, Vitellius, F. v.," and others (mentioned therein, p. 3.71) are omitted. 


"B" denotes "The Topographer and Genealogist" edited as above, 
3 vols., 1846—1858. 

"F" denotes " The Herald and Genealogist" edited as above, 8 vols., 
1863— 1874. 

"G" denotes " The Genealogist" but, inasmuch as there are two scries 

" G a * denotes the original series ed. by G. W. Marshall, LL.D., 
FS.A., 7 vols., 1877—1883. 

" G b " denotes the second series thereof, ed. successively by 
W. D. Selby, K. W. Murray, and H. W. F. Harwood, 
of which there are (up to this date of 1895) 11 vols., 

"H" denotes the 11 Miscellanea Qenealogica et Ileraldica," ed. by J. J. 
Howard, LL.D., F.S.A., but, inasmuch as there are three series 

44 H l " denotes the original series thereof, 2 vols., 186G — 76. 

44 H b " denotes the " New Series " thereof, 4 vols., 1874—84. 

44 H° " denotes the " Second Series " thereof of which there are 
(up to this date of 1895) 5 vols , 1886—94. 

In these eleven vols, there are above 120 funeral certificates, which, 
in ninny cases, are accompanied with extracts from wills, 
parish registers, pedigrees, ike, illustrating the persons com- 

"J " denotes the " London and Middlesex Note Book" ed. by W. P. W. 
Phillimore, M.A., B.C L , containing {inter alia) an account (by 
(1. K. C.) of the Lord Mayors and Sheriffs of London from 1602 to 
1618, with many references to funeral certificates in the College of 
Anus, referring to them and their descendants. 

"K" denotes the " Roman Catholic families of England based on the 
Lawson MSS." ed. by .). J. Howard, LL.D., F.S.A., of which five 
families (Arundell, Fermor, Hunloke, Petre, and Phelips), have (up 
to this date of 1895) been issued. 

"L" denotes the list of funeral certificates given in "G b , II, 87," as 
being contained in " State Papers, Domestic, 164?, bundle 324, No. 

"M" denotes the list given in " D, IV, 384," as being contained in 
" Harl. MS., 1368, accompanied by pedigrees." 

G. E. C. 


Abbot, Ceorge, Archbishop of Canterbury; 1633. Surrey Arch. Coll. 
Ill, 257 ; also A. 
,, Dame Margaret, b. Barnes, m. Sir Maurice A.; 1636/ Ditto; 
also J, 41. 

Adimare, alias Cajsar, Dorcas, 6. Martin, m. Julius A. alias C, Dr. of 

Laws; 1595. D, IV, 374. 
Agar, Andrew, Gent. ; York [ — ]. L. 
A Icock, "William, Jnnholder; Chester; 1606. B. 



Aldersey, Fulke, Alderman; Chester; 1G08. B. 

,, June, b. Constantino, m. John A., Alderman; Chester; 1G30. 

,, John, son and h. of John A. ; Chester; 1G30. B. 
„ Mary, b. Brercton, m. William A. ; Chester; 1615. B. 
„ William, Alderman ; Chester [husband of above] ; 161G. B. 
,, William. Alderman ; Chester; 1G25. B. 
Alington [Jane, b. Morison], m. George A. Esq. ; Swynhope, co. Lincoln ; 

1611. D, IV, 374. 
Allen, Alice, b. Brer wood, m. Ralph A. ; Chester; 1604. B., also H a , 
I, 45. 

Edward, Merchant ; Chester ; 1631. B. 

,, Ralph, Alderman; Chester; 1604. B., also H a , I, 45. 

,, William, Mayor of Chester ; 1631. B. 
Amery, Elizabeth, b. Wall, m. Robert A., Gent. ; Chester; 1612. B. 

,, Robert, Gent. ; Chester [husband of above] ; 1613. B. 
Anderson, Sir Edmund, Knt, L. Ch. Justice of Common Pleas; 1605. 

lumber's Baronetage" II, 292 ; also K. 
Armstrong, Gabriel, Esq. ; Thorpe, Notts ; 1638. G a , VII, 114. 
Arundel, Mary, Countess of, b. Arundell ; 1557. K. 
Arundell, John ; Cornwall; 1633. K. 

Arundell of Wardour, Anne, Baroness, b. Philipson ; 1637. K. 
Ashawe, Leonard, Ksq. ; Shaw, Lancashire ; 1633. B. 
Aston, Dame Klizabcth, />. Mauwaring, m. Sir Thomas A. ; Cheshire- ; 
1606. B and H a , I, 85. 
,, Sir Thomas, Knt. ; Aston, Cheshire [husband of above] : 1613. B. 
Aubrey, William, D.C.L. ; London; 1595; D, IV, 375. 
Aylmer, John, Bishop of London ; 1594. D, III, 287, also H b , IV, 154. 


Ricon, Sir Nathaniel, Knt.; Still'key, Norfolk; 1622. H a , IT, 319. 
I tags hu we, Thomas, Gent. ; Ridge, Derbyshire ; 1632. G 1 ', I, 184, 
Raker. Sir Richard, Knt. J Sissinghurst, Kent ; 1591. E, II, 383. 
Rail, William, Alderman ; Chester [1591V). B. 
Rarlow, Sir Alexander ; Rarlow, Lancashire; 1620. C. 
Rarueby, Thomas, Gent.; Rromyard, Herefordshire; 1634. H b , II, 234. 
Rarnes, Elizabeth, b. Wall, m. John B., sometime (1576) Sheriff of 
Chester. B. 

Barret, Anne, b. Somerset, m. Edward B. Esq.; Aveley, Essex; 1568. 
D, IV, 371. 

Bate, Martha, widow, b. Leech, m. William B., M.D. ; Chester; 1628. B. 
Rathow, Edward, Alderman; Chester; 1628. B. 
Batty, John, Gent. ; Chester; 1613. B. 
Bavand, Richard, Alderman ; Chester ; 1603. B. 

Bayly, Anne, widow, b. Bagnall, m. Francis Bayly, Bishop of Bangor; 

1633. B. " 1 , 

Bedford, Francis (Russell), Earl of ; 1585. Wiffen's "Russell family," 

I. 315. 

Bedingfield, Anne, b. Moulton, m. Edmund B. Esq.; Suffolk; 1595. 
D, IV, 377. 

Beere Edward, Gent. ; Dartford, Kent; 1627/8. H b , I, 325. 



Bccston, Sir George, Knt. ; Beeston, Cheshire ; 1G01. B, also H il , I, 34. 
„ Hugh, Esq. ; Beeston, Cheshire; 1G08. B. 
,, Sir Hugh, Knt. ; Beeston, Cheshire ; 1626. B. 

Bell, Richard, Gent. ; York ; [ ]. L. 

Bennet, Ambrose (son and heir of Sir Thomas B.) ; 1630. J. 

,, John, Merchant (another son of Sir Thomas B.) ; 1631. J. 

Richard, Mercer (another son of Sir Thomas B.) ; 1628. J. 
,, Sir Simon, Bart, (another son of Sir Thomas B.) ; 1631. J. 
Sir Thomas, Knt., A Id. (sometime, 1603—04, Sheriff) of London ; 
1626/7. J. 

„ 'Thomas, Aid. (sometime, 1613 — 14, Sheriff) of London) 1620. J. 
Berkeley, see " Falmouth," Earl of. 

Billingsley, Sir Henry, Knt.; London; 1606. H a , I, 251. 

,, Dame Susan, widow of above, b. Tracy ; 1633. H a , I, 252. 
Bird, Anne, b. Tompson, m. Thomas B., Aid. of Chester; 1631. B. 

,, Richard, Gent, (sometime, 1581, Sheriff of) Chester; 1603. B. 
Birkenhead, Alice, b. Singleton, m. Henry B. ; Backford, Cheshire ; 
1632. B. 

,, Henry, Esq. ; Huxley, Cheshire ; 1612. B. 
Bispham, William, Gent. ; Bispham, Lancashire; 1639. B. 
Blackwall, Wendesley, Gent.; Dethick, Derbyshire; 1636. G a , VII, 

Blake, General [i.e., Robert Blake, Admiral] 1657. F, VII, 57. 
Blease, Margaret, b. Rislcy, m. Robert R. ; Chester; 1612. B. 

,, Robert, Alderman ; Chester; 1631. B. 
Bold, Peter, Esq. ; Upton, Cheshire, 1605. B. 

,, Richard, Esq. ; Bold, Lancashire ; 1635. C. 
Bolles, Thomas, Esq. ; Osberton, Notts ; 1636. G\ VII, 143. 
Booth, Sir George, Bart. ; Cheshire; 1652. B. 

,, Dame Katharine, b. Anderson, m. Sir George B. Bart. ; 1639. B. 

,, Humphrey, Cent. ; Sa If ord, Lancashire ; 1633. B. 

,, Sir John, Knt. ; Woodford, Cheshire J 1678. B. 

„ Vere, b. Egerton, m. William R. Esq. (son and heir [ap.] of Sir 
George R. Hart); 1629. B. 

„ William, Esq., son and heir [ap.] of Sir George B. Bart ; 1636. B. 
Rostock, George, Esq. ; Holt, Denbighshire, 1627. B. 

„ Katharine, b. Whitmore, m. George B. ; Churton, Cheshire, 
1632. B. 

„ Richard, Gent. ; Tattenhall, Cheshire, 1630. B. 
Boulton, William, Gent. ; Hankelow, Cheshire, 1629. B. 
Bowes, Sir Talbot, Knt. ; Stretlam Castle, Durham ; [ — ] ; L. 

,, 'Thomas, Gent. ; Strcatlam, Durham ; [ — ] L. 
Bray, John (Bray), Lord ; 1557. Lysons's " Knvirous" (edit. 1795), ii, 

93 and 97 ; also Faulkner's " Chelsea." 
Brereton, Jane, b. Warburton, m. William B., Esq. ; Ashley, Cheshire ; 
1627. B. 

„ Sir J ohn, son and heir ap. of William, Lord Rrereton ; 1629. B. 

,, John, Alderman : Chester, 1631. B. 

„ Sir Randal, Knt.; Malepace, Cheshire ; 1611. B. 

„ Richard, Esq. ; Wettenhall and Ecleston, Cheshire; 1625. B. 

„ Roger, Esq. ; Hal ton, Flintshire, 1625. B. 



Brercton, Dame Susanna, h. Booth, m. Sir William B., Bart., 1G37. B. 
„ William (Brercton), Lord ; 1G31. B. 

William, Esq ; Honford, Cheshire ; 1601. B, also H a , I, 31. 
„ William, Esq ; Ashley, Cheshire ; 1G30. B. 
„ William, Gent. ; Ashley, Cheshire (3d son of above) ; 1631. B. 
Brerewood, Anne, b. Manwaring, m. Robert B., Esq. ; Chester; 1630. B. 
„ Jane, b. Powell, m. Robert B., Alderman of Chester ; 1 6 1 3. B. 
Robert, Mayor of Chester ; 1601. B, and H* 1, 30. 
Bressey, John, Gent. ; Teverton, Cheshire; 1615. B. 
Bretagh, Katharine, b. Bruen, m. William B., Gent. ; Brettcrsholt, 

Lancashire, 1601. C, also H a , I, 32. 
Bridgeman, Dove, Prebendary of Chester; 1637. B. 

Elizabeth, b. Halliar, m. John B., Bp. of Chester; 1630. B. 
Brock, Robert, Gent ; Upton, Cheshire; 1603. B. 
Bromley, Hugh, Esq. ; Hampton and Norbury, Cheshire ; 1628. B. 
Brooke, Fiifk (Greville), Lord ; 1628. Grimaldi's " Oritjincs also A. 
Brooke, Elizabeth, b. Marbury, m. Thomas B., Esq. ; Norton, Cheshire ; 
1604. B. 

„ Sir Richard, Knt. ; Norton, Cheshire ; 1632. B. 

„ Thomas, Esq^ ; Norton, Cheshire ; 1622. B. 
Brostcr, James, Innholder ; Chester; 1606. B. ; 

,, Margaret, b. Lyneall, m. Richard B., Tanner; Chester; 1618. B. 
Broughton, Valentine, Alderman; Chester; 1603. B, and H a , 1, 45. 
Browne, sec " Montagu," Viscountcy. 

Browne, Elizabeth, b. r>irckenhead, m. Thomas B., Gent. ; lloolo, 
Cheshire ; 1602. B. 
,, Matthew, Gent. ; Chester; 1634. B. 
,, . Richard, Esq. ; Upton, Cheshire ; 1624. B. 
Bruen, John, Esq. ; Bruen Stapleford, Cheshire ; 1625. B. 
Buckingham, Mary, (sub jure) Countess of, b. Beaumont, widow of Sir 

George Villiers ; 1632. D, VI, 22. 
Buckle, Sir Cuthbort, Knt., Lord Mayor of London ; 1594. D. Ill, 286, 
alsoH", IV, 7. 

Bullock, Henry, Gent ; Hrainpton, Derbyshire ; 1633. G b , I, 185. 
Bunbury, Sir Henry, Knt. ; Stanney, Cheshire; 1634. B. 

„ Thomas, Esq.; Stanney, Cheshire; 1601. B, also H a , I, 29. 
.jBurdet, Francis, Esq. ; Burthwait, Yorkshire ; [ — ] ; L 
Burr, Margaret, widow, b. Midleton, m. Walter B. of London ; Chester ; 
1636. B. 

Bushell, Dame Anne, b. Gargrave, m. Sir Edward B. ; Northwich 

Cheshire ; 1634. B. 
Button, Edward, Alderman ; Chester; 1618. B. 


C;esar, alias Adimare, see Adimarc. t 
Caldwell, Daniel ; Horndon, Essex; 1634. H c , III, 104J , 

Samuel, Gent. ; North Muskham, Notts ; 1636. "G a , VII, 112. 
Calthorpe, Anthony, Esq.; Bromley, Kent ; 1594. D, IV, 372. 
Calveley, Sir George, Kn fc ; Ley, Cheshire; 1619/20. B. 

„ Hugh, 2 d son of Hugh C. : Ley, Cheshire ; 1006. B. 

Mary, b. Cholmondeley, in. Cicorge C, Esq. ; Lea, Cheshire 
1616. B. 



Calveley, John, Esq.; Saughtoh on the hill, Cheshire; 1629. B. ; 

„ Ralph, Esq, ; Saugh ton on the hill, Cheshire ; 1G19. B. 
Cambell, Dame Alice, b. Bright ; m. Sir Thomas C. ; 1 GOG/7. J. 

Sir James, Kid., sometime (1G29-30) L. Maijor of London; 
1641/2. J. 

„ Rohpyt, Cit. and Ironmonger ; London; 1638. J. , 
,, SirThomas,sometime(l(jO$-\Q) L. May or of London ; 1613/4. J. 
Canterbury, Archbishop of; see Abbott. 

Case, Thomas, Gent., Attorney of the Exchequer; Chester; 1G3I. B. 
Castletou, Nicholas (Saunderson), Viscount ; 1631. D, IV, 381. 
Cecil, Dame Elizabeth, b. Lrooke, m. Sir Robert C, Knt. ; 159G. D, 

Chaplin, Sir Francis, soinetimc (1677-78) L. Mayor of London ; 1680. A. 
Charlton, Thomas, Cent. ; Sandiacre, Derbyshire; 1631. G» VII, 115. 

,, Thomas, Gent. ; Uisley, Heiabyshire ; 1638. G 11 , VII, 115. 
Ohaso, Matthew, (lent. ; Chesham, Ducks; 1638. H 1 , II, 181. 
Chetham, Humphrey, Ksq. § Clayton, Lancashire; I6 r )3. B. 
Chetwode, Kichard, 'Ksq. ; London; 1559/60. D, IV, 112. 

or [Chitwode) Sir Liichard, Knt. ; London; 1635; H°, I, 122. 
Chichester, Dante [ — ], in. Sir Hubert C. Knight of the Bath ; 1615. M. 
Chisenhall, Edward, Cent; Chisenhall, Lancashire; 1633. B. 
Cholmeley, Hanulph, Esq. ; London ; 1563. D, IV, 112. 
Cholmondeley, Sir Hugh, Knt. ; Cheshire ; 1601. B, also H a , I, 32. 

,, Dame Marv, b. Hoi ford, ///.Sir I InghC; ( Cheshire ; 1625. B. 

Clare, Cilbert (Holies), Earl of; 1691, H, IV, 62. 

Clare, Susan, b. Norton, in. Henry C. Gent. ; Dublin ; 1634. H l , 1,139. 
Clarke, George, Haberdasher ; Manchester ; 1637. C. 

„ Godfrey, Gent. ; Somersall, 1 )erbyshire, ; 1631; G h , I, 186. 
Clinton, see " Lincoln," Earl of 

Cokayne, William, Esq.; London; 1599, H c , TV, 101. 

Sir William, Alderman (sometime, 1(519-20, L. Mayor) London ; 
1626. HP IV, 105 
Coney, Dorothy, b. Casse, m. Thomas C. ; Chester ; 163-1. B. 
Coplfti, (iod/rrif, E</. ; Sprotborough, Yorkshire; [ — ]; L. 
Cornwall is, Thomas, Ksq. ; Last, llorsley, Surrey ; 15 ( J7. D, III, 291. 
Cosin, John, Bishop ©f Durham; 1671. Surtees's " Durham v 1, cxlv. 
Cotgrave, George, Gent. ; Chester; 1608. B. 

Cottington, Erances, Baroness, b. Meredeth, m. Erancis, Baron C. ; 1633. 
D, VI, 22. 

Cotton, Edward, Esq. ; Cotton, Chester ; 1603. B. 
Coventry, Thomas (Coventry), Karl of; 1599. F, VII, 08. 
Cowper, John, Ksq.; London; 1609. H', II, 311. 
Crompton, William; Alderman; Chester; 1675. B. 

Dade, Thomas, Cent.; Tannington, Suflblk ; 1619. H", I, 186. j 
I )aliHon, Sir Charles, Knt., Serjeant at Law; London; 1668. H" II, 

„ Sir Maximilian, Knt. ; Hailing, Kent ; 1639. H <: , 11, 117. 
Dal ton, Laurence, Ksq., Norroy King of Arms ; 1561. D, IV, 12. 
Danald, Elizabeth, l>. Ince, in. Christopher D. ; Chester, 1632. B. 



Darcy, Elizabeth, b. Eveling, ra. Francis D. Esq. ; Dartford, Kent 

1634. H c , I, 33. 
Dauntesey, William, Esq.; Agecroft, Lancashire; 1G37. B. 
Davenport, Hugh, Gent. ; Boughton, Cheshire; 1636. B. 

John, Esq. ; Davenport, Cheshire; 1635. B. 
Katharine, b. Hope, m. Arthur D. Esq. ; Calveley, Cheshire ; 
1634. B. 

Dawes, Sir Jonathan, Alderman and Sheriff; London; 1672. H c , IV, 

Deane [Richard], General, 1653. P, VII, 57. 

Derby, Alice (Stanley) Dow. Countess of, b. Spencer; 1636/7. O. 

Edward (Stanley), Earl of; 1572. C, also Collins's " Peerage," 
under "Derby." 

Henry (Stanley), Earl of ; 1593. 0. 
Despcncer, Mary (Nevill), Baroness ; 1626. A. 

Dod, Elizabeth, widow, b. Hockncll, m. William D. Gent.; Chester; 
1609. B. 

„ William, Gent. ; Chester; 1605. B. 
Domville, Kdward [ftsq.] ; Lymme, Cheshire, 1639. B. 
Done, Dame Dorothy, b. Wilbraham, m. Sir John I). ; Utkington, 
Cheshire; 1635. B. 
„ Jane, widow, b. Massey, m. John D. ; Utkington, Cheshire; 
1618. B. 

,, Sir John, Knt. ; Utkington, Cheshire ; 1629. B. 
,, John, Esq ; Utkington, Cheshire; 1601. B. ; also H a , I, 28. 
,, John, Esq., son and heir of Sir John D. ; Utkington ; Cheshire ; 
1630. B. 

Dorset, Richard (Sackville), Earl of; 1624. A. 

Dowson. James, M, A., Schoolmaster ; Chester; 1617. B. 

Drinkwater, Peter, Alderman ; Chester; 1631. B. 

,, Thomas, son and heir [ap.] of above ; 1630. B. 

Drury, Sir Robert, Knt.; Hawsted, Suffolk ; 1615. Gent. Mag. 101, 
pt. ii, 595. 

Duekinfield, Robert, Esq. ; Duekinfield, Cheshire; 1621. B. 

,, Robert, Esq. ; Duekinfield, Cheshire ; 1630. B. 
Dukinfield, alias Martin, see Martin. 
Dumvile, see Domvile. 

Dunch, William, Esq.; Berks; 1597. D, III, 293. 
Durham, Bishop of, see Cosin. 

Dutton, Edward, Esq. ; Ilatton, Cheshire; 1620. B. 
,, Thomas, Ksq. ; Hatton, Cheshire ; 1614. B. 


Eaton, Dorothy [Spinster] ; Chester; 1633. B. 

„ Gilbert, Brewer ; Chester; 1628. B. 
Engheham, Sir Kdward, Knt. ; Canterbury, 1636. H', T, 33. 

,, Sir Th'tmas, Knt. ; Goodneston, Kent; 1621. j H l> , I, 67. 
Edwards, John, Gent. ; Cheveley, Cheshire, 1637. B. 
Kgerton, Ralph, Ksq. ; Ridley, Cheshire ; 1619. B. 

„ Sir Richard, Knt. ; Ridley, Cheshire ; 1628. B. 
„ Thomas, Gent., son and heir [ap.J of Thomas E. ; Ridley, 
Cheshire; 1612/3. B. 


Egerton, Thomas, Gent. ; Ridley, Cheshire; 1617. B. 
Ellis, Matthew, Gent. ; Overleigh, Cheshire; 1613. B. 
Elwes, Elizabeth, widow, b. Gabott, m. Geo fiery E. ; London ; 1625. 
H a , II, 4. 

„ Geoffrey, Alderman; London; 1616. H ;i , II, 4 ; also M. 
Evans, Thomas, Esq. ; Northop, Flintshire ; [ — .] L. 
Evatt, John, Dean of Elphin ; 1634. H b , I, 426. 
Evelyn, George, Esq. ; Westdeane, Wilts ; 1636. H c , I, 2 and 67. 

„ John, Esq. ; Godstone, Surrey ; 1627. H c , I, 1. 
Everinge, John; Alkhani, Kent; 1625. H c , I, 165. 
Eyton, Edward, Esq. ; Ricabon, Denbighshire ; 1628. H°, I, 175. 
Eyre, Garvis, fCsq. ; Langhton, Yorkshire ; [— .] L. 

„ Robert, Gent; Highlow, Derbyshire ; 1622 [1628 ?] G b , I, 185. 

., Thomas, Gent; ; Highlow, Derbyshire ; 1633. G'\ 1, 181. 

,, Thomas, Esq., Hassop, Derbyshire ; 1637. G b , I, 85. 


Falmouth, Charles (Berkeley), Earl of ; 1665. A. 

Fanshawe, Henry, Esq. ; Rem of the Exchequer ; 1568. H a , I, 314. 

„ Mary, //. Rmrchier, in. Thomas F., Esq. ; 1578. H a , I, 315. 

„ Sir Richard, Rait. ; 1671. H :l , I, 318, also " E&st Autjlian" 
II, 120. 

,, Thomas, Esq. ; Rem. of the Exchequer ; 1600. H a , I, 315. 
„ Tlx anas, Genl. ; Dionfield, Derbyshire; 1623 [1638 ?] G 1 ', 
II, 86 

,, Sir Thomas, Knt. ; Jenkins in Barking, Essex ; 1631. H\ 
1, 316. 

,, William, Esq., Auditor of the Duchy of Lancaster; 1634. 
H\ 1317. 

Former, Sir Johllj Knt ; Northamptonshire; 1571. K. 
Ftirmor, Sir George, 1612. M 

Fisher, Thomas, Esq. ; AVarwick ; 1577. H a , IV, 155, 
Fitton, Anne, widow, b. Fitton, i». William F., Esq. ; Caurdcn, Cheshire; 
1637. B. 

,, Ellen, Calcott, in. .lohn F. ; Alderman of Chester; 1608. B. 
,, John, Alderman of Chester ; 1605. B. 

,, Margaret, Spinster, only da. of Sir Edward F., Hart. ; (Jaws- 
worth, Cheshire ; 1631. B. 
,, William, Esq. ; Garden, Cheshire; 1636. B. 
Fleetwood, William, Recorder of London ; 1593. O. 
Fletcher, Agnes, widow, b. Wall, m. Thomas F., Alderman of Chester ; 
1601. B, also m\ I, 43. 
,, Elizabeth, b. Ratclifle, m. Richard F. ; Chester; 1627. B. 
,, Richard, sometime Sheriff of Chester ; 1634. B. 
,, Sybil, b. Barnes, m. Robert F. ; Chester ; 1608. B. 
,, Thomas, Alderman of Chester; 1600 B. j 
Foljambc, Godfrey, Esq ; Walton, Derbyshire; 1595. D, II, 399;. 
Forth, Robert, D r of Laws; London; 1595. D, 111, 310. 
Framlingham, Sir Charles, Knt. ; Debnam, Suffolk ; 1595. D, IV, 374. 
Franklin. Richard, Esq. ; Willesden, Midx. ; 1015. H ,: , V, 264. 
Frere, Mr. William ; 1 6 1 1 . M 



Frewen, Accepted, Archbishop of York; 1664. A ; also Grimaldi's 

" Origines" 

Frodsham, John, Gent.; Elsham, Cheshire; 1609. B. 
Fuller, Nicholas, Esq., Counsellor at Law; Thatcham, Berks; 1619. 
H b , I, 326. 


Gamul, Andrew, Alderman; Chester; 1626. B. 

,, Eleanor, b. Cottgrave, m. William G., Aid. of Chester; 1615. B. 

,, ISfiiry, b. Billit, m. Thomas G. ; Chester; 1631. B. 

,, Thomas, Esq., Recorder of Chester ; 1613. B. 
Garrard, Sir William; Dorney, Bucks; 1607. H c , I, 52. 
Gascoitjw, Sir John, Barf. ; Brambowe ; [-— ] ; L. 

Gates, Dame Katharine, b. Vaughan, m. Sir Henry G. ; Yorkshire - 

1593. D, III, 28h. 
Gerard, Sir Thomas, Kilt. ; Bryn, Lancashire ; 1601. G, also IT 1 , I, 46. 

,, Sir Thomas, Bart. ; Bryn, Lancashire ; 1630. B. 
Citlbrd, Sir Thomas, Bart. ; Castle Jordan, Ireland ; 1662. P, III, 404. 
Glascock, Andrew, Gent. ; Barking, Essex; 1621; H h , IV, 178. 
Glaseoi, Elizabeth, b. Tichborne, m. James G., Gent., Chester; 1606. 

B, also Wi I, 87. 
Glegge, William, Esq. ; Grange, Cheshire ; 1636. B. 
Glynn, Sir John, Knt., Serjt. at Law; Midx, ; 1666. H c , I, 43. 
Golbome Dorothy, widow, b. Birkenhead, m. John G. ; Chester; 1631. B. 

John, Gent. ; Chester; 1612. B. 
Goldfynch, Benjamin, Gent. ; Gravesend ; 1634. H b IV, 55. 
Core, Dame Hester, b. Cambell, ?». Sir John G. : 1634. H c II, 228. 
„ Jerard, Esq , London, 1607. H c , II, 225. 

,, Sir John, Knt., Aid. (sometime, 1621-25, L. Mayor) London ; 1636. 
H c , II, 215. 

,, Ralph, Esq. ; Norcott, Mkldx. ; 1637. H c , IT, 246. 

„ Robert, Gent., Merchant Taylor ; London ; 1617. H c , II, 226. 

„ Thomas, Ksq. ; (Alston, Herts; 1638. H c , II, 227. 

William, Esq. Aid. (sometime, 1615-lfi, Sheriff) London; 1024. 
H«, II, 226. 

Gorges, Dame Anne, b. B>all, in. Sir Kerdinando G. ; Devon, 1620. H h , 
IV, 5;-). 

Greene, Dorothy, b. Davenport, m. John G. : Chester; 1631. B, also 
W, I, 31. 

„ Edward, Gent. ; Pulton Lancelot, Cheshire ; 1631. B. 
Greggc [ — — ], Spinster, da. of Edward G. ; Chester; 1634. B. 
„ Edward, Gent. ; 1 lappist'ord, Cheshire ; 1637. B, 
,, Robert ; Chester [no date]. B. 
Gresham, Dame Anne, widow, b. Eearnley, m. Sir Thomas G. ; 1596. 
H\ II, 319. 

„ Sir Thomas. Knt.; Osterley, Middx. ; 1579. H a , II, 318. 
Sir Thomas, Knt.; Titsey, Surrey ; 1630. H l , II, 320. 
Creville, see " Brooke," Lord. ! 
Grey, see " Lisle," Viscountess. 

Grosvenor, Christian, b. Brooke, m. Richard G., Esq. ; Eaton, Cheshire ; 
1610. B. 

{To be continued ) , , 


SEfjc Flotation of Mili&Uvt, 

By William Harvey, Clarcnccux King of Arms, A.I). 1565 (Marl. MS. 1565), 
Communicated by Walter C. Mktcalfe. 
{Continued from p. 27.) 

FERRIS of Ashton Keynes. 
(Not in CJ. 8.) 

JonN Ferris of Blundston, co. Wilts., Gent, mar. . . . da. of . . . 
and by her hail issue, — Edward, son aiid heir; John, second son. 

•John Ferris of Blunsdon, Gent, son and heir of John, mar. Jone f 
da. and heir of . . . F,ihr of Burford, co. Oxon, and by her hath 
issue, — George, son and heir ; Walter, second son; Roger, third son; 
Bartholnie.w, fourth son, a priest ; Dorothe, mar. to Henry Corie of 
Ashton Keynes. 

George Ferris of Ashton Keynes, co. Wilts , Gent., eldest son and 
heir of John, mar. Ann, da. of Richard Cole, and by her had issue, — - 
George, son and heir; Edward, second son; Anthony, third son; 
Bart hoi i new, fourth son ; Dorathc; Jane ; and Margaret. 

, FLOWER of Potterne. 

Arms : — Sable a unicorn passant Or, on a chief Argent, three gillyflowers 
Gules stalked and leaved Vert. 

John Flower of Potterne, co. Wilts, mar. Agnes, da. of Richard 
Gregory of Potterne and by her had issue, — John, son and heir ; and 
John the younger, second son; Thomas, third son; Isabel 1, mar. to 
Thomas Longe of Potterne, and had issue, — John Longe. 

John Flower of Chilterne, co. W r ilts., son and heir of John, mar. to 
Mabell, da. of John Cri/ine of Strowdwater, co Gloc, and by her had no 
issue living. 

John Flower of Potterne, second son of John, mar. to his first wife, 
Ursula, da. of John Ellington of Potterne, and by her hath issue, — Mary ; 
after he mar. to his second wife, Syldll, da. of Thomas Hale of TulHey, 
co. Gloc, and by her bach issue,— Ann ; Millicent; and Isabell. 

Thomas Flower of Chilterne, Gent., third son of John, mar. Margery \ 
da. of Robert Welsted of Mylton, co Dorset, and by her hath issue, — 
John, son and heir; Thomas, second son ; and Nicholas, third son. 

(JAW EN of Titchbornc. 

Arms: — Quarterly 1 and 4, Ermine, on a saltire engrailed Azure, five 
jlcurs-de-l is Or, "1 and 3, Gules, two leopaids passant in pale 
Argent Impaling Gules, two wings conjoined in lure (>r 

John Gawen of Norlhington, co. Wilts., Esq., mar . . . da. and one 
of the heirs of . . . De'amare, and by her had issue, — Thomas, his 



eldest son ; Edmond, second son ; Robert, third son ; Jane, first mar. to 
(Thomas) Anketell in co. Dorset, Gent., after to . . . Bamfield, in co. 
Somerset, Gent., thirdly to Nicholas Cheverell of Owre, co. Dorset, Gent. ; 
Alys, mar. to James Coher of Ashe at Berwick St. John, co. Wilts, Gent. 

Thomas Gawen of Northington, Esq., eldest son and heir to John, 
mar. Elizabeth, da. of John Coker of Mapowdcr, co. Dorset, Esq., and by 
her had issue, — WiwllAsfr, his eldest son, now living ; John, second son ; 
Henry, third son ; Edeth, mar. to Robert Gerard of Sampford Pevercll, 
co. Somerset ; Ann, a nun in Tarant ; Jane, mar. to John Kelway of 
llapton, co. Wilts., Gent. 

William Gawen of Northington, Esq , eldest son and heir to Thomas, 
mar. Alice, da. of Robert Kelway of New Sarum, co. Wilts., and by her 
had issue, — Thomas, his only son now living. 

John Gawen of Tychborne, co. Wilts., Gent.., second son of Thomas, 
mar. to his first wife, I'rothase, da. of Walter Seymore of Imber, co. 
Wilts., Esq., and by her hath issue, — Thomas, his eldest son ; Walter, 
second son ; Henry, third son ; and Ann : after the said John mar. to 
his second wife, Agues, da. of John Ganth-tt, widow of Richard Light, 
Gent., and by her hath issue, — Nicholas and Elizabeth. 

GETHIN of Eisherton. 

Ahms : — Quarterly of 6. 1, Azure, a buck salient Argent attired and 
ducal hj crowned Or. 2, Argent, three bulls passant Gules, 
armed Or. 3, Sable, a chevron between three spear-heads 
Argent imbrued Gules 4, Argent, three cocks Gules, combed 
wattled and legged Or. 5, Argent, a lion ramj>ant Sable 
ducal/ 1/ crowned Or. G, Sable, three dexter gauntlets Argent. 

CwesT : — A buck sejant Argent ducally crowned Or, between two wings 
endorsed of the first. 

Owen Getiiin of Peyton, co Brecknock, Gent , mar. and had issue,— 
Griffith, eldest son. 

Griffith ap Owen Getiiin of Peyton, son and heir of Owen, mar. . 
da. and heir of . . . Walbye of Telthin, in the said co., Gent., and 
by her had issue, — Thomas, son and heir. 

Thomas Getiiin of Telthin, son and heir of Griffith, mar. and had 
issue, — William. 

William Getiiin, son and heir of Thomas, mar. and had issue, — 

Howell Getiiin of Telthin, son and heir of William, mar. and had 
issue,— John. 

John Getiiin of Telthin, son and heir of Howell, mar. Gwellian. da. 
and one of the heirs of William ap Evan ap Morgan ap 1 'avid Gam, 
and had issue, — lIoWELL son and heir. 

Howui.L GlfiTH'lN of Telthin. son and heir of John, mar. Mary, da. of 
William J far herd of Orekhowell, co. afs'd, and by her had issue,- - John, 
son and heir ; William, second son; Hugh, third son; William (sic), 
fourth son ; Elinor, mar. to William Vaughan of the same co. ; Jane, 
mar. to the son of William Thomas of Lough, in the afs'd co. ; Gwellian, 
mar to 'John Gunterot Abergavenny, co. Monmouth, Gent* 



John Getiiin of Fysherton Agcr, co. Wilts, Gent., son and heir of 
Howell, mar. Barbara, da. of Sir John Browne in co. Oxford, and by 
her hath issue, — Jerom, son and heir. 

GIFFORD of Burton. 

Arms: — Azure, three stirrups Or, within a bordure engrailed Argent 

Walter Gyfford of Rodenhurst, co. Wilts, mar. and had issue, — 
Edward, son and heir; William, second son, died sans issue. 

Edward Gyfford of Rodenhurst, son and heir of Walter, mar. 
Elizabeth, da. and heir of John Osbowie of Burton, same co., and by her 
had issue, — Morris, son and heir j Jone and Elizabeth. 

Morris Gyfford of Rodenhurst, son and heir of Edward, mar. to his first 
wife Edith, da. of — Twynyhoe of co. Somerset, and by her had issue, — 
Thomas, eldest son which died sans issue ; after, the said Morris, mar. 
to his second wife, Jane, da. of John Poole of Sapperton, co. Gloc, Esq., 
and by her had issue — Wenefrid. mar. to John Adams; Jone, mar. to 
Jerri s of . . . co. Gloc. ; thirdly he mar. Margerett, da. of William 
Jiewshin of Cottells, co. Wilts, Esq.. and by her had issue,— Henry, a 
priest; Thomas, son and heir; Arthur and Robert, died sans issue; 
Christian, mar. to lloirij Symber ; Elizabeth, mar. to Thomas Davis; 
Agnes, mar. to William Copcott. 

Thomas Gyfford of Burton, co. Wilts., Gent., son and heir of Morris 
by Margerett, his third wife. 

GIEPLER of Clack. 

Arms : — (Jules, a chevron Ermine, between (lure lozenges Argent, on each a 
goat's head eraxed of the field; a eye scent for difference. 

William G i rdlek of the Cittye of Bristowe, Gent., mar. Alice, da. 
of . . . and by lief had issiiQ,- Thomas, son and heir; John, second 

John Girdler of Clack, co. Wilts, Gent., second son of William, 
mar. Elizabeth, da. of Griffeth Curteys in co. Berks, Esq., and by her 
hath issue, — Josyas, his eldest son and heir apparent. 

GODDARD of Cliffe. 

Arms ; — Quarterly 1 and 4, Gules, a chevron vair between three crescents 
Argent, 2 and 3, Azure, jive fusils conjoined in fess between 
tlvree eagles' heads erased Or. 

Crest ; — A stag's head Gules. 

Walter Coddard of Chcvcll, co. Wilts, Gent., mar. da. ; of . . . 
and by her had issue,- -John, his eldest son ; and Joiix, his seeon.l son. 

John Goi>daki> of Upliam, co. afs'd, Cent, second son of Walter, 
mar Elizabeth, da. of William Hornger of Mnnnyngford, co. afs'd, 
Gent., and by her had issue, — John, his eldest son and heir; Thomas, 



second son ; Thomas, third son j John, fourth son ; Ann, mar. to Thomas 
Henton of Egleskott, co. afs'd ; Jane, mar. to Richard Henton of Burton, 
co. Berks. 

John Goddard of Stanton Hussey, co. Wilts, Gent., eldest son and 
heir of John, mar. to his first wife, Elizabeth, da. of John Fettipla'ce of 
Bessely, co. Berks, and by her had issue, — Thomas, his eldest son ; 
Anthony, second son ; William, third son ; Dorothe, mar. to John Cooke 
of Chcssenbury, co. Wilts ; Ann. yet unmar. • after, the said John mar. 
A/is, da. of Thomas Goddard of Ogborne, co. afs'd, Gent., and by her 
hath issue, — John, Vincent and Edward. 

Thomas Goddari) of CIcyc, co. Wilts, Gent., third son of John, mar. 
Mary, da. of William Alcyne of Calne, and by her hath issue, — John 
son and heir; Alys, Ann, Margerett, and Marye. 

(Continued in the Visitation of 1623.) 

GREENE of Stanlinch. 

Arms : — Argent, on a cross engrailed (Jules fire crescents of the field, on a 
chief Azure three bezants. Impajing Ardent, tiro chevrons Sable 
on each fire passion nails Or (Clouvile). 
CREST : — A dragon's head erased quarterly Or and Sable, in the beak a 
trefoil slipped of the second. 
William Greene of Stanlinch, co. Wilts, Gent., mar. Elizabeth, da. 
of . . . Kyrton of Somersetshire, and by her hath issue, Francis, his 
eldest son and heir; Kdmond, second son ; Thomas, third son ; Margeret, 
mar. to Cutbert IJorseley of the Castcll of Uorseley, co. Northumb'land, 
Esq. ; j Br id get t, mar. to John Petnn of Wether Grove, co. Somerset, Gent. 

Francis Greene of Stanlinch, Gent., eldest son and heir to William, 
mar. Ann, da. (of Francis and sister, according to the Visitation of 
Essex, 1612, HiirJ. Soc, p. 181) of Eustace Clouvile of Clouvile Hall, 
eo. Fssex, Esq., and by her hath issue,— George Greene now living. 

GROVE of Donhead. 

Arms: — Ermine, on a chevron engrailed (Jules three escallops Or. 
Chest : — A mastiff statant Sable ducal ly gorged Or. 

Thomas Grove of . . . co. Bucks, mar. Isabel, da. of John Luyshe, 
and by her had issue, — Thomas, son and heir; Roijert, second son; 
Lure, first mar. to Thomas //artished, secondly to ]lichard Ford, thirdly 
to Thomas llayne. 

KoBEUT Grove of Dunhed, co. Wilts, Gent., and at this present 
Visitation of the said co., feodarie to Queen Elizabeth, and also steward 
of landes to the Erie of Pembroke, mar. done, da. of John Combe of 
Ganne, co. Dorset, and by her hath issue, — William, of Grey's Inn, 
son and heir ; Mathew, of Staple Inne, second son; Mary, mar. to 
11 unh Kcle of Cheselborne, co. Dorset. 

William Grove of Grayes lnne, Gent., son and heir of Robert, mar. 
Thomasin, da. and one of the heirs of Edward Mayowe of Fonthill, co. 
Wilts, Gent., and by her hath issue, — John, son and heir; and Ann. 




HALL of Bradford. 

Arms: — Quarterly of 6. 1 and 6, Sable, three battle-axes Argent. 2, 
Argent, three ropcmaker's winches Sable (see Handle Holme, 
p. 272). 3, Argent, three lions- heads erased Gules over all 
on a bend Sable as many mullets. 4, Argent, a pelican 
preying upon a fish proper. 5, Argent, three torteaux 
(Bcsyll). Impaling Quarterly 1 and 4, Argent, a demi-lion 
rampant Sable (Marvyn). 2 and 3, Ermine, a squirrel sejant 
devcuring a nut Or (Squire). 

Crest : — An arm embowed in armour proper garnished or holding a 
pole-axe Argent. 

Thomas Hall of Bradford, co. Wilts, Esq., mar. Alys, sister and heir 
to Peter Atford, son and heir of Thomas Atford, next Bradford, and of 
Edith, his wife, da. and heir of Roger . . . and of Alice, his wife, da. 
of Nicholas Langrige of Blandford, which Roger was son of Roger . . . 
and of Jane, his wife, da. of Tkt/mwt Littelton, next Blandford, son and 
heir of Peter Littleton ; which Thomas Hall and Alys, his wife, had 
issue, — Reignald, son and heir, died sans issue ; Thomas, second son ; 
John, third son ; Richard, fourth son ; Edith and Isabel. 

Thomas Hall of Bradford, second son of Thomas and brother and 
heir of Reginald, mar. and had issue, — N iciiolas. 

Nicholas Hall of Bradford, son and heir of Thomas, mar. Margarett, 
da. and one of the heirs of William Jlesyll, and had issue, — Thomas, 
son and heir. 

Thomas Hall of Bradford, son and heir of Nicholas, mar. Alys, da. 
and Ueir of William Howyer of W ilton, co Wilts, and by her had 
issue,-— William, son ami heir ; Thomas, second son ; Arthur, third son ; 
Osmond, fourth son ; Edith, mar. to Edmoud Chatterton ; Alys, mar. to 
John l\>rn< y of VVolverion, in co. Somerset.. 

William Hall of Bradford, son and heir of Thomas, mar. Elizabeth, 
da. of Christopher Tropnell of Cawvyle (ChalHeld), co. Wilts. Esq , 
and by her had issue, — Thomas, son and heir; George, seeond son; 
Powle, third son ; William, fourth son; Margett, mar. to Freeman Treys 
of . . . co. Wilts: June, mar. to John Guuteroi llollouton ( I lullavington), 
co. Wilts, Gent. 

Thomas Hall of Bradford, Esq., son and heir of William, mar. 
Elizabeth, da. of John Marvyn of Fawntell Gyftbrd, co. Wilts, and by 
her had issue,-— John, son and heir ; Thomas, second son ; Robert, third 
son ; Dorathe ; Anne ; and Jane. 

Thomas Hall of Bradford, Gent., son and heir of Thomas, mar 
Dorathe, da. and heir of Anthony Rogers of Bradford, Esq., and by her 
hath issue, — Thomas, son and heir ; John, second son. 

HOOPER of New Sarum. 
Arms : — Quarterly 1 and 4, Or, on a fess Gules between three boars 
juissaut Azure as many annulets of the field. 2 and; 3, Gules, 
on a chevron between three portcullcs Or jive roses G ules (Porte). 
Impaling, Chalin quarterly as under Chafin. 
Crest : — A boars head erased Azure bezantee and armed Or. 

John Hooper of New Sarum, co. Wilts, Esq., mar. Agnes, da. and 

butt unn 


one of 'the heirs of John Porte, son and heir of John Porto, son and heir 
ot John Porte, which John was son and heir of Nicholas Porte of Poole, 
co. Dorset, Gent., and of Kielcolar, his wife, sometime of the Isle of 
Garnsey, which -John Hooper and Agnes had issue, — John, his eldest 
son; Ukics, his second son; Robert, a olarko and Master of Arts and 
Master of Bayllol Colledge in Oxford, his third son ; Thomas, his fourth 
son ; Edward, fifth son ; Sfbell, mar. to John, Bedell of Amesbnry ; Jone, 
mar. to Richard Jfackerell ; and Elizabeth. 

John Hooper of New Sarum, Esq., eldest son and heir to John, 
mar. KMzabelh, da. of Thomas Chajin the elder, of the said cittie, and 
by her hath issue, — Fohn, his eldest son and heir-apparent; Henry, 
second son ; George, third son ; Joyell, fourth son ; Katherine, and Ann. 

HORSEY of Martin. 
Amis: — Quarterly, 1 and 4, Azure, three horses' heads couped Argent, 
bridled Or. '2, Argent, at f ess (>ules, in chief a label of three 
points Autre. 3, Azure, ten bezants, four, three, two and one. 
Impaling Vert, a saltire engrailed Argent between four cross- 
crosslets Jitehee Or. 
CllEST : — A horses head Argent in armour, bridle and reins Or. 

Thomas House y of Purport, co. Dorset, Esq., eldest son and heir of 
William, mar. Ann, da. of . . . Wykes of Bindon, co. Devon, and by 
her had issue, — John, son and heir. 

John Horsey of Marten, co. Wilts., Esq , eldest son and heir of 
Thomas, mar. Isabel I, da. of Thomas Ilussey of Shapwiek, co. Dorset, 
and by her had issue, — William, son and heir; Thomas, second son; 
Jone, mar. to Thomas Woodshawe of Stanlinch, co. Wilts., Gent. ; Edith, 
mar. to John Light of Lights Gary, co. Som'set ; after, the said John 
mar. to his second wife, Ann, da. of . . . Payne and. by her had issue,-- 
IVter, a priest ; thirdly, the said John mar. Edeth, da. of John Light of 
Somerset, and by her had issue, - Ann. 

William Horsey of Martin, Esq., eldest son and heir of John, mar. 
Pont (he, da. of John l.udhare of 1 1 il deverilh co. Wilts., Esq., and by 
her hud issue, Bartuolmkw, son and heir ; Elizabeth, mar. to Richard. 
Xcwborough of Worth Erancis and had issue, — Walter, Richard, William 
and Elizabeth; Bridget!,, mar. to Jdmes Baker of Bowers Hall, co. Essex, 
Esq , and had issue, — Henry Baker, Ursula, mar. to George llarys and 
had issue, — Frances; Susan; Ann: Dorathe; and Mary. 

Bartuolmkw Horsey of Tarant Gonvile, co. Dorset, Gent., son and 
heir apparant to W illiam, mar. Elizabeth, da. of Thomas Devenish of 
Hampnett, co. Sussex, Esq., and by her hath issue, — Thomas, his 
eldest son ; Ann, and Ivatherin. 

HPllTON of Herd. 
Arms : — Argent, on a fess Azure between two wolves passant in, chief and a 

cross-bow in base GuJes tierce martlets Or. . 
Grest : — A cubit (u-m vestal Gules hold inr/ in (he hand proper an arrow 

Azure feathered and barbed Or. 
The Coat since altered to Ibis per llielv. S k George, Clarencieux : — 
Sable, a bwf/s bead cabossed Argent attired Or. 
John IIorton of Lullington, co. Somerset, Gent., mar. and had issue, — 



William, son and heir ; Thomas, second son ; James, a priest, third 
son ; . . . mar. to Anthony Rogers of Bradford. 

William Horton of LiilOngton, son and heir of John, mar, Rachell 
da. of . . . and by her had issue, — Thomas, son and heir. 

Thomas Houton of lford, Gent., son and heir of William, mar. 
Margery, da. of Thomas 'Bdrkesda'le of Kevell, same co., and by her 
hath issue, — William, son and heir ; Edward, second son ; Marye, mar. 
to Henry Long of Whaddon ; Agnes, mar. to Henry Winchcombe of 
Newbery, co. Berks, Gent. ; Mawdc, first mar. to ( Tiristopher JJayly of 
Stoford, Gent., and after to Waiter Bush of the same place. 

William Horton of lford, co. Wilts, Gent., son and heir of Thomas, 
mar. Jone z da. of Thomas Bayley of Trowbridge, same co., Gent , and 
by her hath issue, — Thomas, son and heir ; William, second son ; John, 
third son ; Edward, fourth son ; Jsaake, fifth son ; Jeromy, sixth son ; 
Margerf ) Mary; Agnes; Alys ; Mary; and Sitzan. 

Edward Horton of Westwood. co. Wilts , Gent., second son of 
Thomas, mar. Alys, da. of Robert Ma ye of Broughton, same eo. 

HUNG E UFO HI) of Caddenham. 

Arms : — Quarterly 1 and 4, Per pale indented (Jules and Vert, a chevron 

Or, 2 and 3, Sable, two bars Aryent, in chief three plates. 
Guest:- -J garb bettveen two sickles. 

lloitfCUT 1 1 unokreoiM) of Cadnam, co. Wilts., Esq , mar. Margery, da- 
»>f Sir Henry L<mgc of Dracott, eo. Wills., K t , and by her hath 
issue, John, that died young W a i;i iih, son and heir; Thomas, third 
sou ; Henry, fourth son ; Mary ; and Dorathe. 

Waiter Hungerford of Cadnam, son and heir of Robert, mar. 
Frances, da. of Richard Cock of Broxborne, co. Heref., Gent., and by her 
hath issue, - --John, son and heir; George, second son; Charles, died 
sans issue; Henry, now living; Anne, "mar. to William (rostlttt of 
Hristowe ; and J udcth. 

HUNTON of East Knoyle. 
Arms : — Argent, on a chevron per pale Gules and Azure between three 

talbots }>assant Sable as many bucks 1 heads cabossed Or. 
Crest : — A demi talbot salient (iules collared and eared Or, holding 

between the jhiws a buck's head cabossed of the second. 
Richard Hunton of Est Knoyle, co. Wilts., Gent., mar. Agnes, da. of 
. . . Bayly of Pytt, co. South'ton, and by her had issue, — William, son 
and heir; Agnes, mar. to William Dominyck alias Clare of Chilmarkc, 
co. Wilts. ; Edith, mar. to William Hodges of Mydeil Chynnock, co. 
Somerset; Ccseille, mar. to Thomas Cole of Knoyle, co. Wilts. ; Elizabeth, 
mar. to John Myhvarde of Batcombe, co. Som'sef, widow ; Agnes, mar. 
to lliehanl Monday of Monckstone, co. Southampton; Amy, -mar. to 
Nicholas hniyht of Rumscy, co. Southampton. 

William Hunton of Est Knoyle, son and heir of Richard, mar. to his 
first wife, Melyor, da. of Thomas Revt of Blandford, co. Dorset, Gent., 
and by her had issue — William, son and heir; Robert second son; 



Agues, mar. to Thomas Walton of Netherham, co, Som'sct ; Margerett, 
mar. to John ap Ityce of Imber, co. Wilts. ; Elizabeth, mar. to John 
J- in// of Shaftesbury, co. Dorset; Jane, mar. to John Barker of 
lien ton Mare, co. Dorset; Amy; Eleanor; Isabel, unmar. : after, the 
said William mar. to his second wife, Jone, da. of Robert Somerjield 
of Shaftesbury, and by her hath . . . 

(Continued in the Visitation of 1623.) 

KEILWAY of W r hite Parish. 

Arms : — Quarterly 1 and 4, Argent, two ulazieri snippers in saltire Faith*, 
between four jrnirs Or within a bordure engrailed of the 
second, 2, Argent, a leopard's face Gules between five crows 
JSabfe (Barrett), 3, Azure, a camel j^assant Argent (Camell). 

Chest : — A cock Argent combed beaked and legged Azure. 

William Kelkay of Sherborne, co, Dorset, Gent, mar. to his first 
wife, Jone, da. and heir of Henry liarrett of Whitparish, co. Wilts., 
Gent., and of Jone, his wife and one of the heirs of . . . Camell of 
luttleford, co. Dorset, Esq., which Henry was son and heir of John 
liarrett and of Agues his wife, da. and one of the heirs of John Kllis of 
Papton, co. Wilts., Gent.; the said William and Jone had issue, — 
Thomas, his eldest son ; and Moris, second son ; — after the said William 
mar. to his second wife, . . . da. of . . . Stanter of Hornynsham, and 
by her had issue, — William ; Peter ; and Thomas. 

Thomas Kicj.way uf Sherborne, Esq., eldest son and heir of William, 
mar. . . . da. of . . . Lcwston of Eewston, co. Dorset, Esq., and by 
her had issue, — Uoheht, his eldest son ; and William, second son ; and 

IjtOttBUT Kelway of Sherborne, Esq., eldest son and heir of Thomas, 
mar. June, da. of John Marsha// of Kvithorne (in Street), co. Somerset, 
(lent., and by her had issue,- John, his eldest son ; Martin, second son. 

.John Kklway of Whit parish, co. Wilts., eldest son and heir of 
Kohert, mar. Jane, da. of Thomas Gaiccu of Northington, co. Wilts., 
(ant., and by her had issue, — Henry, his eldest son and heir apparent; 
Phillip and Elizabeth, daughters. 

LONG of Selweys. 

Arms : — Quarterly 1 and 4, Sable, crusily and a lion rampant Argent. 

2, Argent, on a chief Gules, a bezant between two bucks' heads 
cabossed Or. 3, Gules, two w'ngi conjomed in lure Or. 
Crest : — A lion's head erased, in the mouth a dexter hand couped Argent. 

Sir Thomas Lonue of Draycott Serne, co. Wilts, Kt., mar. Margery, 
da. of Sit Edward (? George) Darrell of Litt/ecott, co. afs'd, Kt., and 
by her had issue, — Henry, son and heir ; Richard, second son ; Thomas, 
third son, a priest; Ann, mar. to Thomas Myites in co. Gloc, Gent. 

Sin Henry Longe of Draycott Serne, Kt., son and heir to Sir 
Thomas, mar. to his first wife Frydeswyde, da of Sir John Uungerford 
of Downe Amny, co. Gloc, Kt., and by her had issue, — . . . —after, 



the said Sir Henry mar. to his second wife, Ehjnor, widow of . . . 
Leverscuje, and da. of . . . WrottsUy of Stafford, Esq., and by her had 
issue, — Thomas, died sans issue ; Robert, second son and heir; Benedick, 
third son ; Edmond, fourth son ; Anthony, fifth son ; Richard, sixth son ; 
John, seventh son ; Margery, mar. to Robert Low/ford of Cadnam, co. 
Wilts ; Ceseillie, mar. to . . . StradliiUj in co. Somerset, Gent. ; and 
Thomazin, died sans issue. 

Edmund Longe of Selweys, co. Wilts. Esq., fourth son of Sir Henry, 
mar. Suian, da. of Nicholas Snell of Kingston St. Mychells, co. afs'd, 
Esq., and by her had issue, — Henry, son and heir apparent ; Cescille 
and Alis living. 

(Continued iu the Visitation of 1623.) 

L0XG of Ashley in Box. 
Arms (Quarterly and Crest as under Long of Selweys. 

Sir Henry Long of Draycot Sterne, co Wilts, Kt., son and heir of 
Thomas, mar. to his first wife Fryswyde i da. of Sir John Tlungerfbrd 
of Downc Amnye, co. Wilts, Kt., and by her had issue that died ; after, 
he mar. to his second wife, Elinor, widow of . . . Liverseidge, and da. 
of . . . Wrottesley in co. Staff., Esq., and by her had issue, — Robert, 
son and heir ; Benedick ; Edmond : Anthony ; Kichard ; and John ; 
Margery, mar. to Robert Hungerford of Cannings, co. Wilts, Esq.; 
Cescille, mar. to . . . Stradling in co. Somerset, Gent. ; Thomazin died 
sans issue. 

Anthony Long of Ashley, in the parish of Boxe, co. Wilts, Gent., 
fourth son of Sir Henry, by his second wife, mar. Alys, da. of William 
Buttler of Badmynton, co. Gloc, Gent., and of Jfar</erttt, his wife, da. 
of . . . Ptrs and of Elizabeth, his wife, sister and heir of Thomas 
Mount/bid of Ashley, Gent ; and the said Anthony and Alys hath 
issue, William, son and lioSr ; Thomas, second son ; Henry, third son ; 
F ranees, fourth son ; Silvester, fifth son ; Robert, sixth son ; Thomazin ; 
Margrtt ; Jane; Elinor; Eli/.aluth ; Oosoell Y ; Dorothy and Edith. 

( To be continued.) 

lEills anti llmntmstrattcms in t\}c (Court of Delegates. 

(Continued from Vol. XI, p. 227.) 

Offley, Sir John, Knt., Madeley, co. Stafford, w. ... -4 Oct. 1645. 

Osborne, Thomas, citizen and draper of London, and of) ^ 1679 

St. Leonards', Shoreditch, co. Middx., w. J P* 
Oyekbury, Nicholas, Barton on the Heath, 1 . . pd „ N 168 , 

co. \\ arwick. w. J L J 

Oxley, William, City of York, gent., w. 21 Sep. 1662. 

Palfrey, Samuel, City of Worcester, veterinary surg., w. 15 July 1824. 
Palmer, Thomas, Sedbergh, co. York, gent., w. ... 17 July 1851. 

Paxtox, Jones, Plasgwyn, co. Anglesey, Esq., w. ... 5 Nov. 1828. 

Parker, John, Gillinglmm, co. Kent, gent., w.... ... 2-i Sep. 1669 

Parre, Sibilla, Exeter, widow. Admon. ... ... 17 Feb. 1668-9. 


Feck, Robert, Precint of St Katherine's, co. Middx.,) ^ 1GG8 

mariner, w. j 
Peckham, Edmund, St. Giles' in the Fields, co. Middx., Esq A 

Commencement of Will, with description of J No date 
testator only. J 
Phillips, Rowland, Captn. of Foot, Gosport, coa 

South ton— St. Dunstan's, Stepney, co. h 12 Feb. 1711-12. 
Middx. — Whitham, co. Essex, w. J 
Pitt, James, Pancras in the Fields, co. Middx., yeoman, w. 14 A pi. 1GG8. 
This Will declared void and Adnion. granted to 
Aliee Griffith, alias Pitt. 
Poe, William, Manor Poe, Clow nes,co. Fermanagh, Esq ,w. 21 May 1G78. 
Pollet, formerly Minnic.k, or Minim tc, Mary, St. James', \ 

Garlick Hythe, London, wife of Isaac Pollet, V 28 Aug. 1700. 
gent., w. J 
Pollexfen, Andrew' Stancombe, co. Devon. AdmonA n „ r . , , niy r, 
inP.C.C. } 2 6 Oct. 1670. 

Porter, Anne, Stepney, co. Middx., w. ... ... 13 Jan. 17 J 2-13. 

Poulett, Amos (? Amias), Hinton St. George, co X 9 ^ ^ 1649 50 

Somerset, Esq., w. / 

Powell, John, St. Margaret's, Westminster, and ofl n T n ~,^ 
r ! i l } June 1720. 

London, merchant, w. J 

Powis, William, Marquis of, w., (commonly called Duke of P.) G Apl. 1742. 

Pratt, Horiora, alias Honoretta, George Street, Hanover \ ^ j^q^ 
Sq., co. Middx , widow of James P., Esq., w. f 

Prettyman, John, St. Andrew's, llolborn,co Middx., gent ,w. 25 Sep. 1GGI 

I'uicilAiU), James, Lloynddee in Abergavenny, coA dated 
Monmouth, gent. Pond to produce Will V , _ T1 , , nc >a n 
and Codicil. J 17K ' k 10bM) - 

Priciiard, see Thomas. 

Pullein, Tobias, see Dromorc. 

Kiiodics, Henry, St. Bride's* London, Citizen lllu ^\ oq j u 1 7 1 <J ->0 
Stationer, w. / H an " " 

IvioiiAliDiJ, John. St. Martin Orgars, Lomlon, merchant.! 1A , irnr „ 
» , n > 10 l<eb. 10 /Ob. 

Adnion. J 

Rider, Thomas, Houghton Monchelsea, co. Kent, Esq., w. 1G97. 

Rival, Lewis, St. Ann's, Westmr., co. Middx., Esq.A 0QAf , ,w. n M 
but dying in Flanders, w. /** Mch ' 

Translated out of French. 
Robbins, Mathew, Hawkhurst, co. Kent, yeoman, w. ... 27 Apr. 16G0. 
Roberts, William, Evesham, co. Wore, malster, w. ... 27 Jan. 1671-2. 
Robinson, Sir William, Knt., St. Martin's in the) ir T n 
Fields, co. Middx., w. } 15 Jan " 170b " 9 - 

Rogers, Josei)h, Citizen and Vintner of London, w. ... Circa 1GG9. 
Rolles, Michael, St. Martin's Outw ieh, London, \ . , f , , - . . . r 
widower. Adiaou. ■ JlOtyh. 17U-15. 

Also testamentary schedules among filed Wills. ; 
Romeny, Dame Rebecca, St. Martin's, Ironmonger^ 

Lane, w idow of Sir Win. ft., Knt., Alder- [ 2 Jan. 1G12 3. 
man of City of London, w. J 
Rookwood, George, Hoxton Square, St. Leonard's, \ . u . . _ }r 
Shoreditch, co. Middx., weaver, w. J J1 MCh ' " Lb * 


Sactievereli., Ferdinando, The Old Heyes, co. Leicester,) 

9 May 1661. 

Esq., \v. J 

Sacheverell, Jacinth, Morlcy, co. Derby, Esq., w. ... 19 Sep. 1655. 

St. John, Dame Jane, Woodford, co. Nbrtliton, widow, w. 23 Jan. I 7 i 0-1 1 . 

Sankey, Nicholas, Ireland, Lieut. -(Jen., w. ... ... 8 Mch. 1719-20. 

Savage, James, St. George's in the East, co. Middx., | 1777 

ropcinaker, w. J 

Sayeh, John, Bilsden, co. Bucks., Esq. Admon ... 1 July 1714. 

Sclater, Dame Susan, Cambridge, co. Camb., widow) 01 '-, iro4 r 
c <i- r P1 o i> T r 21 Jan. 1684-5. 

ot Sir 1 hos S., hart., w. j 

Scorau, Emanuell, Doncaster, co. York, gent., w. ... 8 Dec. 1675. 

Exemplification of Probate ... ... ... 12 Nov. 1697. 

Scott, William, Hampstcad, co. Middx., M.D., w. ... 7 June 1728. 

Scoular, William, Dean Street, Soho, co. Middx.,) j an 1357 

sculptor. Admpri. and Bond. / 

Sellars, Thomas, St. Giles in the Eields, co. Middx.,) ] 4 ^ r 1747 

whip-maker, w. / " ; * 

Shand, John, St. Ann's, Blackfriars, London. Admon. 18 Apr. 1755. 

Shaw, William, St. Dunstan's in the East, w. ... ... 24 Mch. 1662-3. 

Siieffeild, John, Nave Stock, co Essex, gent., w. ... 10 Aug. 1728. 

Siiemeli), George, St. James, Clerkenwell, co. Middx ) , r H , ma* A 
A 1 10 Mch. 1/456. 

Admon. J 

Shepherd, Caroline Louisa Howell, St. George's, Hanover) 

Square, co. Middx., spr., but at Paris deed, r 23 June 1790. 
Admon. J 

Sherwood, Jtune, w. ... ... ... ... ... 8 Aug. 1061. 

Sll/VA, sec |);| Silva. 

Smith, Thomas, City of Lincoln, gent., w. ... ... 9 Dec. 1667. 

Smith, W illiam, Elberton, co. Gloucester, yeoman, w. 13 April 1651. 
Smyth, see Harding. 
Sombre, see Dyce-Sombre. 

Somerset, Elizabeth, St. Augustine's, Bristol, wife of) g ^ ,i 1773 

John Stuckley S., Esq., w. / 1 P ' 

Sr.vivuuusT, Marv, Bighton, co. Southton, spr., and City) , », . 

,. *v 1 J ) 10 May 1671. 

ol \ ork, w. j J 

Also a filed Will 18 A pi. 1673. 

Si'RiN(i, Sir William, Bart., Pakenhani, co. Suffolk, w. 18 Oct. 1653. 

Si'UiisrowE, Henry, London, Esq., w. ... ... ... 7 Dec. 1676. 

Squire, Joshua, City of York, w. ... ... ... 9 June 1704. 

Stakes, Margaret, Kirhy in the liberty of the Soken,) ^ 679 80 

co. Essex, widow, w. j '" ' 

Stanley, John, Island of Madeira, Esq. [born in Ire-) 10 T , ->a 

knell, w. ) 12 June 1820. 

Steiger, Anne Bryers, West Stowe, co. Suffolk, w. ... 20 May 1673. 
Stractian, Sir John, Bart., Hammersmith, co. Middx., \ . c tnnn 
Limited Admon. / 4 be P' 1777 ■ 

( 21 Dee. 1657. 

Strang, Giles, Crocombe, co. Somerset, brasier. Four 12 July 1658. 

Wills. 1 5 Feb. 1662-3. 

[5 Feb. 1662-3. 

Stockdale, see Temple. 


Stone, Francis La Peyra, City of London, merchant, w. 10 Mar. 1691-5. 
Swaffield, Ann, formerly of Norton Street, Fitzroy Sq.,) 

but of Bartholomew Place, Kentish Town, f 11 July 1834. 
co. Middx., spr., deed., w. J 
Another Will dated 17 Apr. 1838, 
proved P.C.C., revoked. 
Talbott, Frances, "Dutchess and Countess of Tyrconnell," w. 26 May 1 726. 
Tallant, Oliver, City of Dublin, Esq., w. ... ... 30 Apr. 1719 

Taylor, Sir Robert, Knt., St. Martin's in the Fields,) ^ j 1788 

co. Middx., Sheriff of London and Middx., w.J 

Taylor, William, II. M.S. " Roebuck," w 6 Feb. 1707-8. 

Temple, formerly Stockdale, Sarah, Scarborough, co.) 

York, wife of Richard T., of Bedford Row, 21 Apr. 1817. 

co. Middx., Dr. of Physic, w. J 
Thomas, ciUm Priciiard, Mary, Langoven, co. Mon-\ ^ ^ 

mouth, spr., w. / J '. 

Thompson, James, Trumpington, co. Camb., Esq., w. 10 Feb. 1742-3. 
Thompson, Daniel, St. Sepulchre, London, scale maker, w. 17 Oct. 1743. 
Thomson, David, E.I.C.'s Ship "Dartmouth," Esq., w. ... 8 Sep. 1782. 

Thorpe, Francis, Esq., w. ... ... ... ... 10 Oct. 16G0. 

Tiiwaites, Mary, Burrell in Becdall — Rookwith, co. York,\ ^ j, ^ 1695 6 

spr. Ad mon. J 
Tolson, Anne, Wath-upon-Dearne, co. York, spr., w. ... 5 Dec. 1693. 

Transmitted from York by monition issued 

27 June 1711. 

Trench, William, Prince's Court, St. Margaret's, \ ^ j unc 1705 

Westminster, co. Middx., Esq.., w. / 
Tkengove, see Nance. 

Turherville, George, 1 Bulford, co. W'ilts, gent., w. ... 9 Jan. 1671-2. 

Turner, Elias, Lay Street in Barking, co. Essex, Esq.) 07 7 17<1 ~ 
* i \ -j l J line 1 1 io. 

Admon. J 

Turner, Henry, sen., Lambeth, co. Surrey, yeoman, w. 12 June 1708. 

Turner, alias Claridge, Richard, St. Olavc's, Southwark,) 00 , . „, M 

co. Surrey. Admon. / 

Turneu, Sir William, Knt., Alderman of City of London.) j. } 1706 

Admon. with Will annexed. / 

Previous Admon. 1694. 

Tyrconnell, see Talbott. 

Usticke, Stephen, Penwarne House, co. Cornwall, Esq.) ^ j^j ig.77 

Admon. and Bond. / * 

Valence, Robert, Citizen and Innholder of London, w. 31 July 1632. 
Vane, Randyll, St. Martin's in the Fields, and St) 12 Aug. 1739. 

George the Martyr, co. Middx., Esq. Threes 20 Aug. 1739. 

Wills. J 12 Feb. 1739-10. 

Vahsall, Henry, St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, co. Middx., w. — Feb. 1666-7. 

Vermuyuen, Cornelius, Gray's Inn, co. Middx., Esq.) jq j j \qq^ 

Admon. J 

Vyolett, Thomas, City of London, w. ... ... ... 5 Apr. 1662. 

Wade, Benjamin, 1 lleadingley (nr. Leeds, co. York), w. ... 1 Circa 1671. 

Waoe, Peter, Citizen and Goldsmith of London. Admon.) OA T , 1 > ft o 
* » . V 30 July 1698. 

pend. Lite ) J 


Wall, Tobias, Town and County of Southton, — Nevis | 9 j^j 174.3 

and St. Kitts, Esq., w. ) ^ 

Walsingiiam, James, Little Chcsterford,co. Essex, Esq., w. 16 Aug. 1727. 

Wandesford. The Hon. and He v. John, Kirkington, co. ) , < y wai 
' Ar 1 , , b ' 4 Nov. 1747. 

lork, clerk, w. J 

Ward, Nathaniel, St. Thomas', Southwark, co. Surrey, \ q ^ j iqqq 

gent., w. / P ' ' 

Ward, William, Peterborough, co. Northton, gent., w. 22 Nov. 1799. 

Waking, Mary, The Hagc, Staveley, co. Derby, widow, w, — Nov. 1657. 

Warren, John, Wells, co. Wexford, gent., w 22 Sep. '1693. 

Waterford, see Core. 

Watton, James, Edmonton, co. Middx., gent., w. ... 5 Dec. 1788. 

Waits, Hichard, Nevis — Dover, co. Kent. Admon. ... 28 Oct. 1690. 

Weller, Ann, Hanborongh, co. Oxon, widow, w. ... 12 Jan. 1695-6. 

Wells, Mary, London, w. ... ... ... ... 11 Apr. 1655. 

Wentworth, Annabella, St. George's, Hanover Square,) 

co. Middx., Nancy in Lorraine, France,!- 7 July 1778. 

spr., w. J 

Westby, Thomas, Firsby, co. York, Esq. Admon. inj ^ ^ ^ 1G60 1 

Excheq. Court of York. J 

Also Admon. P.C.C. 3 Apr. 1690. 

Wharton, Hezekiah, Second Lieut, of Grenadiers, &c.,\ ^ 17Q5 

Gibraltar, Spain, w. J 

White, Anne, St. Peter's, Canterbury, spr., w. ... ... 20 May 1666. 

White, Frances, St. Mary le Bone, co. Middx., spr., w. 25 Jan. 1791. 

White, Robert, (Col:) Place Newith, co Denbigh, but in) 

Kingdom of Ireland, deed. Admon. Also a J- 18 Dec. 1691. 

filed Will 12 Sep. 1689. I 

Wiiitmouk, William, sen., Palmes, co. Middx., Esq., w. 18 Jan. 1675 6. 

[Testator eldest and only surviving son of 

Sir George W., of Palmes, co. Middx., Knt ] 

Whitmore, William, jun., Palmes, co. Middx., Ksq , w. 21 .Inly 1681. 

WILLIAMS, Elizabeth, S(. James in Fields, eo Middx.,) n . i 
. , 1 Aug. 1(>M). 

widow, w. I 

Williams, alias 1 1 amiton, Mary, Pewniares, co Anglesea, ] , , 

. 1 . 1 V 1 J unc 1 / \5o. 

widow. Admon. J 

Williams, Matthew, master of ship " New Adventure,") 5 p ec j 700 

in Guinea, deed. Admon. J 

Admon. in P.C C. revoked. 

Willouuhhy, George, London, merchant, w. ... ... 15 Jan. 1633-1. 

WlLLOUGJiUY, Sir William, Part., Selston, co. Notts., w. 1 Feb 1670-1. 

Wing, Hichard, W allingford, co. Perks, Esq. Admon. 13 July 1734. 

Woon, Sir Henry, Knt. and Part , Lowdham, co. Suflblk, w. 21 May 1671. 

Wool, James, City of Gloucester, Esq., w. ... ... 2-3 Dec. 1834. 

Wood, Titus, West Street, Cambridge Heath, Hackney,) r n ioo-t 
niii r JJec. loo/, 

co. Aliddx., w. J 

AVoodyeaue, William, Shorne, co. Kent, Esq., w. ... 1 Meh. 1732-3. 

W00SEY, Peter, Towngreen within Aughton, co. Lane,) r ^ T i.-<,r 

r - 6 Nov. 1 / 35. 

yeoman, w. J 

Wyrrants, Daniel, sen., Amsterdam, merchant, w. ... 24 Apl. 1665. 



at** a 





■is 5 

W T3 _ •> 


a "3 
^ o 

g CON 

as r* 

. ' ~ CD 

. .9 O 

o -s r s 

r-H O -m 

• H j J ^ 

^ 0J (b 

* 'a 03 1*1 "£ 

O 3 ci' cT 

Hs 3 5 fc £ 

S ^ / >r » 

"S 1—1 . *2 
c/3 q 3 rt 

• H 1! , 

•£f f ^ * 
— CD - 5 
r eJ g « *" 

t o '£ ,s 

o r 

•*3 a 

» a) o O 
+-> r-. n . w S3 on C3 

ca , — | 
« *C O co • l 

~ ;3 S aTrii "-J 'o h* 

x ~ J3 2 * "a, rH cd 

4*1? pa* 

.3 c-d 

, C c3 +f CO 

50 pq d 

o as _q a 

_l, -M CD 

CD o 

**» > >-r th: -X -t- 

, ■ — • rr CO CD 

"ri CD 

O 5h 

co 3 

a,.*** g 3J^ 

3 ~° +3 r-i 

*J ^ *S . CC _ 


ma s 

* C 00 

5 . 

J O 

If- — ^ 

r ~ 

I W 

g j 00 
W 1- 


cd .3 i 

™ f D 

CD *- 


0,1 1 - 
^ 1 - 


^ f, = 5 CD 

CD ^ *f 

CD — ' 

O <D 

« M 2- 1* 

I J a ^ § g 
.a a -j a 

fc g c 3 
3 « p ^-e'p 3 Z 


ri5 *§ ^ -g «o ^ ~ 
*c 5 3 s L: 

CD 3 CD ^* 

r ^rii 

a cd 

•r o 

O ri 

a rfi , 

Cd »^ 

1-5 vi,, 

3 'D 

i 3* 

a w 


th -J 

« "2 .«{ > - L ^ O a, fc 4^' a, * 
cso.^ o .2 ril K - ' 

- 1^ P--TJ 



4 MHz$ 


IPetugrecs from tlje }plea Eolls. 

By Major-General the Hon. GEORGE WKOTTES LE Y. 
(Continued from p. 34. ) 

Be Banco. Mich. 48. E. 3. m. 232. 

Salop. — Thomas de Erdyngtou, Kt , sued Nicholas de Hanlowc for the 
manor of Welynton under tlie Wreken, in which Nicholas had no entry 
except by a demise which Henry de Erdyngtou, his ancestor, had made 
to one Roger Sprynghoso for a term which had expired. 

Henry de Erdyngtou, temp. E. 1. 



Thomas, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Mich. 48. E. 3. m. 348 dorso. 

Norf. — Philip de Ayllesbury and Agues, his wife, and Richard de Montfort 
and Roes, his wife, sued Etheldreda de Montagu for two parts of the 
manor of Radynhale, and they sued Joan, formerly wife of Edward de 
Montagu for one-third of the same manor, which Bartholomew de 
Yatyngcdene had given to Hugh de Branteston and Margaret, his wife, 
and the heirs of their bodies 

Hugh de lhantcston.-j-Miirgaret. 



AgnoH Philip ilu Aylesbury, Koch Itiehard <lo Montfort, 

pluiutilV. plaintill. 

Etheldreda de Montagu was daughter and heiress of Edward de 
Montagu, and the suit was made a rcmanet, owing to her being under 

Be Banco. Mich. 48. E. 3. m. 3G9. 
Glouc. — John atte Wode sued Thomas Beerton of Eycotc, for the manor 
of Eycote, near Ryndecombe, which John Russell, Chivaler, gave to 
Robert Crook and Margery, his wife, and the heirs of their bodies. 
Robert Crock ) Margery. 




John Attcwode, 
the ulaiiitiff. 



De Banco. Mich. 48. E. 3. m. 482. 

Surrey — Thomas dc Legh sued Hamelin de Mecham for the next presenta- 
tion to the Church of Walton-upon-Thames. The pleadings shew that 
Reginald htz John held one-third of the manor of Walton and one- 
third of the advowson, and gave them to Sampson, son of Sampson de 
Mulseye (Molesey) in frank marriage with Isabella, his daughter, in the 
reign of Henry 2. 

Sampson, son of Sampson=pIsabella. 
dc Mulseye, temp. Uen. 2. | 

Walter, temp. K. John, 

Isabella, daughter-f John de 
and heir. | Mecham. 


Hamelin de Mecham, 
the defendant. 

The other two-thirds of the manor and advowson were held temp. 
Hen. 2 by Reginald de Cruee, who had enfeoffed Robert de Legh in 

Robert de Legh. 

John.— Margaret de Kendale. 


The plaintiff", Thomas de Legh, claimed as heir of John dc Legh, but 
the descent is not given. 

Chester Pica Roll. No. 48. 10—11. E. 3. m. 10. 

Ccstria. John de UoydeU, of LyniHUN sued Thomas WyUn for lands 
in Lynnne which Agatha, daughter of Adam de Dutton, gave to (Jilbert, 
son of John de Boydcl, and Cecil a and his wife, the daughter of Agatha. 
Temj). Ed. I. 

Gilbert, son of^f Cecilia. 
John. | 



John Boydcll, 
the plain tilt. 

Chester Plea Roll. No. 48. 10—11. E. 3. m. 20. 

Ccstria. — John, son of Urian de St. Pierre, sued John de Oherlcton for 
the next presentation to a moiety of the church of Malpas. 



David de Ma! pas, temp. Hen. 3. 


Beatrice. Idonia.=rUrian de St. 

! 1 Pierre. 

Isabella. =T=Richard de | 
I Sutton. John. 

I I 
John de Sutton. Urian. 


John, the plaintiff. 
John de Cherleton held the status of John de Sutton. 

Chester Plea Roll. No. 48. 10—11. E. 3. m. 24. 

Cestria. — William, son of John Boydel, sued Robert, son of Robert 
Tuchet, for the manor of Nether Whitclegh, which Hugh de Dutton 
gave to William Boydel in marriage with Alice, his daughter. 

William Boydel.^- Alice. 




William Boydel, the plaintiff. 

Chester Plea Roll. No. G6. 29 — 30. K. 3. 

Cestria. — Richard, son of John de RadeclifT and Matilda, his wife, sued 
Isabella, formerly wife of John de Legh Chivaler, for laud in Modbcr- 
logh, which John de Ardenc gave to John de Legh for his life, with 
remainder to John, son of John de Legh and Matilda, daughter of John 
de Ardenc, and to the heirs of the bodies of John de Legh and Matilda. 
John de Legh. 

John de Legh. =j=Matilda, da. of 
j John de Ardenc. 

I . 

Matilda.— Richard de Radecliff. 

Chester Plea Roll. No. G4. 26—27. K. 3. m. 1. 

Cestria. — Robert, son of John Boydel, sued Howcl ap Oweyn veyl for a 
rent of 26s. in Lacheford. 

John Boydel. Hp Margaret. 


I ! j 



llulph. Joan. Agne.s. 


Howell, the defendant. 



John and Margaret had been enfeoffed by Agnes de Sutton and 
Robert, son of John, claimed by a grant of William, son of John 

Chester Plea Roll. No. 64. 26—27. E. 3 m. 1G. 

Cestria. — Thomas Fyton sued Jordan, son of Thomas de Macclesfeld, 
and John, son of the same Jordan, for lands in Gouse worth (Caws- 

Thomas de Macclesfeld. 

iWMu. ill' MMA 4mtm' 

Roger de=T=Isabella, 1 Ed. I. 
Macclesfeld. | 

Thomas Fyton. 

Thomas Fytton=Isabella. 
the plaintiff. 

Chester Plea Roll. No. 64. 26 — 27. E. 3. m. 13. 

Cestria. — John, son of William de Whitemore and Cecilia, his wife, 
sued John Donne and Cecilia, his wife, for the manor of Thurstane- 






Cecily, the plaintiff. 

Chest* Plea Roll. No. 66. 29—31. E. 3. . 

Cestria. — John de llynton sued John de Wengcfeld and two others for 
the manor of I'ecforton. 

Cadugan de llynton, temp. Hen. 3. 




John do llynton, 
the plaintiff. 

Chester.. Plea Roll. No. 66. 29—31. E. 3. m. 99 dorso. 

Cestria. — Elizabeth, lute wife of Thomas de Swetenham, Htied the Abbot 
of Vale Royal lor the next presentation to the church of Swetenham. 

bn/i ftifol 



Richard de Swetcnham. 


Thomas — Elizabeth, the plaintiff. 


Richard, who was 
under age. 

Chester Plea Roll. No. GG. 31 E. 3. m. 159. 

Cestria. — John, son of William de Holford, sued Nicholas de Wymyng- 
ton for land in Lostok-Gralehan, which Henry de Toft gave to Roger, 
his son, and to the heirs of his body, and failing such, to Henry de 
Holford, the brother of Roger, and to the heirs of his body. 


Roger de Toft, temp. Henry de Holforde. 

Etl. 1, ob. s.p. | 


John, the plaintiff. 

Chester Plea Roll. No. G2. 24—25 E. 3. 

Cestria. — Thomas (Jlayne sued Hugh de Vcnables of Kyndciton, Kt., 

for an illegal distress in Hand bach. 

Uoger do Vcnables. 





Verdict for Hugh, the distress having been levied in Bradewall : a 
manor held under Hugh de Vcnables. 

Chester Plea Roll. No. G8. 36—37 E. 3. 

Cestria. — Thomas de Rcrneton, and Joan, his wife, and Elena and Katrine, 
sisters of Joan, sued Joan, late wife of William de Venables of Hrade- 
wall for land in Hradewall, which William de Vcnables of Kynderton 
had given to William, his son, and heirs of his body. 

William, son of William de Venables, temp. Ed. 2. 


William. , 

I ' i 

William. =rJoan, the defendant. 


Joan.=Thomas de Elena. Katrine. 




Chester Plea Roll. No. 69. 39—40 E. 3 m. 30. 

Cestria. — Thomas, son of Hamon de Asshelegh, Kt., sued William, son 
of Richard de Bulkylegh, for land in Tyinplegh which Geoffrey de 
Dutton had given to Hamon, his son, and to the heirs of his body. 
Hamon, son of Geoffrey de Dutton. 



Thomas de Asshelegh 
the plaintiff. 

The suit was made a remanet, William being in Gascony with Edward 
Prince of Wales. 

Chester Plea Poll. No. 70. 40—41 E. 3 m. 7. 

Cestria. — John, son of William de Whytcmore, the younger, and 
Cecilia, his wife, sued Ralph de Vernon, Chivalcr, for a moiety of the 
manor of Shipbrok and one-sixth of the manor of Wich-Malbanc. 
Ralph dc Vernon, temp. lien. 3. 

Eustachia.=pDavid de Haselwall. 





Cecily, the plaintiff. 

Rdph produced a deed by which Eustachia, late wife of David de 
T I wall, released to her brother, Ralph de Vernon, all her right to 
the Karonies of Sibbrok (Slupbrook ) and Wich-Malbanc (Nantwich) 
and (he manor of llanewell, dated f) K. 2. lie also claimed under a 
fine levied in 19 E. 2, and gave this descent. 

Ralph de Vernon. 

Ralph de Vernon of Richard. 

Mottrum, ob. s.p. | 

Ralph, the 

Much of the suit is illegible from damp and discoloration, but it 
ends with a writ of error dated 8 Hen. 5, removing it to be heard 
coram Ruje. 

Chester Plea Poll. No. 72. 42—43 E. 3. m. 1. 1 ; 

Cestria. — William, son of Richard de Bulkylegh, sued John de Radcclyf 
and Margaret, his wife, for a moiety of the manors of Clyfton and 



: Roger de Ched]e.=Matilda. 

William de— Clemence.=pJohn de Moly 

1st hus- 

neux, Kt. 



: Richard de 

ob. s p. 

ob. s.p. 

— I 



William de 
the plaintiff. 

: John de 

In 44 E. 3, John de Radclyffc was dead and Margaret was re-married 
to John Savage, Kt. 

Chester Plea Roll No. 72. 42—43 E. 3. m. 27 dorso. 

Cestria. — Robert de Fonleshnrst and Elizabeth, his wife, sued Thomas, 
son of David de Crui', and Agnes, his wife, for land in Whitepnllo, 
which William de Mai pas, Kt., gave to Thomas de Crue, Kt., in marriage 
with Margaret, his daughter. Temp. Ed. 1. 

Thomas de Crue =j= Margaret. 





Elizabeth.— Robert de Fouleshurst, 
the plaintiffs 

De Banco. Trinity. 4G. E. 3. m. 2. 
Kent. — John Kyryel, Kt., tlie elder, sued William La Sonehe of 
Ilarynge worth and Elizabeth, his wife, for a moiety of the manor of 

Nicholas de Kyrvel. 

Nicholas, temp. E. 1. 


John Kyryel, the 

Chester Plea Roll. No. 77. 47—48 E. 3. m. 15 dorso. 

Cestria. — John de Kirkby of Chester sned the Abbot of Basyngwck for 
the manor of West Kirkeby. 

John Hcniard, temp. EL l.=f Cliriatiana. 

! . f, 


John, ob s.p. Alice. 

John de Kirkby 
the plaintiff. 

SI r 


Chester Plea Roll. No. 79. 49-50 E. 3. m. 12 dorso. 

Cestria. — Thomas de Dutton, Kt., sued Hugh, son of William Scot, for 
lands in Over Whitelcgh. 

Thomas de Dutton, temp. Hen. 3. 



Thomas, the 

De Banco. Hillary 49. E. 3. m. 314. 

Sussex — Henry Auchicr and Alice, his wife, and John, brother of 
Henry, and Joan, his wife, sued William de Welles For a moiety of (he 
r nan or of Knelle, which UeolVrey Solace gave to Matthew de Knelle 
and Margaret, his wife, and the heirs of their bodies. 

Matthew de Knelle. =p Margaret. 


Geoffrey, oh. s. p. Edmund. 

Edward, oh, H.p. Margaret. 


.r n 

Alice. — Henry Joan. = John 

Auchier. Auchier. 

De ll'inco. Trinity 19. E. 3. in 127. 

Dorset.— I lie hard de Stanes and Alive, his wife, sued John Bonwodo, the 
younger, for the manor of West Melplessh, which Jlobert Quvntyn 
gave to Thomas (Joshull and Agnes, his wife, and the heirs of' their 

Thomas de Goshull^Agnes. 
temp. E. 1. 



\\ illiam. 

.1 _ . 
Alice. — Richard de Htnnos, 
the plaintiffs. ? 

[To be continued.) 



B s - 

5 2 W 



"it?* 9 
«, a o 

6 £ 
g2 W 

If g 

s I p. 

to O po 
° to 

£ '-° W 
* a o 
2-2 =• 

£5 8 

i fOgSi 

£3 (0 

o m ? 

« to 


r 1 oT- 

r ^* g £ w ! 

s» a • a . - 

>— p C w c 
* C * H 

-- M CD 

pT m pa |_l 

i ffl' US 

3 to 5 2 w 

" - . S 8> 2 ■ 
a. S g, 

• > n 
£ £ 5*> 
~° -a 

• m IO H 

~ r 3 2 
ffi r « * 

2 to ' o 
1 i Pm 

«S % 1 

CD - J W _ 
~ co _ 3 

S 9 3 J 
H P p 

<J , c M 

m g 5' 


CD P i — ' 
• «> 
tZJ O 
cd >i P. 
cd c+ ^r: 


O ^ Ul CO 

tO £/". - ^ 

' •« ^ W 2 

a. r ~ c 
o Si ^ ^ 


'5 2 

(A 1) Edward, I King of England ; d. 7 

a to g 5*^1 July 1307. See Tab. XII, E. 

•a? a o ^ ( A 2 ) Eleanor, dueen Consort, da. of Fer- 
M*P c d (linancl III, Kino of Castii.e and Leon ; t/. 
^ H £ m N 28 Nov. 1290 ; 1st wife. See Tab, XIII, E. 

to ^ ^ I— I 


^ w fi 3s (A 3) Philip IV, King of France and 
^8 2 P W n Navarue ; t/. 29 Nov. 1314. See Tab. XVI, 

HH CO e^- (!) 

8?.ig- ST 

CD w O 9> 

ercrc i " 

1) 1. 


(A 4) Jane, da. of Henry I, Kino of 
Navarre ; d. 2 Apr. 130 J. See Tab. XVI, 
D 2. 

3^ (A 5) John d'Avenes, Count of Hainault 
^3 and Holland ; t/. 22 Aug. 1304. See Tab. 

P d ^ 



XVI II, C 1. 


(A 6) Philippa, da. of Henry III, Count 

of Luxemburg ; d. 1311. See Tab. XVI II, 
C 2. 

O g S ^ 03 , a A 7j Charles, Count of Valois ; ci. 1G Dec. 
21- J 1325. See Tab. XVIII, C 3. 

S » o cb (A 8) Margaret, da. of Charles II, King of 

* " p Jerusalem and Sicily ; ci. 31 Dec. 1299 ; 1st 

M M ^ c — Wife. See Tab. XVIII, C 4. 
<w to L ^ td 

(A 9) Edmund, Earl of Lancaster and 
Leicester ; b. 10 Jan. 124 § ; d. 5 June 


r r d r (A 10) Blanche, da. of Robert I, Count of 

w L J 2 

HI Aktois ; wi. by 3 Fob. 127 § d, 2 May 1302; 

Co 2nd wife. See Tab. XVI, C 4. 

C w IO ^ ^ 

£ Oi ro 2S C 

4^ oo o p. 


(All) Patric de Chaurces ;( 4 ) d. 1282.( 5 ) 


^ ^jr-x (A 12) Isabel, da. of William de Beauchamp, 
>- (D w Earl of Warwick, 
p P 

^ o ^ 

a«- $ (A 13) Louis de Brienne d'Acre, Vicomte de 
BEAUMONT in Maine ; living 12G3. 
^a^^ HI 

P x (A 14) Agnes, Vicomtesse de Beaumont.( 8 ) 

HI °f P;dph III, Vicomte de Beaumont (by 

cc co ; 2" bd J'' s second wife Agnes ... ^ ; //;. by Feb. 
oo-i 1253. 



(A 15) Alexander Corny n ; d. abt. 1305. 


**. ~ (A 10) Joan Latimer.( 9 ) 


S-Mfe.lT.tS (A 1) Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of 

g a 

* ' P ^ 

O C 

C 3 



P ^ 

Hereford and Essex, Constable of Eng- 
h|h h." I land, 1275—1297 ; d. 1297. 

c» t£ " 1 — 1| 

«P | (A 2) Maud, da. of Enguerrand II, Seig- 
p-^G^ ^ neur de Fiennes in Guinea and de Tingry 
_ ^« 2 Krj § in Boulonnais. 

"^K ft 

2 io cT § w (A3) Edward I, King of England ; 

Br" o g ? 7 July 1307. See Tab. XII, E. 
— HI HI 

^ g g g"^ | (A 4) Eleanor, Q,ueen Consort, da. of 

^ »T io J Ferdinand III, King of Castile and 

Leon; d. 28 Nov. 1290; 1st wife. 
Tab XIII, E. 


t*j ^ j| C ^ cr-| (A f>) Gunselm de Badlesmere, of Badles- 
. .? S 5 mere, co. Kent ; d. 1301. 

**" co "a £: % (A 6) Joan, da. of Ralph fitz Bernard, of 
I* I o c* co ™ |f Kingsdown, co. Kent. 

X L <W O CD 2 

cd rr co 
io p ^ o 

Ci *> IO 

- • 2 

oo P 

~ to to ^ M 

H- .00 OS ^ - 

(A 7) Thomas de Clare, Governor of the 
1| City of London in 1273 ; d. 1286-7. 

co 'W | — II 

S-^^ J (A 8) Amy, da. of Maurice lit/. Maurice. 

g p (A 9) Richard fit/. Alan, Earl of Arun- 
del. 1289—1302; b. 3 Feb. 12(57; d. 
»W 1302. 
g ux HI 

(A 10) Aloisia, Alison or Alice, da of 
Thomas, or Thomasino, Marquis of 

J Saluzzo in Piedmont ; m. by 1285 ; 
20 Sep. 1292. 


o p- 

1 ( y William tie Warenne ; slain in 

rc'Jf. 3 cd tournament at Croydon 12 Dec. 1285, 

o (A 12) Joan, da. of Robert de Vere, Earl 

r _ ce of Oxford. 


5' * 

o to 

P v.. P- O 


co ^ § cd fA 13) Edmund, Earl of Lancaster and 
c . ^ ~n Leicester; d. f> June 1296. See Tub. 
^|r- | XXII, A 9. 

CD 2 O £ — 1| 

H - a, 5 (A 1 1) Blanche, da. of Robert 1, Count 
of Aktois; c/. 2 May 1302; 2nd wife. 
I* {§ * " See Tab. X VI, C 4. 

Pi W 

P n 

p J 



£5 r 

(A 15) Batric do Chaurces ; it. 1282. See 
Tab. XXII, A 11. 

^H ^ | (A 16) Isabel, da. of William <le Beau- 
w cr 'W g -J eiiamp, Earl of Warwick. See Tab. 
-^a XXII, A 12. 



























p 5* 

P cr 

1 1 

» 6 85 ^_ 

g|^o I 

• 5" CO p 

~ - * rc| 

Sf 5 O ~ i 

ft.-. ^ 

c ?N ^ 

o ; 



p I 

*f ' — 

p & 

5 HH 


2. cr 
a ' 

■ ^ 

P o 

m * 

to 6 
so W 


- CD j 

^ CO ■ 

-1 o C 

et- J2 

H. U (t 



rr 1— ' 
a> ^"T" to 


§ (A 1) Philip III, King of the French ; 

• B % % M^n rf. 5 Oct. 1285. See Tab. XIV, D 1. 

wnmc (A 2) Mary, da. of Henry III, Duke op 
X •?* Lothieii and Brabant ; <i. 12 Jan. 132£ ; 
2nd wife. See Tab. XIV, D 2. 

o\ ' - — d 


CO 1 CO 


p r 


o »• 
fl ft- 

P- ... 

CD <^ 

-i CT" 

a 2 > 
p ^ v: 

p tr 1 



^ ^ (A3) Philip of Artois, Seigneur de Con- 
8- «h cues ; ci. v.p. 11 Sep. 1298. 

f-£*T»S HI 

iT w ^! (A 4) Blanclie, da. of John II, Duke of 
^ ^" ^ M Brittany, Earl of Richmond; d. 19 
? S T March 1327 - 

_ O (gcJ--> 

co to w D3 5) Philip IV, King of France and 
Navarhe ; d. 29 Nov. 1314. See Tab. 

11- r 1 xvi, d 1. 

£ft.r > 5. HI 

d * (A 6) Jane, da, of Henry I, King of 

Navarre ; d. 2 Apr. 130*. See Tab. 
XVI, D 2. 

V\ I- 1 Hy 

00 > ^ 

O0 k J ^. 

• m x a 
O 5> d « 


p 3 

g S h o (A 7) Robert If, Duke of Burgundy, 


£P*t»i» ^ci'lain of France, titular Kino of Tiiks- 
Jcp? J! ^ I salonica, 1273—1305 ; d. 9 Oct. 1305,(>) 
> - j °* 1 aged abt 

K>iS ^ 8 ) Agnes, da. of Louis IX, King of 
3 a. cop thk Fhknch ; m. 1279 ; d. 1327- 

> or. iiL 

^ ^ (A 9) Charles, Count of Valois ; 1G 

H>oI| Dec. 1325. See Tab. XVIII, C 3. 

^ g HI 

L >^ (A 10) Margaret, da. of Charles II, King 
IM*co k ^ ok Jerusalem and Sicily; </. 31 Dec. 

1299 : 1st wife. See Tab. XVI 11, C 4. 

CO H - 


n CO ^ o 

as o pr 
cd ~ 

^ m 

I ^ 

— HI 

8.3. So r" 

to cc — W 

> a. — ft. - ~; 

'■° i oS _ 3-1 (4 J1 ) Hubert II, Duke of Burgundy, 
s?*il 1273—1305 ; c/. 9 Oct. 1305. See A 7. 

CT a p 

rj^.^.^ (A 12) Agnes, da. of Louis IX, King of 
H & r 3 THE French ; «i. 1279 ; rf. 1327. See A 8. 

P'^cO^i ( A 13 ) The Emperor Henry VII, of 
£^ Luxemburg ; rf. 24 Aug. 1313. See Tab. 
X g ^ XX, B 1. 


hi os-. " (A 14) Margaret, da. of John I, Duke of 
u & ^ Lothier and Brabant ; d. 11 Dec. 1311. 
% B' % See Tab. XX, B 2. 

Hi , 

p » " W ; 

cr g 00-, (A 13) Wenzel IV, King of Bohemia ; 
M &3?mJ ^ 21 June 1305 - See Tal) - xx ; 15 3 - 

^ p I cr HI 

H- f- (A 14) Judith, da. of Rudolf I, King of 
^ g 5 00 5- the Romans ; 5 June 1297 ; 1st wife. 
• » - See Tab. XX, B 4. 


Additions to Table XXII. 

A. 9. He was b. in London ; cr. Earl of Leicester and Steward of 
England 26 Oct. 1265 ; cr. Earl of Lancaster 30 June 1267; d. at 
Bayonne, bur. in Westminster Abbey 21 March ifo^. 1 [He in. 1, at 
Westminster, 9 Apr. 1269, 2 Avelina, dau. and eventual hss. of William 
de Forz, titular Count of Aumale in Normandy ; she d. in 1274, bur. in 
Westminster Abbey.] (Fourth but second surv. son of Henry III, 
King of England, by Eleanor of Provence. See Tab. X. E., XI. E.) 

A. 11. (Second son of Patric de Chaurces, by Hawise, dau. and hss. 
of Thomas do Londrcs, Lord of Kidwelly and Ogmore.) 

A. 12. [She m. 2, by 1286-7, Hugh le Despenser, senior, Earl of 
Winchester; he was hung at Bristol 9 Oct. 1326,° aged 90. °J (Her 
mother was Maud, 7 widow of Gerard de Furnival, and dau. of John 
fitz John.) 

A. 13. He was bur. in the Chartreuse of the Pare d'Orques 
in the forest of Charmee in Maine. (Third son of John de Bricnnc, 
King of Jerusalem, Emperor of Constantinople, by his second wife 
Bcrengaria, dau. of Alphonso IX, King of Leon and Galicia.) 

A. 15. (Second son of Alexander Comyn, Earl of Buchan, by Eliza- 
beth, dau. and coh. of Roger de Quincy, Earl of Winchester.) 

B. 5 He was cr. Earl of Leicester 10 May 1321; Earl of Lancaster 
and Steward of England on the reversal of the attainder of his brother 
Thomas (beheaded at Pontefract 22 March 132.}) 7 March 132'} ; d. at 
Leicester, bur. there in the Collegiate Church. 

B. 7. He was summ to Pari, as a Baron 4 March 130*— 20 Oct. 
1332, and as Earl of Buchan 22 Jan. 133^—16 Nov. 1339. 

C. 3. He was l>. at Crosmont Castle in Monmouthshire; cr. Earl of 
Derby 16 March 133" ; cr. Fail of Lincoln 20 Aug. 1349 ; cr. Duke of 
Lancaster 6 March 135'/ ; <L at Leicester, bur. there in the Collegiate 

IL 1. | lie m. 2, at Kochefort near Bordeaux, 13 1371 before Michael- 
mas, 115 Constance (/>. 135 1) second illegitimate dau. of Peter the Cruel, 
King of Castile and Leon ; she (/. in June 1394, bur. in the Collegiate 
Church at Leicester 5 July. He fit. 3, at Lincoln, 13 Jan. 139", 
Katherine, dau. of Payn Koet. See Tab. XXIX, B. 8.] 

1 Memorandum le demeyne preseyu dewaunt le jour de la Nonsiasion notre Dame 
furent lea ossemens Sire Emound frere le Key aporte dele novel Abbeye de Meneresse 
dehors Alegate jeces a Seyn Pol, e de Seyn Pol a Weumontter, e ala le Key ou les 
osemens parmi la wile a pe, e Countes e Barons e Eweces, e lendemeyn furent les 
osemens enteres a Weumontter au senettre de Tauter Seyn Pere Pan le Key xxviii 
(Lib. de Ant. Legibu.s, p. 219.) 

2 Hoc anno Dominus Edmundus, filius Domini Regis, desponsavit filiam Comitis 
de Aubemarle in ecclesia eonventuali Westmonasterii, in presentia Domini Regis, 
Kegine , . . nono die Aprilis, tune temporis Hokeday. (Chron. Maiorum et Vice- 
comifeum Londoniarum, ad aim. 1269 ) The marriage is dated 6 Apr. 12(59 or 8 Apr. 
1270 in the " Complete Peerage." 

3 As Count of Champagne and Brie jure uxoris, Earl Edmund performed homage 
to the Duke of Burgundy at Bar-sur-Seine, 3 Feb. 127%. 

4 Chaurces, Chaourtvs, Chources, Chourches — the name was spelt all manner of 
ways — an illustrious house of Maine ; a Caortiis, Cenomanensis pagi castello, says 
Pere Scnnoncl in his notes on the letters cf Geoffrey, Abbot of Vendome : Caortiis 



being corrupted from Cadurciis. English genealogists write it Chaworlh, the modern 
iiamu evolved from a still more corrupt latin form in use as early as 1297. The 
forms Chaurees, Chauoreis, Chauwrees, Chauwerc', Chauwure', from records temp. 
John, shew how the change took place. The name i.s given as Chaurees in the 
" Barons' letter to the rope," and often in the Rolls of Arms of the 13th century 
as Chaurs. Mr. Eytori (Her. ami Gen., vol. vi, p 246) and Sir Henry Darkly (Gen., 
N.S., vol. v, p. 211), misled by a specious identity, derive the name of this 
family from Cahors (urhs Cadurci), the capital of Quercy. In 1151, Patry de 
Chourches founded the Abbey of Tironneau, near Balon, in Maine. The descent 
from Payn de Montdoubleau, Seigneur de Balon, 1088, 10U8 (Old. Vital., 1. viii, c. 5, 
21 ; 1. x, e. 7), to tin; L'ayn de Montdoubleau, or Chaurees, of 1155 and 11 GO (Lib. 
Nig., p. 170-1), whether it were in the male or female line, is quite unknown. As to 
Montdoubleau, in the Vendomois, it is supposed to have taken its name from Hugh 
called Dublellus (yr. son of IBodo, or Odo, Count of Yendome j. ux. in 1017). 
Menage produces the following charter: — Hugo, filius Odonis Dublelli, honorem 
Montis Dublelli a coinite Caufrido, cognomine Martello [Count of Yendome 
1030-10G0, and half-br. to the above llodo's wife] accepit in curia baronum, militum 
et legalium virorum, rogatu Hugonis patrui, ejusdem honoris domini. Margaret, 
hss. of Montdoubleau, m., long before HOG, Hugh IV, Vicomte de ChS.teaudun. 
Patry de Chourches, Seigneur de Malicorne, Balon and St. Agnan, is said to have in. 
Godonne, dau. of Guy V, Seigneur de Laval in Maine, by Emma [perhaps illeg.] dau. 
of Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou. From him descended the Seigneurs de 
Malicorne, extinct after 15G9. To the arms of the French family, barry Arg. and 
Cu , the English branch added as a brisure an orle of martlets, Sa. or Vert. 
5 He, at the age of 25, succ. his br. Payn, who d. s.p. in 1278. 

G Froissart, lib. i, c. 10, 11. It is more probable, however, that he was not taken 
prisoner till " le lundi en la veille seint Simond et Jude " [i.e., 27 Oct.] (French 
Chron. of London, p. 55), and executed a few days afterwards. 

7 Eldest sister and coh. of Richard litz John, who d. s.p. in 1297. 

a Half-sister and hss. of Richard 11, Vicomte de Beaumont, who d. before 1219. 

8 See Genealogist, N-S., vol. iv, p. 195. 

10 Those genealogists who make him son of " Louis, second son of Charles of 
Anjou, King of Sicily and Jerusalem, yr. brother of St. Louis," omit to give any 
details of the former Louis. This will be understood when it is mentioned that he 
was the eldest of Charles' four sons, that he died in Cyprus in 1218, a few days after 
his birth, being bur. in the Church of the Dominicans at Nicosia. It is the hypot hesis 
thai. Henry was son of Louis de Brieuue- Beaumont that inakes him, as Mr. Belt/i 
observes, cousin germain to Eleanor of Castile (a relationship which is otherwise 
known to have existed), they being both descended from Alphonso IX, King of Leon 
and Galieia. (See above and Tab. XIII.) It may be observed that the note on this 
subject in the " Complete Peerage," vol. i, p. 284, should be amended — to bring it 
into accordance both with Belly, (p. 815) and with the facts - by substituting (lines 
I and 0) "second hypothesis" for " lirsf h\ pot he>i.s." The anna of the Lnglish 
Heaiinionls were identical with those of the French Brienne- Beaumonts. 

" Hss. of her uncle' John Coinyn, Earl of Buchan, who d. before 3 Dee. 1308. 
Some say, in Leicester Castle. 

13 Froissart, lib. i, e. 301 ; the Duke certainly returned to England about Michaelmas 
1371 ; the date 1372 (Leland) given for the marriage is therefore incorrect. 

14 Ramsay, Lancaster and York, vol. i, p. 1, proves this date. 

Additions to Table XXIII. 

A. 1. He succ. his grandfather Humphrey, 24 Sep. 1*275. (Only 
son of Humphrey de Bohun, who d. v.p., by his first wife Eleanor, dau. 
and coh. of William de Braose, Lord of* Brecknock and Abergavenny.) 

A. 2. (Her mother was . . . , dau. of Jacques, Sire de Conde and 
Bailluoil in Hainault and Moreaumes in the pays de Liege.) 

A. 7. (Yr. sou of Richard de Clare, Earl of (jlloueester and Hert- 
ford, by his second wife Maud, dau. of John de Lacy, Earl of Lincoln.) 

A. 9. He succ. bis father 18 March 1272; bur. in Wyniondham 



Priory, Norfolk. (Only son of John fitz Alan, Lord of Clun and 
Oswaldestre, by Isabel, dau. of Roger de Mortimer, Lord of Wigmore.) 

A. 10. She was bur. in Todingham Priory. (Her mother was 
Aloisia, dau. of George, Marquis of Ceva.) 

A. 11. (Only son of John de Warenne, Earl of Surrey and Sussex, 
by his first wife Alfais or Aliee, dau. of Hugh X, Sire de Lusignan, 
Count of la Marehe, and of Angouleme j. ux.) 

A. 12. (Her mother was Alice, dan. of Gilbert de Sand ford, the 
Queen's Chamberlain.) 

R 1. He was slain at the Battle of Boroughbridge. 
1). 2. [She Di. 1, 7 Jan. 129!?, John I, Count of Holland and 
Zeeland, Lord of Friesland ; he (A. 1281)4. at Haarlem 10 Nov. 1299.] 

B. 3. He wassumm. to Pari, as a Baron 26 Oct. 1309—15 May 1321 ; 
attainted, and hung at Canterbury. 

P). 5. He was b. at Marlborough Castle ; beheaded at Hereford, and 

C. 2. [She m. 1. abt. 1328, Edmund de Mortimer, Lord of Wigmore; 
he d. at Stanton Lacy 17 Dec. 1331.] 

C. 3. [He m. I, 9 Feb. 132',', in the King's Chapel at Havering-at- 
Bower, Isabel, dau. of Hugh le Despenser, junior ; she was divorced in 

C. 4. [She m. 1, John de Beaumont ; he d. 1342, or soon after.] 

D. 1. He succ. his uncle Humphrey as Earl of Hereford, etc., 
15 Oct. 13(11. 

1 Uoh. of her nephew Thomas de Clare, who d. 1320-1, S.p. 

2 Shi- .styled herself (seal, '23 June 1328) for sonic unexplained reason, Margaret 
de Uinframville, Lady of Badlcsmcre. See (Jen., N.S., vol. iv, p. 48. 

3 In her issue hr. of her br. John, Karl of Surrey and Sussex, who d. s.p. 30 June 

4 Third sister and coh. of Giles de Uadlesmere, who d. ts.p. in 1338. 

5 So I'Yoissart. Others say at Kochfort in Rssex. 

Additions to Table XXIV. 

A. 3. Philip, Seigneur do Conches and N onanconrt in Normandy 
Doml'ront in Maine, and Mchnn snr-Yevic in Berry ; Imr. (as was his 
wife) in the Church of (he Jacobins at Paris. (Klder son of Robert II, 
Count of Artois. by his first wife Amicia, only child of Peter de 
Courtenay, Seigneur de Conches, Mehnn-snr-Yevre and Selles in Berry.) 

A. 4. She was m. by contract dated July 1280; (/. at the Castle of 
Vincennes. (Her mother was Beatrice, dau. of Henry III, King of 

A. 7, 11. He d. at Vernon in Normandy, bur. (as was his wife) in 
the Abbey of Citeanx. (Third but eldest surv. son of Hugh IV, Duke 
of Burgundy, by Yolande de Dreux. See Table XIV, B. 7, 8.) 

A. 8, 12. She was m. by contract dated 20 Oct. 1272. (Her mother 
was Margaret of Proven 3C. See Table XIV, C. 1, 2.) I 

P. 1. He (/. at Paris in his hotel d'Kvreux, bur. (as was his wife) in 
the Church of the Jacobins at Paris. 

B. 3. He was called Hutin ; crowned King of Navarre at Pamplona 
1 Oct. 1307 ; crowned King of France at Reims 21 Aug. 1315 ; d. at 



the Castle of Vincennes, bur. in the Abbey of St. Denis 7 June 1316. 
[He m. 2, 19 Aug. 1315, Clemence, dau. of Charles I, of Sieily, called 
Martel, King of Hungary ; she was crowned at Reims with her hu>b. ; 
(/. in the hotel du Temple at Paris 12 or 13 Oct. 1328, bur. in the 
Church of the Jacobins at Paris.] 

B. 4. She was m by contract( 5 ) dated at the Abbey of Longchamp 
27 Feb. ; m. at Vernon in Normandy ; bur. in the Church of the 
Franciscans at Vernon. 

C. 1. He was called le Bon and le Sage ; crowned (with his wife) at 
Pamplona 5 March 132 J ; (/. ;tt Xcres, bur. at Pamplona in the Oath. 
Church of Nuestra Senora la Ileal. 

C. 2. She was m. by contract dated at Paris 27 March 131? s (papal 
dispcns. dated at Avignon 5 May 1318) ; d. at the Castle of Conflans 
near Paris, bur. in the Abbey ol* St. Denis. 

E. [She m. 1, at Soille near (Juerande in Brittany, 11 S3p. 138G, as 
third wife, John V, le Vaillant, Duke of Brittany, Earl of Richmond, 
K.U. ; he (/. at Nantes the night 1-2 Nov. 1399, aged abt, GO, bur. there 
in the Cath. Church 3 Nov.] 

1 Nut 1309, the date given in his epitaph, This has heen fully proved by Donv 
Plancher, Hist, de Bourg|ogne, torn, ii, note v, p. 309-312. 

- The King of France gave him the comte of Evreux by letters dated Apr. 1307. 
(Le Prasseur, Hist. d'Evreux, ])reuve.s, p. 27 ; D'Achery, Spicilegium, torn, xiii, p. 
358). That comte was erected en pairie in his favour, by letters dated at Reims 
Jan. 131 7 . (Anselme, torn, iii, p. 94.) 

3 Philippes par la grace de Dieu Boy de France .... Scachent que comme au 
traite de mariage puuxfparle de Louis Comte d'Evreux nostre tres cher frere et 
Marguerite lille jadis Philippes, aisne tils Robert Comte d'Artois, nostre tres cher 
cousin, et de Blanche lille le Due de Bretagne .... Donne 1'an de grace 1304 
au mois de Fevrier. (Tresor des Ch. — Du Bouchet, Maison de Courtenay, preuves 
a. 50.) / 

4 Anselme says 5 June, Friday after Pentecost [which Friday was 4 June.] 

5 Philippus Dei gratia Francie Hex. Notufti .... quod inter nos ex una parte, 
et dilectum ae fidelem nostrum Robertum Ducem Burgundie, Francie Camerarium, 
ex altera, inite, convente, et bona iide firmate sunt conventioncs que inferius subso- 
quuntur. Videlicet (juod nos pro parte nostra et dictus Dux pro parte sua curabimus 
et facioniUH quod Ludovicus primogiMiitus nosier et Marguareta ipsius Ducks lilia 
nee undo genifa, staliin rum iftrti ad annos uuliiles pervoneriiit, obtcntis super hoc 
prill fitus usHciisu et di.spensatione Sedis Aposto'lice, mat rimoiiialiler insimul copulentur 
.... Actum apud Abbatiam minorissarum Longi Campi, die eabbati post festum 
beati Mattliie apostoli, anno Domini 1299, mense februarii. (Bibl. du Uoi — Plancher, 
tom.ii, preuves, p. 97 ) 

a Convicted of adultery, she was strangled at Chateau-Gaillard. 

7 The date of her marriage contract was June 1313, and not July, the date always 
given : — Phelipes par la grace do Dieu Boys de France, savoir faisons a t«>us presena 
et avenir (pie ou traittie dou mariaige de Philipe de Valois, notre tres chier nevour 
et de damiselle Juhanne suer nostre ame et feaul Hugue Due de Pourgoigne fut 
acordey pardevant nous entre nostre tres cher frere Challe Conte de Valois pere 
doudit Philipe dune part, et (edit Due et nostre tres chiere tante Duehcsse de 
Bourgoigno mere dicelui Due et de sa suer dessusditte dautre part, en la meniere qui 
tsensuit .... F.n tesmoiug et en poipotuol memoiro et fermeto do laquello chouse 
nuns havous fait scaidcr ccs presentes lottres do nostru seaul, et donnecs a KonUii- 
ncbliaut lan de grace mil trots cent et trei/.o ou mois de Juingnet. Et toutes ces 
chouses dessusdites furent traittiees, faittes et accordees poiufrdevailt lious a Paris 
au Louvre, le vendredy devant Pasques (lories derreinement passees [i e. b' Apr.] 
(Ch. des Comptes de Dijon — Plancher, torn, ii, preuves p. 149.) 

8 This contract is given in Anselme, torn, iii, p. 104. 

y He died a horrible d.-alh. See Froissart (lib. iii, e. 101) and the French 
historians generally. Anno 138u, uiensia januarii die prima dominus Carol us do 



Ebroieis rex Navarre, filius unigenite regis dudum Francie Ludovici Hutin filie, vir 
uti(]ue summe industrie, ab hae luce subtraetus est, fato eujus Francianon condoluit, 
(juamvia de stirpe regia so vivena gjoriaretur enianasse, quia sibi infestuni repent. 
(Oh. dea Comptes <le Paris, mem. K, 1381 — 1394, f. 100.) As Anscline remarks, 
11 Belle Leeon pour lea princes " 

j0 According to the account of Edouard Tadclin. In the Church of Notre Dame 
at Evreux there was once the epitaph : — lei gist .... tre Dame Jehaime do France 
Koyne de Navarre, i'cmnie .... Charles .... qui .... passa l'an 1378. This 
latter date, it appears, is f^iven by Froissart. 

11 .See, for authorities, Ramsay, Lancaster and York, vol. ii, p. 4. 

Dngbalc's iTtsitatton of Morkaljirf, 


[Continued from p. 09.) 

Stain ecuosse Wapentake. 

Pomfret, 7" Apr. 1006. 

(B rente 


AliMS : -Azure, three domi-lions rampant Fnninois. 

t'lSKST : Out of u mural coronet (Jules a demi lion rampant Erininois. 

1. RAPHE GREEN of Mickktkmyt in the parish of Cawthom 
in com. Khm\ 80 II. 8. 
Will" (11). 

Jane, wife of Richard Slack of Woodhouse. 

IT. WIL1JM GREENE of Miclh'lhwaijt in com. Ebor., mar. (?) at 
Silkstnnc 29 May 1580 Elizabeth, daughter of . . . Swift of 
Nuh&s, J wife. 

Robert I 7 • 7 - 7 

William ( unmarried. f 
mar. Mart/, daughter of George Cressy of Elmhirst in the parish 
of C air! horn in com. Ebor., . . . wife. 

Join Greene of Elmhirst in t/ie parislt of Calthorn in co. 



Richard (III). 

Mary, wife of Thomas Barnby of Barnby Esq. 
mar. Jennet, daughter of Thomas Beaumont of Flockton in co. 

WilVm 1 died at the Inues of Court. 

III. RICHARD GREENE of Micldethwayt vulgo BancJce, in 

if parish of Calthorne in co. Ebor., died in anno. . . . Will 
10 Aug. 1649, pr. at London 8 June 1G50 (Abs. Yorks. Rec. 
Scries, ix, 16), to be bur. at Cawthorne, mar. Gertrude, 
daughter of Godfrey Ellison of Cotes in parish of Silkston in 
com. Ebor. 

Robert, di/ed an infant. 
. Will'm (IV). 

Mary, had £150 in her father's will. 

Anne, had £450 in her fathers will. 

Two children, died before their father, buried at Cawthorne. 

IV. WILLIAM GREENE of MkHethwayt vulgo Bancke, in the 

parish of Calthome in co. Ebor am, ad. 33 annor. 7° Apr. 1G(>G, 
d. 12 May 1669 in his 38th year, bur. at Cawthorne, M.I., 
mar. Mary, daughter of Michael I Partington of Portington in 
co. Ebor., Es(f, at Silkstone 8 June 1654, d. 14 Feb. 1673 in 
her 13rd year, bur. at Cawthorne, M.I. They had issue — 
William (V). 

Richard, bp. at Cawthorne If) Jan. 16G2. 

Grace, bp. at Cawthorne 8 Apr. 1655, mar. first Charles 

Riceard of Heck, secondly Richard Evans, d. 10 Dec. 

1687, ML, Snaith (C.B.N.). 

V. WILLIAM GREENE, son and he ire, a'tatis 9 annor. 7° Apr. 
a 1GGG, b. '20 July, bp. 14 Aug. 1657 at Cawthorne, bur. there 
15 Nov. 1683, M.I., mar. Ann, dan. of Anthony Devercrc, 
M.D. (she mar. secondly Francis Wheatley of Wolley, MR, 
ami had a daughter Dorothy, mar at Silkstone 18 Aug. 1713 
to William Crcen, son of John Creen of Ifoyland Swein). 
William, bp. at Cawthcrne 2 Nov. 1680,' d. 6 Sept. 1686, 

bur. there, M.I. 
Henry, bp. at Cawthorne 2 May 1682, (?) bur. there 23 
Apr. 1681. 

Riehard, of the Bank, bp. 1 Jan. 1683, d. 16 Mar. 1707, 
bur. 19 Mar. at Cawthorne. M.I. 

Richard Green leaving no issue the property must have come to his 
half-sister, Dorothy W heatley, who, as stated above 1 , married William 
Creen of another branch of the (oven family. They had a son Richard, 
bp. Dec. 1720, and bur. 6 Mai". 1723. Dorothy, his mother, was bur. 
at Worsborongh May 1726 (llobson's Diary) and Williani Creen at 
Cawthorne 7 Mar. 1723, aged 33. He had two brothers, John Creen, 
who was bur. 21 Mar. 1729, and Samuel, bur. 6 July 1751, who suc- 
cessively inherited the Bank. 

1 Hunter calls him son of Mary Cressy. 

Barkeston Ashe Wapentake. Pomfret, 7° Apr. 1666. 



Arms :— Argent, a lion rampant Sable. 
Crest :— A talbot passant . . . 

1. S r MILES STAPILTON of Wighill in co. Ebor, 10, had— 

1. Gilbtrt, dyed without issue. 

2. S r Nicholas (II). 

3. Gilbert. 

IT. S>- NICHOLAS STAPILTON, K t , mar. Sibill, daughter and 
heir oj S r John de Belld-aqud — 
* Sir Miles (III). 
Gilbert^ a I'riest. 

III. MILES STAPILTON, Kn', one of the founders of the 
no ble order of the Garter, tempore E. 3, mar. . . . to John, 
Duke of Brittanie and Richmund — 

& Gilbert (IV). 

S r Nicholas Stdpilton, 10, mar. . . . tj- had — 
Thoiua.s, dial without issue. 

Elizabeth, sister and heire, wife of S r Thomas Met ham 
of Metham, in com. Ebor. } Kn t . 

IV. S r GILBERT STAPILTON, AV, mar. Anne, daughter and 

eoheire to S r Bryan Fitz-Alau of Bedall, in com. Ebor, Kn 1 . 

S 1 ' Bryan Stapilton, K l of the Garter, mar. . . . daughter 

and Iteire to S r John S l Philibert. 
S r Miles Stapiltmi of . . . in corn. NorJ}., mar. 

The above beginning of the pedigree hardly seems to be correct ; it 
is suggested that the following account seems more likely to be true : — 
1. SIR NICHOLAS DE STAPLETON, a Judge of the King 
Bench, d. I'l'JO, mar. Margery, dan. of Miles de Basset, of Eafc 
lladdh sey. They had issue — 

1. Nicholas, (?) d. v. p., supposed to have gone to the 




2. Sir Miles (II). 

3. Gilbert, a Priest, Master of St. Leonard's Hospital, 

York, d 15 Edw. II. 
Emma, Prioress of Keldholme and Kirkby-Moorside. 
Julian, wife of Richard de Windsor. 

II. SIR MILES DE STAPLETON, summoned as a Baron 1313, 
slain at Bannockburn 131 1, mar. Sibell, dan. and coh. of John 
de Bella-aqua or Bellow, by Laderina de Brus. They had 
issue — 

1. Sir Nicholas, second Lord, summoned 1342, 25 years 

old at his father's death, d. 1343, mar. Isabella, 1 dau. 
of John de Bretagne, Earl of Richmond, bur. at 
Drax. They had issue — 

Sir Miles, of Hathelsay, Carlton and Kirk by 
Fleetham, third Lord, d. 1372. Will 24 Aug. 
1372, pr. 5 Jan. 137*, to be bur. at Drax, mar. 
Isabel, dau. of Sir II. Vavasour, of Ilazlewood, 
by Amabel Fitzhugh. They had issue — 

Thomas, Lord of Kentmere, &c., never sum- 
moned to Parliament, d. s.p. 10 Aug. 1373, 
VPtt. 23 ; mar. Joan, dau. of Sir John Fitz- 
william, of Sprotborough, who remar. John 
Felt on, Esq. 
Elizabeth, at. 24 1354, heir to her brother, 
mar. Sir T. Met ham, carried the barony of 
Stapleton, now in abeyance', into the 
Met ham family. 
FJizabelh, wife of Sir Win. Vavasour, of Ilazle- 
wood, bur. t here. 
Alice, wife of Win. Laurence. 

2. Sir (iilbert (III.) 

3. Sir John, of Melsonby. 

III. SIR UILHKRT STAPLETON, of Bedale, King's Escheator, d. 
1321, <et. 31, mar. Agnes, dau. of Brian Fitzalan, Lord of 
Bedale, by Ann Baliol, who remar. Sir Thomas Shefeld. The}' 
had issue — 

S r Mi/ex StupiltoHi of Ingham, in coin. JVorff., and of Bedale, 
One of the first Knights of the darter, bur. at Ingham. 
M I. Mar. Johanna, dau. of Sir Oliver de Ingham (widow 
of Roger Lc Strange, of Knokyn). They had issue — 
John,' 1 dyed without tssitfi. 

Joan, wife of Sir John Plays, d. 2 Sept. 138"), brass in 
Ingham Church. 

*S V Miles Stapleton, of Ingham, in corn. Nof(f\ Kn l , and 
of Bedale, d. 1418, mar. Ela, dau. of Sir Edmond 
Ull'ord, by Sibel laerrepoint. They had— 

1 Mr. T. tttaplrlon wvHh her Isabella, dau. of Thomas tie HiehhioiHl. 
- (?)Sou of a lirat wife. 



iS r Bryan Stapelton, AV, of Ingham, mar. Cecilia, 
dan. of William, Lord Bardolf, d. 1438, bur. at 
Ingham. They had issue — 

*b v Mile* StapeUpn, Kn l , of Ingham, &c., d. 
14GG, mar. Catherine, dan. and heir of 
Thomas de la Pole (she remar. Sir Richard 
llarcourt, of Ellenhall, co. Staff.) Will 
1488. They had issue — 

Elizabeth, daughter and coheir, wife of 
Richard llarcourt (Sir Wm. Calthorpe, 

Joan, daughter and coheire, wife of 
S r Philip Calthorpe, AV (Sir John 
Huddleston, of Milium, co. Cumb.) 

S'- Bryan (IV). 

S' BRYAN STAPILTON, 10 of the Garter, succeeded to 
Carlton and Kentmere, and bought WigliiU, d. 25 July 1394. 
Will 1G May, pr. at York 26 June 1394 (Test. Eb , i, 198), 
mar. Alice, daughter aial heir*' to S r John S l Philibert, wid. of 
Sir Stephen Waleys, of Helaugh, bur. in the Priory there in 
or before 1383. They had issue — 
S r Bryttft (V). 

& Miles, of Wighill (see Stapleton, of Wighill). 

& BR VAN ST A PILTON, Knt., of Carlton, d. v.p. 1391, mar. 
Kli/abeth, daughter ami h'ire <>f S r Will. AUtbrotigh, K h of 
Hare wood (she remar. Sir Richard Redman, Knt). They had 
issue — 

S>- Bryan (VI). 

John, of Flamburgh (Yorks. Arch. Journal, viii, 218). 

Sr RRYAN STAPLETON, An*, of Carlton, heir to his grand- 
father, \\. in Normandy 22 Oct. II 17, bur. iu the Church of 
the Friars Preachers at York, mar. Agnes, daughter and heir 
ofS r John (,'oodard (Oodard). Will 27 Mar., pr. 1 Apr. 1438. 
Inq. P.M. 1447. To be buried next her husband. They had 
issue — ■ 

Sr Brian (VII). 

Elizabeth, b. 1404, wife of Sir Wm. Plumpton, of Plumpton, 
Knt., mar. cov. 20 Jan. 3 Hen. V. Hlf (Plumpton 
Correspondence), d. 1480. 

Joan, wife of Sir Wm. Ingleby. Will 12 Oct., pr. 31 I>ec. 
1478, to be bur. at Mountgrace (Test, Eb., iii, 243). 


& BRIAN STAPILTON, AV, of Carlton, jet, 5 1417, proved 
his age 1133, d. 1 107, mar. eiro. 1451, Imbett, Klizabeth 
(Tonge's Visitation), daughter and he ire of S r Thomas Jiema/(ui y 
K t (by Aliee de Peekering), bur. at Chalcoinbe Priory, 
Northants. They had issue — 



Bryan (VIII). 

Thomas, of Quarmby, near Huddersfield. Will 17 Mar. 
1525, pr. at York 15 June 1526, to be bur. at St. Peter's 
Church, Huddersfield, mar. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir John 
Nevile, of Liversedge, mar. lie. 13 Jan. 1494. They had 
issue — 

Maude, wife of Anthony Eltofts. 
Elizabeth, wife of Wm. Blithe. 

VIII. S r BRIAN STAPILTON, Kn\ of Carlton, b. 24 June 1452, d. 

1G Dec. 1496. Adm. at York 1 9 Dec 1496, mar. Jane (Joan) 
daughter of John Yicount Lovell, sister and coheir to her brother 
Francis, Viscount Lovel. They had issue — 
Bryan (IX). 

George, of Remston, co. Notts, d. 25 Mar. 1564, mar. 
Margaret, dau. and coh. of Wm. Gasgill, by Amphilia, 
dau. and h. of John Nevill, of Uolleston, co. Notts. They 
had issue — 

1. John, d. s.p. 

2. Ceorge, had a daughter Gertrude, living 1620, 

mar. first to Baldwin Ackland, of . . . co. 
Notts, secondly to Leonard Yeo, of co. Dev. 

3. Antony, d. s.p., mar. Alice, dau. of Francis Koos, 

of Lax ton, widow of Bryan Stapleton, remar. 
thirdly Thos. Leeke, of Hasland, co. Derb., bur. 
3 Jan. 159-J at Burton-Joyce. M.I. 

4. Bryan, d. s.p. 

5. Henry, of Ucmpston, d. 28 Dec. 1586, bur. there. 

M.l. Leaving Faith, his dau. and heiress, who 
mar. Matt. Babington, and d. s.p. 1 June 31 

6. Thomas, d. s.p. 

7. "William, had a son John, who sold the Kempston 


8. Francis, d. s.p. 

9. John, d. s.p. 

10. Gcrvase or Gabriel. 

1. Jane, wife of Henry Manwaring, of Cheshire; 

secondly, of Edw. Maxe, of co. Northampton. 

2. Dorothy. 

3. Anne. 

4. Mary. 

5. Elizabeth. 

6. I 1 rides wide. 

Joan, wife of Sir W. Pierpont. 
lie remar. Alice, wid. of Sir W. Nevile, of Thornton Bridge, 
mar. lie. 13 Jan. 14S|. 

IX. & BRYAN STAPILTON, K l , of Carlton, A&, coheir of William, 
Viscount Beaumont, ajt, 26, 1 Get. 1 lien. V1JI, b. 1483 ; at 
Floddcn, d. 2 Apr. 1550, bur. at Burton Joyce. M.l. Will 



1 Jan. 36 Hen. VIII, pr. 9 Oct. 1550, mar. Elizabeth, daughter 
to Henry, the Lord Scroope of Bolton. 

Richard (X). 


He rcmar. Joan, dan. of Thos. Basset, Esq., of South Luffenham, 
co. Rutland. Will 24 June 1552, pr. 27 Apr. 1553. They had 
issue — 

Bryan, of Burton Joyce, mar. Alice, dan. of Francis Roos, 
of Laxton, co. Notts (rcmar. Anthony Stapilton, of Rem- 
ston, and Thomas Leeke, of Hasland, co. Derb.), bur. at 
Burton Joyce 3 Jan. 15 ( Jjj. M.I, They had issue — 

Jane, d. and h., wife of Sir Win. Fairfax, of Grilling. 
Anthony, Treasurer of the Inner Temple 1555, lie. to marry 

Joanna l>urlace, wid., 14 Aug. 1514. 
John, parson of Bingham, Notts. 

RICHARD STAPILTON, E&f, of Carlton, set. 34, 1 May 
4 Ed. VI (1550), d. 11 Jan , bur. at Snaith 18 Jan. 158-| 
(O.B.N ) I.RM. 28 Apr. 27 Eli/., mar, Tknniasine, daughter of 
Robert Anuides or Amadci, Master of the Jewel house to Hen. 
VIII. They had issue — 

Brian (XI). 

Elizabeth, d. y. 

He remar. Elizabeth, dau. of Wm, Merynge, bur. at Snaith 

8 Dec 1581. They had issue- 

BRIAN STAPLETON, of Carletdn, in com. Ebor, Eso>; aged 
50, 28 Apr. 27 Eliz., r d. at Altofts 13 Dec. 5 Jac. 1, bur. at 
Snaith 15 Dee. 1G0G, 1 P.M. 17 Oct. 5 Jac I, mar. the Lady 
Eleanor, daugliV to the Earle of Westmerl* 1 st wife. They had 
issue — 

1. John Stapilton, died young. 

He remar. Elizabeth, daughter of George, L d Darcy, 2 d wife. They 
had issue — 

2. Miles, dyed young, before 15G4. 

3. Richard (XII). 

Jf. George Stapilton, of Linton, in co. Ebor, (?) mar. Jane, 
dau. of . . . Rye, mar. lie. 1 590. They had — 

5. Robert Sta/iilton, of Templehurst, in com. Eboru, bp. 
at Snaith G June 1575. Will 5 Sept., pr. 23 Nov. 
1G55 (Yorks. Rec. Series, ix, 88), mar. Mary, 
daughter of S r Rob 1 Dolman, of Gunbg, in co. 
Eborum, Kn', by Eleanor Mallory, she d. 1G23. 
They had issue — 

1. 8? Bryan Stapleton, of Templel curst, slayne 



in the service of King Charles the first, in 
the fight neer Chester, a 16 '44> fnar. Mary 1 , 
daugfdcr of Richard Langley, of Millington, 
in com. Ebor. They had issue — - 

Mary, wife of WiWffi Palmes, son ct; 
heir of WilVm Palmes, of Naborne, 
in co. Ebor, Es<f. 

2. Rob 1 , died unmarried. 

3. Henry, died unmarried. 

1. Mary, wife of Charles Bacon, of North 

Ferriby, in com. Ebor. 

2. Eliz., died unmarried. 

3. Eleanor, wife of Michaell Anne, of Frickleg, 

in com. Ebor., Es<i r . 

4. Ursula, wife of WilCm Langdale, of Lang- 

thorpe, in com. Ebor .(afterwards Knighted ), 
d. 15 Oct. 1G52. 

5. Crcssy,a dau., bur. 12 Nov. 1G21 at Carle ton. 

6. Bryan. 

7. Thomas. 

1. Thomashte, wife of Robert Gale, of Acombe-grange, 

in co. Ebor, bp. at Snaith 7 Aug. 1560 (C.B.N). 

2. Dorothie. 

3. Barbara, bur. at Suaith 14 June 1592 (C.B.N). 

XII. RICHARD STAPILTON, of Carleton, Eftf, died circa an. 

I(fl4, mar. (sett. 11 Oct. .'52 KHz.) Eliz., daughter of S r Henry 
Pierpont, of Holme Pierpont, in com. ISott., Kn l , ait. 4-4 
17 Oct. 5 Jac. I, d. 27 Nov. 1G48. Will 23 Nov. I G 18, pr. 13 
Jan. 1 6 I J) (Vorks. lice. Series, ix, 2). They had issue — 
Bryan, bp. 20 Apr. 1589 at Suaith. 

1. Gilbert (XI II). 

2. I''/>i/>/uuti us, died unmarried, bp. 11 .Ian. 1G0.1 at Snaith 


J. S r lioL' Sfatpiltm, A', one of y e Gentlemen Huishers of 
the Privy Chamber to K. Charles the second, Knighted 
13 Sept. 1642, d. 11, bur. 15 July 1GG9 at West- 
minster Abbey. Will 11 June, pr. 29 July IGG9, 
mar. . . . daught r if . . . Manwaring of . . . 
widow of . . . Hamond. 

1. Jane ) 

2. Elizabeth \died unmarried, 
o. Grace J 

XIII. GILBERT STAPILTON, of Carleton, Es<f, died 17 Apr. 1G3G, 
bur. 14 Apr. at Carleton, mar. first Catherine, d;iu. of Wm. 
I lung-ate, of Saxton, by Margaret Sotheby, d. s.p. They had 
issue — 

Benedict, d. s.p. 

mar. Eleanor, da. of S r John Cavcoigne, of Bambvw, in coin. 



Ehm% 10 and Bart, bur. at Carleton 18 Sept. 1GGG (C.B.N.) 
They had issue — 

J. Richard, son and heir, b. 23 Feb. 102^, a lunatic, Imp 

of lunacy 17 Apr. 1G50. 
~. Gret/or//, a monke at Dnway, D.D., received the habit of 
St. Benedict at Douay 7 Sept. 1642, b, 9 Mar. 162| 
(Carlton Keg.), (C.B N.) Dreuloreard, in Lorraine, 
4 Aug. 1G80. 

3. S>' Miles (XIV). 

4. John, b. 24 May 1G30, died unmarried circ. 30 June 1G44. 

1. Mary, a Nunn at Ccuuhmy, entered the Convent of the 

English Benedictine Dames at Cambray 4 June 1648, 
sot. 23, d. G Aug. 1GG8 there. 

2, Ann/', wife of Ma.ike Errinyton, of rod-Eland, in com. 

Northumbr., Esq?, b. 31 May 1628 (Carleton Keg.) 
(C.B.N.) Their son, Nicholas Errington, alias 
Stapleton, of Carlton, was testamentary heir of 
his uncle, Sir Miles Stapleton. 

XIV. S r MILES STAPLETON, of Carleton, Ran, at. 38, anuorum 
7* Apr. a" I). 1000, b. 1!) Out. 1626 (Carleton Keg.), (C.B.N.) 
bur. atSnaith 19 Feb. 170'; ((J.B.N.) Will 27 Jan. 1G93, pr. 
at York 26 Nov. 1707, mar, Elizabeth, daughter to Robert, late 
Earte of LmiUey, K.C., L d Great, Chamberlain of England, by 
Kli/.abcth Montague, d. 28 Feb., bur at Snaith 3 Mar. 168 J. 
M.J (C.D.N.) They had issue- ~ 

Bryan, dial in his injanci/, bur. at Carleton 10 Jan. 166^ 

.v« • "J N ) 

Elizabeth, dyed an infant. 

Kdward, (1. s.p., bur! at Carleton 15 Sept. 1668 (C.B.N.) 
lie mar. secondly, Klizabcih, dau. of Sir Thomas Longueville, 
of Wol vcrtun, co. Ducks, Hart., a nonjuror in 17 IT). 

Authorities : The Kditor is indebted to the Ucv. C II. NorelilVe for 
ninny entries from Parish Registers, and for much additional information 
also to II. I). Clietwynd Stapvlton, Esq., author of "The Stapletons of 
Yorkshire," in the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, vol. viii. 

Yorke, 21 Martij, 1665. 

^tapdton of «0l)M. 

Akms : — Quarterly of -six. 

1. Argent, a lion rampant Sable (Stapleton). 

2. Cheekv Or and Azure within a bordure Gulea, a canton Ermine 


3 Sable, fretty Or (Bella Aqua). | 

•1. Barry r»f six Or and (Jules (Fitzalan). 

5. Bendy id six Argent and Azure, (St. Philibert). 

It. Argent, on <i less Azure three tleur-de lis Or (Unllete). 

I. S r MILL'S ST A EI ETON, of WUjhiU, second son of Sir Brian 
Stapilton, of Carlton and YVighill, d. G Feb. 1 100 (Stapleton 



of Carlton, IV), ma)'. Johanna, daughter and coheir of S r Gerard 
U-flete, En*, wid. of William Brechnells. They had issue — 

Sir John (II). 





in their brother's will. 

II. S r JOHN STAPILTON, of Wighill, h\ d. 1455, bur. in the 
Convent Church of Clementhorpe, York. Will 21 Feb. 1454, 
pr. 3 June 1455 (Test. Eb., ii, 181), mar. Margaret, daughter 
of Chief Justice Norton, of Norton Conyers, by Elizabeth 
Tempest, d 7 Jan. 14G5. Will 7 Jan. 14G5, pr. 8 Jan. 146*, 
to be buried at Clenienthorpe (Test. Eb., ii, 270). They had 

1. Sir William (111). 

2. Miles, of York, adm. 17 Jan. 1498 to Henry Wyot, Clerk. 

3. John, of Wighill, adm. 4 Nov. 1508. 

4. Thomas, in his mother's will. 

5. Christopher, of Cottiugham. Will 5 June, pr. 2 Aug. 


G. Brian, of York, had £20 in his father's will. Adm. 16 
July 1498. 

1. Elizabeth "I t | ien , f a ^} iei .' s ail0 « mother's wills. 

2. Isabella J 

3. Catherine, wife of Thomas Roos, of Ingmanthorpe, Esq., 

who d. 1505, bur. at Kirk-Deighton. 

4. Agnes, wife of Ralph Reresby, of Thribcrgh, Esq. 

III. S r WILLIAM ST A PILTON, of Wighill, Kn\ d. 16 Dec. 1503, 

bur. at Wighill. Will 14 Dec. 1503, pr. 19 Dec. 1504 (Test. 
Eb., iv, 221), mar. Mart/ 1 , daughter of S r James Pickering, 
Kit 1 , of Oswaldkirk, co. York. They had issue — 
Henry, d. v.])., 1481. 
S r Bryan (IV). 
John, in his father's will. 
He rcniar. secondly Joan, daughter of Sir Thos. Tunstall, wid. 
of Sir Roger Ward, of Civendalc and Guiscley. Will 24 Feb., 
pr. 23 Mar. 150?, to be bur. at Wighill (Test. Eb., iv, 273). 

IV. S r BRYAN STAPILTON, of Wighill, Kn\ 45 at his father's 

death; at Flodden, d. 1G Sept. 1518, bur. at Wighill. Will 

4 July, pr. 2G Sept. 1518 (Test. Eb., v, 94), mar. Jane, 
daughter of S r Lancelot Thirkeld, Ku 1 , of Threlkeld, co. 
Cumb., by Margaret, Lady Vesey, of Londesborough, d. 

5 Jan. 154*, bur. at Wighill (CRN.). They had issue— 

1. Christopher (V). 

2. Rrian, a clerk, in his father's will. 

3. Lancelot, of Wath, in Ryedale. Will 1 Feb. 1538, pr. 

21 Apr. 1539, to be bur. at Hovingham, mar. Isabel 
. . . Her will 11 Jan., pr. 17 Feb. 154;;. 



4. Miles, in his father's will. 

5. William, a lawyer, in Askc's rebellion. Will 30 Mar., 

pr. 7 May 1514, at London, mar. Margaret . . . 
and had a son — 

1. Elizabeth, wife of Edward Saltmarshe, Esq r , dispensation 

to marry 16 Nov. 1509. 

2. Jane, wife of Rob 1 Conyers, of Kelton, Esq r , and had 

issue — 

iJ. Eleanor, wife of Thomas, Lord Wharton, and had issue. 
4- Margt, wife of John Copley, Esq'', of lktley. 
5. Isabel, a nun at Synningthwaite. 

V. CHRISTOPHER STAPILTON of Wighill, Esqr, 33 years old 

at his father's Inq.', d. about Aug. 1537. Will 30 July 29 
Hen. VIII, pr. 29 Jan. 1539, to be bur. at Wighill, mar. Alice, 
daughter of William Ade, of Ad'e, 1 'wife, d. 10 Nov. 1521, 
bur. at Wighill. They had issue — 

1. Sir Bryan Stapilton, Knt., d. v. p. 1537, mar. Margaret, 

daughter of S r John Constable, of Ilalsham, in llo/der- 
nemig K>, by Agnes Mctham, his first wife, dispensa- 
tion for marriage 9 Dee. 1520. 

2. S r Robert (VI). 

3. William, in his father's will. 

1. Isabel, wife of John Lampion (Lamplugh), Esq. 

2. Anne, wife of John Urton (lrton), E*q, 

3. ... wife of Henry Eser. 

Joan, wife of Henry llamerton, of llellilield Peel, eo. 
York, mar. sett. G May 27 Hen. VI II, d. 3 Jan. 

\J'hv llLt ] m ^l° we ^ 8 {in( l Glover's Visitations. 
/A' mar. h'li.abelh, daughter to Sir John Nevill, of Liversedge, 
:J' 1 wife. 

VI. S'~ HUBERT STATILTON, Kn„ of Wighill, d. G June. Will 

G June, pr. 21 July 1557, mar. Elizabeth, daughter to S r William, of Studley, in com. Ebor., 10, by Jane Norton, remar. 
Marmaduke Slingsby. They had issue — 
S* Robert (VII). 

1. Elizabeth, wife of Bryan diamond, of Scarthingwell, d 

s p. 11 Apr. i601 (C.B.N.) 

2. Bridget, wife of John Norton, Esq r , of Norton Conyers, 

d. s.p. 

VII. Sr ROBERT STAPILTON, of Wighill, 10, M.P. for Yorkshire 
1571, High Sheriff 1580, nine years old at his father's death, 
bur. at Wighill 3 Oet. 1606, mar. Catherine, daughter of 
S r Marmaduke Constable, 10, 1 wife, of Everingham, by Jane 
Conyers, she died about 1580 (C.B.N.). They had issue— 
1. Henry (VIII). 



& Philip, of Bilton, adm. 27 Jan. 1 G 1 ^ , mar. Dorothy 
Hill, of Pannall, lie. 1G07. They had issue- 

1. Jane, wife of Christopher Wyvili, E*q r t of Constable 

burton, bur. at Masham G May 1G5G (C.B.N.). 

2. Dorothy. 

lie mar. Olive, daughter and coh. of S r Henry Sherington, K l , of 
Lacoek Abbey, Wilts, by Ann Paget, of London 1584, she was 
wid. of John Talbot, of Sal warp, eo. Wore. (CB N.), 2 wife. 
They had issue — 

3. Bryan Stapiltov, of Myton, Esq* (see Stapylton, of 

My ton). 

Jf. Robert, in Holy Orders, presented to the Rectory of 
Lacoek 16 1G by his mother, mar. Anne . . . 

5. Edward) Reader of the Inner Temple 1G21. 

6. WilVm. 

Oliva, wife of S r Robert Dine///, of Branihope, in com. 

Ebor., 7iV, mar. at Chelsea 25 June 1G05. 
Ursula, wife of S r Robert Baynard, of Lackham, in com. 

Wilts., Kit, bp. at Chelsea 10 July 1587. ' ; 
Mary, bp. at Stepney 5 Apr. 1585, d. unmar. 
Grace, d. unmar. 

Till. HENRY STAPILTON, of Wo/hill, Ms<f, £et. 25, 5 July 1599, 
d. 1G Feb. 163$, ;et. 50, bur. at St. Ciles', Cripplcgate. London. 
Will 14 Feb. m% pr. 2 Apr. 1631, mar. Mary (? : Shepherd, 
illegitimate) datf/h/er of S r John Forsfer, of A /mote/re, 5 July 
1599 at St. Nicholas, Newcastle on-Tyne. ' Will 9 Feb. 1656, 
pr, at London 15 Mar. 1657 (Yorkshire Record Series, ix, 126). 
They had issue — 
1. Robert (IX). 

( 2. S r Philip, of Warter (see Stapleton, of Warter). 

3. John, mar Dorothy, dau. of Thomas I {ungate. 

1. Brian, M.l\ for Aldborough 1615-8, mar. Anne Brain ton. 

1. Katherine, mar. first Sir George Twisleton, of Parley; 

secondly Sir Henry Cholmley, of ' West Newton, 
Knt. ; she was bur. at Oswaldkirk 14 June 1672. 

2. Mary, wife of Sir Henry St. Quintin, of Harpham, 


3. Jane, wife of William, second son of Sir John Fenwick, 

of Wellington, co. Northumb., exor. of her father's 

4. Olive, d. unmar. 

5. Grace, d. unmar. 

6. lzabell, bur. at Wighill 1 Apr. 1619. 

IX. ROBERT STAPILTON, of Wighill, Es<f, died 12 Martij, 
a° 1(>;J4, M.P. for Aldborough 1627, d. in London 12 Mar. 
162 J, a;t. 33, bur. at Wighill, M.T., mar. Catherine, daughter 
of S r Thomas Fairfax, of Walton, in co. Ebor, K t , afterwards 
made Visc t Fairfax, of Emelye, in Ireland, by Catherine 



Constable, at Walton, 11 June 1622 ; (she remar. first Sir 
Matthew Boynton, Bart., of Barmston, mar. lie. 11 May 1G36, 
at St. Margaret, New Fish Street ; secondly, Sir Arthur 
Ingram, Knt., who died <! July 1G55 ; thirdly, William 
Wiekham, Esq , at Langton, 12 July 1G57 (C.B.N.). They 
had issue — 

1. Miles (X). 

2. Henry (XI). 

Cathnrine, wife of William Fairfax of Steeton, Esq r , mar. 

1652, d 14 July 1695, bur. at Auborne, co. Line. 

Will 15 July 1695. 
Mary, wife of Walter Moyle, <rf Twyford Abbey, in com. 

Miihf'., mar. at Whitkirk 21 Mar. 165;]. 
ElizabeViov Isabel, wife of Mathew Boynton, of RawcliOc, 

eo. York, bur at Sua'ith 2G June 1700 (C H.N.) 

X. S>- MILES STAPI LTON, of Wighill, JO, a.tati* an nova. 22 
Maitij, a D'ni 1005. Settled his Wighill estate on his brother 
Henry, remainder to his uncle Sir Philip and his younger 
ehildren, bp. 1 Mai 1 . I02J, Holy Trinity, (Joodramgate, York, 
bur. at Fewstoii 1GG8 (C ? B.N.), mar. Mary* <1&utjJUer and sole 
here of .*> r Ingram /f of /ton, Kn l , IS June 1617, bur. at Belfreys, 
York, 2 Mar. 108* (C.B N.), remar. Richard Aldburgh(Thoresby) 
but bur. as Lady Mary Stapletou. They had issue — 
Hubert, dyed young. 

Catherine, mar. first Sir Thos. Maulcvcrer, Bart., of 
Allertou Mauleverer, secondly, John Hoptou, of 
1 ugers^ill, d. s.p. and inlest. 31 Jan. 170 ;* , bur. at 
Nellier Poppleton, near her second husband. 

Ellen \ , , 

Manjr^' 1 'J ,nUH ' 1 - 

XI. HENRY STAr/LTOy, Esq,, of Wighill, succeeded his brother, 
Sir Miles, hp. at Wighill 17 Sept, 1631, bur. there IS l<Yb. 
1 6* J, when the estates went to Robert, son of Sir Philip, of 
Warter (see Stapletou, of Warter), ntur. Anne, daughter of 
S r Arthur Ingram, JO, of Temple Newsam, mar. lie. IS Apr. 
1 G63 (C.B.N. j. 

5'I)c 3Parltamciitarjj EoTl of Sinus. 

( ft t l>y Oswald Uakko.V. 

[Continued from j>. 62.) > 
625. Sire John de seepeye • de azur a vne Crois de or frette de gout. 
G2(i. Sire Joliu le faiieoner • dc argent a iij faueouns do gout. 
27. Sire Richard dc Jlertlmlle • de argent a ij bares de vert. 


G28. Sire Rob 9 t Pontrel • dc or a vnc bcndc de azur e iij flufs de 

G29. Sire Peres Pycot • de azur a vj melos de or e vne bende engrele 
de or. 

G30. Sire WalP Haket • dc argent a ij bendcs de goulcs. 
G31. Sire Thomas de Neumarche • dc argent a vnc fesse cndente de 

G32. Sire John de Neumarche ; de goules a vne fesse cndente de or. 
G33. Sire Rob 9 t de ros • de goules a iij bonces de ermyne. 
G34. Sire John de ros • de argent a iij bonces de sable 
035. Sire Nich de hastinges • dc or a vne maunche de gout e vn label 
de azur. 

G3G. Sire John de Vaus • Chekcr de argent e de gout e vn label de 

637. Sire John dc Londfrm ■ de argent a vne bende de azur crusule 
dc or. 

038. Sire John de Ilaringtonc • dc or od le chef de gout c vnc bende 
de azur. 

G39. Sire Fraunceys de Vilcrs • de gout bilctte de or a vnc Crois 
de or. 

G 10. Sire John Bordoun • dc gout a iij bordons dc argent. 

(ill. Sire Walt 1 tonk • de sable bilettc de or c vn qrr dc ennync. 

G 12. Sire Joh'n de Styrcheslcylt • de argent ow. vn egle de sable. 

643. Sir Toinas mallet • de gout a vnc Fesse ermyne a vj fermanh dor. 

Le Counte de Niciiole. 
G i l. Sire Andreu lotcrcl • dc or a vnc bende c vj melos dc sable. 
045. Sire UeilVoy loterel • do azur a vnc bende c vj melos de argent. 
GIG. Sire Jolln dc brasbruge • vcrrcc dc argent e dc sable a vne fesse 
de gout. 

647. Sire Hob 9 t le venour • de argent Crusule de gout a vn lion 

rampand de gout la couwe forchic. 

648. Sire Thomas dc scin loy - dc gout a vnc fesse c iij escalops de 


049. Sire (Jilbcr l dc briddclcslialo • dc argent a ij l>arrcs gymile dc 

azur en lc chef iij inoles dc gout. 
G50. Sire Jcincs d Mbnhaut • dc argent a iij barrcs giniylcs dc sable 

e vn lion rampand dc gout. 
651. Sire YViltm dc bayousc ■ dc gout a ij barrcs de argent en le chef 

iij escalops de argent. 


C52. Sire Jolin Goband • dc gout a ij barrcs do or cn lc chef iij 
rondels de or. 

653. Sire Huge de bussye • dc argent a iij barres de sable. 

G54. Sire adatn le Jiz iotin • de sable a ij barres dargent en le chef iij 

lioundeus dargeut. 
655. Sire emoun de Colewyle • dor a vne /esse de goulys. 
G5G. Sire James de Moltone • clicker de or e de sable. 
G57. Sire Thomas de Moltone • chekei dc or e dc gout, 
658. Sire Thomas filz Eustace • dc azui Orusulc dc or a vne bende dc 


G59. Sire Felip de Ncuilc • dc argent a vne dauncc dc gout e vne 
bende de sable. 

GGO. Sire John dc ros • de argent a iij bares de gout e vne bende 
engrele dc sable. 

GG1. Sire (IcIlVci dc Colcuile • dc azure a vn lion de argent e vn label 
dc goulcs. 

GG2. Sire Willame de Bocmonstre • dc argent flurtte de sable e vn 
Lyoun de sable. 

GG3. Sire Joltn de Soittone • dor a vn lyoun de verd e vn label de 

GG4. S>'r' Wilt in (Is Paris • de sable c'ssile dargent a vn eheiCon 

GG5. Sire Symon dc Kyme • do azui- Crusule dc or a vn chcucron 
dc or. 

GGG. Sire Henri de lekcbourne • dc argent Crusulc de sable a vn 
eheueron de sable. 

667. Sice Hot] rt darcy • de argent a iij roses de gout od la bordur 

endentc de sable. 

668. Sire Jolin darcy. de argent a vn cscaehon de sable od les rosettes 

de gout assis en la mane? de bordure. 
GGO. Sire Felip de Well - de or a vn lion dc sable od la couwe forchie 

e vn baston de gout. 
G70. Sire Warm dc bassingbourne • geronne de or e dc azur. 
67 I . Sire Itotr't chaumberlein ■ de gout a vne I'esse e iij cscalops de or. 
G7li. Sire Richard ( Miaumberleiu • de gout a vn ehcucion e iij escalops 

dc or. ; 
G73. Sire James byroun • de argent a iij bendes de gout. 
374. Sire Wiltm de Ryzere • dc gout a vne bende de Ermyne e vn 

label dc or. 


G75. Sire John du Boys • dc argent a ij barres e vn qrP de gout e vne 

bende de sable. 
G7G. Sire John Paynel • de gout a vn qntefoil de argent. 
G77. Sire Felip de Chaunscy • de argent a vn eheueron de gout od la 

bordur de sable bcsante de or. 
G78. Sire noriman darei • dargent a iij Hoses de goulis e vn laid 


G79. Sire Rauf Paynel • de argent a vne bende de sable. 
G80. Sire Rauf dc Treauntone ■ de argent a vne bende de gout. 
681. Sire Edmon foliot • de gout a vne bende dc argent c vn label 
de or. 

G82. Sire Rauf filz Symon • de azur a vn lion rampand de ennync. 
GS3. Sire Thomas de burnhm • de or a vne Maunchc de vert. 
GS \. Sire Tlioinas de Neuile • de or od le chef endente de vert e vne 
bende de gout. 

G85. Sire Wiltm brctoun • de azur a vne bende c vj moles de or. 
GSG. Sire Richard de boselingyorp • dc argent od le chef eudente de 

sable e vn eheueron de goul. 
687. Sire Rog Pcytcuyu ■ de Krmyne a iij chcucrons de gout. 
GSS. Sire John de Creppingte • de gout bilette de or a vn lion rampand 

de argent. 

GSO. Sire Rob 9 t de sandebi • de argent frettc de azur. 
GOO. Sire Rog de beltoft • Meisme les amies od lc chef de azur. 
G91. Sire Rob 9 t dc holtcby • de azur frettc de argent od le chef de 

G92. Sire Geffrey mauconaunt • de argent a vne bende de sable c ij 
Cotyca de gout. 

01)3, Sire Kandolf tie Otteby • de gout a ij barres dc argent en le 

chef iij rondels de argent. 
G94. Sire John dc Caltoft • dc gout a iij roses de argent. 
G 9 ij . Sire Felip de ylleyc • de gout a vn egledc ore vnbaston dc azur- 
GOG. Sire John de Lonye • Clicker de argent e de azur od le chef dc 

gout a ij molez de or. 
G97. Sire John de Saunton • de or od lc chef dc azure. 
GOS. Sire Willamc Parcy • de goule.s od treys roses de argent. 
GO!). Sire Jufy'/i Dare// • de assure e , ssi/e durgent a iij J\<>ses de a . . . 

700. Siva Jolin corny a • dargent e'ssile de goid' a iij ijarbes de <joidyx. 

701. Sir 1 peres de saltmerhs ■ dargent c'ssele de (jour a iij Rows de 


To le continued. 


Enqutfrttfoneg Post jWartem, 

(Continued from p. 66.) 

Carye, Robert, Esq., ob. 1 April 28 Eliz.— Inq. at Exeter 18 April 30 

KHz. — Devon — George Curve, Esq., s. & h., aet. 43. 
Casse, George, ob. 4 May 1631— Inq. at York Castle 21 Sept. 10 Car. I. 

Yorks — William s. & h., aet. 14. 
Cassy, William, ob. 9 Aug. 1 Ken. 8. — Inq. at Cirencester 31 March 

Hen. 8. — Gloucester — Leonard s. & h., aet. 5. 
Cassy, William, ob. 9 Aug. ult. — Inq. at Cheltenham 27 Oct. 1 Hen. 8. 

— Gloucester — Leonard s. & h., aet. 2 & more. 
Cassye, Henry, Esq., ob. 19 May ult. — Inq. 22 Jan. 38 Eliz. — Glouc. — 

Thomas s. & h., aet. 37, married to Cassandra . . . 
Castell, Thomas, will 18 Dec. 1558, ob. 18 Dec. 1558 — Inq. at Caxton 

9 Oct. G Eliz - Cambridge — Robert, 1 s. & h., set. 18 ; Francis. 
Castei.ton, John, gent., ob. 1G Sept, 37 Hen. 8. — Inq. at Southwark 

30 April 1 Edw. G. —Surrey — William s. k h., t&jbi 9. 
Castleton, Nicholas, Viscount, will 2 March 1G39, ob. 13 Nov. 1640— 

Inq. at Lincoln 25 March 17 Car. 1. — Lincoln, Essex — Nicholas 

Sa undersoil, l>art., Lord Saunderson, Baron Bantry & Viscount 

Oustlcton, s. & h , iet. 11; 1 other sons and 2 daughters., John, will 10 Aug. 1G39, ob. 12 Oct. 1G39 — Inq. at St. 

('lenient Danes 2! Jan. 15 Car. 1. — Middx. — 

Elizabeth, d. k h.^-. . . Lydgould. 

I 1 

John. s. & h., k cons, k h. of his 
grandfather, ait. 18. 

Catkk, Richard, gent., ob. 10 July 7 Car. I. -Inq. at Ilorneastlc 14 
Aug. 10 Car. I. — Lincoln -Francis s. Si It., act. U. 

Catkshy, Dame Kli/.abeth, 2nd d. k eoli. of her mother (Dame Joan 
limy) mar. 1st luilph Verney. Knt., 2nd Win. Clerk, ob. 2-1 March 
ult. -Inq. at Kxeter Castle 21 Sept. 1G Eliz. — Devon, Cornwall, 
Warwick, Worcester, Middx., Surrey — Edward Verney, Esq., s. & 
h. of Jane (sic), 1 iet. 3G. 

Catesby, Francis, of Hardmede, co. Bucks, Esq., will 15 Aug. ult, ob. 
21 Aug.— Inq. at Daventry 22 Nov. 4 & 5 Ph. & M.— Northumber- 
land — Thomas s. A; h., aet. 3 ; Anthony. 

Catesby, (Jeorge, Est]., ob. 20 May 22 Hen. 7, and John Risley, Knt., 
ob 20 Jan. ult. s.p.m. — Inq. at Warwick 8 June 4 Hen. 8. — Warwick 
— William s. of s' 1 Oeorge, iet. 10. 

Catkshy, Kiehard, Knt., ob. 1 March ult. — Inq. at Cloucester 29 Dec. 
1 Mary — (Gloucester — 

William, 1st son, ob. v.p.=pKatherine . . 

r ^ 

A\ illiam Catesby, cons:, k h. of Sir Richard, aet. 6. 

Catesby, William, Esq , ob. 2 Oct. ult. — Inq. at Sutham 8 March 9 Hen. 8. 
Warwick — Richard bro. & h., Kit. 11. 

1 Probably an error for grandson k h. of [Dame] Jane [Bray]. 



Catesbtb, Anthony, Esq., ob. 27 Nov. 1 Mary — Inq. at Northampton 
21 May 1 Mary — Northampton — Thomas s. & h., ajt. 40, married to 
Isabella ... 

Catesbye, Thomas, Esq., ob. 30 May nit. — Inq. at Northampton 6 Sept. 
84 Eliz. — Northampton, Bedford — 

George, s. & h., aet. 16.===Bridgit, d. of John Bedell, 
of Hamerton, co. Hunts. 

Caton, Thomas, of Denham, co. Suffolk, yeoman, ob. there 26 April ult. 

— Inq. 28 Mar. G Eliz. — Norfolk — Thomas s. & h., set. 20, &c. 
Catterall, John, Esq., ob. 1G March 1G23 at Newhall. co. York — 1st 

Inq. at York Castle 18 Sep. 22 Jac. I.; 2nd Inq. at Ripley 12 Aug. 

5 Car. I. — York's — 

Richard, s. & h., ob. v. p. =j= Jane . . . 
lt>20. I 

John, 3. Si h., act. 12 1623. 

Catvsijy, liichard, Knt., of Lexers Ashbye ; will 1 Mar. 1553 — Inq. at 
Northampton 22 Oct. 1 Mary— Northampton, Warwick, Oxford, & 
Worcester— 2. Thomas ; 3. George ; 4. Richard ; John ; Edward ; & 

William, s. X: h , under 14,27 IJeii 8, his Wardship , Katherine, d. of 
granted Lo W illiam Willington by Sir Hie. Gales by William Willing- 
for « ; : i mcrks to many Ivatherinc, who refused, ami ton of Harehestou, 
alter were re -married. Ob. v.p. | co. Warwick, Esq. 

William, a k h , k cons. & h. of his grandfather ttichard ; aet. 6. 

GavA, Agnes, ob. underage in Ward 5 July 7 Eliz. — Inq. at Northampton 
17. Inly 15 Eliz. — Northampton — Elizabeth sister iV h. of Agues, aet. 13, 
mairied to I'M ward Gate, Esq. 

Cavk, I Irian; Esq., will 36 .Inly 1590, ob. 12 Sept, ult. — Inq. at Leicester 
8 .Iaik35 Eliz. -^-Leicester — 

Henry ('., Esq., s. & k.,— KlEsabeth, d. of Gregory 
tut. -10. lsham, mercer. 

Cayk, Richard, Esq, ob. ii April 2 Eliz., s.p m — Inq. at Davcntry 
28 Mar. 7 Eliz. — Northampton — E izabcth 1st d , aet. ; Agnes 2nd d., 
lot 5. 

Oa-vkndishe, John, Knt., ob. 21 Oct. 1 Mary, s.p — Inq. at Lincoln 
27 March 1 Mary —Lincoln — 

Richard Oavendishe, Knt., brother k h ,=f= 
act. (iO. J 

Hichard, .s. k It. 

('wvemn r, William, will 21 May 1582, s.p Inq. at Leeds July 
21 Khz. Yorks-- Allies, married to I.ioiudl Hlnckborne, wife, 21. \ 
Susan, i harried to Uichard Llorsfull, at. 21; Grace, 3rd sister h 
eoh., art. 1 ( J. 

Cawston, Thomas, of Raylye, gent. — Inq. at Maldon 9 April 3 & 4 
Wi. k M. Essex. 

Cki.v, Walle r, will 21 Aug. 3 Ed. G— 'Inq. at Waltham 1 Feb. 1 Ed. G — 
Essex (Sinirge s. A' h , aet. 1 ; 2 other sons & one dau. 



Cervingtok, John, ob. 12 Jan. 17 Eliz. — Inq. at Exeter 28 Jan. 17 Eliz. 

— Devon — Agnes, sister <k li , aet. 11. 
Cervington, Nicholas, Esq., ob. 26 Dec. ult. (marc: Joan d. of Anthony 

Himgerford, knt.)— 1st Inq at Taunton 12 June 1 & 2 Ph. & M, 

2nd Inq. at Sherborne 15 June same year — Somerset, Dorset, Wilts, 

Devon — 1. John s. & h., aet. 15 ; 2. Nicholas ; 3. Anthony ; 4. Michael ; 

1. Dorothy ; 2. Mary ; 3. Elizabeth. 
Cervyngton, Walter, Esq., ob. 2 Aug. 2 Hen. 8 — Inq. at Exeter 14 Oct. 

3 Hen. 8— Devon— William s. & h. ; act. 23. 
Ciiadwick, Jordan, ob. 30 Nov. ult.— Inq. at Boulton 13 Ap. 11 Car. I. 

— -Lancaster — John s & h., aet. 17, 15 Oct. ult. 
Ciiadwick, Robert, of Dunham Magna, gent., will 7 Nov. 33 Eliz , ob. 

17 Nov. ult.— Inq. at Norwich 17 Oct. 34 Eliz. — Norfolk — Lora 

Carver, cons & h., aet. 40. 
Chafyn, Thomas, of Felk, Esq., ob. 16 Feb. ult,— Inq. at Shafton 

19 Mar. 35 Eliz. — Dorset, Somerset, Wilts — Bampfeild Chafyn s. & h., 

aet. 3 mo. 3 days. 

Chaladon alias Coryb, John, ob. at Cessacotte 9 Nov. ult. — Inq. at 
Exeter 6 Oct. 7 Eliz. — Devon — Stephen Challadon alias Corye, s. & 
h., aet 41. 

Ciiajjjhoutt, Andrew, ob. 22 Feb. 1640 — Inq, at Shafton 7 May 

17 Car, [.— Dorset, Wilts, Somerset Katheriue only d. & h., aet. 3. 
Ciiaucnkk, Thomas, will 16 April 2 ,lac. I., ob. 31 March ult. Inq. :it 

East Crin stead ••Sussex-- Francis s & aet. 22. 
Challenor, John, will 2 May 1578, ob. 7 May 20 Eliz. — Inq. at Cuck- 

ticld 12 April 22 Elk. — Sussex —Francis s. & h., aet. 17 ; Clemence 

wife of ... I [omcden. 
Challknok, John, gent,, will 2 May 1578, ob. 7 May 20 Eli/. — Inq. at 

Lewes 22 July 37 Eliz.- Sussex — Francis s. S: h., act. 17 ; Clement 

wife of ilornsden (sic). 
Chali.enoh, John, ob. 7 May 20 Eliz. — Inq. at East Crinstead 1 July 

39 Eliz. — Sussex — Francis s. & h., act 17. 
Challoxkh, Johanna (1st married to Thomas Leigh, Knt., will 9 Mar. 

33 lien. 8; married 2nd Thomas Challoner, Knt.); ob. 5 Jan. 
ult. — 1st Imp 5 May 3 & 4 Ph. & Mary ; 2nd Inq. at Pomfret 7 
May 3 ife 4 Ph. & Mary — Yorks — Katherine Leigh, d. k h. general 
aet. 16. 

Ciiallons, Richard, ob. 12 Jan. ult. — Imp 3 Nov. 1 Edw. 6 — Devon — 

John s. & h., aet. 1 8 kc. 
CiiALONEit, Francis, Esq., ob. 30 July ult. — Inq. at Horsham 2 Sept. 

34 Eliz —Sussex — Thomas s. & h., aet. 30. 

CiiAKONEU, Robert, Esq., ob. 7 Sept. 2 k 3 Ph. & M. — Inq. at Doncaster 

1 Oct. -I & 5 Ph. k M. \12 Si 3 Ph. ,v M.] -Yorks— Henry Lasshe- 

I'ord cons. & coh., aet. 21 ; Ursula I iris tow eons, & coll., aet. 10. 
CiiAMBKiu.AlNE, Richard, Cit. & Alderman of London; will IS Oct. 
5 Eliz., ob. 19 Nov. 9 Eliz.— Inq. at the Cuildhall 11 March 15GG — 
London — 

Richard Chamberlaine, 8. & h.,=y=Anne, d. k h. of Robert Downe.s, ob. 

ob. v. p. 

I ~ 

I to hurt, h. k h. of bin father k luothor, tut. 'J I. 


Cham berlayne, ... of Sherborne — Patet in ordine Curiae War dor um 
et Liberacioiium, 15 June 1621 — Oxford — 

, . . Chamberlayne, John Chamberlayne, 

& hi 2 son. 

Sir John Chamber- Robert Chamber-^Domina—SirRic. Wenman,of Brack ley, K nt , 
layne, Knt., s & h. layne, a. & h. Alicia. created Baron of Ireland, 

=t= and Lord "\ Vein nan. 

r J ' 

John Chamberlayne, Esq., s. & h., Sir Robert Chamberlayne, dyed in ... 2 
& cousin k h. to Sir Robert. his travayles at Tripulo, s p. son, s.p. 

Chamberlayne, Ed ward, ob. 20 Oct. ult. — Inq. at Nuneaton 13 April 

4 c% 5 Ph. & M. — Warwick — Richard s. & h., act 9. 
Oil AM 111511 lay N is, George, Ksq., will 28 July 1500, ob. 10 Feb. 7 Eliz.— 

In.j. at Norwich 25 Oct. 7 Eliz.— Norfolk— Edward s. & h., act. 24 ; 

Henry ; Thomas ; Bridget. 

(To be continued.) 

3n JUtcmoriam. 


On llie 5tli of April last, there passed away calmly and luuong 
peaceful surroundings, in the prison of the above gentleman, one who 
loved genealogy for its own sake. He was the younger son of Mr. 
Thomas Wadley of I lid ford, by his marriage with Mary Proctor; both 
his grandfather and his great-grandfather were named Thomas. His 
brother tells me he was from childhood a book-worm; at the age of 
sixteen he had collected the wild flowers on the banks of Shakespeare's 
Avon, giving to each the local and botanical names. His affection for 
Shakespeare never left him, but entered into the most zealous of his 
genealogical studies. His birthplace, Bidford, is on the Avon, a few 
miles south of Stratford. 

He published but little, his chief delight was to arrange the records 
in public offices, notably at ( Gloucester and Worcester, at which latter 
city, he, with Mr. Auiphlett, put the transcripts in order. He laboured 
too at Bristol, where lie edited the wills in the Gl'CdC Orphan Hook. 1 
Mr. Wadley was a Scholar of (Queen's College, Cambridge. Soon after 
his ordination his father wished to promote him into a living by purchase, 
but he declined to accept it ; the same conscientious feeling remained 
with him throughout life ; ultimately on the recommendation of Bishop 
Philpott of Worcester, the Lord Chancellor nominated him to JNauuton- 

1 It will also be remembered that Mr. Wadley contributed the valuable extracts 
from the Marriage Licences at Worcester, which some yeara ago appeared in this 
magazine. — Ed. 



Beauehamp Rectory, where he lived a quiet, frugal life. The Rural 
Dean writes to nie, that " he gained the affection and esteem of his 
Parishioners to an extraordinary degree." Mr. Wadley never married. 
" He leaves behind him, freed from griefs and years, 

Far worthier things than tears, 

The love of friends, without a single foe, 

Ifneuualled lot below." 

R. E, H. Duke. 

iHotkfs of Books. 

Feudal England. By J. H. Round. London (Swan Sonncnscliien & 
Co.), 8vo. 

Mr. Round has followed up his work on (Jeoffrey de Mandeville by 
another and still more important book which deals, in an original and 
independent spirit, with questions of the greatest interest to the student 
both of history and genealogy. It is divided into two parts (1) Terri- 
torial Studies, (2) Historical Studies, and though some oi" the essays 
have already appeared in various magazines, they contain in their 
present form much additional matter, and demand the careful attention 
of scholars. Under Territorial Studies the author deals with Domesday 
Rook and the many difficult questions connected therewith, such as 
the difference between ''thegnland" and "sokcland," the exact meaning 
of the hide, the virgatc and the caruca, and the intricacies of land 
assessment. In order to prove his theories he has carefully collated 
Domesday with the Inqui&tth Comitatits Caufahriyt'ensis, where he tells 
us "The true Key to the Domesday Survey and to the system of land 
assessment it records, is found." Among the conclusions which he has 
formed are, that assessment was based on the five-hide unit, and that 
*' assessment bore no ratio to area or to value in a Vill, and still less in 
a Manor." "The aim," he tells us, M of the assessors was clearly to 
arrange the assessment in Minis of live hides, ten hides, iY.e." 'The 
argument is carried even fur tiler, and I he suggest ion made that it may 
have been "the Hundred itself that was assessed for geld, and which 
was held responsible for its payment." Another conclusion is that "the 
part which was played in the hidated district of England by the five hide 
unit is played in the Danish districts by a unit of six carueates," thus 
Domesday reveals, as we are told in the preface, "the existence of two 
separate systems in England, co extensive with two nationalities." Mr. 
Round, too, gives his reasons for believing that the second volume of 
Domesday is earlier in date than the first. The chapters which relate 
to the early surveys which the author has collated with Domesday, one 
of which, that of Leicestershire, he claims to have himself discovered, 
will be found to contain matter deeply interesting to the genealogist, for 
Mr. Round has incidentally been able to add considerably to our know- 
ledge of early genealogy, and, on the other hand, his strong grasp of the 
history of our great houses has been of considerable service in enabling 
him to fix the date of some of these surveys. The renowned Ilereward 
is shown to have been "a man" of the Abbot of Peterborough, and to 



have held lands ;it Witham-on-the-1 Till and Parholmc-with-Stow in 
Lincolnshire, and the manner in which the false story of the descent of 
the Wakes from Hereward came to be invented is clearly traced. Proof 
is given that Stapleton was in error in styling William Meschin " Earl 
of Cambridge," and that this title was attributed in reality to W T illiam 
de Roumare, uterine brother of Willium Meschin's nephew, Randulf " de 
(Jernon," Earl of Chester. Nut less interesting are the author's remarks 
upon the origin of the surname of Marmion, and the connection of that 
family with Robert le Despenser. The settlement of the Oliphants in 
Scotland is traced to their tenure of Lilford in Northamptonshire, which 
formed part of the English estates of the Seottish sovereign. Mr. 
Round's views on the introduction of Knight Service may by some be 
deemed reactionary, for he has discarded the theory of development from 
Anglo-Saxon institutions adopted by the more recent writers upon the 
subject, including Gneist and the late Professor Freeman, in favour of 
the view that William the Conqueror brought into England the system 
which had prevailed in Normandy. If merely for the reason that his 
opinions are entirely original ami derived after much patient research in 
our ancient records with no preconceived idea to support, no one who 
desires to make a thorough study of this difficult subject can afford to 
neglect the theories which Mr. Round has here and elsewhere propounded. 
I 'pon the question of the assessment of knights fees, after giving many 
instances of the servitiiifiit tlchitym of holders of fiefs, he points out that 
this aercitinm is "almost invariably a multiple of 5, if not of 10," and 
adds that " the number of differing iiefs assessed at precisely the same 
figure proves that the assessment was wholly arbitrary." From this he 
proceeds to his own theory that the service of the tenant in chief "was 
fixed in relation to, and expressed in terms of, the Conxtobu/aria of ten 
knights, the unit of the feudal host." The author's comments upon 
scutage an; equally subversive of the views of other writers, but are 
based upon the sure ground of the evidence afforded by the Pipe Polls 

The second portion of the work consists of various historical essays, 
all of them of liHk'li interest, but those which especially deserve the 
attention of our renders are, of course, the ehaplers which (leal with 
genealogieal problems. Foremost among these is the article upon 
Walter Tirol and his wife, which proves that the latter was "daughter, 
not of a (J i Hard" (as Mr. Freeman thought), "but of Richard de Clare, 
by his wife Rohcse, daughter of Walter Giffard the elder." We are glad 
also of the correction for the statement in Dugdale's Jiaronatje that Eudo 
Hapifer's wife, Rohese, was daughter of Walter Giffard, Earl of 
Buckingham, Mr. Round showing clearly that she was another daughter 
of Richard de Clare, by Rohcse his wife, daughter of Walter Giffard, 
and sister therefore to Adeliza, wife of Walter Tirel. The argument is 
illustrated by a carefully drawn out and much needed pedigree of the 
powerful house of Clare. Not the least important chapter which the 
volume contains is the short one which relates to the origin in the male 
line of the historic race of Neville. We have long been dissatisfied with 
the version usually accepted, and gladly welcome the indication here 
given of the true line of descent of Robert fitz Meldred of Raby, whose 
niarriago with the heiress of the first house of Neville caused the 

notices op nooks: 


adoption of that surname by his descendants, even though we must be 
content to wait until the identity of Robert/s great-grandfather, Uchtred, 
lias been established. Those of our readers who have already enjoyed 
the author's very able paper on "Our English Hapsburgs," which 
appeared in the columns of this magazine (N.S., x, 193), will gladly 
embrace the opportunity now afforded them of reading "The Mont- 
morency Imposture," another exposure of a concocted pedigree which 
Mr. Round has rightly characterised as "a genealogical nightmare." 

A Handbook to the Ancient Courts of Probate and Depositories of 
Wills. l>y Ceorue W. Marshall, LL.D., Of the Middle Temple, 
Parrister-at-Law, and Rouge Croix Pursuivant of Arms. London 
( Horace Cox), 8vo. 

With the appearance of this little handbook we are brought face to 
faee with the fact that Dr. Marshall has once again undertaken to act as 
a guide and comforter. This time he conducts the uninitiated to the 
mysterious realms where are deposited the testamentary evidences the 
genealogist loves. At a glance the enquiring student can discover the 
most likely door which may conceal the will of a long sought ancestor, if 
only lie, the ancestor, was thoughtful enough to make one, and that in 
England or Wales. Here we are inclined to suggest an addition to the 
title, which at present requires a geographical limit. We note that the 
Channel Islands are not included in the work although the Kcclesiastical 
jurisdiction of the same was annexed to the See of Winchester in 
Elizabeth's reign. The si/.e of the present handbook is more appropriate 
to its calling than its more imposing predecessor, issued in 1889. The 
number of that edition being confined to fifty copies only, prevented a 
large number of genealogists and lawyers from possessing a most useful, 
if not a necessary, book of reference. 

The Gentleman's Magazine Library. — English Topography. Parts V 
and VI. London (Elliot Stock). 8vo. 

The Hood of which swells the book market day by day 
creates the serious difficulty to the collector of finding space for his 
treasures, and for this reason, no doubt, the Ginflaman : $ Jlwjaziue with 
its hundreds of volumes is now rarely to lie found in private libraries. 
The series, of which we have Parts V and VI before us, was started some 
few years ago, and is a classification of the topographical, genealogical 
and antiquarian contributions contained in that most useful publication 
from its commencement in 1731 to 1868, alphabetically ananged under 
Counties. These two volumes include Hampshire, Herefordshire, Herts, 
Huntingdonshire, Kent and Lancashire, of which Kent and Hampshire 
received most attention at the hands of antiquaries in past times. The 
value of the information here gathered together lies in the fact, as Mr. 
Connne points out in his preface, that it was collected \>y people person- 
ally acquainted with the localities dealt with, and much of it is 
inval liable to genealogists, such as inscriptions in churches and church- 
yards, most <>l which are now obliterated by the hand of time. Those 
copied at Chesltunt in 1TD0, "by a Traveller while his dinner was 
dressing," have probably long since shared that fate. The still unex- 
plained inscription at Christ Church, a curious one at Hackington, and 



many at Westerham, Swanscombo, Tedstonc Delamcrc, Alrcsford, Bishop's 
Sutton, Bramshot and other places are recorded in these volumes. 
Accounts of restorations of churches show the vandal at work in the 
past as in our time, and this, although interesting, is somewhat painful 
reading. The indexes, as in previous volumes, are excellent. 

The Herts Genealogist and Antiquary. Vol. II, No. 9. Edited by 
William Rrigg. 

The July number of this publication is of special interest on account 
of the fresh light which is thrown upon tin* parentage of Amphillis 
Washington, by recent discoveries made by tiie Editor, Mr. William 
Brigg, in the parish registers of Triug. It will be remembered that Mr. 
H. F. Waters, in his well known pamphlet upon the Washington 
pedigree, was inclined, though very tentatively, to think that the 
maiden name of Amphillis had been Roades. We believe that Mr. 
Waters, whose researches at Triug were mainly confined to the name of 
Washington, subsequently saw reason to alter his opinion on the point, 
and though the discoveries now made fall short of absolute; proof of 
what the surname of Amphillis actually was, they supply a clue, which 
will, we trust, be speedily followed up. 

Knolish Epitaphs Abroad. — (leuealogists may be glad, in case they 
do iu»t know of it, to have their attention drawn to "a journey through 
part of the Low Countries, Germany, Italy and France," in 1GG3, 
published in a Collection of Voyages and 'I'ravcU (1732), vol. vi. The 
travellers made careful copies of several epitaphs which they came 
across. For instance, at Frankcndal, in " the how Dutch Church," were 
"these three inscriptions (two in escutcheon, and one on a little marble 
monument) to Englishmen" — 

(1) . Mr. Stafford Willmot, Chevalier, Gentilhomme tie la Chambre priyee de sa 

Majeste ile hi Grande Bretagne, leque] deceda le 1 jour d'AlVris (sic) 
anno It'rJO. 

(2) . Monsieur George Herbert aagd de 30 ans, Kscuir Anglois, mourust en 

Franquenthal le 8 Janvier 1623, estant lieutenant de son Cousin Gerrard 
Herbert Chevalier Gentilhomme de la Chambre privde de sa Majeste 
de la Grande Bretagne. 

And one other. The former inscription refers, I think, to a member of 
Lord .Rochester's family. Among the names of exiled English Catholics 
are inscriptions to Thomas Pitz (co. Oxon), Henry Anstey (co. Oxon), 
Thomas Southwell and Mary Roper. There are also lists of the English 
at Venice in 1GG3 and 1005. J. II. Round. 

I'e^BIJSS of Dewsijury. — On page 70, vol. ix, appears a pedigree of 
this family, in which Andrew Peebles, Ibl). is said by Dugdale to have 
died in 1G32. hi the Parish Registers of Wintringham, co. York, the 
entry of Andrew Peebles to that Vicarage is dated 10 July 1G25, and 
his burial is recorded on 14th Sept. 1631. Scutum. 



The subject of this paper may serve to illustrate the close relations 
between England and the Boulonnais for a century after the Norman 
Conquest. Even at a time of peculiar darkness, the career of Faramus 
can be traced in our ehronicles and our public records, and his con- 
nection with England covers a spaee of more than forty years. 

His first appearance is in 1:130, when as " Farcunus illiiis Willehni de 
Holonia," he is entered on the Pipe boll of that year as owing £,20 to 
the Crown, "pro placitis terre sue, et ut habeat terrain suam <piam 
noverca sua tenet" (p. 50). This entry is found under Surrey, and we 
seek to know how he came to be connected with that county. The first 
step towards solving this problem is found in a charter to Bee, among 
those of Okeburne Priory, in which Faramus confirms the gift of a hide 
in Balham, belonging to Clapham : — 

Omnibus fidelibus ecclesia;, tain presentibus quam futurin, Faramus (ilius Willelmi 
de Bolonia . . . ego recognosco et ex parte mea eoncedo dqimtionem quam antcccs.sores 
mei, scilicet Qaufridus (ilius eomitis Kustacii do Bolonia, avua incus, et Wilksknus 
do Uolonia, filius ipsius, pater mens, fecerunt ecolcskc Sane tie Marine Beeei, scilicet 
unain hidam in Bolghelieni, qua; pertinebat ad maneriuin tie Clopham . . . 

Ilujiis coiiccssioni.s iiicio fuerunt) c6neen.sqreH ot testes tVatics mei Iiustacius et 
Simon 1 

'Phis charter was confirmed by his daughter and sole heiress in her 
widowhood (i.e. after 1189) : — 

Sybil la do Tyngria filiu Farami do Bolonia, domina de Clopham. . . . Novcrit 
universitas vestra me . . . confirmasse . . . donationern quam antecessores mei, 
fecerunt . . , de una hida terre ... in Balgeham qua," pertiuebat ad maneriuin 
de Clopham. 2 

Among the witnesses to this charter were Walter and Fentecost of 
Wandsworth, Hubert of Wimbledon, Robert the parson of Streatham, and 
Andrew of Croydon, clerk, who drew the document. 

On referring to Domesday we find that Clapham was held by OeoflYey 
de Mandeville. 11 Hut he also held two other Surrey manors, ('arshalton 
(An/tone) and Wanborough (W.aiehergt). Of the former manor we 
read : — 

Tenet Wcstnan VI Indus de Goisfrido filio eomitis Kustachii. Hanc terrain dedit ei 
Goisfridus de Mannevil cum filia sua. 

Here we recognise that Geoffrey, described by Faramus as his grand- 
father, entered in 1 OSG as the son in law of Geoffrey de Mandeville. 
Did he then in that capacity acquire by subinfeudation the manor 
of Clapham as well? To answer this question we must trace the 
subsequent fate of these three manors. Clapham is well ascertained to 
have passed from Faranms to his daughter. As to Carshalton, its church 
was given by Faramus to Merton Priory j the manor was confirmed, 
with Clapham, to his 'laughter by Richard I ; 1 and his heir, Ingelram de 
Fiennes is found holding it, in the Testa, of the Honour of Mandeville. 

1 Mon. Ang. vi, 1017, 
- ibid , vi, 1008. 
a D B., 30. 
4 Cart. Ant., A. 3o. 



Lastly, as to Wanborough, we have the charter of Geoffrey de Maude- 
ville, Ear] of Essex (I date it 1151-8), notifying that :— 

Faramus de R^kmia vfindTdit abbati Gisleberto et mwnacMs de Waverleia terram do 
Warenbergs*, queti ad feodum meiim spectat, pro centum marcis argenti, — 

and that, at the prayer of Henry (II), he had confirmed the transaction. 
1 hold then that Faramus held these three Surrey manors from the 
house of Mandeville by subinfeudation, through his grandmother, a 
daughter of Geoffrey de Maude ville the first. 

It will have been observed that Faramus styles his grandfather 
Geoffrey, a son of Count Eustace of Boulogne. And so does Domesday. 
This might be, and lias been, taken to mean a legitimate son ; but my 
friend, M. V. J. Vaillant, 1 who is well acquainted with the history of 
the early Counts of Boulogne, assures me that the sons of Eustace are 
known, and that Geoffrey is not among them. We must, therefore, 
assume him to have been a natural son. A parallel is afforded by 
Jocelin "of Lovaine,' ; the ancestor of the Percys, who, though styled 
"brother" of Queen Adeliza, and exalted by the peerage writers as a 
legitimate son of Duke Godfrey, was probably not so.' 2 Such eases as 
those of Brian, " (ilius Comitis," and the two Kobeits, " sons " of Henry I 
and "brothers" of the Empress Maud, are indeed common enough. 

1 may here insert an unpul dished English charter of Faramus The 
Sutton, to which two of the witnesses belonged, was clearly the Sutton 
adjoining Carshalton, for one of these witnesses, as " Vitalis de 
Sutt[one] " witnessed a grant of Nigel de Mowbray at Banstead, close 
to this Sutton, " eirc. Ilo0;" ! but I cannot determine the locality of 
the grant. The name of one of the English peasants, Wulfric Gather- 
weed, should be noticed. 

Faramus de l'olonia omnibus hominibus sin's tain francis quam anglieis salutcm. 
Notnm sit et present i bus et I'uturis quod ego Faramus duet ooneedo Thome Pinget 
servienti men pjn >ervieio suo totam terrain quain W'luard tilius [>riefrig tenuit in 
Sud. (xic)vl in Nor! /sic)vi hngaiu illam quiUn Hugo Bailee tenuit et terrain quam 
W'Juric Oadrcwede tenuit pro v aeris et desupor decern auras in Spertmera et masuram 
<|uam Haewis l.ute tenuit tenendum de me et lieredilais meis ille et heredes sui in 
feodg et heteditate bene et in pace libere et qnieto reddendo annuatim pro ornni 
servicio u solido«. 

Hujus donation is suul testes (iillebert us de (Vtevile, Viol de Suttune. Hanio de 
Suttune, (iillebert us de I lames, 4 Turl>ert u>, Willelmus tilius Keinaldi, Robertas tilius 
Wulotits, Simon K I ills Yiel, Thomas lilius Farami. Alaaius preshiter, Hugo. Merlin, 
Hugo de Curteuile, Willelmus de Loges, Simon de Abrincis, SLet'amus eamerarius, 
Beruardus elerieus, l'hilippus de Enela/' 

Now that we have traced the descent and the inheritance of Faramus, 
we may turn to his doings. In 1141, writes John of Hexham, " rexit 
familiam regis Stephani Willelmus d'lpre, homo Flaridrensis et" Pharamus 
ncpos regime 1 ' Matildis, et iste Bononiensis 7 lie attended Stephen's 

1 Of Boulogne, Officier d'Academie. He has kindly examined all the evidence 
on the French side for me. 

- See Mr. Watson's note in Complete Peerage, VI, 228. 

3 Aiucdota Oxanien&i'a : Media-val Series, vii, p. 32, 

4 Probably Hammes in the ('onite of (mines. j 

5 Add. Chart. 23,Gt>2, The instrument is badly drawn, but a fine twisted tag of 
coloured silks suggests the loss of a noble seal 

u This <lescripti<»n of him as the Queen's " nepos" is inexplicable, unless his mother 
was a natural >bter of hers, which there i.s no reason to suppose. 
7 Syra. Dun., 11, 310. 



re-coronation, on his release, at Canterbury, at the close of this year. 1 
On this, as on other occasions, he appears simply as " Faramus," that 
name being distinctive enough.- It was som -where, probably, about 
this time that ho became a benefactor to the Templars, and the bull of 
Fope Eugene in 1147 shews that his benefaction to Waverley was 
previous to that date. 

His prominence under Stephen is specially attested by the treaty 
between the King and the Duke in 1153. We there read of William, 
the King's son : — 

Detlit ei dux ct concessit . . . servitium Faramusi preter castra et villas de Dourc 
ct i{uoil ad houuiem Dourc pertinct. 8 

Slight though it is, this reference is obviously most important. It 
suggests that Faramus was holding, at the time, Dover Castle and the 
honour of (Fevered of) Dover. Walchclin Maminot, who had held the 
castle against Stephen and his Queen in 1138, must have been replaced, 
if so, by Faramus, on Kent being all subdued to the King. Duke 
Henry would desire, of course, to recover control of the famous castle 
w hen he succeeded to the crown. There are two circumstances which 
point, at least, in the same direction. The historians of Dover and the 
Cinque Forts have always asserted that the Constableship of Dover 
Castle was hereditary in the family of Fiennes. Now this seems to be 
sheer fiction for a century and more after the Conquest, nor do I know 
of any trustworthy list of the Constables of the castle. But the 
existence of Fiennes' (or the Constable's) tower among those of the 
fortress reminds us there 4 was a connection, though it may have been 
only til' a late date, in which case the fact that Fiennes was heir of 
Faramus would be merely a coincidence. The other is the connection of 
Faramus, and of Fiennes as his heir, with Wendover. Lipscomb quotes, 
under Wendover, from a suit recorded in the P/acitoru/n Ahhrcuiativ, 
the ev idence of which prove s that Crown demesne in Wendover, etc., was 
alienated by Stephen to Hugh de Cournav, and resumed by Henry II, 
after the expedition to Toulouse, when the bulk of it was granted to 
Faramus. Testing this evidence by the I'ipe Itolls, we read in that of 
l' lien. II, "In Wendoura et in llohtmict in Fit un r li. bl.," and another 
entry helps us to identify this with the land granted to Hugh. I hit by 
Mich. 1 158 Faramus was already in possession of Wendover ; for we read 
in the Roll of 4 Hen. 11, " Et Farumuso nx li. in Wendoura et in Fiton 
numero." Llpscombe, giving unfortunately no authority for his state- 
ment, suggests that Hugh may have received this estate from Stephen 
in compensation for losing Dover and the custody of the Cinque Forts. 
If so, Faramus might have done the same, lint it would be rash to 
pursue conjectures so hazardous. The fact which is certain is that 
Henry 11 did grant Faramus GO librates of land in Wendover and Fton, 
and that they are duly entered among the " Ternu data;" of Bucks from 
Mich. lloS onwards. The charter by which he did this was given at 
Woodstock and witnessed by Thomas the Chancellor, Henry of Fsscx, 

1 See my Geoffrey <h Mandcville, pp. 1-14, 147. 

- As " Ferainus," lie witnessed a charter of '' Mathildis Dei gratia Anglorum Itegina 
et Bolowie Qoniitissn" to the Abbey of Clainnarais shortly afterwards (1112). 
3 Twelfth lleport on Historical MSS., Aj»p. 9, [>. 120. 



the Constable, and Richard dc Luei. 1 It was previous to the King's 
departure from England in Aug 1158. In tlie meanwhile, Faramus had 
figured on the Pipe Roll of 1 l§6; where we read, under Cambridgeshire, 
" et in wasto de Saham per destructionem Faramusi." lie had also 
(May 1 1 57) been present with Henry at Colchester, where he attested 
simply as " Faramus," when the King granted a charter to Stephen's 
Abbey of Kaversham, u preee et petitione Willelmi eomitis Warrcnc 
[i.e., the Count of Boulogne] cognati mei." -2 

Faramus, as a kinsman of the house of Boulogne, was connected with 
Count William, whose charter confirming the grant of Tring to Faver- 
sham he witnessed, lie was also a witness to the Count's continuation 
of grants to the Abbey of Bcaulieu in the Boulonnais, and to his charter 
granted at Tinehebrai, in 1 1 5,8, to the Abbaye des Blanches near 
Moitain." The Cbiint duly recognised the relationship in the following 
charter, granting him Martoek (Somerset) in fee : — 

Wfillelmus] comes I'olonie omnibus baronibus, ministris, ct fi<lelil>u,s suis de honore 
qui fuit eomitis Kustachii avi sui (nie) in Auglia sive extra Anglium aatut'em. Sciatis 
me Farainuso cognate meo Martoch manerium meurn in feOtlo et hereditate 
. . . ad tenendum de me et heredibus meis . . . per servicium unius militis. 
T[estibus] Isabella uxore inea, Pagano de Bully, Alulfo, Manasse canture, Arnulfo de 
Caiou, Bartholomeo, Tngelramo de liotin. 4 

Martoek continued in the hands of his heirs, though in the Testa ih 
Kev'tll and in the Somerset Record Society's edition of Kirby's Quest, 
the name Fiecuis is wrongly given as " Frennis," which obscures the 

We also find Faramus attesting an interesting charter of Count 
William in favour of Furness Abbey : — 

Willelmus conies Bolonie Moret' et \Varren' vieecomitibus et ministris suis de 
Wi[t]sand salutem. Seiatis me Abbati Furnesii et. ecclesiaj suic omnem 
quietudincin telonei et consuetudinis de Wisant. Quare volo et fh-mitor preeipio quod 
et ipse; et (unites t'ratres Donius .sua-, sine ulla vCxatione aut telonei exaetioue, <juieti 
et liberi dimittantur quotiens ad capitubnu Cistcrcieiiso iverint vel ad me venerint 
pro nogot iis suis vvl meis. Teslihus : h'eginaldo de \Yar[cnna] ; li'araino 5 ; Ifugptne] 
l'loeet (..s/c) ; Kustaehio ( 'aueellarii >. 

(Coueher book of Furness [Chetliam Society] I, p. ISO.) 

A very curious story of the part taken by Faramus on the deatli of 
this Count William (I IT)'.)) is only found, so far as 1 know, in an unpub- 
lished MS. of John's reign. J here transcribe the passage quantum 
vat eat. Mary, the nun of Romscy Abbey, had been left, by her brother's 
death, sole heiress of Boulogne : — 

riianimus ergo do Bolonia mul turn familiaris regis Henriei secundi, facta ei ihulta 
persuasione, eo quod predieta Maria eius fuit consanguinea, impetravit ab eodem rege 
litteras ad Alexandrum papain dirigi ut predieta Maria a professione monachali 

1 Cart. Ant. A., 35, but the text is corrupt. The confirmation l>y fjciry III, in 
the same Collection, gives a better one. 

2 Kyfon's Uiucmrj/, p. 'J7 (where Karamus is not identilietl). 
:l Archives at Morttiin. 

4 Cart Ant . A., Mb But here again the continuation by Renryt HI gives a better 
text. In the return tvmp. John {Testa, pp. 271, 27f>) the manor occurs as ' Marcoke' 
or ' Mareog,' held of the Honour of Boulogne by flu; heirs of taramus, and valued 
at JU 10 a year. " higelratu de Imtiii " probably derived his name from lieutin on the 
Caue.he, Mow Montreuil. The family were benefactors to Missendon Abbey 

5 Mr. Atkinson, the editor, seems to have had some misgivings on so strange 
a name. 



absoluta traderetur Matheo fratri comitis Flandrie quasi pro pace inter Flandrenses 
et Bolonienses reformanda, inter quos mOrtalis guerra oriebatur. Quod ita factum 
est. Matheus igitur duxit predictam Mariam licet niultum reiiuentem. Et factus 
comes BoloniiCj etc., etc. 

Although known in England as Faramus "de Bolonia," in the Boulon- 
nais itself ho was Faramus " do Tingria," a name he derived from his 
fief of Tingry in the comic of Boulogne. Sibyl, his daughter and heiress, 
was known as Sibyl do Tingry, as lady of this lief. 1 

l>ut we have not exhausted his English estates. In the Testa de 
Nevill surveys of the Honour of Boulogne, we read :— 

Pharamus de Ronoii [modo] Willehnus Sibilla de Fenes tenet VI milites scilicet 
de Fenes \'l milites in Lamburne in in Lamburne II milites; in Fifhide et 
Kssex, Filido et la Idakehnll', Lagcfar' et Blakehall et Laefaro et j membro quod 
uiiutu membruin quod Radulfus de Maruy liadulfus do Marcy tennit et unam par- 
tenet et quedani pars in Wyh'ni quani tern quani Gilbertua tenuit et unani 
TeniplariitonentetquedamparsinHerlaue partem in Wykham quam llieardus Fland- 
quain Gilbertus tenet, omnes iste parti- rensis tenuit — quam Templarii modo 
cule ij milites; in Altladewyk et Hie- tenent—ij milites ; et in Herdfordsire in 
hinton in Hertford et in Cotes in Cant' Hakbladewyke, Hihhinton, et in com. 
et quoddani socagiurn in villa de Cant' Cantebr' in Cotes, et in socagiu in Cant, 
omnes iste iiij particule ij milites.'' 1 ij milites. 3 

This must represent a late enfeoffment, for the lands appear in 
Domesday as held by several different tenants. In Essex Faramus had 
succeeded a Richard and one or two other Domesday tenants ; in Herts 
his predecessor was Eumold ; and in Cambridgeshire it is most inter- 
esting to note that, though Cotes is unmentioned in Domesday, its 
tenant is duly found as a juror for the Hundred of Wetherley, once as 
"Rumold do Cotis," and oneo as " Kumold homo comitis Eustaehii.'" 1 
In Cambridgeshire also, therefore, it was he who preceded Faramus. But 
vide infra. It would seem that, in the Boulonnais as well, his lief did not 
oomo to him by descent. 

There is little more to bo said of Faramus save that, in 1171, lie gave 
the tithes of Sombres to the Abbey of St. Josse describing himself on 
that occasion as " Timons pro peccatis mpis." 5 By Matildis, his wife, ho 
had a son, William Faranmsi, who left no issue, and a daughter, Sibyl, 
who carried his fief to another baron of the Boulonnais, Fnguerrand 
(hujclrnmiis), sire do- Fionnes, slain at Aero in 1180. To her Richard 1 
confirmed Carshalton, Clapham, etc., 7 while to her son and heir, William, 

1 C'etait une des quatre chatellenies du Boulonnais dont 1'institution doit remonter 
au temps des guerres Normandes . . . Pourtant le nom de ses seigneurs n'apparait 
qu'au XII C siecle a propos d'un chevalier qui parait avoir joue un certain role dans les 
annales de notre pays. C'est Tbaramus ou Ferramus de Tingri, l'un des pairs qui 
signent au bas d'une charte du Comte Mathieu de Boulogne en 1161. (D. Haignere, 
JJictionuaire Historique et Archeulu(/ique du Pus de Calais : Arruudisscmcnt de Buutoync.) 

- Testa, p. 273. See also Hearne's Liber Niycr (1774) I, 388. 

;; lb., p. 271. 

4 Inq. Cum. Cant. (Fd. Hamilton), pp. 08, 99. 

" Quadain die veni ad Sanctum Judocum cum uxoro Matilda et Sibilla lilia men 

eoucedeuf ibus Matheo comite, et lieredihus meis Ingerauuo de 

Fienles et uxoro ejus Sibilla lilia mea." The Count confirmed his gift as that of 
" nobilis et venerandus l'haramus de Tingri." Sombres adjoined Wissant. 

G The bishop of Therouanne ("Morinorum") confirms this gift as made "pro salute 
anime sue et Willelmi lilii sui " and for celebrating the anniversary " Willelmi tilii 
sui" (Cartulary of St. Josse, fo. 5). In the same Cartulary (fo. 20) is a charter of 
Count Mathew, in 1172 to which the first witness is " Pharaino de Tingri." 

7 Cart. Ant.. A. 3b*. 



the Martock and Wendover estates of his grandfather Faramus were 
similarly confirmed by the Crown. 1 

The English house of Fiennes, descended from that union, was not 
forgetful of its remote ancestor, as we are reminded by the name of the 
" Hew Fharanius Fiennes " — one may make a present of the name to 
a novelist — living in the reign of Charles IL 2 But the name of 
Faramus of Boulogne was perpetuated in other ways j for while at Tingry 
there is found a family of " Feramus," :; there was also on his Somerset- 
shire fief a family of " de Boulogne," holding from his heirs, the house 
of Fiennes, and perhaps originally enfeoffed by him, if not descended 
from one of his brothers. For we find, in our records, the name of 
Faramus preserved among them also. 

Count Eustace of Boulogne. Geoffrey do Mandeville (1) 

) living 1080. 

\ . I 

Geoilrey, married in=pA daughter. 
1086; j 

r — -J 

William of Boulogne, dead 1130. 

I 1 — 1 1 

Matildis.=f Faramus of Boulogne, Eustace. Simon. 

| aliats de Tingry. 

William 'Faramusi,' Sibyl, heiress to=f=Enguerrand de Fiennes. 
ob. s.i>. her father. I slain 1189. 

William de Fiennes. 


J. II. Round. 

Since this article was in type, Mr. H. J. Ellis, of the MS. department, 
British Museum, has kindly called my attention to two original charters 
relating to Faramus and his father. They deal with land in " Altladewiek " 
(Alswiek in Layston, Herts) whieh we found mentioned among the fees 
of Faramus in the Tcxta list. From them we learn, in my opinion, that 
he and his father before him held the fees of the Domesday Humold, 
not as his successor, but as mesne lord. I infer, therefore, that the 
Count of Boulogne must have given William " de Bolonia " (or his 
father) the " servitium " of Ilumold's fief, as King Stephen jure uxoris 
gave that of Adam de Sumeri to Geoffrey de Mandeville, 4 or as the 
Count of Boulogne may have given Arnulf of Ardres (or his heir) the 
"servitium" of that Essex fief, which the Merchs had held direct in 
10SG (D.B.), but only held as tenants of Arnulf's heir in the Testa 
survey of the Honour/ 

1 Karamus was drawing his income from Wendover at least as lajte as 1173 (Rot. 
Pip. It) Hen. 11). 

- See Foster's Alumni Oxonienses. 

3 Ex inform. M. V. J. Vaillant of Boulogne. 

4 See my (icqQ'raj de Mandeville, p. 143. 

5 See my Feudal b'nyluml, pp. 4U3-4. 



The earlier of these two eharters is granted by William " de Bolonia," 
and bears what is probably his seal. It cannot be later, or much earlier, 
than 1130. From its witnesses I select these as bearing on the subject 
of this paper: — " Testibns istis Salomone presbitero 1 ; Ilngone de 
Bosevilla- ; Hugone de Mereh :i ; . . . Simone de Siittuna 4 ; \Vulfward 
de Autona." 5 The second charter reeords a " eonventio inter Faramum 
tilinm Willclmi de Bolonia et Hugonein filium Ulgeri" (a London 
magnate), and is a little later in date. It mentions that " Hugo pro 
feudo illo komagium Faramo apud Wanebergam fecit," Wanborough, it 
will be remembered, being held by Faramus from his cousin (Jeon'rey de 
Mandeville. The list of witnesses is specially interesting from its 
evidence that Faramus was already in possession of his fief of Tingry. 

" Testantibns istis : Ungode Waneberga, et Willelmns de Bosevilla, et 
Hugo de ( 'hastreehe, 11 et Symon de Hesdingnnil,' et Bald win us Uiehetala, 
et llerbertus de Waneberga, et Baldew inns de Livenbruna, 8 et Kadulfus 
de Hesdingnnil, et Baldewinns de Chastreehe, et Brizo de Tingri, et 
Kaginaldus de Hesdingnnil, et ltogerns elerieus Lund [on he], et Willel- 
nius filius Ulgeri, et multis aliis.' ;,J 

It will be seen that no fewer than seven of these witnesses came from 
Tingry or its neighbourhood. 

Lastly, 1 come to a charter granted to Missenden Abbey after Faramus 
had acquired bis estate at YVoridover from Henry II. Here again he 
deems it needless to employ any surname. 

10 Seiant omnes tarn presenter quam futuri quod ego Pharamus dedi ct coneessi iu 
perpetuam eleijiosiuam deo et ecolesie sancto Marie de Messend' et eanonieis ibidem 
i lei) servienlibu.s pro salute domini niei regis Henriei eL regine et puerorum suorum 
et pro salute, mea el uxoris mee el puerorum nostrorum el anteeessoruin el success- 
onun in 'st 1 1 nil in totani terrain de Pil-erleia" stout | >redieti eanoniei fossis suis et sepihus 
earn eiivuindedeiunt et sieut hide per me tsaisiali sunt, ijue semper an lea \a.--ia ja< uetal 
et iueulta et absque onmi redditu, et prc'terea iiij aeras ante domum Ouiwuu liiii 
ljuintini et Klwiui Yeiiatoris, olti , t ie 

Testibuk: domina Mat ilda uxore mea ; Willeliuu de Logos 1 " 1 lugone de Corlevilla l:l ; 
Alano capellano ; Willeliuu tie Nuers 14 ; Radulfo harpario ; Baldwino llichetale ; Kogero 
iilio Ueveuiugi 15 ; UoUm to eleriee de YYendou'e ; Ernaldo de Wenduv'e ; Kogero liliu 
llerlierti ; David de Ailespuri. 

It. may, in conclusion, fairly be said that owing to our wealth in early 
records, t no little explored even now, (be evidenee eolleeted in this paper 
is an addition not merely to our own knowledge but to that which is 
available to the antiquaries of France. 

1 Probably the tenaut of the Count of Boulogne at Tilbury by Clare {GcojJ'rcy de 
Mandeville, p. 181). 
- The Bosevilles were tenants of Mandeville, the grantee's overlord. 
;i Marck, near Calais (see Feudal England, pp. 463-4). 

4 Sutton by Carshalton. 

5 Carshalton. 

" QucstreuJies, a 5 kilometres de Tingry, pi es de Samer." 

7 " llesdingnuil, sur la Liane a 6 kilom. de Tingry." 

8 " Lieubroue, sur la commune de Tingry." 

,J The bad draftsmanship is shewn in this confusion of nominative and ablative. 

10 Missenden Cartulary v Harl. MS. 3688) fo. 45. ' \ 

11 Peterley in Missenden. 

* 3 Probably Loges, a lief in the Boulonnais. 

13 " Famille du lioulonnais bieu eonnue." 

H Kail' de Nuers la id lour fees of Mandeville in 1166. 

10 The father is mentioned iu the same cartulary. 



I ought to say something (though it is little) with reference to Sir 
George Sit well's article in the July number of the Genealogist. 1 am 
mucli gratltbd that so distinguished an anti(juary should have given 
his attention to the subject of the origin of my family, and, although 
J cannot think he has proved that origin, 1 thank him heartily for his 

Sir George Sitwell has not, indeed, attempted to prove the paternity 
of W alter de Lindsay. W hat he has done is to emphasize a fact that I 
bad myself mentioned, viz., t lint a gentleman living in Lindsey as a 
knight of Hugh Lupus, Karl of Chester, had the name de Lindissi 
attributed to him, the possibility of which the late Earl of Crawford 
went far to deny. 

W hether Baldric, to whom the name de Lindissi is attributed in a 
Continuation Charter of Larl Kanulf to the Abbey of S. Evreux, c. 1121, 
was identical with Baldric, Lord of the Manor of Code in Cheshire under 
Hugh Lupus, 1 will not attempt to decide. The identity would be 
exceedingly probable if Code (now Kelsall) could be shewn to have been 
inherited by a Richard son of Baldric, but Mr. Round's suggestion that 
the Lindsey benefactor was called de Lindissi to distinguish him from 
another Baldric cannot be disregarded. 

It is perhaps an error to suppose that territorial surnames were 
originally adopted as a mark of prestige. 1 am inclined to think that 
they began in mere convenience, and that for some time after the 
Norman Settlement the prntom or Christian name was principally cared 
for. It is obvious that the K nights of Counties must have been often 
classed under the names of their Counties. The expression Knights of 
Lindsey comes clown to the reigns of the Eel wards. 

Now Walter de Lindissi is on record as bearing that surname in 
1 1 13- 10, at least five years before the surname is recorded for Baldric. 
If he was son of Baldric, and if Baldric was Lord of Boquence, and 
if W aller thus belonged to a distinguished house in which the name of 
Baldric had been pre eminent since early in the tenth century, it is very 
astonishing that no Baldric de Lindesay should ever have appeared as son 
of the Scottish house. Walter was succeeded by William, William by 
Walter, and these names were those of the eldest line till 1281. No 
younger son named Baldric has ever been discovered. Randolph, Simon, 
David, John, Cerard, these names I know, but I have not found a 
Baldric nor a Richard in Scotland. It will be recollected that Lord 
Crawford, who devoted particular attention to this Baldric (Lives of the 
Lindsays, vol. i, p. 18), nevertheless believed the origin of the name to 
be Limesi I think, on the contrary, that Lindsey in Lincolnshire is the 
more probable derivation, and that Walter acquired the surname in the 
same way as Baldric acquired it, while the Scottish family adhered to 
the surname with greater tenacity than did the descendants and heirs of 

1 should a jjriori expect Walter de Lindissi to be son of a William. 
Now there was a person named William who was a much more important 
owner of lands under Hugh Lupus than Baldric was. 



It is, of course, difficult to prove that the person named William was 
not either William (Malbanc) Malbedeng, William litz Nigel, nor 
William Perci, but in i'aet William, not designed as one of those, held 
manors or parts of iiuuiors under Hugh Lupus in Cheshire, Lindsey, 
lierks, I Dorset, Bucks and Oxon, holding his principal estate (in ten 
manors) in Dorset. 1 cannot claim him as my ancestor because 1 
cannot prove that Walter inherited any of these lands, but in most of 
these counties there were Lindsays. There is indeed only one fact which 
I can prove. Fortiutone and Ulseby were both in demesne of Hugh 
Lupus, lUyG and in 1116. They are in Lindsey and both belonged to 
tin; Scottish family before 1 185. Therefore the Scottish Lindsay and 
therefore, most probably, the first of them was enfeoffed in Fortiutone 
by an Karl of Chester, but the surname is of older date. The 
connection of the Lindsays with the Earls of Chester is more pro- 
nounced after the succession of de Meschines, while it becomes closer 
stdl after the Chester-Huntingdon marriage. Let me add that there is 
no vassal of Hugh Lupus, who is recorded as the tenant of his 
fees outside Chester, to be compared with William." It is indeed 
remarkable how very few of Uie Knights of Hugh Lupus arc expressly 
mentioned as his vassals outside the County Palatine. William 
Malludeng was by far the largest proprietor inside Cheshire, and a 
William the largest recorded proprietor out of it. They may therefore 
be identical — if so, the fact can probably be proved. 

My answer to Sir George Sitwell then is that while I should be pleased 
to accept Sir Baldric de Locquenee as my ancestor, I see no proof, nor 
even presumption, of the fact. That the first ancestor of my race in 
Scotland was a man of some distinction is obvious. He is recorded as 
" Noble and Knight* in 1 1 13-16. lie and his descendants were at once 
A/wputtm Hi'Mitce. They never cared for any but their English surname, 
to which they clung tenaciously. They were closely allied with the 
Earls of Chester for two centuries after Walter appeared in Scotland. 
They were constantly in England, and they held all the most important 
offices oT State in Scotland. More "this deponent knoweth not," 
though continually in search of the truth. 

W. A. Lindsay, 

Windsor Herald. 


(Continued from p. 88.) 

Crosvenor, Dame Elizabeth, b. Warburton, rim. Sir Richard G. Bart, ; 
1028. B. 

Elizabeth, Spinster, da. of Richard (J., Esq. ; Katun, Cheshire 
[no date]. B. 
,, Richard, Esq.*; Eaton, Cheshire ; 1019. B. 


llalliday, or tlvllklay, Sir Leonard^ Knt., Aid. (sometime, 1005-00, 
L. Mayor) London; 1011/2. J. 
William, Aid. (sometime, 1017-1 8, Sheriff) London; 1023/4. J. 



Hall, Anne, b. Browne, m. John H., Draper; London; 1619. H*, II, 

Hamer, Constance, b< Sapertc, m. James II., Cent. , Chester; 1010. B. 
Hanmer, Sir William; Ken, Flintshire ; I GJO. D. IV, 379. 
Hardware, Anne, Spinster, da. of Henry If., Esq. ; Peel, Cheshire; 1612. B. 
,, Elizabeth, Spinster, da. of Henry H., Esq ; Peel, Cheshire; 
1613. B. 

,, Elizabeth, b. Anlderofte, in. Henry If., Esq. ; Peel, Chester; 
1613. B. 

Hare, Mary, b. Lyngley, m. John H., Pract, in Physic ; Chester ; 1633. B. 

,, John, Practioncr in Physic ; Chester; 1634. B. 
Harper, Martha, b. Brabant, m. Henry 11., (lout. ; Chester; 1040. B. 

,, Thomas, Gent. ; Chester; 1615. B. 
Harris, Owen, Gent. ; Chester; 1608. B. 
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Harvey, Elizabeth, widow, b. Mainwaring, m. John II., Aid. of Chester; 
1605. B. 

,, Margaret, b. Anion, m. Robert II., Chester; 1628. B. 

,, Thomas, Alderman ; Chester; 1613. B. 
Hatclitfc, William, Gent. ; Enlmere, Bucks ; 1620. H'\ IV, 218. 
Hatton, alias Newport, Sir William, Knt. ; Holdonby, Northants ; 1596. 

H l \ IV, 4 10 ; also D. Ill, 291. 
llerick, William, Cent. ; Gray's Inn, London ; 1635. H° I, 35. 
Hetley, Sir Thomas ; Serjt. at Law ; London ; 1636. H° 11, 246. 

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II igginson, William, Innholder ; Chester; H»30. B. 

Ilinde, Sir Francis; 1595. Laurence's " Mobility of the British Gentry, 
1828," p. 36. 

„ Sir John, Ch. Justice of the Common Pleas ; 1550. D IV, 111. 
Hockcnlmll, Margaret, b. Hockenhnll, m. John H., Esq. ; Prenton, 

Cheshire; 1613. B. 
Ilolcroft, Dame Elizabeth, b. Ileyncr, m. Sir Thomas II. ; Vale Royal, 

Cheshire; 1612. B. 
1 1 ol ford, Kli/,:d>et h, widow, b. Manwariug, m. Christopher II., Esq.; 

Cheshire, 1601. B and H il I, 29. 

,, George, Esq. ; Newbrough, Cheshire, 1636. B. 

,, John, Gent ; Davenham, Cheshire, 1638. B. 
Holland, Edward, Esq.; Denton, Lancashire; 1631. B. 
Holies, sec Clare, Earl of. 
Holliday, see Halliday. 

Hope, John, son and heir of George H, Esq.; Dodleston, Cheshire; 
1633. B, 

Hough, Anthony, Gent. ; Gellen Sutton, Cheshire ; 1605. B. 
Houghton, Peter, Esq , Alderman of London; 1596. D, III, 292. 
lloveden, Thomas, Mayor of Canterbury; 1619. H b , I, 296. 
Howard, see Norfolk, Duke of; Suffolk, Earl of. | 
Hughes, Kdwanl, Esq, ; Galchog, Flintshire; [ — 1; L. 

William, (lent. ; Llewerllyd, Flintshire; [ — ]; L. 
Humphreys, Sir William, Bart.; London; 1735. [newspaper account] 
P, V, 487. 

ji tffiol 


Hurlcston, Elizabeth, widow, b. Mainwaring, m. Roger H. j Chester; 
1628. B. 
Roger, Esq.; Chester ; 1 GOD. B. 
,, Roger, Gent, (son and heir of above) ; Chester ; 1634. B. 
Hutchinson, George, Cent ; Lasford, Notts ; 1 63X5. G\ VII, 112. 
Huxley, George, Esq. ; Edmonton, Midx, ; 1G27. H c , I, 188. 


Ince, Susanna, b. Greatbatch, vi. Robert I. ; Chester; 1633. B. 

„ Thomas ; Chester ; 1620/6, B. 
[ngleby, William, Gent ; Rallthorpe in Bolton Percy, Yorkshire; [ — ] ; L. 
Ireland, Sir Gilbert, Knt. ; The Hutt, Lancashire: 1675. C. 
,, John, Gent. ; Hale, Lancashire; 1614. B. 
,, John, Esq. ; The Hutt, Lancashire; 1633. B. 
,, Dame Margaret, widow, m. Sir Gilbert I.; The Hutt, Lanca- 
shire; 1675. C. 

,, Sir Thomas, Knt. ; Hewsey, Lancashire ; 1625. C, also D, IV, 

,, Thomas, Esq. ; Beausey, Lancashire; 1639. B. 
lslip, John, Abbot of Westminster; 1533. Vet. Mon. f IV. 


Jay, Henry, Aid. and (1613-11) Sheriff of London ; 1620. J. 
Johnson, \V illiam, A Id. of ( Shunter ; 1608. B. 

Julli s, Sir John, Knt. ; Aid. and .sometime (1615 16) L. Mayor of 

I London ; 1 62 I . J. 
Jonrs, Sir Roger, Knt. ; Aid. and (1601 05) Sheriff of London; 1605. J. 

,, Thomas, Esq. ; Halkin, Flintshire ; [ — ]; L. 
Jordan, Susan, b. Warnet, m. Edmund J., Esq.; Surrey; 1632. H 1 ', 
IV, 244. 

JtwheSy Thomas, / Hutting ton, Montgonieryshire i; [ — I • L. 


King, Koberl, D.D.; Tilstou, Cheshire ; 1031. B. 
Kingsiuill, Kiehard, \im\. ; llighcloio, Hants; 1600. B, III, 107. 
Kitchens, Elizabeth, widow, b. Fitton, in. Edward K. ; Chester; 1628. B. 
Knyvett, Dame Elizabeth, b. Stuinnc, m. Sir Henry K. ; 1585. B, I, 

„ Sir Henry, Knt. ; Charlton, Wilts ; 1598. E, I, 470. 


Leake, Henry, Gent. ; St. Saviour's, Southwark ; 1622. D, V, 50. 

Ledsham, George, Gent ; Brinstagh, Cheshire ; 1606. B. 

Lee, Elizabeth, b. Cole, m, Henry L. ; London; 1624. H, V, 304. 

„ Sir Henry Knt. ; Woodford, Essex ; 1619/20. J. 

,, lliujh ; Little lmrstcd, Essex ; 1620. J. 

„ Sir Richard, Knt. ; Lee, Cheshire ; 1627. B. ; 

,, Sir Hubert, Knt. \ Billesley, Warwickshire ; 1637/8. J. 
Leech, Anne, widow, b. Webster, m. Robert L., Dr. of Laws ; Chester • 
1601. B; also H a , I, 34. 
,, John, Aid. of Chester, 1639. B 


Leech, William, Gent, ; Chester ; 1618. B. 

Legh, Anne, h Booth, m. George L. Escu; Lyme, Lancashire; 1001. B. 
also H ;l , 1, 33. 

Dame Dorothy, widow, b. Egerton, m. Sir Peter L. ; Lyme ; 

1G39. B and C. 
Sir Peter, Knt,; Lyme, Lancashire; 1635/6;, B. 
„ Thomas, Esq \ Adlington, Cheshire ; 1001/2. B; also H\ I, 44. 
„ Sir Urian, Knt, ; Adlington ; 1027. B. 
Leigh, Elizabeth, b. Edwards, m. William L., Esq. j Booths, Cheshire ; 
1034. B. 

Henry, Esq.; Bagnley, Cheshire; 1030. B. 
Hugh, Aid. of Chester; 1053. B. 
,, Sir William, Knt. ; Loughborough, eo. Leic. ; 1034. H h , IV, 

Lew art, Sir Joint, Knt.; Aid. and sometime (1016-17) L. Mayor of 

London ; 1 032. J. 
Lcvcrsage, William, Esq.; Whelocke, Cheshire; 1038. B. 
Leversagc, William, Esq. ; [another one of the same person.] B. 
Leveson, Eraneis, Esq., formerly Fowler; Sheriff Hales, Salop; 1667. 

G l I, 380. 

„ Sir Richard, Knt., Vice Admiral of England; 1005. G l I, 

,, Sir Walter, Knt. ; Wolverhampton, Staffordshire ; 1620. G a 
1, 385. 

Lewes, John, Gent. ; Llaiiverres, Denbighshire ; [ — ] ; L 
Ley, see "Marlborough," Karl of. 

Lcycester, Sir Ceorge, Kn' ; toft, Cheshire ; 1012. B. 

,, Jane, (>. Kitton, nL liichard L., (lent.; Chester; 1614. B. 

Jane, widow, I. Stokes, m, William L., Aid. of Chester; 1629. B. 

William. Aid. of Chester ; 1010. B. 
Lincoln, Thomas (Clinton), Earl of ; 1018. A. 

Lisle, Muriel, dow. Viscountess, b. Howard, sometime m. to John (Crey) 
Viscount Lisle ; 1512. Lysons's " J'.uvirous" (edit. 1790), vol. 
w.j 056. 

Lisle, William, Esq. ; Great Wilburghain Lisles, Cambridgeshire; 1637. 

Littler, John, Aid. of Chester ; 1619. B. 

Lloyd, Alice, Spinster, da. of George L., Bishop of Chester; 1631. B. 
„ Humphrey, Aid. of Chester; 1024. B. 

„ John, LL.D., Advocate of the Court of Arches ; Chester ; 
1607/8. B. 
London, Bishop of, see Aylmer. 
Lovell, John, Gait. ; York; [ — ]. L. 

Sir Thomas, 1524. Robinson's " Enfield " I, 129. 
Lowe, Sir Thomas, Knt. ; Aid., sometime (1004-05) L. Mayor of London ; 

1613. J. , 
Lucy, Dame Joyce, b. Acton, m. Sir Thomas L. ; Charlccote, Warwick- 
shire; 1595. D, III, 288. 
Lyndeley, Eraneis, Cent. ; Skegley, Notts. ; 1629. G a , VII, 113. 
Lyneall, Katharine, b. Wright, m. Thomas L., Aid. of Chester ; 1017. B. 
„ Thomas, Aid. of Chester; 1003. B. 




Mainwaringj Cicely, widow, h. Dutton, m. Henry M., Merchant ; Chester ; 
1017. B. 
Henry, (lent. ; Chester; 1G10. B. 
Henry, Esq. j Carncham, Cheshire ; 1G38. B. 
„ John, Cent. ; Flower Brook, Cheshire ; 1G14. B. 

,, Dame Katherinc, b. Hurleston, m. Sir Handle iM. ; Pever, 

Cheshire; 1618. B. 
Sir Handle, Knt,; Fever, Cheshire ; 1612. B. 
,, Sir Handle, Knt.; Fever, Cheshire ; IG3F B. 

Manlev, Anne, b. Grosverior, m. T/homas M., Cent.; Laehe, Cheshire; 
1618. B. 

,, George, Gent. ; Lache, Cheshire ; 1612. B. 
Manners, see ' ' Rutland," Earl of. 
Manning-, William, Gent. ; Chester; 1 B. 

Mansfield, Thomas. Cent. ; Little Leeke, Notts. ; 1638. G a ; VII. 143. 
Marhnry, Frances, l>. Arden, in. Thornas M., Ksq. ; Marbiiry, Cheshire; 
1631. B. 

., Thomas, lisq. [ahovenamod] ; Marhnry, Cheshire ; 1636. B. 
Markham, Cervase, Esq.; Dunham, Notts.; 1636. G\ VII, 110. 

George, Km\ ; Ollerton, Xotts. ; 1637. G\ VI I, 113. 
Marlborough, James (Fey), Karl of ; 1605. A. 
Marston, John ; Coventry and London ; 1634. H 1 ', IV, 55 
Martin, alias Dukinlield, Kdward, Gent.; Chester; 1604. B, also 
H» 1, 45, 

Mason, Edmund, D.D., Dean or Salisbury ; 163 L H l , 1, 310. 
Massev, Dorothy, h. Leigh, ui. David M., Esq.; Hroxone, Cheshire; 
1001. ' B. 

,, Elizabeth, Starkey, m. Hugh M., Gent. ; Egerlev, Cheshire; 
1617. B. 

,, John, son and heir of John M., Esq. ; Codington, Cheshire; 
ltt.1l 1 B. 

Mervvn, Edmund, Esq., Captain ; Kounthill, Wilts. ; 1631. H'\ I, 4 26. 

Elizabeth, b. Fhilipott, ///. Capt. James M. ; l(')l(). H 1 ', 1, 4*20. 
,, .lames, ( apt a in, s.ui and heir of Sir Henry M ; 1611. H 1 ', 1, 12a*. 
Sir John, Kn' ; Fountain Cill'ord, Wilts. ; 1566. H 11 , I, 289. 
Middleton, Dame A'/izabtth, l>. Jhuok?, in. Sir Thomas M., sometime 
(1613-14) L.-Mayor of London ; 1619. J. 
„ Feter, Cent. ; Whitby, Cheshire ; 1G08. B. 

Sir Thomas, Knt., sometime (1613-1-1) L. -.Mayor of London; 
1631. J. 

,, Sir Thoma^ Knt., Chirk Castle, Denbighshire; 1666. J. 
Mildmay, Sir Anthony, Knt. ; Apthorpe, Northants ; 1617. H a , II, 268. 

,, Dame Grace, widow of above, b Sherington; 1620. H l , II, 269. 

„ Sir Walter, Knt. ; Pishiobury. Herts. ; 1603. H a , II. 267. 
Mingaye, John, Cent. ; Arminglale, Norfolk ; 1G22. H°, I, 17. 
Molins, Anne, l>. Leigh, m. Roger M., Esq ; Chester; 1618. B. 
Molyneux, Richard (Molyneux), Viscount; 1636. C. 
Montagu, Anthony Maria (Browne), Viscount; 1629. A. 
Montagu, Anthony (Browne), Viscount ; 1629. K. 
Montagu, Dame Anne, b. Whicoll, m. Sir Edward M., Kn fc ; 1614. M. 



Moore, Edward, Esq, ; Bank Hall, Lancashire ; 1G33. C. 

,, George; Herefordshire; 1633. K. 

,, Mr. John ; Alborough, Yorkshire ; [ — ] ; L. 
]\loore\vood, Bowland, Cent, ; Alfreton, Derbyshire; 1 G47. G l> , I, 186. 
More, Ralph, Gent. ; Heath Hall, Cheshire ; 1626. B. 
Morgan, alias Morgell, sec Morgell. 
Morgell, alius Morgan, Edward : Chester; 1631. P 

,, „ John, Cent., Beg. of the dio. of Chester ; 1636. B. 

Mosley, Oswald, Esq. ; Ancoats, Lancashire ; 1630. C. 
Most y John, Gent. ; Greenfield, Talacre, Flintshire ; [ — ]. L. 
Mutton [i.e., Mytton], Sir Peter, Knt. ; Lleweny ; [ — ], L. 


Xcvile, Henry, Ks</. ; Chevit, Yorkshire ; [ — ]. L. 
Nevill, see Despencer, Baroness. 

Dame Elizabeth, b. Gresham, in. Sir Henry N. ; 1573. H\ II, 319. 
Newall, or Nowell, Elizabeth, b. Massey, in. Richard N., Gent. ; Chester ; 

in 1 1/2. b, 

Newport, aliaa Hatton, see Hat ton. 

Norbury, .lane, b. Ap Robert, m, John N., Ksq. ; Chester; 1610. B. 
Norfolk, Margaret, Duchess of, b. Audley ; 1503. Braybrookc's Audley 

End," -27 and 29G. 
Norres, Edward, Esq. ; Speke, Lancashire; 1606. C, also H il , I, 86. 
N orris, Margaret, b. Salisbury, m. William N., E®q> ; Blaeoii, Cheshire; 

1(13 1. B. 

Northampton, llcleil, Dow. Marchioness of, // Sua venbnrgli ; 1635. K. 
Northumberland, Algernon ( IV rev ), Karl of ; I00S. A. 
Norton, Sir Dudley, Knt., Sec ofSiatr; 1631. H l , I, 130. 
Norwich, Uishop of, see Seamier. 
Nowell, see Newall. 


Oldlicld, Cieelev, b. Liversage, Jolm <)., Gent. ; Uradwall, Cheshire ; 
1636.' B. 

,, Danm Katherine, b. I'ulcston, in. Sir Philip 0. ; Uradwall, 
Chesliiiv ; 1630. B. 

Philip, Ksq. ; Bradw all, Cheshire ; 1616. B, 
Sir Philip, Knt ; Soinerford, Cheshire; 1637. B. 
,, ,, ,, (another entry of same). B. 

Overbury, Walter, Esq.; Barton, Warwickshire; 1637. H h , IV, 167. 
Ownstead, Margaret, b. Godman, in. John ()., Esq.; Surrey; 1601. 
H* I, 210. 


Bakington, Sir Thomas, Knt.; Aylesbury, Rucks.; 1571. D, IV, 371. 
Barry, John, Em/*, Llanbed, Denbighshire ; [ — J. L. 

„ Bichard, D.D., Bishop of St. Asaph ; 16->3. D, IY, 380. 
Peat, William, ; Mountnessing, Essex ; 1616. M. '> 
Panberton, Sir James, Knt., Aid., sometime (1611-12) L. -Mayor of 

London ; 161 .3. J. 
Pennant, Thomas, Es<j. ; Bighton, Flintshire; [ — J L. 
Benyfather, William, Ifisq.. j 163S. Heath's " (./racer's Company" p. 89. 



Pcrcival, Thomas, Gent. ; Chester; 1G19. B. 

Pereivall, Katherine, widow, b. Ludford, m. Tliomas P. (next below) ; 
1633. H°, I, 149. 
Thomas, Professor of Physic ; London; 1G30. H°, I, 149. 
Percy, see Northumberland, Earl of. 
Petre, Dame Anne, h. Browne ; 1581. K. 

j, Sir William, Kn t ; Kssex-; 1571. K. 
Petre of Writtle, Katharine, Baroness, b. Somerset; 1G24. A, also K. 
i, Robert (Petre) Raron ; Essex ; 16*38.. K. 

William „ „ 1037. K. 

Phillipps, Edmund; London; 1034. K. 

Eleanor, bs Wilkinson, m. Philip P., Aid. of Chester ; 1613. B. 
Elizabeth, Lady, b. Pigott : 1G38. K. 
Phillips, Francis, Esq., Bencher of the inner Temple, London; 1G74. 
H'\ IV, 203. 

Pindar, Judith, b. Walkcndcn, m. Peter P., Cent. : Chester; 1G39. B. 
Poole, Edward, Cent. ; [Poole], Cheshire; 1613, B. 

,, John, Cent., son and heir of John P., Esq. ; Poole, Cheshire ; 

loOL B also H l , J, 33. 
„ John, Esq. ; Poole in Wirrall, Cheshire; 1613. B. 
Portman, Sir William, Oil. Justice of England ; 1556/7. D, IV, 111. 
Powell, Alice, A. Worsley, m. Thomas P., Ksq. ; llorsley, Denbighshire; 
1609. B. 

,, Katharine, b. Downam, in. William P., Gent. : Chester; 1614. B. 
,, Thomas, Esq., llorsley, Denbighshire; 1G29. B. 
„ William, Gent ; Chester; 1613 ; B. 

,, William, Dep. liaron of the Exchequer of Chester ; 1027. B. 
Prichard, Sir W illiam, K n L , Aid. of London^; 1705. H a , I, 351. 
Puckering, Sir John, Kit 1 , Lord Keeper; 1596. D, 111, 289. 
Pulcston, Edward, Esq.; Alington, Denbighshire ; 1 G I 2. B. 

,, Mary, I). Hostock, m. Thomas P., Esq. ; Leightwood, Flintshire ; 
162?. B. 

„ Sir Koger, Knt.; Emerall, Elintshire ; 1G1S. D, IV, 379. 
,, Thomas, Cent. ; Alington, Denbighshire ; 1614. B. 
Pyo, Sir 'Robert, En' ; Westminster; IG32. K. 

/'//'<", lh'(>h<inf, Aid. andsometime (, 1 6 1 0- 1 l)Sherill'of London; 1619/20. J. 


RadclifTe, see Sussex, Earls of 

,, Sir John, son of Robert, Karl of Sussex ; London ; 15G8. C. 
,, Margaret, Maid of Honour, da. of Sir John P.; Ordsall, Lan- 
cashire; 1599. C. 
Ratcliffe, Elizabeth, b. Wyrden, m. John P. [who died 1632]; Chester; 
1G02. B. 
John, Aid. of Chester; 1610. B. 
John, Aid of Chester ; 1633, B. 
Rathhone. Anne, b. Taylor, m, Richard P., Aid. of Chester; 16'QL B. 
Pavensi-roft, Roger, M A, Preb. of Chester ; 1634/5. B. 

William, Esq., Peneher of Line. Inn London ; 1628. 
H , V, 313. 

Rayney, John, Esq.; London; 1G32. H l , I, 192. 



Revel], Edward, Esq. ; Carlingthwaite, Derbyshire; 1639. G b , II, 86. 
Reynardson, Sir Abraham, Knt., Alderman f sometime, 1646-49, Mayor] 
of London ; 1661. C. M, Clode's " London during th a . 
Great lUbellion." 
Richards, Willi mn, Gent. ; Farnlcy, near Leeds ; [ — ]. L. 
Richmond, Frances, Duchess of, b. Howard, m. I.odovick (Stuart), Duke 

of R. ; 1631). D, VI, 23. 
Roan, Mr. John, Greenwich ; 1622. H b , IV, 155. 
Rodes, Sir John. Knt. ; Barlborough, Derbyshire; 1631. q 1 ', U, 85. 
Rogers, Elizabeth, widow, b. Deane, m. Rol)ert R., D.D., Archdeacon of 

Chester; 1617. B. 
Rolston, John, Esq. ; Watnall, Notts. ; 1637. G a , VII, 112. 
Romney, Sir William, Knt., Aid., sometime (1603-04) Sheriff of London; 
1611. J. 

Rookby, Alexander, Gent..; Kirkby Sandall, Yorkshire; [ — ]; L. 
Roper, see " Teynhani " Barony. 

Jiotherham, Edcard, Aid., sometime (1612-13) Sheriff of Loudon; 
1620. J. 

Rowe, Sir Thomas, Knt., Aid., sometime (1568) Li-Mayor of London ; 
1570. H*i II, 317. 
„ Thomas; 1 laekney, Midx. ; 1620. J. 
Russell, see " Bedford," Karl of. 

,, Sir Thomas, Knt.; Strensham, Worcestershire; 1632. H°, 
11, 321. 

Rutland, Edward (Manners), Earl of ; 1567. Nichols's "Leicestershire," 
1, 127 : also " Gent. Mag." for 1813, 1, 321. 


Sacheverell, William, Cent. ; Rarton, Notts.; 1638. G a , VII, 144. 
Sackville, see " Dorset," Karl of. 
Saint Asaph, Hi shop- of ; -see Parry. 

Saint .lohn, Sir John, Knt, ; Lydiard Tregoz, Wilts. ; 1594. D, IV, 373. 
Sandev, Anne, !>. Rruen, in. Robert S., Gent, ; Burton, Denbighshire ; 

1633, B. 
Saunderson, see "Castleton," Viscount. 

Sawyer. Sir Robert, late Speaker; Ilighclere, Hants. ;. 1692. E, III, 408. 
Scambler, Edmund, Bishop of Norwich ; 1591. D, III, 286. 
Scudamore, Sir Clement, Knt., Aid., sometime (1605-06) Sheriff of 

London ; 1614. J. 
Sclby, Sir William, Knt; Tghtham, Kent; 1637. H ft , I, 23. 
Seiimonr, Sir Kdtvard ; 161 i>. M. 

Sh dverley, Ceollrey, Esq. ; Holm and Rvley, Cheshire; 1620. B. 

Sharpe, Peter, B.D., Preb. of Chester ; '"1G16. B. 

Shrewsbury, Prancis (Talbot), Karl of; 1560) ., , 1r „ 
J ' ' | r oo 1 limter s " Ifalhnnxhire" 

" " ;! ] W, 65,68 awl 77. 
,, Gilbert ,, ,, I (> I (» ) ■■ ■ , 

Smith, Henry, Km|. ; Creasing Temple, Kssex ; 1612. ET; II, 317 

,, Henry, Aid. of London ; 1627. P, II, 79, also <jj wilt's "Notices 

of Thomas and, Henry Smith," 1S36. 

Richard, Gcnt.j Carleton Roade, Norfolk; 1620. H c , V, 2. 

„ Thomas, Esq. ; Bacton, Sullblk ; 1620. H°, V, 1. 



Smithes, Georgp, Aid., sometime (1611-12) Sheriff of, London; 1615. J. 
Smyth, Laurence, Esq. ; Hough, Cheshire ; 1621. B. 

„ Sir Thomas, Knt. ; Hough, Cheshire ; 1614. B. 
Somerset, see " Worcester " Earldom. 
Spencer, Richard, Gent.; Chester; 1603. B. 
Sproson, Ellen, b. Sewell, m. Thomas S. ; Cheshire; 1628. B. 
Stafford, Sir William, Knt.; Northamptonshire ; 1606. K. 
Stanhope, Sir John, Knt. ; Elvaston, Derbyshire; 1638. G h , I, 184. 
Stanley, Sir Edward, son of Edward, Earl of Derby; 1604. C. 

„ Sir Edward, Bart. ; Bickerstaffe, Lancashire ; 1640. B. 

,, Henry, Esq. ; Bickerstaffe, Lancashire ; 1598. C. 

„ Sir Humphrey, Knight of the Body ; 1505. Malcolm's " Loud. 
AW.," I, 261. 

Starkey, Thomas, Esq. ; Stretton, Cheshire ; 1624. B. 

Steward, Edward, Esq., Serg* of the Mace; Teversam, Cambridgeshire; 

1596 ; D, IV, 378. 
Stofford, Barbara, b. Twvsden, m. Thomas S., Ghana of the dio. of 
Chester; I (531. B. 
,, Thomas, Chancellor of the dio. of Chester; 1633. B. 
Stringer, ThomuSy Gent ; Sharlston, Yorkshire ; [ — ]. L. 

., Nicholas, Esq. ; Sutton upon Lound, ^otts. ; 1636. G a , 
VII, 112. 
Stuart, see " Richmond," Duke of. 

Style, Susan, h. Hull, in. Oliver S. ; London; 1G01. J. 

,, Oliver; \V;itcringbury, Kent, sometime ( 1 605) Sheriff of London; 
1621/2. J. 

„ Nicholas ; Westerham, Kent, sometime (1607-08) Sheriff of Lon- 
don ; 161 5. J. 

Suffolk, Elizabeth, Countess of, b. Home; 1633. Braybrooke's " Audley 

,, Thomas (Howard), Karl qI ; 1606. A. 
Sussex, Henry (Kadeljfq), Earl' of, 1 556\ Wilson's "St. Laurence. 
,, Robert ,, ,, 15-12/ Ifoimtnei/, London." 

„ Robert „ „ 1629. C 

Sutton, Richard, l&q. ; Sutton, Cheshire; 1601. B, also H :l , I, 85. 
Sicinuerton, Sir John, Knt., Aid., sometime (1612-13) L. Mayor of 

London; 1616. J. 
Swinton, Thomas, son and heir of Richard S., Gent ; Knutsford, Cheshire ; 
1637. B. 


Talbot, see " Shrewsbury," Earl of. 

Tamworth, John, Esq. ; "l569. Faulkner's " Fulham," 451. 
Temple, Alexander, 1663. [Irish entry.] F, III, 40a. 

[ ] Mrs , 1675. „ „ „ 

Sir John, Knt. ; Stanton, Bucks. ; 1632. P, TIT, 580. , 
,, Sir John, Knt.; Master of the Rolls in Ireland; 1677. [Irish 
entry.] P, 111, 405. 
Sir William, Knt,.; 1626 [Irish entry.] P, III, 404. 
Tevery, Gervase, Esq. ; Stapleford, Notts. ; 1639. G a , VII, 144. 
Teynham, Mary, Baroness, b. Petrc. K. 



Thornhagh, Sir John, Knt. ; Fenton, Notts. ; IG27. G a , VII, 143. 
Thorold, Sir Anthony, Knt. ; Marston, Lincolnshire ; 1591. D, IV, 372. 
Thorpe, Eleanbrj b. Gamull, m. Thomas T., Aid. of Chester ; 1639. B. 
Tilston, John, AM. of Chester; 1G13. B. 
Totty, Frances [Spinster] ; Chester; 1G32. B. 
Trafford, Sir Edmund ; Trafford, Lancashire ; 1G20. C. 

,, William, Esq. ; Bridge Trafford, Cheshire ; 1636. B. 
Turner, Sir Edmund, L. -Chief Baron; 1675. A. 

Tyndall, Thomas, Gent. ; Eastwood, Gloucestershire; 1591. H a , I, 146. 

Thomas, Esq ; „ „ 1619. H a , 1,146. 

Tyringham, Thomas, Esq. ; Tyringham, Bucks. ; 1595. D, IV, 377. 


Veil, Dame Katherine, k Temple, m. Sir John V,, Knt.; 1642. [Irish 

entry]. F, HI, 401. 
Venables, Thomas, Esq., Baron of Kiudertou ; Cheshire ; 1605. B. 
Veruey, Sir Edmund ; 1599. Gent. Mac/., N.S., H, 364. 


Wadham, John ; Somerset ; 1577. K. 

,, Nicholas ; Somerset; 1G09. K. 
Wainwright, Laurence, Gent. ; Chester ; - f 612. B. 
Wall, Edward, Gent. ; Chester ; 1614. B. 

„ Robert, Aid. of Ohestei ; 1610. B. 
Waller, Nicholas, Gent. ; Sykehouse, Yorkshire ; [ — J. L. 
Warburton, tTohn, Gent. ; \vimiiugton y Cheshire ; 1G35. B. 

,, Sir Peter, Jiidue of Common Pleas; Grafton, Cheshire; 

1621. B/ 

„ Peter. Esq. ; Arley, Cheshire ; 1626. B. 

Warde, Mary, >>. Temple, ill. Job W. ; 1 627. [frish entry.] F, III, 404. 
Washington, Laurence, Gent.; Maidstone, Kent ; 1619. H', 1, 173. 
Watt*, Sir John, Knt., Aid., sometime (1606-07) L.. Mayor of, London ; 
1616. J. 

Wattson, Rowland, Es<|., Clerk of the Crown Office; 1595. D, IV, 375. 
Welti, Dame Mar//, widow, b. Shiny, in. Sir Hum])hrey W. ; 1G23. J. 
Went worth, Matthew, Knt/. ; Westbrcken, Yorkshire ; [ — ]. L. 

,, William, Gent. ; South Kirk by, Yorkshire ; [ — ]. L. 

Werden, Richard, Gent. ; Chester; 1G17. B. 
Whitby, Edward, Recorder of Chester : 1639. B. 

Robert, Aid. of Chester; 1631. B. 

Thomas, Aid. of Chester; 1624. B. 
White, Sir John, Knt , L.-Mayor of London ; 1563 [Fun. achievement]. 
F, VI, 445. 

Mary, l>, Foster, in. Robert W., Esq. ; Aldershot, Hants. ; 1583. 
D, VI, 215. 

Robert, Esq. ; Aldershot, Hants.; 1599. D, VI, 216. 

Thomas, Esq. ; Cotgrave, Notts. ; 1638. Gr il , VH, 142. 
Whitehead, Elizabeth, />. Loeker, m. Robert W. ; Chester; 1605. B. 
Whitmore, W illiam, Esq. ; Leighton, Cheshire ; 1620. B. 
" Whittinghain, Mrs. Kathrine, widow " [so ealled tho' stated to have 
married firstly Humphrey Whittingham and secondly 



Roger Wilcockson], b. Blackburne; Midlcwick, 
Cheshire ; 1632. B. 
Whoi-wood, Sir Thomas; Sand well Hall, Staffordshire; 1634. H'\ 
IV, 38. 

Wilbraham, Mary, b, Warburton, in. Thomas W. ; Woodhey, Cheshire ; 
1631. B. 

Ralph, Ksh|.; Dorfold, Cheshire ; 1628. B. 
„ Thomas, Esq. ; Woodhey, Cheshire ; 1G10. B. 
Wilcockson, see under " Whittingham." 
Williams, Kills* Cent. ; Chester; 1602. B. 

,, Sir Thomas, Bart. ; Vaynoll Sanger, Carnarvonshire ; [ — ]. L. 
Willoughbv, William, Esq.; South Muskham, Notts.; 1G30. G a , 
VII, 113. 

Sir William, Bart. ; Selston, Notts. ; 1670. A. 
Wolley, Adam, Gent. ; Kiber, Derbyshire ; 1619. G b , I, 186 
Wolstenholme, Dame Anne, b. Dalison, m. Sir John W. ; 1661. H c , 
II, 118. 

Sir John, Bart.; London; 1670. H c , II, 119. 
Wood, Robert, Esq. ; Thurston, Norfolk ; 1628. H 1 *, IV, 178. 
Woolhouse, Robert, Cent. ; Glapwell, Derbyshire; 1633. G b , I, 185. 
Worcester, Anne, Countess of, b. Russell ; 1629. K. 

Edward (Somerset), Earl of ; 1G27. K. 
,, Edward (Somerset), Marquess of ; 1G67. P, III, 170. 
,, Elizabeth, Countess of, b. Hastings, in. Edward (Somerset) 
4th Karl of W. ; 1621. A. 
Wright, Thomas, I'Vltinaker ; Chester ; 1631. B. 

,, William, Esq. ; Brewers Hall, Cheshire ; 1677. B. 
Wyche, Thomas, Gent. ; Alderlcy, Cheshire ; 161G. B. 
Wymondosold, Edmund, Geiit. ; "Southwell, Notts. ; 1628. G\ VII, 113. 
Wynne Godfrey, Aid. of Chester; 1616. B. 

Maud, b Lewes, m, Godfrby'W. ; Chester- j 1619. B. 


York, Archbishop of, see Ere wen. 

Utsttattou of Kliltslnrr, 

By William Harvey, Clarenceux King of Arms, AM. 1505 {Ilarl. MS. 1565). 
Communicated by Walter C. Metcalfe. 
(Continued from p. 97.) 

LONG of Wraxall. 
Arms: — Quarterly as under Long of Sehveys impaling, Quarterly 1 and 
4, Gules, a pcliean in her piety Aryent the nest Or ; 2 and 3 
Sable, a St. Julian s Cross Aryent, 
CREST : — Out of a ducal coronet Or a tttmi lion rampant Aryent. 

Robert Long of Wrax&halJ co. Wilts , Esq., mar. . . da. and heir of 
PopJtam) and by her had issue,— John, son and heir. 

John Lonu of Wraxsh.dl, son and heir of Robert, mar. Maryerett, da. 
of . . . IWif/fc, and by her had issue,-— Thomas, son and heir. 

Sir Thomas Long of Wraxshall, Kt, son and heir of John, mar. 



Margery, da. of Sir George (1 Edward) Darrell, of Littlecott, co. afs'd, 
Kt., and by her had issue, — Henry, sou and heir ; William, second son ; 
Sir Richard, Kt., third son j Thomas, fourth son ; John, fifth son ; 
Robert, sixth son ; Jane, mar. to . . . Myites of co. Gloc. 

Sir Henry Long, of Wraxshall, son and heir of Thomas, mar. to his 
first wife Fryswyd, da. of Sir John Hungerford, of Downe Amny, co. 
afs'd, Kt., and by her had issue, Thomas, that died young ; Jane, mar. 
to Thomas Leversage of Frome Selwood, co. Somerset; Elizabeth, mar. to 
Michell Quinten of Bubton, co. afs'd ; Elizabeth the younger, never mar., 
— After, the said Sir Henry mar. to his second wife Elynor, da. of Sir 
Micfmrd Wrottesley of Wrottesley, co. Staff., and widow of Edmond 
Leversage, and by her had issue, Rorert, son and heir; Benedick, second 
son; Edmond, third son; Anthony, fourth sou; Richard, fifth son; 
John, sixth son; Margery, mar. to Robert Ilungerford of Cadnam. co. afs'd, 
Es<|. ; Ceseelly, mar. to Francis Stradl 'ing in co. Somerset ; and Thomazin. 

Robert Long, of Wraxshall, Esq., son and heir of Sir Henry, mar. 
Barbara, da. of Sir Edward Came of Wennev, co. Glamorgan) and by 
her had issue, Walter, son and heir; Henry, second son ; and Ann. 

Memor. — That this Robert Long was Squire to the body of King 
Henry the 8th, and one of his Majcstie's gentilmen Petitioners who 
served him in the wars at the winning of Bolleyiae. 

LOVELL of Imlford. 

Richard LovkMj of Berkley, co. South'lon in the time of Henry the 
Sixth, mar. and had issue, Thomas, liis eldest son. 

Thomas Lovell of Berkley, Gent., son and heir of Richard, mar. and 
had issue. — Richard, his eldest son. 

Richard Lovell of Northanger, co. South 'ton, Gent., eldest son and 
heir of Thomas, mar. Margerett, da. of Sir Henry Rogers, of Bryanston, 
co. Dorset, Kt., and by her had issue. IIl.nkv, his eldest son ; Stephen, 
second son. 

Henry Lovell of Northanger, Gent., eldest son and heir of Richard, 
mar. Edith da. of . . Camplin of March wood, co. afs'd, and by her had 
issue, Thomas, eldest son and heir; Henry, second son; Richard, third 
son ; Margerett, mar. to Htepheu I hirst of Whiteparish, co Wilts. 

Thomas Lovell of Bulford, co. Wilts, Gent., son and heir of Hcmy, 
mar. Mawd, da. of Richard Cooper of Durington, co. afs'd, and by her hath 
issue, — James, his eldest son and heir apparent; and a da. named Ellyn. 

LUDLOWE of Hill Deverell. 

Aims : — Quarterly I and \, Argent, a chevron between three bears' heads 
erased Sable. 2, (Jutes, a tree, eradicated Or surmounted of a 
greyhound patisalit Argent (Rymer). 3, Sable, a buck's head 
cabossed Or between the attirts a cross pattc'e.fitehce of the 
second, in the mouth an arrow Argent. 

Crest: — A demi-bear rampant Sable. 

William Ludlowe of Hildcverell, co. Wilts, Esq., mar. Margerett, da. 
and heir of William Rymer, and of his wife da. and heir of William 


1 1 

visitation otf wiltsihrl, 15G5. 


Warnell, and by her had issue, — John, son and heir ; Margerctt, mar. 
to William Sands, son and heir of Thomas Sands in eo. South'ton ; 
Margery, mar. William Erie, son and heir of Robert Erie; Jane, first 
mar. to John Norwood, son and heir of John Norwood, Esq., after to 
Thomas Ringwood of co. South'ton ; and Margerett the younger, mar. to 
Thomas Trapnell of Charvile, eo. Wilts, Esq. 

John Ludlowe of Hildeverell ; son and heir of William, mar. Lore, 
dan. of Thomas Ringwood of Ringwood, co. South'ton, and by her had 
issue, — John. 

John Ludlowe of Hildeverell, son and heir of John, mar. Phillip, da, 
and heir of William Jujulstred of London, and by her had issue, — ■ 
William, son and heir; Edward, second son ; Dorothe, mar. to William 
Horsey of Martin, co. Wilts., Gent. 

WiluAM Ludlowe of Hildeverell, son and heir of John, mar. Jane, da. 
and heir of Nieliolas Moore of Wychford, co. Southampton, and by her 
hath issue, — George, son and heir; Mary, mar. to Richard Seroope of 
Castelcombe, co. Wilts., Esq. 

George Ludlowe of Hildeverell, son and heir of William, mar. Edith, 
da. of Sir Andrew Windsor, Kt., Lord Windsor of Stanwell, co. Midd'x, 
and by her hath issue, — Edmund, son and heir; Thomas, second son; 
Ann, mar. to Thomas Hall of London, Gent. ; Margerett, mar. to Robert 
Yaw. of Odyani, eo. Southampton ; Jane, Mary, Ursula, and Phillip, 

Edmond Ludlowe, of Hildeverell, son and heir of George, mar. to his 
first wife liridgett, da. and sole heir of Henry Coker of Mapowder, eo. 
Dorset, and by her had issue, — Henry, son and heir; George, second 
son, died young ; John, third son, now living, and had also ;i da. Eliza- 
beth; Lueo aild Ann died young; Margerett ; Bridgitt, died on our 
Lady Day in Harvest 29th of Queen's Raigne (Elizabeth); and Frances, 
lie mar. to his second wife, the L<tily Maryvrett Howard, widow of 
Thomas Howard, Lord Viscount Bindon, and da. of Henry Manyny of 
Ermoutii [sic] co. Kent (he was master of Grcenwieh Hospital), and by 
her had issue, - Henry ; Jasper died young ; and Katherin. 

The Town and Borough of MARLBOROUGH 

Arms : — Azure, a tower, triple-towered Argent 

These Amies are anntiently belonging to the Maior Burgesses and 
Cominaltie of the Towne of Marleberge now called Marleboroughe, the 
which Amies I, Clarenceux King of Amies of the South, East, and West 
parts of this Relme of England, have ratified and recorded in the 
Regester of this my present Visitation now made within the Com. of 
Wilts, at which aforesaid Visitation was John Brownebeard, Maior, and 
Robert Weare alias Browne; John Brooke; John Rawnchiefe ; John 
Howe'; Phillip Godwynn ; Will'm Myd winter, A Idermen and late Maiors 
of the said towne and borough ; and alsoe John Cornwell and John 
Lovell, Constables ; Robert Aber and John Symonds, Bayliffs; Thomas 
Clifford, Recorder and Towne Clarke; John Style, Robert Hall, Richard 
Cheyney, Will'm Jennyngs, and Anthony Dyston, Under- Aldermen of 
the said Towne and Borough. 



The Burgesses and Commonalty of MARLBOROUGH. 

Arms ; — Per salt ire and Gules and A:atre in chief a Lull passant Argent 
armed Or, im fess two capons of the third, in base three 
greyhounds courant in pale of the last, on a chief Or a pale 
between two roses Gules, thereon a tower triple-towered of the 
third. No colours, note by Dale, Suffolk Herald. 

These amies are belonging and apertayning to the Burgesses and 
Cpmqnajtie of jthe Townc and Bcftoghe of Marleboroughe in the Com. 
of Wilts in consideration of the dewtie and homage heretofore used and 
doun time out of my lid by the said Burgesses and Comonaltie to the 
^laior for the time being, liis bretheren and aldermen of the said Towne 
and Borogh at the receiving of the othe by any of the Burgesses by 
them admitted, at which time they doe present to the said Maior, a 
lease of white greyhounds, one white bull, a copell of white capons ; 
In perpetual 1 memory whereof I, Clarenceux King of Amies, have 
ratified and confirmed the aforesaid Amies to the said Burgesses and 
Cominaltie for Ever hereafter without contradicion of any person. In 
witness whereof, etc. 

MARVYN of Pertwood. 

Arms : — Argent, a demi lion rampant Sable charged on the shoulder with a 

William Marvyn of Pertwood, co. Wilts Gent., nephew to Walter 
Marvyn of Fownteinc, co. afs'd., Esq., mar. Margerett, da. of William 
Fletcher, and of done, his wife, da. and heir of John Brother of Pert- 
wood, and by her had issue,— John, son and heir; Elizabeth, that never 

John Marvyn of Pertwood, son and heir of William, mar. Alys, da. of 
John Cockered of Stoughton, co. afs'd, and by her hath issue, — John, 
son and heir ; Phillip, second son ; Margerett, mar. to Aldeline Whe taker 
of Islington, co. Wilts. 

John Makvvn of Pertwood, Gent., son and heir of John, mar. Elyna, 
da. of Robert Gould thorough of Kuoyle, co. afs'd. and by her hath issue, 
— Christopher, son and heir; John, second son. 

(Continued in the Visitation of 1623.) 

MAY of Broughton Ciftbrd. 

Arms : — Argent on a bend Vert between two bucks heads cabossed Sable 
three roses of the field seeded Or. 

Uohkrt May of Broughton Gilford, co. Wilts., Gent., mar. the da. of 
William Sydrynton of llonnington, co. Wilts., Gent., and by her had 
issue, — Henry, his eldest son ; Alice, mar. to Edward llorton, of West- 
wood, co. Wilts., Gent. ; Mary, mar. to Harry Long, of Waddon, co. 
Wilts., Gent. — This discent was taken by Clarcnciculx, 11. King of 
Amies, in his Visitation made A 15G5. 


MAYOWE of Eonthill. 
Arms : — Argent cm a chevron between three sea-mews Sable Jive lozenges of 
the field, a crescent for difference. 

Symond Mayowe of Dynton, co. Willi, (Jen t., mar. and had issue. — 
Robert, son and heir. 

Robert Mayowe of Dynton. Cent., son and heir of Simond, mar. 
Jane, da. of John llrydinore of Tysbarie, co. Wilts., and by her had 
issue, — John, son and heir ; Edward, second son ; Thomas, third son ; 
Walter, fourth son; Henry, fifth son; Ceseillc, first mar. to John 
Ptympton of Wyncanton, co. Somerset, alter to Nicholas Swanckton of 
Wyncanton. ; Anne, mar. to Edward Coles of Uucklington, co. Som'set. 

John Mayowe of Dynton, son and heir of Hubert, mar. to his first 
wife, Jone, da. to Raljdie llannam of Evercrich, co. Somerset, and by her 
had issue, — Henry, son and heir; Raufe, second son; Mawde, mar. to 
Thomas Parker of Harford, co. Wilts ; Alice, mar. to John Walker of 
Harford \ after, the said John mar. to his second wife, Jane, da. of . . . 
Preste of . . . and by her had issue, — Cuthbert ; Robert; John; 
Dennys ; Thomazin ; Mary; Christian; and Jane. 

Walter Mayowe of Chilwarke, co. Wilts., Cent., fourth son of Robert, 
mar. Agues, da. to William Code of Chilwark, and by her hath issue, — 
William, son and heir ; Jone ; Anne and Alys. 

Edwakd Mayowe of Eonthill co. Wilts., Cent, second son of Robert, 
mar, Agni% da. to William h'inge, of Segchill, co. Wilts, and by her hath 
issue, Jone, mar. to Thmiitw Mmnpesson of Corton, in the said co., 
Cent. ; and Thomazin, mar. to William Grove of Crays Inn, Cent. 

MEWYS of Bishopston. 

Arms : — Azure, four )>alets Or, on a chief (Jules three crosses patee Argent. 
A ci 'escen t foi « ( I iffm en ce. 

Sir William Mewys of . . co. Hampshire, Kt., mar. and had issue, — 
John, his son and heir; Richard, second son. 

Richard Mewys of Rookley, co. afs'd Esq., second son of Sir William, 
mar. Dorathe, da. of . . Cooke of Harbridge, co. Hampshire, Cent., and 
by her had issue, — William, his eldest son ; Thomas, second son ; and 
John, third boh; Elizabeth, mar. to William Bethell, of Winchester, 
Cent. ; Jone, mar. to John Worsley, Gent. 

Thomas Mewys of Ryshopton, co. \\ r ilts, Cent., second son to Richard 
of Rookley, mar. Ellin, da. of . . and widow of ... . Yonge, and by her 
as yet hath no issue. 

MICHELL of Calston. 
Arms : — Argent, a chevron jmrpure between seven dragons* heads couped 
close and erect Vert in each mouth a cross crosslet fitchee 
Uules, four in chief and three in base. 
Crest: — A cubit arm in " mail." proper, the hand holding a sword, the 
blade Argent dropping blood, the hilt Sable. 
John Mychell of Alderbournc, co. Wilts, Cent., mar. Maryerett, da. 
and heir of Richard Shaley of Alderbournc and of Margrett his wife, da. 



and heir of John Lane, and of Mawde his wife, da. of Walter ITerbelatt 
and Heatri.c Irits wife, sister of William Wahond, son and heir of . . . 

\Y.ilnntd and A<le his wife, da. of . . . Kent, Ivfc. 

,)uiL\ M VCHKLL of Calston, co. afs'd, mar. Jane, sister and heir to John 

Watkijisoi Calne, in the said co., and by her had issue, — John, son and 

John Mychell of Calston, son and heir of John, mar. . . . and by 
her had issue, — Richard, son and heir ; Thomas, second son : Sybell, 
mar. to John Aleijne of Calne; Ann, mar. to John Burdon. 

Richard Michell of Calston, son and heir of John, mar. Jone, da of 
George Bazly, and by her had issue. — John, son and heir ; Edward, 
second son ; Thomas, third son ; William, fourth son ; Richard, fifth 
son; Sybell, mar. to William Goddard of Cherell ; Mary, mar to Robert 
Matt in ; Ely nor, mar. to . . . Cooke of Tyd worth ; Jane, mar. to John 
On/all ; Edith, mar. to William Noi/se. 

John Michell of Calston, son and heir of Richard, mar. Katherin, da. 
of Alexander Longford of Trowbridge, and by her as yet hath no issue. 

Edward Michell of Calms second son of Kichard, mar. Ann, da. and 
heir of William J't/ard of Trowbridge, and by her hath issue. — John ; 
Edward; Sybell ; Kathcrin. 

(Continued in the Visitation of 1623.) 

Thomas Michell of Blackland, co. afs'd, Cent., third son of Richard, 
mar. . . . da. of . . . and widow of . .■ . Mogrigo, and by her as yet 
hath no issue. 

MOMPESSON of Salisbury. 

Robert Mompesson of Bathamton AVclcy, co. Wilts, Esq., mar. A I its, 
da. and one of the heirs of William Godwin, and by her hath issue, — 
John, son and heir, and others. 

John Mompesson of Rithamton Weley, Esq., son and heir of Robert, 

mar. Elizabeth, da. and one of the heirs of . . . Watki?is, in co 

(Note in Hurl. MS. 1 181. This match of Watkins is misplaced ; see next 
Pedigree) and by her had issue, — Drew, son and heir ; Henry, second 
son ; and divers others. 

Drew Mompesson of Segre, co. afs'd, Esq., son and heir of John, mar. 
the flau. and heir of . . . Drew (see above), and by her had issue, — 
John, son and heir; Richard, second son; Christopher, third son; 
Thomas, fourth son ; Margery, mar. to . . . Ludlowe of Kingwood, co. 
South'ton, Cent. ; and divers others. 

John Mompesson of Bathamton, son and heir of Drew, mar. Alys, da. 
and one of the heirs of Sir John Lye of the Isle of Wight, Kt., and by 
her hath issue, — Edmond, son and heir; Ann, mar. to William Waight 
of Wymering, co. South'ton. Esq. ; Elizabeth, mar. to Kichard Parkins 
of co. Berks, Esq. ; Mary, mar. to Kichard Welles of Hampton, Cent. ; 
Suzan, unmar. 

Richard Mompesson, of Maydon, co. afs'd, Esq., second son of Drew 
and brother of John, mar. Edith, sister of William Sowtfi of AmeSbury, 
co. afs'd, Gent., and by her had issue, — John, son and heir ; Vincent, 



second son ; Edward, third son ; William, fourth son ; Christopher, 
fifth son ; Dorothe, first mar. to George Presse and after to John Myckett 
of Cillingham, co. Wilts. 

John Mompesson of Salsbury, Gent., son and heir of Richard, mar. 
Agnes, da. of . . . and by her hath issue, — Thomas, son and heir ; 
Edniond, second son ; Elizabeth and Margerett. 

MOMPESSON of Gorton. 

Arms :— Quarterly 1, Argent, a griffin segreant (sic, but should be a lion 
rampant) Sable, charged on the shoulder with a martlet Or; 
2, (/ales a chevron Ermine between three leopards' faces Or 
(Godwin). : 3, Ermine, a lion passant Gules (Drewe); 4, 
Azure, a fesx between three leopards faces jessant-dedis Or 

Chest : — A jug Or with a string Argent, tasselled of the first. 

Ron hut Mompessom uf Bathampton Wiley, co. Wilts., Esq. 1 , mar. Ah/s, 
da. and heir of William Godwin of Gilliugham, co. Dorset, Esq., and by 
her had issue, — John, son ana heir. 

John Mompesson of Bathampton Wiley, son and heir of Robert, mar. 
Isabel!, da. and one of the heirs of Thomas Drewe of . . . co. Wilts, 
Esq , and by her had issue, — Drew, son and heir. 

Drewe Mompesson of Bathampton Wiley, son and heir of John, mar. 
Agnes, da. and heir of William Watkins of . . . co. Wilts, and by her 
had issue, — John, son and heir; Richard, second son ; Thomas, third 

John Mompesson of Bathampton Wiley, son and heir of Drew, mar. 
A/ys, da of Sir John Ley, K t., and by her had issue, — Edmond, son and 
heir, which mar. Maryerctt, da of the Lord Sowch, and died sans 
issue ; Anne, mar. to William Waighte in co. South'ton, Esq. ; Mary, 
mar. to Thomas Wells in co. South'ton, Esq. ; Elizabeth, first mar. to 
Richard Perkins of Ufton, co, Berks, Esq., after to Sir John Marvin, Kt. ; 
and Susan nn mar. 

LIichard Mompesson of Maydon Bradley, co. Wilts, second son of 
Drew, and uncle and heir to Edniond, mar. Edith, sister of William 
South of Amcsbury, co. Wilts, and by her had issue,- John, son and 
heir ; Vincent, second son, that mar. Elizabeth, da. of . . . Morgan and 
sister of Peter Morgan, Esq., and had issue, Richard, Drew and Eliza- 
beth ; Edward, third son of Richard, mar. Thomazine, da. of William 
Tercge, and had issue Nicholas, Dorathe, Marye and Grace ; William, 
fourth son of Richard, mar. tlridgett, da. of Robert Browne, Esq., and by 
her had issue, Mathew, Thomas, Laurence, Richard and John, Margeret, 
Ann, Dorathe ; Christopher, fifth son of Richard. 

John Mompesson of the City of New Sarum, Gent, son and heir of 
Richard, mar. Agnes, sister of John Corryatt of the said City, and by her 
had issue, — Thomas, son and heir; Edmond, second son ; Elizabeth and 
Margarett, unmar, 

Thomas Mompesson of Coiton, co. Wilts, third son of Drew, mar. Ann, 
da. of . . . JJutler of Badmanston, co. Gloc, Esq., and by her had 



issue, — Thomas, son and heir ; Drew, second son ; Elizabeth, mar. to 
William Haynes of Bytson (1 Bideston), co. Wilts. 

Thomas Mompesson of Corton, Esq., son and heir of Thomas, mar. 
Jone, da. of Edward Maye of Fonthill, co. Wilts, and by her hath 
issue, — William, son and heir. 

NICHOL/VS of llandway. 

Arms : — Quarterly 1 and 4, Argent, on a chevron between three, ravens 
Sable, two lions rampant respecting each other of the field ; 
2, Gules, a chevron Argent between three garbs Or; 3, 
A zuve, three roaches naiant in pale Argent, impaling Gyronny 
of eight Or and A.ure, a canton Ermine (Okden). 

CREST: — A qiiatrefvil on <t stalk raguh'c Or, charged with a raven Sable. 

John Nicholas of llandway, co. Wilts, Cent., mar. Alys, da. and heir 
of . . . Enoch- of Baynton, co. af'sd, (Jent., and by her had issue, — 
John, his eldest son and heir. 

John Nicholas of llandway, son and heir of John, mar. Alice, da. of 
Richard Cove of the Eye. co. afs'd, (lent., and by her had issue, — 
Richard, his eldest, son and heir; Christopher, second son; Ralphe, 
third son ; Robert, fourth son ; Margery, mar. to John Stokes of Sarum, 
co. Wilts; Ann, mar. to . . . Wdl torn of Lacock, co. W il ts. (Jent. 

Richard Nicholas of Uandwav, (Jent., eldest son and heir of John, 
mar. Isabcll, da. of Robert Afford of Urumham, co. afs'd, and by her had 
issue, — John, son and heir; Margery, mar. to William h'ownd '<if Comp- 
ton Chambcrlayne, co. afs'd. 

John Nicholas of llandway, (Jent, son and heir of Richard, mar. 
Eli.abcth, da. of William Olalcn of Kllingham, co. Hants, Esq., and by 
her hath issue,-- -Robert , his eldest son and heir apparent, mar Warborowe, 
da. of Gyles Gere of Alderton, co. Wilts, (Jent.; Travel's, second son; 
and Humfrey, third son. 

NICHOLAS of Com to. 
Alms :— (Quarterly ; and* Crest as under Nicholas of Band way, on each 

a nml let for dijferencc. 

Thomas Nicholas of Cote, co. Wilts, third son of Robert Nicholas of 
Cote, mar. Edith, da. of John Burdon of Alcannynge, co. afs'd, and by 
her had issue, — Robert, son and heir ; Jone ; and Elizabeth. 

NICHOLAS of Street. 

Arms : —Quarterly ; and Crest as under Nicholas of Bandway, on each 
a crescent for difference. 

Robert Nicholas of Stert, co. Wilts, Gent, second son of Robert 
of Cote, mar. Mary, da. of William Webb of Bradford," co. Wilts, 
and by her had issue,— Richard, son and heir ; Christopher, second son ; 
Edward, third son ; Elizabeth ; Edith ; and Jane. 

(Continued in the Visitation of 1623). 



PAGE of West Hacche. 

Arms : — Sable, a fess between three doves Argent, within a bordure 
engrailed Ermine. 

Thomas Page of West Hatch, eo. Wilts, Gent., son of John Page, mar. 
to his first wife Ann, da. of Henry Gainsford, Gent. ;— after, the said 
Thomas mar. Alys, da. of . . . Sackvgie, Esq., Groome Porter to King 
Henry the Eighth, and widow of John Arnold, Gent, and by her had 
issue, — Thomas, son and heir ; — the said Thomas, mar. to his third wife, 
Gellyan, widow of George M ill 'borne and da. of William Garrard of Trent, 
co. Somerset, and by her hath no issue. 


AllMS : -Quarterly, 1, Gules, a bend ragulee Argoit ; '1, Per chevron Sable 
and Ermine, in chic/' two hours' head* couped Or; 3, Sable, 
sir annulets Or, two, two and (too ; 4, Azure a fess between 
three martlets Or. 

CltBST : — A demi-draijon segreant sans wings Azure between two wings 
cjj>anded Or. 

On each a crescent for difference. 

Thomas Penuodock of Arkeilby, co. Cuuib'land, Esq., mar. Agnes, da. of 
Sir John Lowfher, of co. Westmor eland, Ivt., and by her had issue, — 
UonKiif, son and heir; Henry second son; Alexander, third son. 

lloiiKUT Pknkoihh'K of Arkeilby, son and heir of Thomas, mar. Agnes, 
da. and sole heir of Sir William Leg, K I , and by her had issue,-— 
KoWAtU), son and heir. 

Edward I'knrodock of Arkeilby, son and heir of Robert, mar. Eliza- 
beth, da. of Hubert fHijkikm'e of eo. Cumb'land, Esq., and by her had 
issue, IIorkrt, son and heir ; ANTHONY, second son ; Gkoruk, third son ; 
Elizabeth, mar. to Thomas lioinnan ; Mary, first mar. to John Leg, Esq., 
after to Cuthbert Mmi/raw. 

IJoukkt I'knrodock of Hale, co. Southampton, son and heir of Edward, 
mar. Jof/ir, da. of John (narnclls of Wishawc, co. \Y:ir\v., and by her 
hath no issue. 

Anthony Penrodock of Arkeilby, co. Cumb'land, Esq., second son of 
Edward, mar. . . . da. of William Inglyshe of Owghterside, co. afs'd, 
Esq , and by her hath issue,— John, son and heir. 

Geouue Penrodock of Hale, co. Wilts., third son of Edward, mar. to 
his first wife, Elizabeth, da. and heir of William ap Rycc of Eulston, co. 
Wilts, and by her had issue, — Edward, son and heir; Robert, second 
son ; — after, the said George mar. to his second wife, Ann, widow of 
John Coclce. 

(To be continued.) 


|3etitc$rrrs from ttje Pea Bolls. 

By Major-Gencral the Hon. GEORGE WKOTTESlEY. 
(Continued train p. 113. ) 

Dc Banco. Trinity 49. E. 3. m. 142. 

Somerset. — Thomas Gournay sued John dc Langelond and Isabella, his 
wife, and other tenants, for lands in Upwere, which Ancclinc de Gournay 
had given to Robert, his son, and the heirs of his body. 

Robert, .son of Anceline de Gournay. 

L n _ 


\\v*v I. 



Thomas Gournay, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Trinity 49. E. 3. m. 171. 

Bucks. — William Noble of Great Kynebellc and Matilda, his wife, sued 
the Abbot of Mussenden for land in Great Kynebellc, which Gilbert 
Martel, the kinsman of Matilda, and whose heir she was, had given to 
Roger, formerly Abbot of Mussenden, to find a chaplain to celebrate the 
divine offices for the souls of the said Gilbert, and his ancestors and 
successors, and to distribute food to -00 poor on two days of the year, 
none of those services having been rendered for the two past years. 

Gilbert Muriel, temp. Sibil. 
Hen. o 1 , ob. ,s.j). | 

r ^ -i 

Walter, ob, s,p. buoy. 






Matilda, the 

N.ll — Gilbert Martel is stated in the pleadings to have died temp, 
lien. 3, to bring the suit probably within the legal limit of time, but, 
judging by the number of generations, he must have been a con- 
temporary of Henry 2 or King Stephen. 

Be Banco. Easter 49. E. 3. m. 101. 

Hereford. — The King sued John Wydelok the cider for the next presen- 
tation to the church of Gumfreyston. 

Mil iol 


William Wydelock. 

William, who granted 
the advowson to Rey- 
mund, his brother, 
temp. Hen. 3. 

John Wydelok, 
the defendant. 

De Banco. Mich. 49. E. 3. m. 223. dorso. 

Ebor. — John Constable of Halsham, Kt., sued Hugh (J 3 ] t of Sprotle and 
Juliana, his wife, for land in Sprotle. 

Simon lc Constable, temp. E. 1. 



John, the plaintiff. 




De Banco. Mich. 49. E. 3. m. 503. 

Suff. — A suit respecting the next presentation to the chapel of 
Lellclseye gives the following pedigrees — 

Adam. Alice. Beatrice. Cunnora. 

1 1 n 1 I 

Nesta tie Gokc- Robert, Ralph. Alice. 

hid, ok s.p. I r "i I 

temp. Hen. Bartholo- Willjani, Hal ph. William. 

mew. oh. s.p. 

r ' Ralph. Godfrey= 

Robert, Geoffrey, living Alianora. 

s.p. temp. |Icii. .'5. 

I John, oh. Ilichard. 

Joan. s.p, I 

I William. 
William de 


Alianora had married for a second husband Henry de Segrave. 
The defendants stated that the descent from Geoffrey was as follows- 



William de Munehesy. 1 





De Banco. Mich. 49. E. 3. m. 503. 

Leyc. — Anketine, son of Thomas de Sutton, sued John, son of Margery 
Bluet, and another for land in Sywoldeby, which John, son of Hugh de 
Bernak of Drayton, gave to Walter, son of Gilbert de Houby, and Alice 
his wife, for their lives, with remainder to Anketine, son of the said 
Walter, and to the heirs of his body. 


Wal ter.=A lice. 


Anketine, d. s.p. Alice. 

tiiiit tfett*. f* <■ j 

Thomas de Sutton. 

Anketine, the plaintiff, 

De Banco. Mich. 49. E. 3. m. 2G0. 

TsY/or.— The Dean and Chapter of St. Peter of York sued Robcit de 
Rouclyf, Chivaler, for the manor of Jlclpby, which (Jeoil'rey, formerly 
l>can, had given to Hogo (Bevis), .son of Alexander de Haiocis (Bayeux), 
and his issue by Isabella, daughtei' of Richard de lliperia, and which 
should revert to the Chapter, the issue of Bevis having failed, and the}' 
gave this pedigree. 

Alexander de Baiocis. 

Devis.=i= Isabella, temp. 
Hen. 3. 





Margaret, lister and 
heir, oh. h p. 

The defendants gave this pedigree. 

lievls de Bayeux. 



Thomas. Anabel. Joan. 

I I I 

John de Fyndham, William de 
now living. Jouetiy., 

now living. 

John de Snaweshill, . 
now living. 

The jury, however found that Bevis de Bayeux never had a daughter 
by Isabella, and the Dean recovered the manor. 

— i 





m. 475. dor so. 

In another suit by the Chapter for the same manor against Robert de 
Newton, Chaplain, and others ; a jury gave the pedigree as follows — ■ 

Revis de Bayeux,=r Isabella. Alexander, 
son of Alexander, j 



William, ob. s.p. Mariota, ol>. s.p. 

And that there was no issue left of Be vis and Isabella, and that Alex- 
ander, the brother of Bevis, was dead and had left no issue. 

De Banco. Mich. 4 ( .). E. 3. m. 302. ctorso. 

Deri). — Robert de Briggcford and Joan, his wife, and Margaret, sister of 
Joan, and John Broun of Newerk, sued Hugh Teveray, William Teveray 
and John Teveray for land in Long Eyton, which Magister Ralph de 
Chaddesdene had given to AVill i;ini Teveray and Alianora, his wife, and 
to the heirs of their bodies, temp. K 1. 

William Teveray Alianora. 

Hugh. ttarra. 

I I 
William, ob. s p. Robert. 

Joau.=Fllobert de Margaret. Isabella. 

Briggeford. | 

John Broun. 

De Banco. Hillary. 50. E. :). m. 59. 

Bucks — The King sued Roger Perky n for the next presentation to the 
church of Weston Turvillc. 

Kdmnnd If Hotelier, Edward, Ankareta, sister 

ob. s.p. oli. s.p. and heir. 




Elizabeth, in ward, 
to the King. 

John, the father of Elizabeth, had held of the King in capite the 
manors of Dodynton and Chesewardyn in co. Salop. 



De Banco. Hillary 50. E. 3. m. 3G0 dorso. 

Leyc. — John Wychard of Osberstone sued John Chaynel of Sutton for 
land in Sutton, near Boseworth, which Robert Maleshoures had given to 
Henry, son of Nicholas Wychard, and Margaret his wife, and to the heirs 
of their bodies, temp. E. 1. 

Henry, son of Nicholas^Margaret. 



, I 



John Wychard, 
the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Easter f>0 E. 3. m. '27 1 . 

Kent. — A suit respecting the manors of Kemesynges and Sele, gives the 
fol lowing ped ig ice — 

William de Grandison, living 13 E. 1. 

Peter de Katrine. Agnes. Mabel. 

William de Mon- John North- 

tagu, Earl of cote, Kt., of 

Salisbury. Kent. 

Sibil. Matilda. Alice.— Katrine.— 

| I Thoma.sWake Hubert tie Tu- 

lloger de Beau- Thomas de of lilisworth, denham, Kt., 

chump, llu; luiueonborgc, Kt. who was dead, 

younger. Kt, 

/)< flan co, Easter 50. E. 3. ui. 295. 

i'.hor. William do l.nssels sued Henry de NeweHOM and Katrine his 
wife for land in Ncwcaoin near The pleadings give these 
j >ed igrces — 

John de Lassels, Kt. Walter de Neusome. 

of Arlarthorpe, | 

| Alan. 
William, living 28 E, 3. | 

| Henry.=Katrine, 
William de Lassells, The defendants, 

the plaintiff. 

The defendants claimed by a grant of John de Lascelles dated, 5 E. 3. 

t i 

De Banco. Easter. 49. E. 3. m. 317. 

}] r ilts. — James de Audele, Kt., and Reginald de Cobham, Knt, sued 
•loan, the Abbess of Shaft Gil, for the next presentation to the Church of 



John GiffanJ, temp. E. 2. 

Katrine. Alianora. 

I I 
Jamas tie Audley, John, 
the plaint ill'. | 

Fulk, ub. s. p."— Elizabeth. 

Reginald claimed by a demise of Elizabeth, the widow of Fulk, who had 
held his purparty for her life. The Abbess derived her claim from a 
grant by Walter de Dunstanville dated 1*JG4. 

De Banco. Trinity 49. E. 3. m 272. 

Wilts. — John Huse sued Thomas Ereheband, the Parson of the church 
of Fontil (Jillard, and another, for the manor of Eston, near Berewyk. 

Reginald de Haseldene. ^Isabella. 






John Sauitford. 





John, the 

The defendants claimed through Agnes, whose status they held, but 
John stated that Agnes was illegitimate, and that the issue of Reginald, 
son of Reginald, had failed. 

De Banco. Trinity. 50. E. 3. rn. 37. 

Bwfa. John Nowers, Kt., sued John, the Prior of Ravenestonc, and 
another, for the next presentation to the church of Stoke ( Joldyngtou. 

Peter de Stoke, temp- Ed. 1, held the manor and advowson of Stoke Gold) ngton. 

i - — 1 

Dioni.sia— Milo Hastyng. Isabella.— William Nowers. 

I ' I 

Milo.=j=Matilda.=Juhn Pikard. Almaric. 

! I 

r ' 1 n John. 

Alice. = , Thomas Matilda. =fThofnaa Isabella. = | 

| l''"uriifii\. | I',,. tiller. Giles UyvelJ. Jt»hu. 

Williaip, William lt..i ill.< r . Uile*. John, the plain I iff. 
Verdict for the plaint ill". 

( To be continued.) 


0> ~r 

g £ W ( A 1 ) Edward II, King of En gland ; 
£ ^S> - M h--i murdered 21-22 Sep. 1327. See Tab. 

d-?<S f (A 2 ) Isabel, Queen Consort, da. of 

P f° ^ E" Philip IV, KlNC OF FliANOK AND Navarre ; 

P^» 4 £,p. (/. 23 Aug. 1358. See Tab. XVI, E 

— Hi 

g ^ I Holland; rf. 7June 1337. See Tab. XVIII 

IV p HI 

V.u.ois ; d. 7 March 1352. See Tab. 
XVI IT. D 2. 

^ %.% (A 3) William, Count of Hainault and 

Hwl (A 4) Jane, fla. of Charles, Count m? 

C *1 

re ~ 

— 1 -o 

H ► C r- 

t? o-. ~,j> 

£ W (6 

■ ■ JJ W 
d £ 

p n S " ^ i (A "0 Henry, Kami, of Lancaster and 
^ v i _ ! UuKSTEK ; '(/. 22 Sep. 1.145. See Tab. 

>-7 | XXII, 15 .1. 
O y. ( . > = LJ] 

* ° **"* ' j] (At>) Maud. da. of Patrie de Chaurces. 
^rjPl Sou Tab. XXII, P> «;. 

I (A 7) Henry de neaunmnt, Earl of 
J fc I lb Chan. See Tab. XXII, 15 7. 
• r 1 I! 

(A 8) Alice, da. of Alexander Corny n. 
v uy^. See Tab XXII, B 8. 
~T OS _ i" CC 

> r ^,-| (A 9) lluin])hrey de Px.hun, EaRL of 
J3 TT 2 -r- ~ Hkkkfoiu) and Kssex ; slain 1(5 March 

=T 13 

See Tab. XXIII, Li 1. 

o - x ~ = HI 

^SP^O - (A 10) Elizabeth or Isabel, da. of Ed- 

° • T ?, ward I, King cf England ; a. 5 Mav 

w M _ J 1 1 31 ti. See Tal i. XXII I, 15 2. 

" _ I (A 11) Bartholomew deRadlesinere; hung 
O rZ ~ 14 Apr. 1322. See Tab. XXI 1 1 , 15 3. 


(A 12) Margaret, da. of Thomas de Clare. 
See Tab. XX II I, U 4. 

^ ?• " (A 13) Edmund, Eaiil of Arundel; be- 
gwg headed 17 Nov. 132G. See Tab. XXIII, 

(6 " 

'crt^oE (A 11) Alice, da. of William do Waronno; 

% £™ C. See Tub. XXIII, 15 t). 

? -'Z (A 15) Henry, Eaiil ,; of Lancaster and 

Mjs LEICESTER; d. l h Sep? 1345. See Tab. 

Kd'§ W XXII, 15 5. 

p ? ^r hi^o (A 10) Maud, da. of l'atiic de ChaurcoH. 

!f." See Tab. XXII, 15 (5. 



O T & S 9 (A 1) Edward III, King. of England; 

d. 21 Juno 1377. See Tab. XVII, E. 


cr g, « (A 2) PHilippa, Q,ueen,Consort, da. of 

•I -1 ? ... pi 

William, Count ok Hainault and Hol- 
land; d. 15 Aug. 13(39. SeeTab.XVIII, E. 

^ ^ (A3) Henry, Duke of Lancaster ; (i 24 
H y eo March 13«f. See Tab. XXII, 3. 


| (A 4) Isabel, da. of Henry de Beaumont, 
^ M S- Earl OF Buchan. See Tab. XXII, C 4. 

(A 5) William de Bohun, EarlokNorth- 
c-xcC3 amiton; d. 16 Sep. 1300. See Tab. 
r: * g ~ XXIII, G 1. 

~ E (A li) Elizabeth, da. of Bartholomew de 
Badlesmere ; (/. 1356. See Tab. XXII I, 

^_ a s <t> 

-r a p 

(A 7) Richard, Earl ok Arundel and 
SuitttRY ; </. 21 Jan. 137 1 See Tab. 
XXI II, C 3. 
O^h s^A rHI 

rL ~ V ' J (A 8) Eleanor, da. of Henry, Earl of 
5° Lancaster ; if. 11 Jan. 1372. See Tab. 


xxi n, c I. 

(A 9) John, Kino of France ; d. 8 Apr. 
1364. See Tab. XXI, B 1. 


klcan I (^ 10 ) Bonne, da. of John, KlNO OF 

kl g w x O J Bohemia ; r/. 11 Sep. 1319; 1st wife. 

-~' *i Q I See Tab. XXI, B 2. 

O go EL 

C^?-'^ (All) Peter I, Duke of Bourbon ; slain 
icco" 19 Sep. l-'ifiti. See Tab. XXI. B 3. 

$$2 rHI 

rF^-J (A 12) Isabel, da. of Charles, Count OF 
X w £ ValoiS ; </. 2(3 July 1383. See Tab. XXI 
S T\ • B 4. 

(A 13) Stephen I, Duke of Bavaria. 
i-3 x £ See Tab. XXI, B 5. 

?L cj OT li 

r ? tr<* ~, HI 

« - ] (A 14) Elizabeth, da. of Frederick I or II, 
^^^2^1 Kino ok Sicily ; (/. 1375 ; 1st wife. See 
r- w** Tab. XXI, B (i. 

O ' £ > P* 

ffl St r H (A 15) Barnabo Visconti, Skinore di 

m h, : J| Milan© j 13 or 19 Dee. .1385. See 

£fel J * - £ - " Tab. XXI, B 7. 

a "' ~^ H <. ( A 16 ) Beatrice, da. of Mastino della 

!- .yj?- flg.gwg Scala III, Skjnork di Verona ; ^.IHJune 


1381. See Tab. XXI, B 8. 

-1 j 


5 J; ^ 



> fejj «- hrj s,. —s 

a ST g 0% o s 

ft a c 
; it J) 

B ^ 33 
3 2 1 

I" fc: 2 p § 

► U "ii 

2 ~ C h ^ 

3 m m 2 K 

fD V g. 


5. f g g g w A 1) John, King op France ; rf. 8 Anr 
5*E (A 2 ) Bouiie , <la of Join. Kino ok Rn 

ZTTT HI m - 3) CI ! ari f ,,e Cotillon, styled ( i e 

Sf ^-S 3 :"]'' * le .Saint, SmlZ dk 

- g ,2i.rLV' il9; ; sUm29 .^'- 1M1 -<^ ' 

-..g 2 „ J < A *) ;';""•.(') oiily chil.l „f Quy ,„• B] ,, t 

^ »> = . ? ? to ^ x 03 

" r= ill « ij & £££ z?rz:::r< (S) *- 

^ • sT ^.r ivrvi, n -Vi-hM IA, M AJOKOA AND S \ |{- 

5 1 — II 

5 1 1 * 

IT- ta- ® 

t a. oo 

o o O ^ L C> *ii 

S- L T'" t (A 6) Leonora, da of i> e ( e r rr ,,f * 
IZI* { /\*! ^■y-la.of.Iol,,,, K,x ( ; ( „. |, VvN , r . 

i~,:f 6 " 1J '^1». 1^1; c/. Oct. 1-10 J.(H>) ' 

tp ^ y M ^ a. 

'*• 'f o. 

^5° l^g^O 


c a so 

r- ct 

^ 5 - 1 g» q 

■ S" jb r w 

S A /I) Kbortmr,! Mo,. , , ,, ,,„,. ( .,. . 

■ S i£G ■2-S"55 J A 12) Kli^Leth, ,k, „f , ieun . .... 

m o»S^^3 (A 13) Rupert II f' IH , v „ ,» , 

Kn.v - i > ii i.- 1 . r« li Palatine OK THE 

C 3 ' -n 

5p 2 

•'I -° I— < 

=5. to 5 

^ 1 - ) I ^^.( , •- , ) (la: of !>«.,,,• II M 



V 00 M 

HI r U 

g..,,,,, k,.v., ,>,,.s„,,.v ;( /. I : !( ; 5 „,"■;,;;; 

I'S- 8 . |5 E3 J (A I6 » '••W»ii«!U., .1,,. „f |.' m . ( . nV „ r 

'the Icings and que'ens of England. j 8 t 

KZt 2 '™ f ^ard III, King of England; 

| * 5 k-^ * 21 J»»e 1377. See Tab. XVII E. ' 

^ c 2 s w r? 

-gg^r (f*. Ph5 '!Pl ,a ' ^ ue en Consort, da. of 
* 16 Aug. 1889. See Tab. XVIII, E. 




-^llS «^ 3 ) ''^ the Cruel, K IN0 0F c „. 
= « Z £3. " E AN " Lli '«. 1350—1368 ; 4, 30 Aim 
S: 1 » • « ! slain 23 March 1383. 

[g$*W»«l» l'adilU ; d.l 3 61, bur. at, 

2"SS,e«Ji S-..da 5S.- ^ -.dr-~ c . i i vuuNrt; / 

(A 5) Ertmund ,1c Mortimer, Emu. of 

OOUNTKSS of tJr.STKI{, Olllv 

nf A,,* Iv. 

Lionel of Antwerp J >uk'e 'of 
itKNCK ; b. lb' Aoif. 1355: m 

S?^ A t »r. 189 

_ |j 

T - " ? i 1 17 ; N " bUI! '" iV i IMS i d. U March 

* ~ 5 £ S r !, ' " 1 "" 1 b - aU - *» i * 5 Aug. 1337. 
|Sf? * J Sr.! i"* W •'•Au.Uoy, Lou, 



= 1 ]-nV ) ! r r''' y ; le / >01cy ' Alnwick, 

15 Aug. 1309. See Tab. 

' tJ land ; tt. 
• W XVI II, IS. 

lJtf]^,^^;-;r 4 ,:'<' : ^"nu i ,, llu , t 


Additions to Table XXVIII. 

A. 3. He was killed at the Battle of Auray, bur. (as was his wife) in 
the Church of the Franciscans at Guingamp. (Second son of Guy de 
Chatillon I, Count of Blois, by Margaret, dau. of Charles of France, 
Count of Valois.) 

A. 4. She was called la Boiteuse ; in. by contract dated at Paris 
4 June 1337. 3 (Her mother was Jane, eldest dau. and principal hss. of 
Henry IV, Sire d'Avaugour, Mayenne and Goello. ) 

A. 5. He succ. his father 24 Jan. 133G ; d. at Barcelona. [He m. 
1 (by contract dated 21 July 1338), at Alagon in 1342, Mary, dau. of 
Philip III, King of Navarre ; she (/. 134';, bur. in the Church of San 
Vincente at Valencia. He m. 2 (by contract dated at Santareni 11 June 
1317), at Barcelona in Nov. 1347; Leonora (b. 1328), dau. of Alphonso IV, 
King of Portugal ; she (/. at Xerica in Oct. 1348, bur. in the Abbey of 
Pohlet in Catalonia. He m. 4, Martha . . . , who d. 1378. He in. 5, 
in 1380, Sibilla, sister of Bernard dc Forcia ; she d. 24 Nov. 1400. ] 
(Second but first surv. son. of Alphonso IV, King of Aragon and 
Valencia, by his first wife Teresa, sico jure Countess of Urgel, dau. of 
Gombaut d'Entecja or d'Entcnea.) 

A. 0, 1 4. (Their mother was Elizabeth, dau. of Otho, Duke of 
Carinthia and Count of Tyrol.) 

A. 7. He succ. his tor. Edward II as Count of Bar abt. March 135^ ; 
bur. (with his wife) in the Church of St. Meme at Bar. (Second son of 
Henry IV, Count of Bar, by Yolande, only surv. child of Kobert of 
Flanders, Seigneur de Cassel and of the five baronies of Perche-Goeth.^) 

A. 8. She was b. at St. Germain-en-Laye ; m. (papal dispens. Oct. 
13G4' J ) by contract dated at Bar 4 June 1361. 9 (Her mother was Donne 
of Luxemburg. See Tab. XXI, B. 1,2.) 

A. 9. He succ. his father 23 Aug. 1328; slain at the Battle of 
Crecy, bur. in the Abbe}' of Beaupre in Lorraine. [He m. 1, 1329, 
Eleanor, dau. of Fdward 1, Count of liar-le Due ; she d. in 1332.] (Elder 
son of Frederic or Ferry IV, Duke of Lorraine and Marquis, by Isabel or 
Elizabeth, dau. of the Emperor Albert I, Duke of Austria.) 

A. 10. She was in. (papal dispens. dated 30 May 1334 11 ) by contract 
dated at Montcuel near Pont Ste. Maixance in May 1334. 11 [She m. 2, 
by 17 Feb. 13f)£, Frederic, Count of Leiningcn. 11 ] (Her mother was 
Margaret, dau. off Charles of France, Count of Valois.) 

A. 11. He succ. his father 11 July 1341 ; bur. at Stuttgart. (Elder 
son of Ulric lit, Count of Wurtemberg, by Sophia, dau. of Theobald, 
Count of Pfirt (Ferrette) in Upper Alsace.) 

A. 12. (Her mother was Judith, dau. of Herman, Margrave of 

A. 13. He succ. his uncle Rupert 1, lb' Feb. 1390. (Only son of 
Adolphus, the Simple, Count Palatine of the Rhine, Duke in Bavaria, 
by Irmengarde, dau. of Ludwig VI 1, Count of Oettingen.) 

A. 15. He succ. his father 7 Oct. 1357 or 1358; he d. at Plessen- 
burg. (Only son of John II, Burgravc of Nuremberg, by Elizabeth, 
dau. of Berthold, Prince of Henneberg.) 



A. 1G. (Her mother was Matilda, dau. of the Emperor Louis IV of 

B. 1. Louis J, Kin«r of Jerusalem and Sicily, Duke of Apulia, Anjou 
and Touraine, Prince of Capua, Count of Maine, Provence, Korcatquier 
and Piedmont ; b. at the Castle of Vineennes ; appenaged with the 
Comtes of Aiijou and Maine in 135G ; created Duke of Anjou in Oct. 
1360 18 ; declared heir and adopted as son by Jane I, Queen of Sicily, 29 
June 1380 u • crowned King of Sicily at Avignon by Pope Clement VII, 
30 May 1382 ; <l. at the Castle of Piscglia near P>ari in Apulia the night 
10-11 Oct. [not 20-21 Sep.] 1381, bur. (as was his wife) in the Cath. 
Church of St. Maurice at Angers. 

11 3. [He in. 1, G June 1372, Jane, called also Martha, dau. of 
John I, Count of Armagnac] 

P. 4. She was rn. by contract dated 1380 ; 10 d. at Barcelona. 

P. 5. lie d. at Paris, bur. in the ('oil. Church of St. George at 
Nancy. [He m. 2, Margaret, 18 dau. of Thierry, Count of Los and Chiny, 
Sire de Heinsberg and Plankenberg ; she d. 1 Oct. 1372, bur. in the 
Cistercian Abbey of Orval in the diocese of Treves.] 

B. G. She was in. by contract dated at Baden in 1353. 

P. 7. Rupert III, called Klemni — rigorosuSy Count Palatine of the 
Rhine, Duke in Bavaria; elected King of the Romans at Coblentz 10, 
20, 21 or £4 Aug. 1400 J crowned at Cologne 6 Jan, 140'^ ; </. at Oppen- 
heim, bur. at Heidelberg in the Church of the Holy (ihost. [First wife 

0. 1. He was b. at Toulouse ; crowned King of Sicily at Avignon by 
Pope Clement VI I, 1 Nov. 1381) ; <t. at the Castle of Angers, bur in 
the Cath. Church of St. Maurice at Angers 1 May 1417. 

C. 2. She was in. at Aries in Provence ; </. at the Castle of Tuce 
near Saumur in Anjou, bur. with her husband. 

C. 3. He was bur. in the Church of St. George at Nancy. 

1). 1. [lie in. 2, at the Church of St. Nicolas near Angers, 10 
Sep. 1454, Jane (b. 10 Nov. 1133), dau. of Guy XIV, Count of Laval in 
Maine ; she </. at the Castle of Beaufort in Anjou 14 ( J*, bur. there in 
the Church of the Franciscans.] 

1 The duche and pairie of Brittany were adjudged to Charles of Blois by arret of 
the Court of Peers of France 7 Sep. 1311. (Du Chesne, M. de Chastillon, preuves, 
p. 122 ; Lobineau, Hist, de Bretagne, torn, ii, p. lSt), etc.) 

- In the of Bertrand de (Juesclin, ch. 14, it is said "qu'estant environne 
et assail ly de chevaliers Bretons et Anglois, de hache et de glaive, fu sa 
baniere get tee u terre, et luy prins par le baciuet. Ft adonc un Anglois, faux 
tyrant et cruel, le ferit traitrement de une dague parmy h\ bouche, tant que 
d'autre part luy fist passer demy pie; Ft quant ledit Charles sentit le cop, si 
s'estendy a terre, baty sa coulpe, et se eonnnanda a Dieu, en disant : Vraiz Dieu, 
pardonnez moy la niort des bonnes gens qui cy nieurent pour inoy. J'ai guerrie long 
temps outre ma vdtoiitc, et par rennortcment de um fennne, (pii fousjours m'a donne 
a entendre (|ue j'avoye tres bon droit." But (Jeorges de Lesnen, his physician, who was 
at the battle, says that he was taken prisoner, and slaughtered Some time afterwards. 

a This contract is given by DuChesne, M. de Chastillon, preuves, p. 118. 

4 Niece and hss. of John III, Duke of Brittany. ' 

5 Authors agree that he ought rather to be called the Criminal — Criniinosus, iron 

6 The Eijaperor Charles IV erected in 1351 the Seigneurie of l'ont-a-Mousson into 
a Marquisatc ; and, early in Feb. 1355, King John of France raised the Uomte of Bar 
to a Dukcdum. 



7 L'an 1411. Henry [Robert] Due de Bar, preux homtne, sage et diseret, trespassa 
de cc sieele. (Monstrelet, lib. i, e. 70.) 

b Viz: — Alluie, lirou, Montmirail, Autlion ami la Baaoehe. 

(ii Dispense da manage de Marie ile prance avee Robert de Bar, Marquis du 
Pout, tils aisne tie Henry, Conite de Bar. En Octobre l'an ii du Pontificat d'Urbain 
V. (ii) Traitd de mariage entre Marie de France et Robert Duo de Bar, au dot de 
Koixante mille livres. Le iv jourde Juin Tan 1361. (Invent, des Charles du Tresor 
du Hoy — DuChesne, M. de Bar, preuves, p. 54). 

w Anno MCCOCIV, circa Octobris medium^ Duels Barrensis uxor, vencrabilis 
domina Maria, lilia quondam Joannis Regis Francia), in fata concessit. (Latin History 
of King Charles VI.) 

11 DuChesne, M. de Chastillon, preuves, p. 101-103. 

12 .She id .said to have m. 1, as Jirst wife, Henry, or rather John-Henry, Count of 
Coritz (d. 1338) ; but this seems impossible. 

Id Anjou was erected en duche pairie in his favour by letters dated at Boulogne in 
Oct. 1368. The King of France gave him the duche of Touraine (for life only) in 
exchange for .Maine, by letters dated Hi March 137V (Martene, Thes. Anecd., torn, i, c. 
251) ; but he retained both by a subsequent concession 17 .May following. (Cartul. du 
Chancel du lYat., cited in L'Art de Yer. les Dates.) He had been promised the 
duche by letters dated IS Apr. 136-L (Thes, Anect., torn, i, c. 1491 ; Anseline, torn, 
iii. p. 230.) Du Tillet dates them the year previous. 

u Lettres tie Jeanne, Royne de Hierusalem et de Sicile, Dame du Duehe de la 
Pouille, Princesse de Capoue, Contesse de Provence, Forealquier et Piedmont, par 
lesquelles se voyaut sans enfans masles, et traversee par Barthelemy de Bar invaseur 
du S. Siege et Antichrist, et privee de fait de ses est. its, qu'ii avoit donnez a 
Charles ile la Paix, autrement de Duras, son subjet, elle adoj)te pour son fils natuiel et 
legitime Louis Due d'Anjou frere du Roy de France, et apres luy ses enfans, online 
(jciulurw striata, pour succedcr en son lieu au royaume de Sicile et autres terres citra 
Fwitvi, aux comtcz de Provence, Forealquier et Piedmont, et a toutes les autres 

Lerres, et ee pour le bien de 1'Eglise divigce »le schisme Fait an chasteau de 

I'Oeuf pres Naples, I3K0, le pcnulticsmc jour de Juin. (lnventaire de plusieurs bulles, 
lettres el enseignements, pour moutrer ipie le joyaume de Sicile appartient aux Roys 
dc France, fait . . . le '11 Janvier 1 101 , au chastel et portail d'Angers. — DuChesne, 
M. dc Chastillon, preuves, j). 13ft.) 

15 Lettres passeea a Saumur au niois de Aouwt l'an 1300, contenants le traicte de 
mariage d'entrc Louys tils du Roy de France, Comic d'Anjou et du Maine, Seigneur 
do Mont pel Her, et Marie lie llretagnc tide de Chailcs, Due de lirctagne, Cointe de 
Riclieiiionl , Vicointe de Limoges et, Seigneur d' Ava'ugoUr, de (Juise et de Maine, «•(, 
Jeanne de Rrctague km fcmnie. (I liven I aire des titles de la ( 'hand ne d'Anjou, liasse 
x.wiv, f. 113 M. de Chastillon, pieuveH, p. 131. ) 

10 Mai iage ile l'lnfant Jean, Due de Oironde, tils aisne de Pierre, Roy d'Arragon, 
avec Voland dc Bar, tide de Robert, Due de liar, Man pi is du Tout, et de Marie de 
France, title du Boy Jean, L'an 13SU. (Invent, des Chartes du Tresor du Roy — ■ 
Du Chesne, M. de Bar, preuves, p. 6T>.) 

17 At least it is certain that he </. betw. Aug. 1300 and March 1301. 

18 RutUeus, torn, i, p. 622. Auselmo (tout, ii, p. 331) calls her dan. of Louis, 
Count of Chiny. But different writers vary materially in their accounts of her 

isi Anno quoque pra-scripto Eberhardus Comes de Wirtenberg iiliam cum nomine 
Sophiam Duci Lotheringiic dedit uxorem, nuptiis in oppido suo tttutgard magna cum 
pompa celebratis. (Tritheinius, ad aim. 1301.) The account in L'Art de Ver. les 
Dates, revised by the Duke of \\ urtcmberg, differs from all others in making 
Sophia dau. of Ulric, and thus granddau. of Eberhard. Saltier is the authority cited. 
But that learned writer (Ocschiehte des Her/.ogthums Wiirtenberg unter dcr 
Regierung der Graven, band ii, p. 1'JfO follows the usual account, quoting Trithemius 
as above. 

He was in his youth styled Count of Guise. His grand-uncle " Louis par la 
grace de Dieu Cardinal, Due de Bar, Marquis du Pont, Seigneur de' : Cassel," gave him 
the Duche of Bar, etc. The letters of donation, dated at St. Michel 13 Aug. 1419, 
are given in full by the Sicur Godefroy in his Genealogy of the Counts and Dukes of 
Bar. He was recognised as Duke of Lorraine in lf'4\ by virtue of the testament of 
Duke Charles his father-in law, but resigned the Duche to his son John 'JO March 
He succ. King Louis 111. his brother in Nov. 1 131. 


Additions to Tables XXIX, XXXII. 

A. a. He was k at Burgos ; suce. his father 2G March 1350; slain 
at Montielby his bastard brother Hour}, Count of Trastamara, 23 March 
136 J- [riot L369], [lie 1 w. (by contract dated 9 July 1352) at the 
Abbey of Preuilly in Touraine, 3 June 1353, Blanche (b. 133G), dau. of 
Peter I, Duke of Bourbon ; he had her poisoned at Medina Sidonia in 
1361; she was bur. at Tudela in Navarre.] (Second but only surv. 
legit, son of Alfonso XI, King of Castile and Leon, by Maria, dau. of 
Alfonso IV, King of Portugal.) 

A. 5. He succ. Ins father 26 Feb. J3f£ ; d. at Cork, bur. at Wig- 
more. (Second but only surv. son of Roger de Mortimer, Earl of March, 
by Philippa, da. of William de Montacute, Karl of Salisbury.) 

A. 0. She was bui-. at Cork. (Only child of Lionel, Duke of Clarence, 
by his first wife Elizabeth, only child of William de Burgh, Karl of 

A. 7. lie was bur. in Brune Abbey. Dorsetshire. (Eldest son of 
Thomas de Poland, Marl of Kent, by Joan, only dau. of Edmund, Kail 
of Kent. See Tab. XIX, D. 2.) 

A. iS. (Her mother was Eleanor of Lancaster. See Tab. XXIII, 
C. 3, 1.) 

A. 1). He was suinm. to Pari, as a Paron 20 Nov. 1331—20 Jan. 
13(i ( ; ; bur. (as was \m wile) in Durham Cathedral Church. (Second 
but first surv. son of Ualph de Neville, Lord of llaby, by his first wife 
EulVmia, dau. of lloberl litz Roger, Lord of Olavering and Warkworth.-) 

A. 10. in. I, Ralph, Paron of Creystock, w ho d. 13 July 1323.1 

(Her mother was Isolda de Mortimer.) 

A. 1 1. lie Was sunmi. to Pari, as a Paron 14 March 1322 - 15 Nov. 
1351 ; bur. in Alnwick Priory. (Elder son of Henry de Percy, Lord of 
Alnwick, by Eleanor, dau. of John, Earl of Arundel.) 

A. 12 She was bur. in the Coll, Church at Peverley. (Her mother 
was Maud, dau. of Thomas de Clare.) 

L I. He was A. at King's Langley, co. Herts. ; er. Earl of Cam- 
bridge 13 Nov. 13(52 ; cr. Duke of York G Aug. 1385; d. at Langley, 
bur. there in the Church of the Friary. 3 [lie m. 2, Joan, dau. of 
Thomas de lloland, Earl of Kent ; (she m. 2, as second wife, William 
de Willoughby, Lord of Eresby ; she m. 3, as second wife, Henry le 
Scrope, Lord of Masham ; she m. 4, as first wife, Henry Bromflete, Lord 
of Vessy) ; she it in 1431.] 

P. 2. She was m. at Pochefort near Bordeaux, 1371, before Michael- 
mas. 4 

P. 3. He was slain at Kenlis in Ireland ; bur. at Wigmore. 

P. 4. [She in. 2, as first wife, Edward Charleton, Lord of Powys ; he 
d. 14 March 142-?.] 

P. 5. He was sunnn. to Pari, as a Paron 24 Feb. 136^-^28 July 
1388 ; <i at Xew'castle-on-Tyne, bur. in Durham Cathedral Church. [He 
in. 2, Elizabeth (b. before 1357) only child of William le Latimer, Lord 
of Dauby ; (she m. 2, as third wife, Ilobert de Willoughby, Lord of 
Lresby) ; she d. 5 Nov. 1395, bur. in Guisborough Priory.] 



11. 8. She was m. at Lincoln ; bur. at Lincoln in the Cathadral 
Church. [She m. 1, Hugh Swiniord, a knight of Lincolnshire; he d. 

C. 1. He was beheaded at Southampton, and bur. there. [He m. 2, 
Maud, dan. of Thomas dc Clifford ; (she m. 2, John de Neville, Lord 
Latimer); she (/. 2G Aug. 144G, 7 bur. in Roche Abbey, Yorkshire.] 

C. 3. He was summ. to Pari, as a Baron 6 Dec. 1389 — 30 Nov. 
1396; (/. at Ha by Castle, bur. in the Collegiate Church at Staindrop. 
[He vi. 1, Margaret, dan. of Hugh, Marl of Stafford ; she (/. 9 June I39G, 
bur. at Brancepeth.] 

0. 4. She was b. at Beaufort Castle in Anjou ; legitimated by Act 
of Pari., 9 Feb. 139'} : (/. at Howden, bur. in Lincoln Cathedral Church. 
[She in. 1, Uobert de Ferrers, Lord of Wem and Oversley ; he {b. 1370) 
d, 1410 ] 

1 He had a pretended marriage in 1354 with Juana, widow of Diego de Maro, Seiior 
de Orduna, tUwu of Pedro Fernandez de Castro. 

'•' Complete Peerage, vol. vi, p 12. Foster (Royal Pementii ped. of Novill, p. 11) 
calls her " Anastasia, dau. and hr. of John Fit z Uobert, Lord of Warkworth, etc.," at 
tlie .same time shewing in a note that she could not have been " Eva, dau. and hr. of 
John, Lord Clavering " [—John Fitzliobert aforesaid] ! 

:! According to Belt/. (Garter, p. 139) by his will, dated 25 Nov. 1400, he directs to 
he bur. by hi.s wife Isabel at Langley. Hunter (S. Yorkshire, vol. i. p. Ill) says that 
both she and her husband w ere bur. at Fotheringav. 

4 See Tab. XXII, note 13. 

r> in her issue eoh. of her brother Kdmund, Earl of Kent, who (/. 15 Sep. 1318. 

u He was " aged 2G " at his father's death, but was, perhaps, much older. Other- 
wise he, the eldest of 10 children, would have been b. when his father, "aged 10," in 
1331. was at least 50. 

7 Her will was 'dated 15 Aug. and proved 1 Sep. IMG. The day of her death is 
obtained from the Calendar in a Fitzw illiam missal. (Hunter, vol. i, p. 113 ; ii, p. 
5 1.) 'The statement of the Heralds, that she m. 3, Richard Wentworth of Lrettou, 
is shewn to be false by Hunter (vol. ii. p. 21 1). 

b In her issue sole hr. of her brother Edmund, Earl of March, wlio d. 1{) Jan. 
142 J. 

! ' lie assumed the name of " 1'lanUgenef " apparently about, 11 IS. This name, so 
extensively applied by late writers, bad not been beard of in English history since 
llie lime of (ieollVey of Anjou, as Sir James Uainsay (Lancaster and York) has well 

10 Eighteenth child of her father, tenth by his second marriage. 
" William of Worcester. 

12 Eor a further detail, quite irreproducible here, see William of Worcester (edit. 
Hearne, p. 462). 


5Lee of ©uarrentiou. 

By J. Henuy Lka. 
{Continued from Vol. XI, p. 28.) 

Will of WITJJAM LEE of Cold Ashby, Northants. In the name of God Amen. 
J wilhn Lee of Cold Ashbie in the Countie of Nortlitcn doe make this my last will 
and Testament in manner and forme following. Hirst .J bequeath my soule into tin; 
hands of god trusfinge by the meritts of JesUH Christ onely to be saved and my body 
to be buryed in the Churcheyard of Cold Ashbie. J'tin J doe giue my Children XX* a 
pecce to be paid them at thage of XXj li yeares or daie of maryage w clj shall Hirst come. 



Jtm J doe giuc my sonne Richard one ewe and a lambe to be given him p'sently after 
my decease & a great brasse ]>ott. Jtm J doe giue vnto my daughter Anne one hog- 
grill presently after my decease. Jtm J doe giue vnto m lis .Judith Knowles one 
lambe at M ichaelmas next. All the rest of my goods J giue vnto my Wife whom J 
make my sole Lxecutor and my brother W'illin ( 1 ane ou'seer. Jn presence of 
Edmund Caston, Wnthi Cairn. I'ro. 1 May HM)1 hy hlxor. nanie<l. Inv. x' 1 iii j s iiij li . 

Ai-eluleaeonry Northampton {Hook W., fo. 28tr>. 

William Lee of Cold Ashby, co. Northants., son of Henry Lee, of 
London, mcreer, and of Binficld, co. Berks, by Anne his wife, daughter 
of Robert Lee of Einfield, was of Cold Ashby by bequest of liis father in 
1G.*5 ( J.' The coincidence of tins earlier William Lee dying at Cold 
Ashby is remarkable, but the connection is not apparent, and the will is 
introduced more to guard against the possible exclusion of what may, in 
the light of future discoveries, prove to be valuable evidence than with 
much hope that it would so prove. Letters to tbe Vicar of the parish 
requesting permission to examine tbe Register have not received the 
courtesy of a reply, and, as my time in the neighbourhood was limited, 
1 was reluctantly obliged to forego an examination which might have 
set at rest tbe vexed question of tbe ancestry of tbe Mercer of London. 


The following series of Inquisitions 1'ost Mortem represents a search 
of tbe Chancery, Miscellaneous, Exchequer and Court of Wards Calendars 
in the Public Record Office, from the reign of Kdward IV to the period 
in the seventeenth century, when the taking of these interesting 
depositions was finally discontinued. 

They form a valuable supplement to the wills which have preceded 
them, supporting and confirming the evidence given in them as well 
as supplying some new and important facts, noteworthy among which is 
tbe second marriage of Joane, the widow of Richard Lee of Quarrendon 
(who died eirc. 1490— 1500-), to John Clerk, gent, and which accounts 
for tbe connection suspected with the Clerk family. :i It seems probable 
that Sir John Clerk of Thame, co. Oxon, Knt., whose will, pro. 19 May 
15119, has been already given, 4 was tbe son of this Jobn Clerk, by a 
former marriage. 

Inq. P.M. Hen. vi'tj. V.O. No. 210. 



INQUISITION taken at Aylesbury 27 Apr. 1 lien, viij (1512) before Rich. Orcn 
rylc Esq, escheator, by the oath of John Brudewett gent., Will Temple gent., Will rife 
1 . . ., Smyth, Robt Janyn, John Broun, Thos. Gurney, Robt llaldcwyn, Edw. Scyre, 
Hicli. lif/Hit, Thos. Fonteyn, and John Scyre ; who say that 

ANNA late countess of Warwick was seised of the manor of " Qucrudon," with 
fields called Netheruppyngfeld, Overvppingfeld, Reryfeld, Little M era ton, Byllyngfeld 

1 Genailoyist, N.S., x, 71. ; ; 

- See his will (l'.C.C. Moone 4) in Genealogist,, Vol. viii, p. 227. 

3 History of Thame, p. 307. 

4 In l'.C.C. (Dingcley 27). See Gencaloyist, Vol. ix, p. 23. 

5 This document is calendered in the Chancery Series of Inquisitions, under the 
name of Richard Lee, but iii the Exchequer Ser ies it appears irr calendar as the inq'n 
of Limb of I'.dw., late Earl of Warwick attainted. The two transcripts are identical. 



formerly called Brokend, woods culled Befnewbde formerly Erleswode, k Balyngcr, 
with iippurt. in Querndon, Boer ton, Bernewode, Hitlytt^cf and Waldrige, except divers 
messuages, kc, given below : with views of frank pledge in Beerton, Cleydon, 
Addyn^ton, ( Kstaston) Balyugore, Seybroke, and Bernewode, parcel of said manor. 
So seised, by line levied 3 Henry vij. said Anna granted said manor, kc, to the 
King. Said Anna afterwards died, & the reversion of premises descended to Edtuird, 
Karl of Wat-wick, son of Isabel, dan. of sd Anna, said Edward was attainted of high 
treason, whereby the premises came into the hands of the King, Sc so remain. They 
further say that Mich, Hand ill k TkoSi Clerk, elk. were seised of 1 messuage with 
curtilage and Garden enclosed in a moat, with curtilage called Woodyerd Abbuts, k 1 
close called l'ondecroft containing 2 acres ; & ] close called Agnesfcld, at south end 
of close called the Pyghell, 1 virgate of laud in Overvppyng and Nethervppyng, k 1 
meadow called the S'eate containing 8 acres ; And 2 messuages, 2 virgates of pasture, 
k 1 meadow of o acres in little Merstota. So seised, they demised said messuage, &c, 
to Juan, late wife of Richard Lcc {Joan Clerk), for her life, with remainder to Thomas, 
lip. of London, William Hampden, of Hertwell, Roht. Brudetcell, John Butteler, of 
Sulhil!, John Gryfeld. Rich. Grenfefd; Hen. Oolffer, Thos. Gurney of Bischopeston k 
Hal. Tupping, with intent to fulfill the last will of Richard Lcc ; in virtue whereof 
John Clerk gent, now remains seised thereof, in right of his wife, Joan aforesaid. Said 
messuage, tec , with 1 he IVmdeuroft, are held of the King as of his manor of Querndoll 
by fealty k a rent of 10s & suit of Court Agnesfeld, I'yghell ,V '■ le Nete," held of 
the King as of said manor by fealty k a lent of lis, Messuage, &c. in Merston held of 
the King as of said manor by fealty & a relit of litis. Sd. & .suit of court ; worth by 
the year, clear, £f». Premises in Querndon worth by the year, clear £0. 

.Messuage, etc., in Queriidon late belonged to Kick Verney, esq. ; those in Merston 
to John Kynston. Every virgate of land in the fields aforesaid contains (-40) acres of 
laud. The dean & Chapter of Lincoln have divers lauds and tenements in the fields 
of over and Nethervppyng. 

Imj. Jl lien. ctij. No. 'Jo. 



1 NQUISITION taken at Aylesbury, Bucks., 1 Apr. 31 Hen. viij (1540), before John 
HaUtam Esq., L.-chcator, after the\leath of Robert Lee, lit. by the oath of Jle.c'r 
Walrond, John I'lijntj, John W ycr, John ltaldwyn, John Sandiucll, Will Wellis, John 
J'urcell, Thos. Carter, John Ingram. Thos. Jiukmastcr, Nick. Bukmastcr, Thos. Fountcn, 
& John Culctt de la Hale, who .-ay that 

BOB HUT LEE was seised of the manor of Hardwyk, kc:., of the advowson of the 
church of Hardwyk ; also 1 carueale of land called " le plovvloud in VVeden, k 7 mes- 
suages, I cottages 700 acres of land, 100 acres of meadow, 100 acres of pasture k 20s 
oi rent in Wedon S Hardwyk, sometime belonging to Thos. Uriah, A7., also manor 
of Wedon with appurtenance called Keniptons Lee, & (J messuages, G tofts, 500 acres 
of land, 50 acres of meadow, 50 acres of pasture, 3 acres of wood, & 20s of rent in 
Lriddesthorn late belonging to Andrew f/ilfersdon, Esq., and also 1 capital messuage 
in Weston Turvyle late belonging to Itoht. Lony k previously to John ChappcU, 1 
apple yard k 33 acres of arable land, 9 virgates of meado\r, k 1 close called Long 
Croft, k 1 other- close called (basse Croft : also 1 cottage, 1 garden, 1 apple yard 
adjoining said cottage & 3 acres of arable land in Weston Turville, & 5 enclosures 
there between the lane called Trill Lane & a parcel of meadow called Mill W ... and 
also 18 acres of pasture k 5 acres of wood hi Weston Tin vile, also 1 messuage called 
Cardener.s place in Botley in the parish of Chesham, <Sc 1 00 acres of arable land, one 
grove called Cocknes reive containing by estimation '2 acres & one other grove called 
Homel'eld containing 1 acre in Chesham late belonging to John Gardener of Chesham : 
and 1 other messuage, 1 barn, 1 garden, 1 appleyard, 150 acres of land k 21 acres of 
wood in Chesham late belonging to Thos. Williams & Anne his wife daughter and 
heir of Will. Sniff th : also 2 messuages, 1 barn, 83 acres of land, 11 acres of meadow 
.V 30s. of rent in Beerton, & 1 messuage, 1 barn, .3 closes called Bassy ngburus in Great 
Mi.ssendeii, & 14 acres of land, 11 acres of pasture <fc A acre of wood there, kite 
belonging to llic. Smyth k Agnes his wife, dau. & Heir of Jolm Lori'f of Bdenger : cV 
all lauds k tenements in Ct. Missendcn which then were in the separate tenures of 
Jlic. Ilardijmj, John Blake, Will llykman k Will. Est; also 21s of rent there ; which 
messuage &c in Beerton k G t. Missendefi were k are parcel of the manor of 



Quarendon. So seised, said Robert Lee, by Indenture between Henri/ IVi/at of 
Alington. Kent, Kt of the one part, ft said Robert, by the name of Robert Lee oi 
Quarendon, Fucks. Kt , of the other part, dated July 4 Hen. viij (15:32) in con- 
sideration of the marriage between Anthony Lee, son ft heir apparent of sd. Robert 
ft Mmrgeret the dau. of sd. Henry tyyat, in fulfrlinent of certain agreements s[)ecilied 
in sd. Indenture, & of the first jointure of sd. Margaret of manors lands and teneints. 
of the yearly value of X'riO, specified in said Indenture, for the sustenance of said 
Anthony cfc Margaret, during the life of said Robert, enfeoffed tltorge Broke, Kt , /,nrd 
Cobham, Rul [ih Ycrncy, Tims Wyat brother of said Margaret, Roger Lee ft Benedict Lee 
gents, brothers of said Robert, Rich. Greneway, gent., Jienedict Lee gent, son of sd. 
Robert & 2'kos. Wyat gent, son of Tho*. Wyui aforesaid, of & in the said manors of 
Hardwyk, with appurtenance's in Flardwyk, Wedon, Weston TUrVille, Chesham, 
Heerton & (it. Missenden, Except ft reserved to tlic said Robert Lee k his heirs 1 acre 
of kind in Hardwyk called Bow acre, together with the advowson of the ehUfch of 
Hardwyk; which said acre lies in Fyehe Grove furlong between the lands of the 
Warden and Fellows of New C illegc. Oxford, on either side, ft abuts on Lyehe Grove 
inede at the southern end : To have arid to hold the said manor to the said feoffees 
their heirs & assigns to the use of the said Anthony k. Margaret immediately after 
(heir marriage for term of llieir lives ; in virtue whftreof said feoffees were seised 
I hereof in demesne as of fee to the use aforesaid ; nut il by Aet of Parliament made 27 
Hen. viij ( 1 .">.■{.">-»;) said Anthony a- Margaret were .seised thereof in free tenure k so 
remain seised. Said jurors further say that, .said Robert h'C long before his death was 
seised um of fee of ft in reversion of 1 close called le Further Vpping" in Quarendon, 
parcel of manor of Quarendon, ft for further fulfilment of said Indenture, & for the 
other [.art of the jointure of said Margaret alter the death of said Hubert of manors 
he. of the yearly value of CH» 1 :5s. Id., the said Robert granted by Indenture to the 
feoffees aforesaid the said reversion, ft a rent of 616 1 .'5s. Id., reserved to said Retort 
k his heirs by reason of a demise of said close made by said Robt. to Jerome Hampden 
Fsij., // /// Fauconer, Ksu., John liabham, Ksn, , Rich. Morchen Chaplain, Rich. Onltyng- 
biirn, gent, Henry Oriffe.tll gent, John liasxctt ft John Miller for a term of til) years then 
enduring: To have and to hold the said reversion h rent, to the said feoffees to the 
use of said Robert Lee during his life, and then to the use of said Anthony k Margaret 
during lite of said Margaret. And further the said jurors say that the manors of 
Hardwyk X' Wedon ft the said messuage, cottages, lands ftc. in Hardwyk, Wedon, 
Briddesthorn, Weston Turvile, Chesham, lierton, (it. Misse iden & Quarendon, except 
before excepted, are worth 100 marks per aim. And the manors of Hardwyk ft 
Wedon with appurt. there are held of John Mordaunt, Kt. Ford Mordaunt by fealty 
k a yearly rent of 2fts. lid. And the messuage ft appurt. in Weston Turvile are held 
of Andrew Wyudcsore, Kt. Ford Wyndesore by fealty ft a yearly rent of (•is. '2d.) 
And the said messuage called Hardeners place «V- tin- lands ftc. in Olicsham arc; worth 
bv the Near, ch ar. C I F'ts. td ft are held of John Fa! 1 of Oxford by fealty .V a rent of 
l»0s. per aim. And further say thai said Herbert was s, ised of 1 tenement called 
liavi'iivngs place in (Juareudiin, ft 1 virgale of laud with closes, meadows ft pasture 
I hereunto belonging ; ft 1 close called I lannesfeld ; ft 1 messuage, .'JO acres of pasture, 
ft 7 acres of meadow called Hannys; .V Ifi acres ft 2 virgates of land ft '20 acres of 
meadow in Qu arendon ; And 1 messuage', ;J0 acres of land ft 7 acres of meadow called 
Stephyns in Quarendon : and 1 toft called Fulcroft ; F"> acres ft 2 virgates of land ft 
20 acres of meadow there ft in Wedon sometime belonging to Rich. Vcmey ft Eleanor 
his wife ; ft 2 1 virgates of pasture ft 15 tofts in Quarendon Also l messuage ft 50 
acres of pastni e in Little Mai'ston in the parish of Quarendon ; and that said Favenyngs 
place, Hannys I'd 1, kc are worth in all, clear, 100 marks, per aim. ; And further say 
that Robert Lee w as seised as of fee ft of ft in residue of the manor of Quarendon with 
appurtenances, rights, courts, ftc. worth by the year, clear, 100 marks, k held of the 
King in socage by fealty ft a yearly rent of C50. Said Robert was also seised of 10 
acres of land. 10 acres of meadow ft 10 acre-: of pasture in Aylesbury, worth by the 
year, clear, 40s. ft held of John Baldwytl, kt., but by what service they know not. 
Also 1 water-mill called Heydon Mill in Stone, worth by the year, clear, £1.. and 
held of Ralph ferney, kt., but by what service they know not. Also the manor of 
Flete Marston with advowson of church there, ft U messuages, 6 tofts, 200 acres of 
land, 10 acres of meadow, o00 acres of pasture ft 00s. of rent there, ft in Quay ii toll la 
Lee, Dodershill (sic Ihnldersludl), Wboddesdbii. Hlakegrove, Bysshopston, Stone, 
& Ifertwell sometime belonging to George Hervey, kt., worth by the year, clear, jL'10 : 
ft. held of L'diuard } L'rince of Wales, as of his honour of Wallingford, by fealty 



and suit at court of Wallingford : except lands in .Stone, Hertwell and Bysshops- 
ton worth by the year, clear, £3, & held of Ralph Vcrney Knt., but by what 
service they know not. Also 1 toft, 11 acres of land, 2 acres of meadow, 6 acres 
of pasture, k 1 grove of wood in Plete Marston some time belonging to John 
Taillonr k Joan his wife k Hugh Thristons, k 15 acres of land or pasture 
there some time belonging to David Andrcwes worth by the year, clear, 12s. 
& held of Rich Hifjham, Esq. & Mary his wife by fealty k a yearly rent of 4 
capons, except said 15 acres of land or pasture wch. are worth by the year, clear 
15s. k are held of Ralph Vcrney kt. by fealty only. Also 2 messuages, 50 acres 
of land, 12 acres of pasture, k 8 acres of wood in Pycheeot, k 1 other messuage, 20 
acres of land & acres of meadow in Great Kymbell ; said messuage &c. in Pycheeot 
worth by the year, clear, 20s. k held of Georye Vernon, Esq. by fealty & yearly rent of 
0s. Those in Gt. Kymbell worth by the year, clear, 26s. 8d. & held of Michael Dormer 
Ivy fealty and suit of court at his mo nor of Kymbell, Also one close k 11 acres 
of pasture in briddesthorn late belonging to Thos. Rixhopuf Wyngrace, & 1 toft there; 
also :)\ acres of land or pasture late belonging to Rich. Siepht/ns there ; worth in all 
by the year, clear, .'is. & held of John Mordaunt, Knt., Lord Mordaunt, by fealty only. 
Also 1 strip of pasture in [tollesham (sic. Roicshain) k 1 pond called " le grete pond " 
there, worth by the year, clear. 28s. k held of John Gostwyk by fealty k suit at court 
of the manor of Rollesham. They further say that long before the death of Hubert 
Lee a certain Will Fetipace of Maydencote, Berks., gent, was siesed of a moiety of the 
manor of Briddesthorn, Bucks, k 1" acres of land k -10 acres of pasture in Briddes- 
thorn, Wingrave, k Liollcshaui, & that sd. II'///., by Indenture dated 15 Nov. 8 Hen. 
viij (1510) granted said moiety &e. to Robert Lee k his heirs forever, by the yearly 
rent of 1'?.. by well. Indenture sd. 117// was siesed of sd. moiety kc. to the use of sd. 
Robert; so seised, 12 July 13 Hen. viij (1521) in consideration of the marriage 
between said Robert !k Lettice Knollys widow of Robt. Knoll is, Esq., sd Robert by his 
charter dated ...July 13 Hen. viij (1521) enfeoffed John C'neyne, Will Bulstrodc, 
Thos Hampden, Thus. (Ireneacy, Robt. Cheyne, John llastyngs, Esquires, John Goodwyn 
Benedict Lee, k Roger Lee, gents., of said moiety to the use of sd Robert k Lett ice k 
their heirs for ever, & afterwards by act of Parliament made 2? Hen. viij (1535-0) 
sd. Robt. k Lettice were seised of sd. moiety in right of sd. Lettice for term of her 
life, who still survives : k afterwards, 3 Keb. lb' lien, viij (1521-5) a fine was levied 
between John Takynton, John Hall, k John Basset, pltfs. & William Fetipace defor- 
ciant, of the said moiety, & of 2 messuages, 10 acres of land & 50 acres of pasture in 
Ih i< hi is thorn, Wyngrave k Itollesham, whereby said Will, recognized sd. moiety kc. 
to he (he light of the said plaintiffs, they paying sd. Will, therefore £7 per aim. 
Afterwards 2 1 Apr. Hi Hen. viij ^1524) said William being so siesed as in fee of sd. 
yearly rent, sold the same to Robert Lee for £108., whereby sd. Robert became seised 
of sd. moiety &e. free of rent ; Worth by the year, clear, 120. Also they say long 
before the death of said Robert, Thos. Cartwright was siesed of the other moiety of the 
manor of Briddesthorn, w ithin which moiety the manor house is situated, wch. moiety 
sd. Thomas lately purchased for himself i his heirs of John Swafcld & Elizabeth his 
wife; k 12 acres of land there wch. sd. Thomas purchased of Rich. Bisshop of 
Hardwyk ; k 1 close there containing 1 acre of land, k 3A acres of land there wch. sd 
Thomas lately purchased of Nick. Bisshop, & 1 2 acres of pasture there wch. he pur- 
chased of Thomas Byrd ; k -11 acr. 1 rood of land & 5 acres of meadow there, purchased 
of Thos Sortrige k Joan his w ife & of Will Rede k Alice Win w ife ; also 12 acres of land 
sometime belonging to John Chapped there ; so siesed, said Thomas Cartnright . . . 
Hen. vij . . . enfeoffed Will Rule Kt , Ralph Vcrney Juii. Kt,, Thos. Piejot sergeant 
at law, John Cheyne, Roi/er Clifford, Thos. Gifford, Thos. Lahy(ston), Esquires, Thos. 
Carell, Thos. Palmer, Robt. V'ujut, John Giford k John Brokes, gents., to the use of 
Thos. Cartwright k Joan his wife & their heirs for ever; k said Ihos. died without 
issue, by said Joan, k saitl Joan still survives : And afterwards, viz. 30 Apr. 8 Hen. 
viij (1510) JiJtn Cartwright, bro, and heir of sd Thomas, by Indenture dated as 
above, sold said moiety &c to Robert Lie tor a certain sum : which moiety kc. are 
worth by the year, clear, X 10. And that sd manor of Briddesthorn, &e. late 
belonging to 117// Fetipace k Thos. Cartwright are held of Edward Prince of Wales as 
of his I oui- of Wallingford by fealty and a yearly rent of (Os. '■) 

Said Robert Lie died 2:5 Pel.. :)0 Hon. viij (1538-'')): 

Anthony Lee, his son ,V next heir is aged 28 years, 



Jnq. p.m. 4 Ed. vj. Pi. I. No. t>. 


Writ annexed dated Westminster 8 May 4 Ed. vj. (1550). 

INQUISITION taken at Aylesbury, Bucks, 22 Sept, 4 Ed. vj. (1550) before 
Richard Bury Esq. Eseheator, after the death of Anthony Lee, Kt. by the oath of 
Thus. Redman gent., Christ): Sa-jaunt, Henry Inyram, John Reyncr, Thomas Grene 
John Pursell, Thos. Founten, Will ....... Jenyns, John Wyer, John Broicn, John 

Inyram, Thos. Gurvey, Edw. Stephyns, John Spyny k Will Brykenshaw, who say that 

SIR AN Til ON Y LEE was seised of manor of Hardwyk k advowson of church 
there. Also 1 carucate of " l'loowe Ihtid " in Wedon', it 7 messuages, 4 cottages, 7l)0 
acres of land, 100 acres of meadow, 100 acres of pasture & 20s. of rent in Wedon & 
Hardwyk, sometime in the tenure of Thomas Bryan Kt. And the manor of Wedon 
or " Kemptoii's Fee," k messuages, li tofts, 500 acres of land, 500 acres of meadow, 
50 acres of pasture, acres of wood, & 20s. of rent in Wedon & Hardwyk ; And the 
moiety of the manor of Synklers in Stone near Aylesbury ; And the moiety of the 
Rectory it church of Stone ; k the advowsOn & vicarage of the parish church of 
Stone ; k 1 close of demesne land called Weserofl in Cpton, And all glebe lands, pro- 
fits, kc appertaining to sd. parish of Stone & to the moiety of t he manor of Synklers : 
k 1 messuage in Bisshoppiston late in the tenure of Richard RoVyns, k 2 parcels of 
meadow called "leu Hokes " in (ley ford. So seised, by Indenture dated 2-'5 May 
2 Edw vj (1510) in consideration of the marriage between sd. Anlhonif 8c Anna 
//assail, lie trie sd. Anthony enfeoffed sd Anna of the manor & lands aforesaid for 
term of her life,' except the advowson of the church of Hardwyk, with remainder to 
the right heirs of sd. Anthony, in virtue whereof said Anna still remains sie'sed 
t hereof as of free tenure. Further,,SiUd Anthony wax siesed of the reversion of the 
moiety of said manor of Synklyrs k the reversion of other lands, &c in Stone 
Bysshoppyston it Upton aforesaid, specified in the jointure of said Anne, late belonging 
to the Cathedral Church of Christ it the Blessed Virgin in Oxford : also 1 messuage!, 
40 acres of land, 10 acres of meadow it 10 acres of pasture in Elete Mersfon, late 
belonging to the monastery of Mednienham, wch. he lately purchased to himself it 
his heirs of Joint, Karl of Bedford, Lord Privy Seal, k by his Indenture dated 1 Sept. 
2 Edw. vj (1548), Paiid Anthony granted said reversion, messuage &c, to his sons 
Robot k Thomas Lee k their heirs, with rem under to the right heirs of said Anthony, 
by virtue of which grant, said Anna as free tenant attorned to Said Robert k Thomas 
by payment of 2d. Said manors & tenements &c. in Hardwyk it Wedon are worth 
by the year, clear, £3 I , it are held of John. Mordaunt, Kt. Lord Mordaunt, by fealty 
<t a yearly rent of 23s. 6*1. And said moiety of manors of Synklers, advowson of 
church of Stone, kc, are held of Edmund Verify, esq., as of his manor of Stone, but 
by what service they do not know, & are worth iVy the year, clear, 120. Further 
said Anthony was siesed of 1 tenement called " Bavenyiigs Place " in Quarendon & 1 
virgale of land with dose, meadow k pasture thereto belonging: k 1 close called 
llaiiueslleld vt I other messuage, ;{0 acres of pasture, it 7 A acres of meadow called 
llannys ; k 15 acres & 2 virgates of land, it '20 acres of meadow in Quarendon ■ Also 
I messuage, .'50 acres of land A' 11 acres of meadow called Stephyns in (Quarendon; 
<t 1 toft called Puleoroft, 15 acres it 2 virgates of land k 20 acres of meadow in 
Quarendon & Wedon sometime belonging to Rich. Verne y k Eleanor his wife ; it 21 
virgates of pasture & 15 tofts in Quarendon : also 1 messuage, 150 acres of pasture 
in Little Mars ton in Quarendon parish ; & diet) so seised. And Kavenyngs place, 
Hannesfeld, Hannes, kc, Stephens, Polecrofte, kc. were parcel of the manor of 
Quarendon, <t are worth by the year, clear, 100 marks. Said Anthony was also seised 
of it iii the residue of the Manor of Quarendon aforesaid, with appurt., worth by the 
year, clear, 100 marks, & held of the King in socage by baity and a yearly rent 
of £50. Also 1 close called " le Further Cppyng" in Quarendon, parcel of said 
Manor ; so seised, in consideration of the marriage between Rem dirt Lev, Bio. of said 
Ant/tony, it Margaret I'akt/uyton, said Anthony by his charter enfeoffed Robert /hrniCr 
Kt. John I'akynton, esq., Uniulrry /'akytlfftoH, Thos. J'aky in/ton , Esij. k Jo/in I'nl, i/in/ton 
of said close to the use of said Man/ant as her jointure for life ; said M'aryaHt still 
survives at Clrenborough : said close is worth by the yea)-, clear, 40 marks. Also 10 
acres of land, 10 acres of meadow it 10 acres of pasture in Aylesbury, worth by the 
year, clear, 40s. k held of Thos. Pakyngton k John Barlacy, esquires, but by what 

1 From this point copied from transcript in Ct, of Wards, being more legible. 



service they know not. Also the manor of Fletemarston with appurt. called Nervetts 
k Hatishorne, together with advowson of church of Fletemarston. And 10 messuages, 

10 tofts, 500 acres of land, 140 acres of meadow, 500 acres of pasture & 60s. rent in 
Fletemarston, Quaryiiton la lee, Dodershyll, Woddesdon, Blakegrove, Bysshoppiston, 
Stone k Hertwell, sometime belonging to l/ervy k Hiyham, worth by the year, clear, 
£10. & held of the King as of his honour of Ewelme by fealty & suit of court at 

11 VYalinford." Also 1 toft, 11 acres of land. 2 acres of meadow, G acres of pasture k 
1 grove of wood called Nervetts, & 1 grove of wood in Fletemarston sometime 
belonging to John Tayllour & Joan his wife & Hmjh Thriston ; & if* acres of pasture 
in Fletemarston sometime belonging ts David Andrcives, all which are worth by the 
year, clear, -10s., & are parcel of the manor of Fletemarston, late belonging to Richard 
Jfiyham, Esq., and Mary his wife. Also the manor of Briddesthorn, & tiOO acres of 
land, 100 acres of meadow, 500 acres of pasture in Bryddesthorn, YVyngrave, Rolles- 
ham, k Abbotts Aston, Worth by the year, clear, £40 ; and held of the King as of 
his honour of Ewelme by fealty. Also 1 capital messuage in Weston Turvyle 
late belonging to Robert Long k before to John Chapcll : & 1 apple yard, 33 acres of 
arable land, \) virgates of meadow, 1 close called Longcrofte \ another close called 
( basse crofte : & 1 collage, 1 garden, 1 appleyard & 3 acres of arable land in Weston 
'I'm vile ; 5 closes there between the lane called Trill lane X- a parcel of meadow called 
Mill Wik ; & IS aires of pasture & 5 acres of wood there : also 2 messuages, ] barn, 
S.'i acres of land, 1 1 acres of meadow X: 3<>a rent in IVerton, X 1 barn, 3 closes called 
llasyngburns in (Jrcat Myssendcn lale belonging to Rich. Smythe k Agnes his wife, 
dau. and heir of John Long of Balinger ; k all lands, kc, in (beat Myssendcn, late 
ht the separate tenures of Richard llurdynfa John lllak-e, & //'/// llykman ; Ik 21s, 
lent there: all wch. lands, Ac. in (it. Myssendcn are parcel of the manor of 
Ouarendon. Ami the said messuage, &c, in Weston Turvyle are worth by the year, 
clear, i'li., k are held of W'dl H'untlcsorc, Kl., Lord Wyndesore, as of his manor of 
W^t-ou Turvyle, by fealty A a \ early rent of Is. 2d. 

Said Anthony Lie died *_' t Nov. 3 Edw. vj (1540) Henry Lcc his son & next heir is 
of the age of 17 years A more. Said Anthony, by his Indenture enrolled in the Court 
of Exchequer, dated In* May 37 lien, viij (1545) made between sd. Anthony on the 
one part, & Henry FortctGue of Kevcnhalc in Essex, esq , on the other pai l, sold the 
manors of Wedon A Ifardwyk with appurt. (here to said Henry under conditions 
agreed between ihcm k set forth in another indenture dated 18 Ma)' 37 Hem 
viij (1515;. 

Jnq. p.m. U Eli:. Part 1, No. fflj, 

( ).\ou. 

Writ annexed, dated Westminster l'i Feb. 11 Kffe. (1001-2). 

INQUISITION taken at Oxford 7 .Inly 11 Eli/. (1G02) before Sebastian Kcle, esq., 
Cseheator, after the death of Cromwell Lee, esq., by the oath of John A'lye alias 
Lcvcrclt, Peter Kirbye, Ueoffrey Poole, John Parsons, iXich. Spittle, John Gaynewood, 
Rich. Coicper, Thos. Ikelye, Titos. Biyys, Francis //ost/er, Robt. Hoivton, Thos. Tuivnscnd, 
Thos. llorne, Nicfl. Launcc & John Spencer, who say (hat 

CROMWELL LEE was seised of the manor of Spillesbur ye, & the coppice called 
Little Enley there containing 1A acres, ami another coppice there called Create Enley 
of 13 acres 3 roods ■ <^ another coppice there called Little Foxehill of 9 acres 1 rood ; 
another called Create Foxehill of 15 acres; another called Create lleyrowes of 22 
acres 1 rood; another called little Hayrowes of 15 acres 3 roods ; another called 
Wordley alias Worldley of 11 \ acres ; another called Spanridinge of 10 acres 3 roods ; 
another called Darnell of 10 acres; another called little Hangrove of 13 acres; 
another called (beat Hangrove of 11 acres 1 rood. So seised, said Cromwell died at 
Oxiord 2\ Dec II lili/,. (HiUl); after whose deal h said manor kc , fell to Henry Lee, 
K.C., brothel - and heir of said Cromwell. Said Henry is (!!• years of age. Said manor 
is wort h by the year, clear, X.6 k is held of the Queen in chief by knight's service but 
by what part of a knight's fee they know not. 


Dug&nfe's ITraitatton of Jjorkaljiw, 


[Continued from p. 133.) 

Baynton Beacon. 

Kilham, 31 Aug. 1666. 



Arms :— (Quarterly of nine 

1. Argent, a lion rampant S;il)le, a orescent Gules for difference 


2. Sal. I.-, livtty Or (Bella Aqua). 

.'!. Or, a sulkuo iiml h chief Gules (Bins). 

I. Cheeky Or and Azure (Hrittam). 

it. Kriuinc, a crescent Or (Kichmoml). 

ti. Harry of eight, Or anil Gules (Kit/.alan). 

7. Bendy of six, Argent and Azure (St Pbilibert). 

8. Argent, on a fessi Azure, three fieur-dedis Or (ITsflete). 

9. Argent, a bend between six martlets Gules (Furnival). 

OliKsT: — Out of a ducal coronet Or, a Saracen's head allYontee, round the temples a 
wreath knotted behind, all proper. 

I. HENRY ST A VLETON, of Wvjliill, in com. Ebor., Es<^ had by 
Mary Shepherd or Forster — 

1. Robert Stapleton, of Wi<jhill, Esq. (see Stapelton of 


2, S r Philip (II). 

IT. >V' PHILIP STAPLETON, of Wartre, in com. Ebor., A\ died 
at Cafat\ in d° Ui'fO or i iher eauo b. 1003, of Queen's Coll., 
( \unb., M.l*. for Borough bridge 1 (510, purchased Wartcr Priory; 
Parliamentary Commander and Presbyterian. Impeached by 
the Army 14 Aug, 1 G 17, fled to Calais, died and bur. there 
Aug. 1017. Will pr. at London 2 Oct. 1 649, mar. Frances, 
daughter of 6 r John llothom, of Scortoroiigh, in com. Ebor. t 
/not, widow of John Gee, of Beverly, first wife. They had 

issue — 

/. John (111). 



2. Robert, a Student of Grayes lime 1657, inherited 
Wighill on bis cousin Henry Stapilton's death in 
1673, d. intest. 1675, mar. Dorothy, dau. of Henry, 
fourth Lord Fairfax, of Denton (mar. secondly 
Bennet Sherard, of Whissendine, M.P.) 
Henry, eldest son, bp. at Watton 12 Nov. 1631 (C.B.N.) 

1. Catherine, wife of George Lesson, of Ihiblyn, in Ireland. 

2. Isabel I, wife of . . . R'<j<js, of Rye, in com. Sussex, Id. 6 

Sept. 1644, unm. 

3. Mary, ? wife of . . . Biggs of Rye, secondly of Thomas, 

fourth Viscount Fitzwilliam. 
lie mar. Barbara, daughter of Leonard, Lord Dacres, of Hurst 
Monceaux, co. Sussex, % d wife, mar. lie. 6 Feb. 163|, at St. 
Anne's, Blackfriais. They had issue— 

1. Henry, succeded to Wighill on the death of his half- 

brother Robert 1675, d. unm. 172-1. Will 18 July 
1716, pr. 1729. 

2. Philip, of Wighill (IV). 

Frances, wife of Sir Nathaniel Powell, of E\v hurst place, 

Elizabeth, bp. 11 Feb. 1640, probably d. 16 Dec. 1646. 
Philippa, bp. 28 May 16 11, probably d. before her father. 

III. JOHN S TA PL E TON, of Warm, in com. Ebor , JSW/ r . vet. %8, 

ami. 31 Aug., a° 1005, J.P., bur. at Waiter 3 May 1697, mar. 
Elizabeth, daughter of S 1 ' Wilfride Lawson, of Ixell, in com. 
Cumbria 1 , A'' and Hart. They had issue — 

WUfiu'd tifapfctm, <>■/. # an., ,11 Aug. 1005, d. y. 
./. Isabel!, mar. Sir Wm. Pennington of Muncaster, co. 
( luViib., Hart . had Wari er. 
/''rauccs, b. at War tor 15 Mar. 1655. 

3. Jam', mar. Rowland Mosley, of York, 25 Apr. 169.3, at 

St. < Nave's and bur.. 7 Feb, 169; at All Saints' 

Pavement, York ((J.H.N.) 
Klizabetli, l». al Warter l(>56. 
.lane, di young. 

Fsther, b. at. Warter 1659, mar. John Saunders of 
(Jrosmont Abbey, near Whitby. 

IV. PHILIP STAPELTON, of Wighill, succeeded his brother Henry, 

bur. at Wighill 2 Feb. 1729. / Will 6 May 1729, mar. Margaret, 
dau. of Thomas Gage, his father's coachman, 1 May 1682, d. 
1743. Tlujy had issue — 

Henry, bp. at All Saints', Fulham, 19 Jan. 1684, d. young. 

Robert, bp. Fulham 5 May 1690, d. young. 

Henry (V). 

Philip, sole executor of his father, bp. at Fulham 3 Apr. 

1698, h id half share of Wighill, d. s.p. 1744, mar. 

Anna, dau. of . . . Thompson, of Marston. 
Francos, bp. Fulham 22 Dec. 1686. 
Pfetiipp*, bp. Fulham 13 Dec. 1688. 
Miry, bp. Fulhun 22 Nov. 1696. 



V. HENRY STAP ELTON, bp. at Fulham G Apr. 1G92, died v p. 
1725, mar. Ann Maitland. They had issue — 
Henry (VI). 

Philip, a Captain, b. eirca 1723, d. 1783 num., bur. at 
Wighill. Will 28 Nov. 1782, pr. 8 July 1784. 

VI. HENRY STAPILTON, of Wighill and Hatfield, Esq., eight 
years old in 1729, d. I Sept. 1716, bur. at Wighill. Will 1 
Apr. 1746, mar. Elizabeth, dau. of George Healey, Esq., of 
Purningham, eo. Lino, ( renin". 1752 Barnard Webb of Cloven- 
millon, eo. Waterford). They had issue — ■ 
Henry (VII). 

Philip, had £1,000 from his father, d. at 22. 

VII. HENRY STAPILTON, of Wighill, Esq, five years old at his 
father's death, Captain, Yorkshire Militia, d. 4 Apr. 1779, bur. 
at Wighill, mar. Harriet, fourth dau. and eoh. of Sir Warton 
Pennyman Warton, of Beverley, d. 1791, bur. at Wighill. 
They had issue — 

Martha Stapylton, mar. at Belfreys, York., 27 July 
1783 Capt. the Honble. G. A. Chetwynd, who 
assumed the name of Chetwynd-Stapylton. She 
died 1822, bur. at Uadley, Middlesex. Wighill was 
sold to Mr. Eountayne Wilson for £70,000. 

Bui. me it Wapentake. Yorke, 9° Sept. 1GG5. 

^tapnlton of Jfttrton. 

Ait Ms :— Quarterly of Eight. 

1. Argent, a lion rampant Sable. 

2. Cheeky (Or) and (Azure) a bordure (Gules) a canton Ermine 


3. (Sa) fretty (Or) (Belhi Aqua). 

4. Barry of six (Or) and ((Jules) (Fit/. Alan). 

5. Bendy of six. (Arg.) and (A/.ure) (St. Bhilibert). 

(i. (Argent) on afess (Az) three fleur-de-lis Or (Usflete). 

7. Gules, between two Ranches eheeky Argent and Azure, as many 

crosses patee in pale of the second fimbriated Or (Sherington). 

8. As the first. 

L S' ROBERT STAPYLTON, of Wighill, in co. Mor., K\ MP. 
for Yorkshire, bur. at Wighill ;} Oct. 1 GOG, mar. Catherine, 
<lawj hter of S r Marnuulukt Constable, of Everingharn, in com. 
Ebor., 10, first wife. They had issue — 

Henry Stapleton of Wi'jhill, AV/. (see Stapleton of 

Mar. Oliva, daughter and coheir of S r Henry Sherrington, of 
Laeoek, in com. Wilts., A'/, wi'4o® of John Talbot, of Sal tear ft 
in com. Wigorn, Es>/>\ wife. 
1. Bryan (II). 

f. Robert presented to the Rectory of Lacock 1616, mat. 
JUlliol Coll. Oxford 19 June 1607, aged 17 (Foster). 



3. William. 

4. Edward, Reader of the Inner Temple 1621. 

1. Oliva, wife of S 1 ' Robert Dinely, of Bramhopc, in com. 

Ehor., Kn l , mar. at Chelsea 25 June 1005. 

2. Ursula, wife of S r Robert Bayard., of Laclham, in com. 

Wil(&, Kn\ hp. 10 July 1587 at Chelsea. 
Mary, hp. 5 Apr. 1 585 at Stepney, d. nam. 

II. BRYAX STAPYLTON, or Myton, incom. Ehor., Es»,'\ died circa 
ami. 16$$, mat. Balliol Coll. Oxford 30 Mar. 1604, aged 15 
(Foster), Receiver General for Charles I. Will 1 Feb. 1655-6, 
pr. London 26 Nov. 1658 (York. Arch. Soc, Record Series, viii, 
136), mar. Prances, daughter of S r I Jewry Slingesby, of Scriven, 
in coin. Ehor., Kt — 
J. S r Henry (111). 

J. Robert Stapyfton, mat, Oxf. 20 June 1634, aged 16, of 
Stapleford, co. Lcic, M.P. for Roroughbridge 1659. 
Miles Utapiltott) of Norton, co. Durh., librarian to Bishop 
Cosin, mar. Elizabeth, daughter of . . . Mynde, citizen 
of London 8 Aug. 1655, St, Olave's, Jewry. 

1. Miles, D.D., Fellow of All Souls, Oxf., Rector 

of Harpsden, d. num. May 1731. 

2. Brian, d. num. 

■7. Robert, R.N., had — 

Miles, Admiral, R.N., who left a daughter. 



4. Henry (see Stapylton of Norton) (A). 
1 Bryan, mat St. Alhan Hall, Oxf. 28 June 1630. 

1. Ottvi.t, second w'fc <>/' S r Will. Wvasour, of Oopman- 

thorpe, K l and Bar 1 , a younger son of <V' Thomas 
Vo 'vasour, R l , Knight Marxhull to Ring James, mar. 
secondly Richard Topham, Ksq., of Westminster. 
Slie was horn at Lacock 1620, and bur. at Chelsea 26 
Nov. 1714, leaving issue- 
Frances, Lady Norcliffe. 

2. Frances, wife of John I/utton, son and he ire apparent of 

Mathew IluWm. of Mar she, in com. Ehor., h.sgr, mar. 
art. 13 Sept. 16M, Marske 5 May 1684 (Raine). 

3. Ursula, wife of Thomas Pepys, of If ate ham Barnes, in 

com. Sicrr.j Es</., mar. at Kensington 29 Mar. 1660. 

Iir. S>- HENRY STAPYLTON, of Myton, BarK cr. 22 June 1660, 
(tt. J,S, an. 9 Sept. W60, mat. St, Alban Flail, Oxf., 13 June 
1635, (1. 1679, bur. at Merton, war* Eihaheth, da. of Congers, 
L d Darcy and Conners, of Hornby Castle, in com. Eborum, 
at Hornby 18 Oet. 1650. They had issue - 

1. Henry Staplelon, ait. 9 awn., 0" Sept., a° 1G05. 

2, Brian (IV). 

J. (/race, wife of Thos. Robinson, Esq , of Rokeby. 

2. Ursula, St. Michael's, Malton, 1 1 Jan. 107 J (C. II. N.) 



S. Jf(ir</ar<'t. 

J h Elhthetli, wife of John Dodsworth, Esq., of Thornton- 

5. Frances, wife of John Lowe, of Gray's Inn, Barr.-at-Law, 
mar. lie. 30 May 1682, living in London, 1730 (C.B.N.) 

IV. SIR BRIAN STAPYLTON, of Myton, second Bart, mat. 
Christchurch, Oxf., 3 Nov. iG71, a-t. 17, High Sheriff 1683, 
M.P. for Aldborotigh 1079-81, and Boronghbridge 1G88-90, 
1G98-1702, d. 23 Nov. 1727, mar. Anne, dan. of Sir John 
Kaye, Bart., of Woodsome, d. 1 Mar. 17-fJ. They had 
issue — 

Bryan ,. , 

- died young. 
Miles J ° 


John (V.) 



V. SIR JOHN STAPYLTON, third Bavt., of Myton, mat. St. 

Edmund Hall, Oxf., 12 .Line 1702, M P., d. 21 Oet. 1733, 
from a fall from his horse, mar. Mary, dan. and h. of Francis 
Sandys of Scroby They had issue — 

Sir Miles, fourth Bart., mat. Univ. Coll., Oxford, 1G Nov. 
172G, then 18 (Foster), d. s.p. 1-1 May 1752, mar. 1738, 
Ann, dan. of Edmond Waller of Hall Barn, Beaconslield, 
d. 13 Nov. 1791. They had issue- 
Ann, d. iiimi. 9 June 1770. 
Sir Bryan, fifth Bart., succeeded his brother, o. num. 

27 June 1772, at Briglitvvell, Oxfordshire. 
Sir John, sixth Bart., in the navy, d. num. 19 Feb. 1785. 

Sir Martin (VI.) 

Elizabeth, mar. Henry Waller, M.B., Wycombe, Bucks. 



VI. SIR MARTIN STAPYLTON, seventh Bart,, of Myton. in 

Holy Orders, of University Coll., Oxf., then 21, one of the 
Brethren of St. Katherine's in the Tower, 1750, Rector of 
Brightwell, co. Oxf., d. 21 Jan. 1801, mar. Leckie, dau. of 
John Love, mercht., Bristol, 29 Apr. 1742. They had issue — 
Francis Samuel, Capt. in Army, of Lincoln Coll., Oxf., 1765, 
aged 1G, killed at Bunker's Hill, 1 7 June 1775, mar. 
. . . and had a son. 
Luke, d. unm. 



Henry, d. s.p. v.p. 
Sir Martin (VII.) 

Anne, mar. Rev. John Bree, ML A. Balliol Coll., Oxf., 1770. 
Their son, Martin Bree, suceeeded to the Myton estates 
on the death of his uncle and assumed the name of 

VII. SIR MARTIN STAPYLTON, eighth Bart, of Myton, d. s.p. 
2 Jan. 1807, when the Baronetcy became extinct. 

The Myton as well as all the other branches having become extinct 
in the male line, the only remaining one now is that of Norton, of 
which the following is an account, from Canon Raine's " Marske." 

A. HENHY STAPYLTON, M.A. (fourth son of Miles Stapylton 

and Elizabeth Hynde), Rector of Marske and Thornton- 
Watlas, mat. All Souls, Oxf., 14 July 1G88, tet. 16, died at 
Watlas 9 Feb. 174?, bur. there . mar. Mary, dan. of Rev. 
John Orchard of Newbury, Berks, bur. at Watlas 22 Dec. 
1755. They had issue — 
John (B.) 

Mary, bp. 6 July 1696, at Marske, bur. 13 Sept. 1723, at 

Eliza, bp. 26 Aug. 1698, at Marske, mar. at Well 27 Sept. 

1757, Richd. Tennant, Esq. 
Frances, bp. Marske, 11 Jan. 170^, d. unm. 
Sarah, bp. Marske, 19 Feb. 170§, mar. at Watlas 8 Aug. 

17 33, Thos. Raisbeck of Stockton. 
Henrietta, bp. 26 Apr., bur. 19 June 1704 at Marske. 
Olivia, bp. Watlas, 19 Sept. 1707, mar. 13 Apr. 1738, 

Revd. Thos. Robinson, Rector of Wycliffe. 
Henrietta, bp. Watlas, 3 Sept. 1714, mar. 14 Feb. 17f£, 

John Soux. 

B. JOHN STAPYLTON, M.A., Rector of Thornton-Watlas, bp. 

there 19 Sept. 1707, d. there 3 Oct, 1767, mar. first Ellen, 
flan, ol* lvoger Lee, Est}., of Pinchinthorpe. They had issue — 
Henry, d inf. 

He married secondly Lucy, dan. of Thos. Wycliffe, Esq., of 
Oailes, bp. 23 Sept. 1725, mar. 4 Feb. 1754 at Kirkby Hill. 
They had issue — 
Henry (C.) 

Thomas, d. unm. 1780, set. 21, at Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

C. HENRY STAPYLTON, Esq., of Norton, co. Durh., J. P., 

d. 1835, mar. Mar}* Ann, dau and h. of Robert Gregory, Capt. 
R.N., 3 Jan. 1786. 

John, Barr.-at-law, d. unm. Feb. 1836. 

Henry, Lt, killed in the war with France 23 Feb. 1814, unm. 
Robert Martin (D.) 

Mary Frances, wife of Marshall Fowler, Esq., of Preston, 
co. Durh. 

Olivia, wife of George William Sutton of Elton. 
Lucy, d. unm. 

Henrietta Charlotte, d. unm. 



D. ROBERT MARTIN STAPYLTON, of the Army Pay Office, d. 

17 Jan. 1804, mar. Eliza, dan of J. Bockett, Esq., at S. Mary's, 
Reading, 10 Apr. 1814. 

1 . Henry Miles, d. y. 

2. Robert George (E.) 

3. Thomas Wyclifte] 

4. John Sutton V d. y. 

5. Miles J 
0. Henry. 

7. Miles, b. 9 Feb. 1830, mar. Sarah Dorcas, dan. of Rev. 
Benj. Boekett. They had — 
Bryan, b. 23 Nov. 1870. 
Alan, b. 16 May 1872. 
Ella Mary. 
Marv Anne Gregory. 

Henrietta Charlotte, b. 1827, d. 20 Nov. 1893. 

Eliza Anne. 


Mary Jane. 

E. ROBERT GEORGE STAPYLTON, Barr.-at-law, b. 13 Atigj 

1820, d. 6 Jan. 1873, mar. Madalina Clementina, dan. of Very 
Rev. George Bowers, Dean of Manchester. They had — 

Robert Miles, b. 15 Apr. 1804. 

Olive Harriet. 

Henrietta Eliza, d. 1872. 

Mary Ursula, mar. 25 June 1884 Walter Handel Thorlcy of 

Auimioa and Morley Wapentake. 

Yorke, 13 Sept. 1665. 



Croslanit Hill 

Arms : — Quarterly urgent and gules, a cross botonnee counterchanged. 

1. ROGER DE C ROSEA ND, mar. Philijya, daughter of 
Uftuii, and had — 


* •.—«—■■■ ■ 1,1,1 


k %m 

20Q ducdalk's visitation of yorkshike. 

II. ADAM DE CROSLAND, tempore Edw. I, had— 


IV. "8* JOHN DE CROSLAND, 10, had— 

1 . S r Edward Crosland, K', mar. . . . and had — 

Grace, daughter and heire, wife of S* Robert Beau- 
motrt, KuK 
3. Thomas Crosland (V). 





IX. WILLIAM CROSLAND, mar. Agnes, daughter of . . . Clarke, 
of Mot ton in com. Derbice, and had — 

X. RICHARD CROSLAND, mar. Joane, daughter and heire of 

. . . Norman of . . . in com. No/t. 
1. Tliomas Cropland (XI). 
& WMm: 

0. Norman. 

Alice, wife unto Simon Shield. 
Eliz., wife of WilVm Harbut. 
Margaret, wife unto John Broomby. 

XI. THOMAS CROSLAND, of Crosland Hill in the parish of 

AtmonJbunj, in com. Ebor., died in a 15S7, on a journey to 
London, 1 bur. 2 Sep. 1587, mar. Marina or Marioila. da ugh. of 
Walter ilawlsworth of Haivkstcorth, bur. at Ahnondbury 1565. 
They had issue — 

1. Thomas Crosland (XII). 

1. Anne, bp. Alniondbury 23 Aug. 1565. 

He mar. secondly Joanna . . . bur. at Ahnondbury 11 July 
1575. They had issue — 

2. George. 

3. John, bp. at Ahnondbury 31 Oct. 1568, founder of the 

Newby branch. 

4. Michael, bp. Ahnondbury 7 Oct. 1571, bur. there 23 

June 1 577. 

5. Luke, bp. and bur. Ahnondbury 16 July 1575. 

2. Grace, w>fe of Leonard Calvert, of Kipling in co. Ebor, 

bp. Ahnondbury 8 Feb. 157*. 

3. Lucy, bp Ahnondbury 28 Nov. 1509, bur. there 8 Feb. 

Mj7* ! I 

4. Susannah, bp. Ahnondbury 16 May 1574. 

1 In the Ahnondbury Register he in entered "in itinerc Londino ad inclinas 
Rartholouiei moriebatur ac sepultus erat, Rodley." 


XII. THOMAS CROSLAN D, of Crosland Hi!/, bp. Almondbury 23 
Aug. 1561, bur. there 17 Feb. 102;], mar. Dorothy, daughter 
and cohcire of . . . Mm/, of Thoipe, in co. Ebor., at Almond- 
bury 12 Feb. 1587, bur. there 12 Apr. 1634. They had 
issue — 

1. Thomas Crosland, Esq , of Crosland Hill, bp. Almond- 

bury 9 Mar. 1588/9, bur. there Oet. 1639. " Vir 
probus." Will 14 Oet. 1639 ; mar. Mary . . . 

2. (r'i/<>s, bp. Almondbury 9 Feb. 15££, oh. s. prole. 

3. Mathios, bp. Almondbury 25 Feb. ob s. prole. 
J/.. William, bp. Almondbury, 28 Nov. 1594, ob. s. prole. 
5. Nathaniel (XIII). 

1. Judith, wife of John Booth, D r of Phisick, bp. Almond- 
bury 24 Aug. 1598. 
~. Lucie, wife, of Robert Hurst, of Greneliead in co. Ebor, 

bur. 5 Apr. 1642 Huddcrsfield. 
3. . . . wife of Thomas Lancashire of Manchester. 
Sarah, bp. Almondbury 18 Oet. 1593, d. inf. 
Dorothy, wife of Thomas Brooke, of Newhouse, bp. 
Almondbury 16 Nov. 1595, mar. Huddersfield 24 
Jan. 1624, bur. there 6 Mar. 1634, s.p. 
Grace, bp. Almondbury 12 June 1597. (It is possible 

she was the wife of Thos. Lancashire above.) 
Elizabeth, bp. 21 Dee. 1599, bur. 18 Feb. following. 

XIII. NA Til A NIELL CROSLA ND, of Crosland Hill, died circa ann 
ltiJf.'t, being a Cap 1 of Horse in the Army of K. Charles the 
first, mar. Jane, daughter of Gaivyh llymers, of Shields, in the 
Uisshoppric of Durha. 
Thomas (XIV). 

1. Thoniasin, wife of George Good., of Kingston upon 

Thames in com Surrey. 

2. Jjucie, wife of Thomas Hill, of Fulham ill co. Midd. 

3. Mary, num. 1 665, 

4. Jaue } wife of Thomas Sympson, of Braferton in co.Ebor. 

5. Esther, num. 1665. 

(J. Susan, mar. 20 Dec. 1670 Chr. Hodson of Ripon. 

XIV. THOMAS CROSLAND, of Crosland Hill, at. 28 an. 13 Sept. 

I6G0, after of Coberoft, Womersley. Will 25 Jan. 1678/9, mar. 
Elizabeth, daughter of Christojjh r Breary, Alderman of Yorke ; 
Exec, of her husband's will d. 10 Jan. 1685/6, bur. at Kirk 
Bramwith (C.B.N. ). They had issue — 

1. Thomas (XV). 

2. Christopher, ajt. 3 ann., had £50 in his father's will, bp. 

Bishophill 1 1 Oet. 1662, d. y. 

1. Elizabeth, bp. Bishophill 16 Oet. 1656. 

2. Jane, wife of Win. Foster of Clapham, bp. Bishophill 

9 Aug. 1658, mar. Womersley 26 May 1683. 
Mary, bp. Bishophill, York, 22 Mar. 1659, d. 7 June 
1669, and bur. at St. John's. 




Dorothy, bp. Bishophill 19 Nov. 1664, bur. at St. John's 

4 Jan. 1664. 
Ann, bp. Bishophill 17 Oct. 1667. 

Robert, had £100 in his father's will, bp. Bishophill 26 

Feb. 1669. 
Walter, had £100 in his father's will. 
Nathaniel, had £100 in his father's will, bp. Bishophill 

11 Sept. 1665, living 1679. 

XV. THOMAS CROPLAND, letutis 4 annoy. 13 Sept. a 1665, of 
Jesus Coll. Cainb., Rector of Kirk Rramwith, inst. 17 May 
1685, bp. Bishophill 9 Feb 160*', bur. St. John's, York 18 
May 1714; sold Crosland Hill to Matthew 'Wilkinson, of 
Greenhead ; mar. Mary, dan. of Dr. Marmaduke Cooke, Rector 
of Kirk Braniwith and Canon of York, at York Minster 21 
Aug. 1683 ; bur. at Snaith 23 Apr. 1694 (C.B.N.). They had 

Thomas Crosland, Student of Jesus Coll. Camb., d. unm. 


William, bp. Snaith 19 Mar. 169% (C.B.N.) 

Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Stones, of Kirk Bramwith, bur. 
at Braithwaite 1 Sep. 1716. 
lie mar. secondly Rosamond, dan. of William Atkinson, of 
Kirkskill, wid of Kdnmnd (Jarforth, at Add 7 Nov. 1685, bur, 
5 Apr, 1708 at Kirk Rramwith (C.B N.). 

He mar. thirdly Catherine, dan. of John Roe of Almonbury, 
at Kirk Bramwith 1 Dec. 1708 (C.B.N.) 

Kuton Lidkutyk. Kilharo, 31 Aug. 1005. 

Aumss : — Quarterly, Argent and Gules, a crosn botonnee counter changed, a crescent 
for difference : an escutcheon of pretence : Qule.s, a fret Argent. (Fleming 
of Rydale). 

I. JOHN CROSLAND, of the Canon Carth, Jlemsleij, in com. 
El/or, (lent., son of Thomas Crosland, of Crosland Hill (XI), by 
his second wife, Joanna . . . bp. at Almondbury 31 Oct. 
1568, bur. 21 Feb. 159 J; in the service of Roger, Earl of 
Rutland, mar. Elizabeth, daughter, of George ClajJiam, of 
Beamsley, in co. Ebor (mar. secondly Wm. Ashley, Cent., of 
Maltby 2 Feb. 159*), bur. Helmsley 4 Dec. 1606 (C.B.N.). 
They had issue — 

1. John (II). j 
# Peter, bur. Helmsley 7 Apr. 1625, ' 
1. Elizabeth (Frances), wife of John Talbot of Tliorneton in 
le Street in com. Ebor, mar. Holmsley 23 Nov. 1596. 
J. Ellen, wife of Mich Ernie y, of Londesborough, bp. 
Helmsley 8 Sept. 1588. 

issue — 




JOHN CROSLANO, of 1 [trashy , died in Nov. 1GSG, Entered 
his pedigree at Visitation of 1612; bur. Helmsley 30 Nov. 
1635 ; Will 10 Nov. 1635, to be buried in the Quire ; mar. 
Jane, daughter of Henry Atkinson, of Little Cattail, in com. 
Ebor, mar. lie. 1610. Had to compound for her estate and 
fined £100 17 Mar. 164^ ; bur. at Helmsley 29 Nov. 1657. 
They had issue — 

1. Sir Jordan (III). 

2. Henry Croslaud, of Helmsley, a Royalist Compounder, 

fined £5, bp. Helmsley 23 Nov. 1624, bur. there 24 
July 1690 ; Will 1 Feb. 168| ; mar. Catherine, dau. 
of George Metcalfe, of Northallerton ; bur. at Helm- 
sley 23 Sept. 1678. They had issue — 

Jane, bp. Helmsley 10 Apr 1653, mar. there 

Ccorge Rookes of Royds Hall 19 Jan. 1677. 
Elizabeth, bp. 1660, mar. Roger Talbot of Wood 

End, 27 Oct. 1681. 
Catherine, bp. Helmsley 6 Apr. 1666, mar. John 

Smelt 3 June 1691, ex. of her father's will. 
1 dau., mar. . . . Moore, in her father's will. 
J. Eliz., wife of Charles Tankard, of Arden, bp. Helmsley 

15 Jan. 161£, mar. there 16 Jan. 162f 
2. Eleanor, wife of Colonell William Prideaux, secondly of 
John Stukeley, of Ufiington, grandfather of Dr. Win. 
Stukeley, bp. Helmsley 27 Dec. 1614, bur. St. 
M arga re t's A V es t in i n s t e r . 
S. Jane, bp. Helmsley 16U, bur. there 1 Nov. 1657. 
John, bur. 1612. 

John, bp. Helmsley 19 July, bur. 23 Dec. 1621 there. 
Janet, twin with John. 

John, bp. Helmsley 14 Nov. 1622, in his father's will. 
Francis, ? eld. son, bp. Helmsley 12 Nov. 1616/ bur. 

there 11 Nov. 1636. 
Charles, bur. 13 Dec. 1627 Helmsley. 

SIM JORDAN CROSLAXD, of Newby in the Liberty of 
Rippon, in co. Ebor, K l , now Constable of Scarborough Castle in 
co. Ebor, at. J^o an. 31 Aug. lUUo. A Royalist, Knighted at 
Lincoln 14 July 1642, bp. Helmsley 31 Dec. 1618, d. 20 Aug. 
1670, bur. Ripon Minster, M.I., mar. Bridget, eldest da. to 
John Fleming, of Rydale in co. Westmorl d Esq r and sister and 
coheir to WilVm her brother (mar. secondly 19 Dec. 1681 Win. 
Moore, Esq.), They had issue — 
1. John (IV). 

J. Charles, cct. JO annor., Priest of the Society of! Jesus, 
bp. Helmsley 13 May 1655, d. 30 Mar."' 1724. 
(English Catholic Nonjurors). 

0. George, cat. 5 mensium, Mission Priest at Hazlewood, 

d. 12 Oct. 1729 (Yorks. Arch. Journal, xiii, 541). 

1. Dorothy, wife of Philip Langdalc, of Houghton, bp. 23 

Jan. 1618/9. 




v. Jane, wife of Sir Walter Vavasour, Bart., bp. Helmsley 
26 Dee. 1649. 
Bridget, bp. Helmsley 20 Feb. 1653, d. y. 
Bridget, bp. Helmsley 28 May 1654. 
Grace, bp. Helmsley 16 May 1656. 

Mary, bp. S. Mary le Belfry. York 5 Feb. 165?, bur. 

Holy Trinity, Goodramgate 1657. 
Henry Crosland, of Whcnby, Priest of the Order of St. 

Dominic, b. 1670, d. at Whenby 1720 (English 

Catholic Nonjurors). 

IV. JOHN CROSLAND, mt. IS an. 31 Aug. 1665, bp. Helmsley 
9 Aug. 1651, mar. Barbara, wid. of John Grimston, Esq., d. 23 
Apr. 1695. 

Henry Crosland, of Woodhall, Nonjuror, 1715, bp. Hemsley 

6 July 1685. 
Jordan, bur. Market Weighton 28 July 1682. 
Jane, bp. 5 Mar. 1G79 Holy Trinity, Goodramgate, York. 

The entries from the Registers at Almondbury and Helmsley have 
been given with other information by Mr. G. W. Tomlinson, F.S.A. 

Strafford and Tickhill Wapentake. Sheffeild, 10 Apr. 166(3. 

iiatdtffc of m&tm. 

Arms : — None entered. 

I. MOTH EE HAM HA TCLIFFE, of Stud ham, in co. Buck., died 

in a lGJfO, vet circa., mar. . . . dauglder of .... Cole, of 
.... in com. Rucks. 

1. Thomas Ratcliffe, Citizen of J London. 

2. Francis (II). 

II. FRANCIS RA TCLIFFE, of Sheffeild, in co. Ebor. cetatis U 

ann. 10° Apr. 1666, bur. in the chancel of Sheffield ch. 16 
July 1685. M.I. Will 29 May 1678, pr. Nov. 1685, in 
which he calls himself and his children Ratoliffe alias W ratten; 
mar. Anne, daughter of John Allison, of Weme, in com. Saloj), 
1 wife, d. 17 Sept. 1656, jet. 26, bur. at Sheffield. He. mar. 
Anne, daughter of Robert Traps, of Nid, hi co. kbor., # wife, 
d. at Holme Hall, near Itotherham, bur. at Sheffield 22 Feb. 
171 7 . They had issue— 

1. Henry (III). 1 
Francis, bp. at Sheffield 20 July 1665. 

3. Thomas, bp. at Sheffield 21 Apr. 1668. 

i. Kohert, of Holme Hall, gent., bp. at Sheffield 17 Oct. 
1670, bur. 11 June 1699. 



1. Anne, dyed young, bp. at Sheffield 7 Mar. 167*, bur. 

there 8 Dec. 1677. 

2. Mary, bp. at Sheffield 14 May 1759, wife of Luke Ogle, 

d. 25 Mar. 1684, bur. Sheffield Par. Ch. 

III. I1EXRY RATCIIFFE, at, 7 annorum 10 Apr,, a" 1666, of 

Holme Hall, par. of Rotherham, gent., bp. at Sheffield 27 Oct, 
1661. bur. there 2 Feb. 171?, mar. Mary . . bur. at Sheffield 
28 Jan. 168;. They had issue— 

IV. FRANCIS RATCLIFFE, of Holme Hall, gent, bp. at Rother- 

ham 24 Aug. 1687, bur. in Sheffield ch. 1 Apr. 1746. Will 
6 Mar. 174,;, pr, 13 Feb. 1748; left his estate to his friend 
and executor, John Kent, of Kimberworth, gent. (Hunter). 

Leedes, 11° Aug. 1G65 



Akms :— Per betid Or and Sable, a Hon ram punt eounterehnnged. 

r. RICHARD SlM'PSO'tt, of Leeds, in com. Eborum, x had issue — 

l\ RICHARD SIMPSON, of the market place, Leedes, bur. there 
10 Oct. 1588, had issue— 

1. William Simpson, died without issue, bp. Leeds 6 Jan. 

% Anthony (III). 

&. Thomas, died unmarried, bp. Leeds 21 Apr. 1583. 
J h (,'eori/e, died uumnrrled, bp. Leeds 30 Aug. 1579. 
1. El r.ab' lli , wife unto tfW/h Loot//, merchant of Leeds, bp. 
there 11 July 157 1, 'mar. ihcre, 3 Dec. 1094* , 
Frances, irife unto (leonje Flet -her, of Retford, In com. 

1 In the Leeds Registers there is 17 Nov. 1572, "Richard Sympson of y e Markett 
l'luee, bur," 

Thk Burhouqh of Leedes. 





III. ANTHONY SIMPSON, of Levies, died in a" 162S y or there- 

abouts, bp. there 7 Jan. 158?, mar. Jane, daughter of John 
Wilson, of Fry to 1 1, in co. Eborum, and had issue — 
John (IV). 

Mary (? Alice), mar. Thos. Needham, of Chesterfield (Thoresby). 

IV. JOHN SIMPSON, of Leedes, cut. 56 an 11° Any 1665, d. 3 

Mar. 1G70, bur. Leeds. M.I. ; indr. Elizabeth, daughter of 
Gervase Shaw, of Chesterfield, in coin. Derb., d. 3 July 1680, 
bur. Leeds. M.I. They had issue — 

Elizabeth, wife of Samuell Syke<, a merchant in Leedes, Mayor 
1674, daughter and heiress, mar. at Leeds 20 Nov. 1662, d. 
Oct. 1714. 

Stye Iparltamentarg UXoll of £rms. 

Communicated by Oswald Bahuon. 
(Continued from p. 1)36..) 

687. Sire Rof Peyteuyn • do Ermyne a iij elieuerons de goules. 

688. Sire John de Creppinge * de goui bilette de or a vn lion rampand 

de argent. 

689. Sire Rob 9 t de sandebi • de argent frette de azur. 

690. Sire RojjJ de beltoi't • Meisme les armes od le chef de azur. 

691. Sire Rob 9 t de holteby • de azur frette de argent od le chef de 


692. Sire (Jeffrey mauconaunt • de argent a vne bende de sable e ij 

Cotyes de gout. 

693. Sire Randolf de Otteby • de gout a ij barres de argent en le 

chef iij rondels de argent. 

694. Sire John de Caltoft • de gout a iij roses de argent. 

695. Sire Felip de yllcye • de gout a vn egle de or e vn baston de azur. 

696. Sire John de lonye • Chek 9 e de argent e de azur od le chef de 

gout a ij molez de or. 

697. Sire John de Saunton • de or od le chef de azure. 

69S. Sire Willame Darey • de goules od treys roses de argent. 

699. Sire JolCn Dairy • de ass/ire cssi/e dargent a iij Roses de a . . . 

700. Sire Jo/t n comt/n • dargent c'tssile de gouV a iij gaibes de g<adys. 

701. Sir' perex de mltttterks • dargpitt c'ssile de gouV a iij Hoses de 




Le Countk de Erewik. 

702. Sire Huge Wake • de or a ij barres de gout en le chef iij rondels 

de gout e vn baston de azure. 

703. Sire Huge Wake le oncle • de gout a ij barres de argent en 

le chef iij rondels de argent. 

704. Sire Baudewyne Pycot • de azur a ij barres de or en le chef iij 

rondels de or. 

705. Sire Adam de Hodlestone • de gout frette de argent od la bordur 

endente de or. 

70G. Sire Richard de Hodlestone • de gout frette de argent a vn label 
de azur. 

707. Sire Richard de Hodlestone le Neueu • de gout frette de argent 

a vn label de or. 

708. Sire Rob 9 t de Colevile • de or a vne fesse de gout en le chef iij 

rondela de gout. 

709. Sire Cerard Salueyn • de argent od le chef de sable en le chef 

ij molez de or. 

710. Sire John le latynier • de gout a vne Crois patee de or en la 

Crois iiij Escalops de sable. 

711. Sire Thomas le latynier • de gout a vne Crois patee de or e vn 

label de azure flurette de or. 

712. Hire n/colii* la latiniev • oue la bende, daszure flour ltd dor. 

713. Sire Thomas le latymer • de goul a vne Crois patee do or e vn 

label de sable. 

714. Sire Wilhn le latynier • Meisme les armes le label besaunte de 


715. [Sire Symon Warde • de azur a vne Crois pattce de or.] 
71G. i^ire John Samsom • de or a vne Crois patee de sable. 

717. Sire Rob 9 ouctred • de or a vne Crois patee ie gout en la crois 

iiij molez de or. 

718. Sire WalP de grandale ■ de crmyne a vne Crois patee de gout. 

719. Sire Rob 9 t de Maulee • de or a vne bende de sable en la bende 

iij egles de argent. 

720. Sire John de Maulee • de or a vne bende de sable en la bende 

iij daufins de argent. 

721. Sire Edmon de Maulee • de or a vne bende de sable en la bende 

iij Wyures de argent. 

722. Sire Richard de leyborne • de gout a vj lioncels de argent. 

723. Sire Nicholas de leybournc • Meisme les amies a vn label de 




724. Sire Thomas de haselartone • de gout a vj lioncels de argent 

coronez de or. 

725. Sire JoJin de Neuile • de argent a vn sautour de gout. 

72G. Sire Miles de stapeltonc - de argent a vn lion ranipaund de 

727. Sire John spring • de argent a vn lion rampand de vert. 

728. Sire Wiltm de stophm • de argent a vne bende de sable. 

729. Sire John de Stophm • Meisme les armes a vn label de or. 

730. Sire Hog 9 de Crescy • de argent a vn lion de sable od la couwe 

forehie e vn label de gout. 

731. Sire Wiltm deyncort • de argent bilette de sable e vn daunce de 


732. Sire Nicholas de Kingestone • de sable a vn lion de or od la 

couwe forehie a vn label de gout. 

733. Sire Walt 1 de Kingestone • de sable a vn lion de or od la couwe 

forehie e vn baston de gout. 

734. Sire Rob D t de Wadesle - de argent a vne bende e vj melos de 

gout en la bende iij escalops de or. 

735. Sire Nieh de Wortele • de argent a vne bende e vj irlelos gout 

en la bende iij besaunz de or. 
73G. Sire Thomas de ros • de gout a les bonces de or e vne fesse de 

737. Sire YYiUm de ros de zollone • de u/.ur a iij bonces de argent e 

vn label tie or. 

738. Sire John de horburi • burrele de argent e de azur a vne bende 

do gout. 

I'M). Sire lingo Uobyouil • burrele de urgent e de goul a vn label de 

740. Sire Huge de sueingtone • de argent a vn cheueron de azuT e 

vn label de gout. 

741. Sire Adam de sueingtone • Meisme les armes en le cheueron vn 

fhiret de or. 

742. Sire John de vepound • de gout a vj anels de or e vn label de 


743. SireUob 9 t le fitz Raul • burrele de argent e de azur a iij chapels 

de gout e vn label de or. ; 

744. Sire Wiltm Hok • de azur a vne fesse e iij flures de or. 


715. Sire Uob°t de Wateruile • de argent Crusule de goules a vne 
daunce de goules. 


74G. Sire John de Longeuyle • do goules Cruaule de argent a vno 
dauncc de argent. 

747. Sire Gilberd do Lyndeseye • de goules Crusules de or a vn 

escnchon de veer percee. 

748. Sire "Want 9 de Molesworye • Meisme lea amies les crusules de 


749. Sire Jlemnrd de brus de azure a vn santour de or od le chef 

de or. 

750. Sire Rob 9 t de bay o use • de argent a iij lioucels de porpre. 
751 Sire Felip fi tz erneys • de argent a iij rondos de goules. 

752. Sire de bcumeys • de azure a les garbes de aueye de or. 

753. Sire de den • de argent a ij barres de sable en les barres les 

Crusules patees de or. 

754. Sire WilVm mnyne • de asure c'ssile de argent a vne daunze 


755. Sire Joh'n de myneford . dargent a iij testes de cenglers de 


75G. Sire TohrrC de swyneford • de argent a vn cheueronn de sable a iij 
testes de cenglers de or. 


757. Sire Rob 9 t de hanstcde • do goules od le chef chekere de or e de 


758. Sire Rob 9 t de hanstcde • Meisme les amies a vne bende de argent. 

759. Sire John de hanstcde • one la bende de ermyne. 

760. Sire Thomas de verdoun • de sable a vn lion rampand de argent- 

701. Sire Thomas mordat • de or frette de sable. 

702. Sire Rub°t Roteuiloyii • de argent a iij Cressauns de goules. 

703. Sire Joh'n de Pateshulle • meisme les amies a vne t'esse de sable. 
7G4. Sire Richard basset • Palee de or c de goules od la bordure de 

azure besaunle de or. 
705. Sire Waryn del yle • de goules a vn lnp\l passaunt de argent 
Corone de or. 

7GG. Sire Gerard del yle • meisme les amies Crusule de argnt. 

707. Sire Rob°t del yle • meisme les amies les Crusules de or. 

708. Sire Baudewyn del yle • de or a ij Cheuerous e vne fosse de sable 

en la fesse iij roses de argent. I 

769. Sire Walt 9 le fitz Rob°t • de or a ij Cheuerons de goules. 

770. Sire Geffrey de Braddene • de sable a vne bende engrelee de 




771. Sire Wilim Fannel • de argent a vne bende de goules od la 

borduf de sable besante de or. 

772. Sire Henri de Pinkeneye • de or a vne fesse endente de goules. 

773. Sire Thomas de bolteslim • de goules a iij bosons de argent. 
77 I. Sire Rob 9 t de Wauncy • de sable a iij gauns de argent. 

7 7 T) . Sire llob°t de Pray • de veer a iij bendes de goules. 

77G. Sire John de Astone • de sable a vii sauntour de argent. 

777. Sire de kuqueho • de goules a vne fesse de argent En le 

chef iij losenges de argent. 
77S. Sire llnri de Preyers • de goules a iij Escalops de argent. 

779. Sire John de (ieytone • de argent a vne fesse e vj Hares de 


780. Sire Wilim Trossel • de argent a vne fiette de goules besaunte 

de or. 

781. Sire Geffrey Rossel • de or a vn cheueron de azure e iij roses de 


782. Sire Thomas Thochct de ermyne a vn cheueron de goules. 

783. Sire Rob 9 sun filz • Meisme les amies a vn label de azure. 

784. Sire Thebaud de Nenile • de azure Crusule de argent a iij flures 

de argent a testes de lups yssanz. 

785. Sire John de Neuile • de goules Crusule de argent a iij flufs de 


78G. Sire Felif de Gey tone • de argent Crusule de azure a iij flures 
de azure. 

7S7. Sire Wilim de Hereford • de argent Crusule de sable a iij flures 
de sable. 

788. Sire Thorns Wale • de argent a vne crois de sable En la crois v 
lionccls de or. 

781). Sin; John de bakejmce • de goules a ij barres de argent en le 
chef iij fers de cheual de or. 

790. Sire Henri de deen • de argent a vne daunce de goules en le 

chef iij cresanz de goules. 

791. Sire John de lacy ■ oiindec de goules o do onnyno. 

79:!. Sire Wilim de lloyuih* • de goules a iij saulonrs de urgent. 

793. Sire Henri de seg^ue de sable a vn lion rampand de argent 

corone de or e vn baston de goulys. 
791. Sire Synion de seg^ue • nieisine les amies od le basloun de or. 



795. Siro Estoueiio de seg Q ue • de sable a vu lion do argent corone 
do or en le cspaudlc du lion on fhiret de goule's. 

790. Sire John de segue, • de sable a vn lion de argent corone de or a 
vu baston engjle de gout. 

797. Sire Alisandre artas • de sable a iij flurcs de argent. 

798. Sire Bog Brabazon • de goulcs a vile bende de or en la bende iij 

melos de sable. 

799. Sire Rob 9 t de grandone • de argent a ij cheuerons de goules e 

vn label de veer. 

800. Sire Nieli tryminol • de or a vne crois cngrele de gonles e vn 

baston de aznre. 

801. Sire Wilfra de haidneshul • de or a vne crois cngrele de goulcs en 

lun SrP vn melot de vert. 

{To be continued.) 


An important pedigree of the Baynards, of Ashdon, Essex, in the 
thirteenth and fourteenth centuries is established by the charters on 
lbs. 1 86, 18G' 1 of the Lewes Cartulary (Cott. MS. Yesp., F. xv). These 
charters are successive confirmations of Ashdon church to Lewes 
Priory. Ashdon was part of the Baynard fief in Domesday; and it 
would seem that the forfeiture of the tenant in chief, and transference 
of the fief to the Fitzwalters, did not afiect the under-tenants of 
Baynard blood. In the Fitzwalter carta (11G6) we read: " Gilbertus 
de Kssendone 1 militem ct dimidium." The pedigree proved by the 
Lewes charters is as follows : — 

AVilliam de Easeiidun, miles. 

Ceoiirey Bainard, living some time 
between 1198— VJ-J-1. 

. I 

Koger Bainard.-y-Toncia. 

Fulc BuinartL 

Robert Bainard. 

I- ulu liainard. 

It is higlily probable that the Gilbert of 11 GO was father to the above 
William. The same carta, it may be added, shews us a Fule Bainard 
as a large tenant on the tief. 

It is remarkable that Morant, in his Essex, wholly ignored this 
Bainard descent, and gave the Fitzwalters as lords of the manor, though 
they were really the over lords. J. Jl. Round. 


Enqutstionrs Post iWortem. 

(Continued from p. 140. ) 

Cham be r lay ne, Leonard, of Elingham Parva, Esq., will 5 May 1561, 
ob. 20 Aug. 3 Eliz. — Tnq. at Norwich 22 June 4 Eliz.— Norfolk— 
John s. & h., aet. 17 ; Francis ; Robert ; Leonard ; Thomas. 

Ciia.mbeiu.aynk, Robert, will 17 LVc. 1G07, ob. s.p. 19 Dec. 5 Jac. I. — 
Inq. at the Guildhall 18 Mar. 5 Jac. 1.— London, Stafford — Richard 
brother & h., act. 50. 

Chambeklayne, Robert, Knt., of Sherborne, co. Oxon., ob. 1 April 
14 Jac. I., s.p. — Inq. at Reading 9 Sept. 15 Jac. I — Berks — John 
Chnmberlayne, Esq., s. & h of John C, Knt, & cons. & h. of Sir 
Rubcrt Chamberlayne, Kut., is aet. 28 & more. 

Chamber la Y N E, Thomas, K nt , J ustice of the Common Pleas (married 
Eliz, l ady Stafford 1012) will 11 July 1025, ob. 27 Sep. 1025 — Inq. 
at Warwick 17 Jan. 1 Car. 1. — Warwick, Clone. — Thomas s. & I)., 
aet. 1 1, married to Marg : d. of Kic. Chambcrlayne of Temple House 
co. Warw. Esq. ; George ; James. 

Ciiambicrleyne, Thomas, ob. 25 May 1583 — Inq. at Lewes 22 July 
37 Eliz.— Sussex — 

Anno il. k h.^r- William Coleman 

Kiel turd n. k h., k cons. & U. of his grantlt'atlior, act. 10. 
Chambers, Arthur, ob. 12 Aug. Eliz. — Inq. at Leek 31 Mar. 8 Eliz. — 
Stafford — Arthur s. & h., act. 1£. 

{To be continued.) 

Jiotkfs of Uooks. 

Cratfield Parish Papers. By the late Rev. "William Holland, B.A. 
Edited by John James Raven, D.D., E.S.A. London (Jarrold and 

It is seldom that material for a parochial history is forthcoming in 
the form in which it is here presented, and with such evidence, 
augmented by the Parish Registers and Manorial Court Rolls (if they 
exi:st), the task of writing the history of Cratfield would be compara- 
tively light. Unfortunately it is not an important parish, but this fact 
need never stand in the way of a local historian. The earliest date of 
these parochial records is 1190, the commencement of the extant 
Churchwarden's Accounts — The Cuild Accounts and Town Book begin 
in 1531, and there are Inventories of Church Ornaments, and Jewels 
made in 1528 and 1555. The last mentioned are interesting as showing- 
how the Act of Parliament of 1549 was the cause of many an item in 
the earlier inventory being non cat inveuUis in the later. This Act was 
also the opportunity for the " hole townshypp " by consent to sell 
some of the plate. In the latter inventory it may be noticed that 



Papist Looks appear among the items, but it is unlikely that they were 
the same as used before 15-49. The history of the Chureh bells is 
traceable by the Accounts ami the Editor's notes, which latter are 
numerous throughout the volume hi explanation of the text. In one 
place our attention is drawn to an early instance of a Puritan's 
appearance in the pulpit, sub "the skoote that preached hear" (1599). 
The Editor suggests " Scot " as the modern rendering for " skoote." 
in 1017 £10 was paid for making the pulpit, and we should have been 
glad to know if the same exists at the present date, for, if we remember 
rightly, the interior of Cratfield Church was ruthlessly restored not so 
many years ago. There are, of course, many uninteresting entries in 
the Accounts, but the scare of the Spanish Armada, as do other 
episodes in our history, relieves what would otherwise be monotonous. 
The Kditor has evidently worked hard to make this valuable transcript 
as iul cresting as possible, and has, we consider, considerably enhanced 
the value of the late Mr. Holland's work. 

Stoke Under Hamuok and otuisu Manous in Somerset in connection 
with Sir Mattuew Coukxay, K t., and the Duchy of Cornwall. 
Bv-lohn Batten, leS.A. Taunton (Barnicott and Pearce, Athemeum 

Like all the author's work, this pamphlet, which is intended as 
supplement ary to his "History of the Barony of Beauchamp of 
Somerset," is very carefully written, and is a valuable contribution to 
the arclueology of Somerset. Mr. Batten traces the history of the 
manor of Stoke-under- Hamdon, and shows how it passed into the 
possession of the famous soldier, Sir Matthew Cournay, who married, 
as his first wife, Alice, widow of the last Baron Beauchamp of llacche. 
After a short sketch of his adventurous career the intricate point as to 
how tlie manor in question, together with Sir Matthew's other estates, 
came into the hands of the Crown, is entered upon, and the statement 
in Hoare's Modem Wilts that the Crown acquired the reversion of these 
estates by express grant, is shown not to be supported by satisfactory 
evidence. The manor subsequently became part of the possessions of 
the Duchy of Cornwall, in exchange for that of Isle worth in Middlesex, 
which was given by the Crown to the Monastery there. Mr. Batten 
has added a copy of a presentment made in 10 I G by the Homage of 
the Manor of Stoke, which is of interest as illustrative of the curious 
customs and forms of tenure then in force, and also a pedigree showing 
the descent of Sir Matthew Cournay, the latter having been compiled 
by Mr. B. W. Greenfield. 

The Cm. i. mans of Higiigate, By Alexander W. Cillman. London 
(Klliot Stock). 

This little book consists of a chapter culled from the author's 
" History of the Cillman Family," and is separately issued as being of 
more general interest than the larger work, on account of the details 
relating to the life of the poet Coleridge, which it contains. The 
author is a grandson of .lames and Ann Cillman, the gifted and amiable 
friends of the poet, in whose house at Highgate the latter resided for 
the last eighteen years of his life, and is, therefore, in a position to 



supply several interesting particulars not hitherto given to the public. 
As is well known Coleridge originally went to live with the Giilmans in 
order to be cured of the fatal habit of opium eating, and it is a 
satisfaction to be assured on such good authority that a complete cure 
was effected. Several unpublished letters of the poet are here produced, 
aud it is impossible to read his references to his excellent host and 
charming hostess without realizing that both were possessed of no 
ordinary degree of mental culture; Mrs. Gillman especially must have 
been of a most lovable disposition, and we cannot doubt that her 
gentle influence had as much to do with the cure effected, as her 
husband's undoubted medical skill. The illustrations include three 
portraits of the poet and several of the Gillman family. 

Notes on Shippo. By James I,. Bowes. London (Kegan Paul, Trench 
Trubner and Co.). 

This further treatise on the ait of enamelling is full of interest to all 
who turn for inspiration to things Japanese, and like other works by 
Mr. Bowes, exhibits a deep knowledge of his subject and an infinite 
amount of antiquarian research. The word s/u'j>j>o is defined as repre- 
senting seven precious things, viz , gold, silver, emerald, coral, agate, 
crystal, and pearl, not that these were necessarily employed in enamel 
work, but rather as suggesting the variety of beautiful colours of which 
the enamel pastes were composed. The antiquity of this art is proved 
by the fact of some existing shlj>/x> ware being traced to the eighth 
century, and it is very interesting to observe that the art was originally 
derived from the Chinese. Mr Bowes is careful to point out that the 
gaudy coloured Japanese ware so largely imported into this country is 
very inferior to the ancient work, both in colour and workmanship. 
Our readers are more likely, however, to fix (heir attention on the 
portion of the book which gives a pedigree of the llirata family, dating 
from the sixteenth century to present times. From the hands of this 
family and their pupils this most beautiful work has been produced. 

Old Stokk Charity. \\y it. W. Greenfield, M.A., F.S.A. 

This pamphlet is a reprint from the Hampshire Field Club Papers 
and Proceedings. Jt contains an interesting description of the brasses 
ami tombs in the Church of Stoke Charity, accompanied by illustrations, 
and by pedigrees of the allied families of Hampton, Waller, and 
Phelipps, who, together, held the manor of Stoke Charity for over three 
hundred years. There are also extracts relating to these families from 
the Parish Registers. 

Uecords and Pedkiree of the Family of Makvon of Essex and Herts. 
Compiled by John Frnest Maryon. 

This publication is decidedly scrappy, the compiler, though he carries 
the pedigree back to 1G33, being still uncertain as to the parentage of 
his own great-grandfather. We notice with pleasure that Mr. Maryon 
"hopes to produce a larger and more perfect record of the Maryon 
Family in a few years," and we trust before doing so he will first 
exhaust every source of information open to the student of family 




Bailey's Photo-Ancestral Record. By the Rev. Frederic Bailey, B.D., 
Newhaven, Conn., U.S.A. 

Mr. Bailey's system for preserving the history of a family is in many 
respects an improvement upon other methods which have come under 
our notice. The idea of including' photographs of members of the 
family is a good one, and the system adopted is clear and simple. 
Provision is made for fourteen generations of both paternal and 
maternal lines of descent. Sufficient room has not, we think, been 
given for recording the children of each marriage", and much confusion 
is thus likely to ensue ; the space allowed for the photographs is also 
very cramped. We should advise the omission of the cause of death, 
for unless the record is intended merely for the eye of the family 
physician there can he no use in adding such gruesome details. It 
occurs to us that if the old-fashioned family bibles are to be laid aside 
in favour of this or some kindred system, a way should be discovered 
by which the record may be from time to time added to by future 
generations, and better paper and a more elaborate cover should be 
provided, even at the risk of increasing the cost of production. 

Two chart pedigrees have been forwarded to us, one of a branch of 
the family of Vincent, originally of Swinford, co. Leicester, compiled 
by Mr. Reginald Stewart iJoddingtou, and the Other of the l'»odingtons 
of Ureal I larborough, ( 'ubbington, and Kenilworth, co. W arwick, by 
Mr. W. F. Carter. 

We have also received "The History of the Granville Family," by 
the llev. linger Cranville, M.A., which we propose to notice in the next 

Jlotrs iinb (Qucrifs. 

Le I'oiikh Family. — So much that is fantastic has been written on 
the origin of the name Pom - , 1'oher, or I'uher, that attention may be 
called to a charter of Roger 'Me l'oher," in l> Anisy's Noruian<ly 'frati- 
scripts (Vol. ii, fo. 307), in which he styles himself sou of John " le 
l'oher," and speaks of Robert " le l'oher," son of Bartholomew " le 
Roher," as his man. His seal bears the legend, "Sinu.i/ ItoGERI LE 
POER," and the emblem of a fleur-de-lis. The county is Devonshire, 
whence the Irish I'ohers are said to derive. This evidence coincides 
precisely with that in the charters, now at Fton, calendared by Mr. 
Maxwell Byte, 1 which contain the names of several l'ohers or I'uhers, 
of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries in Somerset, the seals of John 
" I'uher" and Nicholas '< l'oher," shewing for "device a lleur-de-lys." 

I may add that, both in Fngland and Ireland, the name is very 
frequently met with in the twelfth and I hirteent h centuries, and that 

1 Ninth Kepurtoa Historical MSS , App. I, j>|). 3. r >3-;3ao*. 



ill the cases known to me, some scores in number, it is invariably Le 
Puher or Puher, Le Poller or Poller, or Poer. 1 The true form of the 
name is thus beyond question, and it is shewn to be personal, not 
territorial (as should indeed be obvious). 

WViec speaks of " Les Holoigneis e les Pohiers " as fighting at the 
battle of Hastings, and this is always understood to mean " The men 
of Boulogne and of Poix " (in Picardy). The name, however, according 
to (Jodefroy, had, in old French, another recognised meaning, namely, 
"herald." In this sense its normal form was " le Pouhier." I hardly 
like to suggest that it was possibly corrupted from "Poigneor" (a 
fighter), though " Poignere " is found as "Poiihere" and " Punhiere." 
Probably " Pohier," with its two meanings, will be deemed a sufficient 
explanation, and will account for the frequent occurrence of the name, 
the families, no doubt, being unconnected. 

Nevertheless, it is alleged, as in the monograph on the family by Mr. 
(1. O'O. Redmond, that "the name is derived from the designation of 
one of the ancient independent states of Brittany . . . Le Poker, and 
... it may fairly he presumed that the family sprung (sic) from the 
counts or princes of Le Poller." As in the case of the "Hapsburg" 
Lieldings, double violence has been done to the facts to give colour to 
this hypothesis. The true forms of the name have been, in the above 
treatise, systematically and deliberately altered from Le to De Poher (or 
Puher), in order to make the name territorial. Similarly the Breton 
v/'comte of "Porhoet" has been, most unjustifiably, altered to " Le 
Poher," to make its name approximate to that of this family. The 
former change may be partly due to insufficient perception of the 
difference between the personal " Le " and the territorial " De." 

The strange thing is that this unfortunate jugglery should have 
been resorted to for a Norman house so ancient as that of " Le Poher." 

J. II. Round. 

Die Laci Family. — The Domesday Survey for Herefordshire gives 
" Wigetune" as held by Urso de Abetot in cciprte, with a footnote that 
Ptoger de Laci holds this manor by exchange with Urso. The Pipe Roll 
Series of Charters (Vol. i) opens with a writ of William I to the Bishop 
and to the Sheriff of Lincoln, confirming the exchange which had been 
nude by Urso de Abet, and fotfhrrt de Laceio of I ngol vesmera and 
" Witchona." If this latter place is the same as " Wacton," co. Here- 
ford, as the Kb v. C. J. Robinson thinks, what connection was there 
between Roger and Robert de Lacy ? As Walter de Laci seems to have 
succeeded Karl William [f. Osbern] in the farm (?) of the county 
revenues, ami linger succeeded his father Walter, was the above 
exchange made following such a precedent as that for instance by which 
Hugh Lasue, who held ( 'henecesi re [kenehostcn m at/tiYr, " accommo- 
dated" KaH Wdliam with one hide of that minor, that it might be 
given to King Meredith ? This is to be noted; the 1 incolnshire Survey (c. 
I 110) fol 12, states that in Hawardeshon Wapentake, luxjer de Laci 
holds 1 bovate in Newetuna and AlvolUabiof Walbert. L. J. K. P. 

1 In my " 1m;u<1;i1 I'aigland " if pp. 17<>, 313), I have given insUncefl which .seem 
to prove the original hu m of the Haute iu Domesday to have been " I'onther," and 
" Punher" the traii.-iilional form. 



The extraordinary conclusions arrived at by the author of a recently 
published work, entitled "A Scots Mediaeval Architect," demand a 
passing notice. The subject of his essay is introduced by the well 
known inscription at Melrose Abbey : — 

John : Mokow : sum : ty.m : cai.lit : was : I : And : bohn : in : Parysse : 
c'Kiri'ANLY : And : had : in : kkiwnu : al : MASOUN : WEUK : Of : Santan- 
DWOYS : YE : HYE : Kyi;k : Or : Glabgw : MeLROS : and : Paslay : Of : 
NYDDYSDAYLL : and : of : Galway : I : PRAY : to : God : and : Maui : 
bath : And : swekt : S : John : ki;i> : this : Haly : Kykk : fra : skaith. 

It is in the last chapter of his treatise that the reader is let into the 
secret of who this John Morow really was. His doings as an architect 
are dealt with in preceding chapters, and can be summarized as follows — 
(I) he appears after 1173 and disappears about 1512; (2) he carved 
inter alia the Royal arms at various places, therefore "that he was a 
Royal favourite may be held as certain"! (3) "the reason for his 
selecting Melrose Abbey for the site of his memorial tablet" was 
"because it was the Church of his own home." Mr. Chalmers then 
proceeds to make this statement "John Morow can now be identified 
with the John Murray, who 'first appeals in the pages of history, on his 
inclusion in the lease of Lewinshop, and Hangandshaw in Kttrick, with 
Patrick, his father, before 2#th -June, 1-197," by which he at one fell 
swoop id en ti lies his i>roteg4 with the head of an important family and a 
person who may or may not have been the "Outlaw Murray" of the 
celebrated ballad, 1 but whom he accepts as such. Thus at a blow John 
Murray, of Falahill, becomes an architect and an outlaw, and further- 
more, we are told he was the King's " friend,"-' and that on his obtaining 
a charter of the lands of Uranstoun-riddell "he was then John Murray, 
Ksi|iiiro, of Kallohill.'-' His seal .shows a hunting liOVll «£' in chief (hi'tr 
nmffits, mid (he arms of John Morow carved at Melrose arc \ijUuv<tv 
li/s A- in vhuf t/wir nmtttts, but John Morow, tin 1 architect, being also 
John Murray of Kalahill (and outlaw) on his appointment to the 
Sheriffship of Selkirk, wo are now told, substituted the hunting horn 
for the Jlcur-de-lys to denote that office. If this John Murray of 
Falahill was the first to use the hunting hum, it is far more likely to 
have come through his wife, Jonet Forrester, as is evident in the case of 
tin; fetterfock in the hlackbarony coat, which first appears after Andrew 
Murray's marriage with Elizabeth Lockhart. It is certain that the 
arms of the last mentioned family were not settled until after this 
marriage, an interesting heraldic point, so another statement by Mr. 
(maimers may be taken for what it is worth, viz., "John Murray who, 
as an Esqvtirc, 'in 11 ( J7, must by that time have received a grant of 
arms, carved his arms on the tomb of Dervorgilla," etc. In addition to 
the honours heaped upon this John Murray, " now discovered as a great 
Scots architect," and "who has been known to every lover of the ballad 

1 Min.stretsy of the Scott Ml Border. 

'-' " familiar i sua" in the charter. 

:I jnniiUuris avnihjci- of the King in original. charter. 



literature of our country as 1 The Outlaw Murray,' " his patron goes 
still further by suggesting that he also wrote the ballad himself ! His 
"grandfather" is moreover without any hesitation identified in these 
words, "John Murray, 1 the elder, was evidently the architect of St. 
Sal va tor's College, St. Andrews," while of his father we read, " there is 
little doubt that he also was an architect." Here we have three successive 
chiefs of an influential border family all identified as architects, without 
a suspicion of the fact leaking out through the Public Records. One of 
them in all probability was the genuine outlaw thus described in the 
ballad — 

" The knight was armed capapie, 
With a bended bow, on his milk white steed." 

a description the wildest enthusiast, we should have thought, would 
be chary to associate with one plying the peaceful craft of a " practising 
mason." Shakespeare is said to have been a poacher as well as a poet 
and playwright, but Mr. Chalmers, without by the way producing a 
tittle of evidence, lias discovered in John Morow, "whose business it 
was to design and execute the mason work of the buildings under his 
charge," a King's friend, the chief of a well known family, a sheriff, 
an outlaw with five hundred men at his back, and the singer of his own 
praises in verse.- The existence in the fifteenth century of such a 
person is too overpowering for the intelligence of an ordinary mind, so 
1 propose to resolve him again into his component parts, taking for my 
own purpose a few of them only, and leaving his masonic qualification to 
the author of " A Scots Medheval Architect." 

My object in putting together the following notes on the early history 
of the family of Murray of Philiphaugh, is to approach more nearly to 
an identification of the Outlaw, and to draw attention to one or two 
points in favour of my supposition, which appear to have been over- 
looked in the past. The pedigree begins as under: — 

Aivhihnl.1 of Murray, ub. ante 1321. [Krchebaud de 
Morrcf subscribed the oath of fealty to K. Falward 1, 


Roger of Murray, of Fala In the barony of Henot vie. 
Edinburgh, by giant from James, Lord of Douglas, 
1 Sep. 1321, " }>vu sew ic to sua nobis ivipenso." 

John of Murray, had a gift of the lands ot Cransto.un- 
riddell from John Murray of Cranstoun, ob. ante 
G Mar. 13f>G-7. 


William of Murray, s. and h., had a confirmation of 
his father's lands of Cranstoun-riddell G Mar. 135G-7. 

The charter granted to this William was copied by a Notary Public 
in 1849 from the original extract in the possession of the Earl of Stair, 
and is as follows : — 

David Dei gratia Rex Scotorum Omnibus probis hominibus Totius 

1 John Morvo's inscription at Melrose, Mi-. Pinches, in his Melrose Abbey, states 
must have been carved at the beginning of the sixteenth century. 

2 Sir Walter Scott considered the ballad to have been composed about the reign of 
James V. 



terre sue clericis et Laicis salutem. Sciatis nos ratificasse Approbasse 
et hac presenti Carta nostra connrmasse Donationem et Concessionem 
illam quam Joannes de Moravia de Cranystoun fecit et concessit 
quondam Joanni de Moravia filio Rogeri de Moravia de ilia terra de 
Cranystoun Rydell cum pertinen' in qua quondam Isabella de Rydell 
obiit vestita et saysita ut de Dotis Tenend' et Habend' Wilielmo de 
Moravia filio et heredi diet' quondam Joannis de Moravia heredibus suis 
et suis assignatis cum omnibus et singulis libertatibus commoditatibus 
aysiamentis et justis pertinen' suis quibuscunque adeo libere et quiete 
plcnarie integre et honorirtcie bene et in pace in omnibus et per omnia 
sicut carta predicti Joannis de Moravia de Cranystoun eidem quondam 
Joanni de Moravia patri predicti Wilielmi de Moravia inde confecta in 
se juste proportat et testatur salvo servitio nostro In cujus rci testi- 
monium huic presenti carte nostrc sigillum nostrum preeepimus Apponi. 
TestibuS venerabilibus in Christo patribus Wilielmo et Patricio cane' 
nostro Sancti Andree et Brech' Kcclesiarum Dei gratia Episcopis Roberto 
Sen' Scotie Comite de Strathearnc nepote nostro carissimo Thoma 
Coniite de Man* dileete consanguineo nostro Wilielmo Comite de Duglas 
Wilielmo de Levyngstoun Wilielmo de Ramsay Roberto de Erskine 
Waltero de Hal vburntoun et Joanne de Prestoun militibus Apud 
Edinburgh sexto die Martii anno Rcgni nostri vicesimo octavo. 

Ilaee est vera eopia principalis Carte supraseript' content' in 
Kcgistro S. D. N. Ilegis Kxtract' copiat' et collationat' in omnibus 
cum originali eoncordan' nil addito vel remoto quod substantiam 
inutaret aut sententiam variaret per me Dominuni Joannem 
Hamilton de Magdalensis militem Clerioum Rolulorum liegn' ac 
Coneilii Diet'S. I >. N. Regis sub meis signo et subseriptione manu- 

fn 1-"»S1 a William Watson had a charter under the Great Seal, on his 
resignation <>l" Cranstoun-ridtTell, to bin) and the lawful heirs male of his 
body, which failing to Alexander of Murray, and the lawful heirs male 
of his bodv, which failing to Oeorgc of Murray, brother of said 
Alexander, A'C, 1 !5 .July I .'5 Hubert II. In 1 10*) William Watson (son 
of William Watson/of Cranis(on) and his spouse got a charter of the 
lauds of Tiekware and Scheliugla w, on tin; resignation of William 
Watson, tlu- father, to them and the lawful heirs of their bodies, which 
failing to Alexander of Murray, son of the deceased John of Murray of 
Blackbarony, &c. In 1463 the lands of Cranstoun-riddell, Traquair and 
others had been forfeited by a William Murray, then deceased. It was 
not till 1497 that Cranstoun-riddell was again in the possession of the 
family when John Murray of Falahill, on the resignation of John 
Murray of Blackbarony, got a Crown charter of these lands "cum 
superiurttufr" Thus it will be seen that the titles of Cranstoun-riddell 
as given above throw no light on the pedigree below William Murray, 
living L'557, and of those of Kalahill 1 know nothing about. It is, 
therefore, impossible at the present to say how the Patrick Murray of 
Kalahill, so designed in a Precept by Henry, Bishop of St. Andrews, 
dated Ml-V descended from Roger Murray, of Eala, neither is it 
proved whether or not, his successor in Kalahill, the John Murray 

1 In Douglas' Baronage he is shown as grandson of Itogor Murray of Kala, living 
321, and therefore cousin german of William Murray above mentioned, living 1357. 



(whom Mr. Chalmers calls John Murray, the elder) was his son, nor is 
there evidence to show whether the succeeding Patrick Murray of 
Falahill (c. 1477-1492) was son of the said John. 1 From this Patrick, 
however, the pedigree is clear, and it is sutlicient for my purpose to 
draw attention to a few facts only relative to the family from the year 
1461 :— 

John Murray of Falahill, who had a charter under the Great Seal 
20 July 1461, of the lands cf Philiphaugh was evidently the John 
of Murray appointed witli John Turnbull in 1 4G7 to take Inquisitions 
for Selkirk, 2 herdsman to the Queen in Ettrick Forest, :i and Keeper of 
Newark Castle. 4 His suecessor was 

Patrick Murray of Falahill, who was acquiring lands in the Philip- 
hangh between 1477 and 1492. Ho inherited from his brother 
Alexander, Canon of Moray, a house in Edinburgh, which he assigned to 
John, Lord Bothwell, by charter dated 1 Mar. 1485 "pro yrafitifis consi/iis 
tt aiuiliis." His son and heir was 

John Murray of Falahill (considered by many to have been the 
" Outlaw ") who had a charter under the Great Seal of the lands of 
Cranstoun-riddell, 5 Nov. 1497, being therein designed the King's 
familiaris armiyer. In 1500 he, with David Hoppringill, in Tynnes, 
had a tack from the King for nine years of the Forest stead of 
Haining, and a similar taek in 1509 of Hangingshaw, Lewinshopc and 
Harehead. The following year he had a Crown charter of Peilhill, and 
the burgh customs of Selkirk, with the office of Sheriff of Selkirk, in 
which he was seised 7 Jan. 1510. He was also seised 12 May 1497 of 
a great mansion house in Edinburgh, which Alexander, Lord Home, had 
given him, which house it appears later, 10 Nov. 1504, Lord Home 
granted to Mr. John Murray (afterwards of Hlackbarony) for service 
" midtipUciter ivvpenso." John Murray of Falahill, married Jonet 
Forrester, before 1492/' and was slain by Andrew Ker and Thomas 
Scott in 15l0. ,; 

The object of giving the above details of the family history, anterior 
to 1357 and subsequent to I 101, is to point out that for a hundred 
years before the latter date the movements of these Murrays are veiled 
in obscurity, ami as we gather from the ballad that the hero was an 
unknown person to the King until he received word "That there was 
an outlaw in Ettrieke Foreste, Counted him nought, nor a his court rie 
gay/' it is not unreasonable to suggest that the John Murray first 
appearing on the records as obtaining a legal holding in Selkirkshire in 
14G1 was the unruly person who " laid lee the country for many miles 
round " 7 and no other. Moreover, it is pretty certain he must have 
been in Ettriek some time before the date referred to, and quite possible 
that he or his ancestors might have taken possession of lands in that 

1 Mr. Chalmers says ho was, and refers to Ex, Rolls, viii, 357, where he is only 
given as heir of John Murray. 

- Acts of Pari, ii, iiO. S 
a Kx. Rolls vii, 98. > 

4 11ml. vii, 478. 

5 Aula Doin. Con. 

ti Piteairn'a Criminal Trials. 

7 Sir Walter Scott's introduction to " The Sang of the Outlaw Murray." 



part without interruption, if one realises the disturbed state of the 
country at that period. When asked of whom he held his lands 
4< ' Thir landis are mine V the Outlaw said ; ' I ken nae King in 
Christentie ; Frae Soudron I this Foreste wan, whan the King nor his 
Knightes were not to see.'" These words were addressed to "James 
Boyde (the Eyrie of Arran his brother was he)," who, although 
differently styled in other copies of the ballad remains James Boyd, 
and it is a point worth emphasizing that the Uoyds were in Uoyal favour 
in the middle of the fifteenth century, but that in 1 M39 Arran and his 
father were both forfeited. Sir Walter Scott did not consider it likely 
''that the circumstances mentioned in the ballad could occur under the 
reign of so vigorous a monarch as James IV," but on the other hand 
says, "James IV had particular reasons for desiring that Kttrick Forest 
which, actually formed part of the jointure lands of Margaret, his 
Queen, should be kept in a state of tranquility,'' an argument which 
would apply equally well in favour of the earlier John Murray. His 
appointment to take Inquisitions for Selkirk is also important, as it was 
not a far remove from the office of Sheriff, conferred on the later John 

We have, therefore, the following facts connected with him — That 
until about P1G0 he was apparently unknown, and that after that date 
he was in receipt of three appointments given him by the Sovereign, 
cither as favours or for political reasons, and we also show that his 
successors held similar otlices. It is not unreasonable to infer from 
such evidence that the Outlaw was the earlier John Murray of Falahill, 
and not he who can, in my opinion, be satisfactory accounted lor during 
his possession of the family estates, but 1 do not for a moment sugge st 
that 1 have identified him as such. 1 should not have been tempted to 
touch the matter at all had not Mr. Chalmers identified (a process in 
this case peculiar to himself) a John Morvo, an architect, with the 
earlier John Murray, and John Morow, another architect, with the 
later, and in the course of his argument thrown in the intermediate 
possessor of Falahill as following the same profession, an extraordinary 
medley of improbabilities which utterly prevents any one of his state- 
ments being of the slightest value. 

Keith W. Murray. 


By Count de la Poeh, 

In the last number of The Genealogist, under " Notes and Queries," 
Mr, J. II. Hound, in his reference to the Le Pohcrs, states that Mr. 
Kodmoml has in his memoir of that family, " systematical! v and 
deliberately altered " (the surname) "from Le to !>e Poher (or Puller) 
in order to make the name territorial. Similarly the Breton vicomte 
of 'Porhoet' has been, most unjustifiably, altered to 'Le Poher,' to 

li ' 



make its name approximate to that of this family." I now propose to 
give such evidence, as will show, firstly, that Le Poller is a territorial 
name, and secondly that, Mr. Redmond did not alter Porhoet into Le 

The "Annuaire Historique et Archiologique de Bretagne," by A. de 
Borderie, 1861, gives the divisions of Brittany in the sixth century as 
follows: — La Donmonee, La Cornouaille, Le Browerech ou Vannetais 
breton, Le Leon, La Poher. Referring to Le Poher, the author of this 
work says, "Quant au comte de Poher, on doit le considerer comme un 
demembrement du royaume de Cornouaille, opere dans le cours du vi 
si eel e. 11 comprenait la partie scptcntrionale de 1'ancien diocese de 
Quimper ... 11 avait pour chef-lieu la petite ville de Ker-ahes ou 
Carhaix . . . et de la venait le nom du comte : car Poher n'est qu'une 
contraction de Pou-Caer, deux mots bretons qui se traduisent litterale- 
nient par ' Pagus Urbis,' Pays de la Ville," the " Ville " being 
Carhaix. In the same work mention is made of Coinorre as first Count 
of Poher, who, on account of his cruelty was surnamed " le Maudit," 
and that he died 554. Under heading of " Le Poher " (p. 152), the 
same author says, " Quclqucs-uns de nos anciens Autcurs out fait de 
Comorre un comte de Leon ; e'est une erreur. Le Laud (tout en 
tombant lui-meme dans cette erreur) nous dit, d'apres lngomar, que Me 
siege de Comorus estoit a Krhoes,' e'est-a-dire a Kerahes, qui est 
Carhaix. Or, il est incontestable que Carhaix . . . n'a jamais ete la 
capitate du pays de Leon, mais bien de celui de Pou-Cacr ou Poher." 
This work contains other references to the Counts of Poher, and 
amongst them the following, " nous les retrouvons au ix siecle dans les 
titres du cartulaire de Redon, avec toute la figure et la situation des 
grands comtes de Bretagne." 

In the " Dictionnaire Historique et Ceographique de Bretagne," by 
Ogee, enlarged by Marteville and Varin, 1 815, under the article on 
Carhaix or Ker-acs, it will be found that Carhaix was the "Chef-lieu" 
of the "Comte de Poher," formerly " Pou-Kaer," or " Pouhaer," 
meaning "Pays de la Villi;," that this "Comte" was one of the first 
great fiefs united to the Duchy of Brittany, and that this union was 
brought about by Duke Alain, called Barbe-torte, son of Mathuedoi, 
ii, "Comte de Poher," in the tenth century. That then Viscounts 
of Poher appear, and that this title continued down to the middle of 
the fifteenth century, when it is lost sight of. In the same work 
mention is made of Cleden- Poher, a village near Carhaix, and which 
formerly formed part of the " Comte de Poher." 

In the " Biographic Breton/' by Levot (page 46), Alain Barbe-torte 
is mentioned as son of "Mathuedoi, Comte de Poher." At page 548, 
Comorre is referred to as having been " souvorain " of a district called 
I'oii Kaer by tin; Bretons, and I'oher by contraction. In the second 
volume of the same work, under " Poher," an account of the former 
Archdeaconry of " le Poher" in the Diocese of Quimper is given, and 
mention made of a " Prince du Poher." 

Dbm Morice and Dom Lobineau, Benedictine annalists, also make 
mention of the Counts of Poher. 1 think now that I have given 
evidence sufficient to show that Le Poher is a territorial name. And 
now as to Mr. Redmond's supposed " unjustifiable " alteration of 



Porhoet into Poher. In the u Annuaire " and " Dictionnaire " already 
quoted from it will be found that Porhoet, originally " Poutre-eoat," is 
in the Diocese of St. Malo, and uieaus " Pagus trans sylvam," whereas 
"le Poher," originally " Pou-Caer," was in the Diocese of Quimper, and 
means " Pagus Urbis." 

Wace mentions " li Boilognez e li Pohiers," as taking part in the 
battle of Hastings, many Bretons served under William, and as Le Poher 
sometimes appears as " le Pohier," it seems to me that the correct 
rendering of the above should be, not " the men of Boulogne and of 
Poix," but " the men of Boulogne and the Pollers." 


All genealogists must acknowledge the great value of the work which 
the liarleian Society is doing in printing London Parish Registers, and 
must feel that they owe a debt of gratitude to those gentlemen who, in 
connection with the editing of the printed volumes, place their time at 
the service of the public. It is, however, necessary to regard the 
Society's last issue with a critical eye. 

The earliest register of Christ Church parish is a transcript made in 
1086, and continued to loSS, 1 and the untrust worthiness of this MS. is 
proved by the fitict that the designat ions of the respective years are for 
the most part given therein incorrectly, and that there are many obvious 
misreadings, such as Sluellen for Fluellen ( p. 195), Morys for Norys 
(p. 107), Klsecke for Elfecke (p. 205), Bont for Boughe (p. 2G1), 
Bramond for Beamoud (Beaumont) (p. 2tSl). Those corrections are sug- 
gested by comparing the entries with marriage licences and with wills. 
The burial of John Christopherson, Bishop of Chichester, appears as 
" my lorde of Chyehester." and later ''Christopher bughoppe of Chychesr 
tor," but neither of the two dates of burial corresponds to the date of 
the Bishop's death. Again, Richard Jugge, the printer, is described 
(burial August 18, 1577) as "payuter to the Queen's Majesty." 

But in addition to these errors in the early transcript itself there are 
many other misreadings in the copy made for the Harleian Society. The 
letter u which (as was usual) frequently occurs in the MS. as an 
equivalent to v, is in a large number of instances misread as n, and so 
we find in the printed register many persons with Stenen, Christoner, 
as their christian names. But this error becomes serious in the 
case of the cognomen. In the text and in the index will be found such 
names as Musgrane, Stenen, Stenenson, Ponderpache Ingge (i.e, Jugge 
or Judge), Ine, lues, Ingson (=Juxon), Inickes, Unidall, etc., and by 
converse error Jucent, Vukell, Yuglishe, Remnaute, etc. The "p" of 
the MS. is treated as a simple " p," so that we find such entries as 
Coppwhet, Pepp, Psivall. A person whose name was Steven Harper 

1 The Editor of the volume inadvertently states that the christenings, marriages, 
and burials to 15SS were transcribed iu 15SG. 


occurs twice in the index, in the one case as Harp, Stenen, and in the 
other as Cowpeh, Stenen 1 larper. Again Laurence Myl borne, also a cooper, 
is in one instance indexed under his surname, and in another case under 
" Cowper." John Mary priest is indexed as Presto. The letter / was 
also a stitnib ling-block to the Society's transcriber, and so we rind the 
christian name Ralph disguised as " lvass " and " Rase," and surnames 
Grafton, Morecraft, as Graston, Mprecrast. Amongst other misreadings 
revealed by a cursory examination are Yopall for Yoxall, Erysdall for 
Trysdall, Xaskyn (Hustwayte) for Paskyn, Astne for Ascue, l'epiyell for 
Pepwell, Kurnell for Curnell, Civilsande for Olsande. Smith for Smith, 
Wound le for Wommerle, Runrnye for Rumnye. 

The Editor has introduced the word " sic" in a somewhat misleading- 
way. On page 259 we find under 1551 "July 5 John Joone [sic] 
Marty ne," but in the MS. the word "John " is struck through. Again 
on }). 2G1 a year's group of names is headed " 155G [s/c]," which really 
means that the lvlitor has, — wrongly as I am about to show — 
substituted that date for the one which he actually found. 

The most unfortunate error in the volume is one which might have 
been avoided. Tap Kditor tells us (p. viii) that "in the marriages the 
year 1538 in the original has been altered by a later hand to 1542 and 
in the burials to 1510, with a corresponding alteration in subsequent 
years until 1587," and that he thought it better "to adhere to the 
years as altered in the original book." But a comparison of the register 
with the Harlcian Society's volumes of Marriage Licences amply proves 
that although most of the dates of marriages for the period in question 
were incorrect as they originally stood in the MS., they are all wrong 
"as altered." Similarly the Rritish Record Society's Index to AVills 
proved (previous to 1551)) in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury shows 
that as regards burials also, both readings of the dates are erroneous. 
I have taken a great deal of pains in an attempt to ascertain what 
should have been the respective headings to the years in question and 
with fairly successful results, although 1 failed to get evidence to verify 
each separate year. To begin with marriages, the years printed as 1512 
to 1551 inclusive, are in fact 1540 to 1552. The (legal) year 1553 
is wanting throughout the register (the three baptisms ascribed to that 
year belonging to 1552). Resuming with marriages " 1555," that, and 
all succeeding years to " 1588 " inclusive, require to be ante-dated one 
year. The dates of the burials are more puzzling, 1540-1-2-3 should 
read 1538-9-40-1. The next yearly group (" 1544 ") seems to be 
redundant, and I cannot say to what year the entries refer. Then 
" 1545 " is really 1542, and the succeeding years to 1555 require 
corresponding alteration, the last named year thus becoming 1552. 
The next two groups, both called 1556, appear to refer to 1554. 1 The 
next group " 1557 " is really 1555, and the succeeding groups (" 1558," 
etc.) represent the years 1556, etc., in proper sequence, so that " 1584 " 
on page 279 becomes 1583, and " 1584" on page 280 is correct, as are 
likewise the four remaining years to 1588. I 

1 There is great confusion in tins part of the register. John Dodge and John 
Rlacknolle must have been buried in April 1554, and John Sheppard in the following 
January. See their wills and probates. 



There is one more comment to make respecting this volume. Christ 
Church parish was constituted towards the end of 1516, and the Grey 
Friars' Chronicle states that on the 3rd of January 1 516-7 " was setto 
opyn the churche agayen that was sometyme the Crayfreercs and masse 
sayd at the auteres wyth dyvers presttes and it was namyd Crystys 
churche." But the register dates from more than eight years earlier, 
i.e., 1538. Here again the difficulty is solved by referring to wills of 
some of the persons whose burials are recorded during the period in 
question, which wills sufficiently prove that the entries for those eight 
years relate to the parish of St. Nicholas Shambles. 

J. Challenor Smith. 

Iprtitgms (ront ti)e $lea ISolls. 

By Major-Gcneral the Hon. GEORGE WROTTESLEY. 
(Continued from p. 177.) 

Dt Banco. Trinity. 50. E. 3. m. 121. 

Staff. — Humphrey de Swynnerton sued the Bishop of Coventry and 
Lichfield and two others for estovers in the wood of Eccleshale — which 
he claimed by a grant of Alexander the Bishop to one Roger de Waure, 
whose status he held by a grant of Robert de Swynnerton, Knt , and he 
gave this pedigree—* 

Roger de Waure. 



- Roger. 


Robert de Swynnerton, Kt. 

De Banco. Trinity. 50. E. 3. m. 292. 

Dorset. — Walter atte More and Margaret his wife sued Alesia, formerly 
wife of Ralph Uussel, Kt, for two parts of the manor of Athelyngton, 
and they sued Maurice Uussel for one-third of the same manor, which 
Nicholas de la Chapclle, the kinsman of Margaret, and whose heir she 
was, had given to William de Mortisthorn in marriage with Avice his 
sister, tump. Hen. 3, and which should revert to her as heir of the donor, 
William and Avice, having died s.p. 


Nicholas de la Robert, ob. s.p. Florence. Avice, ob. s.p. 

Chapelle, ob. s p. I 






John, ob. s.p. Margaret, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Trinity. 50. E. 3. m. 292. 

Dorset. — John Garlek and Sarraiiis wife; and Robert de Swylyngton, 
Kt., and Margaret his wife, sued Robert Corbet, Kt., the elder, and 
Beatrice his wife, for the manor of Little Dunham. 

Richard de la Rmerc.=r Matilda. 

i 1 r -1 n 1 1 

Thomas.=Alesia, daughter Sarra, the Margaret. Richard, John, Ralph, 
of John de Loud- plaintiff. | ob. s.p. ob. s.p. ob, s.p. 

ham, died s.p. Margaret, 


The manor had been settled on Thomas and Alesia, and the heirs of 
their bodies, and failing such, on Richard, John, and Ralph successively 
in tail ; and failing their issue, on the right heirs of Richard de la Riviere. 
Robert Corbet claimed by a grant of Thomas, and he pleaded that as 
Thomas had survived all his brothers, he held a fee simple and not a fee 
tail in the manor. 

De Banco. Hillary. 42. E. 3. m. 50 dorso. 

Cornubia. — Ralph Kaul sued William Botriaux, Kt., and other tenants 
for lands in Boswythgy, near Gorlyn ; the pleadings give these pedigrees — 

Roger de Kaul. 

Bovena.=William Roscrowe. Philip. 


William Botriaux - Dionisia. William. 

I I 

Reginald. Henry. 

William. Ralph Kaul, 

| the plaintiff. 

William Botriaux, Kt., 
the defendant. 

De Banco. Hillary. 42. E. 3. m. 50. ' i 

Lincoln.— Thomas de Hethe, Kt., and Alice his wife sued John de 
Wylughby, Kt., for land in Teynton, which Ralph, formerly Earl of 
Chester and Lincoln gave to Eudo de Calcoft in marriage with Mabel de 



Kudo de Caleoft.=j=Mabel, 


I * 





Alice.= Thomas de Hethe, Kt., 
the plaintiffs. 

De Banco. Mich. 50. E, 3. m. 239. 

Ebor. — Walter de Bergh, Robert de Thornton, and John, son of Nicholas 
de Topcliffe, sued Robert Perle, Kt., and Joan his wife, and Richard 
Arusmyth and Margery his wife for the manors of Edeston and Kirkby 
Misperton, which they claimed as heirs of Walter le Romayn, on whom 
the manors had been settled by a Fine of 31. E. 1. 

Walter le Romayne, 
31 E. 1, ob. a p." 






Robert tie Thornton. 

N. B. -Agnes was the eldest sister. 



John de 



I ' 



Walter de Bergh. 

De Banco. Mich. 50. E. 3. m. 330. 

Glouc, — John Neuburgh and Margaret his wife, and John Barre and 
Avici' his wife, sued Katrine, formerly wife of Thomas de Berkele, for 
the manor of Tokynton. 

Nicholas Poyntz, 
Parson of the 
Church of Hoo. 

1 1 ugh, brother^Margaret. 
and heir. j 


Margaret.=John Newburgh. 

Avice =John Barre. 

Katrine claimed by a grant made to Thomas de Berkeley and herself 
by Nicholas Poyntz, and a jury found in her favour. 

De Banco. Mich. 50. E. 3. m. 361. 
John de Hotham, Kt., sued John Trussel and Alice his wife for 


the manor of Hothom 


John de Hotlnun, Kt. 
of Scorburgh. 
I . 

John, temp. E. 2. —Agnes. 


John, the plaintiff. 

The defendants ealled to warranty Jolm son of Theobald Trnssell and 
Alice his wife, the daughter and heir of John de Hothum of Boudeby, 

John Trnssell was the second husband of Alice, her first husband 
having been Hugh the son of Edward le Despencer. 

De Banco. Mich. 50. Ed. 3. m. 492. 

Somerset.— John de Dynham, Kt., sued Roger Dure and Joan his wife 
for the manor of Corf ton, in which they had no entry except by a 
demise made by Geoffry de Dynham to Henry de St. Hillary for a term 
which had expired, and which should revert to him as heir of Geoffrey. 

Geoffrey de Dynham, Oliver, brother and heir, 

temp. Hen. l>. oh. 6 p. j 


.... | 


' " \ i m<^ 


John de Dynham, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Easter, 51. E. 3. m. 111. 

Staff. — Thomas de Krdeswyk sued Humfrey de Stafford, Kt, for the 
manor of Amulcote (Amblecote). 

William de Stafford. 

John. | Margaret. James. 

I I 
Humfrey de Stafford, - - Miirgaret. 

the defendant. | 

Tliomaa de Erdeswyk, 
the plaintiff. , 

Staff. — The same Thomas sued Humfrey de Stafford for the manor of 
Lromshulf (Bramshall), whicli William de Stafford had given to William 
his son and Isabella his wife for their lives, with remainder to James 
their son, and to the heirs of his body. 

William de Stafford. | 

I ■ ■ " J ■ ' • ' ! ' ' ' i j 

William. ^Isabella. 

I - 

Margaret. _ . 

Thomas de Erdeswyk. 



In the first suit a jury found in favour of Humfrey, and in the 

second suit in favour of Thomas. , 

De Banco. Easter. 51. E. 3. m. 170. 
Ebor. — Robert, son of Robert Conyers, Kt., sued -the Prior of Gisse- 
burne tor hind in Ormesl>3\ which William Percy, the elder, had given 
to William Percy, the younger, and to the heirs of his body. 

William Percy, the younger, temp. 

E. lj .son of W illiam de Percy, of 




^ ' John. ' , ; ' * v 


Juliana. — Hubert Conyers. 

Robert Conyers, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Easter. 51. R 3. m. 345. 
Salop. — John Barry, Kt , and Margaret, his wife, and Ralph Seint 
Lcgier, Kt., and Beatrice, his wife, sued William de Etugeford for two 
messuages in Hugeford, which Walter de Hugeford had given to 
Matilda, his daughter. 

Matilda, (1. of Walter de 
1 1 Ugeford, temp K 2. 

I • ■ ' 




Margaret.- John r.arry, Kt. Peat l ire. ~ Ralph St. beger, Kt. 

De lianco. Easter. 51. E. 3. in. 452. 
Sitff. — John de Sehardelowe, Kt., sued John de Todynhum, Kt., for an 
illegal distraint in the vill of Berton, near Mildenhale. 

Itobort cle Todynham, enfeoffed of , Eva. 
the manor by Robert de Weston I 
and I la-wise, Ins wife, in f>0 Jl. ,'5. | 

Robo t-, ob. s.p. Thomas. 


John, the defendant. 

De Banco. Easter. 51. E. 3. m. 3G1. dorso. 
Salcp. — Joan, formerly wife of Robert de Boulewas, Sibil, formerly wife 
of John de Leghton, and \yiiliam de Wolascote, sued William de 
Wythyford for land in Little Wythyford. ' ' ' 


Reginald, son of Reginald de 
Wy thy ford, temp. Ed. I. 

Sibil, d. and heir. 



Joan.=Robert de Boulewas. Sibil. =John de Leghton Alice. 

William de Wolascote. 

De Banco. Trinity 51. E. 3. m. 2GG. 

Cestria, — Thomas Fyton, of Gqusevyorth, sued Thomas, Abbot of St. 
Werbergh, to deliver up to him a deed of quit-claim, dated 15 E. 2, by 
which Oliver de Ingham, Kt, released to Hamon de Mascy, Kt., and to 
his heirs, all his rights in the manors of Dunham, Kelshale, Altringham, 
Hale, &c, and five knights' fees in eo. Chester. 



Thomas Fyton, the plaintiff. 

The Abbot stated that Oliver was dead, and his heir was Milo de 
Stapleton, of cos. Salop and Norfolk, son of Joan, the daughter of 

De Banco. Trinity 51. E. 3. m. 27G. 

Notts. — Thomas de Martheresaye sued Nicholas Monburghehere, Kt., 
and another, for the next presentation to the church of (Jameleston. 

Thomas dc Mailheiesave was .seised 
of the manor and advowson. 

Isabella, d. and heir, temp. E 1. 


Isabella, who was in ward to the King. 


Nicholas Monburghehere, Kt., the defendant. 

De Banco. Mich. 1. Ric. 2. m. 229. 

Staff. — TJiomas de Asteleye, the younger, and Elizabeth, his wife, had 
sued Thomas de Harecourt, Kt., and others, at Assizes in Lichfield in 
44 E. 3, for unjustly disseising them of the manor of Elnhale (Ellenhall) 
and a local jury had found in their favour. The suit was now brought 
by an appeal into Banco, and the pleadings give this pedigree — 

1 bunon de Mascy 
15 E. 2. 




John de Harecourt, Kt.=Aliee. Nicholas de Harecourt, 

i Parson of Shepey. 


Kichard. Thomas de Harecourt. 


Elizabeth.— Thomas de Astley. 

De Banco. Easter. 2. Ric. 2. m. 150 dorm. 

Staff. — Margaret de Lye sued Gilbert Trussel for the next presentation 
to the church of Mucleston. 

Adam de Mokeleston. 

John. — Margaret, the plaintiff. 



Elena.==Gilhert Trussell. 

Chester Plea Roll, No. 82. 2 and 3 Ric. 2. m. 22. 

Cestria. — Henry, son of William de Hulgrove, sued William de Moston 
and Aliee, his wife, for two parts of the manor of Teverton, which 
Matthew de llulgreve had given to Matthew, his son, temp. E. 1. 

Matthew de Hulgjreve. 

Matthew, temp. E. 1. 



Henry, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Faster. 2. Etc. 2. in. 47. 

Norf. — Philip de Aylesbury and Agnes, his wife, and Hoes, sister of 
Agnes, sued Hugh de Stranleye, Kt , and Etheldreda, his wife, for two 
parts of the manor of lladynhale, and they sued Joan, formerly wife of 
Edward de Montagu, for one-third of the same manor, which Bartholo- 
mew de Yatyngedene had given to Hugh de Braundeston and Margaret, 
his wife, and heirs of their bodies. 

The pedigree given is the same as that previously printed, see suit 
of Mich. 48 K. 3 (p. 10G). 

De Banco. Mich. 2. Ric. 2. m. 1G2. i , 

Somerset — William de Montagu, Earl of Salisbury, sued Walter 
Komesy, Kt , for abducting Margaret, daughter and heir of John de 
Huntelegh in E. [S, the marriage of Margaret belonging to the Earl, 
inasmuch as John had held of him one-third of the manor of Over 
Attebere by knight's service. 



Thomas cle Huntelegh. 

! 1 

David, living 4 E. 2, Thomas, 
ob. s.p. I 



Walter Romesy claimed the wardship of Margaret, because her 
father had held of him the manor of Nether Attebere by knight's 

: . De Banco. Mich. 2. Ric. 2. m. 533. 

Essex. — Edmund Warde and Alice, his wife, and Thomas Pynkeneye, 
sued Thomas Sewale and others named, for the manor of Chykeneye. 

John Peverel.=f=Joan. 



i 1 1 1 

Matilda, Alice. — Joan. Cecil}', 

tl. s.p. Edmund Warde, | | 

the plaintiffs. Thomas de John. 


Edmund de Drayton. 

De Banco. Hillary 3. Ric. 2. m. 428. 

Northampton. — A suit respecting the title to the Hundred of Wymcrs- 
ley and manor of Whyston, gives these pedigrees — 
Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester. 



Gilbert, ob. s.p. Alianora. Margaret. Elizabeth. 



Hugh, Earl of Stafford. 

John le Scot, Karl of Margaret. Isabella. Ada. 

Huntingdon. | 

Henry de Hasty nges. 



Laurence. ! 

I 5 

John de Hastyngcs, Earl of 
Pembroke, now living. 


De Banco. Hillary. 3. Ric. 2. m. 477. 
Berks. — John de Bermyngcham, Kt., sued Robert, Vicar of Estgarten, 
and two others, for the manor of Maydencotc. 

William de Bcrmingham. John, brother of 

| William, held the 

Fulk.^Joan. manor for life. 


John, the plaintiff. 

Coram Rcgc. If Mary. 3. Ric. 2. m. 63. 

Wygorn. — A suit to determine the heirs-at-law of Henry de Ribbesford 

and the title to the manors of Rok and Ribbesford, gives these pedigrees — 

i 1 _ 

Henry de Ribbesford. Hawise. 

I I 
Juliana. Thomas le Forcer. 

I I 
Isolda. | 1 1 1 

| Burga. Elizabeth. Joan. 

Isolda. = 

John de Resunder. John Darras. 

The male line, which had failed, was as follows : — 

Henry de Ribbesford. 

Robert, John, Walter. ^-Con.stanec. John, Thomas, 

oh. S.p. oh. S.p. ob. S.p. oh. S.p. 

, , 1 

Walter, oh. s.p. Roger, oh. s.p. 

De Baneo. Mich. 3. Ric. 2. m. 587. 

Ebor. — Thomas de Mctham and Elizabeth, his wife, sned Emma, 
formerly wife of John de Kirkeby, for the manor of Stapelton. 

Miles tie Stapelton, temp. E. 1. 

Nii holns, oh. s.p, - Isabella. Thomas. 

{To be continued.) 

Elizabeth — 
Thomas de Metham, 
the plaintiffs. 


This account of a family of distinction (of which all previous ones 
are singularly dateless and inaccurate) is compiled by the Rev. Robert 
Eden Cole, M.A., Rector of Doddington, co. Lincoln, in which parish 
part of their possessions lay. It may be added that William, the fourth 
Lord, was bur. 2 Oct. 1584 "from Lambeth" at Lingfield, co. Surrey, 
and that his widow Katharine (Clinton) was bur. there 14 Aug. 1621. 
The burial at Gainsborough, 3 July 1599, of "Robert Burgh of Gains- 
burgh " is in all probability that of Robert, the last Lord, who was 
living 30 Mayl598, being then about four years old, and who was dead 
before 1601. G. E. C. 





5Fi}c Visitation of BZltltsfjirf, 

By William Harvey}, Clarcnecux King of Arms, A.D. 1565 (Ilarl, MS. 1565). 
Communicated by Walter C. Metcalfe. 
{Continued from p. 171.) 

PLEYDELL of Lydiard. 

Thomas Pleydell of Ooleshill, co. Berks, Gent., mar. and had issue, — 
William, son and heir ; Hose, mar. to . . . Chanqmes of Frome 
Selwood, co. Som'set. 

William Pleydell of Colcsliill, Gent, son and heir of Thomas, mar. 
Agnes, da. and one of the heirs of . . . Reason of Corfe Castell, eo. 
Dorset, Gent., and by her had issue — Anthony, son and heir; Thobye, 
second son; Virgill, third son; Gabriell, fourth son; ZaCHARIE, fifth 
son ; Thomas, sixth son ; John, seventh son ; Susan, mar. to Thomas 
Butike of Withington, co. (doe. ; Elizabeth, mar. to John Wells of 
Lydvard Tregoose, eo i 1 1 s. 

Xachaeye !' ley dell of I.ydyard, eo. Wilts, Gent., fifth son of 
William, mar. Murtferett, da. of Thomas Wells oi t lie same parish, and by 
hen had issue, — William, Ids eldest son and heir apparent; Tobye, 
second son. 

POPLE of New Sarum. 

Arms : — Argent, on a haul Sable between two bendlets dancette'e Gules 
th ire eagles displayed of the field. 

Thomas Pone of New Sarum, co. Wilts, Gent., mar. to his first 
wife Katherin, da. of John Geffrey of Doncdmarie, in eo. Dorset, and by 
her had issue, — Edmond, his eldest son ;- after, the said Thomas mar. 
to his second wife Joane, da. of Thomas Bradley, a marchaut of Pris- 
towe, and by her had issue, Roger. 

PM AT Nit of Latton. 

Alois : — Sable, three wolves heads erased Argent, on a chief Or a lion 
passant of the field, impaling Quarterly 1 and 4 Argent, a 
trefoil slipped between three mull eta dales (Ashficld). 2, 
A:ure, in chief two lions I'ainpant addorsed Or, in base two 
bars tract/ Argent. 3, Or, three lions passant in pale Sable. 

George Prater of Latton, co. Wilts, mar. Jane, da. of .Richard Plott 
of Blewberye, co. Perks, and by her had issue, — RlCHARO, son and 
heir; Anthony, second son; George, third son; John, fourth son; 
Nicholas, fifth son ; Bartholomew, sixth son ; A 1 is, mar. to Thomas 
Walrvnd of Alborne, co. Wilts, Gent. ; Margcrett, mar. to William 
Kembyll of Wyddyll, co. Wilts; Elinor and Dorathe, unmar. 

Richard Prater of Eton Water, co. Perks, Gent., son and heir of 
George, mar. Margerett, da. of Hwmfretj Ashfeild of Hey thorp, co. 
Oxford, Esq., and by her had issue, — George, son and heir; Humphrey, 
second son; Richard, third son. 



PROVENDER of All Cannings. 

Arms : — Quarterly 1 and 4, Gules, a fess vair between three dragons' 
heads erased Or. 2 and 3, Ermine, on a fess Sable three 
plates (Comberwcll). 

Crest : — A squirrel courant quarterly Or and Sable. 

Hugh Provender of Alcannyngo, co. Wilts, Gent., mar. and had 
issue, — John, son and heir ; Thomas, second son ; Nicholas, third son. 

Nicholas Provender of Alcannynge, third son to Hugh, mar. and 
had issue, — Robert, son and heir. 

Robert Provender, son and heir of Nicholas, mar. and had issue, — 
Richard, son and heir. 

Richard Provender, son and heir of Robert, mar. done, da. and heir 
of William Comberwcll of Hart'am, co. af'sd, Gent, and of Agues, his 
wife, da. and heir of . . . Reysey of Chittowe, and by her had issue, — 
John, son and heir ; Richard, second son. 

John Provender of Alcannyngs, Gent., son and heir of Richard, 
mar. Ede, da. of , . . Borough of Lyme, co. Devon, and by her had 
issue. — Gbffhky, son and heir; Robert, second son; George, third son; 
John, fourth son ; Agues, mar. to Henry Chatterton of Bradon, co. 
Wilts, Gout.; Alys, mar. to Martin Hatter of Amesbury, co. af'sd; 
Margcrett, mar. to William /Juryman of Chipenham, co. af'sd ; 
Katheriue ; and Thomazin. 

Geffrey Provender of Allington, in the p'sh of Alcannyngs, co. 
Wilts, son and heir of John, mar. Ahjs, da. of John tturdon, in co. 
Wilts, and by her had issue, — George, son and heir; Thomas, second 
son ; Michell, third son; Jone; Margcrett; and Edith, unmar. 

PVRAY of Warminster. 

Arms : — Argent, on a Jess cotised between three martlets Sable as many 
mullet* Or. 

Crest : — A buck's head erased An/en f, attired Or, in the mouth a pear 
branch Vert fr acted of the second. 

RlGlfARD Pyray of Pyray, CO. Dorset, Gent., mar. and had issue, — 
Thomas, son and heir; Robert, second son; John, third son; Peter, 
fourth son ; and others. 

John Pyray of WarmynSfcef, co. Wilts, Gent., third son of Richard, 
mar. Elizabeth, da. of J>hu Ludwell of Warmynster, and by her had 
issue, — William, son and heir ; Nicholas, second son. 

William PyRAY of Warmynster, son and heir of John, mar. Elizabeth, 
da. of William Ee/uiett of Norton Ha vent, in the said co , Gent., and by 
her hath issue, — William, sou and heir ; John, second sou ; Nicholas, 
third son; Margcrett and Elizabeth, now living. 

. ^ 

QUINTEN of Bupton. 
ARMS : — Ermine, on a chief Gules three lions rampant Or, impaling 
Long us under Long, of fcjelweys. 

John Quinten of Rubton, co. Wilts, Esq., mar. . . . da. of . . . 

1 11 


WaJrond of Brynkworth, co. Wilts, Esq., and by her had issue, — John, 
son and heir; Klyanor, mar. to John Haines of co. Hamp., Gent.; 
Margerett, mar. to JoJtn Estcourte of Whitparish, co. Wilts, Gent. 

John Quinten of Bubton, son and heir of John, mar. Elizabeth, da. 
of William Larckstock, co. Dorset, Gent., and by her had issue, — 
Myciiell, son and heir; Margerett, mar. to Eicltard Cuffe of Rroughton, 
co. Wilts. 

Mychell Quinten of Bubton, son and heir of John, mar. to his first 
wife Elizabeth^ da. of Sir Henri/ Lon<j of Draycott, co. Wilts, Kt., and 
by her had issue, — Elenor ; and Dorothe, mar. to Edward Garrett of 
Thorn hull, co. Wilts ; after, the said Mychell mar. Margerett, da. of 
Richard Iveye of West Keynton, co. af'sd, Esq , and by her hath issue, — 
Henry, son and heir; Thomas, second son; William, third son; and 

RED1CH of Maiden Bradley. 

Arms : — Argent, a lion rampant Guh's, collared I Or ; impaling Sable, three 
goats statu nt Argent, attired Or. 

John Redicii of Redicii, co. Lane, mar. Alys, da. of Sir Richard 
Holland, and by her had issue, — Otys, son and heir. 

Otys Kedich of Redicii, son and heir of John, mar. Lucey, da. of 
Ruber t D aching feild of Port wood, co. Cheshire, Kt., and by her had 
issue, — John, son and heir. 

John Redicii of Redid), son and heir of Otys, mar. Clement, da. 
of Sir Robert Worsloy of co. Lane , and by her had issue, — Otys, son 
and heir; John, second son ; Alys and Cescille. 

Otys Redicii of Redicii, son and heir of John, mar. Alice, da. of 
JiaJphe Prestwych of Manchester, co. Lane, and by her had issue, — 
John, son and heir; Kdmond, second son; George, third son; Robert, 
fourth son, died sans issue ; Thomas, fifth son. 

John Redish of Redish, son and heir of Otys, mar. Margett, da. 
and one of the heirs of Sir Robert Lam/ley, Kt., ami by her hath issue,—- 
Alexander and Kdmond, which died young ; Klynor, died young ; Ann, 
mar. to Marmaduke ThiiH'nge of Gate llemsley, co. York, Esq. (She 
afterwards mar. Alvery Birkbye, Visitation of Yorkshire, 1G12.) 

John Redish of Redish, second son of John, mar. Isabel/, da. of 
Otwell Needham of Thornsett, co. Derby, and by her had issue, — 
Otwell, son and heir ; William, second son. 

William Redish of Mayden Bradley, co. Wilts, second son of John, 
mar. Alys, da. of Richard Dyer of Wincanton, co. Somerset, Gent., and 
by her bath issue, — Christopher, son and heir; John, second son ; Mary 
and Ann. 

ROGERS of Bradford. , 
Arms : — Quarterly 1 and 4, Argent, a chevron Sable between three bucks 
statant of the second attired Or. 2 and 3, Argent, three 
torteaux (Bcsill). 

Ckest : — A buck statant Sable bezantee ducally gorged and attired Or. 
Thomas Rooeks of Bradford, co. W r iUs, Esq., mar. . . . da. and one 



of the heirs of William Besyll of Bradford, Esq., and by her had issue, — 
Willi Alt; son and heir; — after, the said Thomas mar. to his second 
wife . . . da. of . . . Courtney of Powderham, and widow of Sir 
Thomas Ponvroy, and by her had issue, — . . . Rogers of Kent. 

William Rogers of Bradford, Esq., son and heir of Thomas, mar. 
June, da. of John J/ortou of Iford, in the said co., Gent., and by her 
hath issue, — Anthony, son and heir ; Henry, second son ; Audrey, mar. 
to . . . Itmvkhis of Bristowe ; Cescllie. mar. to Robert Mntm (? Martha). 

Anthony Rogers of Bradford, Esq., son and heir of William, mar. 
Dorathe, da. of . . . Erneley of Cannyngs, in the said co., Esq., and by 
her had issue, — Anthony, son and heir; Richard, second son; Ambros, 
third son ; Elizabeth, mar. to William Ki'vell of Bath, co. Som'set, 
CJent., and hath issue ; Izod, mar. to 'lliomns Southe of Swakely (Swallow 
Cliff), co. Wilts, Cent., and hath issue; Dorothe, mar. to William 
Wf'stburjf of . . co. South'ton, Cent. 

Anthony Rouers of Bradford, Esq., son and heir of Anthony, mar. 
Ann, da. of Thomas Wi'ontjhttm of Broughton, co. South'ton, Esq., and 
by her hath issue,- — Dorathe, his only da., which mar. to J<>hu Hall, son 
and heir of Thomas Hall, and by her hath issue, — Thomas Hall and 
John Hall, living. 

ROWSWELL of Easton. 

Arms : — Per pale Gales and A~.uro i a lion rampant. Argent. 
Crest: — A lion's head erased Argent. 

Jenkyn Rowsweli, of Bradford, co. Som'set, Cent., mar. and had 
issue,— -Richard, his eldest son and heir ; Thomas, second son 

Richard Rowsell of Bradford, sun and heir of Jenkyn, mar. Algs, 
da. of . . . and by her had issue, — John, son and heir; William, 
second son; Adam, third son; William, fourth son; Jonc, mar. to 
Thomas Foreak> r of Bradford. 

John Rowswell of Bradford, Cent., eldest son and heir of Richard, 
mar. Agn<s, da. of Hiehanl of Wyncalton (Wincanton), co. Som'set, 

Cent., ami by her had issue, — Rich ahd, his eldest son and heir ; George, 
second son; Alexander, third son; iVtcr, fourth son; Augustine, fifth 
son ; Edyth, mar. to Thomas Darby of Staley, co. Som'set ; Katherine, 
mar. to John J I ill of Bradford, co. afs'd ; Thomazin, mar. to Thomas 
Tyke u of Colly ford, co. Devon ; and J one, uninar. 

Richard Rowswell of Yastem, co. Wilts, Cent, eldest son and heir 
of John, mar. Man/fit, da. of John. Jlayly of Yastern, and by her had 
issue, — John, his eldest son and heir aparant : Ann ; Mary ; Elizabeth 
Bridgett ; Jane ; and Dorathe. 

RYLEY of New Sarum. 

A : — Quarterly 1 and 1. Or, a/ess between three, crosses pa(( f r Ji tehee 
Sable. 2 and 3, Sable, three masclcs Argent (Whitaker). 
Over all a crescent for difference. 

Crest : — A dragon's head erased Sable serne'e of torteaux. 

Henry Ryley of the Creeiie, co. Lane, Cent., mar. and had issue, — 
Thomas, son and heir. 



Thomas Ryley of the Greene, Gent., eldest son and heir to Henry, 
mar. June, da. and one of the heirs of James Whitaker of Henthorne, 
co. Lane., and by her had issue, — Henry, his eldest son and heir ; 
James, second son; Hugh, third son; Thomas, fourth son; Elizabeth, 
mar. to John Robinson ; Elin, mar. to William Starkey of Twyston ; 
Margct, mar. to George Jloivtrode of Yorkshire ; Isabell, mar. to Henry 
Ilolkar of co. Lane ; and others. 

Hugh Ryley of the Cittie of New Sarum, Gent, third son of Thomas, 
and Steward to John Jewell, Bishop of the same Cittie, mar. Marie, da. 
of George Ludloive of Hildeverill, in the said co., Esq., and had issue, — 
John, his eldest son ; Edmond, second son ; Anne, and Edyth. 

The Town and Borough of NEW SARUM. 
Ahms : — Barry of eight Azure and Or. 

Supporters: — Two eagles disjdayed Or, ducally crowned, beaked and 
legged Azui'e. 

These Arms, w'th the two Egles supporting the same, are the 
Auntient Armes belonging and appertaining to the Maior, his brctheren, 
and comonalitie of New Sarum, the w'eh 1 have regesterd and recorded 
in the Rcgester of my Visitation nowe made within the Com. of Wilts 
at w'ch time was Tho : Jaeobc Maior, Rob't Griffith, Rich. Bryan and 
Will'm Webbe Justices of the Peace, and also George Snelgar, Robert 
Eyre, John Webbe, Thomas Cahore, and John Eyre the yonger have 
been Maiors of that Citti, and Robert Tucke Toun Clerke of the same 

Anno D'ni 15G5, P. Hervie Clar : 

SHELLEY of Allcannings. 

Arms: — Quarterly of G. 1, Sable, a fess engrailed between three whelk 
shells Or. 2, Quarterly Azure and Or a falcon Argent 
(Miehelgrove). 3, Azure, three eagles displayed in bend 
between two cotises Argent (Belknap). 4, Gules, a fess 
cheqvy Argent and Sable between six crosses patee fitchee of 
the second (Butler). 5, Or, two bends Gules (Sudeley). G, 
Jlendy of ten Or and Azure (Mountford). 

Crest : — A griffins head erased Argent, ducally gorged Or. 

John Shelley of Miehelgrove, co. Sussex, Est]., mar. Elizabeth, da. 

of John Michc/gri/ve, of the co. af'sd, and by her had issue, — William, 

his son and heir ; Richard, second son ; Edward, third son. 

Edward Siiui.licy of Warmynghurst, co. Sussex, third son of John, 

mar. Jone, da. and heir of Powle Edou of Renshurst, co. Kent, Gent, 

and by her had issue, — Henry, son and heir; Richard, second son; 

Edward, third son ; Elizabeth, mar. to John Ap>sley of Pulborough, co. 

Sussex, Gent. ; Mary, mar. to John Wintershull in co. Surrey, Gent. 
Henry Shelley of Warmynghurst, Esq., son and heir of Edward, 

mar. Ann, da. of . . . Saclfeild (Richard Sackville), in co. Sussex, Esq., 

and by her had issue, — Henry, son and heir apparent ; and Mary. 



Richard Shelley of Alcannyngs, co. AYilts, Esq., second son to 
Edward, and brother to Henry, mar. Katherin, da. of Thomas Devenish 
of Hellingley, co. Sussex, Esq., and by her hath issue,- Edward, son 
and heir * Elizabeth ; and Mary, now living. 

SHERINGTON of Lacock. 

Arms : — Quartcrl} 7 1 and 4, Gules, two crosses pate'e Or voided Sa. between 
as many Jlaunches cfoequy Argent and Azure. 2, Azure, a 
bend Argent (La Vail). 3, Per pale indented Or and Azure 
six martlets counterchanged (Eransham). 
Crest:--.! scorpion Or tail erect between two elephants^ tusks parted 
-per fess, the upper part chequy Argent and Azure, the lower 
(Jules charged with a cross as in the arms. 

Henry Siierington of Sherington, in the parish of Derham, co. Norf., 
mar. Elizabeth, da. of . . . and by her had issue, — Reignold, son and 
heir; Thomas, second son; John, third son; William, fourth son; 
Margerett; Katheriu ; Mary ; and Ann. 

Reignold Sherington in the said co., mar. . . . and died sans issue. 

Thomas Siierington in the said eo , second son of Henry, and heir 
to his brother, mar. Elizabeth, da. and heir of . . . Fransham in co. 
Norf., Esq., and by her had issue,— Thomas, son and heir. 

Thomas Siierington of Sherington, mar. Katheriu, da. of William 
Pijrlun of Littell Rentley, co. Essex, Esq., and by her hath issue, — 
AYilliam, son and heir ; Thomas, second sou ; Henry, third son ; John, 
fourth son ; Anthony, fifth son ; Elizabeth, mar. to Richard lladekin of 
Ulchester; Ann; Ursula, first mar. to Francis Hall, Comptroller of 
Oalleys, after to John flanester, Esq. ; Olive, mar. to James Vaggett of 
London, \ Cescille ; and others. 

Sir William Sherington of Lacock, co. Wilts, Kt, son and heir of 
Thomas, mar. to his first wife Ursula, da. naturall to Rourchier, Lord 
Barnes, and by her had no issue ; — after, he mar. to his second wife, 
Fl yanor, da. of . . . Wahinghani, and by her had no issue ; he mar. to 
his third wife (/'race, da. of . . . Farington, in co. Devon, and widow of 
Robert Vaggett of London, Alderman, and died sans issue. 

Thomas Siierington, second son of Thomas, died sans issue. 

Henry Sherington of Lacock, Esq., third son of Thomas, mar. 
Ann, da. of Robert Raggett of London, Alderman, and by her hath 
issue, — Ursula ; Grace ; and Olive, now living. 

John Siierington of Medburne, co. Wilts, fourth son of Thomas, 
mar. Ann, da. and heir of . . . Kekwych of Essex, and by her hath 
issue,— Edward, son and heir; Oliver, second son; one son more; and 
four da's. 

SKILLING of Dray cot. i 

Arms: — Argent, two chevrons dales, on a chief of the last three bezants, 

impaling Keilway. 
Crest : — A greyhound courant Or collared and lined Sable. 

John Skilling of Lay lis ton, co. llampsh., Esq., mar. Alys, da. of ... ' 


Gyfford of Sumbornc, co. af'sd, Gent., and by her had issue, — "Walter, 
son and heir. 

Walter Skilling of Draycot, co. Wilts, son and heir of John, mar. 
Mary, da. of . . . Emley of Harwell, co. Hampsh., Esq., and by her had 
issue, — William, son and heir; Richard, second son; Swythen, third 
son ; Alys, mar. to Henry Alolyns of Sand Hill, co. Hampsh., Gent. ; 
Mary, unmar. 

William Skilling of Dracott, son and heir of W r alter, mar. Eliiabeth, 
da. of Sir William Kelway of Kockborne, co Hampsh., Kt., and by her 
as yet hath no issue. 

SNELL of Kington. 

Arms : — Quarterly 1 and I, Per pale Qules and Azure, a cross flbry Or. 

2 and 3, Gules, on a fess Or between six arrows bend-wise 
Argent, three blackanaxurs heads Sable. Impalement, Argent, 
on a/ess Sable three escallops of the field (Pye). 

CllEST : — - A aemi-talbot salient Uules, eared, collared and lined Or. 

William Snell of Bydeston, co. Wilts, Gent., mar. Florence, da. and 
one of the heirs of William Keyneli of Rydeston, and by her had issue, — 

Richard Snell of Kington, in the co. af'sd, son and heir of William, 
mar. Jone, da. of Nicholas Marsh of Eston, in the co. af'sd, and by her 
had issue,— Nicholas, son and heir ; Fridesw yd, mar. to Thomas Jkirkes- 
dale of Kevyll, co. Wilts. 

Nicholas Snell of Kington, Esq., son and heir of Richard, mar. to 
his first wife, Alys, da. of George J* ye of the Citti of Oxford, and by 
her had issue, — .John, son ami heir; Thomas (see the Visitation of 
1623), second son ; Snzan, mar. to Edward Longe of Keyhvcy. co. 
Wilts ; Jone, mar. to Richard Tayler of ( astelcombe, co. Wilts ; Edith, 
mar. to Edmo?id stokes of Langley RiiiTeil, co. "Wilts; Cescelli, mar. to 
Thomas Maylye of Baldon in the said co. ; after, the said Nicholas mar. 
to his Second wife, Mai l/, da. of William CUvcland, in co. Wilts, and by 
her hath no issue. 

John Snell of Kington, son and heir apparent of Nicholas, mar. 
Katherin, da of John Warnfm'd of Sevenhampton, in co. Wilts, Esq., 
and by her hath issue, — Thomas, son and heir apparent) now living ; 
Mary ; Elizabeth ; and Agnes, unmar. 

(Continued in the Visitation of 1623). 

SNEYTIIE of Lushall. 

Arms : — Argent, on a chevron between three falcons' heads erased Sable a 
trefoil slipped Or. 

John Sneytiie of co. . . . Gent., mar. Jone, da. and heir of William 
Grcnfyld of . . . and by her hath issue, — Walter, son and heir; 
William, second son ; Elizabeth, mar. to Thomas Beckett of Hanendon, 
co. Wilts. 




Walter Sxeythe alias Parker of Lushall, co. Wilts, Gent., eldest 
son and heir of John, mar. Mary, da. of John Chamherlaine of Wood- 
stock, co. Oxford, and by her hath issue, — Virgill, his eldest son and 
heir; Gyles, second son; Frances; Dorothe ; and Alys, unniar. 

SO TEW ELL of Chute. 

John Soteyvei.l of Chute, co. Wilts, Cent., son and heir of Richard, 
mar. . . . da. of . . . Coventry of Charborne, in the co. af'sd, Cent., 
and by her had issue,— Thomas sone and heir. 

Thomas Sotewell, son and heir of John, mar. Margery, da. and one 
of the heirs of Moger Ssymore of Andover, co. South'ton, Esq., and by 
her had issue,— William, son and heir ; Elizabeth, mar. to Thomas 
Walla ; Ann, mar. to . . . Belhowse of liuspcre, co. Sussex, Cent. 

William Sotkwki.l, son and heir of Thomas, mar. Man/erett, da. and 
one of the heirs of Richard Fairconer of Hertsborne, co. South'ton, and 
by her hath issue, — Richard, son and heir; John, second son; and 
John, third son ; Jane, mar. to lieignold Wad/eg ; Elizabeth and Mary 

SOUTH of Swallowcliir. 
Arms: -Quarterly 1 and 1, Sable, on a fess htmielc'a between three billets 

Argent a chaplal Or flowered Gules. 2 and 3, Harry of sic 

Or and Azure on a chief of the second a lion passant of the 

first, impaling Rogers. 
Crest: — A dragons head Vert ducaliy gorged per pale Or and Azure, out 

of the mouth "jier." 

William South of Amesbury, co. Wilts, Gent., mar. Margery, sister 
of Thomas Byflett of Basing Byflett, co. llampsh., Gent., and by her hath 
issue, -Thomas, son and heir ; Gyles and Peter, now living ; Elizabeth, 
mar. to Thomas Hawaii of Norrington, co. Wilts, Gent. ; Ann, mar to 
haurtnee 'Dyvrot W'vncanton, eo Som'sot, Esq. ; Dorothe and Alys. 

Thomas South of Swallow Clytl', co. af'sd, Esc]., son and heir of 
William, mar. /sod, da. of (Anthony) Rogers of Bradford, co. af'sd, Esq., 
and by her had issue, — Thomas (see the Visitation of 1G23), son and 
heir ; — after, the said Thomas mar. to his second wife, the Lady Margery 
Pawlett 3 da. of William, Marquess of Winchester, and widow of Richard 
Waller of Old Stoke, co. South'ton. 

Memorandum —That Tltomas Byflett mar. Jone, da. of John Emeley 
of Bishops Cannings, Esq., and by her had issue, — John, son and heir; 
Jane and Elizabeth. 

(To be continued.) 



S- <' S W ( A 1 ) Wcbawl Wydville of Grafton, co. 
C3(T M -i Northamp. ; ti.abt. 1378. 

(A 2) [Elizabeth, widow of Nicholas 
Chetwode of Chetwode, da. and hss. of 
John Lyons of Warkworth ] 

C CO c 

ca «o Q Ef 

< & H 

re £ 

c 5 

r p 

a P 

~ i-: o 

(A 3) Thomas Lyons. 


*2J (A 4) Margaret 

£cd r HI 



i — _ 

J^i! (A 7) [William Beauchamp of Welling- 
5 tun, co. Somerset.] 

7i HI 

c cc I (A 8) * * * * 

~ (A 9) Guy of Luxemburg. (') Count of 
Lkjny,, 1307-1371, and of St. Pol j. 
ux , Ski on eu u oe Koussy, Beauuevoiu 

°'- slain 22 Aug 1371. 

8 o 

c • 


re — i 


c v. v. 
if; n •/ ^ 
• </• M re 


c o 

M «2 

►U >4- CO Q 

Cj o co I 
«o cj» a- 4- I 


: ^ (A 10) Mahaut.( 2 ) Countess of St. Pol, 
Dame de Fienxes, da. of John de 
Chatillon, Count of St. Pol ; rn. abt. 
1354 ; dead 1378. 

D so r 


PS w 

3 Wc^ 


(A 11) Louis d'Enghien,( 5 ) Count of 
Biuknnk, and ok Con versa no in Apulia, 
■, Skioneuh d'Enghien inllainault; living 


(A p.?) .lane, da of 
Severino, Count of * 

di San 

•( 7 ) 

> o 2 r 



n — - 

S p- 

r 53 



_ C/v 

w 5 

CO 2 

.Tr 1 s> 

(A 13) Bertram! del Bal/o, Count of 
Montkscaouioso, Andiua and Squil- 
i ac'k, Justiciar of Sicily ;[°) d. 1350, 
before 17 A nr. 


(A 14) Margaret, da of Robert d'Alne- 
t<>, SioNoKK ui TianO, Maiuuliano and 


abt. 1321 ; 2nd wife. 

(A 15) Nicolas Orsini, Count of Nola 
t and Soleto ; b. 27 Aug. 1331 ;( la ) d. 



(A 10) Jane,( 115 ) da. of William di Sa- 
brano, Count of Akjano and Anci.C 5 ) 



*J 1 

; Yff/.i 







(0 m 





























I. to 

<T5 — 
O I-. 

oc PC 


PS i 

H ^2 fcj'gg (A 1) John de Neville, Lord of Raby ; d. 
cr S^ -,17 Oct. 1388. See Tab. XXIX, B 5. 


(A 2) Maud, da. of Henry de Percy, Lord 
of Alnwick ; 1st wife. See Tab. XXIX, 
B 6. 


O f •* 

fl> p 



n ^ 

-• >-», 
'3 fa 

; p 

CD . CD 

jj (A 3) John, Duke of Lancaster ; d. 3 

H$,% ■ Feb. 139,}. See Tab. XXII, D 1. 

g *J HI 

.p ^2 £ "o \ f A 4) Catherine, da. of Payn Roet ; c£. 10 

- 1 

* SS 
tO ^ 

OS n 

o I C — 

i— ' 03 W 


go O <» 
it*, c j 

1 ► 

Q o 5? 
H U, ft. 

May 1403 ; 3rd wife. See Tab, XXIX, 
B 8. 

(A 5) John de Montaeute,EARL of Salis- 
§ " -, BURY, 1397-1400 ; K.G. beheaded 7 Jan. 

00 .y- %. CO , y ' J 

> g I i "i 6 o ♦ 

~ " d 1 — li 

5 (A G) Maud, da. of Adam Franceis of 
^2 London; rn. by 1382; d. 1424, after 2 
j? ■ June. 


31 ° ed ( A ') Thomas de Holand, Karl of Kent ; 
^ - ^ti d. 25 Apr. 1397. See Tab. XXIX, A 7. 

' 3 s h HI 

^ ~ | (A 8) Alice, da. of Richard, Earl of 

$ ? A HUN DEL AND SURREY | (1. 17 March 1417. 
See Tab. XXIX, A 8. 


O" pa 
S osT 


* 7 h3 

o o os o 
— . . cr. > a 


(A 9) Thomas de Beauchamp, Earl op 
Warwic k, 1315-1369 ; K.U. ; 6. abt. 
1M13 ; (/. 13 Nov. 1369. 



ss e s 

* — -\ p" 

— ^ 

as (t V! 
° 5 

» ! 

3 (A 10) Catherine, da. of Roger de Mor- 
^ timer, Earl OP MARCH ; m. (by paj>al 
^ g disjiens.) in 1337. 


g 3 

•HI r 


o to 

ss a. 


n - 

3 ^ w (A 11) William de Ferrers, Lord op 
* 3 Ghory, 1343-1372 ; 6. abt. 1333; rf. 9 Jan. 
r - r HI 

< 7 (A 12) Margaret^ 2 ) da. of Robert d'Uf- 
ford, Earl op Suffolk ; 1st wife. 

OS 5- 95 O ^ ^ 
3 (D C" K (6 C3 

g" gi-'g l ^.j (A 13) Edward le Despenser ; 6. abt. 
o "rr^ I 1336 ; K G, ; d. 11 Nov. 13?5. 

s^^w^o L_j| 

« 2 r* 1 ' - r 

w fD 


CX" . — 

O _ ft) 

o Q 
... cr o 

(A 14) Elizabeth, only child of Bartholo- 
mew de Burgheish ; 6. abt. 1342 ; d. July- 
Aug. 14U9.0 

]| (A 15) Edmund, Duke of York; d. 1 

£ Aug. 1402. See Tab. XXIX, B 1. 

a. = L Hi 

(A 1Q) Isabel, illeg. da. of Peter, KlNO 
*~ " Q of Castji.k and Lkon; 1394; 1st 
a. f wife. See Tab. XX I X. Ji 2. 


Additions to Table XXX. 

A. 9. He was slain at the Battle of Bastweiler. (Eldest son of John 
of Luxemburg, Seigneur de Ligny, Roussy and Bcaurevoir, Chatelain 
de Lille, by his first wife Aliee, only child of Guy of Flanders, Seigneur 
de Riehebourg.) 

A. 10. She was m. by contract dated at Beanvais in Dec. 1350. 3 
(Her mother was Jane, 4 elder dan. of John, Seigneur de Fienncs and 
Tingry, Chatelain de Bourbourg.) 

A. 11. (A younger son of Walter III, Seigneur d'Enghien, by 
Isabel* 6 Duchess of Athens, Gountess of Brienne, only dan. of Walter 
de Brienne V, Duke of Athens, Count of Brienne and Lecee.) 

A. 13. He was bur. in the Church of San Domenieo at Naples. [He 
m. 1, 130*, before 21 Jan., Beatrice, widow (31 Jan. 130?) of Azzo VIII, 
Marquis of Este and Ancona, and dan. of Charles II, King of Jerusalem 
and Sicily ; she d. in 1321, bur. at Andria ] (Younger son 10 of Bert rand 
IT, Seigneur de Berrc in Provence, by Berengaria.) 

A. 14. She was Signora di and Carinola in the Terra di 
Lavoro, di Caramanico in the Abruzzo, and di Cassano in Calabria. 11 
(Her mother was Isabella, 11 widow of John della Lagonessa, 11 and dau. 
of William Stcndardo, Constable of Sicily.) 11 

A. 15. He was bur. at Nola. 1 - (Elder son of Robert Orsini, 13 Count 
of Nola, by Sueva, 14 dau. of Hugh del Balzo, Seneschal of Sicily.) 

A. 1G. (Dau. of William, Count of Ariano, by his second wife 
Francesca, dau. of Roger, Count of Celano.) 

B. ('). [She m. 1, Jacopo di San Severino.] 18 

B. 7. He was Count of Montescaggioso and Andria, Seigneur de 
Bcrre, Mison and Tiano ; cr. Duke of Andria betw. 30 June 1350 and 
20 May 1351 ; 19 bur. at Andria. [He m. 1, 1337, Louisa, dau. of 
Thomas di San Severino 111, Count of Marsieo, Constable of Sicily. He 
v/i. 2, 1318, Margaret, dau. of l'hilip of Sicily I, Prince of Taranto and 
Achaia ; she d. at Naples abt. Sep. 1380, bur. there in the Church of 
San Domenieo. J 

0. 1. lie succ. his elder br. Thomas abt. 143"). 22 

( ■. 3. lie was made a Knight of the Golden Fleece at the institution 
of the Order, 10 Jan. 14l|JJ ; (I. at Rambures, bur. (as was his wife) in 
t i io Abbey of Cercamp in Artois. 

D. 2. [She in. I, as second wife, at Thcrouanno, 20 Apr. 1133, 
John, Duke of Bedford. K.C. ; he (!>. 20 June 1389) </. at Rouen 15 
Sep.' 24 1135, bur. there in the Metrop. Church.] 

E. [She m. 1, John Grey of Grobv ; he (b. 1435) was slain at the 
Battle of St, Albans, 17 Feb. 1 I (•><;.] 

1 ll<; was grandson of Waleran II, son of Waleran 1, Seigneur do Ligny and 
JiouKsy, yr. son of Henry ill, Count of Luxemburg (Table XVII I, H .'}). His 
Seigneuric of figny in Barrow was made a Coint^ by King Charles V by letters 
dated at Pans Sep. lo(>7. (DuOhesiie, M. de Luxembourg, preuves, j>. 90 } 

- Hss. of her br. Guy de Chatillon IV, Count of St. Pol, who d. s.p. in ]3G0. 

:; DuChesne, M, de Chustillon, preuves, p. 182. 

4 Hss of her br. lloltei t., ealled Moreau, Seigneur de Fienncs and Tingry, Chatelain 
de BourlwKirg, Constable of France, 

5 He sure his nephew Walter as Count of Brienne ami Seigneur d'Fnghien in 

to ib-JJIilv) 



6 Hss. of her br. Walter VI, Duke of Athens, etc , Constable of France, slain at 
Poitiers 19 Sep. 1356. 

7 Details of her parentage appear to be wanting. She is not mentioned by 
Ammirato (Fam. nobili Napol. torn, i, 1580, pp. 5 — 87) or by Imhoff (Geneal. xx in 
Italia faniil., pp. 291 — 306) in their pedigrees of San Severino. She was, perhaps, the 
same as Jane, dau. of Roger, Count of Mileto, by Marchesa del Balzo, his second 

8 For the Neapolitan branch of del Balzo (des Baux) see especially F. della Marra, 
Discorsi delle famiylie estinte, 1641, pp. 65-88 ; also Sc. Ammirato (Fam. nobili Napol., 
torn, ii, 1651, p. 242) and F. Sansovino (Origine delle famiglie illustri d'ltalia, 1670, 
p. 19). Apparently the only genealogy of the whole house of des Baux is that by 
Pithon-Curt, Hist, de Venaissin, 1743-50, torn, iv, pp. 252—367). He is followed by 
Barthelemy (Inventaire des Chartes de la Maison de Baux, 1882) who analyses nearly 
2,000 charters relating to the family. The pedigrees of Baux by N. Vignier (Hist, 
de Luxembourg, 1617, p. 239) are useless ; that by Henninges (Theatrum Geneal., 
1598, torn, iv, p. 1829) is a most extraordinary performance. 

9 By charter, dated 5 Jan. 13Qj>-, Charles 11, King of Sicily, granted to Bertram! 
del Balzo the Comte of Montcscaggioso in Basilieata, which had belonged to his son 
Peter. He was cr. Count of Andria in Apulia before 18 Jan. 130*, and Count of 
Sipuillacc in further Calabria by 1311. In letters dated 24 Jan. 1 30^, Charles II 
styles him his son-in-law. He received the Seignenrie of Mison in Provence 17 June 
18 16. (Bartlielemy, nos. 920, 922, 963, 921, 1281). 

10 He succ. his br. William (who d. s.p.) as Seigneur ile Bcrre abt. 131 1. 

11 Fernmtc della Marra, pp. 26, 76, 101. 

1J I. ilia, Fam. eolohri Italiano, 1819-89, ped. t>f Orsiin", lav. 10,11. His will was 
diited 14 Feb. 1899 and ho d. soon after. 

lJ Eldest sou of Komatto or Konianello Orsini, Justiciar of Sicily, by Anastasia, 
elder dau. and hss. of Cuy de Montfort, Count of Nola, yr. son of Simon, Earl of 
Leicester, who was slain at Evesham. Romano was son of Centile Orsini, and is 
therefore styled in a charter of Feb. 1800, Romanus Gentilis. Anselme's attempts 
(torn, vi, p. 78) to translate this as " ne 5 Rome," or " d'une faniille de Rome," or 
" gentilhonnne roinain " are amusing enough. 

14 Hss. of her brother Raymond, Count of S(»leto, Marshal of Sicily, who d. s.p.l. 
5 Aug. 1375. 

lj Litta, ped. of Orsini, tav. 11, calls her Gorizia. He also pretends that Count 
Nicolas had a second wife Maria, only dau. of Raymond, Count of Soleto, who really 
d. sp. For by letters dated at the Castle of l'Oeuf, near Naples, 18 Oct. 1375, 
Queen Jane gave to John d'Aroussia <li Capra, Count of Mincrvino, Signore 
d'Altamura, Chamberlain of Sicily, various castles and bourgs, which had reverted 
to t lie ciown by the death s.p.l. of Raymond del Balzo, Count of Soleto, to the 
exclusion of Nicolas Orsini, Count Palatine ami of Nola, his nephew, who had 
himself acknowledged that he had no rights in the feudal goods of his uncle, 
(liarthelemy, no. 1520). 

He was Viceroy and Captain-general of the terra di Lavoro, of Molise and the 
Ahruzzo. The best pedigree of de Sabran is in La Chenaye des Bois,,, torn, 
xv, pp. 542—555. 

17 She is called dau. of Cobron, alias Morend of Verley. But see note 22. 

18 Butkens, Trophees de Brabant, loin, ii, p. 120. He was, perhaps, Jacopo, Signore 
di Terlizzi, who d. s.p before 1391. 

1! ' Barthelemy, nos. 1311, 1822. 

30 Sc. Ammirato, loin, ii, p. 212. By his will, dated at Andria, 23 Apr. 1422 (sic, 
but probably read iiii for xxii) Ik; names as his universal heir his elder son William, 
I Mini of his wife; Sneva Orsini, and disinherits his yr. son Bianchiuo, born of the said 
Kueva, because lie was an evil liver, a gamester, and guilty of many misdeeds. He 
desires to be four, without pomp in I he Church of Andria. (Private Archives of 
Raymondo del llal/.o, Duke of iVcHisouzuiio, at Naples -Barthelemy, no. 1768.) 
( Jenealogists call her also Justina and Itenata. But sec note 20. 

82 The will of this TJiomas, dated 18 Hen. VI, mentions his grandparents, Thomas 
Lyons and Margaret his wife. (Top, and Gen., vol. i, p. 160.) 

* He obtained possession of the Comte of St. Tol, the Chatellenie of Lille and 
the Seignem ie »f fiennes uht. 1180. 

81 If' Sep., heiw. 2 .uid 8 in I he morning. See h'unisay's Lanea s| er and W>r]v. 



Additions to Table XXXIII. 

A. 5. He succ. his father 25 Feb. 13£{j ; summ. to Pari, as a Baron 
23 Nov. 1392—30 Nov. 139G ; succ. his uncle William as Earl of Salis- 
bury 3 June 1397; beheaded by the mob at Cirencester, bur. in 
Cirencester Abbey, transferred to Bisham Priory in 1420. (Eldest son 
of John de Montacute, by Margaret, only child of Thomas de Mon- 

A. G. She was bur. in Bisham Priory. [She m. 1, John Aubrey of 
London, who was living in 1375. She m. 2, Alan Boxhull (b. about 
1322), K.G. ; he d. 2 Nov. 1381, bur. in St. Paul's Cath. Church.] 

A. 9. He d. at Calais, bur. (as was his wife) in the Coll. Church at 
Warwick. (Elder son of Guy de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, by 
Alice, 1 widow of Thomas de Leyburn, and dau. of Ralph de Toni, Lord 
of Flamstede, co. Herts.) 

A. 10. (Her mother was Joan, eldest dau. and hss. of Peter de 
Joinville, Lord of Trim.) 

A. 11. He was summ. to Pari, as a Baron 15 March 1354 — 6 Apr. 
1309 ; bur. at Ulverscroft, co. Leicester. [He m. 2, Margaret, widow 
(1341) of Robert de Umframville, and dau. of Henry de Percy, Lord of 
Alnwick ; she d. 3 Sep. 1375.] (Elder son of Henry de Ferrers, Lord 
of Grobv, by Isabel, dau. and coh. of Theobald de Verdon.) 

A. 12. (Dau. of Robert, Earl of Suffolk, by his second wife 
Margaret, dau. of Walter de Norwich of Mettingham, co. Suffolk.) 

A. 13. lie succ. his uncle Hugh le Despenser 8 Feb. 131* ; summ. 
to Pari, as a Baron 15 Dec. 1357— G Oct. 1372 ; d. at Cardiff Castle, 
bin-, in Tewkesbury Abbey. (Only son of Edward le Despenser, by 
Anne, dau. of William de Kerrers, Lord of Groby.) 

A. 1 L (Dau. of Bartholomew de Burghersh, by his first wife Cicely, 
dau. and hss. of Richard de Weyland.) 

B. 3. He was cr. Earl of Perche 2G Apr. 1419; mortally wounded 
at the siege of Orleans 27 Oct. 1428, d. at Mehun-sur- Loire, bur. in 
Bisham Priory. [He m. 2, Alice, widow (2 Oct. L415) 4 of John Phelipp, 
and dau. of Thomas Chaucer of Kweliue, eo. Oxford. (She m. 3, William 
de la Pole. Duke of Sullblk, E.G.) She was bur. at Ewelme.] 

1). 5. He was convicted of treason 1G Aug. 1397 ; restored 19 Nov. 
1399 ; bur. (as was his wife) in the Coll. Church at Warwick. 

B. 7. He was summ. to Pari, as a Baron 30 Nov. 139G — 18 July 
1397 ; cr. Earl of Gloucester 29 Sep. 1397 ; degraded in Pari. 3 Nov. 
1399 ; beheaded by the rabble at Bristol, bur. in Tewkesbury Abbey. 

C. 1. He was confirmed Earl of Salisbury by patent 4 May 1442 ; 
beheaded at Pontefract the day after the battle of Wakefield ; bur. in 
Bisham Priory 15 Feb. 146*j ; eldest sou by the second marriage. 

C. 3. lie was cr. Karl of A Ibcmarle for life in 1422 or 1123; bur. 
in the Coll. Church at Warwick, [lie m, 1, by 1103, Elizabetly only 
child of Thomas de Berkeley, Lord of Berkeley ; she (aged 30 in 111 G) 
d. 28 Dec. 1 122, bur. in Kings wood Abbey, co. Wilts.] 

C. 4. She was ni. by papal dispens. ; bur. in Tewkesbury Abbey. 
[She ni. I, 27 July 1111, Richard de Beauchamp, who was cr. Earl of 
Worcester in 1420; he was slain at the siege of Meaux in March or 
Apr. I 1 2 J, bur. in Tewkesbury Abbey.] 



E. [She m. ], at Angers, 25 July 1470, Edward, Prince of Wales; 
he (b. at Westminster t$ Oct. 1453) was slain at the Battle of Tewkes- 
bury -i May 1471, bur. in Tewkesbury Abbey.] 

1 Sister and hss. of Robert de Toni of Flamstede. 

- In her issue coh. of lier brother William, Karl of Suffolk, who d. 15 Dec. 1381. 

3 Her will was dated 4 July and proved 10 Aug. 1409. 

4 Die mercurii proximo ante fe.stum Sancte Fidis Virginia ultimo preteritum, [i.e., 
2 Oct.] according to the Inquisition. See Mr. Stapleton's preface to the Liber de 
de Anti(puis Legions, p. clvi, where however he misprints Sep. for Oct-, and 1418 for 

5 Coh. of her brother Edmund, Earl of Kent, who d. 15 Sep. 1408. 

6 She was living "in pretended wedlock" with Edmund, Earl of Kent, in Feb. 

7 According to the epitaph on his monument, still existing in the Church at 
Warwick, which states th it his bod}' was brought to Warwick 4 Oct. 1439. 

8 Only surv. sister and hss. of Richard, Earl of Gloucester, who d 7 Oct 1414. 


Table I. Additions. A. 1. For " Ferreol or Ferole " read " Ferolensis." For 
"St. Sierge " read "St. Serge." A. 10. For " pellitarius " read " pelliparius." 

B. 1. For " 1081 " r ( ad " J 7 " ; for " 10S7 " read " 1 07 H " ; for "repud." read 
" became a nun in 10S0." B. f>. For " Man/.er " read " Mamzer " and add as a note 
"id est, de SCOrto natus." Far "1027 or 28" read "in the summer of 1027." 

C. 3. For "Duke . . Louvain " read "Duke and Marquis of Lothier, Count of 
Louvain." For " AfHigem " reod AtHinghem." Note 4. Omit "called Fwrole." For 
"but . . . confirmation" read "'and this latter statement is confirmed by charter 
cvwlewco." Note 10. Add "A tihuiter of Duke Uohert to the Abbey of Monti- 
villiers : — Facta est hec privilegii auetoritas Kiscanni in couveutu eetebH, idus 
januarii, viii auno regui nostri, quo et llierusalem petikmis il>i licentiam eundi a 
|)oo et Sanctis ejus petit, anno tib Incarnatione Domini Mxxxv, reguante Fran- 
corum rege Henrico anno iiii, imlictione quarfa." Cancel note 27. Note .'57. Fur 
"Atlligem" read " AtHinghem." 

Tabu II. D 2. Add "living 3 March llf,o {Cartul. S. Hilarii de Cella.— Doe. 
Hist. Inedit, turn, ii, p. 13). ADDITIONS. A. fi. Omit "haute." Note 28. Ajter 
" Qticrtty " itt&ert " Albigeots." 

'1' a in i: 111. Additions. After "1170" invert u and again at Winchester 27 Aug. 

T.\iu;k Nolo. 21. After "nun" insert l< ex." 

Taiu.k \'. Additions. After "2:5 June" add ' ur .rather 11 Apr." 

Taiu.k VI. Additions. A. 7, line 4. Omit " de." C. 1. For "Alvar" read 
" Alvaro." Note 4. Add "The pedigree of I'Aigle is illustrated by a charter, of date 
13 Nov. 1099: — Kicherius dc Aquila. lngenulli de Aquila lilius . . . Testihus domina 
matie mea Uichoerida, Oilleberto et Itobonto fratribus meis, Judiht uxore niea lilia 
Iticardi de Abriucis cf sororo lltigonis coniitis Cestreusis . . . (Cartul. S. Ebrulli, 
tnm. ii, no. 701 be I'revosd's edVt. of Ord Vital., appendix, torn, v, p. 19(5):" 

Taiu.k VIM. A. !», 10. For " 10S1 " rXad " 10SI or 1082." 15. 5. For " 1082 " 
read " 1081 or 1082," Additions. A. 9. To " 1074 " add as a vote " ba I toque, 
preuves, suppl. p. 1." Note 2. Add "donna li roys a chesty Kobert [Earl of 
Oloueester] la terre Hamon le Despensier oncle sa femme (Anc. Chron of 
Normandy, cited by Bry, Hist, du i'erche et d'Alencon, p. 7!')- This conlirms the 
statement in the table." Note b'5. line 12. For ' tells" read " tell." 

Taiu.k l\. A. 1. For "al.t. 10S9" read "10S7." K. After "Finland" insert 
"crowned at West minster 8 Oct. 1200." Additions. A. 1. For "hbt. 1089" read 
"10^7." Note 2. Correct the conclusion drawn, by adding "This charter is clearly 
the one relied on in L'Art de Ver. Lea Dates as proving that Fidk was living in 1081). 
But Besly must have misprinted 1089 for 1079. Kor indict ion ii corresponds w ith 
the latter year, not with the former: and Ouy William, Duke of Aquitaine, was 
dead in 1087- See Tab. 11, B. 1." 

Taiilb X. E. After "Abbey " add " 20 Nov." 



Table XI. Note 2. Add "also p. 474." 

Table XTII. Additions. A. 13. After "son" insert "of." Note 14. For 
"Pentecost" read " Pentecost" ; line 6, omit "apparently." 

Table XIV. D. 2. For "a" read "at." Additions. A. 9. For "II (III)" 
read "II." B. 7. For "1 June" read "in June." Note 10. For " Afflinghen " 
(bis) read " Afthnghein." Not© 29. For " memorse " j-ewi " memorise." Note 28. 
f)//u£ " P. Igiuvce . . . 47." 

Tahi.k XV[. X«>te 3. For " Antkp d'Este " read " Delle An'tichita Estensi." 

Table Will. Additions. A. 1. For "Ameline" read " Artel vie." A. 14. 
For "St. . . . Pymont " read " Santa Maria del la Rocea Pymonte." A. 15. After 
"Mary" add( lS ), Note 8. Add "l)iit the statement is probably false, and the 
parentage of Duke Waleran's first wife remains unknown." Note 12. For "nocte" 
read " noetem." 

Tahi.k XIX. B. 8. It is said that she was Joan (living 1304), dan. of (A 15) 
John Fitss Bernard of Kingsdown, eo. Kent (son of Robert Fitz Bernard) by (A 16) 
Sibil, dan, tit Walter rto Cdne. C 1. [inert "widow (1325-tf) of John Comvn of 
Ba<li.Mit>eh," and omit "aged 40." K- For "1st" read "only." 

Tahi.k XX. E. For "19 Jan" read "21 Jan.'' After "England" insert 
"crowned at Westminster 22 Jan." X T ote 2. For "mccxx" read " Mcuexx " ; for 
" Emperor" read " Ein.piBro.ur." Xote 1. After "Thymo" insert "(van tier Heiden)." 
Note it, line "». For " le " read " la." 

Tahi.k XXI. A. 2. After ' 131:1 " add as a note "see Tab. XXIV, note 7." A. 13. 
For " or C " ?vW " 1 or ti." A. Lf>, For "13 ;">,€) ; d. 1350" read "1351 ; d. 3 June 
13"»1, aged 12."' A. 16,. -bW "da. of Jacopo YITl. il Grande, Signore di Carrara, 
I'rincipe di Padova, l»y his second wife Anna, da. of Pietro, called Pierazzo, 
(Jradenigo, Doge of Venice; betrothed 1318 ; m. 1328; d. at Verona 1377, bur. 
there in the Baailiea of Sia. Kufemia. (Pappafova, Dissertazione [della Casa di 
Canaral. 1771. pp. t>9, 211 and tav. i.)." B. 7. For "18" read " 18 or 19." C. 4. 
After ■•13ti."»" insert "or 13t»7." Additions. A. 5. For " dau. " read "child." 
A. P2. Fir " Seigneur . . . Ter/a " read Signore della Terza in the terra d'Otranto." 
A. lf>. Cancel from 11 2t> July" to the end and read "4 or 26 July 1329. (Son of 
Albuino ileila Scala I, Signore di Verona {d. 28 Oct. 1311) by his second wife 
Beatrice, dan of (liber to, Sign ore di (Joreggio ) [Litta, Fain, celebri Ital., torn, v, 
ped. ot' della Scala]." /inert " B. 8. Sbe ti. at Milan, bur. there in tbe Basilica of 
S. (iiovauni in Oonca." R. XXI. before ''knight" insert "(30 Nov. 1110)." Cancel 
note li. 

Tabi.H X XI IT. E. After "13S2" insert as "as 1st wife." 
Tutu- XXVIII. I). 2. Add " 1st wife." 

Tabu: XXIX. R. 4. For " 2 Oct." read "23 Oct." C. 1. /te/ore "Mil" 
IM«T/ " 1 May." 


At the. ptfcSGiit time whorl the publication of tlio State Papers and 
the (Veil MSS. is brinejmj; t») lh*ht many in t ('frosting details of 1 lie active 
pari played by Sir John Kerne in history, I think the following notes 
HHieiMiiiifg hi ni nmy nol l>e without interest to genealogists. Appointed 
Deputy Secretary of the Council of the North by Qrieen Elizabeth 13th 
Aug. 1305, he was knighted at Whitehall by King .lames, 30th May 
i 004. 1 and before the 7th June in the same year was made Secretary of 
that Council. The dale of his death does not seem hitherto to have 
been known, but, the following 1 1 u i . p.m. 8 .las. I, Part i, No. (>'.>, at the 
Public llecoid ( Mliee enables me, as will be seen, to supply it. 

Imposition taken at Lincoln Cast le 2$ Hi July, S James 1 '[ 1 001) |, 
before John Anderson, Esq., Kscheiitor, on the death of Sir John l^erne, 
Kilt , late of Temple I'elwood in the County of Lincoln, on the oaths 
of William Snell of Thorpe on the Hill, Robert ClyfFe, Thomas ClyH'e, 

1 Me|\iiffe* Kni-ht.s. 



Robert Pawson, Hugh Lambe, John Harpam, John Wrighte, Robert 
Hall, Roger Hayes, William Simkinson, William Harrys, and Christopher 

Who say that the said Sir John Feme Knt. was seised of two 
messuages etc. in Temple Belwood, parcel of the pneceptory of Willough- 
ton, late belonging to the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England, 
acquired by his father William Feme from Henry Welby Ksq., and 
George Blithe, (Jentleman, by Indenture 13th Dec 1 * 16 Eliz. Also lands 
etc. in Belton co Lincoln late belonging to the Monastery of Axholme 
formerly in the several occupations of Thomas Thornton, and Thomas 
Barland alias Garland, acquired by the said William Feme from 
Edmund Downing, Gentleman, and John Walker ; also a messuage in 
Belton late in occupation of Thomas Cade, and a messuage late in 
occupation of Edward Sympson alias Sampson, by Indenture 12th 
March 21 Eliz. He was also seised of other lands all of which were 
possessions of the Chantry of the Blessed Mary in Belton, late in the 
several occupations of Thomas Thornton, .lohn Tyndall, Thos. Selande, 
Richard Peacocke, Alexander Swayne, Robert Scotte, John Turner, 
John Broke, Thos. Peacocke, and John Thornton, acquired from Edmund 
Downing, Gentleman, and John Walker 12 April 21 Eliz. ; and that the 
above are held of the Manor of East Greenwich in Kent in free socage, 
and not in cap/'te, nor by military service. The said Sir John Feme 
died the 20th June 100'J, and that William Feme Esq, is his son and 
heir, and was aged 25 years, or thereabout when his father died. 

In Stonehouse'a " History of the Isle of Axholme " mention is made 
of an inscription formerly on a white stone in the chancel of Belton 
Church as follows : — " Here lyeth the Body of John Feme son to 
William Feme Esq re , who died the 2Gth August A.D. 1G15. Here also 
lyeth the Body of Johan Feme wife to the said William Feme, who 
died upon the third day of Sept. A.D. 1616." The author seems to 
have been in doubt as to who this John Feme really was, and gives an 
incorrect pedigree of the family. However, with the assistance of the 
Inquisition and the pedigrees printed in the "Visitation of Lincoln- 
shire" ((ftneqloyist, vol. iv) and the " Visitation of Stallordshire, 1581/," 
vol. iii (\\'.S;ilt Arch. Soc.) this point becomes clear. The John Feme in 
question was Sir John's grandson, and Johan Feme was the wife of his 
son William, and daughter of liobert Wilkes of Islington, co. Middx. The 
pedigree entered in the Staffordshire Visitation is signed by Sir John 
Kerne, and his son and heir William is there stated to have been born 
in October 1583, which agrees with the age in the Inquisition. He 
published the " Blazon of Gentrie " in 1586. The Lincolnshire Visitation 
shows Sir John to have had eight sons and three daughters. The 
eighth son was the celebrated Henry Feme, Bishop of Chester, probably 
born at York, the Chaplain ami companion of Charles I, who entered 
St, Mary's Hall, Oxon., 1 1 S. died 16th March I GO 1-2, aged [><);' bur. 
in St. Edmund's Chapel, Westminster Abbey. Mat hew, another son, 
was of Broad Street, London {vide " Visitation of London, Harl. Soc, 
vol. i, p. 271) ; his will was proved P.C.C. (119 Coventry) 23rd Sept, 1610. 

The will of Sir John Feme may be at Lincoln or York, it does not 
appear to have been proved in London. E. M. Povnton. 

1 Foster'a Alumni Oxonicnses. 


Dngiiak's Htsitattnu of lortaljtrf, 


[Continued from p. 206.) 

Barkeston Ashe Wapentake. 

Pontfract 8° Aug. 1665. 

^tfbrtou (^trcton). 



Akms : — Sable a bend between six escallops Or. 

CHEST : — A leg in armour, 1 coupcil at the thigh, quarterly Or and Sable. 

This family have fer many »ges used their amies \v th supporters ; viz 1 an 
antelope quarterly Sable and Or and a tyger Ar. 

1. THOMAS POL.) AM HE, ESQ., second son of Sir Uodfrey 
PoJjivmbe, of Darley (winch Sir Godfrey was great-grandson 
of Sir Thomas Foljauibe, of Tideswell and Wormhill, co. 
Derby, Knt., Living 1 24:9), and A vena, his wife, dan. and 
h. of Sir Thos. Ireland, of llartshorne, eo. Deri)., Knt., of 
Walton, co. Derb. ; M.l\ co. Derby 14 and 15 Hie. II, mar. 
138£ Margaret, eld. dan of Sir John Londham, by Isabel, 
dau. and h. of Sir Kobt. Breton or Brit©, of Walton, cob. of 
her brother, Sir John Londham, of Londham, co. Nott., Kt. 
They had issue (with four dans., Margaret, mar. John 
Cokefield ; Cecily, mar. John Bradshaw, of Koolow, co. Derby; 
Joan, a nun ; and Isabel, first wife of Sir Hugh Willoughby, 
of Wollaton), a son. 

II. THOMAS FOLJAMBE, ESQ., of Walton, succeeded to the 
Foljambe estates at Tideswell, Wormhill, Elton, tl r c, co. 
Derby, in virtue of an ancient entail on the death of Roger 
Foljambe, last of the senior line 11. G, the descendants of 
Sir (Jodfrey's eldest son (who would have come next) having 

1 Lord llawkesbury sayrf the leg has always been borne unarmed, excepting the 



ended in 1389 in a female ; aged 40, 29 H. VI, d. 1451, mar. 
-lane, dau. and ll. of Sir Thos. Ashton, Knt. ; brass in Chester- 
field Church. They had issue (with two dans., Anne, mar. 
Win. Thorpe, and Joan, a nun, at Sempringham), two sons 
Thomas Foljambe, of Walton, d. i tfej, bui*. at Chesterfield, 
mar. 15 Nov. 1451 Margery, dau. of Sir Nicholas Long- 
ford, Knt. (mar. secondly Tlios. Udall or Woodhall, 
8 K. IV) 
llatnj (\\\). 

III. HENRY FOIJAMUE, of Wtdbm, in ro. Btrk, succeeded 
his brother Thomas. Will 15 Aug. 2 Ric 111, to he bur. at 
Chesterfield, altar tomb with brasses at Chesterfield 
mar. 1463 lienedicta, dau. of Sir Win. Vernon, of lladdou. 
They had issue — 
1. S" Godfrey (IV). 

J. Ifrrtnj Folj«mh<\ third son, died unmar. 

3 Gi'tf/eit, sixth son, died unmar., bur. at Chesterfield. 

ftatjer Fofjanihe, seventh son (A). 

Thomas, second son, died unmar. 

Richard, died unmar , 1 fourth son. 

John, died v., bur. at Chesterfield, fifth son. 

.Mary, wife of Sir Miles Russy, Kt. 

liennett, wife of Sir John Leekc, Kt , of Worksop. 

Kli/.abeth, wife of Richd. Towneley, of Towneley. 

Anne, wife of Robt. Colevill. 



Joan, d. y. 

IV. S>- GODFREY FOL./AMVE, A*', of Walton, Sheriff' of Dcrby- 
shire 11, Hi, & 28 II. Vlll, b. on Uaster day 27 Mar. 1 172, d. 
20 Dec, bur. at Chest erlield 22 Dec. 1541, mar 1490 
Katherine, dau. of John ^eake, of Sut ton-en le-Dale, d. 2 1 
May 1529, bur. at Chesterlield, tomb with brasses. They had 
issue- - 

John, eld. son, d. y. 27 Oct. 1 199, bur. at Suttou-cn-le- 

Dale (Sutton Scarsdale). 
Sir James (Y). 

2. Godfrey Fofj<n/tl>e,' 2 of Croxdm, b. at Walton on Thurs- 
day, I'Yast of St. Thomas, 1512, d. at A Id wal k 25 
May 1559, bur. at Checkley, co. Stiff- Will 1 Feb. 
155^, /iiar. Mary (Margaret, dau. of Thomas) sister 
and coheire to (S r ) WiUm. FUmdUiams (Kf) of 
Aldwark 1524, b. 2 Apr. 1503 (aged 12 at her 

1 In Vincent's Collection in the Heralds' College, London, Edward Scriven, of 
Krodesley, eo. Salop, is said to have married as his second wife Sara, dau. of Richard 
Foljamhc, of Walton ; no issue named. 

- Hud mi illegitimate son Godfrey Koljainhe atlas Browulow, who lived at Cruxden 
and was hur. at I licokley, and mar. his cousin Joan. 



brother s death 2G Aug. 1515), d. 7 Feb. 1557, bur. 
at Cheekley (tomb there with recumbent effigies). 
3. George Foljambe, of Barleborough, b. at Walton on the 
Feast of Conversion of St. Paul, mar. Dorothy, dan. 
of Arthur Barlow (reinar. 19 July 1563 at Chester- 
Held, Fdward New bold, Esq ). They had issue — 
Henry Foljambe, of Bar! borough, mar Mary, sister 
of .John, Lord Darcy. of Aston, wid. of Henry 
Babington, of Dethick, eo. Derb., whose son 
Anthony Babington is well known in history in 
connection with Mary, Queen of Scots. 
Codfrey Foljambe, of Barlborough, mar. Emma, 

dau. of . . . Tunsted, of Tunsted, d. s.p. 
Joan, mar. her illegitimate cousin, Godfrey Fol- 
jambe, of Croxden, d. s.p. 
Troth, d. y. 
Catherine, d. y. 
Iknedicta, b. on the Least of Translation of St. Edward 

1499, mar. Sir John Dynham, of Kirklington. 
Catherine, b. on Vigil (if St. Mary Magdalene 1509, 

mar. Thomas No vile, of Roll ess ton. 
Anne, b. on Vigil of St. Edward 1518, mar. Francis 

Sill J A MFS FOLIA .!//>' A\ A\ of Walton and Aldwark, ju. 
nx., Sheiill'nf Derbyshire 1550, b. at Walton Thursday before 
Least of Epiphany 151',*, d. 26 Sept. 1558, bur. at Chesterlield, 
M.I., mar. 1524 Alice, sister ami coll. to {Sir) William Fitz- 
willimm, (A''), I wife, b. 1501 (aged LI. 1 , at her brother's 
death -20 Aug. 1515) d. 20 Aug. 1533, Jnq p.m. Li Feb. 
153;J (25 11. VIM). They had issue — 

Hir Godfrey J-'o/j'a ml><\ A'', of Walton and Aldwark, M.I*, 
for Derbyshire 1557 8, Shei ill" I 567 79, b. 1 Mar. 1527, 
d. 22, bur. 21 Dee. 1 5S5 at, Chesterlield, MX, mar. 
Troth, dau. of Sir Win. Tyrwhitt, of Ketelby, 155* 
(remar. at Hawmarsh 2G July 1592 Sir Wm. Mallory, 
Knt). They had issue — 

Godfrey Foljambe, Esq*, old-it situ i prole, of Walton, 
Sic, Sheriff 1588, b. at Walton 21, bp. at Ches- 
terfield 25 Nov. 1558, bur. 14 June 1595 at 
Chesterlield, M.T. Will 24 Feb. 1591, mar. 1582 
Isabel, dau. of Sir Christopher Wray, Knt., Lord 
Chief Justice (remar. secondly Sir Wm. Bowes, 
thirdly John, Lord Darcy, of Aston, 7 May 1G17 
at Chesterfield), d. s.p. at Aldwark 12 Feb. 
162 ij, bur. at Rawmarsh. 
2. Geonje Foljambe, of Brimington, co. Derb , b. 21 June 
1531, bur. at Chesterfield 15 Mar. 1 588, M L, mar, 
Lrsula, dau. of Riehd. AV bailey, of Sereveton and 
Welbeek, eo. Notts (mar. secondly Ralph Stansal, 
thirdly Edmund Slater). They had issue - 



Troth, wife of Sir Edward BeUingh'tm, of New- 
timber, Sussex, bp. at Chesterfield 23 Aug. 

James Fo/jambe, twin with George, b. at Walton 21 

June K>31, oh. s.p. young. 
Frances, b. at Walton 31 Dec. 1529, mar. first John 

Thorn ; second, Henry Fitzwilliam, of Seampton, co. 


Cecily, b 31 Dec. 1530, mar. 1560 Roger Greenhalgh, 
of Traversal 

Mary, b. 31 July 1533, mar. Vincent Fearne, Esq. 
lie mar. J d wile 1510 Constance, dan. of Sir Edw. Littleton, 
Knt., of Pillaton, bur. 22 July 1000 at Chesterfield. They 
had issue — 

Francis (VI). 

1. Barbara, mar. Thomas Fletcher, of Mosley and Barton- 

under-Necdwood, co. Stan". 

2. Grace, d. unmar., received £200 of her portion 17 Eliz. 

3. Aline, d. unmar. 

4. Agnes, mar. 18 Nov. 1561 at Chesterfield James 


5. Jane, d. y. 

6. Catherine, d. y. 

VI. FRANCIS FOLJAMBE, ESQ., of Aldwark, bur. 27 Sept. 
1600 at Chesterfield, mar. Frances, dau. of Thos. Hurdett, of 
Birthwaite, rcl. of Francis Wortley, of Wortley. They had 
issue — 

1. Sir Thomas Fo/jambe, K l , obijt sine prole, 15 Jan. 
160^, bur. at Chesterfield, mar. Anne, dau. of Sir 
James Harrington, of Itidlington (reinar. at St. Giles, 
( 'ripplegate, 11 Aug. 1631 Sir John Molyneau.x, of 
Te versa I ). 

A S>- Francis (VII). 

VII. *S V FBAXC/S FOLJAMUE, K l & Bart., oh. s. prole, of Walton 
and Aldwark, cr. Baronet 24 July 1622, M.l\ for Pont'efraet 
1625-7, Sherili; co. Deri)., 1633, sold Walton 1633, d. 17 Dec. 
1610, bur. at Bath, mar. first Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Win. 
Wray, of Clentworth there 21 Oct. 1614, bur there ID Apr. 
1638. They had issue- 
Godfrey, bp. at Walton 23 Sept. (Chesterfield Keg.), bur. 

2f Sept. 1616. 
(?) Henry, bp. at Chesterfield 1631. 
(?) Son bur. 18 Aug. 1625 at Ecclesfield. 
Frances, bp. at Chesterfield 2 Jan. 1627, dau. and h, mar. 
first at Glentworth 24 Dec. 1616 her cousin, Sir Christ 1 " 
Wray, fourth Bart., secondly John Troutbeek, Ml)., of 
Hope, co. York, mar. lie. 19 July 1665, bur. at Glentworth 
2 Nov. 1667, s.p. 



He mar. secondly Klizabeth, dan. of Sir George Rercsby, of 
Thrybergh, at Rotherham, 22 May 1038 (she mar. secondly 
Edwd. Horner, of Mel Is, Wells, eo. Som., thirdly Sir Win. Mon- 
son, Yiset. Castleinaine, fourthly Sir Adam Felton, of Playford, 
co. Suff.; Bart.), d. 2G Dec. 1695. 

The eldest branch having expired we return to — 

A. ROGER FOLJAMBE, of Linacre Hall, son of Henrv and 
licnedtcta Foljambe (III), d. 1528-9. Will 19 Jan. 1526/7, 
desired to be bur. at Chesterfield, mar. 1515 Helena, dan. 
and h. of John Coke, younger son of William Coke, of 
Trusley, co. Derby, and Margery, his second wife. They had 
issue — 

Godfrey Foljambf. of Plumley and Moor Hall, co. Derb., 
mar. first Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Philip Draycott, Kt. 
They had issue — 

God/raj Foljambe, of Moor Hall, d. s.p. 15 Nov. 1591, 
bur. at Brampton, mar. Anne, dau. of Richd. Tren- 
tham, of Shrewsbury. 
Hercules Foljambe, of Moor Hall, which he sold 1G00, 
bur. at Rotherham 27 Nov. 1G32, s.p. ; a general 
and sea eaptain under Earl of Cumberland ; mar. 
first Sarah, dau. of John Hardwick, of Hardwick, 
secondly Anne . . . thirdly Sarah, dau. of Edward 
I lye, of Asloi), will, of George Poge, of Misterton, co. 

Henry, d. unmar. 9 Aug. 1631, bur. at Chesterfield. 
He mar. secondly Katlierine, dau. of . . . FitzHugh. 
ltwjer (Ji). 

lien net, had 100 marks in her father's will, mar. Henry 
Columbell, of Parley (Hunter's Min. Cent.). 

Catherine, had 100 marks in her father's will. 

Klizabeth, had £50 in her father's will, mar. as his second 
wife John Selioek, of llaselborow, co. Derb. {Genealogist, 
X.S., viii, 77). 

Joan, had £50 in her father's will, mar. John, s. and h. of 
Sir Philip Poole, of Huge, co. Derb. 

P>. ROGER FOLJAMBE, of Moorelcall, in co. Verb., mar. Mary, 
dau. and eoh. of Roger Columbell, Esq. They had issue — 
Geo rye (C). 
Roger, d. s.p. 

C. GEORGE FOLJAMBE, of Walton and of Higham, in co. 
DerljUr, oh. circa IGoO, mar. 1596 Gertrude, daugh. of Sir 
Ceorge Skipwerth, of . . . in com. Line, bur. at Chesterfield 
13 July 1623. They had issue — 

1 . Francis, d. y., bur. 1597. 

£. Vtitt (D). 



Hannah, wife of John Moytcr, uncle of James Moyser, 
of Nun-Appleton, in com. Ebor, Esq'', bp. at Chester- 
field 17 Feb. 1606/7 

]). FEVER FOLJAMUE, of Sittveton (Steeton), par. of Sherburn 
in Flmet, in com. El*m\ B&/ r , at. (>/j ann. 8° Aiuj. a° 16Go, 
succeeded to the estates cf Steeton, but did not live to inherit 
Aldwark, 1). 1599i d. 26 Feb., bur. 8 Mar. 166* at Sherburn, 
M.L, war. Jane, eldest daughter and cohehe of Klleys Wood- 
roofe (Woodrove) of Hope, hi com. Deri., AV/., Header in the 
Inner Temple, a a sc0 1041, fop. at St Saviour's, Southwark, 23 
Jan. 1622, mar. at Hope 1 9 Sept. 1642, bur. at Ledsham 30 
Sept. 1 (358, M.I. They had issue — 
1. Francis (E). 

J. Godfrey, died in his youth, bp. at Hope 1G Oct. 1G-15, 

ed. at Sherburn School, d. at Steeton, bur. at Led- 

sham ( J .1 wl v 1 665. 
J. Ueonje, b. 31 Dec. 1G4G, d. s.p. 27, bur. at Hope 30 

bee. 1G85, ma' Jane, dan. of Thos. Balguy, of 

Aston, par. of 1 pe. 
4- Weodrooft (Woodrove), died in his infancy, b. 25 Jan. 


u. Henri/, died t/oumj, b. 20 Mar. 1651. 
Jane, b. 25 Jan. 1G5£, d. young, umnar. 

F. FRANCIS bOLJAM 1>E, son and heire, cut. 21 ann. 8" Am/. 
a n 1G('>~>, of Aldwark and Steeton, b. at Steeton 2G Feb. IGF], 
ed. at Sherburn, adm. St. John's Coll., Camb., 27 June 1661, 
student of law, d. 15 May, bur. at Feclesfield 19 May 1707, 
M l., mar. at WYstow 17 Sept. 1668 Elizabeth, elder dan. and 
coh. of fJeorge Mwmtal^ne, Esq., of Westow, b. there 25 
July 1647., d. at Aldwark 12, bur. at Ecclestield 15 Sept. 
1703. They had issue— 

Godfrey, b. 13 June, bur. at Feclesfield 22 Aug. 1G69. 

George, b. 28 Aug. 1G72, d. y., bur. at Fcclesheld. 

Francis (F). 

J;me, b. 29 May, bp. at Feclesfield 1 June 1671, mar. at 
Raw marsh 5 July 1G92 Thomas Edmunds, Esq., of ^\ ^ ors- 

F. FRANCIS FOLJAMBE) ESQ., of Aldwark, b. 9 Aug. 1G75, d. 
G, bur. 11 Dee. 1752 at Feclesfield, mar. at llovingham 
Mary, sole dan. of Thomas Worsley, Esq., of llovingham, 29 
Sept. 1701, bur at Feclesfield 11 Jan. 173G. They had 
issue — 

1. Francis, b. 15, bp. at Feclesfield 24 Oct. 1704, d. at St. 

Germain's 19 Jan. 172' 7 ; , bur. at Feclesfield 1 Apr. 

2. Thomas, b. 4, bp. 5 Feb. 170% d. night of 5 Feb., bur. 

at Eeelesfield G Feb 170J. 

3. Thomas (G). 



1. Henry, b. G, bp. at Ecelesfield 1G Aug. 1714, d. 6, bur. 

there 8 Jan. 171 1. . 
5. Ueorge, b. and bp. 9 Nov. 1715 at Aldwark, d. unniar. 

4, bur. at Ecelesfield 8 Jan. 1741. 

1. Mary, b. and bp. 17 Jan 170^ at Aklwark, d. 19, bur. 

at Ecelesfield 20 Jan. 170^. 

2. Elizabeth, b. 9, bp. at Ecelesfield 1G Mar. 1709, d. 6, 

bu-r. there 7 pet. 1712. 
Mary, 1). 19 Dee. 1712, bp. at Keeleslield 1G Jan., d. 24, 
bur. 26 Mar. 17 there. 

4. Catherine, b. 21 July, bp. IS Aug. 1717, mar. Sir Henry 

Jbbetson, of Leeds, Rart., at Rawmarsh, 23 Dee. 
1736, d. s.p. 17 Get. 1740. 

5. Jane, b. 1 Dee. 17 IS, bp. at Ecelesfield 10 Jan., d. 

1 Mar., bur. there 3 Mar. 171*. 
C. Anne, b. 25 Apr., bp. at Ecelesfield 20 May 1720, d. 
1 Oct., hui-. at Holy Trinity, Hull, 10 Oct. 1751, 
mar. at 1 taw marsh 7 Jan. 174£ John Moore, ., of 
Hull, he died 12 Aug. 17('»S, bur. at Holv Trinity, 
Hull, 22 Au-. 17GS 

Their only child, Francis Ferrand Moore, b. 17 
Jan., bp at Holv Trinity, Hull, 17 Feb. 17£g, 
succeeded to the estates on the death of his 
uncle, Thomas Foljambe, and assumed by Royal 
License the name and arms of Foljambe. lie 
was great grandfather of the Rt. Hon. Francis 
John Savile Foljambe, of Aklwark, and of Lord 
llawkesburv, of Oockglode. 
7. Elizabeth, b. 1G Apr., bp. at Fcclesfield 14 May 1725 

S. Fiances, b. at Aldwark 12, bp. there IS Aug. 1725, d. 
13, bur. at Bake well 1G July 17G-J, mar. John 
Twigge, of Rakewcll, co. Derb, Hqd. 

U. THOMAS FOLJAMBE, ESQ., of Aldwark, High Sheritt of 
Yorkshire 1755, b. 23 July, hp. 2 Aug. 1711, d. s.p. 28 Mar., 
bur. 3 Apr. 1758 at Feclestield, M.I., mar. Sarah, dau. of 
William Spencer, of Brainley Grange (mar. secondly Edmund 
Hutchinson, Esq., of Rath), M.l. Rath Abbey. 

For most of the additions in this pedigree the Editor is indebted to 
Lord llawkesbury, F.S.A. 



Dickering Wapentake. Kilhani, 31 Aug. 1665, 



Aiims :— Quarterly of .six. 

]. Argent, ;i muscle Sable between three pellets, a canton Gules. 

'J. Azure, a cross moliue square pierced Or (Mulyueux). 
3. Quarterly Argent and Sable, in each a leopard's face counterehanged 

1. Argent, two bars Gules, on t... canton of the seeond a rose of the 
first (Dervvyne). 

5. A lion rampant purpure (Balderston), 

6. As the (hut. 

Chest :— A knight on horseback in complete armour, brandishing a sword, on his 
shield the amis of Osbaldeston. 

1. UICHARl) OSIIALDESWN, fourth, son of Sir Alexander 
Osbaldeston, of Osbalileston, in com* Lane, Est/ 1 ", of Sunderland. 
Will 1 Apr. 1556 (Hist, of Whalley), mar. Elynor . . . They 
had issue — 

11. EDWARD OSUA LDEST0N l of Lanyscales, in co. Lane, died 
at 11 unmanhy, in co. Ebor.^ circa annum 1639, removed to 
llunmanby, bur. there 29 Aug. 1639, M.I., mar. Margaret, 
daughter of John Molineux, of Sefton, in com. Lane. They 
had issue — 
Richard (III). 

Francis, bur. at llunmanby 25 Jan. 1627. 

111. SLR RICHARD OSBA LDESTON, of JI unmanly, in co. Ebor, 
A', Attorney -general I to King Charles the first in ye realme of 
Ireland, died at Dublyn, in Ireland, 11° J unit a lHJf2 (H640), 
bur. in St. John's Church there 13 June, mar. Eleanor, 
daughter of William Westrojtp, of Hruuton, in Pickering Taj the, 
in com. Ebor., at St. Martin's, Coney Street, York, 12 Apr. 
1612, d. 1 Aug. 1038, bur. at St. John's Chureh, Dublin. 
They had issue — 

Lambert, bp. at St. Dunstan's in the West, London, 30 

Sept. 1628, d. y. 
William (IV). 

Frances, wife of Edward Ilutchensoit, of Wickham Abbey, in 
com. Ebor., Esq 1 '. 



Margaret, d. y. 

Anne, d. inf. a few days after her mother. 
He remarried Mary, dau. of Thomas Nettleton, of Nettleton 
Hall, in Thornhill, she was bur. 10 May 1G52 at Thornhill. Will 
1G Apr., pr. 30 June 1G52 (York. lice. Soc., Vol. ix). 

WILLIAM OSBA LD KSTON, of Tfunnmwbij, in com. Ebor., 
Es</ r ., at. o f t unn. SI Aw/, a" 16t>5, hp. at St. Martin's, Coney 
Street, York, 10 June 1631, bur. G Get. 1707 at Hunmanby, 
M.I., mar. Anne, daughter ami cnhetm of S r George Wemtioorth, 
lata of Wo!!,',/, in com. Ehor., AV, d. 26, bur. 30 Apr. 1718 at 
Hunmanby, M.I. Will 3 Oct. 1717, pr. at York. They had 
issue — 

Richard (V). 

1. Anne, b. 11, bp. at Hunmanby 19 Mar. 1G5G, mar. first 

Sir Matthew Wentworth, the elder, of Brettou, 18 
Sept. 1G7G, secondly Sir William Hustler, of Aeklam, 
8 July 1080. 

2. Elizabeth, b. Apr. 1G58, mar. Sir Matthew Wentworth, 

the younger, of BrettQU 22 May 1077, bur. at Silk- 
stone 22 Jan. 169?, 

3. Everala\ bp. at Hunmanby 14 Oct. 16G2, mar. Richard 

Norris, of . . . at St. ( Have's, York, G Dee. 1G89. 
Jf. Eleanor, bp. at Hunmanby G June 1664, bur. there 22 
Oct. 1GG5. 

Charles, d. y., bur. at Hunmanby 13 June 1GG0. 

SIR RICHARD OSBALPESTOX, art. JO an. 31 Aw;. 1665, of 
llunmanhv, It 30 Aug., bp. tit Hunmanby 1 Sept 1665, bur. 
there 21 Sept. 1728, M.I., mar. lirst Frances, dan, of Sir 
Thomas Strickland, of lioynton, Bart., d. 11, bur. 14 Oct. 
1682 at Hunmanby. They had issue- 
Ann, b. 2!), bp. at Hunmanby 31 Mar. 1G82, in her grand- 
mother's will in 1717, then a spinster, mar. 2.3 Sept. 
WIG Thomas Hassell, of Thorpe. 
Fli/.abcth, d. II, bur. at, Hunmanby 13 Jan. 1GS9. 
He mar. secondly FJi/abeth, dan. and coh. of John Fountaync, 
of Melton, Ksq, she d. 23, bur. at Hunmanby 27 July 1G97. 
They had issue — 
'William (VI). 

Richard, Vicar of Hunmanby, Dean of York, Bishop of 
Carlisle and London, l>. G, bp. at Hunmanby 13 Jan. 
1690, d. s.p. 15 May 17G4, bur. at Hunmanby, mar. first 
Elizabeth, dau. of . . . Fairside, Aug. 1733, she d. at 
Hutton-Rushel 1 Apr. 1783, secondly Lucy, dau. and 
coh. of John Digby. 

John, b. 30 Mar., bp. at Hunmanby 7 Apr. 1G93, died in 
India unmarried 10 Apr. J 719. 

Fouutayne Went worth (VII). 

George, b. 14, bp. at Hunmanby 22 July 1G97, d. s.p. 10 
Feb. 17G3, bur. there. 






Frances, b. 12, bp. 19 July 1G86 at Hunmanby, bur. there 
21 Sept. 1687. 

Theodosia, bp. at Hunmanby 16 Aug. 1687, mar. Robert 

Pockley, of Brayton, Esq., 20 Jan. 1708. 
Eleanor, bp. at Munmanbv 4 Nov. 1689, d. unmar., bur. 

tliere 28 Aug. 1711. 
Elizabeth, bp. at Hunmanby 9 Feb. 1691, mar. there 12 

Sept, 17-13 John Healey, of Fordingham, co. Line. 
Mary, bp. at Hunmanby 27 Aug. 1694, mar. Robert 

Mitford, of Hum, Ks<j.,'d. 27 Nov. 1730, bur. at Brayton, 


He mar. thirdly Catherine, daughter of Thomas Hassell, of 
Thorp, d. 17i)- r ). They had issue — 

Catherine, b. . . . 1716, d. 15 Sept. 1726. 

Fleanor, b. 1718, d. unmar. ret. 46, bur. at Hunmanby 15 
June 1763. 

WILLIAM OSBALDESTON, ESQ., of Hunmanby, M.P. for 
Scarborough 1735-47 and 1754-66, b. 20, bp. at Hunmanby 
26 July 1688, d. s.p. 5 Sept. 1765, bur. at Hunmanby. He 
was succeeded by his brother 

manby, M.P. for Scarborough i 766-70, b. 26 Feb, bp. at 
Hunmanby 1 Mar. 1695, d. s.p. 10 June 1770, when the male 
line expired and the estates devolved on the representatives of 
his sisters Tlieodosia and Mary, who assumed the name of 

The Editor is indebted to Lord Amherst, of Hackney, for the entries 
from the Hunmanby Registers and for other information. 

Yorke, 13° Sept. 1(50 




Ai ms :— Per [wile Vert ami Argent, three greyh.nnuls in pale eourant eoiinterchangecl, 
on a chief Or u garb of the tirtit surmounted of a swonl Gules in Baltire. 

1. ANT1IOXY T1IOMLIKSON, of Burnt, in co. KUor , descended 
from r l homlinson, of By rd forth, in com. Lbor., bur. at Brayton 
12 Feb. 1632, mar. , 




Will* (II). 

John Ihondinson, of Hambleton, mar. Anne, da. to . . . 
Baxter, of Cliff, in co. Ebor., bur. at Bray ton 22 May 
1667. They had issue — 

Bridget, da. and heire, wife of WHVm Langthorn, of 
Drewton, in com. Ebor., bp. at Bravton 10 Feb. 

Andrew Tltomlinson , of Burn, in com. Ebor., mar. Jennet, da. 
of . . . Howie. They had issue — 

William, bp. at Braytou IS May 1634. 

Elizabeth, bp. at Bray ton 3 Dee. 1635. 
. . . wife t<> . . . Symplon, of Got dale in com. Ebor. 
Anne, wife to Edward Woody of Uathelsiu/, in com. Ebor. 

II. WILVM TlIOMUXsQX, of Bnme, in co. Ebor., died in 

a" 105.2, mar. Jennet, da. of 1 ho. Monet, of Iladfesei/, in com. 

J. Mm (III). 

Peter T/iondinso:, of Burne, in co. Ebor., bp. at Brayton 
1 July 1030, (U 1701), mar. Etuabeth, da. of Calis- 
theuea Hrooke, of (late lord in co. Ebor., at Brayton 
20 Nov. 1655, d. 1694. 

Jo/ni Thomlinson, bp. 1656, of St. John's 
Coll., Cambridge, mar. . . . 

John, bp. at Brayton 5 July 16 38. 

1. Susannah Elizabeth, bp. at Brayton 21 

Sept. 1 68 1, wife of 1 1 umphrey Brooke, 
mar. at St. Maurice's, York, 17 Oct. 

2. Milliqent, bp. at Brayton 12 Jan. I68J. 

3. Joan Mary, bp. at Brayton 5 May 1687. 
•1. Dorothy, bp. at Braytou 5 May 1690. 

/. Hannah. 

& Rebecca, bp. at Brayton 1 9 May 10(53, mar. 
20 Sept, 1080 Edward Buehullcs; of York. 
William, bp. 29 Aug-. 1665, bur. there 25 

Dec. 10(30. 
Peter, bp. at Brayton 2G May 1GG8. 
Sarah, bp. at Brayton 27 Apr. 1070, bur. 

there 25 Jan. 167|. 
Margaret, bp at Brayton 21 May 1072. 
3. Willhn Tlioml 'inson, of Aldwaldlry, in co. Ebor, mar. 

Jane, da. of Henri/ Jfefcaffe, of llotheefr, i/t co. Ebor. 
j. Kath, wife of Tho. I)<dl>j/, of UarhtU/, in co. tit>or., hp. 
at, Brayton 10 Jufy 1020. 
Anne, wife of' WiJI'm St (dibs, of Allerton juxia little in 
com. A'bor., hp. at Brayton 22 May 1625. ' 
o. Jane, wife of Rich. Linlcy, of Jlowjldon, neer Pontefracf. 

III. JOHN TUOM LI NHON, of Thonjambi,, in co. Ebor., Cap* of 

Hone, under the L d Manxfeild (aon and heire to the Man/was of 



Newcastle) in the service of K. Charles the first, ait. 4% an - 
a 1665 , bp. at Bray ton 19 May 1622, mar. Marg 1 , da. of 
Rich. Herbert, of Skipwith, in com. Ebor., bur. at Thorganby 
1 1 Oct. 1680. They had issue— 

1. Richard (IV). 

2. John Thomlinson, of Leeds, M.D., bp. at Thorganby 

7 Apr. 1603, d. 1745, mar. Susannah, dau. of Robt. 
Boulter, of London. 

1. Loulter Thomlinson, of London, M.D., living 

1764, mar. Sarah, dau. of Thos. Foley, 

Elizabeth, wife of Hon. Andrew Folc} r , 
M.P. for Droitwich. 

2. John ) 

3. Edward -d. infants (Thoresby). 

1. Susannah) 

2. Elizabeth, living 1712. 

S. Joseph, twin with Benjamin, Apothecary of York, bp. 
at Thorganby 9 Feb. 100 J, bur. 17.'M, mar. by lie. 
21 May 10SS at St. Mary's, Castlcgato, York, 
Dorothy, dau. of Win. VVeddell, Esq., of Earswiek. 

Trances, (?) mar. lVajor Qhas. Weddcll, d. 12 
June 1751 (Hiiii-er's Min. (lent.) 

Barbara, mar. Kiehd. Elcoek (afterwards Wed- 
dell) at York Minster 9 Feb. 172*, living 
in 1747. 

J { . Benjamin, twin w ith Joseph, bp. at Thorganby 9 Feb. 
166*. Citizen and Draper of London, apprenticed to 
Israel Hay, of York, Draper, 1680, mar. Dorothy, 
dau. of Thus. Harrison, of Allerthorpe, eo. Kb -r. 
1 lenriet ta Maria. 
Mart/, bp. 1050, mar. I ti chard Ityiner (Thoresby). 

fflizaketh, bp. 1 658. 

IV. RICHARD THOMLINSON, ait. 3 ann. 1665, bp. at Thorganby 
15 Oct. 1601, mar. Mary, dau. of . . . Ueldard, of Wigan- 
thorpe, at Upper Helmsley 19 Dec. 16S9. They had issue- 
Sarah, bp. at Brayton S .Jan. 169?. 

Mary, bp. at Brayton ;> Dec. 1691, mar. there 27 July 
1727 Charles Ellin, of Kowsell, bp. 3 Dec. 1091, d. 
at Terringtou 10 Mar. 170S. 

Most of the additional information in the three Thomlinson pedigrees 
has been given by Mr. G. W. Tomlinson, F.S.A. 

,5UftH8&ffOT ^ 


BlRDFORTH Wapentake. Threske, 23 Aug. a 1G65. 

(Iljomlmson of UnrDfovtlj. 

To expect a certificate from S r Richard Maliverer, Kn 1 , that this gent, is of his 

[There is no mention of arms ill Dugtlale's Visitation, but in that of 1G12 (Foster) 
it is atuletl that M»SS. 1 1S7 calls them, Per pale wavy Arg. ami Vert, three grey- 
hounds courant eounterehanged, a chief Azure. J 

I. WILLIAM THOMLINSON, of Tockwith, mentioned in his 
grandson's Lnq. p.m. Will 17 June, pr. 25 June 1438, to be 
bur. at Bilton, mar. Alice, dau. of . . . Will 18, pr. 25 June 
1438. They hud issue — 

1. Thomas (?) (II). 

2. Robert* 

Other ehildren.(?) 

II. THOMAS THOMLINSON (?) had issue— 

ITI. WILLIAM THOMLINSON, of Tockwith I. 8 Apr. 1506. Will 
24 Feb. 1501, pr. 9 May 1505, to be bur. at Bilton, lnq. P.M. 
1 Julv 1508, mar. Alice, dau. of . . . They had issue — 

1. " Christopher (IV). 

2. William. 
Other children. 

IV. CHRISTOPHER THOMLINSON, of Birdforth, 10 years old at 
his father's death, Escheator 23 Nov. 30 II. VI II to 20 Nov. 
31 11 VIII, and in G Edw. VI. Will 10 July 1518, pr. 28 
Mar. 1553, lnq. p.m. 1553, mar. Anne, dau. and coh. of 
Thomas Mansell, of Birdforth, d. 22 June 15G2. They had 
issue — 

1. George (V). 

2. Richard. 

3. Peter. 

4. William. 

5. Roger. 
G. Edward. 

1. Eleanor, mar. Edmund Metcalf. 

2. Anne, mar. John Thornton, of Birdforth. 

3. Johanna, mar. Francis Mctham. 

V. CEOROE THOMLINSON, of Birdforth, b. 152G, Inh/ p.m. 
1 Oct. 15G<), mar. Agues, dau. of John Pulleine, of Killinghall, 
by Jane, dau. of Thos. Roos, of I ngmaiithorpe. They had issue — 

1. Peter (VI). 

2. Henry. 




1. Anne, mar. . . . 

2. Elizabeth. 

VI. TETER THOMLINSON, of Birdforth, Tnq. p.m. 6 May 1578, 
mar. Cecily, dan. of "William Lay ton, of Sproxton. They had 
issue — 

George (VII). 

Katherine, wife of George Chambers, of Bagby, mar. lie. 

VII. GEORGE THOMLINSON, of Birdford, in com. Ebor., died in 
a" 13 Feb., bur. at Birdforth, ajt. 8 in 1581, at Visitation 

of 1612, mar. Elizabeth, daiujhter of Richard iStaveley, of 
Thormoitby, in com. Ebor. They had issue — 


Thomas (VIII). 


Geo rye \ 


Peter ulied unmarried. 


Richard J 



1 Seatrice. 


Anne, mar. 1G40 W. Tyson. 




VIII. THOMAS THOMLINSON, of dyrdforth, in com. Ebor., cat. 57 
ami. :J<J Awj. 1665, compounded for his estate and fined, 12 
Nov. IG46, .£58. Will mentions his son-in-law Win. Wailes 
and duu. Hodgson, mar. Elizabeth, daughter of Rich. Hell, of 
Threshe (Thirsk), in com. Ebor., bur. at Birdforth G Aug. 
1GG9. They had issue — 
1. George (IX). 

J. Thomas, bp. at Birdforth 22 Mar. 1G IS. 
/. Mart/, bp. at tf'mlforth 20 Nov. 1630. 
tf. Aim*; bp. at Iftrdforth 15 Aug. 1GI0. 
8. Cieelie, bp. at Birdforth 10 Aug. 1612. 
Jf. Jane. 

IX. GEORGE THOMLINSON, of Birdforth, ctt, iJO an. 23 Aug. 
lUdo, bp. at Birdforth 23 Dee. W6A. d. 30 June 1G9G, bur. 
there, mar. at Kirkby Moorside 10 July 1GG6 Isabella, da. of 
. . . Young, of Brampton in par. of Kirkby on the Moor. 

duo.dale's visitation of Yorkshire. 


Wiiitbi Strand. 

Mutton, 28 Aug. 1CC5. 




Akms : 

; — Stable, a fess between throe falcons rising Or. 
No proot'e made of these anus. 1 

I. 110(3 Kit or ROBERT THOMLINSON, mar. Elizabeth, dan. of 
. . . They had issue — 

Tliomas ThomHnson, a mercer at the Ship in Cltepeside, died 
in a° 1603, or thereabouts. In 1590 Cooke granted the 
above arms to Thomas Thomlinson, son and heir of Roger 
Thomliiison, of the eo. York, d. 26 Nov. IG03, Inq. P.M., 
mentions his wife Margaret and liis brother John as heirs. 
John (II). 

II. JOHN THOMLINSON, of Yorhe, b. circa 1553. He had 

III. JOHN THOMLINSON, of the Citty of Yorke, died in a WIG 
or thereabouts. There is an entry in the Register of St. Mich, 
le Kelfrv, York, Mr. John Thomlinson, bur. l\ Aug. 10 17. 
Will .'5 Aug. 1G17, pr. 5 June 1(518, mar. Eleanor, daughter of 
Mathew Dodsivorth, Chance/our to Tobye Mathews, Archbishoj) 
of Yor/c', sister of Roger Dods worth, the Antiquary, at Holy 
Trinity, Uoodramgate. York, 17 Aug. 1G08 (she mar. secondly 
Thomas Coventry). They had issue — 

/. Johll (IV). 

!. Mathew Thomlinson, bp. at Holy Trinity, Goodramgate, 
24 Sept. 1G17, Knighted by Cromwell and was 
intended to have been a member of his house of 
Peers, selected by Cromwell to guard the person of 
King Charles during his trial and on the scaffold. In 
token of his appreciation of Col. Thomlinson's eon 
sidoratc conduct the King gave him a gold toothpick 
and case, and entrusted him with "the George" and 
seals to be transmitted to his son, d. 5 Nov. 1 G 8 1 , 
bur. at East Mailing, co. Kent, then styled " Esquire," 

issue — 

1 (kanted by Cooke 1590. 




married Pembroke, eldest daughter and coheire of 
S r Wil'm IJroke, of East Mailing, Kent, d. 10 June 
IG80. They had issue — 

1. Jane, wife of Philip Owen, d. 1703. 

2. Elizabeth, d. unmar. 1G92. Will 27 May 1691, 

pr. 8 Sept. 1G92. 

1 . Jane, wife of Sir Tho. Twysden, K l , one of the Justices . 

of if Court of King's Bench, cr. Bart. 1GGG. 

2. Eleanor, first ■married to Ralphe Carnaby, of Ualton, in 

com. JYorthnmb., Esq 1 ', a fterwards to S r Tlio. Carnaby, 
of . . . in com. Northumbr., Kn t , bur. at York 
Minster 8 Feb. 1G89. (She had two daughters, 
(J race, who d. unmar. 1705, and Eleanor, who mar. 
at Sneaton Mr. Richard Robinson 3 Oct. 1GG0.) 

IV. JOHN TIIOMLINSOX, of Whithy, in com. Ebor., a t. Jfi ami. 

BS Aug. a MGo, bp. at Whitby 2G Mar. 1G1G, d. 12 Apr., 
bur. there 17 Apr. 1681, mar. Jane, daughter of James Boys, 
of Whitby, d. 7 Apr. 1G85. They had issue — 

1. J/athew, at. 19 an. %8 Aug. 1605, d. 1G79, bur. at 

& Charles (V). 

J. Margaret, bur. at Whitby 7 May 1G85. 

Q. Eleanor. 

V. CHARLES THOMLINSON, of Whitby, wt. 16 (run., bp. at 

Sneaton 20 Sept, 1G19, d. 10 July 1690, bur. under the 
chancel arch of Whitby Church, mar. Esther, dau. of Robert 
Bushel], of Whitby, 27 Aug. 1G85 (she remar. secondly 
Admiral Kobt. Fairfax, of Steeton and Newton Kyme, and 
dying 173"), aged 80, was bur. at St. Mary, IJishophill, York, 
see " Mark ham's life of Admiral Fairfax "). 

S'ljc $arltamentarg Eoll of arms. 

Communicated by Oswald Barron. 
{Continued from p. 211.) 

802. Sire Peres Maloure • de or a iij hips passaunz de sable. 

803. Sire Felip de barington • de argent a vn lion de sable od lacouwe 

forchic en le espaudlo vn fiiiret de or. 
80 1. Sire Uob 9 t Peuerel • de guides a les Crusules patces de or e vne 
fosse de argent. 

805. Sire Richard de pererers • (jrtile de argent e de sable a vn molet 
de go u les. 



80G. Sire Jollm [*ic\ Hamelyn • do goules a vn lion rampand de ermyne 
Cororic de or. 

807. Sire Rob 9 t de Neuile • de goules a vne fesse endente de argent 

od la bordur endente de or. 

808. Sire Felip de Neuile ■ goules a vne fesse endente de argent en 

le chef iij moles de or. 

809. Sire Richard de Neuile • de goules a vne fesse endente de argent 

a vn label de azure. 

810. Sire Wiltm de Estauntone • verree de argent e de sable a vn qrP 

de goules. 

811. Sire Roo) de seint Andreu ■ de goules a iij losenges de or e vn 

label de azure. 

812. Sire Wiltm bordet • de azure a ij barres de or. 

813. Sire Rob 9 t bordet • Meisme les amies en la souereyne barre iij 

melos de goules. 

814. Sire John daungeruile • de goules a vn qntefoil de ermync od 

la bordur de sable. 

815. Sire John de Tykebi ■ de azur a vn Flur de lyz de argent. 

81G. Sire Huge de Hercy • de goules od le chef de argent e vn label 
de azure besaunte de or. 

817. Sire Wiltm la souche - de goules besaunte de or a vn label 

de azure. 

818. Sire Olyuer la souche • de goules besaunte de or a vn cheueron 

de ermyne. 

819. Sire Amory la souche • de goules besaunte de or a vne bende de 


820. Sire Thomas la souche • de goules besaunte de or e vn qrf de 

argent e vn molet de sable. 

821. Sire Ho$ le bred • de goules besaunte de or e vn daunce de or. 

822. Sire Rog 9 de Flauuvile • de argent a vne manche de goules 

besaunte de or. 

823. Sire John de harecourt • de goules a ij barres de or. 

82 I. Sire (Jiles de estlee • de argent a vn lion de goules en le cspaudle 
du lion vn qntefoil de argent e vn label de azure. 

825. Sire Richard Echcbastone • de argent a vn lion de goules en le 
cspaudle del lion vn qntefoil de argent e vn baston de azur. 

82G. Sire Wiltm bernak • de argent a vne fesse e iij bernaks de sable. 

827. Sire Henri de ribbesford • de ermync od le chef de goules frctte 
de or. 


828. Siro Wllini Marmyoun • de goal a vn lion rampand de veer 

Corone de or. 

829. Sire John de Tuyforde • de argent a ij barres e vn qrP de sable 

en le qi€ vn qutefoil de or. 

830. Sire Jolt n cU C aunt one • de fjoulys a ij Barres dargent en le cliff 

ij violates dargent. 

831. Sire ioh'n da dene • dargent a vn hjoun Rampdun poarpre. 

832. Sire ioh'n de Cleuisby • meyme las amies Coronne dor. 


833. Sire John de Clintone • do or a iij peuz de azure e vn qrter de 


834. Sire Roger basset • de or a iij peuz de sable a vn qrter de 


835. Sire John de Clintone • de argent od le chef de azure a ij (lures 

de or. 

830. Sire John de Clintone de Madestoke • de argent od le chef de 
a/ur a ij moles de or. 

837. Sire Wilhn le blount • onndee de or c de sable. 

838. Sire Thomas le blount • de goules a vnc fesse e > j mcrclos de 


839. Sire John peehe • de goules Crusule de argent a vne fesse de 


810. Sire Peres de lemcsi • de goules a vn Egle de or. 

811. Sire Richard de lemesi • a vn bastouu des armes de mounford. 

812. Sire John de Crandone • vcrree de argent e de sable a vn 

bastouu de or. 

813. Sire Symon de Mainescestre • vcrre de argent e de sable a vne 

bende de goules e iij Egles de or. 
844. Sire John de Charnels • de goules a ij cheuerons de or e vne 
fesse de ermyne. 

815. Sire Jorge de Charneles • de azure a vnc Crois engrele de or. 

846. Sire John de bysscoptone ■ bende de or c de azure a vn qrter 

de ermyne. 

847. Sire Peres de Wolwardingtone • bende de argent e de sable de x 


818. Sire John de lotebrok • de azure a vn chcueron de ermyne. 

849. Sire Wiltm del chastel • de goules a ij barres e vn qrter de 

argent En lun qrter vn chastel de sable. 

850. Sire Richard Withaerc • de sable a iij masclcs dc argent. 


851. Sire Edmon de laugele • dc argent a vne fesse de sable en le 

chef iij escalops de sable. 

852. Sire Richard Toruile • de goulcs a iij chcnerons de veer. 

853. Sire Nich Toruile • de goules a ij clieueroiis de veer. 

854. Sire Thomas de Garshale • qrtile de argent e de sable a vne 

bende de goulcs e iij flures dc argent. 

855. Sire llob* ? t de verdun • dc argent a vne crois de azure frette 

de or. 

85G. Sire Perceual de someri • de azure a ij lions passauns de or. 

857. Sire Henri dc Erdingtone • Mcisme les amies od la bordure de 


858. Sire Nicli dc Etone ♦ de goules a vn cheueron e iij egles de 


859. Sire Raiif de scirlee • palee de or e de sable. 
8G0. Sire Richard de Mondevile • dc azur frette de or. 

8G1. Sire Toluit de clintone • dermine oue le chef de assure a ij molles 

8G2. Sire . . Urn' de ardeme • de ermyne a vne fesse chekere dor e de 

8G3. Sire Simoim de Hereford • dargent a iij floures de sable. 


8(M. Sire Willni de Suleye ■ de or a ij bendes de goules e vn label 

burelc dc argent e dc azur. 
8G5. Sire Wilim de Tracy • dc or a ij bendes de goulcs en le cauntel 

vn escalop dc sable. 
8GG. Sire John ( lill'ard ■ de argent a les londcls dc goules. 
8G7. Sire John Bysct • de azure a les rondels de or. 
8GS. Sire Thomas de berinynghm • dc azure a vne bende engrelc de 

or e vn label de goules. 
8G9. Sire Wilim dabcttot • dc ermyne od le chef bende de or e de 


870. Sire Jolm de Assheborne • de goules a vne fesse e vj rrielos de 


871. Sire John de vaus ■ de gout a les nlelos dc or c vn cscuchoun dc 

or en le escuchon ij lions passanz dc azur. ; 

872. Sire AUisaundre de frewylle • dor a vne c'ys mascle de ver e de 


873. Sire Baudcwyne de frewylle • dor a vne croys de gouiis a led 

mascles de ver. 


874. Sire Bertelmehu de Suleye • dor a ij hcndes de gouV e vn label 



875. Sire Olyucr de seint amaund • de or frette de sable od le ehef 

de sable e iij moles de argent. 
87G. Sire Wiltm de Bcuchaump • de goulcs a vne fesse e vj M 9 elos 
de or od la bordur endente de argent. 

877. Sire John de Wishm • de sable a vne fesse e vj Merelos de 

argent. « 

878. Sire Gilberd Pauncevod • de goules a iij lioncels de argent. 

879. Sire ltob 9 t le fiz payn • de goulcs a iij lions passaunz de argent 

e vn bastoun goboune de or e de azure. 

880. Sire Hamoun le Kstraunge • de goulcs a ij lions passanz de 

argent e vn baston de or. 

881. Sire John le Estraunge • de goules a les melos de or e ij lions 

passanz de argent. 

882. Sire Rob 9 t de fcltone • dc goules a ij lions passanz de ermyne. 

883. Sire John de feltone • meismc les amies corones dc or. 

884. Sire Wiltm de fcltone • de goulcs a ij lions passanz de argent e 

vn baston goboune de or e de azure. 

885. Sire John le estraunge • de goules a ij lions pass." **z de argent 

od la bordur endente de or. 
88G. Sire Gilberd dc Knouvilc • de argent a iij moles de goules. 
8^7. Sire John de Knovilc • Meisme les amies a vn label de azure. 
888. Sire Edmon basset • de ermyne od le chef endente de goulcs a 

iij cscalops de or. 

8S0. Sire Jolm Basset • dc ermyne od le chef de goules endente a 
iij moles dc or. 

890. Sire Nicholas de valeres • de argent a vne crois de goules e v 

cscalops dc or. 

891. Sire Nidi de scin mor • de argent a ij chcuerons de goules e vn 

label de vert. 

892. Sire Walter de gloucestre • de argent a iij lioncels de goules od 

la bordur endente de azur. 

893. Sire Gibberd Talebot • de goules a vn lion rampand de or od la 

bordur endente de or. 

894. Sire Wary Martin • de argent a ij barres de goules besantes 
de or. 

895. Sire esmoun Giffard • de goulis a iij lyounz passaunz dargent e vn 

label de sable. 



89G. Sire Percy dc Brcousc • de or Crusulc de sable a vn Hon 
rainpaund de sable od la couwe forchie c renouwe. 

897. Sire Richard de estone • de goules a vii lion rampand de or e 

vne bende de veer. 

898. Sire Richard de aimteshaye • parti de or e de argent e oundee 

de goules. 

899. Sire Wilim de Wantone • de argent a vn cheueron de sable e iij 

Egles de or. 

900. Sire Thomas de Berkeleye • de gules od les rosettes de argent e ( 

vn cheueron de argent. 

901. Sire John de Berkeleye ■ de goules a iij Croys patces de or e vn 

cheueron de argent. 

902. Sire Richard de stakepol • de argent a vn lion dc goules od le 

Color de or. 

903', Sire Walter bascreuile • de argent a iij rondels de azure e vn 

cheueron de goules Crusulc dc or. 
901. Sire Rog 1 le Rous • party de or e de azure a iij lioncels de goules. 
905. Sire John le rous • parti de azure c de goules a iij lioncels de 


DOG. Sire Willm de hotot • de azure a iij Cressanz de argent e vn 
cheueron de or. 

907. Sire .John de hotot • Meisme les armes le cheueron gyaiile. 

908. Sire Willm Maunsel • de goules a vne fesse de argent e vn label 

dc argent. 

909. Sire Attehale • de or a vne fesse de goules. 

910. Sire Edmon de Welyngtone • de goules a vn sautour de veer en 

le chef vn molet de or. 

911. Sire Walter de Bluet • de or a vn cheueron e iij egles de vert. 

912. Sire Huge de Audele • de goul frette de or a vn label de azuf. 

913. Sire Thomas de Circestre • de argent a vn cheueron de azur e 

vn label de goul. 

914. Sire Wilim le long • de goul a vn sautour engrcle de or. 

915. Sire WauP de hukeford • de or a vn egle dc sable e vn coler de 


91G. Sire Henri de Willemescote • de argent a iij barres de azur e vn 
lion rampand de goul corone de or. ; 

917. Sire Joh'n de Ratendene • daszure a les merilos dargent. 

918. Sire Walt 1 dc Optone • de goul Crusulc de or a vn lion rampand 

de or. 


919. Sire Jolin de Wynsingtone • de sable a iij testes de cengler de 


920. Sire Jolin de hastinges • de or a vnc Maunche de gout od la 

bordur de valence. 

921. Sire Payn Torbcrvile • Chekere de or c de goules a vne fesse de 


922. Sire Wiltm Flemyng • de goules frette de argent a vne fesse de 


923. Sire Leysen de ucne • de goules a iij cheuerons de argent. 

924. Sire John le Noreys • de sable bylette de argent a vne crois de * 

argent les chef flurettes. 

925. Sire Wiltm de berkeroles • de azuf a vn chcueron e iij cressanz 
de or. 

926. Sire John de Carru • de or a iij lions passanz de sable c vn label 

de goules. 

927. Sire Nicholas de Clare • de or a iij cheuerons de goules od la 
bordur endente de sable. 

928. Sire Gilberd de seynt ouweyn • de goulys a iij cheuerouns dor. 

929. Sire (jenies de audelc • en le label les lyounceuz dor, 


930. Sire Henri de Boun • les amies de hereford a les coties de 

argent. *' 

931. Sire Emoun de boun • one la bende endente de argent e de goulys. 

932. Sire Omt'rei de boun • Meisnie les amies od la beude de ermyne. 

933. Sire John de Mortymer • les amies de mortinicr en le escuchon 

vn sautour de goules. 

934. Sire Hog 1 de Mortymer • en le escuchon vn lion de pourpre. 

935. Sire Henri de Mortimer • Barre de or e de goules le chef palee 

les corners geroune a vn escuchon de argent. 

936. Sire Thomas de ferers • verree de or e de goules a vn baston de 


937. Sire Bog 1 Tyrel • de azuf a vn lion de argent od la boudur 

endente de or. 

938. Sire Peres Corbet • de or a vn corbyn de sable. 

939. Sire Thomas Corbet • de or a iij Corbyns de sable. \ 

940. Sire John de sibbetone • de or a vn egle de vert e vn baston 

goboune do argent e de goules. 
911. Sire Walter de Freues • de goules a ij bendes endentes de or e 
de azur le vn en le autre. 


912. Sire Huge de Frcnes • do argent e de azure les bendes endentes. 

943. Sire WilPm Ponscyn • qrtile de argent c de azure en lun qrr de 

argent vn lion de goules. 

944. Sire John de lacy ■ de or a vne fesse de goules en le chef iij 

melos de goules. 

945. Sire Henri de penbruge • barre de or e de azure a vne bende de 


946. Sire John de penbruge • Meisme les amies en la bende iij moles 

de argent. 

917. Sire John de scint oweyn • de goules a vn Crois de argent en lun 

tjri? vn escuchon de gloucestre. 

918. Sire Richard de Caple • de argent a vn cheueron e iij rondels de 


949. Sire CJilberd de Bonn • les amies de Hereford a iij escallops de 

gout en la bende. 


950. Sire Lowys de la pole • de or a vn lion de goules c vn baston de 


951. Sire Uo^ de chaundos • de or a vn lion de gout od la couwc 


952. Sire Huge godard • de Ermyne a vne Crois patec de sable. 

953. Sire llob 9 t stormyn • de gout a vn cheueron e iij rouwe 1 v de 


954. Sire Thomas de anvers • de goul a vn cheueron e iij rouwels 

de or. 

955. Sire John de Ereby • de gout a ij lions passanz de argent e vn 

label de or. 

956. Sire John de penbruge - de argent od le chef de azuf e vne 

bende engrele de goules. 

957. Sire Eustace de Witteneye • palee de or e de gout od le chef de 


958. Sire llichard de Pulesdone • de sable a iij moles argent. 

959. Sire Wjltm de Eueroys • de gout a vne fesse de argent en le chef 

iij rondels de argent. 


960. Sire Wilim le Botyler • de goules Crusule de or a vne fesse 

Chekere de argent c de sable. 

961. Sire Rauf le botyler • de gout a vne fesse Cliekef de or e de 

sable en le chef ij moles de or. 



962. Sire Wilhn 1c botilcr do Wenimo • de azure a vne bcnde c vj 

Coupes dc or. 

963. Sire Miles Pichard • de gout a iij Esealops de argent e vne fesse 

de or. 

964. Sire John Piehard • Meisme les amies a vn label de azure. 

9G5. Sire Richard de dockesscye • de argent a vn lion de azure e vn 
baston goboune de or e de goules. 

966. Sire Huge de kynardesle • de azure Crusule de argent e vn lion 

de argent. 

967. Sire Jolin de arderne • de goui Crusule de or od le ehef de or. 

968. Sire Huge de Croft • cjrtile de argent e de azure endente en lun 

qr? de azure vn lion passaunt de or. 

969. Sire Wall? hakelut • de gout a iij baches daneys de or e vne 

dauncc de argent. 

970. Sire Edmon hakelut • de argent a vne bende de gout c iij moles 

de pr e ij Coties daunecs de goules, 

971. Sire Richard hakelut ■ de argent a vne bende e ij cotyes dc gout 

en la bende iij flllfa dc or. 

972. Sire Thomas de lodelawe • de azure a iij bins passanz de argent. 

973. Sire Richard de bailee • de or a vne bende c ij Cotyes de sable. 

974. Sire Walt de kyngeshemede • bane de or e de azure a vne bende 

de argent e iij esealops de goules. 

975. Sire Jotim de chedewynde ■ daszure a vn eheiCoun e iij rouwelus 


976. Sire WiWm de cauntelo ■ de yoidys a iij floures doi 'i vne bende 



977. Sire Rob 9 t de hastang • de azure od le chef de gout e vn lion 

rampand de or. 

978. Sire John de hastang • meisme les armes a vn label de argent. 

979. Sire Rob 9 t de hastang • de azure od le chef de goules e vn lion 

de or od la couwe forchie. 

980. Sir Richard de hastang • de azure od le chef de gout a vn lion 

de or c vn baston de argent. 

981. Sire Felip de hastang- de azure od le chef de gout a vn lion de 


982. Sire Rob 9 t de stepeltone • de azuf a vn lion de or od la couwe 


9S3. Sire Wilhn Wasteneys • de sable a vn lion de argent e vn Coler 
de gout. 



984. Sire Edmon Wasteneys • de sable a vn lion de argent od la 

couwe forchie. 

985. Sire Rauf de Stanlawe • de argent a vn lion de sable od la 

couwe forchie e renouwe. 

986. Sire Henri de appelby • de azuf a vj merelos de or. 

987. Sire Wiltm Wcyer • de argent a vne fesse e iij cressanz de gout. 

988. Sire Rob 9 t de i'arnlini • ijrtilc de argent e de azuf a iiij cressanz 

de lun en lautre. 

989. Sire Tomas de la pipe • daszure c'ssile dor a vne fesse dor. 


990. Sire Pticliard de kirkebride • de argent a vn sautour engrele de 


991. Sire Odynel heron • de argent a iij herons de amir. 

992. Sire Ilo§ Heron • de gout a iij herons de argent. 

993. Sire John de Guide ford • de argent a ij barres gymiles de sable. 

994. Sire Edmon de Kendale • tie argent a vne bende daunce de vert 

e ij Coties daunce de gout. 

995. Sire Thomas de baylolf • de argent a vn cscuchoun de gout 

percce e vn label de azuf. 
99G. Sire Wait de Borondone • de argent a iij roses de sable. 

997. Sire Gil herd de Borondone • de gout a vne bende de argent e iij 

roses de sable. 

998. Sire Wiltm de Carlo] • de or a vne Crois patce de gout. 

999. Sire Felip de lyndeslieye • de or a vn egle de porpre. 

1000. Sire Synion de Lindeseye Meisme les amies a vn V .ston 

goboune de argent e de azuf. 

1001. Sire Richard filz Marmaduk • de gout a vne fesse e iij papin- 

gais de argent c vn baston de azuf. 

1002. Sire Rob 9 t de Lomeleye • de gout a vne fesse e iij papingais de 

argent en la fesse iij moles de sable. 

1003. Sire John de Lampion • de or a vn Crois de sable les chefs 


1004. Sire Huge de pauntone • de gout a ij barres de ermyne en le 

Cauntel vn for de molyn de ermyne. 

1005. Sire Adam de suynebourne • de gout a iij testes de sengler de 

argent. \ 

1006. Sire Rob 9 t de suynebourne • Meisme les amies Crusule de 


1007. Sire Hob°t bertni • de or a vn escuchoun percce de azuf. 



1008. Sire Michel de lierteclawe • de argent a vne crois de gout. 

1009. Sire Andreu de lierteclawe • Meisme les armes e vn rrielot de 


1010. Sire Thomas de Ereby • de argent a vn sautour de sable e vn 

qrt 1 de goul a vn qntefoil de or. 

1011. Sire WalP de Corry • de argent a vn santonr de sable od le chef 

de azut a iij qntefoils de or. 

1012. Sire Jo/in ehideok • de gotdys a vn escouchoun de argent a vn 

duble tressour de argent. 

1013. Sim Joh 1 n le Englrys • de sable a iij lyouncem de argent. 

1014. Sire JoIlu de penzret • de goulys a vne bende batille de argent. 

1015. Sire Tolnn' de bezom • masele dargent e de sable. 

101 G. Sire Mahieu de ludeman • de goulys a iij horilers de ermine. 

1017. Sire Rttg* maudut • dermint a ij barres de (joules. 

Westmerlond e le Counte de Lancastre. 

1018. Sire Rob 9 t hansard • de gonl a iij moles de argent. 

1011). Sire John haunsard • de goul a vne bende e vj moles de argent. 

1020 Sire Willin le filz Wiltm • Muscle de argent e de goul. 

1021. Sire Willm Ridel • de gout a vn lion de argent od la bordur 

endente de argent. 
[Q'2'2. Sire Thomas de Grey • de goul a les losenges de or e vn baston 

goboune de argent e de azur. 
lO'-^. Sire Dauy dymot • de gout oil le chef de or e vn lion passaunt 

de sable. 

1021. Sire Edmon Talebot • de argent a iij lioncels de pourpre. 
1025. Sire Wilfm de acre • de goul a iij escalops de argent. 
102G. Sire Edmon de acre • de gout a les iij foilles de or e iij escalops 
dc argent. 

1C27. Sire Uob 9 t de poleford • do sable a vne crois patee de argent. 

1028. Sire Adam banastre • de argent a vne crois patee dc sable. 

1029. Sire Adam de Waltone • Meisme les armes od la bordur endente 

de gout. 

1030. Sire (Jilberd de atone • de gout a vne crois patee de argent. 

1031. Sire Wiltm Banastre • de gout a iij cheuerons de argent. 

1032. Sire Willm de hoilande ■ de sable a vne crois patee de or. 

1033. Sire Tohirf Banastre • dargent a vne c'ys patee de sable e vn 

label de goul'. 

1034. Sire Laurence de Cornewaylle • dargent a vne cys patee de sable 

Besauute dor. 





1035. Le Counte de cestre • de azuf a iij garbes de or. 

1036. Le Counte de salesburs • de azur a vj lioncels de or. 

1037. Le Counte de Leycestre • de gout a vn lion de argent od la 

cou we forcliie. 

1038. Le Counte de Ferers • verree de ore de gout. 

1039. Le Counte de Kent • Mascle de ver e de gout. 

1040. Le Counte de Deuenyschire • de or a vn lion de azur. 

1041. Le Counte de Winccstre • de gout a vij loscnges de or. 

1012. Le Counte de Cornewaille • de argent a vn lion de gout corone 

de or od la bordur de sable besaunte de or. 

1013. Le Counte de Marescbal • party de or e de vert a vn lion de 


10 H. Sire (Jilberd de gaunt • barre de or e de azur a vne bende de 

1015. Sire Wiltm le Moncbensi de or a iij cscucbons mascle de ver c 
de gout. 

10 1G. Sire Richard le filz Jolin • tjrtile de or e de gout od la bordur de 

1017. Sire Paterik de Chauworye • burrcle de argent e de gout od la 

bordur de mclos de sable. 

1018. Sire Jolin de baylof • de gout a vn cscuehon percee de argent. 

1019. Sire llob 9 t Thony • de argent a vne maunche de gout. 

1050. Sire Koberd de Thatesbale • Chekere de or e de gout od le cbcf 

de erniyno. 

1051. Ly sir de la polo • de or a vn lioun de gout. 

105*2. Sire Koberd de la Wardo • voerre de argent e de sable. 

1053. Sire Jolin de i'enes • de argent a vn lion de sable. 

1054. Sire Jolin rossel • de or a vne crois de sable e v moles de argent. 

1055. Sire Eblo de Muunz • de or a vne bende ij cotyes de gout e vn 

label de azur. 

105G. Sire Renaud de Coupenne • de gout a vj penncs de argent. 

1057. Sire Bertm de monboeher • de argent a iij pos de gout od la 

bordur de sable besante de or. 

1058. Sire Gerard de l'reuney • de or a vn fluret de sable od la bordur 

de gout. 

1059. Sire Nieti de la riuir • verree de argent e de gout od la bordur 

de azur besante de or. 
10G0. Sire Thomas de Bekeringe • Cbeker de argent e de gout a vn 
bende de azure. 


10G1. Sire Rcnaud de blanmoster • de argent frette de gout. 
1062. Sire Thomas de Rugemond • de gout a ij barres gymile de or e 
le chef de or. 

10G3. Sire Richard le brun • de azur a vn lion rampand de argent de 
gotee de gout. 

1061. Sire Becard • de or a iiij eglcs de azur e vn sautour de gout. 

1065. Sire Rauf de bolmef • de gout bilette de or a vn lion rampand 

de or. 

1066. Sire Ro$de bolmef • de argent bilette de gout a vn lion rampand 

de gout. 

1067. Sire Herberd de seinqntyn • de or a iij cheuerons de gout od le 

chef de veer. 

1068. Sire Wiltru basset • de argent a ij barres de azur en le chef iij 

chapels de roses de gout. 

1069. Sire Richard le Walcys • qrtile de argent e de goules a vne 

bende de or. 

1070. Sire John do Resoun • de gout a vn lion de or en le vn qrP vn crois 

patee de veer. 

1071. Sire Wiltm de Peingtonc • de or a vne fesse endente de azure. 

1072. Sire Rob 9 t de plomtone ■ de azul a vne fesse endente de or en 

la fesse v inolez de gout. 

1073. Sire Thomas de Pykeringe • de argent a vn lion de sable od la 

bordur de gout besante de or. 
1071. Sire Rob°t de Pirepound - de argent a vn lion de sable od la 
bordur de roses de gout. 

1075. Sire John sothulle • de gout a vn egle de argent. 

1076. Sire John Mauleuerer • de gout od le chef de or a vn baston 

goboune de argent e de azur. 

1077. Sire John daubeny • de gout a vne fesse endente de crmyne en 

le chef iij moles dor e vn label de azure. 

1078. Sire Henri de skrop • de azur a vne bende de or en la bende vn 

lion passanz de pourpre. 

1079. Sire Walt 1 fauconberge • de argent a vn lion de azur e vn baston 

goboune de or e de gout. 

1080. Sire John de Cleuedone • de or a vn lion de azur Corone de 

gout. i 

1081 . Sire John de sottone • de or od le chef de gout a vn lion rampand 

de azur. 

1082. Sire Henri fauconberge • do argent a ij barres muscle de sable. 



1083. Sire Geffrey de Opsalo • de argent a vne Crois de sable. 

1084. Sire Huge de holingesheued • Meisme les armes en la Crois vn 

molet de or. 

1085. Sire Jolln de Walkingfim • de veer a ij barres de gout. 
108G. Sire Richard de Barlingtim • de gout a iij ours de argent. 
1087. Sire Huge de Elaundo • de argent a vne bende de gout e iij 

escalops de or. 

1088 Sire Walt 3 de monecastre • burele de argent e de goul a vne 
bende de sable e iij escalops de or. 

1089. Sire Gerard de ousflct • de argent a vne fesse de azuf a iij flufs 

de or. 

1090. Sire Henri de Kyngestone • de sable a vn lion de or od la couwe 

t'orchie e vn label de argent. 
1091 Sire Thomas de Bork • de argent a vn daunce de sable en la 

daunce iij besans de or. 
1092. Sire Kob 9 t Tyllol • de goul a vn lion rampand de argent e vn 

baston de azur. 

109.'). Sire Wilim Mauleucrer • de argent a iij leuerers de gout. 

1094. Sire John do Cormaylcs • de argent ;i iij Corfs de sable. 

1095. Sire John de oeure • ijrtile de or e de gout a vn bende de sable 

en la bende iij escalops de argent. 
109G. Sire Thomas de Coleuilc • de or a vne fesse de gout en la fesse 
iij lioneels de argent. 

1097. Sire John Malebis • de argent a iij testes de bis de goul. 

1098. Sire John de haueringtone • de sable frette de argent. 

1099. Sire Michel de haueringtone ■ Meisme les amies a vn label 

de or. 

1100. Sire Walt 1 de striklande • de argent a ij barres e vn fjrterde goul. 

1101. Sire Thomas le rous • de ermyne od le chef endente de goul a 

ij escalops de argent. 

1102. Sire ltob 9 t de Ekeleshale • de sable a vne bende e vj rrielos 

de or. 

1103. Sire ltob 9 t de asscheby • de argent a vn lion de sable bilette 

de or. 

1101. Sire Thomas de schefeld • de or a vne fesse c vj garbes de gout. 
1105. Sire lloberd de Conestable • quartile de veer e de gout; a vn 

bastoun cngrele de or. 
1 10G. Sire Tokm 1 de monnicruj • de gouV a vne leude e vj 7/ierlos dor en 

hi hende vn mold de vert. 




1107. Sire JoKn de mounteny • de gouV a vne bcnde e vj merelos dor a 

ij coties dor. 

1108. tSir Julia deytoille • de gouV flour ite de argent a vn lyoun Ram- 

pawit dargwit. 

1 109. Sir JolCn de cnyners • daszttre ou la maiuiche dor e one la weyn. 
1110. Sire RoUi de coyners • de or ou la maunche de aszure e one 
la meyn. 

An account of the " Parliamentary " Roll of Arms may be found in 
Genealogist, vol. v., p. 14. The above is the version from the 
Cotton MS. Caligula A. wiij. Vox the convenience of readers the 
entries have been numbered, and a point placed between name and 
blazon, but in all other respects the manuscript has been carefully and 
literally followed. In the printed copy, as in the manuscript, the letter 
"y " takes the place of the " thorn " letter. The italics signify entries 
added in a later hand, which, though the writer has striven to assimilate 
it to the earlier script, is evidently no earlier than the end of the 
fifteenth century. 

Enqutstttones Post jWortnn. 

(Continued from p. 212. J 

CliAMHKUS, John, <>b. 15 June 1C35 — Inq. at Denbigh 25 Sept. 11 Car. 1. 

— Denbigh Charles s & h., act. 14 ; 3 younger sons & 2 dans. 
Chambers, Katherine, widow, ob. 2 April 15 Car. 1. (1st husband . . . . 

Carew)- Imp at High llolborn Nov. 10 Car. J. - Middlesex - John 

Carew s. & It. of his mother, act. 20. 
Ciiamukks, Thomas, of Northdighton, ob. 28 Jan. 33 Kliz. — Inq. at 

Ripon 5 Feb. 35 lCliz. — Yorks — Richard s. &i h., act. 14. 
Cham ore, Calcot, gent., ob. 20 Nov. 35 Kliz. s.p m. — Inq. at Banbury 

11 July 37 Kliz. — Oxford — Calcot Chambre brother S: h. male, act. 

10, 20 Nov. aforesaid. 
Cham Kit, Kobert, gent., ob. 20 Aug. Kdw. (5 Inq. at Shap 1 Feb. 

I Mary West niorland Walter 8. & \i. f aet. 14. 
CilAMl'KitNON, (Jawin, Ksq (s. A h. of Arthur C, Kut., will 20 Mar. 

20 KHz. at Slade, ob. there) will 20 May 30 KHz., ob. 27' Mar. ult — 

Inq. at Totnes 17 July 34 Kliz. — Devon — Arthur Champernon, Esq , 

s. & h., aet. 12. 

Cuampnkys, Peter, ob. 10 July 23 Hen. 8— In<j. 28 Oct. 23 Hen. 8— 
Devon — John s. & U.j act. 13 it'e. 



GriAMPNBYS, Thomas, ob. 25 Mar. ult. — lnq. at New Sarnm 4 Nov. 
17 lien. 8 — Wilts — Thomas s. & h., act G nio. 

Champneys, Thomas, ob. 25 March 1G Hen. 8 — Inq. at Bridgewater, 
21 Oct. 11) Hen. 8 — Somerset — Thomas s. & h. act. 3. 

ChAndos, Giles, Lord, ob. 21 Feb 39 Eliz. s.p.m. — Inq4 at Gloucester 
Castle 25 July 7 Jac. I. — Glouc, Wore, Wilts — Elizabeth wife of 
John Kenedy Knt, 1. d. & coh., act. 1G ; Catherine 2. d. & coh. wife 
of Era. Russell Knt., act. 14. 

Chandos, Gray, Lord Chandos, Baron of Sudeley, ob. at Sudeley 
10 An--. 1!) Jac. I. — lnq. at Winchcomb 11 Jan. 19 Jac. I. — Glou- 
cester, Wilts — George, Lord Chandos s. & h., act. 1. 

Chandos, William, Lord, ob. 18 Nov. 45 Eliz.— Inq. at Marlboro' 3 Oct. 
7 Jac. I. — Wilts- "Gratius" [Grey] Bridges, Lord Chandos, s. & h , 
act, 21 etc. 

Ciianney, John, gent., ob. 20 June ult. — lnq. at Northampton Castle, 

20 Oct. 20 Hen. S —Northampton— William s. & h., act. 17., Roger, gent., ob. 14 Feb. 3 Car. [.—Inq. at llminster 11 Aug. 

4 Car. L — .Somerset —Mary only d. & h , act. G mo. 7 days. 
Chapi.yn, William, gent., ob. 14 May 14 Eliz.— Inq. 11 Sept. 12 Eliz.— 

Somerset — Uoger s. & h.. act. 30. 
Chapman, Alexander, ob. 10 Julv 2 Mary — Inq. at Norwich 30 Oct. 

2 & 3 Ph. & Mary— Norfolk -Thomas s. & h., act. 20 ; " Duddeleus" 

[Dudley] s. k h. by Anne wife of Alex. C, is act. 5. 
Chapman, Cecily (late wife of Richard C), ob. 5 Aug. 2G Eliz —Inq. at 

Kipon 5 Feb. 35 Eliz. — Yorks — Hugh Chapman s. & h., act. 8, 

2G Eliz. 

Chapman, John, gent, ob. 27 Dec. ult. — Inq. at Louth 3 Nov. 7 Eliz. — 

Lincoln — Robert s. Si h., act. 22 ; Martin ; Lawrence ; John. 
Chapman, Peter, of Thriplowe, ob. 8 May 1564 — Inq. at Cambridge 

2 Oct. 7 Eliz. — Cambridge — Joyce 1 d. A: h., act. 3 ; Elizabeth 2 d., 
act. 1. 

Chapman, Richard, of Godmadam, ob. G Sept. ult. — Inq. at Ripon 

5 Feb. 35 Eliz.— Yorks— Hugh s. <k h., act. 17. 

Cn AUDIO, William, of London, brewer; ob. 28 Oct. 3G Hen. 8 — Inq. at 
Harlow 1G July 37 Hen. 8 — Essex — Thomas Chard brother Si h., then 
act. 41. 

Charge, John, gent., ob. at Apslcy — Inq. 14 June, 37 Eliz. — Bedford — 
Richard Sanders & Thomas Pen are cons, ifo next heirs. 

Charles, John, Esq., ob. 17 Aug. 10 Eliz., s.p. — Inq, 10 Oct. 10 Eliz. — 
Robert brother & h , act. 18. 

Charleton, William, ob. 14 Nov. 3 Ed. G — Inq. at Morpeth 8 Jan. 

3 Ed. G — Northumberland— William s. & h., act. 30 &'c. 
Chapnook, Robert, will 12 May 37 Hen. 8, ob. 4 Feb. 4 Ed. 6 —Inq. at 

Shellord 4 Mar. 1 Fd. G— Bedford— Richard s. k h., act. 18 ; Francis ; 

Chateu, Thomas, ob. 25 Mar. 1 64 1 -—Inq. at Beverley 8 May 4 7 Car. I. 

— Yorks, Durham — John s. Si h., act. 5. 
Chatfei ld, John, ob. 10 Sept. 1638 — Inq. at East Grinstead, 15 Jan. 

1-1 Car. I. — Sussex — John s. Si h., act. 13. 
Ciiatwyn, William, Esq., ob. 10 April ult. — Inq. at Warwick 5 Aug. 

38 Hen. 8— Warwick — 'J nomas a Si If., act. 38, married to Joan . . . 



Chaundelek, Thomas, gent , ob. 11 Feb. 6 Eliz. at Abbott Barton — Inq. 

18 May G Eliz.— Southampton— William s. fa h., act. C &c* 
Chaunterell, Arthur, gent.,, ob. 9 .June 7 Eliz. at Faxton, s.p. — Inq. 24 

April 8 Eliz. — Northampton — John llaselwood, cons. fa h. 
Chawouth, John, Knt., ob. 3 Sept. ult. — liu|. at Nottingham 15 Oct. 

f) fa G I'll. fa M — Notts, Sussex — George s. & h., act. 9. 
Cheke, Henry, Esq., ob. 22 June ult.— Inq. 11 Jan. 29 Eliz. — Devon — 

Thomas s. & h., aet. 15. 
Chelsiiam, William, ob. 14 Feb. 15 Eliz. — Inq. at Southwark 20 Aug. 

17 Eliz. — Surrey — William s. fa h., aet. 27. 
Cheney, Anne, widow, ob. 18 May 4 Eliz. — Inq. at Todyngton G Aug. 

4 Eliz — Bedford — Henry s. & h., act. 22. 
Cheney, Robert, Est]., ob. 14 Sept. 1G30 — Inq. at Ampthill 18 Aug. 7 

Car. 1.— Bedford, Bucks— Thomas s. fa h., aet. 11, 20 March last. 
Cheney, Thomas, ob. 22 Feb. 8 Car. I. — Inq. at York 13 Ap. 13 

Car. 1 — Yorks — Anne, Elizabeth, fa Jane, daiis. fa coheirs. 
Ciierrington, Thomas, ob. 17 Oct. 5 & G Ph. fa M.- -Inq at Salop 30 

April 4 Jac. 1. — Salop— Thomas s. fa h., act. GO. 
Cheseman, Christopher, of Lastingham, ob. 20 Mar. 2G Eliz. — Inq. at 

Mai ton 13 Sept. 31 Eliz. — Yorks — William s. fa fa., aet. 15 fac. 
Chessman, Robert, of Dormedeswell, Esq., ob. 13 July ult, will 4 Oct. 

38 Hen. 8. — Inq. 28 Oct. I Edw. 6— Middlesex — Anne only d. fa h., 

aet. 1G y. 3 mo., married to Francis Chambcrlayne, Esq., s. fa h. of 

Leonard 0. 

Chester, Robert, Knt., ob. 25 Nov. ult. — Inq. at Royston 6 April 17 
Ellis. — Herts, Cambridge, Essex — 1. Edward s. fa h., aet. 30, married 
to [Catherine . . . ; 2. Oliver ; 3. Robert. 

Chesterton, Walter, ob. s.p. 22 July 1G38— Inq. at Southwark 22 Oct. 
11 Car. 1 — Surrey, Lincoln — John, brother fa heir, aet. 20. 

(To be continued.) 

Jiotucs of SSooks. 

The History of the Granville • Family, traced back to Rollo, first 
Duke of Normandy. Ry Roger Granville, MA., Rector of Bideford. 
Exeter (William Pollard and Co.). 
On taking up this goodly volume, dealing as it does with the history 
of one of the most ancient and interesting of English families, we were 
led to expect a rare genealogical treat, an expectation which has, in part 
at least, been fully realized. If Mr. Granville had been content to 
couhne his attention to that part of the Grenville pedigree which is 
well within the scope of comparatively modern history, and to editing 
the valuable collection of family letters which constitute far the most 
interesting portion of the book, we should have had nothing but praise to 



utter. Unfortunately something more than mere editorial skill is needed 
in dealing with a pedigree which professes to stretch back in direct male 
line to Hollo, Duke of Normandy. A profound knowledge of early 
genealogy, and the ability to sift that which is true from that which is 
false in the work of others are also requisite. That the author of this 
book is somewhat lacking in these qualities is evident from his 
acceptance, in defiance of dates and other probabilities, of the boasted 
claim of the Grenvilles to descend from the Conqueror's kinsman, 
H anion Dentatus, through a supposed younger son, Richard de Gren- 
ville. Now all that appears to be known concerning this Richard is that 
he was a tenant of the honour of Gloucester under Robert, Earl of 
Gloucester, and his wife Mabel, daughter of Robert Fitzhamon, and 
grand-daughter of Hamon Dentatus, and that he founded Neath Abbey 
circa 1129, though here said to have come over at the Conquest. 
Richard de Grenville's first wife, we are told, was " Isabel, the only 
daughter of Walter GitTord, Earl of Buckingham, in England, and of 
Longueville, in Normandy, who was coheiress with her aunt Rohesia 
(wife of Richard Fitz Gilbert, Lord of Clare) of the great possessions 
and lordships pertaining to that family." According to the best modern 
authorities Rohesia was sister and eventual coheir of Walter Giflbrd, 
first Earl of Buckingham, and it is hardly necessary to point out that 
she certainly would not have been coheir to her brother had he had a 
daughter leaving issue by Richard de Grenville. For the statement 
that Richard's son married " Adelina, daughter of Robert de Bellemont, 
Karl of M client in France and first Earl of Leicester in England," and 
widow of Hugh Montfort, no authority is given, and it must therefore 
be received with caution. We must add that we are by no means 
prepared to accept Mr. Granville's identification of William, a younger 
son of the first Richard de Grenville, with William de Corbeil, 
Archbishop of Canterbury, or to acknowledge the descent of the 
Buckinghamshire Grenvilles, as it is here given, from the Devonshire 
stock. J hit to proceed with the pedigree. Richard, the founder of 
Neath Abbey, was succeeded by his son Richard, who is said to have 
died while on crusade 1147. Ilis son and heir, also named Richard, is 
here stated to have been knighted in 1200, i.e., fifty-three years after 
his father's death, and to have died four years subsequently, leaving 
a youthful family, all under age, and a widow young enough to marry 
again ! It is unfortunate that no reference is given to the charter of 
14th Sept. 1204, quoted on p. 31, for it is impossible to make much of 
the abstract given. Neither are we told the place of custody of the 
confirmation charter on pages 32-33, which is the more to be regretted 
as the seal appended thereto is said to be charged with the Grenville 
arms, and might therefore give some definite clue as to when this 
curious coat was first assumed. Mr. Granville, referring to a letter 
written by Dennis Granville, Dean of Durham, during his exile in 
France after the deposition of James II, tells us that the Dean found 
these arms on the tomb of Hamon Dentatus at Corbeil ; and also that 
previously to the end of the seventeenth century they existed on one of 
the citadel gates of the town of Granville in Normandy. Our readers 
will, however, remember Mr. IManche's suggestion that the three 
c/a/ions were borrowed from a badge of the De Clares, under whom 



the Grenvillcs hold their lands. Again, had the date of the writ of 
dower, mentioned on page 34, as having been brought by Jane, widow 
of Richard Grenville (here styled the fifth) been given to us, we might 
have been enabled to test the truth of the identification of the 
lady's husband with the Richard do Greynvill, who according to Annates 
ilk IVieoftexberia was in 1241 buried " m ca/iitulo Sancti Jacobi Bris- 
tol lis" If this identification be correct Richard's son, Bartholomew, 
must have survived his father by about eighty-live yours. The pedigree 
is at this point supported in substance by the excellent evidence of the 
IMea Rolls (G'cneato'jist, N.S., vol. x, p 92), and Mr. Granville is entitled 
to the credit of having avoided the errors into which some other 
compilers of Grenvillc pedigrees have fallen. But why does he add 
" Earl of Mellent " to the name of Thomas Beaumont, whose daughter 
Joyee married Sir Theobald Grenvillc 1 We may now pass to the latter 
part of the pedigree, which may be said to commence with Sir Richard 
Grenville, the hero of "the Revenge." Sir Richard's memory will 
always be dear to his countrymen, and at the present time when 
Kngland may be again about to enter upon another struggle for naval 
supremacy, the story of his gallant fight acquires renewed interest. The 
indomitable spirit of Sir Richard was inherited by his grandson, the 
chivalrous Sir Bevill, who amid the troublous times in which he passed his 
life, from his early youth, when he was inclined to follow Sir John Eliot, 
in opposition to the arbitrary measures of his sovereign, till his death 
at the battle of Lansdowne, loyally fighting for that sovereign's crown, 
was honoured alike by friends and foes The letters which are here 
published between Sir Bevill and his wife are of the greatest interest, 
and help us to form a true understanding of their mode of life and 
habits of thought. No one can read them and the other family 
correspondence included in this work without regretting that a large 
collection of Grenville letters were, according to Mr. Granville's preface, 
ruthlessly destroyed by George, Lord Carteret, in the early part of the 
present century. Sir Bevill's anxiety about the education of his son is 
almost painful to read, especially when we remember that he was fated 
to lose him just as he was entering upon manhood. In strange contrast 
to Sir Bevill was his brother Sir Richard, whose temper embittered by 
his unhappy quarrels with his wife, rendered him odious even to his 
own party. A certain degree of uncertainty seems to surround Sir 
Richard's only son, who in the pedigree which accompanies the volume, 
is said to have been " hanged by the Roundheads." The truth of this 
statement seems to be very doubtful, and perhaps the tradition arose 
from the story which we find on page 28:2. Sir Bevill's eldest surviving 
son was at the Restoration created Karl of Bath, and is now represented 
as senior coheir by the Duke of Sutherland ; while from his (Sir Bevill's) 
third son Bernard, the present author derives, also however in the 
female line, for the Grenvillcs of Stow have for more than a century 
been without a known male heir, a fate which has quite recently 
befallen their namesakes the Grenvillcs of Wotton. The book is 
illustrated with photographs of family portraits, which the reader will 
no doubt be glad to possess, for he cannot fail to be fascinated with tho 
many brilliant and interesting characters which the Grenvillc family 
has produced. 



Searches into the History of the Gillman or Gilman Family. 
l>y Alexander W. Gillman. London (Elliot Stock). 

In our last issue a notice appeared of a portion of this volume, " The 
Gillmans of Highgate," and we now propose to deal with the whole 
work containing accounts of various families of Oilman or Gillman. It 
is unnecessary to dwell on the mystic descent of a certain Cylmyn Droed 
Dim temp. 820, as it is clear that, except for the fact that arms similar 
to those ascribed to him by Welsh bards were granted by Elizabethan 
Heralds to a Gylemin of Troyle in Anglesea and a Gilman of Surrey, 
there is nothing to show that he had any descendants of the name of 
Gilman. The author gives a pedigree from this Cylmyn which, though 
in reality his own compilation, he says is " from the ' Heraldic Visitation 
of Wales,' by Lewys Dwnn, in 1580, and Harleian MSS., No. 1969, 
British Museum, the 'English Baronetage' 1741, and other sources." 
On this pedigree hangs the value of Mr. Gillman's deductions, which 
will be found to be without an iota of evidence to support them. In 
fact they are incorrect. From Cylmyn Droed Dhu about a dozen 
generations are given, to none of which appears the name of Cylmyn 
or Gilman, but we read that a Richard ap Robert ap Meredydd, living in 
the sixteenth century, " took the surname of Gylmyn, after his ancestor 
Cihnin Droed Dhu," living in the ninth century ! Such an extraordinary 
statement appeared to demand an examination of the Hart. MS. J 909 
epioted, and we find that this Richard is not called Gylmyn, and 
moreover in other and more reliable MSS. to which the author has 
access, he is called Richard Glyn, that he had a brother William Glyn, 
a brother Kdmond Glyn, a son William Gfyn, and a grandson William 
Glyn^ and apparently no son John. 1 le is styled of Nanlhey in Carnarvon- 
shire, and not of Troyle. The author continues his pedigree to a John 
Gilman, whom he makes the ancestor of an Irish family, yet later on 
acknowledges that a wide search has been ineffectual to prove this 
point. The latter conjecture is probably not far off the mark, but the 
attempted identification of Kichard, father of John Gilman of Troyle, 
with Richard ap Robert ap Meredydd is untenable. Of the various 
families of the name contained in this volume we note that the Gilmans 
of Norfolk and America are derived from a common ancestor, one 
Kdward Gilman of Caston, w ho died in 157.3; the (iilmaiis of Belgium 
from a Thomas, living at the end of the fifteenth century ; the Gilmans 
of China from an Anthony, of Wilts, born 1734; the Gilmans of 
Highgate (the author's family) from John, of Great Yarmouth, married 
1777 ; the Gilmans of Ireland (referred to above) from John, of Curra- 
heen, who died 1014, and pedigrees culled from the College of Arms 
and the British Museum are also given. The volume being stamped 
with the coat and crest granted in 1581 may possibly mislead persons 
whose name's appear in this publication into thinking themselves entitled 
to use them as the family insignia, but the; name Gilman suggests other 
derivations than that from Cylmyn with the Black Reg, although such 
a possibility is not touched upon in the chapter on the orthography of 
the name. Viewed as a collection, this effort of Mr. Alexander W. 
Gillman is a distinct addition to genealogical works, provided his 
problematical deductions are ignored by the reader. The illustrations 
are good, and the chart pedigrees from official sources are valuable. 



Prehistoric Man in Ayrshire. By John Smith. London. (Elliot 

Mr. Smith has dealt with a difficult subject in a painstaking and 
capable manner. Both the antiquary and the geologist will appreciate 
the numerous illustrations, which greatly add to the utility and attractive, 
ness of the work. A map of Prehistoric Ayrshire forms the frontispiece^ 

Jbtcs ana (Qntrus. 

Faramus op Boulogne. — The Red Book of the Exchequer supple- 
ments the Pipe Rolls, shewing that Faramus held his Wendover 
estate as early as 1157. King Henry's charter to him, therefore, must 
belong to that year. 

On p. 312 of the Third Report on Historical MSS. there is calendared 
a grant, by the Burgesses of Bridgwater, of a burgage to Faramus, the 
dyer, in the time of Edward 1. Bridgwater is sufficiently near to 
Martock to make it probable that he was in some way cf the stock of 
Faramus of Boulogne. .1. II. Round. 

Lb Poiieii Family. — I am glad to see Mr. Round exposing the attempt 
(or as he rightly calls it the "jugglery") to turn the "le" into " de." 
.lust the same thing was tried with the Howards. Le Hey ward became 
" de Howard " 

Le Poer, Le Pouvrc, Le Povere, le Povre, and le Powre, all occur in 
my Calendar to Norfolk Pines. Some of the names may mean, as Mr. 
Hound suggests, le l'ouhier, but the majority surely mean " the poor 
man " simply. 

May 1 append a query 'I What is the meaning of the surname Le 
Peyvere — very common with us in Norfolk 1 Walter Rye. 

Riddell of Riddell. — A recent leader in the Daily News says of 
this family " they can show a Pope's Bull of the tenth century 
authorizing the then Riddell to marry a relation within the forbidden 
degrees, so says Sir Walter Scott." 

Can any of your readers say what foundation there is for this state- 
ment 1 A Southron. 

Wade Famtly op America and England. — At the request of many 
members of the family the undersigned is collecting genealogical 
material for a history of the Wade family, especially of the descendants 
of Jonathan Wade, who landed in New England in 1632J All English 
material will be most gratefully acknowledged and included in the 
work. Correspondence with any English members of the family is 
solicited. Stuart C. Wade. 

1251 Michigan Avenue, 

Chicago, U.S.A. 


JS>freef, Co, JSomereet 


Jan. 25. Susanna da. of Richard Crane & Jone his w. 

Jan. 29. Elizabeth da. of Tristram (Treway) & Margaret his w. 

Feb. 11). Mary da. (if Abraham Scott k Charity his vv. 

March 2. Sara da. of Thomas Hush and Sara his w. " . 

March 24. Arthur s. of Bartolomew Slade and Mary his w. 

(There is the space of half an inch between this last and the former entry, the 
latter being in a much later hand, but the year 1636 and 28 day can be 
traced ; in the opposite column is an entry or two, but quite illegible, in the 
same hand. The page is scribbled on in several places. The original hand 
is the same, though the ink varies from blue and black to rust colour.) 


Aug. 18, John Penie and Rebecca Coward. 

(Here is written John White his hand and pen 1702). 


April 25. Margaret, w. of William Waters. 

May 10. Margaret Oundry.'' 1 

Aug. 5. Alice Cundry. 

Sept. 2. Robert Keene.'-" 2 

Dec. 5. Alice da. of Abraham Oundrie. 

John s. of Matthew Hell. 
Jan. 6. Elizabeth w. of Owen Hatt. 
Feb. 4. Elizabeth White, widow. 83 
March 2. Thomas Hush. 

Tho. Closse minister. 

Marcham Oundry \ Wwdem 
John Crenard J 

The will of Margaret Oundrey of Street spinster, dated 11) April 1636. Desires 
t t bo buried in the churchyard of Street, to the poor of which parish 10s. Mentions, 
brother Tristram (Jundrey ; Mister Alice Oundrey ; John (Jundrey " my unclet," and 
his sons John, OUea, and Tristram ; Margaret Oundrey and Alice Oundrey daughters 
of Abraham Oundrey. Residuary legatee and executor brother Arthur Oundrey. 
Overseers Abraham Oundrey and Matthew Stower. Total of Inventory £77 10s. 
I'rov. 19 May lu36. There is a note appended of money owed to testatrix by John 
Powcl, Roger Clapp, Edward Clapp, Robert Rood, William Amosse, Alexander 
VVithic, John C'happell, u uppon specialty," Abraham Oundrey, Matthew Stower, 
Arthur < Jundrey. 

- J This Robert Keeno's will describes him as of Street husbandman. In it he 
n urn s ; Cousin .Mary Fry ; Isabcll Hearse ; Matthew Kellway ; William Waters ; John 
Williams, .senior ; Alice Sergeant ; Munis Smith; hi-other Hhilip Keene and his two 
e'lildren ; brother John Keene; brother James Keene I OA. at 21 ; servant Margerie 
Fry, by the hand of Robert Hatt 10s., for her use until 21, then for her two sisters 
A-jjithie and Susan ; '' my man Alexander lluit" a russet coat ; cousin Agnes Uarrowe 
•J )s , and her dau. Agnes Harrowe t; my bible " ; " my minister" Mr. Thomas Closse 
10s. ; Edward Taylor ; John Clipper ; Richard Squire and his sister ; Thomas "my 
godson " ; godson Joseph James ; goddaughter Abigail Parker ; Joseph Batt ; 
15 ridge t Parker. Residue to wife Marian Keene who is to be executrix. Proved at 
Wells •> Sept. 1636. Inventory £125 3s. Id. 

We do not find recorded the burial of Agnes Keene, sister of the above, but her 
will which follows shows that she died the year before her brother Robert. The 
will of Agnes Keene of Street spinster dated 3 July 1635. Desires to be buried in 
the churchyard of Street, to the poor of which parish 10s. Brother James Keene 
til and certain horses, he then underage. Brother Robert Keene 10s. and Marian 
his w. 10a. brother Philip Keene 30s. .John Keene son of brother Philip Keene, 
and to his child unborn. To Mr. Thomas Closse 6s. £d Brother John Keene ; 
Margaret w. ot brother Philips Sister Alice; Margaret Roode ; Alice Roode ; god- 
daughter Agnes Harrowe ; .Vgnes Harrowe the elder ; Aunt Westlake ; Cousin' Agues 
Chard ; John lioodc and William Roode; Kdith Hyett and Elizabeth Hyett ; Sara 
Browne; Anna I att and Mary Hatt ; Margery Fry ; Mr. Timothy Hatt; Tristram 
Oundry ; John Lydc, all small legacies. Executor and residuary legatee, brother 
John Keene. Proved at Weils 13 Feb. 1635. 

- :1 Flizabeth White of Street. Will dated 21 April 1636. To be buried in the 




Robert s. of ... 

..... Arthur s. of ^ 

Thomas s. of 

John s. of Kichard Stower. 

Elizabeth da of John Grroomes. 

Thomas s. of John Tucker. 

Robert s. of John Hiett. 

Edward s 

(This is on the upper outside corner which has been damaged, and mostly quite 


George Coward & Elizabeth 

William Limbrie & Joane 


Edith da. of 

July 29. Alice da. of William Meade. 

Aug. 31. Thomas Walter. 

8c,, t. 25. Elizabeth Marshall, widow. 

Sept. 27. Tristram Guildry. 24 

Nov. 25. Alice w. of Gregory 

Jan. 7. Edith da. of Richard Crane. 

Jan. S. Jane w. of Richard Crane. 

Tho. Closse minister, 

Robert Batt 

William Amossc 



Aug. 10. Mary da. of John Chappel & June his w. 

Aug. 10. Alico da. of Morrice Smith k his w. 

Sept. 10. Nicholas s, of Richard Reeves & Audry his \v, 

churchyard of Street, s. John White and his three children. Elizabeth Joanes als. 
Jaelct. Edith Joanes als Jaclct. Prov. 10 Jan. 1037. 

-* Will of Tristram Cundry. Unfortunately about one-third of the sheet on which 
this will is written has been eaten away from the upper left hand corner, which 
leaves many relationships uncertain, and there arc a great many mentioned. To the 
poor of Street 10s. Names, John Slower ; uncle John Cundry ; Bartholomew 
Stower ; Mathcw Stower ; late sister Margaret Cundry ; sister Mary Stower ; Thomas 
Stower ; Elizabeth Cundry ; Uncle William Roode ; Aunt Eleanor Koode; Aunt 
Audry Koode ; John, William. Margaret, and Alice Koode children of Daniel Koode 
of Street ; Roger* Koode s of Robert Koode ; Margaret Cundry dau. of Abraham 
Cundry; Father Kichard Cundry, "a gold ring he gave my mother Mary" ; sister 

Alice Cundry, deceased; children of John Coward senr, my ; Robert Coward ; 

aunt Hester Mosse ; Joane Parker, my aunt ; Edith Parker, dau. of aunt Joane 
Parker ; Aunt Agnes Withie, and her dau. Mary Withie ; Uncle William Withie, 
u my great Bible " ; Cousin Katherine Burt ; John Kcene, " my book which is Mr. 
Dirkes work " ; James Keene ; Timothy, Jasper, Anna, and Mary Batt children of 
Robert Batt ; Alexander llulett ; Christopher Stivord ; Richard Pry; Edith Liett ; 
Sarah Browne ; Agnes Karree, widow ; Johane Hellier, widow ; Thomas Hellier ; John 
Marnaid, junr ; Thomas Pope ; Henry Rush. Brother Arthur Cundry residuary 
legatee and executor. Proved at Well* 30 Oct. 1037. 

The following is the will of the husband of one of the legatees' named in the 
above will : — Thomas Barry of Street husbandman will dated 13 Aug. 1031. Desires 
to he buried in the churchyard of Street. Names his dau. Agnes a brass pot and 12d. 
Residue to wife Agnes Barry. Witnesses Thomas Closse minister, and John I cram. 
Inventory taken \>y Daniel Roode, William Koode, Thomas Pope and John Hyett, 
on 20 Aug. 1031. Proved at Wells Oct. 103]. 


Sept. 23. Robert s. of ... & Margaret his w. 

Sej>t. 30. William s. of William Met . . . , & Amie his w. 

Dee. 10. Michael 3. of . . . Kember & Eleanor his w. 

Jan. 1. John s. of Thomas S tower & Agnes his w. 


April 4. Thomas Stower and Agnes Deacon. 
April 18. William Simons and Elizabeth lloode. 
Jan. 17. Arthur Gundry and Marion Keene. 


May 8. Agnes w. of Andrew Grinisted. 

May J 5. William DulFon. 

May 21. Robert 8. of Gregory Amos. 

May 30. Mary da. Robert Bait. 9 * 

June 4. Mary da. of John Kcni . . . 

July 1. Tristram Coward. 

July 27. Elizabeth da. of Thomas Roode. 

Aug. 20. Susanna w. of William Meade. 

Sept. 16. Amie w. of James Whippy. 

Sept. 22. Mold w. of Thomas Pope. 

Sept. 30. Roger Chaplin. 20 

Nov. 4. Elizabeth \v. of Christopher Stride. 

Nov. 5. Margery w. of Thomas Closse, clerk. 

Nov. 5- Mary da. of John Chappell. 

Nov. 10. Jone da. of John Mar nerd. 

Dec. 20. Richard l'rouis. 

Jan. 13. Mary da. of Alexander Withye. 

Jan. 23. Ciles Groomes the elder. 

Jan. 27. Roger s. of Roger JJarucrd. 

l'VI>. S Margaret w. of Robert Roode. 

Feb. 27. Elizabeth da. of Roger Roode. 

Tho. Closse minister 

Robert James 1 , , „ 
T , ^ > church w a 

John Oroomes J 



May 12. George s. of Phillibert Withie & Susanna his w. 2 ' 

Agnes Batt of Street widow. Will dated 15 Dec. 1034. To be buried in the 
churchyard of Street. Names, daughter-in-law Sarah Batt ; Timothy Batt ; Anna 
Batt ; Mary Batt; Jasper Batt; son Robert Batt ; John Lide. Residue to Jasper 
Batt who is named executor. Overseers Robert Keene and Robert Batt. Witnesses, 
Thomas Closse, Elizabeth Batt, "& others. ' Proved at Wells by Jasper Batt 7 Sept 

The following cannot be the husband of the above, surely, though the name of the 
relict is Agnes. John Batte, senior of Street husbandman ; will dated May 1500. 
To be buried in the churchyard of Street, names, son John Batte, daughters 
Elizabeth Kaith ami Margaret. Residuary legatee and executor, his wife Agnes. 
Proved 10 Oct. 1500. 

- a The will of Roger Chaplen of Street, dated 12 Aug. 1033. Daughter Margaret 
to have the shop and the chamber which she now occupies, a sheet, with two shirts, 
a jerkin, and doublet for her husband. Daughter Mary Reeves what is in her 
husband's hands, and a shirt, pair of breeches, and jerkin, for her husband. Daughter 
Mary Norman a bed and bedding, four platters, a brass candlestick, eroche and a 
shirt with hand bands. Son I'hilip Chaplen \s children. Daughter Mary's children. 
Daughter Margaret's children. To the poor 10s. Son Philip Chaplen residuary 
legatee and executor. Proved at Wells 12 March lo'OM. Witnesses George Stower 
John Davis. 

Elizabeth Withie of Street widow, will dated 2 Jan. 1015. To the church 
of Street 6s. 8d. To tho poor of Street 10s. To the Cathedral church 



July 21. Robert a. of Robert Amosse k Jone his w. 

Sept. 22. Mary da. of Edward Taylor k Agnes his vv. 

Oct. 6. Henry s. of Edward Warren & Jone his w. 

Nov. 10. Elizabeth da. of John Coward k Aliee his w. 

Doc 1. Lydirt da. of Abraham Gundry & Mary his w. 

Dee. 27. Thomas s. of Robert Badman & Mary his w. 

Jan. 2(5. Robert s. of John Roode & Mary his w. 

Feb. 2. Thomas s. of Henry Reeves & Jone his w. 

March 14. Alice da. of Thomas Peddle k Jone his w. 


May 10. John Man and July an Coward. 
Oct. 3. Robert Paddoeke and Alice Roode.- 8 
Nov. 4. Richard Bartlett and Edith Hiett. 
Eeb. 17. George S tower and Alice Scotten. 


April 0. Dorothy w. of George Stower. 

April 9. Mary Paine. 

April 15. William Roode. 

June S. Matthew Parker. 

July <). William .Stower. 

Oct. 2. Margaret w. of Daniel Roode. 

Nov. 23. George Parker. 

Feb. 18. John Marie sen r . 

Tho. Closse minister Uobeit Roode \ cliurclLwardeua. 

1 nomas Stower / 

(Here a later hand has written the institution of " Mr. Walter Raleigh," as befori 
only the date is 22nd, instead of the 24 til Nov.) 


April 10. Margarett da. of Richard Couscns & Elizabeth his w. 

Sept. 13. Thomas s. of Thomas Stower k Agnes his w. 

Sept. 20. Mary da. of Robert Reeves & Mary his w. 

Nov. 15. Richard s. of Richard Forest k Julyan his w. 

Nov. 15. Edith da. of William Meade & Amie his w. 

Jan. 1. Mary da. of John Groomes k Ann his w. 

Jan. 10. John s. of George Rood k Mary his w. 

Jan. 10. Richard s. of John Hiet k Alice his w. 

Feb. 2. William s. of Alexander Withy k Amy his w. 

Eel). 11. Mary da. of Richard Stower & Alice his w. 

(Here a later hand has written across the page the notice given already of Mr 
Walter Raleigh taking possession of the Rectory.) 

of Wells 12d. Three daughters Francis, Kathcrine and Elizabeth Withie, 
£200 to be equally divided between them at twenty-one. Thomas Durston of 
Cattcott to be guardian of Francis. Mrs. Deyer of Street (if it please her) to be 
guardian of Kathcrine. John Marnard and Joane his w. of Street, to be guardians 
of Elizabeth. S. Phillibert Withie, £20 at twenty-one, my brother William Roe to 
be his guardian. S. George Y\ 'ithje £80 at twenty-one, my Father Thomas Roe to 
be his guardian. Brothers William and Thomas Roe John Durston s. of Thomas 
Durston. Thomas, William and Giles Durston. Sarah and Gertrude daus. of 
William Roe. Brother-in-law William Withie 20s. and 20s more from Joane 
Grimstead, now in her hands ; to the said Joane Grimstead a petticoat now at the 
dyers. Sister Joane Durston. " Good wright friend Mrs. Scrieaunt." Brothers-in- 
law John and Alexander Withie. Edith Jeanes w. of Andrew jJeaues. Father 
Thomas Roe residuary legatee and executor. Overseers, Thomas 
Durston and brothers William and Thomas Roe. Proved at Wells 26 Jan. 1615. 

- 8 John Paddoeke of Strete, will dated 3 Aug. 1550. To be buried in the church- 
yard of Strete. l)au. Jone, a mare and an acre and a half of dreadyg coin, William 
Moare three shepe. Residuary legatee and executrix wife Elizabeth. Prov. at Wells 
13 Sept. 1550. 




Thomas and Rebecca Allen. 
Richard (/nine and Elizabeth Slower. 
Andrew Grimster and Mary Norman. 
John Fox and Edith Parker. 

William s. of William Lyde. 29 
Thomas s. of Morrice Smith. 
Elizabeth Roode widow. 30 
Thomas s. of John White. 
John Slade the elder/ 1 
Mary Groomes. 
Edith da. of William Meade. 
Catherine da. of Thomas Roode sen 1 ". 
John Meade sen 1 '. 
Peter Reeves. 

Aliee w. of George Stower. 
William s. of Alexander Withie, 
James Whippie. 

Tho. Closse Minister ArUiur^undVy} ^^ ^ 1 ^ 1 ^ 6118, 

29 Margery Reeves of Street, widow. Will dated 17 Aug. 1615. To be buried in 
the churchyard of Street, to the poor of which parish 4s. and to the church 5s. To 
the church of Walton 5s. To Edith Goe, feather bed, bolster, pair of blankets, 
pair of sheets, coverlet, and bedstead on which 1 lie. and other goods. To Mary Goe, 
a small canvass sheet, "a dowlesse sheet with a huckaseatne in the middest," &c. 
John Clapp son of Dorothy Goe, and Roger Clapp son of the said Dorothy. 
Elizabeth wife of Stephen Marnerd ; John Lyde my brother's son ; William Lyde, 
elder brother of the last ; Mary Lyde ; Grace Lyde ; Klizabeth Lyde. William 
Lyde of Street. Jane Reeves. Jessy Batt ; Robert Batt ; Agnes Batt. William 
(Joe residuary legatee and executor. Total of lnv. £62 - 8 - 4. Prov. at Wells 
12 Oct. 1015. 

a0 Elizabeth Roode of Street widow, will dated 19 Feb. 1610. To be buried in 
the churchyard of Street. Karnes, dau. Alice Coward, John, Robert, Agnes, and 
Elizabeth Coward sons and daughters of the said Alice Coward. John Coward 
father of the said children. Grandson John Coward son of the said Alice, a close of 
six acres called Stockew and two acres of arable lying without Lye. Dau. Elizabeth 
Symmons and her son John Symmons. Son-in-law John Roode. Richard, George, 
Robert, John, Elizabeth and Rebecca Roode sons and daughters of the said John 
Roode. John SpraU. Agnes Bryant. Daughter-in law Susanna Grimsteed ; Robert, 
Richard, Philip, Elizabeth and Eleanor Grimsteed children of the said Susanna 
Grimsteed. Son-in-law Roger Roode and his sons Roger and William. Sarah Scott. 
Mary Robins. To the parish of Street 6s. 8d. Residuary legatee and executor 
George Roode. Total of lnv. £360 - 13 - 2. Prov. at Wells 18 Dec. 1643. 

31 John Slade of Street husbandman. Will dated 1 May 1(333. To be buried in 
the churchyard of Street. Names, sons Bartholomew, John, Thomas and Samuel 
Slade. Dau. Johan Sidley alias Warre, one acre of arable land in Street bought of 
Andrew Whittington Esquire. Residue to w. Johane Slade who is to be executrix. 
Dennis P.arpaid of Butlcigh and s. John Slade overseers. Witnesses Matthew 
Parker. Thomas (X.) Wootton, junr. liosimond (R) Meade. Proved by Johane 
Slade the relict 25 Aug. lt> 10. (X, and. R, their mark.) 

:i - Will of Edith Koode of Street widow, dated 2 June 1028. To be buried in tho 
churchyard of Street. To buy the books of Martyrs for the church of Street 5s. to 
be paid when the said books are bought. To the poor of Street 10s. Son John 
Roode. Son Thomas Roode and his two children. Son-ill-law John Browne. John, 
Richard, James, William and Sarah children of the said John Brown. To the said 
Sarah Browne, £15, best petticoat red under petticoat, best smock, best hat, and two 
white whittles. Soii-in I aw Giles Groomes; dau. Mary Groomes and her six 
children, two of whom Annie and Elizabeth to have certain articles extra. Son 
William Koode. Son Daniel Roode an acre of wheat, a pair of blankets and second 
best coverlet. The four children of the said Daniel, of whom Alice to get the 

April 0. 
April 21. 
March 2. 
Feb. 11. 

June 7. 
June 23. 
July 28. 
Nov. 1. 
Nov. 2. 
Nov. 12. 
Dec. 5. 
Jan. 0. 
Jan. 12. 
Jan. 24. 
Jan. 31. 
Feb. 8. 
.March 9. 





Robert s. of John Kember k Eleanor his w. 

Philip s. of John Davies k Mary his w. 

John s. of John Slade & Fi ances his w. 

John s. of linger Roode k Joane his w. 

Judith da. of Henry Meade k 

Jone da. of (quite gone). 

Jone da. of Richard Crane k Elizabeth his w. 

William base s- of Elizabeth 

Mary da. of John Kember k Eleanor his w. 

Johanna da. of William Slade k 

(These are in the upper outside corner which, like the previous leaf, is much 
damaged, and portions quite gone.) 


May ... William Cation and Mary Trente. 
May 27. John Jacklett and Dorothy FrieP 
Sept. 23. Edward Chapped and Alice Groomes. 
Jan. 15. Gregory Crandon and Elizabeth Cosens. 
Sept. 30. Henry Clothier and Elizabeth Gundry. 34 

George Bastable and Mary Roode. 

Robert Foxwell and Anna Batt. 

Henry Baker and Katherine Hooper. 


April 0. Alexander Withie." 

April 12. Agnes Sherwood alias Bobbins, M 

second best smock ami a "p't'lett" extra; and Margaret ths second best petticoat 
and red whittle. William Am esse. To Joan Siines "my milking whittle." Alice 
Cliipp, an old coat and a peck of wheat. Sou William Roode to be residuary legatee 
and executor. Total of Inventory £87 -0-4. Prov. at Wells 10 Oct. 1028. 

J:l Mary Frye of Street widow. Will dated 10 March 1650. To the parish church 
of Street 3s. 4d., and to the poor 3s. 4d. Son William Frye. Grandchild Mary 
Jacklett jL'20. Grandsons Thomas and John Jacklett 40s. each. A ehattle lease of 
1 acre 1 rood Meadow in Wot tons Mead in Butleigh parish for 2000 years to daughter 
Mary Jacklett during her widowhood, then to her son John Jacklett. Mary Masters 
Is. Elizabeth White Is. A lease of two acres of wood in Butleigh from Robert 
Hebditch for a great number of years, for the same purpose. Residuary legatee 
and executor daughter Dorothy Jacklett. Proved 10 Jan. 1000. 

M Henry Gundry of Street yeoman. Will dated 20th Nov. 16S2. Kinsman 
John Gundry a pasture close called Hunt in Glastonbury. Brother-in-law Arthur 
Thomas of Barrow, his wife and children. Margaret Goodridge for the use of Joan 
Goodridge sister of the said John Gundry. The wife of Arthur Gundry of Street. 
To the poor of Street £6. To the poor friends meeting of Street £10 - 10 - 0. 
Brother Abraham Gundry. Brother Henry Clothier. Eleanor Gundry. Wife Ann 
Gundry. Proved 23 Sept. 1G82. Total of inventory £323 - 18 - 4. 

a5 Alexander Withy of Street husbandman. Will dated 4 April 1641. To be 
buried in the churchyard of Street. Names sons Alexander and John Withy, 
daughters Elizabeth and Joane Withy. Wife Anne Withy residuary legatee and 
executrix. Witnesses. John Marnard jun r , kc. Pro. 2 June 1041. 

M Thomas Sherwood of Street, will dated 10 July 1558. Desires to be buried in 
the churchyard of Street ; to that church 12 pence ; to the Cathedral church of 
Wells 4 pence. To son John, "a wean and the wheales." The three children of 
the said John, namely Mark, John and Robert. Daughter-in-law Alice Sherwood. 
Residue to sou Christopher Sherwood Proved 20 April 1551), 

Alice Sherwood of Street. Will dated 3 May 1504. To be buried in the church- 
yard of Street. To sister Annis, a mantle, smocke, kereheve and an apron of lindsey 
wolsie. Cousin Annys Revys. Sister Mary at Glastonbury a black frock with 
black chamlette bodyes. Alice Duke. John Rayves and his wife. Johaii Clothier. 
Residuary legatee ami executor son Mark. Witnesses William Enggull, clerk, 
Alexander llaVvcs, and Edmuud West. Alexander Reyves guardian to sou. Proved 
16 Jan. 1505. 




April 23. Robert s. of John Kember. 

July 12. William Roode. 

Sopt. 18. Welthian da. of Edith Cookes. 

Oct. 1-4. John s. of John 

Nov. 5. Thomas s. of Robert Bodman. 

Dec. 2. Robert s. of John Williams. 

Jan. 10. Thomas Carie of Wells. 

Jan. 17. Ciles Gundry. 

Jan. 28. Walter Reeves. 

Jan. 31. Jone da. of Andrew Grimster. 

Feb. 8. Margaret Greene. 

rn , ... ... Matthew Stower ) , , , 

Tho. minister n ., n „ a \ churchwardens. 

Giles Groomes J 


May 19. John s. of Robert Amos & Jone his w. 

May 29. William s. of Mori-ice Smith and Basill his w. 

July 5. Johanna da. of Thomas Hcllier and Frances his w. 

Sept. 18 da. of Edward Taylor and Agnes his w. 

Oct. 2 Arthur Slade and Mary his w. 

Nov. G John Slade and Frances his w. 

Nov. 13 Joseph (?) Scott and Dorothy his w. 

Nov. 27 da. of Thomas Roode and Frances his w. 

Dec. 11 Giles Groomes and Judith his w. 

Jan. 8. John Pitman and Marion his \v. 

Jan. 22 William (0 Kellaway and Elizabeth his w. 


April 22. George Stower and Christian Roode. 37 
April 22. William Crane and Susanna Grimster. 
May 12. John Jeancs and Susanna Coward. 38 

37 George Stower of Street, blacksmith ; will dated M April 1643. To be buried 
in the churchyard of Street. To wife Christian Stower, a pig, a bed filled with horn 
dust, one yellow blankett, one white blankett, a coffer with a till, use of other 
articles in the kitchen, two bedsteads, use of outhouses, during widowhood. Brother 
Matthew Stower. Thomas ami .John sons of brother Thomas Stower. Sister 
Margaret Peddle, widow. Mary and Alice daus. of brother Richard Stower. 
Matthew SOU of brother Matthew Stower, a chest. John son of brother Matthew 
Stower a coffer with lock and key. Abraham and Bartholomew, sons of the said 
Matthew, and Mary dau. of same Matthew. Elizabeth Crane. Father John Stower 
deceased, will dated 13 Dec. 1021, and Joanc his wife. John son of brother Richard 
Stower. Agnes, wife of brother Thomas Stower. Witnesses, John Davis, John x 
Symes, William Meade (a fine signature). Prov. at Wells 27th Sept. 1043. 

Thomas Stower, will dated 7 Aug 1 1 ami 2 I'hilip and Mary. To he buried in the 
churchyard of Street, to which church 3s. 4d. To the Cathedral 4 pence. Sons 
John. Walter, Philip and William. Walter Purges of Glastonbury. Wife Johan to 
be residuary legatee and executrix. Witnesses Sir Andrew Marshall, curate, John 
Kcnc, Thomas Cronies, Thomas Whit hey. Proved in Wells Cathedral 2 Oct. 1557. 

:<tj The will of Robert Coward of Street husbandman dated 20 May 1018. Mentions 
the six children of Alice Coward of Street widow £3 each. The three children of 
John Jeanes of Street I' 1 each. The three children of .John Man of Bradley £\ 
earh. William Pavy son of ''my sister Rebecca Pavy of Mark." Sister Gillen 
(Julian) and sister Susan. Residue to John Jeanes, and sister Rebecca Pavy of 
Mark. Witnesses. Thomas Crooke, clerk, and Richard Kdwardcs, senior. Proved 
9 Aug. 1018. 

The will of Tristram Coward of Street. Dated 14 Sept 1591. To be buried in 
the churchyard of Street. To five < f Andrew Howard's youngest children, viz. 
Edward Coward, Bess Coward Robert Coward, Catherine Coward and Joan Coward. 
To poor of Glastonbury 13s. Id., and to the poor of Street 10s. Sister .Julian and 
her three children, Godson Robin Robines ; Godson Thomas Walter ; Goddaughter 


June 6. John rill and Mary Frye. 

Nov. 21. Cass Randell and Sarah Russ. 

June 23. Ambrose Swallowe Katherine Reeves. 


April 14. Robert Batt. 

May 30. Mary Hiett, wid. 

July 30. Robert s, of Abraham Gundry. 

Sept. 14. 3 children of William Crane and Susan his w. 

Sept. 16. Sarah Rush, jun«\ 

Sept. 21 . Isabell Pearce. 

Sept. 25. Giles s. of Edward Taylor. 

Oct. 21. Susanna da. of Richard Crane. 

Nov. 1. William s. of Morrice Smith. 

Nov. 2. Alice Bolls, 

Nov. 16. Jone da. of Richard Crane. 

Nov. 22. Jone Wilkins the elder. 

Dec. 1 . the wife of ryght. 

Jan. 1. Mary Frewayes. 

Jan. 30 son of John Pitman. 

Thomas Pope 1 , , , 
,> t> j > churchwardens. 
Ueorge Koode J 


May ... John s. of John Jeanes & Susan his w. 

George s. of Ceorge Roode k Mary his w. (No date.) 


Sarah da. of Giles Raynols k Sarah his w., born Feb- 4. 

Thomas s. of Andrew Grimsecd. (No date.) 

.June 18. Marke son of John Paine & Margaret his w. 
July 28. Mary da. of Morris Smith. 

Dec 26 s of John Coward & Alice his \v. 

.Ian. 26. Elizabeth da of Alexander Taylor and Tomscn his w. 
.Inn 26. Alive da. of John K ember A Eleanor his \v. 
March 23. IVcily da. of Humphrey linker & Knlherine his w. 


July 25. Abraham Robins and Ann Kheulo. 
Feb. 2. John Peencs and Flower Maynard. 
May 13. Philip Hopkeues and Christian Slower. 

Hurt uls. 

.May 8. Joan Slower widow. 

June 3. William Waters. 

Juno 18. Edward Warren's wife. 

July 1. Widow Sladc. 

Aug 15. Philip Hopkins. ™ 

Aug. 27. Waymouth Robins. 

Sept. 3. Abraham StOtt sen r . 

Dec. 16. Thomas Pope sen 1 '. 

Dec. 26. Philip Hood. 11 ' 

Christian Robins. To the, church of Street 3s. 4<1. Margaret wife of Andrew 
Coward. Residue to mother, Joan Coward. Overseers Arthur Gundry and William 
Hatch. Witnesses, Thomas Kelway, Thomas Walter, John Peeves. Proved at Wells 
28 Nov. 1591. 

" y Will of Philip Hopkins, carpenter of Street, dated 10 Aug. 1611. Leaves to 
his son John Hopkins, all his working tools &c. Residue to w. Christian Hopkins and 
she to be executrix. Witnesses. \\ illiam Meade and Mary ( x ) Fry. Proved at 
Wells 22 Feb. 161 1. 

40 The will of this Philip Roode was proved at Wells 22 Jan. 1611 by Roger 




May 26. Margaret da. of Richard Couseiis k Elizabeth his w 
May 26. Sarah da. of Peter Glasbrooke mi'ster and Ann his vv. 
Sept. 7. John s. of Thomas Wootten jun r k Susanna his w. 
Sept. 19. Richard s. of Richard Crane & Elizabeth his \v. 
Feb. 14. Dorothy da. of .John Slade X- Frances his w. 
Nov 1. Matthew s. of Thomas Slower k Anna his \v. 

Elizabeth da. of Giles Rannoks & Sarah his w. borne March 4. 

Susan da. of John Jeanes k Susan his w. born Sept. 16. 


April 7. Thomas Pope and Mary Wootten. 
April If). Edward Owen and Mary Sladc. 
April 1 1. Thomas Wootten and Susan Meade. 
May 1. Gregory Amos and Christian Hopkins. 
April 1 (sir) John Clither and Anna Foxcraft. 
Feb. 2. Roach Crane (?) and Alice Chippear. 
Dec. 23. William Roode and Alice Parker. 

Burials* 1 

July 12. Joan Parker widow. 

(Another note of Mr. Walter Raleigh's institution is inserted here.) 
Nov 1 1 (sic). Francis Hellicr. 
March 10. Susan Hellicr. 

April 1. Nicholas s. of Ceorge Rood sen 1 ". 

Roode. It is nuncupative, and styles him late of Street deceased, it further states 
that it was made about Shrovetide in 1643, when the said Philip Roode was about to 
go as a soldier, in the presence of Abraham Frio and Henry Frio both of Street, lie 
continued the same l>y word of mouth in the presence of Hugh Crane of Street. 
b>y this will he gave all he possessed to bis brother Roger Itoode. Peter Glasbrooke 
declares that the said witnesses had been examined as to the truth of the same. 

The above Philip and Koger Iloodc would appear to be sons of Koger Roode whose 
name does not occur in the Register, hut whose will was proved at Wells 22 .Jan 
lti I I by Roger Roode the surviving executor. In it hi' calls himself Roger Itoode of 
Street husbandman and dates it 23 May 1643. He desires to be buried in the 
churchyard of Street. Names, son-ill law Peter Sheppard, grandson Peter 
Sheppard, dau Mary Itoode, Alice Cozens, " my old servant." To son Daniel Itoode 
Is., to son linger Roode, one close in bower Houndwood, \\ acres in Hull Mead, 4 
lUTO.s arablti at Rrokencross 1 acre at lleadlen, 1 acre and \ acre arable lying below 
Slaudle. acre on Standale, \ aero arable at Houble wall in the lower furlong, \ an 
acre at Cockrnadc being my wester hall', and Ji.L acres in Overbrooks. 1 acre in 
Font way, and Jl acre at I'.egger's bush, \ aire at Gosslade, 1 acre at Marshall*! ehne 
2 acres at Counsom cltisc, A acre at Lyholt lane. }, acre and a perch at Keenes ehne 
1 acre at Rod well, \ acre at Portway Furlong, and acre on Waxhill. To son Philip 
Roode 6 acres in Weriall Park, 2A acres in bower Houndwood, 3 aces without 
Abraham Scott's house, 2 acres at Gaston, 1 acre in Standle, 1 acre at Double wall, 
h acre at Long Furlong head h acre in Midfield, !> acre at Fostway "being my caster 
half acre Llicre," h acre on the west of Richard Grimstcad's 5 yeards, h acre at 
Coekroade, '"being my caster half there," 1 acre at Fostway, "being my wester 
half there," 1 acre at Cross lane hedge. To my said two sons Roger and Philip two 
closes of meadow estimated at three acres called Birdc Renery, with four acres of 
arable land. The said two sons linger and Philip Roode residuary legatees and 
executors. Witnesses, Henry Fry and William Roode. 

41 The burial of the Joanna Symes, whose will follows, is not on record. 

Joanna Symes of Street, will dated 18 Dee. 1613. To be buried in the church- 
yard of Street. S. John Symes, Elizabeth Symes dau. of 8 John Symes. The 
second dau of the said John, also his thirl dau. ; John s. of the said John Symes. 
The youngest child of the said "John Symes my son." Hester w. of William 
Amossc. Robert Hellier and Mary Hellicr children of the said Hester Amosse. 
Residuary legatee and executor William Amosse. Prov. at Wells 28 March 1616. 



June 3. Thomas s. of Thomas Wot ton, senior. 
April 2 (sic). Madlen da. of Abraham Kobenes. 
July 30. Matthew s. of William Roode. 
June 19. Mary da. of John Reeves. 
Aug. 28. John s. of John Bisship. 

Aug. 28. William s. of Thomas Shirod (sic but ? Sherwood)/ 

Aug. 28. Katherine da. of John Wilkens. 

Sej)t. 9. Joshua s. of Alexander Hunt. 

Oct. 2o. Edward s. of Edward Sidlen. 

Jan. 26. Amies da. of William Meade. 

Feb. 27. John s. of John Rogers. 

March 22. Katherine da. of Morrice Smith. 

Edward Sidlen baptized Oct. 1016. 

(This last is added in another hand. Also here is written, "Joseph Sealy his 
hand and pen." 


April 3. John Roggers and Anne Hurly. 
May 4. Richard Kentt and Margaret Warre. 
May 30. Jasper Batt and Edith ...kel (?) 


April 19. Alice Fry. 
June ... Thomas L'ere. 
June ... Henry Reeves. 
Oct. ... Dorothe Scott. 


July 9. Jone da. of Anthony Brodrip. 

Oct. 20. Hester da. of Thomas Prigge. 

Oct. 21. George s. of George Collier. 

Nov. 5. Amies da. of Thomas llobcus. 
Nov. 2 (sic) Mary da. of Jasper Batt. 

Jan. 6. John s. of Thomas Pope. 

Feb. 13. Joane da. of John Jeanes. 

l'cli. 2f>. Robert s. of Abraham Robcnes. 

March 10. Elizabeth dau. of Thomas Woot f on. 


Aug. 21. Thomas Cohnor and Elizabeth Rood. 
Jan. 31. Roger Roode and Alice Coussands. 


April 10. Katheren da. of Morres (sic ? Smith, no surname given, see bapt. 1646). 

June 4. Widdow Haish. 

July 6. William Bodman. 

Oct. 7. John Coward. 4 - 

Oct. 10. Thomas Robenes. 

Oct. 27. Joan Coward. 

Oct. 28. Elizabeth da. of John Coward. 

Kel). 12. Elizabeth Cussands. 

May 27. Sara da. of Thomas Robens. 
June 13, Joan da of Henry Guild. 

* 2 The nuncupative will of John Coward the younger late of Street husbandman, 
who died 27 Aug. 1047, was proved at Wells 4 March 1647-8. It mentions his four 
elder children John, Robert, Agnes and Elizabeth, and his other three children, 
William, Tristram, and Mary Coward. Wife. Alice ( yoward residuary legatee and 
executrix. In the presence of William Meade (a good signature), William Auiosse (a 
cross), and John Peryoii. Proved 4 March 1047-8. Inv. jC20G. 




Aug. 22. Richard s. of Humphry Baker. 

Aug. 25. Luce da. of Thomas Gosmore. 

Aug. 26. Dante] s. of John Roode. 

Aug. 29. William a. of William Roode. 

Oct. 12. Abraham s, of John Cribe. 

Nov. 9. John s. of William Meade. 

Nov. 18. John base child of Eleanor Comber. 

Dec. 21. Hester da. of Sander Tailor. 

Doc. 20. Eleanor da. of William Crane. 

March 5. Mary da. of John Slade. 

March 6. Johanna da, of Peter Clasbrooke. 

March 6. Mary da of Thomas Prigge. 



Aug. 30. John s. of Richard Stower. 

Dec. 25. Thomas Roode the elder departed this life. 

March 1. Mary Knight departed this life. 

March 20. Elizabeth Wootten was buried. 


Christen ings. 

April 16. Anthony s. of Anthony Brodrip. 

June 28. Philippa da. of Roger Roode. 

June 29. John s. of Morrish Smith. 

July 22. Francis s. of Andrew Grim(sted see 1643). 43 

Sept. 2. Mary da. of Edward Giles. 

Sept. 16. Amy da. of William Meade. 

Oct, 25. Margaret da. of Thomas Stower. 

Nov. 5. Susanna da. of William Lide. 

Ts'iiv. 6. Joan da. of John Stower. 

Nov. 12. John s. of John Withy. 

Dec. 9. Elizabeth da. of Alexander Huet. 

Dec. 15. Elizabeth da. of Jasper Batt. 

Dec. 29. Elizabeth da. of Thomas Wootten. 

March 7. Mary da. of Thomas Pope. 


Oft. 10. John Paddick and Alice Krie. 
Jan. 7- Thomas llcllier ami Amies Biu ret. 


May 24. William Kindon. 

June 15. Weymont Scotte. 

June 16. Mary w. of George Roode. 

July 12. Joane Hcllier dep'ted. 

Sept. 6. Margaret Farmer. 

Oct. 6. Amies da. of AVilliam Meade. 

Oct. 10. Christian Robens. 

Nov. 5. William Lide. 

Dee. 2. Elizabeth Reeves. 

Dec 12. Matthew Parker. 

Feb. 3. John Uiatt. 

April 13. Thomas s. of John Rogers. 

43 Andrew Grimsted of Street. To wife 20s William Withey 10s. to the poor 
20s. Residuary legatee and executor his son Thomas Grimsted. Will dated 28 Aug. 
1671. No date of proof. 



March ... Mary da. of Thomas Hellier. 

Sept. 20. John s. of John Roode k Ann his w. 

Sept 28. Elizabeth da. of William Meade k Elizabeth his w. 


■ kali: :na. 
In the space left are these lines : — 

" My time has come 
Death would no longer stay 
he shoot his dart 
and took my life away 
Joseph Sealy his hand 1731." 


Widow Hiett (no date). 

April 18. Thomas Wootten. 



])ee. 20. George s. of William Roode k Mary his w. born Feb. 2. 

May i. Thomas s of Phillibeth Withy about the 4 of May born Sept. 2. 

Dec. 31. Thomas s. of Henry Pope. 

Nov. 8 Anna da. of Jasper and Edith Batt. 

Jan. 1 Nicholas s. of John Jeanes. 44 

Nov. ,'50. Edwanl s. of Edward Whippey k Frances his w. 

Nov. ... Joane da. of ... 

(There are other entries quite obliterated on this page, which contains 1051, 1 1 > :"3 2 , 
and 1G53 ; thus, Edward ... bap. ; John s. of John ... ; Margaret da. of ... Pope ) 


March .. Richard s. of Richard Cosens born March 25. 
April 10. Edward s. of Peter Glasbrooke. 

July 22. Joseph and Benjamin sons of William and Amy Meade. 
Aug. 3. 'Roger s. of Roger Roode k Alice his w. 
Dec. 10. Joane da. of Thomas and Annes Slower. 
Jan. 15. Mary da. of John Meade and Judith his w. 


B uriah. 

Dec. 1. William Meade (but >). 
I >cr. I. John Marnard. 
Feb. ... Mary Pople. 
Feb. 2(5. Thomas Hellier. 
March 8. Thomas Vast. 

Thomas Pople (but ?). 

March 13. Jane Kindon. 


May 10. Hannah da. of Thomas Com'er and Hannah his w. 
May 23. William s of George Roode and Joan his w. 
Oct. 27. Robert s of William liond and Mary his w. 


Oct 3. Joell s. of William Pond. 

4i John Jeanes the elder of Street tailer, will dated 17 Nov. 1677. Mentions, son 
John Jeanes, farming utensils plough horses &c. Son Nicholas Jeanes t'10 if he 
lives to come back to EngUwid, also property in Street in tin: possession of Dorothy 
Fisher, widow, ii not then an interest in it to the; wife of the said Nicholas. 
Diughter Susannah wife of John Lyiubory. Daughter Joane and her husband. 
Kinswoman Sarah Jeanes and her late father Nicholas Jeanes. My wife Susannah. 
No. date of proof. I u ventory dated 28 Nov. 1677. Total £320 - 1 8 



Oct 2G. Edward s of Edward Gylles. 

Nov. 23. Edith da. of Jasper Batt. 

Jan. 19. Elizabeth da. of John Stiverd. 

Feb. 21. Richard s. of Richard Chaill. 

Feb. 25. Sarah da. of John Stower. 

March 8. Katherine da. uf John Reeves. 


Edward Harris and Mary Phillips both of our p'ish of Streate hath been published 
in our p'ish church of Streate three several Lords dayes as followcth 
the tirst publication was March 12 
the second publication was March 19 
the third public' was March 20 1051. 
(The other entries are in the same words, therefore only the names and dates are 
given here.) 

John Ralls of Glastonbury and Susan Fry of Streate March 12, 19, and 20. 


Sept. 29. John Yeemes and Agnes James. 


June 17. Maurice Smith. 

June 28. Thomas Wootton. 

July 3. Agnes Sherewood. 

Feb. 15. Judith Groomes. 

Dec. 30. Benjamin s. of Richard Knight. 

Feb. 15. Judith Groomes the younger. 

Henry Koode Register. 
(Here is some scribbling, and the signature, Ruth Scaly her hand and pen. Amen.) 


April 23. William s. of Jenken Howell k Mary his w. 

May 28. Jone da. of John VVhitte by Jone. 

July 2. John Yeemes had a son by Agnes his w. 

July 0. James s. of John Roode k Ann k his w. 

July 10. Susauna da. of William Crane k Susanna his w. 

July 30. Joseph s. of William Roode k Alice his w. 

Sept IS Hubert s. of Robert Soote & Mary his \vj 

Oct. 19. Mary da. uf .Terrain Fusscll & Alice his w. 

Dec 0. William s. of William Lydc k Mary his w. 

Jan. 27. Thomas s. of Thomas Com'er k Hannah his w. 

March 2. Edward s. of Thomas Frige & Mary his w. 


William Newby and Rebecca Vostc both of Street April 10, 23, and 30. 

Ralph Hollc and Agnes Fry both of Street July 23, 30 and Aug 1 0. 

Henry Hodman of Street ami Alice Ha/.sard of Shapwick July 23, 30 k Aug- G. 

liobert Soote and Mary Jaeklet both of Street Aug 1 - 0, 13, and 20. 

William Matt and Alice Parsons, both of Street Sept. 3, 10, and 17. 

John Pollote of Coinpton Dundon and Jone Price of Street Nov. 5, 20 and Dec. 10. 


April 12. Edward Harris and Mary Phillips. 
Aug. 23. Robert Soote and Mary Jacklat. 
Sept. *8. Henry Bodnian and Alice Ha/.sard. 
Sept. 29. William liatt and Alice Parsons. 
Sept. 29. Ralph Hoik and Agnes Fry. 

(Tlu sDcond and two last signed ' : John Gutch.") 




April 5. John Huntilye other wes Pathriacke. 45 

May 9. Kathcrine da. of John Reeves. 

May 11. Christopher StiVerd. 

May 21. John s. of John Reeves. 

May 21. Margaret da. of Thomas Stower. 

June 29. John Robbins the elder. 

July 3. John Yeemes. 

July 23. Mary Swallow. 

Sept. 19. A stranger departed this life at Street. 

Sept. 29. Robert s. of Robert Rodman. 

Dec. 11. Jone da. of Thomas Stower. 

Jan. 14. John Slade the elder. 

March 13. Anne da. of William Meade. 

March 23. Agnes da. of Roger James. 

Henry Roode Register. 


Elizabeth Knight was born Aprill y° 13 10;');'). 

(This is written in a later hand in the space for Marriages.) 
April 13. Elizabeth da. of Richard Knight k Julian his w. 
May 1. Jone da. of Alexander Hewet & Jone his w. 
May 11. Dorothy da. of Thomas Sherwood alias Kobcns & Ann his w. 
June 30. Martha da. of John Reeves k Flower his w. 
Aug. 1. John a, of John Meade k Judith his w. 
Si-pt. 24. Elizabeth da. of George Roode .v. Jane his w. 
Dec 28. Robert*, of Henry (lundry vV. Ann his w. 
Jan. 20. John b. of Matthew Rogeru k Mikcll (sic) his w. 
Jan. 'J5. Elizabeth da. of William Hond & Mary his w. 
Teh. 2. Eli/.aheth da. of Thomas (losmore k Elizabeth his w. 
Ecb. 14. Elizabeth da. of Jenken Howell k Mary his w. 
Feb. 21. John s. of Sander Tayler and Thomasiu his w. 


Roger Roode of Street and Mary Ilex of Woodford in the Town of Wells Oct. 14, 

21 and 23. (Woodford a farm in the out parish of Wells.) 
Mark Uosseter of Cateut in p'ish of Murliuch and Eleanor Roode of Street. Feb. 
17, 21 and March 2. 
(The rest of this column is blank, and written sideways in a later hand is — 
" lie that hath k cannot guide, 
Must go on foot when others ride.") 


Nil. A blank space, but no entries. 

45 The will of Thomas Limbric of Street husbandman, dated 1G Nov. 1G09. To 
be buried in the churchyard of Street. Names his son-in-law John Huntley, to 
have five ridges of wheat growing in "my piece of wheat at Hill." Daughters 
Eleanor Limhrie, Alice Limhrie, Edith King wife of Humphrey King, and her two 
children. Thomas Huntley son of the said John Huntley. Son Rennet Limhrie. 
Wife Joane Limhrie residuary legatee and executrix. Overseers John Stower and 
John (iroomes. Witnesses Ceorge Withie John Stower, and John Groomes. Proved 
at Wells f> Dec. 1G09. 

The will of Joane Limhrie of Street, widow, dated 10 Eeb. 1G09. Desires to be 
buried in the churchyard of Street. Names her son-in-law John Huntley; Daughters 
Eleanor Limhrie, Alice Limhrie, Edith King wife of Humphrey King. Residue to 
son Rennet Limhrie who is to be executor. Witnesses John Stower, John Huntley, 
Thomas Courte. Proved at Wells 5 July 1G09. 




March 26, Jone Illarie widow. 

April 3. William s. of William Meade. 

April 15. Jone da. of Humphry Baker. 

May 27. John Rubins. 

May 27. Mary Slade. 

Aug. 19. Jone da. of Thomas Gosmore. 

Aug. 28. Florence Brotlrip, 

Nov. 3. Julyan Barter widow. 

Dec. 15. Eleanor da. of Richard Grimster. 

March 22. Elizabeth Chappell widow. 


Jan. 8. Tristram s. of Tristram Gundry & Anne his w. 
April 8. William s. of William March & Margaret his w. 
May 6. Margaret da. of John Veemes k Agnes his \v. 

Sept 26 da of John White and Joan his w. 

Oct. 2. Thomas s. of James Haich & Susanna his \v. 
Oct. 10. Joane da of Jonathan Tucker & Judith his w. 
Oct. 20. Alexander Howes had s. born. 

Nov. 8 s. of Edward Giles & Joan his w. 

(An entry quite illegible.) dau. of 

Jan 30 s. of Thomas llurd and Mary his w. 

Dec. 29. Robert a. of Henry Rodman and Alice his w. 

Feb. 5. Honor da of Alexander Withic by Elizabeth his w. 

March 1. Ann da. of John Crane & Temperance his w. 


William Reeves of Street and Em. Battson of Glastonbury April 13, 20 and 27. 
Alexander Withy and Elizabeth Gundrie, May 11, 18 and 25. 

Mr. W illiam Strode of .Street ISsq. and Mistress Elizabeth Kivett of Kings Somhorne 
co. Southampton. 

(The dates me illegible ) 
William Gary of Mouslands and Judith Uiimster of Street. Publ: March 15, 22. 29. 

(Ildow this, in a later hand, is clearly written, " Mr. William Stode of Stroat and 
Klizaheth Hunt, of Kingsamhurn in y° county of Southampton." This evidently 
refers (.» Willi. mi Strode and Elizabeth Kivett above, which is also quite clearly 
written. Query which is correct Hunt or Uivett, an application to Kings Somborne 
has elicited no reply. Strode must, be rigid and Stode an error, the former is a 
well-known name in the neighbourhood, the latter unknown.) 

Ma it ia yes. 

May 27. Alexander Withy and Elizabeth Gundrie. 
July 23. John Crane and Temperance By hat hell. 
Aug 1 12. Bartholomew Tucker and Dorothy Ilobbins. 
Aug. 20. Humphrey Baker and Margaret Slade. 
March 10. James White and Sarah Gilbert. 


April 9. Robert Robins. 

Aug. 10. Susanna da. of William Meade. 

Aug. 28. Mary w. of Robert Beeves. 

Oct. IS. Charity w. of Abraham Scott. 

Oct. 30. Alexander Hewet had a son buried. 

Nov. 6. William Knight (?) 

Jan. 7. William s. of William Lyde. 

Feb. 20. William 

(The signature " John Evans " is written over the entry dated Feb. 20.ji 


May 16. Anne da. of Bichard Cusones & Anne his w. 
June 17. Elizabeth da. of Robert Soot juur. 



Sept. 8. George a. of Humphrey Barker & Margaret his vv. 

Sept. 28. Joane da. of William Meade & Elizabeth his w. 

Oct. 5. John s. of John S tower & Joane his W. 

Jan. 23. Margaret da. of George Roode & Joane his w. 


William Fisher of Somcrton and Dorothy Sherwood of Street. March 29 April 12 
and 2f>. 


April 14. William P... and Mary Sherwood (?) 

April 21. William Cross (?) and Elizabeth Grimster. 

April 25. William Fisher and Dorothy Sherood (sic but ? Sherwood). 


July 15. Margaret w. of Roger Bernard. 

Aug. 20. Alexander Withy. 

Dec. U. Corp Byathel. 

Jan. (J. William Davest (i e. Davis). 

Feb. 18. Thomas Stoward. 

March 2. Matthew Roode. 



John s. of William Petman and Mary his w. 
Robert Eames s. of John Eames and Anne (?) his w. 
Johanna dau. of Thomas Prigge and Mary his w. 
William s. of John Meade and .Judith his vv. 

(This is in darker ink than the other entries ) 
Elizabeth dau. of John VVatars, 
Hester dau- of .Jenkeu Howell and Mary his vv. 
Thesthaly s. of Edward Giles. 
Raehael dau. of John White and Joane his w, 


John Reeves and Elizabeth Trcway both of Street April 25 May 2 and 9. 

(More than half this column was h it blank, and now has a number of calculations 
on it, and among them the following entry without date, " Eleanor da. of Alexander 
Withy ami Alice his w. fob. 5.") 


John Reeves and Elizabeth Trevvcy. 
John Coward and Mary I'ope. 

(This entry is in a darker ink and later hand.) 


Mary Frey. 
Joane Marshall. 


Giles s of John Crane and Tempore ncc his vv. s 
Joane da. of Thomas James and Margery. \ 

Matthew s. of 

Mary dau. of 

Agnes dau. of William 

John s. of John Keeves. 
Timothy s. of Edward Giles, 

April 27. 
May 2. 
March 20, 
April 6. 

Jan. 6. 
N.)V. 1. 
April 9. 
Fob. S. 

May 5. 
Sept. 2.'{. 

March .. 
May ... 


Feb. .. Mary da. of John and Mary Coward horn 12 Feb. 

(Filtered after the burials in darker ink ) 


Oct. 3. Roger Rootle and Anne Palmer(?). 
June 27. John Churehhouse and Susan Marten. 

J} ii vials. 

Sept. 0. Thomas Roggares {i.e. Rogers). 

Sept. ... John Roggares. 

Oct. ... Margaret Steward. 

Nov. ... John Mead. 

Nov, 1. John Slower. 

Sept. 1(5. Martha RoggareB, 

Nov. .. Roger Rood. 

Nov. ... John Rood. 

Nov. 5. John s. of John and Judith Mead. 

Nov. 2. Mary Marten and her son. 

Nov. 2. John Marten. 

Nov. ... Abraham Soott. 

Dec. ... Fdith Rood w. of Daniel Hood. 4 " 

Dec. 21. Christian Keene. 

I >ec 2H, John Rood. 

|)eo.*26. Henry Rood. 

March 9. John s. of Sandar Taylar & Thamason hi.s w. 

March 21. Joane Giles w. of Fdward Giles. 



Elizabeth da of Benjamin Keard (i.e. Card). 
Giles s. of Humphrey Backar. 
Mary da. of Alexander (blank). 
Humphrey s. of Robert Scott & Mary his w. 
John s. of John Whit k Joane his w. 
John s, of John Crane k Temperance his \v. 


May 21. William Roode and Mary Grooines. 
Aug. 8. Roger Barnard and Joane Kles. 


April 9. Humphrey Chapel. 

w Daniel Roode of Street husbandman. N\ ill da. first day of (ifth month called 
July Iti.VJ. See note 17. 

The following will proves the loss of the entry of Burial. 

Daniel Roode of Street, hush: Will dated 1 st of lifth month called July, 105!). 
Wife Fdith the best cow but two, if only two then she is to have the worst of them. 
If the testator dies between the 2f> lh of the tirst month called March and the 29 th 
of the seventh month called September, his widow to he provided with meat and 
drink by his executor for nine months alter his decease, and she is to have the use of 
the Ih-m bed and its furniture for life if she remain a widow. Son William h'opdc 
JC20 and his sons George and Joseph X I each. Joane dan of the said William XT>. 
John and Ann ['arsons-, son and dan of testator's dan. Alice I 'arsons X'S each. 
Mary I'uddeek dau. of the said Alice Parsons t'f>0 at 21, and if she dies [before that, 
age, the said £50 to be divided between Robert and Joane I'uddeek, children of the 
said dau. Alice Parsons. John Roode, son of testator's son John Roode, all testator's 
land in Baltoiisborough to him and his heirs. William, son of testator's son William, 
Is John and .lames Keene 3s. Id. each. Residuary legatee and executor son John 
Roode. Proved 1 Dec. Hitiu. Inv : X 1 1 2 - H - I. (Seal a demidion issuing from 
a wreath or wavy bar.) Inventory dated 21 Nov. 10f>l». 

April 5. 
April 23. 

May 27: 
Jan. 12. 
Feb. 8. 


May 4. Robert James. 48 

Nov. 12. Ann \\\ of Thomas Robins. 

Nov. 14. .John Wilkins. 4 " 



April 12. Thomas s. of Richard Cusines & Ann his \v. 

April 1 (sir) Elizabeth da. of John Reeves & Elizabeth his \v. 50 

May 1. Susan iHl of William Hood & Mary his vv. 


OtU 10. Thomas Clementes and Elizabeth Chapel. 
Oct. 26. Thomas OoRvfty and Joane Lueket. 


Sept. 1 I. Rachel! Reeves. 
Oct. 8. .Jenkins Howel. 
Out. 13. Richard Backer. 
Oct. 17. Agnes S to vard widow. 
Sept. 22. John Rood. 5 ' 
Jan. 30. Rebecca Rood. 5J 
Feb. 26. Amy Wet hey. 



March 28. Hannah da. of Richard Shaw k Alice his w. 

.Jan. 26. Giles s. of Giles Petman & Agnes his w. 

June 12. Elizabeth da. of Thomas Amos & Elizabeth his w. 

July 31. Thomas s. of Thomas James & Margery his w. 

Sept. 11. William .Mead s. of William Mead jum'\ and Elizabeth his w. 

Nov. 11. Roger s. of John Watares, 

J ui. !t. Richard s. of Edward Carley (sic but after Cherley), 
Jan. 10. Elizabeth da. of (lahriel 


Sept. 27. Edward Culing and Elizabeth Amos. 

J >u riii Is. 

April -°>0. Joane Marnard widow. 

■May S. Eleanor dau. of William Crane. 

June 28. Mary James, widow 

48 Robert James of Street yeoman. Will dated 1 May 1660. Eldest soli Roger 
James his wife and children 12 pence each. Son Robert his wife ami children 12 
pence each. Son Thomas James his wife and children. Son-in-law .John Ernes his 
wife and children. Son John James his wife and children. Residuary legatees and 
executors, his w ife Mary James, and son Joseph James. The said Mary, being very 
old and weak, resigns in favour of her son the said Joseph James. IVoved 20 June 

49 John Wilkin.s of Street, : Will dated !> April 1660. To be buried in 
Street churchyard. Wife Jane Wilkins best bedstead and furniture thereof. Son 
John Wilkin.s a dwelling house, ground and 'A acres of land called Lyoult. Dau. 
Margaret March. Dau. Katherine Wilkins. Dau. Magdalene. Dau. J one. Wife 
executrix. Proved 30 N T ov. 1660. 

r "' Amy Reeves of Street spinster. Will dated 12 Jan. 1672 Elizabeth dau. of 
John llolloway e S. feather bed &u. &c. Hester wife of the -aid John HoJloway. 
Taniscn wife of Alexander Taylor. Brother John Reeves. Joane dau of the 
said John Reeves. Elizabeth dau. of the .-aid John Reeves. Mat thew dau. (sic) of 
the said John Reeves. Residue to sister Ksther Reeves No date of proof or 

51 John Roodc of Street late deceased. Will nuncupative dated 20 March 1661. 
Spoken in December last. Dau Elizabeth (iosemoor. Dau Rebecca Rootle. Son 
George Roode Son Robert Roode to be executor. Proved 22 March 1661. 

Rebecca Roode late of Street spinster. No will, only inventory dated 11 March 
1661. Will proved by brother George Roode 22 March 1661, 



July 21. tloger Rood Ben 1 '. 53 
Aug. 3. Diaiina Willkincs. 
Sept. 12. Hn.sU Morrish. 
Nov. 18. John s. of William Mewl. 
Oct 30. Ueorge Kood sen 1 '. 

Oct, (sic). Susan dan. of William Bonn (s if but '{ Bond). 

Nov. 20. Elizabeth dau of Oeorge Rood. 

Nov. 28. Margaret w. of John Daves (Da vies). 

Dec. 7. Catherine w. of William Ham. 

Dec. "JO. Poger s. of Robert Jain us. 

Jan. 18. John While Juu 1 ". 

Jan. 8 (.sic). John White son' - . 

Ecb. Hi. Mary dm. of YVaymouth Sherwood. 

April II. Henry Soot. (This entry is cancelled.) 

Mareli Hi. Mary w. of Robert Soot, 



Oct. 6. Alice dau. of Jeram Fiirsell. 

Jan. 20. Susanna, dau. of William Bond and Mary hi* w. 

Keb, 28. Ilietl b. s. of Michael Kogors. 

March Hi. Ami dan. of Ellccksaudcr (Alexander) Taillar & Tomesin his w. 
Sept. •'!(> [sic). Joane dau. of John Powell and , Inane his w. 


April 2. Joseph James and Margaret King. 
May 2^. John Tucker and Joane Wason. 


April 12. Humphrey Soot. 

April 12. John s. of William Crane. 

April 2:J Elizabeth dau. of Robert Soot. 

April 25. Marv \v. of Thomas Prigg. 

May •;. Thomas Prigg.^ 

May 7. Tristram Tray way. 

May 10. Joane w. of Edward Wliepey (Whippy). 

May 1 I Sarah dau. of Alexander Ilulat. 

May 1 7. Thomas Rood. 3 ' 

May 29. Margaret w. of John White. 

Julv 1U. Ann Rood,' widow-. 51 " 

53 Roger Rootle the elder of Street yeoman. Will dated 11 July 1002. To he 
buried in the churchyard of Street. Son Roger £10. Grandsons John and Timothy 
Roode sous of the said Roger, the son. Three leases, one of Husseyes land, another 
of Mr. Whittington'a land late in possession of Thomas Roode, and another of Mr. 
Whitthigton m land in Blagrove. Dau -in-law Elizabeth (ironies. Sister's son 
William Coward l'T>. Son William Roode residuary legatee and executor. Dau. -in- 
law, son Roger's wife a bed lately hough! of John Symcs. Proved 30 July 1002 
Inventory total £284 - 10 - :>. 

!il Tliotnas I'rigg, late of Street, husb : (nuncupative will). Sou Thomas Prigg a 
ehatlle lease. Dau. Hester Trigg 1/-. Residue to he divided between testator's 
other children, vi/„, Mary, Edward, Edmund riellior, Joane and Charles I'rigg, his 
three sons and two dans. Proved I July 1063 Inventory £19?) -17-8. 

53 Thomas Poode of Street husbd : Will dated 9 May 1003. To he buried ill the 
churchyard of Street. Son-in-law Thomas Elsandar (i.e. Alexander)' 5/-,. and Mary his 
wife testator's dau. 5/-. Sister Elizabeth Senior 2/6. Sister Margaret Kinge 2/0. 
Apprentice Frances Bradrip 5/- within a month of her coming of age. Wife 
residuary legatee and executrix. Proved 2o May 1663. ; 

5B Ann Roode of Street widow. Will dated 29 June 1663. To be buried in the 
churchyard of Street. Son John Roode, Grimsteed's lease and £80. Son James 
Roode 7 acres and £80- Residuary legatee and executor son Daniel Roode. Over- 
seers father-in-law John Champion, Thomas Comer, Arthur Cundry, and William 
.Meade. Proved \'I lb Dee 1663, Total of inventory £321 -3-3. 



Aug. 5. Elisabeth dau. of John Waters. 
Oct. 21. Ann Hood widow. 
Dec. 20. John Daves (Davies). 57 

John Jeanes 
Will Crane 

May 6. Thomas s. of Thomas Kellye and Joane his w. 
May 13. Eleanor dau. of John Tucker and Joane his w. 
Sept. 2. William s. of John Crane and Temperance his w. 
Aug. 'JD. John s. of Joseph James and Margaret his w. 
Oct. 27. John s. of Henry i>ird and Mary his w. 
Oct. 13 {sic). John s of William Rood. 
Feh. 2. Susan dau. of William Mead. 
Jah. 12. Mary dau of (iiles Randcls & Joane his w. 
Agm s dau. of William Ham anil Alice his w. 


April IS. Edward Whippie and Elizaheth Crane. 


Feh. 12. Mary dau. of (Iiles and Joan Randals. 
Sept. ... Frances Slade widow. 
April 13. Giles Pitman. 

June 1. Ann dau of Alexander Tayler and Thomason his w. 
Sept. ... William March. 
Sept. 14. Jane Curtis. 
March 4. Timothy (Jreen. 
March 23. Elizabeth Meade. 

May G. John s. of Edward Cherry. 58 

May 22. Susanna da. of Alexander Hulatt. 

May 2-t. Mary da. of Thomas Comer. 

June 4. Jauies S. of John I, interne. 

Sept. 23. Margery da. of Thomas James. 

Feb. 4. Thomas s. of Thomas Kellvvay. 


April 5. William Fox and Alice Rood, wid. 


April 27. Renjamin Marshall. 

May 9. Leonard Reeves. 

May 23. Jane Haine. 

May 31. J one Linterne. 

June 2. John Stiverd. 

June 22. Alice Hiett, widow. 

Sept. IS. James s. of John Linterne. 

Dec. 20. Elizaheth Fell way. 

Feb- Ki. Matthew Fell way. 

Ciles s. of (Iiles Kandle and Joan his w, 

(This entry is darker and clearer, being evidently added later, and must be intended 
f< r that given in 16 »•» as " Ray nails," hut both are quite clearly written). 

ir This will show.-, that an entry is lost. 

Mary Sherwood irf Street spinster, will nuncupative dated 21 Feb. 1662. Mary 
Tucker dau of I >ai I holomew Tucker. Residue to Agnes Sherwood alias Robins dau. 
of testator's brother. Proved 23 April 1663 by Mary Sherwood alias Robins, lnv. 
JCti - 1 4 - 8. 

" License by liishop of Bath and Wells, 8 Feb 1713. for Edward Carley of Street, 
husbandman and Ann Huctt, spinster, aged 20, no parents living, of Long Ashton, to 
inarry at Street or Walton. 


April 7. Catherine da. of John Davis. 

July 28. Elizabeth da. of Edward Collen and Elizabeth his w. 
Oct. 18. Giles s. of Giles Raynalls and Joan his w. 
March 7. John s. of John Coleigh. 

(None given, but a space left.) 


May 12. Alice wife of Richard Stower. 
March 10. Richard Stower. 

(On this page are three entries belonging to other years, these are here transferred 
to their proper places.) 

" And John Bayly said amen." (What this may refer to Is left unrecorded.) 


April 12. William s. of Daniel Rootle and Grace his w, 

.June 20. ,h»hn s. of John Uoode. 

June 21. Joseph s. of Joseph Junes. 

Sept. 1!». John s. of John Waters. 

Sept. 20. John s. of William Bond. 

Dec. 1. Richard s. of Richard lluett. 

Jan. 12. George a. of John Linternc. 

Fel. 20. John s. of William Meade Jun r . 

Teh. ... Robert s. of John Koker and Joan his w. 

(None recorded.) 

B u rials. 

April 9. William Crane 5 '' 

June 10. Mary w. of William Rootle. 

July 25. Mary w. of John Guddridge. 

Aug. 17. John s. of John lioode, 

Sept. 2. linger barnard. 

Sept. 1J. Margaret Tre\ way, widow 

Sept. 13. Hannah w. of Thomas Coiner. 

Oct. 21. Ann I'earle. 

Nov. I. Hugh Crane. 

March 7. Mary w. of John Coward. 


(There arc no entries to be found for this year.) 



April 17. William s of James Rootle and Grace his w. 
Feb 20. John s. of John Waters. 

(None recorded ) 

Jan 20. John s. of Giles Renalls. 

5! ' William Crane of Street, husb : Will dated 31 March 1067. To be buried in the 
churchyard of Street. John Ham the younger 10/- and a sheep John Ham the 
elder .">/-. Residuary legatee and executrix dau. Susan. Thomas Comerand William 
Roode J un 1 ' overseer-. Proved 21 April 1667. 




Aug. 15. Grace da. of Daniel Rootle and Grace hi.s w. 
Jan. 13. Edward s. of Edward Whippy.'- 

(This i.s written darker, Larger and in a later hand, the month and year being 
written after it, but no day of the month, while just below can be just traced the 
.same entry, adding the day of the month ; enough e m be seen to show that this has 
been written over another entry, apparently " John the son of," but nothing more.) 
Feb. 13. John s. of John Harrow k Hester hi.s w. 
Feb. 15. Grace da. of Daniel Rood k . . . his w. 
March 3. Joseph s. of Nicholas Roode k Hannah his w. 

(None arc recorded.) 

July 10. John s. of William Tucker. 
July 31. Peter s. of Thomas Kellway. 
Aug 1. Joseph s. of Jo.seph James. 
Sept. 2. John s. of John Lyde. 
Sept. 11. Annis w. of benjamin Heard. 
Sept. 1 1. William Auiosse. 


(.'/< ristcnittys. 
April ... William s. of Kdward Cwllen. 
A I Til 2U. Kdward s. of Kdward k Mary Warren. 
Aug. l'J. Joan da of John Tucker -.V Joan his w. 
Nov. 1. John s. ,,f John Kuude & Klizabeth his \v. ej 
Kobert a. of John Stivard & Margaret his w. 


June 21. William Ham & Elizabeth Illicit. 
Oct. -20. William Umnle and Mary Mead. 
Fell. 2U. Thtinias Marnartl k Joan I. interne. 
Feb. ... John Knight k Kntherinc Wilkins. 


March 30. Man. second wile ol William Koodv. 

(This is among the 1070 liaptlsllih.) 

April 18. John Davis. 

May "JO. Joan \V. of John Da\is. 

May •'• I lenrv I been. 

I»cc 'J.".. Mai I h i da ol Kichard Shaw. 

l-'eb. 'JO. Joan w. of John I. interne. 

1'eli 'J'J. . . . da. of Tliomas 1'oiner. 


May 5. William s. of William Ham and Klizabeth his wife was born. 

(This has been written over another and older entry now illegible, but apparently 
the same one. The hand is different and the ink Is darker than the preceding and 
following entries.) 

w Edward Whippcy, the elder of Street husbandman. Will dated 3 Jan. 1007. To 
be buried in the churchyard of Street. Son Edward Whippcy, household goods and 
to be executor. Wife to have the use of part of the dwelling house with the said soli 
Edward, and to discharge a motherly part to him. Friends William Fry and Richard 
Perrye overseers Seal, a bird rising with the letters It. P. No date of proof or 
inventory, total of latter, X.1'1 - 4. 

91 This John Roode evidently died in 1073 from the following will, but there are 
no burials recorded for 1073. 

John Roode of Street, husbandman. Will dated 20 Oct. 1073. Sun John Roode. 
Wife Elizabeth Roode. See note 03. 

■A A I 



20. Thomas s, of . . . Culling. 


Sept. 8. William s. of William Daggerry by . . . his w. 
Oct. '3. Joan da. of Roger & Ann Rood. 

o0. John s. of George Hood by Mary his \v. 

Mary da. of . . . Koode by . . . his \v. 


April ] \. Gregory Amos & Joan Slower. 

April 1.".. James Williams X- Elizabeth Taylor. 

Oct. 30. John Stone of Shapwiek k Joan James of Street. 


June 9. William Whittington Esq 10 . 
Juno KMzabetli (I of William li . . . 


The only entry is one belonging to 1(577, written very large. 

That of John Tope, 1077, only. 
Jlnriuls."- ti:1 

Only the following lines — 

" Short was my time 
(beat was iny Paine 
(beat was my loss 
( iivat was my < iaine." 

April tl. Judith da. of William & Mary Uood. 
Aug. y. William s. of William Ifcniri. 
Aug 12. .Mary da. of Thoma> Iteeves. 
< >• I ti. . . . s. of llohert Koode. 
Oct. 28. William s. of J.-hii Dayee. 
Jan. ."). Aim tl. of John I >.i\ is. 
Eel, ... It u-lu'll .la. of Edward Whippv ho. Vch. 
M irvll -Jl Alice ,1a. of Thomas Iliett. 

Marrmgt s. 

Mav lti. John Ditvis A Ann I'itman 

Ma\ IS. Thomas Hietl & .Mary l*e«l*Ue. 

Ort 2i*. John Lyiiibery A Susanna Jeane.s. 

Nov. 20. John ( 'hampion Hi Hannah Durham 

liar la I i 

July 27. John s. of John Wit hey. 

J ill \ "J". Agnes Stower, w id. 

An-. 20. John Tucker. 

Oct.l'.t. Williams of Oeorge Uoode. 

Nov. afi. Hester Amos.M', wid. 

:l. Ann I i tint ley. will. 
Jan John s. of Ed wan I Warring. 

i — - 

Amy Ib'eves of Street spinster. See note "»0. 
,i; John Rooile of Street; liusb'nmn. Will ilntcd 20 Qct. I»i7-'i. heaves all to his s. 
John Koode. hut testator's w. Elizabeth Uoode to have the use of it for her widow- 
hood. John Martian! ;iti«1 N T icTiolaH lloode overseers to see testator's child honestly 
and faithfully dealt with. Total of inventory - 1 - 1. L'rov; IS |)ee. 10/15. 



Nov. 25. Sarah da. of George Roode. 
Dec. 23. Mary da. of Joseph James. 
Jan. 20. Elizabeth da. of Edward Warring. 
April 2. Joane da. of Edward Whipple. 


Sept. 2. Robert Paddock k Mary Martin. 


Aug. 1. Hester da. of Joane Whitt. 
Sept. 6. Joane w. of Thomas Hicks. 
Nov. 22. Thomas s. of Thomas Comer. 
Nov. 20. Alice w. of William Fry. 
Feb. 7- Margaret w. of James Williams. 
Feb. 11. Joane w. of George Roode. 
Feb. 20. Joane Barnard. 1 ' 1 


April IS. Ann da. of John Davis. 

April 20. William s. of Edward Culling. 

(Tins is rewritten large under 1(575, the William being preeeded by the name Joan). 
April 27. .John s. of Richard Hiefct. 
May .11. Elizabeth da. of Richard Slade. 
June 'J. Henry s. of Henry Holway. 
June 12. Mary da. of Daniel Roode 
June 25. Mary da. of Thomas 1 licit. 
Elizabeth da. of John Hartlett, 

Sept. ... Josephs, of Nicholas Roode & Dorothy his w. born 20 Sept. 

None recorded. 

April ... Rachel] Roode. 
May 2S. Marke Davis. 
Dec. ... Nicholas Roode. 

Robert Rodman. 

Thomas Sherwood. 

Mary Knight. 

Mary Ranoll. 


John s. of George Roode by Mary his w. bo. Whitsunday. 

July 16. Mary da of Richard Slade by Elizabeth his w. 

(This entry is written very large in place of ( ,'lirist eniugs, 167-1 ) 

7. John s. of John Poo pie by .loan his w. 

Aug. 12 Mary da. of William Pope. 

William s. of William \\ >ud by Frances his w. 
May 22. John s. of Thomas lliett. 

Martha da. of John Edgerly by Edith his w. 


April 23. John Pope and Joane Chapped. 
Feb. .. John Jeanes X Elkabeth . . . Iters. 

Jin rials. 

Feb. IT.. John Knight. ] 
Jan. 21. William s. of William Pond. I 

,iJ Joan Barnard of Street, will nuncupative, on or about 24 Feb 1675. Names 
brother Robert KMwe ( Rflwr; and his three children ; sister Agnes Rendle, all to have 
(l each. Residue to sister Frances Martin. Inventory dated 28 Feb 1675, total 
jl'5 ■ '6 - J. No date of proof, 





March 14. James s. of James Williams by Martha his w. 

May ... Elizabeth da of Thomas Reeves by Fiances his wife. 

July 1. James s. of John Bartlett. 

Feb. 2. Joan, dau. of Thomas Phillips by Frances his w. 

Marriages and Publications. 

Feb. 9, William Bond & Elizabeth Comer(?). 
James Dovel and Martha Knight. 


April 26. Ralph Holle. 

Jan 15. Mary w. of Edward Harris, 

(There are several entries quite obliterated, and others of which a letter here and 
there can be read, but not enough to be able to draw any sure conclusion from them. 
The years lt>77 and 1078 fo«m the last and outside leaf of this remaining fragment of 
bhc first volume. The whole from the year 1650 to this end is not only in bad 
condition, but has been very bully kept, the years are mixed, so that the almost 
obliterated condition of parts, the interpolation of entries, and the re-writing of 
entries at a later date, has made it a work of great difficulty to get all the entries into 
their proper order.) 

(The bequest in the will of Thomas Maynard, dated 1720, to " poor persons called 
Quakers,' 4 and the entry in the Register of the burial of William Moxham '"by the 
quakcrs," a sect still strong in Street, will explain the reason of many omissions from 
the registers, but at the same time a careful analysis show indications of not only 
varied spelling, but of absolutely different names being introduced.) 

[End oj Vol. /.] 


The following are from the Bishop's Transcripts of the Register of Street, remain- 
ing in the Rishop's Registry, they arc here inserted tor the sake of convenience before 
proceeding with the next volume of the Register. It is so seldom that the Transcript 
and the Register both exist and agree that it has been considered best to print the 
whole of the transcripts found. Only two years show much repetition ami in these 
two it has appeared advisable to give both in full that the variations may be readily 
seen, rather than by introducing such variat ions eit her in brackets or ill footnotes. 
\\y this addition several missing years of the Register arc supplied, though at the 
same time the very imperfect state of the transcripts is made manifest by the small 
\ number of year* found there, but these additions will show that, notwithstanding 
their imperfect condition, the printing of these transcripts would be most useful and 
interesting, while the advantage would be made still more striking in the case of 
|Mirishcs whose registers do not e.vst prior to the latter part of the seventeenth 
century, or later. 




Mary da. of Anthony Brad.. 

Margaret da. of Roger Chappcll. 

10 Oct. Henry s. of Roger Searle. 

10 Sept. Henry s. of Faith Batt. 

20 Oct. Johaue da. of Bartholomew Guppy. 

6 Jan. George s. of William Lyde. ; 

fifi William fry of Street, yeoman, will dated 7 Aug 1 1078. Names Cousin Mary 
Ohaunt ; Couscn William Doman of Aller ; Cousen Dorothy Sawsur of Othery. 
(Jousen Thomas Jacket L of Wootten in Butlcigh is to lie residuary legatee and 
executor. Inventory dated 1 Sept. 1078, total JJ87 - 1-!. (Here we have evidence of 
the omission of one burial.) 


P. William Seargent. 

6 Jan. John b. s. of Elizabeth Selway. 
27 Jan. Elizabeth, da. of James Whippie. 


12 June. Roger Searle and Dionice Lane, 
lb' Out. William Coleson and Elizabeth Dier. 
10 March. Juhn Slade and Johane Burnerd. 


12 April. Henry Chessocke. 

25 April. A s. of Henry Whittington. 

4 May. Andrew Ward. 

10 May. Elizabeth Dure. 

11 May. Elizabeth Bartlet. 
21 May. Alice da. of Johane Withie wid. 
3 .July. Alice da. of Robert Smith, 
li July. Johane da. of Andrew Coward. 
2 March. Christian Knappe. 
8 March. Elizabeth w. of Roger James. 


April 17. Deanes da. b b. of Margaret Hueker. ' 

April 21. Edith and Mary das. of William Fry. 

Ma}' 8. Eleanor da. b b. of Fortune Lyntorne. 

June 19. Diana da. of John Wilkins. 

July 11. Valentine s. of William Sydlih. 

July 31. Nicholas; 8, b. b. of Ann Br is tow. 

Aug. 11. Johan da. of John Crane. 

Aug. 14. Alice da. of Thomas Hyatte. 

Sept. 21, Hellen da of Robo t lloode. 

Oct. 0. Eleanor da of John Reeves. 

Nov. 13. Alice da of John Uoode. 

Mar. 1. Audrie da. of Bartholomew Ouppy. 

Mar. 2. Johan da. of Richard Cosens. 


April 24. Thomas CbapfieU k Elizabeth Wot ton. 
May 2. Roger Trcwayea & Flower Oowarde. 
Fib. 2. George Rails & Johan Swayno. 
Feb. 17. William Fry ,v. Mary Dulliiige. 


April 21. Elizabeth Rolls. 

April 21. Johan w. of William Waters. 

A [n il 30. Agnes w. of .John Marks. 

May 1. Mary d. of William Fry. 

.Sept. 1. Edith da. of William Fry. 

Sept. 10. Bichard Roode. 

Oct. 14. Eleanor da. of John Reeves. 

Oct. 24. Francis Whittington Esq. 

Nov. 1 1. Alice da. of John Roode. 

Dec. lf». Edith w. ot William Fry. 

Per me Henricu Pecke Clicfun de Streat prd. 
Giles Marshall gent. & .John Slower 



April 19. Andrew s. of Robert Grimstcdd. 
April 22. Philip a. of John Keene. 



June 1. Francos da. of George Witliie. 

June 8. Constance da. of Alexander Dyer gent, 

July 5. Phillippa da. of Roger James. 

July ft. William s. of Fetor Reeves. 

Aug. 10. Elizabeth da. of Thomas Roode. 

Aug. 30. Robert s. of John Cowartle. 

Sept. 7. Benjamin s. of Thomas Roode. 

Sept. 12. Thomas s. of James Whippey. 

Nov. 16. John 8. uf Roger Trewayes. 

Jan. 24. William s. of William Fry. 

Feb. 2. John s. of John Reeves. 

Feb. 7. Julian da. of Thomas Reeves. 

Mar. & Johan da of Abraham Seuttc. 


Oct. 20. Henry Rrauneh & Johan Marner. 

Nov. 27. Richard Tutton & PhiUppa Roode. 

Nov. 27. Robert Pittarde k Dorothy Lyde. 

Nov. 30. John Pat trick & Johan Limbrie. 

April 7. Elizabeth Cheapcman. 

May 1. William Lyde. 

May u\ Elizabeth Kcenc. 

Nov. 23. Katherine Roode. 

Dec. 2(5, Mary Dyer. 

J> uriah. 

Per me Henricu Pykc pastorc 

Eeclcsiao Stretensis prtcdic '• 
Robert Perrye & Bartholomew Chippy, 



March 27. Johan da. of John Meade. 

April 17. Edward s. of Henry Sidlin. 
July 15. Katherine s. uf Alexander Deier. 

Aug ltj. Edward s of Kdward Olde. 

Sept. 13. Juan da of Edward Howp. 

Sept. 27. Morrishe b. child of Rachel Smith. 

Oct. 25. (leorge s. of John Roode 

Oct. 2i». Daniel s. of Robert Roode. 

Nov. 1 1. Thomas s. of , John Pattricke. 

Nov. 2a. Joan da. of Robert Amosse. 

Dec. 28. Katherine da. of George Withie. 

Jan. 17. Edith da. of John Erie. 

Feb. 21. Susan da. of William Erie. 

March 13. Edward s. John bolls. 

March 20. Elizabeth da. of John Wilkins. 

March 20. Edith da. of Thomas Hyett. 


May 1. John Rooodc and Edith Oriinsteed. 

May 5. Edward Olde and Elizabeth Marshall. 


April 1G. Henry Morrishe. 

May b\ Giles Marshall, gent. 

June 2S. Andrew s of Richard Orimsted. 

Aug. 27. * lare servant l<> .lohn (irooines. 

Oct. 23. Dorothy da olj .lohn Reeves. 

Oct. 28. tieorge s. of John Roode. 

Nov. 18. Christian llanninge wid. 



Feb. 27. William Ludwell. 

March 17. Robert Amosse. 

March 19. Joan da. of Robert Amosse. 

March 21. Elizabeth w. of Robert Amosse. 

P. me Henry Pyke, curate. 
William Fry & John Coward 



April 2. Daniel s. of Thomas Roode. 
June 9. Wary da. of Wfllam Si. Ilia. 
July 3. Elizabeth da. of Richard Cosens. 
Aug. 5. Gertrude da. of Alexander Dover. 
Aug. 17. Hugh s. of John Crane. 
Aug. 28. Andrew s. of Richard Grimsteed. 
Sept. 23. Mary da. of Nicholas Duett. 
Oct. 7. Julian da. of John Coward. 
Dec. 11. Joan da. of Roger Treway. 
Dec. '2u'. .Mary da. of Abraham Scott. 


May 30. John Lancaster k Dorothy Whittington. 
Oct. 5. W illiam Meade & Edith Groomos. 
Oct. 10. Robert Klha & Justyne MorrLshc. 
Oct. 2o\ John Savage & Marian Marshall. 


April (5. Maude l'ullen. 

April t> Susan da. of William Fry. 

April 1»>. Marian Roode. 

April 22- Alexander Roode. 

May 10. Arthur Pittarde. 

June 1. William Marshall. 

J unc 7. George Parker. 

Aug 12. John Groomcs. 

Sept. 11. Alice vv. of Bartholomew Guppy 

Sept. 12. Thomas Dever gent. 

Sept. 20. Tamesyn Morrishe, wid. 

Oct. 2ti, Robert Grimstoed. 

.Ian. Joan Swathe wid. 

Feb. 2. Joan da. of Abraham Scot. 

Feb. 1>. William Sidlin. 

Per me Henry Pyke pastor. 
George Withic ,\: John Nolls 





April 7. Alice da. of Richard Ellis. 

May 6. John s. of Richard Frye. 

May 27. Thomas s. of Alexander 1 Dyer, gent. 

June 8. George s. of John Rolls. 

June 21. Basil s. of John Huntley. 

June -i0. Rosmoude da. of John Meade. 

Aug. li 1 5 . Richard s. of Richard Cogens. 

Aug SI. Dorothy da of Robert Robbina. 

Oct. 1 1. Robert s. of Thomas RiihIi. 

Nov. 28. Alice da. of John Roode. 

Jan. 20. KJiwibcUi da. of Thomas Diet. 

March 15. Mary da. of a wayfaring woman. 

March 23. Katheriiic da. of Thomas Hoop*. 

aaiaMOH .(K 




May 3. Giles Groomes & Mary Roode. 

June 4. Roger Burnerd & Margaret Ludwtdl, 

June 11. Thomas Shole & Eleanor Bungie. 

June 24. Lawrence Heare & Eleanor Gundrie. 

Sept. 23. John Cox & Alice Grimsted. 

Jan. 14. Richard Grimsted k Mary Summer. 

Ech. 2. William Walters k Margaret Hueker. 

Eeb. G. Benjamin Marshall & Joan Rush. 


Oct. G. Avis w. of William Walters. 
Oct, G. Nicholas Hiet. 
Dee. ... Hugh Pittard. 

loan da. of Thomas Ma . . . 

Thomas Dicke. 


June 10. Robert s. of Robert James. 

June 21. James s. of John Keene. 

Aug. 19. Roger s. of Roger Treway. 

Sept. 30. Thomas s. of Weymont Robbins. 

Oct. 14. Richard s. of Richard Grimsted Junior. 

Nov. 11. Anne da. of John Huntley. 

Dec. 8. John s. of John Gundry. 

Dec. !>. William s. of Daniel Roode. 

Dec. !». Jasper, s. of Robert Bait. 

Jan. G. John s. of Matthew Slower. 

Eeb. 28. Abraham s. of Hubert Robbins. 

March 8. Elizabeth da of Abraham Gundry. 


April 2G. Matthew Stower k Mary Gundry. 
Aug. 2. Hubert Rodman k Mary Marshall. 
Nov. 2(5. Gregory Amossc & Alice Meade. 
IVI). 7. Knuiuw Miwteiw ,V Alice Hoop. 


May 2G. John Keene. 

Sept" 2. Alice Sidlii) "Has Warren. 

Oct. 1. Robert Pitterd. 

Dec. 23. John Stower. 

Dec. 31. Agnes Max. 

March 14. John Knolls. 

Thomas Closse curate. 

Thomas Chapped k Roger Trewaycs 




May G. Alice da. of Mathcw Pkr (sic '*. Parker). 
June 22. Abraham s. of Abraham Gundry. 
June 22. William s. of John Meade. 
July 13. Hubert s. of Koger Barnard. 

Aug. 17. Euseline [sic ' Ursuline] b. b. da of Mary Brodrip. 
Sept. 25. Alice da. of William Ery. 
Oct. 2. Thomas s. of John Chip p. 
Oct. 12. Joan da. of John lllary. 
Dec. 2G. Mary da. of Robert . . . 



Jan. 25. George s. of Matthew Stow. 

Jan. 28. Elizabeth da. of Alexander Withie. 

April 24. 
June 27. 
July 17. 
Aug. 1 I. 
Nov. 24. 

April 1. 
April 3. 
May 3. 
May lf». 
Au- 9« 
Aug. 11. 
Aug. If). 
Oct. 5. 
Oct. 9. 
Jan. 3. 
Feb. 25. 

April 8. 
April 15. 
April 15. 
May 20. 
June (>. 
Sept. 16. 
Sept. lti. 
Nov. IS. 
Dee. !>. 

i>«v. i a 

I'd.. 24. 

March 9. 

April 10. 
May 21. 


April 25. 
May 30. 
June 21. 
July 12. 
July 12. 
Aug. Ki. 
Aug. 1!). 


William Withie & Agnes Guppie. 
John Tucker k Christian Brodrip. 
Eustaeius Davies k Margaret Deyer. 
Daniel Hood k Edit* Keen. 
John W hite k Margaret Reeves. 


Joan w. of Daniel Roode. 
Mary \v. of Roger Chaplin. 
Eleanor da. of Robert Roode. 
Agnes w. of John Coward. 
Thomas Chappell. 
Agnes HceVcs, wid. 
Hugh b. of John Bobbins. 
George a. of John Slade. 
Margaret Walter, wid. 
Joan Warren, wid. 
Bartholomew Ouppie. 

Thomas Closse curate. 
Giles Oroomes k Robert James 



Thomas s. of Owen Ratt. 
John s. of Weymoml Robbins. 
James a. of John Chipper. 
Judith da. of John Strowdc. 
.loan da of Alexander Withie. 
Bartholomew s. of Matthew Stower. 
Henry s. of Thomas Roode, Junior. 
Mary da. of Abraham Gundry< 
Benjamin s. of a poorc Lraveller. 
John s. of John Waters. 
Thomas s. of Gregory Amosse. 
Mary da. of Robert Hodman. 


Thomas Barric & Agnes Bolls. 
Thomas Roode k Mary Larcum. 

I! u rials. 

Elizabeth da. of Mary Brodripp. 
Abraham s. of Abraham Gundry. 




Agnes da. of Thomas Barry. 
Mary da. of John Meade, Junior. 
Abraham s. of Owen Batt. 
Mary da. of Giles Groomes 
Susanna da, of Robert Reeves. 
William s. of John Strowd. 
Abraham s, of Abraham Cundry. 

Tho. Closse, el. 

William Meade k Robert Batt 



Oct. 18. 
Jaii. 3. 
Jan. 17- 
Feb. 14. 
Feb. 21. 
Feb. 28. 
March 14. 

Oct. 15. 
Nov, 20. 

Nay 31. 
July in. 
July 26. 
Dec. 13. 
March 2. 
Marcli S. 
March 1 1. 

Elizabeth da. of John Gundry. 
Robert s. of Gregory Amosse. 
William s. of John Tucker. 
Bartholomew s. of Sarah Waters. 
Mary da. of Matthew Slower. 
Jane da. of Henry Reeves. 
John s. of Alexander Withie. 


William Amossc k Hester Hellier. 
Daniel Roode k Elizabeth Cary. 

Buria Is. 

Richard Erie. 
Mary Ellis, 
bichard 101 lis. 

Dorothy w. of Alexander Max. 
Elizabeth da. of Giles Groomes. 
William Frie. 
A lieu Hictt. 

Thomas CI 
William " 

so, clerk, 
loodo it John Slade 




N..v. 21, 

J in. (i. 

Mai eh 0. 
March 1.5. 
March 13. 




George s. of Daniel Roode. 
Mary da. of Thotliatj Roode. 
Agnes da of liobei't James. 
Edward s. of Richard t Irauc. 
Frances ila. of Tilly Walton. 
Alice da. of Abraham Gumlry. 
Matthew ». <»t" Matthew I'arkcr, 
Henry s. of Robert Rodman. 
Dorothy ila. of John Davies. 



Jan. 13. Robert Curtis & Margaret 1'agc. 
Jan. 13. Uicliard Haiue & Alice Wills. 


Aug. J>. 
Oct. 28. 
Oct. 2S). 

Thomas HuUh, 
Kichard Wilb. 

Etl ward s. of Kichard Crane. 

April 18. 
July 24. 
Sept. 4. 
Sept. 25. 
Oct. !). 
Nov. 1. 
Nov. 0. 

Dec. b 

Dec. 11. 
Jan. 1. 
Jan. 2;".. 
Jan. 2!). 
Feb. IU. 


John s. of John k Alice Hiet. 
William s. of Matthew & Mary Stower. 
Mary da. of Edward & Jone Warren. 
Elizabeth da. of Gregory & Alice Amo^se. 
Anna da. of Edward k Agues Tavler. 
Jone ila. of Robert k Jone Amos. 
Philip s. of Richard k Susanna Crinisted. 
John s. of Matthew k Elizabeth lvellway. 
Alice da. of William k Amy Meade. 
William s. of Robert k Mary Reeves. 
Susanna da. of Kichard k Jone Crane. 
Elizabeth da. of Tristram k Margaret Treway 
Mary da. of Abraham k Charity Scott. 

Thomas Closse Minister. 
Matthew Stower k Daniel Roode. 




Aug. 18. John Panie & Rebecca Coward. 


April 25. Margaret w. of William Waters. 

May 5. Margaret Gundrie. 

Aug. 5. Alice Gundrie. 

Sept. 2. Robert Keene. 

Dec. 6. Alice da. of Abraham Gundry. 

Dec. 8. John s. of Matthew Kellwaye. 

Jan. 16. Elizabeth w. of Owen Batt. 

Feb. 5. Elizabeth White. 

March 6. Thomas Rush. 

Thomas Closse Minister. 
Abraham Gundrie & John Coward 



April 30- Mary da. of John k Eleanor Kember. 
May 14. Hubert 8. of John & Alice Coward. 
June 2!). Arthur 8. of Abraham & Mary Gundry. 
July 23. Thomas a. of John «y. Eleanor Roode. 
Oct. 1. John s. of John & Alice Stower. 
Oct 8. Elizabeth da, of John & Ann Croomes. 
Feb. 18. Thomas .s of John k Eleanor Tucker. 
March 11. Robert s. of John k Alice Hiett. 


May ft. George Charde k Elizabeth Hiett. 
June 22. William Lintcrne & Joan James. 


May 19. Edith da. of John Kember. 
July 20. Alice da. of William Meade. 
Aug. 31. Thomas Walter. 
Sept. 5. Elizabeth Marshall. 
Sept. 27. Tristram Gundry. 
Nov. 25. Alice w. of Gregory Amossc. 
Jan. 7. Edith da. of Richard Crane. 
J. m. 8. Joan w. of Richard Crane. 

Thomas Closse Minister. 
Robert Batt & William Amosse 



May 12. George s, of Chillibeth k Susanna Withie. 
July 21. Robert s. of Robert k Joan Amosse. 
Sept. 22. Mary da. of Edward k Agnes Taylor. 
Oct. 6. Edward s. of Edward k Joan Warren. 
Nov. 10. ... da. of John & Alice Coward, 
Dec. 1. Lydia da of Abraham Sl Mary Gundry. 
Dec. 27. Thomas a. of Robert k Mary Rodman. 
Jan. 26. Robert s. of John k Mary Roode. 
Feb. 2, Thomas s. of Henry & Joan Reeves. 
Alice da. of Thomas k Joan Peddle. 

May 16. John Man k Julian Coward. 



An asterisk (*) after a number denotes that the name occurs more than once on 
that page. 

References to Arms are printed in italics. 

Abbot, 81* 

Ap Robert, 158, 287 

Aunteshaye, 273 

Abel, 18 

Ap Uyce, 171 

Ausville, 07 

Aber, 16") 

Ap^ley, 210 

Autona, 151 

Ackland, 126 

Ara, 07 

Acland, 126 

Arden, 07, 157 

Acre, '-'78* 

Ardene, 108 

Adams, 13, 14*, 15, 91 

Arderne, 22, 29 

Aildy, 56 

Arderne, 271, 27G 

Babham, 188, 189 

Adimare, 81 

Argentein, 01 

Babington, 120, 255 

Afford, 170 

Ari, 07 

Bacon, 22, 27, 82, 128 

Agar, 81 _ 

Armitage, 15 

Bage, 21 

Agnew, 07 

Armstrong, 82 

Baggelegh, 112 

Aylesbury, 100, 231 

Arnold, 171 

Jiayehot, 02 

A) leston, 65 

Artas, 211 

Bagnall, 82 

Aylmer, 82, 150 

Arundel, 82* 

Bagshaw, 51, 82 

Aimoun, 59 

Arusmyth, 227 
Ashawe, 82 

Payard, 190 

Airey, 07 

Baycux, 174, 175 

Akonnan, 07 

Ashfeild, 230 

Bayly, 19, 82, 95*, 239, 242 

Aldbruiigb; 125 . 

Ash field, 230 

Bayhf, 279 

Aldburgh, 13.1 

Ashley, 202, 235 

Bayldf, 277 

Alooek, si 

Ashloek, 22 

Baynard ped., 211 

Alderscy, 82* 


Baynard, 132 

Alein, 24 

Aske, 131* 

Baynivd, 01 

Aleyne, 92, 108 

Asset) eby, 281 

Baiocis, 174 

Alington, 82 

Asshcborne, 271 

Lat/ouse, 134, 209 

Allein, 21 

Asshelegh, 111 

Bake puce, 210 

Allen, S2* 

Asshetou, 55 

Baker, 17*, 23, 82, 91 
Balderston, 200 

Alive, 192 

Astcleye, 230 
Aston, 82* 

Allison, 201 

Baldewyn, 187, 188, 189 

Allott, 50, 58 

Astone, 210 

Balguy, 258 

Alnwick, 04 

At ford, 93 

Baliol, 124 

Alwys, 07 

Atkins, 14 

Ball, 82, 88 
Bamfield, 20, 90 

Amades, 127 

Atkinson, 202, 203 

Amery, 82* 

Atone, 273 

Banuistrc, 278* 

Anderson, 82, 83, 251 

Attchale, 278 

Banister, 20, 211 

Andrews, 190, 192 

Attemorc, 225 

Ban try, 137 

And run tor, 1 I 

Attewode, 100 

Bardolf, 29, 125 

Auge, 15 

Au'oert, 103 

Burdolf, 01 

Anion, 151 

Aubrey, 82 

liariwjtun, 208 

Anketell, 90 

Auchier, 113 

Barker, 90 

Anne, of Bohemia, Seize 

Audele, 170 

Barkesdale, 95, 242 

Quar tiers of, 35 

Audele, 273, 27 1 s 

Barkley, 03 

Anne, 128 

Audelegh, 31 

Burlinyham, 281 

A list. -y, M | 

Alldeoud, 102 

Barlacy, l ( .)l 

Anver» t 275 

Audley, 158, 177 

Barlow, 82, 251 

Ap M< rcdyd,l, 287 

A uenti, 01 

Itarnard, 18 

AppHby, 277 

Auldcrofto, 101 

Baruo, 25 




Barneby, 82, 122 
Barnes, 11*, 81, 82, 241 
Baruesley, 13 
Barowe, 33 
Barre, 227 
Barret, 44, 82, 96 
Barret, 96 
Barry, 229 
Bartholomew, 23 
Barthron, 13 
Barthrop, 15 
Barton, 67, 68 
Bascreuile, 273 
Baskervile, 11 • 
Basset, 123, 127, 189, 190, 

Basset, 209, 270, 272, 280 
fiassingltourne, 62, 135 
Bate, 82 

Bath, Bishops of, 73 
Bathow, 82 
Butt, 24 
Batter, 237 
Batty, 82 
Havana, 82 
Bavent, 33 
Bavffle, 32 
Baxter, 263 
Ba/.ley, 168 

Beawchamp, 28, 176, 213 
Beuchavmp, 272 
Bcaufoy, 31, 32 
Beaumont, 53, 81, 122, 126 

200, 2S6 
Becard, 279 
BeckGring, 125 
Beckett, 242 
»e«te, 235 
Bedell, 94, 138 
Bedford, Earl of, 191 
Bedford, 82 

Bedingheld, 82 

Ifclne, 82 

litwlou, 106 

Beeslon, 11, 83" 

Jhkeriiu/e, 279 

Held, 60 

Bclhouse, 243 

Belknap, 210 

Bell, 83, 266 

Bella-aqua, 123, 121 

Bella Aqua, 1-29, 193, 195 

Bellemont, 285 

Belle w, 124 

Bellingham, 256 

Beteon, 15 

Ikltoft, 206 

Benett, 187 

Helmet, 83*, 237 

Benstede, 30 

Hereford, 210, 271 

Berenger, 91 

Bei-gh, 227 

Berington, 8* 

Berkele, 227 
Berkeley, 83, 87 
Berkeley e, 273 
Berkeroles, 274 
Berlee, 33, 34 
Bermyngeham, 233 
Btrmimjliam, 271 
Berners, Lord, 235 
Bernak, 29, 174, 269 
Bernard, 112 
Berneton, 110" 
Bernli m, 61 
Bernyngham, 59 
Berrington, 14 
Bertram, 277 
Besiles, 32 
Besyll, 93, 239 
Besyll, 93, 233 

Best, 26 

Bethell, 167 

Bevill, 10 

Bewshin, 27, 91 

Bezum, 278 

Biggs, 192, 194* 

Billingsley, 83* 

Billit, 88 

Bilneye, 59 

Bindon, 165 

Bird, 83*, 190 

Birkby, 53 

Birkenhead, 83*, 81, 88 
Birkenshaw, 191 
Bishop, 190* 
Bisphani, 83 
Blackhorne, 138 
Blaekbume, 163 

Blake, 83, 1SS, 192 

Blaekwall, 83 

Blanford, 24 

Blatt muster, 280 

Blease, 83 

Blvthe, 50, 126 

in'ount, i>, sm> 

Blount, 270* 
Bluet, 30, 171 
Bluet, 273 
Boekett, 199* 
Bocmonstre, 135 
Bodingtou, 211 
Bohun, Mary de, Seize 

Quartiers of, ] 15 
Boyd, 68 

Boydel, 107*, 108 
Boy land, 59 
Boynton, 133* 
Boys, 268 
Boys, 136 
Boyuile, 210 
Boyworthe, 61 
Bokelond, 32 
Bold, 83* 
Bolles, 83 
Bolmer, 280* 
I Boltesham. 210 

Bonar, 68 
Bond, 59 
Bonham, 19 
Bonwode. 113 
Booth, 83*, 84, 156, 201, 

Bordeleys, 61* 
Bordet, 269* 
Bordouti, 134 
Borguloun, 61 
Bark, 281 
Borondone, 277* 
Borough, 25, 234, 237 
Borton, 73, 74 
Boscowen, 64 
Basel ingyorp, 136 ville, 151 
Bosoun, 59 
Bostoek, 83*, 159 
BosNvell, 54 
Buteuileyn, 209 
Bothweil, 78 
Botiller, 177 
Botylcr, 275* 
Botreaux, 234 
Botriaux, 226 
Botteville, 72 
Boucheire, 25 
Boulevvas, 229 
Boulogne, 115-151 
Boulslred, 165 
Boulter, 264 
Boulton, 83 
Bonn, 274*, 275 
Bourchier, 53, 87, 211 
Mvutetour, 60 
Bowcn, 68 
Bowers, 198 
Bowes, 83*, 255 
Bowman, 171 
Bownd, 170 
Bowroman, 22 
Bowyer, 2::, 93 
Brabant, 151 
Bralntznn, 21 1 
Braddene, 209 
Bradforth, 51 
Bradley, 236 
Bradshaw, 253 
Bray, 83, 137 
Bray, 210 
Brailsford, 58 
Brainton, 132 
Branteston, 106 
Brasbruge, 134 
Braser, 13* 
Braundeston, 231 
Breary, 201 
Breehnells, 130 
Bred, 269 
Bree, 198 
Breousc, 59, 273 
Brereton, 82, 83*, 84* 
Brerewood, 84* 



Brerwooil, 82 

Burnham, 136 

Larim, 0o 

Bressey, 84 

Burr, 84 

Lavru, 11 4 

Bretagh, 84 

busii pea., 19 

Carsewell, 65* 

Biecagne, 124 

\) ,1. o r not? 
13USU, Ma j Zoo 

/ «.T.* TOO 

uai cer, do , l oo 

Ih'etouu, 130 

H .... 7, TO 

j) u an, iy 

L/aiteiet, zoo 

Brettou, 45 

I5usneil, o4, _08 

/ ^.i i.f ii-i. i,rl, f (K". 1 OA* 

I ai l\\ 1 lgllt. Oo, IrU 

Brvan, 210 

]>ussy, 235, 25 1 

Cams, 65 

arntai'ifmale, 134 

Hit as ye, 135 

/ 1 , ........ 4j^. ion 

i ai ver, o.>, l jy 

limit I,,,, , C I f 

Hi iilgentan, o l * 

u . . * 1 ... on n*7 i (in 

15ut ler., Mi , 1 09 

l-ase, o.) 

I !iy ihnore, 107 

/.'..//„.. »)l"i *) 1 A 

ituticr, -U, Jit), oo, 10/ 

Briggetonl, 175 
J >l lghL, oU. oo 

1) . , 4 1 ,.1 .... TOO 

15 u lie ler, loo 

/ ',,0011 1 'X 7 * 

uassy , i o / 

Butterworth, .55 

UwlUl, Lot 

]}., . 1. CO O I 

Button, 27, 84 

i .a.-itieniauie, zo/ 

ni i»K e, Z 1 , 1 M*, Z08 

liyneet, JO, 24 o 

/ l.,ofln4/Aii Or". 1 Q7 1 

Castleton, oo, lo/ 

Broke*, 190 

Byroun, 135 

Castlyn, 137 

Bromley, 84 

By set, 271 

( l,iol . ,11 1 Q7 

uaston, io/ 

Bromwieh, 7.11 

Bi/sscoptone, 270 

/"> , ,,i ,,,, if A 
VUStiC, UK) 

1>, 1... ri ui * or qq l r<7 

urooKe, D 1 , 84 , 80, 8o, 10/, 

15} th \va) e, io 

p.,t,„, 1 07 

Liitei , zz, 10/ 

10. i, 18/, 201, 2 jo, 20o 

t atcr, 23 

"P.. ki ,,,1... OAA 

Ltl ooinl>\ , iUU 

uaiessuyj 10/ ,100 

11... * .+ rt „ O 1 * 

l>i Dfttei , si 

Catlierine, of t ranee, Seize 

Brother, 1Gb* 

Quartiers of, 36 

Brotherton, 77 

bicsar, o l 

ri„ < . ... i 00 
Ualoii, loo 

1 >i oughton, 04 

n„i,„.,„ o-tA 

Lahore, ziu 

oaiteraii, 100 

P«..« ■•>.. "1 ~ * oi A CI Oil 

lilOWU, 1/ , Zl, 40, 84 , 

Ualaiiurini, lOZ 

Ociiinfelo, 2/6 

yi, 1U1, lol , 1;)/ , 10J, 

Lalcolt, o/ 

(Juiiiitoiie, 2/0 

1 t:r. l <;<> 
lUii, i uy 

V. .llLl OI I , zzu 

T>,.. „,,. irr. i m 

ui'oun, l/o, iyi 

L-alclecote, 0U 

^yaveiHiisue, 100 

Brownebeard, 165 

uaiciwen, o i 

Pmwt-i iff 1 'Ik* 

^<l\\ CI 01 1, I 00 

p.,,,,1,,,,.,,11 l 07 ICQ 

J >i Uuew ell, lot, loo 

Lalley, zU 

1 1 .., , . . , U 4* 1 4; A 
MUCH, Ol , 10U 


Lultey, zu 

Cawthorn, 121 

Brugge, 20 

Laltliorpe, 84, 12o 

/ ,,. .f . .11 1 ')Q 

uawston, ioo 

/>..,... o o a 
latin, ZcU 

Lullnjt, loO, JU0 

fv.;i ok 
UCell, 00 

1>..>1 . I'it 

1)1 Ufi, 1 Z 1 

Lal\eley, o4 , 8o 

Ueiy, loo 

11 . . 1 1 1 • 1 OAA 

Urns. J ''••», zuy 

L/alvert, zUU 

L/er\ lugLon, loy 

J '.rut, 31 

/"< , . 1 ..11 or* oo 

L am bell, 80 . 88 

ccitj e, z/y 

isuclieilCB, Z0o 

LaminKlge, 1 4z 

Cliailtlesilene, 17«5 

i>.,..i. r.ti 

Cuiucll, 90 

L< had wick, ioy 

Buckingham, o4, 14Z 

Camplin, 164 

(Pli.ifiit r\aA Ol 90 

uiiaiiu peci., z 1 , zz 

i > 1 1 .l.i.,,, i •>,", 
1 >Ui:klaii(i, ZO 

Cane, 187 

( ' 1 , Ci 1 1 1 1 'HI 

1 1 1 a 1 1 11 , y 1 , j y 

1 >i i. .1- l.i Si 1 

I tinkle, o 1 

Cann, 187 

/ V, /./«"*» 91 Q'< 

isfictjtn, zi, »u 

1 tllk II l.l.M el , lOO 

Cant, 78 

una} lH'i, 1/0 

p. .11.. ,],, l 1 .) 
1 'lllkrlegll, 1 I Z 

I laiiteroury, 85 

01. .ii .1, 10 
v haionei , 1 

l>,, II ,1..%. OIK 
1 tulkeley, Zoo 

(. it jilt t lib 

/ '1 , , In , 1, ,■ 1 1 '10 
l halauou, Loii 

|>..ll. .1, 1 1 1 * 
ItlllM li'gllj 1 1 1 

/ ' ,,,,,,,,,1 , . . 1 Ol 

t. aiaunle peu., Zl 

1 it ,., 1, 1,,, ., ,4 4 i 
1 iiaiiiccot 1, ioy 

| >. . 1 1. 1... . . .... 1 10. 1 

1 til 1 k K v \ | ICtl., 1 O- X V 

Ltxi'tt'UuiCf 21 

l Mlllll.TllOV 1 HI* 

v. ' nai louei , ioy 

11,. Ill 1 V 1 

liiilhli//, lo 

/ ' . ..1 .. . 1. r a 

v. ai orooK, :>U 

unaiions. ioy 

null, 1 i 

/ 1 ........ 4 ; Q M- .)Oi) 

L-ai evv, oo , -oj 

L/hami>ei lame, 01 , 10. », 

ItUIKII K, il l 

/ 1 ,,,.„, P 4 ',,„,. /; i >* /ir."^ 4!/t* 

Lai(. i y, uary, oo , oo , oo , 

IJfl* 91 9*- 9.1 '^ 0«1 

it i ,. ,.,,,i.. l on 

IjUlSy] in le, 1 ;MJ 

1 <)/ 

Pl,.»i,il n,'w< It 1 1 o/m 

unanneis, u 1, ziz, — uu, 

Bunberry, 63 

Carkerege, 63 


O, , 1 ... .... Q It 

nUliuill \ , o l 

Larkettle, /8 

AU,inin« OQO 

uhainer, zoz 

1 5 u 1 1 1 1 y c f 19 

v-'<ii leui, jo , jj 

v^iiauipci &1U11, oy, — — 

1 iiinle, 2 1 

Varlel, 277 

pi, ,,„,,„,„.„ 9'Hi OQO 90,'i* 

unampneys, z.50, zoz, zoo 

1 til 1 1 lei In, :> / , o l , zoo 

/ **VaI . .11 * ; i -K- 

i. ai lew »n, oo, o i 

V 1 1 < 1 1 1 1 K —OO 

Itunlitu, 1 t*8, 1 70, 237 

{. iirlnigiord, o I 

l.hanney, Zo t > 

I.uigli, 23. > 

Carlisle, 56, 61 

/ 1 1 . . . . I!., or. 

1 haplin, 00 

i i ..... -i . .i ,)>> i 
Jiurgli peil., J,) 1 

Carmelites, 52 

(. haplyn, _oo 

Bury, 191 

Carmenowe, 64 

Chapman, 283? 

Buiyinan, 237 

Carniyuowne, 64* 

Chappell, 25, 188,190, 192, 

Burlaee, 127 

Caruaby, 268 


Burley pea.j 19 

Carne, 164 

Charde, 2S3 

Burley, 24 

Carpenter, 64 

Charge, 283 

tturlry, 19 

Cair, 04*i 65 

Charles, 283 



Charles, 60 
Charlton, 85*, 283 
Charnells, 171 
Char nets, 270* 
Chamock, 283 
Chase, 85 
Chasye, 26 
Chastel, 270 
Chastreche, 151 
Chater, 283 
Chatfeild, 283 
Chatterton, 93, 237 
Chatwyn, 283 
Chaumberlein, 135* 
Channdeler, 284 
Chaundos, 62, 275 
Chaunsey, 136 
Chauntercll, 284 
Chauioorye, 279 
Chawartii, 284 
Cliedcwynde, 276 
Chedlc, 112 
Oheyne, 190* 
Cheyney, 165 
Cheke, 28 1 
Chelsham, 284 
Cheyney ped., 22 
Cheney, 284* 
Cheney, 22 
Cherlcton, 107, 103 
Cherrtngton, 2S4 
Cheseman, 2S4* 
Chester, 142. 226, 284 
Chesterton, 284 
Che t ham, 85 
Chetwynd, 195 
Chetwode, 85* 
Cheverell, 90 
Chichester, 85 
Chideok, 278 
Chisenhall, 85 
Chitwode, 85 
Chohneley, 85* 
Chohnley, 132 
Chohnondelcy, 84, 85* 
Circestre, 273 
Clapham, 202 
Clare, 85*, 95, 112*, 232 
Clare, 274 
Claridge, 100 
Clarke, 85*, 200 
Clason, 102 
Cleye, 24 

Clerk. 137, 151, 187, 188* 
( 'leue.done, 280 
Cleveland, 2 12 
Clenisby, 270 
Clyffe, 251 
Clifford, 9, 21*, 165 
Clinton, 85, 156, 233, 235 
Clintone, 270*, 271 
("live, 10 
dough, 44 
Clouville, 92 

Clouville, 92 
Cobliam, 170, 234, 235 
Cock, 95, 171 
Cockerell, 166 
Code, 167 
Coyners, 282* 
Cokayne, 85* 
Coke, 257 
Coker, 90* 165 
Cokefeld, 173, 253 
Colclogh, 33 

Cole, 47, 89, 95, 155, 204 
Coles, 167 
Colett, 188 

Coleui/le, 61, 135* 281 
C(»U; vile, 207, 254 
Col.yer, 188 
Collyngburn, 189 
Collins, 08 
Collington, 46 
Columbell, 257* 
Combe, 92 
Comberwell, 237 
Comber well, 237 
Oomyn, 136, 206 
Coney, 85 
Co next able, 281 
Constable, 44, 131*, 173, 

195, 235 
Constantine, 82 
Convers, 64, 131*, 196, 


Cooke, 26, 54, 92, 167, 168, 

Cooper. 164 
Copeott, 91 

Copley, 52-55, 85, 131, 133 

Copley, 52 

Coppinger, 235 

Corbet, 225 

Corbet. 274* 

Corbeil, 285 

Cordray ped., 22, 23 

Cordray, 22 

Corie, 89, 139 

Carina yles, 28 I 

Come. tea >/ll 'e, 278, 279 

Corn wall is, 85 

Cornwell, 165 

Carry, 278 

Corryatt, 169 

Cosin, 85, 196 

Cotgrave, 85, 88 

Cottington, 85 

Cot ton, 85 

Cone, 59 

Coupenne, 279 

Courtney, 239 

Cove, 170 

Coventry, 85*, 243, 267 
Cowie, 104 
Cowling, 53 
Cowper, 85, 192 
Cox, 11*, 15 

Coxwell, 23 
Cramer, 102, 103 
Crawford, 78 
Creppinge, 136, 206 
Crescy, 208 
Cressy, 121 
Crevequer, 32 
Croft, 9 
Croft, 276 
Croker, 27 
Croker, 27 
Crompton, 85 
Cromwell, 69 
Crook, 106 

Cropland ped., 199, 202 
Crodand, 199, 202 
Crue, 112 
CutVe, 27, 23S 
Cultj, 62 
Currer, 49 
Cursoun, 61 
Curteys, 91 

Dabettot, 271 
Dacres, 191 
Dade, 85 
Dakeny, 60, 62 
Dalbv, 263 
Dalison, 85*, 1C3 
Dal ton. 85 
Danald, 85 
Daniell ped., 23 
Daniel, 23, 26 
Dapifer, 142 
Darby, 239 

Darcy, 86, 127, 196, 255 
Darcy, 135*, 136*, 206* 
Dareil, 26 
Darras, 233 
Darrell, 96, 164 
Duubeni/, 280 
Danngeruile, 269 
Davenport, 86*, 88 
Davile, 56 
Davis, 91 
Dawes, 86 

Dawntesey ped., 23, 24 

Dawntesey, 19, 26, 33, 86 

Dawntcsei/, 28 

Day, 264 

Deane, 86 

Deelve, 192 

Dctn, 210 

Delamar^, 89 

De la Pole, 125 

DeUile, 209* 

De l'lsle, 49 

Den, 209 

Dene, 270 

Denny, 25 

Deimistoun, 68 




Denton, 52 
Deph'm, 60 
Derby, 86* 

Dcnryne, 2t)0 
Detspencer, 86, 142, 228 
Destalc, 30 
Ikuenyschirc, 279 
Deven'ish, 94, 241 
Deverere, 122 
Dewall, 15 
Deyncmrt, 208 
DeywUle, 282 
Dim, 287 
Dickes, 69 
Digby, 2C1 
Diggles, 55 
Dightoii, 53 
Diiiely, 132, 192 
Dixon, 103 
lJockcnsci/c, 276 
Dod, 86* 

Doddiiigton ped., 25 
Doddinyt&n, 25 
Dodsoun, 21 
Dodsworth, 197, 267 
/hkeswrt/tc, 62 
1 lolnian, 127 
1 lomhriek, 95 
Domvile. S6 
Donaldson, 68 
Done, 86* 
Dunne, 109 
Dorchester, 63 
I lore, 228 
Dormer, 190, 191 
hornet, 86 
Douglas, I i 
Dowee, 22 
Downaut, 159 
Downfe, 48 
Downes, 139 
I >o\vson, 86 
Drake, 51 
Dravcolt, 257 
Drayton, 232 
Drewe, 168, 169 
Drove, 169 
Drinkwater, 86* 
Driver, 11 
Droys, 74 
Drury, 86, 235 
Dublin 100 
l)u Bo i/s, 136 
Duckhifiekl, 86*, 238 
Duddcnham, 20 
Dudley, 17, 49, 283 
Dukiuiield, 86, 157 
Dumvile, 86 
Duiieh, 86 
Duneotrilie, 49 
Dunn, 53 
Durham, 86 

Dutton, 86* 107, 111, 113, 

Dyer, 26, 238, 239, 243 
I) y mot, 278 
Dynham, 228, 255 
Dyson, 56 
Dyston, 165 

Eaton, 86* 
Echebustone, 269 
Edmunds, 258 
Edon, 240 
Edward 1, 77 
Edward IV, 244 
Edward IV. Seize Quartiers 
of, 181 

Edward V, .Seize Quartiers 

of, 245 
Edwards, 20, 86, 156 
Egerton, 55*, 83, 86*, 87, 


Ekeleshale, 281 
El a mule, 281 
Kleoek, 264 
Elyugton, 30 
Eliot, 286 
Islington, 89 
Elliott, 23 

Ellis, 44, 67, 96, 251 
Ellison, 122 
Fltofts, 126 
ISIwcs, 87* 
Kngayne, -Jit 
Enghchain, 86* 
KnglelieM, 03 
Enij/t ijn, 27 S 
Knock, 170 
Ensoll, 17 
Ercheband, 177 
Erdeswyk, 228* 
ErdiirgtoU, 106 
Erd'uujUmc, 271 
ErcUy, 275, 278 
Erington ped., 26 
Erinyton, 26 
Erie, 165 
Erley, 21 

Erneley, 24, 202, 239, 242, 

Erneley, 26 
Errington, 129 
Eschalcrs, 61 
Eser, 131 
l-ksciidon, 211 
Est, 138 
Estaffvrd, 62 
Estaunlone, 269 
Esteourte, 233 
Estlee, 269 
Edone, 273 
Estate vile, 61 
Estouwe, 62 
Eslraunye, 272* 

Est'ushude, 60 
Etone, 271 
Eueroys, 275 
Eure, 46 
Evance, 22 
Evan, 90 

Evans, 17, 87, 122 
Evatt, 87 
Evelyn, 87* 
Eveling, 86 
Everard, 26 
Everinge, 87 
Eyre ped.. 27 
Eyre, 49, 53, 87% 240 
Eyre, 27 
Eyton, 87 

Faber, 89, 102 
Fairfax, 132, 133, 191, 268 
Eairside, 261 
Falmouth, 87 
Funnel, 210 
Fanshawe, 8 7* 
Earamus, 145-151, 288 
Farington, 21 1 
Farnham, 277 
Farrar, 1 6 
Eauconberge, 1 76 
Fuucoitberye, 280* 
Faueouer, 189, 213 
Faucottw, 133 
Fauntleroy, 31 

I'awn'tt, 57 
Frame, 256 
J-Varnley, 88 
Felbriyije, 60 
Eclton, 124, 257 
Eel tone, 272 * 
Fcnes, 279 
Fen wick , 132 
Ferers, 274, 279 
Ferinor, 87* 
Feme, 251 
Fernfould, 19 
Ferrar, 16 
Eerrars, 32 
Ferris ped., 89 
Fetipace, 190* 
Fettiplacc, 92 
Fiennes, 146, 147, 149 
Fits Eustace, 135 
Fdz John, 279 
Fdz Meisme, 210 
Fdz William, 278 
Finch, 55 
Fisher, 87 
Fitly ng. 30 
Fitton 87*, 155, 156 
Ftiz Aimoun ) 59 
Fitzall, 25 
Viiz Alau, 123, 124 



Filzalan, 129. 193, 195 

Fuell, 96 

Glendour, 9 

Hti*frnetfs, 209 

Fulk, 177 

Glynn, 88, 287 

Fitr.grlbert, 285 

Fuller, 88 

Gloucester, 232 

Fit/liamon, 285 

Fulton, 68 

Gloucester, 272 

Fit/.luigh, 12 1. 231, 257 

Furnoys, 3 1 

Go/m ml, 135 

l'ii/. John, 107 

Fjiroii'ttl, 193 

Gob noun, 208 

Fit: John. Ifefi 

Fyndham, 174 

Godard, 125 

Fit/. Martin. 30 

Fyton, 109, 230 

Godard, 275 

I'M/ Meldred, 112 

Goddard, 26, 91, 92, 168 

Fit/ Bnnon, 30 

Goddard, 91 

7w7c 7^///// 272 

Goderidge, 19, 20 

Fit/ Kau'f, 2 OS 

Godman, 158 

iMiert, 209 

( Jabot t, 87 

Godwin, 165, 168, 169 

Fit/waiters, 211 

Gaeta, 69 

Godwin, 169 

/•'/V: U'//', til 

Gage, 194 

Golborne. 88* 

Fit/williain, 124, 191, 251, 

Gainslord, 171 

Goldfynch, 88 

255, 256 

Gain, 91 

Goldynton, 29 
Good, 201 

Flaunvile, 269 

Gainull, 88*, 162 

Fleetwood, 46, 87 

Gantlett, 90 

Goodard, 125 

Fleming, 202 203 

Gardener, 188 

Goodwyn, 1 90 

Flfntyntfi 27 1 

Gardyn, 62 

Gore, 88*, 170 

Fletcher, 87* 166, 205, 

Garforth, 202 

Gorges, 88 


Gargrave, 84 

Gorney, 20 
Goshull, 113 

FK.wer ped., 89-90 

Garlek, 226 

Fhn'-er, 89 

Garrard, 88 

Gostlett, 95 

F„lvbonr„t:, 61 

( Janet t, 238 

Gostwyk, 190 
Goughe, 20 

Foley, 264 

Garshale, 271 

Fo/W, 136 

Gascoynge, 18, 88, 128 

Oouldsborough, 166 

Foljambe ]»ed., 253 

Gasgill 126 

Gonne, 20 

Foljambe, 87 

(Jate, 138 

Gournay, 172, 213 

Foljambe, 253 

Gates, 88 

Graeme, 68 

Fonteyn, 187 

Gatres, 6!) 

Graham, 18 

Ford, 92 

Gaunt, 279 

G ray, 22 

Foreaker, 239 

Gaunllett, 19 

Gmndale, 207 

Forinau, 21 

(Jawen, 96, "J 13 

Grandison, 176 

Farneus, 61 

Gavven ped., 89-90 

Grando/tc, 211, 270 

Furrerttcr, 2 1 7 

Gawen, 89 

Grane, 69 

Foster, 132 

Gaynewood, 192 

(J rant, 69 

Fortcseue, 192 

Gayter, 69 
Gee, 193 

Granville, 215, 284, 286 

Forth, 87 

Grapoucll, 30 

Foster, 162. 201 

Gelt'rey, 236 

Grcatbateh, 155 

FotilcshurHl .112 

GvyUme, 210" 

Greene, 26, 56-59, 88*, 9" 

FouIim |khI., 4i»- 49 

Gcldard, 26 1 


Foul i,i t 46 

Geve, 21 

Greene, 56, 92, 121 

Fountayne, 261 

Geers, 9 

Greenhalgh, 256 

1'ounten, 188, 191 

George, 235 
Gerard, 88*, 90 

Green ley, 14 

Fourneux, 177 

Gregge, 51, 88* 

Fowle, 13, 65 

Gernon, 142 

Gregory, 89, 198 

Fowler, 21, 156, 198 

Gerrard, 171 

Grene, 191 

Fox, 72 

Gethin ped., 90 

Greneway, 189, 190 

Frainlingham, 87 

(Jctliin, 90 

Grenfeld, 188 

Francis, 25 

Gitfard, 142, 177 

Grenfyld, 242 

Franke, 4 1 

Gijjttrd, 271, 272 

Grenville, 284, 286 

Franklin, 87, 102 

Gilford, 77 

Grenvyle, 187 

Frau.shain, ?A 1 

Gimenza, 103 

Gresham, 88*, 158 

Framham, 211 

Gifford, 91, sec Gy fiord 

Greville, 88 

Frenes, 274, 275 

Gill ped., 49-51 

Grey, 69, 88 
Grey, 278 : 
vj i e^ n\ in, Joo 

Frennci/, 279 

Gilhnan, 213, 287* 

I* 1 el e, / 

urn (lie] pen., yi 

Freuijle, 61 

Girdler, 91 

Griffeth, 189 

Frevylle, 28 

G lay ne, 110 

Griffin, 102 

Fiewen, 88 

Gla.seoek, 88 

Griffith, 90, 240 

Freinylle, 271* 

Glaseor, 88 

Grimston, 204 

FloiMam, 88 

Glegge, 88 

Groouie, 69 



Gros, 60 

Grosvenor, 88, 153*, 157 
Grove, 02, 167 
Grove, 92 
Grubb, 24 
Gryfeld, 188 
Gryine, 89 
Guillemard, 102 
G tddeford, 277 
Gunter, 90, 93 
Gurney, 187, 188, 191 
Gussey, 25 
Gusset/, 25 

Oyfford, 21*, 88, 91, 190, 

'212, 285 
Gylmyn, 287 
Gylt, 173 
Gyney, (i0 
Gyse, 28 

Hadden, 46 
Hadekiu, 211 
Haines, 21, 25, 170, 238 
IhiLilnt, -J76* 
Haket, 134 
Hale, 89 
Hales, 21 
Halkelt, 128 

Hall, 8, 16*, 17*, 93, 151, 

lu5\ 190, 239, 211 
Hall, 13, 93 
llalliar, 84 
Halliday, 153* 
Ifalontone, (32 
I (ainan, 21 
Harae, 9 
Hanicly, 34 
llametj/ii, 269 
Hauler, 151 
Huiuertou, 131 
Hiunoiul, 12S, 131 
Hampden, 188, 189, 190 
Hampton, 214 
Hanlowe, 106 
Haunter, 154 
Hanuain, 167 
Ifansnrdj 278 
Hapsbupgs, 143 
Hare, 154* 
Harecourt, 230 
Harecourt, 269 
Harberd, 90 
Harbin, 55 
Harbut, 200 
Harcourfc, 20, 125 
Hardeshull, 33 
Hardyng, 188, 192 
Eardneskul, 211 
Hardware, 154* 
Hard wick, 257 
liar ing tone, 134 

Harys, 94 
Harlee, 276 
Harper, 13, 154* 
Harrington, 52, 256 
Harris, 154 
Harrison, 56, 264 
Hart, 154 
Hartished, 92 
Hartley, 154 
Harvey, 154* 
Haselartmte, 208 
Haselwall, 111 
Haselwood, 284 
HassalJ, 1!>1 
Hassell, 261, 26 2 
Ha slang, 276* 
Hastyng, 177, 190, 232 
Hastings, 163 
Ilastimies, 62, 131, 274 
Hatelilfe, 154 
Hatton, 154 
Haueringtoxe, 281* 
Ilaunsard, 278 
Ilaustede, 209* 
Hauward, 60 
Havard, 11 
Haveryng, 30, 32 
Hawkesbury, 255* 
Hawkins, 12, 239 
Hawkaworth, 200 
Hayne, 92 
II ay ward, 11 
Healey, 195, 202 
Hemeuhale, 61 
Henderson, 46 
Henry IV., Seize Quartiers 

of, 114 
Henry V., 36 

Henry V., Seize Quartiers 
of, 178 

Henry VI., Seize Quartiers 

of, 179 
Henry VI 11., 235 
Henton, 92* 
Hepburn, 78 
Herbelatt, 168 
Herbert, 144, 264 
Herey, 269 
Herdson, 57 
Hereward, 141 
Hereward, 61 
Herick, 154 
Herle, 64, 65, 66* 
Heron, '277* 
Herring, 14, 15 
Herstmoneeux, 104 
Herteclawe, 278* 
HeriMtlU, 133 
Hervey, 189 
Hesdingnuil, 151 
Heslarton, 4 3 
Heslerton, 44 
Hetbe, 226 
Hetley, 154. 

Hey ward, 76 
Hicks, 154 
Hiett, 10 
Higginson, 151 
Higham, 190, 192 
High more, 171 
Hill, 45, 132, 201, 239 
Hillersdon, 188 
Hinde, 154*, 196, 198 
Hin ' l.(ni), 60 
Hiraca, 214 
Hoekenhull, 154* 
Hoeknell, 86 
Hodges, 95 
Hodgson, 266 
Hodlestone, 207* 
Hoduett, 24 
Hudson, 201 
Hoy laud Swein, 122 
Hoilande, 278 
Hoh, 208 
Holbeame, 25 
Holcroft, 154 
Holford, 85, 110, 154* 
Holiugesheued, 281 
Holywell, 15 
Holkar, 240 
Holland, 151, 238 
Holies, 85, 154 
Holliday, 153, 154 
lloltebi/, lo0, 206 
Home, 161 
Honieden, 139 
Hooper, 93, 94 
Hooper, 93 
Hope, 80, 151 
Hopley, 15 
Hopton, 20, 133* 
Horburi, 208 
Home, 192 
Horner, 25, 257 
I lorn void, 8 
1 lornsden, 139 
Horseley, h2 
Horsfall. 67 
Horsfull, 133 
Horsey, 25, 91, 165 
Horsey, 94 

Horton, 19, 51, 94, 95, * 

166, 239 
Horton, 95 
Hosyer, 192 
Hosteller, 72 
Hotham, 227 
Hothom, 193 
J lot at, ^73* 
Houby, 174 
Hough, 154 ; 
Houghton, 154 I 
Hoveden, 154 
Howard, 154, 156, 160, 

161, 165, 288 
Howe, 22 
Howells, 18 



Howie, 263 

Janyn, 187 

Kynnersley, 33 

Howorth, 54 

Jefaonu, 19 

Kynston, 188 

How tun, 192 

Jenyns, 191 

Kyryel. 112 

Howtrode, 210 

Jenlain, 72 

Kyrton, 92 

Hubbard, 19 

Jn.luin, 72 

Httddlestiai, 125 

Jenm ngs, 24, 105 

Hugeford, 229 

Jervis, 91 

Huggeu. 25 

Jewell, 240 

Hughes, 151* 

Johnson, 155 

Laei, 7, 216 

Hufajord, 273 

Jolles, 155 

Lacy, 61, 210, 275 

Hulgreve, 231 

Jones, 16, 17, 24, 155* 

Lay ton, 47, 266 

Hull, 24 

Jordan, 155 

Lamborne, 19, 24 

If ulles, 62 

Joueby, 174 

Lambourne, 28 

Hulton, 55* 

Jubb, 48 

Lamplugh, 131 

H uinphreys, 1 51 

J uekes, 155 

Lampion, 131 

H ungate,*! 5, 128, 132 

Lumpton, '111 

Huugerford, 09, 95', 96*, 

Lancashire, 201* 

97, 139, 101* 

Lancaster, 77 

llungerford, 95 

bane, 16S 

Hunsdon, 03* 

Kaye, 197 

Langdale, 128, 203 

Hunt, 12 

Kay nes, 30 

Langc/ord, 62 

1 1 wnt ingdon, 232 

Kaul. 220 

L»nyele y 27 1 

llmiUilt'gli, 231 

Key, 200 

Langelond, 1 72 

1 In ii I on, 1)5 

Keilway, 90 

banglcy, 48, 128, 238 

I /<,>,/(»/, !'5 

Kcil teat/, 90, 241 

Langrige, 93 

Hurdnmn, 12 

Key n ell, 212 

Langthorn, 263 

Hurleston, 155*. 157 

Keynes, 19 

Larckstoek, 238 

Hurst. 164, 201 

Keys, 70 

Lascelles, 176 

11 use, 177 

Kekwyclv, 241 

Lassels, 176 

Hussey, 94 

Kele, 192 

Lassheford, 139 

Hustler, 201 

Kellam, 57 

Latymer, 207*, 235 

Hutchinson, 155, 257 

Kelsay, 96 

Launee. 192 

Huttoii, 44, 190 

Kelway, 90*, 242 

La Vail, 241 

Huxley, 155 

Kembyll, 236 

Lawrance, 20 

Hyde, 23, 21, 20 

Kendale, 107 

Lawrence, 44, 48 

Hyde, 23, 20 

Kendale, '111 

Lawson, 194 

Hykman, 1S8, 192 

Kenedy, 283 

Lawton, 9, 10 

Hymens, 2C1 

Kent, 108, 205 

Leake, 155, 254 

Ilyuton, 109 

Kent, 279 

Ledsham, 155 

Ke/dvstone, 59* 

Lee, 155*, 186-192, 198 

Kerne, 14* 

Leech, 82*, 155, 156 

Kete, 92 

Leeke. 120, 127, 254 

Kevell, 239 

Legh, 107*, 108, 156* 

Ibbetson, 259 

Kinderton, 162 

Leghton, 229 

filing, 188 

King, 22, 155, 167 

Leigh, 139, 150*, 157 

I nee, 85, 155* 

Kingsmill, 76, 77, 155 

Lekebourne, 135 

Ingham, 124, 230 

Ki)igestone, 208*, 281 

Leman, 156 

Ingleby, 125, 155 

Kintyre, E. of, 68 

Lemisi, 270* 

lnglyshe, 171 

Kirkby, 112, 192, 233 

Lenham, 32 

Ingram. 133*, 188, 191* 

Kir la bridge, '217 

Le Poher, 215, 288 

I reys, 93 

Kitchens, 155 

Lose, 31 

Ireland, 155*, 253 

Knelle, 113 

Lesson, 194 

Irion, 131 

Knight, 95 

Le Strange, 124 

Isabella, of France, Seize 

Knyvett, 155*, 235 

Levedale, 31, 32 

(Juartiers of, 30 

IvnoUys, 190 

Leverett, 192 

Iwhain, 138 

Knovile, 272* 

Leversage, 156*, 164* 

[slip, 155 

Knowles, 187 

Leverseige, 97 

Is eye, 238 

Koc/eld, 60 

Leveson, 1 50* 

Koverdale, 260 

Lewes, 156, 163 

Jv iiy ticJtOy 210 

Lewin, 24 

Kymi', 135 

Lewston, 90 

Kynardesle, 33* 

bey, 150, 157, 169, 171 

Jaeobe, 210 

Kynai'desle, 276 
Kyiigeshcmedc, 276 

Leybourne, 207* 

Jay, 155 

Leyeester, 156*, 279 




Light, 90, 94* 

Limeny, 226 

Lincoluc, 50 

Lincoln, 85, 156, 255 

LiwttMtje i 277 

Lindsays, The, 1-6, 75, 78, 

152, 153 
Lindsey, 129 
Linlev, 263 
L'lsle, 49 
Lisle, 156* 
Littler, 156 
Littleton, 93, 256 
Liversage, 158 
Livers'eidge, 97 
Lloyd, 18, 156* 
Locker, 162 
Lorfelaivc, 276 
Lome It //<', 277 
Lu>it//<'»i, 134 
London, 156, 188 
Long. 21, 89, 95*, 96, 97, 

163, 160, 1'88, 192, 238, 

2 12 

Low) t 96, 97, 1«3, 273 
Longford, 97, 168, 254 

Luiu/cii/lr. 20 ( J 

Longneville, 129, 130, 206 
L.,,1, 31 
Lolduud, 12 
LotihatM, 27 
J.u/t.,/, 131* 
Loudh.nn, 226, 253 
Love. 21. 197 

Lovell, 126. 156*, 164, 165 
Lowe, 156, 197, 255 
I .ow l her, 1 7 1 
Lucy, 156, 231 
Ludtord. 159 

Ludlouc, 94, 161, 168, 210 
l.iutlour, l(i 1 
Ludwvll. 237 
Luvshe, 92 
Luke, 18 
Lydgould, 137 
Lye, 168, 231 
Lvndcley, 156 
Lyndeseye, 209, 277 
l.ynde»)u >/e, '111 
Lyneall, 84, 156* 
Lyngley, 151 
Lyntoii, 22 

Macclesfield, 109 
Mackrrell, 94 

Mac Micking, 69 
Maiitcsct -st > t, 270 
Mainwaring, 45, 82, 84, 
126, 128, 154*, 155, 157* 
Maitland, 195 

Majendie, 102 
Ma/ebis, 281 
Maleshoures, 176 
Maliverer, 265 
Mallett, 52, 63 
Mallet t, 134 

Mallory, 54, 127, 131, 255 
Ma lute re, 268 
Malpas, 108, 112 
Malwyn, 26 
Manbey, 69 
Mander, 59 
Mandeville, 141, 145 
Mandut, 278 
Mauerex, 61 
Manley, 157* 
Manners, 157, 160 
Manny, 71, 72 
Manning, 157 
Mansfield, 157, 263 
Mansell, 265 
Mauston, 43 

Manwaring. see Mainwaring 
Manyng, 165 
Mapp, 16 

Marbury, 84, 157* 

Marexchai, 279 

Margaret, Seize Quartiers 

of Queen, 180 
Maria, 103 
Mark ham, 157* 
Marlborough, 157 
Mtii imuluk, '111 
Marmton, 112 
Mm myoun, 270 
Marriott, 6 ( J 
Marl) at. 70 
Marsh 212 
Marshall, 18, 96 
Marabou, 157 
Marthercsaye, 230 
Martel, 172 

Martyn, 31, 32, 81, 86, 103, 

157, 239 
Martin, 272 

Marvin, 19, 23, 93, 166, 

Marvyn, 93, 166 
Maryon, 214 
Masey, 230 
Mason, 157 
Massey, 86, 157*, 158 
Master, 46 
Maten, 239 
Mathews, 267 
Mattin, 168 
M niconamtt, 136, 206 
Maude, 57 
Maulce, 207* 
Mauleverer, 133 
Manteverer, 280, 281 
Maunsel, 273 
Mauny, 72 
Maxe, 126 

May, 166 
May, 166 
Maye, 95, 170 
Mayowe, 92, 167 
Ma yo ue, 167 
Medium, 107 
Megre, 29 
Mtisme, 136 
Meldred, 142 
Mellent, 286 
Meller, 58 
Merch, 151 
Meredith. 16, 85 
Merrick, 17^ 
Mervyn, 157* 
Merynge, 127 
Meschin, 112 

Metcalfe, 57, 203, 263, 265 
Metham, 123, 124, 131, 

233, 265 
Mewyp, 167 
Meuys, 167 
Mt i/m t 62 
Mir lull, 167 
Michelgrove, 240 
Micltetyrove, 240 
Middleton, 84, 157* 
Milborne, 9*, 171 
Mildmay, 157* 
Miller, 18!) 
Mingaye, 157 
Minnick, 98 
Minnute, 98 
Mitford, 262 
Mogrige, 163 
Mohaut, 34 
Mokeleston, 231 
Molesey, 107 
Molesworye, 209 
Molins, 157, 242 
Moitone, 135* 

Molyneux, 112, 157, 256, 

Molyneux, 260 
Mompesson, 167, 168*, 169 
Mompesson, 169 
Monboucher, 234 
Monboclier, 279 
Monburghchere, 230 
Monchensi, 279 
Mondcvile, 271* 
Momcaslre, 281 
Monet, 263 
Mongomeri, 62 
Monhaut, 134 

Monington, 7, 8*, 9*, 10-15 
Montagu, 84, 106, 157*, 

176, 231* 
Montague, 129 
Montfort, 28*, 106, 285 
Montmorency, 143 
Monson, 257 

Moore, 158*, 165, 203* ; 
see More 



Moore wood, 158 ; see More- 
Mordat, 209 

Mordaunt, 189*, 190, 191* 
More wood, 50, 51 ; ace 

More, 43-45, 158, 225 
More, 43* 
Morehen, 189 
Morgan, 16, 90, 158*, 169 
Morgell, 158* 
Moris, 24 
Mori. son, 82 
Mo row, 217 
Morow, 217 
Mortishorn, 225 
Morton, 10, 58 
Mortynwr, 59, 2/4* 
Moslev, 158, 194 
Rtosion, 231 
Moton, 30 
Moulton, 82 
Mounford, 270 
Mounpynzon, 60 
Mountaigne, 258 
Mouxteui/, 281, 282 
Mountford, 64, 97 
Mount fo*d, 240 
Mount, 279 
Mowbray, 77 
Moyle, 133 
Mu„nr, 209 
Itoyser, 258 
Mulseyc, 107 
Muncheay, 173 
Mu-grave, 171, 235 
Murray, 217 
Muri <ii/, 217 
Musters, 32, 33 
Mutton, 153 
Mycholl, 21, 169 
M yd winter, 165 
MylKvs, 96, lot 
Myhvai'du, 95 
My ton, 132 
Mytton, 158 

Naufan, 12 

Navarre, Seize Quar tiers 

of Jane of, 116 
Neale, 55 

Needham, 206, 238 
Neirford, 59 
Nettleton, 261 
Neuburgh, 227 
Neuil/r, 135, 136, 208. 210, 

Neville, Nevile, 54, 76, 86, 
126«, 131, 142, 158', 
235, 255 

Neville, Anne, Seize (^uar- 
tiers of, 246 

Newall, 158 
Newbold, 255 
Newborough, 94 
Newcastle, 264 
Newesom, 176 
Neuntanlie, 134* 
Newport, 20, 154, 158 
Newton, 175 
Nicholas, 21, 170* 
Nicholas, 170* 
Xichole, 134 
Nieholls, 21 
Noble, 172 
Norbury, 15S 
Norelirt'e. 49, 196 
Nom/s, 274 
Norfolk, 77, 158 
Norman, 21, 200 
Norres, 158 
Norris, 22, 158, 261 
North, 54 
Northampton 158 
Northcote, 176 
Northumberland, 158 
Northwode, 32 
Norton, 20, 85, 130, 131*, 

Norwich, 158 
Norwood, 165 
Nouwcrs, u'O 
Nowell, 53*, 158 
Nowers. 177 
Noyso, 168 
Nugent, 54 

Odall, 254 
Odcll, 70 
Genre, 281 
Ofllcy, 97 
Ogle. 205 
Ogleby, 46 
Okden, 170 
Ok dm, 170 
Oldtield, 158* 
Oliphant, 142 
O'Neill. 69 
Opsale, 281 
Optone } 273 
Orchard, 198 
Ormond, 65 
Ornesbi/, 60* 
Oraville, 67 
Oryall, 168 
Osbaldeston, 260 
Osbaldeston, 260 
Osborne, 91 97 
Ottcby, 136, 206 
Otterborne, 43 
Ouctrtd, 207 
Ousjlet, 281 
Overbury, 97, 158 

Oviatt, 12 
Owen, 11, 235, 268 
Ownstead, 158 
Oxford, 189 
Oxley, 45, 97 
Ox lei/, 43 

Pabenhani, 29 
Page, 171 
Page, 171 
Paget, 132 
Paggett, 241* 
Pakinton, 158, 190, 191 
Palfrey, 97 
Palmer, 22, 97 
Palmes, 128 
Panton, 97 
Pares, 104 
Paris, 135 
Parker, 167, 243 
Parkins. 168 
Parr, 235 
Parre, 97 
Parry, 158* 
Parrott, 10 
Parsons, 192 
Parterich, 13 
PaushuUe, 209 
Paulet, 77 
Paulovitch, 104 
Paulucci, 103 
Puuncevod, 272 
Paiudorie, '111 
Pawlett, 243 
Pawnchiefe, 165 
Payne, 27, 94 
Pai/iiei, 136* 
Pearle, 12 
Peat. 15S 
Pecche, 29 
Pa-he, 62, 270 
Peck, 98 
Peckham, 98 
Peebles, 144 
Pcingtone, 280 
Pelytot, 29 
Pemberton, 158 
Pembridge, 11, 12* 
Pembrok, 92 
Pen, 283 
Potbruye, 275* 
Penebrugge, 7 
Peuy father, 158 
Pennant, 158 
Pennington, 54, 194 
Penruddock, 171 
Ptti ruddock, 171 
Pcnzret, 278 
Pepys, 196 

Percy, 19, 158, 159*, 169, 
229, 231 



Pereival, 70, 159* 
/'i triers, 208 

1***1 k 1 7 r» 

IVi kins, ] 09 
IVrlr, 227 
lVr.s, 97 
Peahale, 33 
Pctre, 159*, 101 
Petun, 92 
l\ a /</, 208 
IVvnvl, 232 
/', ;/( rn y //, 136, 200 
Peyvere, 2^8 
Phelipps, 214 
PlnliOert, 123 
Pliilipson, 82 

Phillipofet, 157 
Phillips, 98, 159* 
Philpott, 1-10 
Ptchard, 270* 
Pickering, 130 
Picot, 29, 30, 207 
Pictrl. 102 

ricnopuiiiL, 124, 126, 1 LJS 
Pigott, 52, 150, 190 

Plkanl, 177 

Pindar, 159 
1'inkentye, 210 
P*/>r, 277 
Pireputyid t 280 
Pitt, 9S 
Tit/, 1 I 1 
I 'lay*. 121 
I'tuys, (JO 

Plantugeuet, 77 

Plaunclie, _!8 
ri ixtoii. 53 
Plcw, 31 

Pleyddl i)o«l, 230 
Piouitaur, 280 
Holt, 236 
Hampton, 125 
Plyinpton, 107 
Pockley, 262 
Poe, 98 

Poer, 215, 221, 288 
Poge, 257 

Poher, 215, 221, 288 
Pole, 33, 125 
Pale, 275, 279 
Jul, font, 273 
Pollard, 53 
Pol lex fen, 98 
Poi.icroy, 239 
l'uH&cyii) '27 5 
Puntnll, 134 

Poole, 8, 91, 159*, 192, 257 
Popluun, 18, 103 
Poplc, 230 
J'oplc, 236 

Porti*. 9 1 
Parte, 93 
Parte*-, 98 

Partington, 44, 52, 122 
Port man, 159 
Polon, 23 
Pouhior, 2S8 
Poulctt, 98 
Pouvre, 288 
Povere, 288 
Povre, 288 

Powell, 8*, 18, 84, 98, 159% 

Puwis, 98 
Powrc, 288 
Poygne, 5:1 
Poynes, 25 
Poynings, 77 
Poyiitz, 18, 29, 30, 227 
Prater, 230 
Prater, 236 
Pratt, 33, 98 
Preece, 17 
Preyers, 210 
Presse, 109 
Presto, Hi 7 
Preston, 25, 48 
Prestwych, 233 
Piettyinan, 98 
Price, 10* 

Prichard, 98*, 100, 159 
Prideaux, 203 
Prisebt, 44 
Probert, 04 
Proctor, 1 10 
Provender, 237 
/'/ ovender, 237 
Pry me, 58 
Puckering, 159 
Pulier, 215, 221 
Pulesdoue. 275 
Puleston, 158, 159* 
Pullein, 98, 205 
Purcell, 1 88, 191 
Purei'oy, 28 29 
Purves, 17 
Pyard, 108 
Pychard, 29, 30, 31 
Pycot, 134 
Pye, 159, 242 
Pye, 242 
Pyerse, 19 
Pykeritige, 280 
Pynkeneye, 232 
PyoLt, 159 
Pyray, 237 
Pyray, 237 
Pyrton, 211 

Quinten, 104 
Quinten, 237 
Quynton, 113 

Radelilie, 108, 111, 112, 
159*, 161* 

Raisbeek, 198 

Raleigh, 77 

Pandall, \M 

RatelilVe, 15!)* 

Ratelilfe ped, 201 

Hatendme. 273 

Rathbone, 159 

Ravenscroft, 159* 

Rawmarsh, 259 

Rawson, 70 

Rayney, 159 

Ueade, 1!) 

Reason, 230 

Redich, 238 

Redich, 238 

Redeman, 278 

Redman, 125, 191 

Remston, 125 

Rere.sby, 130, 257 

Resouti, 280 

Resunder, 233 

Reve, 95 

Itevcll, 100 

Pevnardson, 100 

Reyner, 151, 191 

Key-Rome, 103 

Revsey, 237 

Rhodes, 98 

Ribbeslord, 233 

Jit bites ford, 209 

Ri.card, 122 

Richard lb, 35, 30 

Richard 111., 210 ; Seize 

Quartiera of, 181 
Richards, 98, 100 
Richmond, 124*, 160 
Richmond, 193 
Rieketts, 10*, 17 
Pi.ldell, 288 
Ridel, 278 
Rider 98 
Rideware, 02 
Kingwood, 19, 105 
Riperia, 174 
Risky, 83, 137 
Riuir, 279 
Rival, 98 
Riviere, 226 
Roan, 160 
Robbins, 98 
Roberts, 14, 98 
Robyna, 191 

Robinson, 45, 48*, 98, 196, 

198, 240, 208 
Roche, 21 
Rochester, 144 
Rodes, 50, 160 
Roe, 202 
Roeelitf, 234 ! 
Rogers, 26, 93, 95, 98, 160, 

104, 238, 243 
Rogers, 238, 243 
Royinge, 59 
ttok, 233 



Rokewood, 235 

lloUes, 98 

Rolleston, 54 

Rolond, 30 

Rolston, 160 

Romayn, 227 

Romeny, 98 

Romesy, 231 

Roimiey, 160 

Rompney, 10 

Rookby, 160 

Rookes, 203 

Rook wood, 98 

Roos, 77, 126, 127, 130, 

231*, 265 
Roper, Ml, 160 
]{<>*, 131, 135, 208 
Romero we, 226 
RooeU, 58 
Rima, 19 
AW//, 210, 279 
Jiosmlyn, 59* 
Koswell ped., 239 
Rotherliani, 160 
Roumare, 142 
Rous, 273*, 281 
Rowe, 160*, 165 
Rowmvtll, 239 
Rudd, 43 
Rittjcmund, 280 
Russell, 82, 106, 160*, 163, 

225, 283 
Rutty, 25 
Rutland, 160, 202 
Ryce, 96, 171 
Ryche, 21 
Rye, 127, 257 
Kyloy, 239 
Jtijkp, 239 
Rymer, 164, 264 
Rymer, 164 
Ryvell, 177 
Ryzere, 135 

Sacheverell, 99*, 160 
Saekfeild, 240 
Sackvitte, 86, 160, 171, 

St. Andrew, 269 
St. Asaph, Bishop of, 160 
St. Hillary, 228 
St. John, 99, 160 
St. Reger, 76, 77 
St. Logic!', 229 
St Fhilibert, 129, 193, 195 
St. Pierre, 107, 108 
St. Quintm, 56, 132 
Solcsburs, 279 
Salisbury, 158, 176, 231, 

Saltmarshe, 53, 131 

Saltmcrhs, 136, 206 
Salueyn, 207 
Salvia, 16 
Satnsom, 207 
Saudebi, 136, 206 
Sanders, 283 
Sanderson, 57 
Sandey, 160 
Sands, 165 
Sandwell, 188 
Sandys, 197 
Sankey, 99 
Sanwys, 32 
Saperte, 154 
Sarnesfield, 7*. 9 
Samcsfu Id, «J 
Saunders, 191 
Saunderson, 50*, 85, 137, 

Saunford. 177 
Sa un ton, 136, 206 
Savage, 23, 99, 112 
Savile, 52, 54 
Savill, 45 
Sawyer, 160 
Say, 32 
Sayer, 99 
Scales, 31, 32, 31 
Suunbler, 160 
Scept ye, 133 
Schardelowe, 229 
Schejdd, 281 
SciiUe, '2.11 
Scisson, 6 1 
Selater, 99 
Scorali, 99 
Scot, 113, 232 
Scott, 99 
Scoular, 99 
Scroope, 127, 165 
Seudaniure, 10, 11, 160 
Seaborn, 12* 
Seatoun, 79 
Segrave, 173 
Segrave, 210*, 211* 
Segwyke, 22 
Sein Ley, 134 
8ej»n Alor, 272 
Seinquti/n, 280 
Selby, 160 
Seliock, 257 
Sellars, 99 
Selweys, 97 
Seunore, 23 
Serjaunt, 191 
Servhigton, 21 
Sewale, 23K 
Sewell, 161 

Seymore, 71, 75, 90, 2 13 

Sty more, 89 

Seymour, 160, 235 

Seynyorye., 62 

Scyn iorgc, 62 

Scynt Onweyn, 274, 275 

Seyre, 187* 
Shafto, 47 
Shakerley, 160 
Shalev, 167 
Shand, 99 
Shardelowe, 34 
Sharpe, 160 
Shaw, 99, 206 
Shetiield, 99 

Sherington, 157, 195, 241 
Shrrinytou, 195, 241 
Shelley, 240 
Shelley, 240 
Sherneld, 97 
Shepherd, 99, 132 
Sherard, 191 
Sherelill'e, 57 
Sherwood, 53, 99 
Shield, 200 
Shrewsbury, 160* 
Sibbctonr, 274 
Silva, 99 

Silvester, 45, 103 
Simpkinson, 102, 103, 101 
Simpson, 201, 205, 262, 

Simpson, 205 
Singleton, 83 
Si ward, 67 
Skilling, 241 
Shilling, 241 
Skipworth, 257 
Shop, 280 
Skryme, 17* 
Shiny, 162 
Slater, 255 
Slingsby, 131, 196 
Smelt, 203, 68 

Smith, Smyth, 13*, 24*, 
25, 53, 57, 70, 99*, 160, 
161*, 187, 188, 192 

Smithes, 161 

Smithfton, 58 

Snaweshill, 174 

Snell, 97, 242, 251 

Sneythe, 212 

Sneythe, 242 

Snoterle, 60 

Snydall, 53 

Soittone, 135 

Solace, 113 

Sombre, 99 

Somertield, 96 

Somerset, 73, 82, 159, 161, 

Somcri, 271 >\ 
Somery, 30 ! 
Sorwood, 53 
Sutewell, 213 
Sotheby, 128 
Sot hull 280 
Sol tone, 280 

Souch, Soweh, 22, 112, 169 



So uc fie, 269 

South, Sowth, lfiS, 1G9, 

239, 243 
»W/ S 2-13 
Southwell, 144 
Soux, 198 
Spafcchurst, 99 
Spencer, 18 r.0, 101, 192, 

Spittle, 192 
Spring, 99 
Spring, 208 
Springhose, 106 
Sproson, 161 
Sjiur.stowe, 99 
Spyng, 191 
S.juire, 99 
Squire, 93 
Stablea, 2C3 

SuiVonl, 33, Of), 161, 212, 

228*, 232 
Stakepol, 273 
Stamford, 73, 71 
Staues, !•!), 113* 
Stanhope, 161 
>Stanl<tue, '277 
Stanley, 22. 86*. 99, 161* 
Stansal, 255 
Stouter, 96 

Stopleton, 53, 123, 129- 

133, 1D3, 23Q 
StupletQH, 123, 129, 193, 


Starkey, 23, 157, 161, 210 

Staveley, 266 

Steare, 15 

Steiger, 99 

Sttipellotie, 276 

Stephens, 16* 

St ephy ns, 190, 191 

Steward, 161 

Stewart, 79 

St.u, 99, 100 

KMlUil, 161 

Stokes, 156, 170, 242 

Stone, 100 

St oner, 25 

Stones, 51 57, 202 

Stonor, 13 

Siopham, 208* 

S'ormyti, 275 

Style, 161*, 165 

Stytckeslegl^ 134 

Suaveuburgh, 15S 

Sudcle, 28 

SucUfley, 283 

Swim/ tone, 'JOS* 

Suffolk, f54, 161* 

fiuylnei'tone, 62 

Suyuebonrne, 277* 

Suleye, 271 

Sussex, 161* 

Sutton, 102, 108, 151, 161, 

Strachan, 99 
Stradling, 97*, 164 
Strang, 99 
Strange, 124 
S(ra>i;/e, 272* 
Stranleye, 231 
Striekland, 261 
Striklaude, 281 
Stringer, 161* 
Stuart, 161 
Stukeley, 203 
Stump, 22, 155 
Swaddon, 21 
Swafeld, 190 
Swaf field, 100 
Swanckton, 167 
Sweteuham, 109, 110 
Swift, 121 

Swinnerton, 161, 225 
Swinton, 161 
Swylyngton, 226 
Swi/tuford, 209* 
Syilrynton, 166 
Sykes, 49, 206 
Symber, 91 
Si/mon, 136 
Symonds, 165 
Sywol.lehy, 171 

Tailbois, 234, 235 
Taillour, 190, 192 
Talbot, 100, 132, 161, 195, 

202, 203 
T abbot, 272, 278 
Tallant, 100 
Tamworth, 161 
Tankard, 203 
Tat ham, 10 1 
Taylor, 100*, 159, 212 
Ti-inus, 72 
Temmes, 26 
Tempest, 130 
Temple, 100, 161*, 162* 


Tennant, 198 
Teveray, 175 
Tevery, 161 
Teverton, 231 
Teynham, 161 
rhjttexhale, 279 
Theyn, 72 
Thirkeld, 130 
Thuvhet, 210 
Thomas, 90, 100 
Thoinlinson, 262, 265, 267 
Tfiomiinson, 262, 265, 267 
Thompson, 100*, 194 
Thony, 279 
Thorley, 199 
Thorn, 256 
Thorn hagh, 162 

Thornhulle, 31 
Thornton, 227, 265 
Thorold, 162 
Thorpe, 100, 162 
Thriston, 190, 192 
Thwaites, 52, 100 
Thwetige, 238 
Thynne, 72 
Tiehborne, 22, 88 
Tilston, 162 
Tindall, 70, 162* 
Tingri, 151 
Todenham, 34*, 229 
Toft, 110 
To! son, 100 
Tolthorp, 31 
Tompkins, 1 1 
Tompson, 83 
Tonic, 184 
Topclilfo, 227, 285 
Topham, 196 
Topping, 188 
Torbervile, 274 
Torney, 93 
Tornielli, 108 
Turuiie, 271* 
Totty, 162 
Touk, 62 

Towneley, 45, 254 
Townsend, 192 
Tracy, 11 
Tract/, 271 
Tratford, 162* 
Trapnell, 27 
Traptu H, 27 
Traps, 204 
Trcutiitone, 136 
Trench, 100 
Trerigrove, 100 
Trentham, 257 
7/ ompintoue, 6 1 
Twitehin, 102 
Tropnell, 93 
Trass,/, 210 
Trout heck, 256 
Trussel, 227, 231 
Try, 9 

Trymmol, 21 1 
Tuam, 140 
Tucke, 2 10 
Tudenham, 176 
Tunstall, 130 
Tunsted, 255 
Turbervile, 100 
Turkill, 67 

Turner, 48, 49, 59, 100*, 

Tussingham, 71 
Tui/J'urdt: f 270 ■ 
Twigge, 259 
Twining, 70 
Twisleton, 132 
Twynyhoe, 24, 91 
Twywden, 161, 268 



Tykebi, 269 
Tyken, 239 
Tyiden, 14, 15 
Tyllol, 281 
Tyrconnell, 100* 
Tyrel, 30, 31, 1-42 
Tyrel, 274 
Tyrwhit, 235, 255 
Tyryngham, 31, 162 
Tyson, 266 
Tyvve, 29 

Uene, 274 
Ulgeri, 151 
Unetfc, 10 
Upton, 9 
HrUui, 131 
Uatieke, 100 
Usllete, 130 
Vsjlete, 129, 193, 195 

Valance, 100 
Valeres, 272 
Vail, 241 
Vane, 100 
Vassall, 100 

Vaughan, 12, 13, 88, 90, 

104, 235 
Vans, 59, 134, 271 
Vauz, 165 

Vavasour, 44, 12 J*, 190, 

Vavasour, 43 
Veer, 271* 
Veil, 162 

Venables, 110*, 162 

Venour, 134 

Vep&und, 208 

VrrdoitH, 209 

Verdun, 271 

Verinuyden, 100 

Vernev, 137, 162, 189*. 

190*, 191 
Vernon, 1 1 1 
Vesey, 130 
Viel, 23 
Vignier, 102 
filers, 134 
Villiers, 84 
Vincent, 215 
Vinsley, 11 
Voltaire, 102 
Vyolett, 100 

Wade, 100*, 288 
Wadede, 208 
Watlluuu, 162* 
VVmleliull, 70 

Wadley, 140, 243 
Wagner, 103 
Wahull, 70 
Waight, 168, 169 
Wailes, 266 
Wainwright, 162 
Wake, 30, 31, 142, 176 
Wake, 207* 
Wakebrugge. 33 
Walbye, 90 
Wale, 210 
Waleys, 280 
Wales, Prince of, 189 
Walkendon, 159 
Walk, fare, 60 
Walker, 167 
Walkingham, 281 
Wall, 82, 101, 162* 
Walle, 243 

Waller, 162, 197*, 214 
Walroud, 16S, 183, 236, 

Walsingham, 101, 211 
Waiting ham, 01 
Walton, 96, 170 
Waltone, 278 
Walweyn, 9 
Wanborough, 151 
Wandesford, 32, 33, 101 
J fa tit one, 273 

Warburton, 83, 153, 162*, 

Ward, 101*, 130 
Warde, 162, 232 
Warde, 207, 279 
Warhani, 76 
Waring, 101 
Warnell, 165 
Warnet, 155 
Warnford, 242 
Warren. 101 
Warton, 195 

Warwick, 28, 67, 187, 1S8 
Washington, 144, 162 
Wasteneys, 49 
Wastenet/s, 276, 277 
Waterford, 101 
Waterlaud, 59 
Watkins, 47, 168*, 169 
Watktm, 169 
Watson, 53, 55 
Watton, 101 
Watts, 18, 49, 101, 162 
VVattson, 162 
JVauncy, 210 
Waure, 225 
Way loud, 21 
Wayte, 43, 163 
Wayte, 43 
Weare, 21, 165 
Webbe, 15, 16, 170, 195, 

Weddell, 261* 
Weld, 70, 162 

Wei ford, 10 

Welynytone, 273 
Well, 135 
Wellcr, 101 
Welles, 77 
Wei lis, 188 

Wells, 101, 113, 168, 169, 

Welsted, 89 
Wem me, 276 
Wenham, 140 
Wenman, 140 
Werden, 162 
Westbury, 239 
Westby, 101 
Wesselowski ped., 102 
Westmorland, 127 
West. mi, S, 16, 229 
IVeston, 16 
Westropp, 260 
Weyer, 277 
Whalley, 255 
Wharton, 101 
Wheatley, 122 
Whenby, 204 
Whetaker, lt>6 
Whistle, 19 
Whitaker, 210 
Wlutakcr, 239 
Whitby, 162* 
White, 101*, 104, 162* 
Whitehead, 162 
Whitewell, 30 
Whitmore, 83, 101*, 109 

111, 162 
Whittingham, 162 
Whittington, 9 
Whittokesmeade, 23 

Whittokesmead, 23 

Whorewood, 15, 163 

Wickham, 133 

Wigmore, 12 

VVilbraham, 86, 163* 

Wilcockson, 163 

Wilkinson, 159, 202 

Willemetcote, 273 

Willes, 24 

William, 73, 74 

Williams, 15, 17, 90, 101* 
163*, 188 

Wellington, 138 

Willmot, 144 

Willoughby. 21, 22, 101* 

163*, 226, 253 
Wi'son, 206 
Wilton, E. of, 55 
Wiltshire, 65 
lViuce.itre, 279 
Winchcombe, 95 
Wincoll, 157 
Windsor, 124, 165 
Wing, 101 
Winglield, 57, 109 

Winter, 13, 14 
Wintersbull, 210 
Wintour, 15 
Wise, 57 
Wiseman, 103 
Wixham, 272 
Withaere, 270 
Withain, 15 
Wittemge, 275 
Wode, iou 
Wolascote, 229 
Wood, 101* 163, 263* 
Woodcock, 20 
Wood roof e, 21, 158 
Woodrove, 258 
Woodshawe, 94 
AVoudyeare, 101 
Woplhouse, 163 
Woosey, 101 
Wolfe, "71 
Wollaston, 71 
Wolley, 163 
Wolstenholme, 163 
Wotw.irdtitgiane, 270 
Worcester, 163* 


Worslcy, 16, 159, 167, 238, 

Ifortele, 208 
Wortley, 256 
Wray, 71, 256 
W rotten, 204 
Wright, 156, 163* 
Wrotesley, 97* 
Wrottesley, 164 
Wroughton, 239 
Wy\ 61 
Wyat, 189 
Wy brants, 101 
Wy chard, 176* 
Wyche, 163 
Wyeliffe, 198 
Wydelok, 172, 173 
Wydville, Elizabeth, Seize 

Quartiers of, 24 4 
Wye, 11 
Wyer, 188, 191 
Wvkes, 94 
Wyking, 25 
Wylin, 107 
I Wvniondesold, 163 


Wymyngton, 110 
Wyndcsore, 196 
Wynfeld, 32 
Wynne, 163* 
Wyng si>/ (/tone, 274 
Wyot, 130 
Wynlen, 159 
Wythyford, 229 

Yatyngedene, 106, 231 
Ylleye, 136, 206 
Yi/goldyorp, 60 
Yonge, 64, 167 
York, 163, 267 
Young. 266 

Ze/oul, 61 
Zoltone, 208 



An asterisk (*) after a number denotes that the name occurs more than once on 
that page. 

Abbott Barton, 284 
Abergavenny, 90, 98 
Aberystwth, 1 7 
Abyngton, 33 
Acklam, 201 
Act Dii, 18 
Agbiigg, 52 
Agecroft, 86 
Aylesbury, 66, 187, 188, 

Ayrshire, 68, 288 
A 1 borne, 236 

Alcannynge, 21, 170, 237, 

Aldborough, 132*, 197 

Aldbrough, 56* 

A Met ton, 170 

AldwaUUey, 263 

A Id wark, 255*, 256*, 258, 

Alfreton, 51 
Aliugton, 189 
Alkham, 87 
Allerthorpe, 261 
Allerton, 263 
AllHaaton, 13 
Ailing ton, 237 
Allwoodley, 44 
Aluul.'v, 14, If) 
Aljwoley Tastle, 9 
Alnumdlmry, 200*, 201*, 

Alnwick 132 
Alresford, 144 
Alsford, 22 
Altofts, 127 
Alton, 27 
Altringham, 230 
Am.fd.ei, 127 
Arnblecotf, 228 
America, 287 
Ainesbury, 91, 168, 169, 

237, 213 
Ampthill, 28 1 
Anistertlam, 101 
Andover, 23, 213 
Anglesey, 97, 101, 287 
Angniin, 5(5 
Antrim, 67 

Apsley, 283 
Arden, 203 
Ards, 71 
Arkeilby, 171 
Ashdon, 211 
Ashe, 90 

Ashley, 83, 81*, 97* 
Ashton, 26 
Ashton Keynes, 89 
Ashwellthorpe, 23.") 
Aske, 1:51 
Asshoverne. 32 
Aston, 82, 255*, 257, 

Aswarby) 64 
Attebere, 231 
Afctereliffe, 50 
Auborne, 133 
Anghton, 101 
Austhorp, 44 
Australia, 7 1 
Austrop, 13* 
Aveley, 82 
Axbridge, 64, 65 

Hack ford, S3 
Bad uians ton, 169 
Bad my n ton, !»7 
Hadwoith, 57 
Bag by, 266 
Baynton, 170 
Bakovvell, 59, 259 
Baldon, 212 
Ballyowen, 76 
Balmes, 101* 
Balue, 53 
Banbury, 282 
Ban eke. 121, 122* 
Bangor, 82 
Bannoekburn, 121 
Bapton, 90, 96 
Barcluston, 1.38 
Barholiue wit h Stow, 1 42 
Barketston Ashe, 253 
Barking ; 87, 88, 100 

Barleby, 263 
Barleborough, 255 
Bailey, 132 
Barlow, 82 
Barmston, 133 
Barnbow, 128 
Barnby, 122 
Barneby super Dun, 44 
Barnoldswick, 51 
Barton, 97 

Barton under Need wood, 

Basing Byflett, 213 
Basyngwek, 112 
Batcombe, 95 
Bath, 239, 256, 257, 286 
Bathampton, 169* 
Bathauiton Weley, 168 
Batley, 52, 53*, 51, 55*, 

Beaconsfield, 1 97 
Beamsley, 202 
Beaudesert, 28 
Beckonsfeild, 22 
Bedale. 124* 
Bedall, 123 

Bedford, 138, 2S3\ 284* 

Bedfordshire, 18, 63* 

Beedall, 100 

Bccrton, 1S9 

Beeston, 1 1, 83* 

Beltield, 55 

Belgium, 287 

Benegar, 23 

Bentley, 50, 241 

Bemvell, 47 

Berewyk, 177 

Berkshire, ,0, 22, 23*, 26, 

32, 86, 88, 91, 92\ 95, 

101, 16S, 16.9. 
Berks, 187, 198, 212, 23<i* 
Berton, 34, 229 
Berwick St. .John, 90 
Bessely, 92 . 
Bevau, 1 1 

Beverley, 193, 195, 283 
BewinaroH, 101 
BewKcy Hall, 20 
Bideford, 28 1 



Bidford, 140 

Bideston, 170, 242 

Bighton, 99 

Bikerton, 234 

Billingly, 57 

Bilsden, 99 

Hilton, 132, 2G5* 

Bindon, 94 

Binfie'ld. 1S7 

Bingham, 127 

liiid forth, 202, 265*, 2GG* 

Bhkbye, 238 

Bhstal, 51 

Biithwaite, 256 

Birth wait.- Hill, 15 

lliiis ,(,,,,, 10 , 

IJishupfiilt, 201 *, 202* 
Bishops ( 'auuings, 2 13 
Bishops' Castle, 71 
Bishops Sutton, 14 4 
Bishopstun, )S8 
Bisphain, 83 
BlackHarony, 217 
Blackburn, 19!) 
Blacklhndt, 108 
Blaokmoore I'ark, 8 
Blake, OS 

Bkndford, 93*, 95 
Blewberye, 2S'S 
iUisw.M t'h. 17t> 
BluiuMon, 89* 
Blythe, 50 
Boelande, 32 
Bodenhiwn, 10 
Boy n toil, 201 
Bold, 83 
Bolton, 127 

BonmgUUridge, 193, 190, 

Boseoinbi% 21* 

r.oscwi.itii, no 

Bosloy, 13 

Boston, 17 

Ihwwythgyi 220 

Boudeby, 228 

Boughton, 8<i 

Boughton Mourhelsea, 98 

Boulogne, 2 hi, 288 

Boultoil, I3!t 

lioxe, 97 

Braekley, 1 40 

Bradewall, 110 

Bradfeild, 50, 72 

Hi -ai, 20, 93, 95, 170, 

23S, 2i.19* ; , 213 
I'.i ul..n, 237', 201 
Braintree, ''5 

Bray ton, 202t,-2^3*, 201* 
Brumhouv, S8 
Biaiul.ope, 132, 190 
I'.raml.-y, 25!) 
Brampton, 8 I, 257, £G(j 
BrntimlttUi 33, 228 

Bramshot, 144 
Brecknock, co., 90 
Brecon, 1 
Bremhill, 20 
Brentwood. 05 
Bvettersholt, 84 
Bretton, 201* 
Brickhill, 49* 
Briddesthorn, 192 
Bridge Solera, 9 
Bridgewater, 283, 288 
Brightwell, 197* 
Brimington, 255 
Brington, 101* 
Bristol, 73, 7 1, 7 >, 99, 140, 

1!)7, 2SG 
I hist owe, 91, 95, 239 
Brittany, OS 
Jinttam/, 129, 193, 195 
Brode Kysington, 20 
Bromley, 81 
Bromslndf, 33 
Bromyard, 82 
lirosterlield, 58 
liroughton, 9), 170, 23S, 


Broughton Gytford, 27 

Brbxborne, 95 

Broxwood Court, 10 

Bruen Stapleford, 8 1 

Brugge, 9, 1 1 

Brumhain, 1"0 

Brunton, 200 

liryn, 88* 

Brynkwoith, 238 

Bubton, 238* 

Buckingham, 2S5 

Buckinghamshire, 20, 31, 
Id, 49, 00, 85, 88. 92, y», 
129, 137, 172, 175, 177, 
18S, 191, 197, 20 I 

Buckland, 32 

Buckttm, 18*' 

Budworih, 23 

Bulfoj-d, 22, UK) 

Bunker's Hill, 197 

Bury, OKI, 20 

Buj-ford, 89 

Burgatej 18* 

lim n, 202*, 203* 

Burning-ham, 195 

Bui-port, 94 

Barrel], 100 

Burthwait, 8 1 

Burton, 91, 92 

Burton Agues, 5(5 

Burton Joyce, 1 20, 1 27 

Buttis, lo'* 

Byerley, 13 

Bvgrave, 30 

By (son, 170 

Cadddk, 03 

Ca,ddenham, 95 

Cadnam, 97 

Calais, 193 

Calleys, 211 

Calne, 92, ICS* 

Ualnc, 20 

Calston, 108" 

Calthorn, 121, 122* 

Calveley, 80 

Cam bray, 129 

Cambridge, 99, 137, 283* 
281 ; St. John's Coll., 
263 ; Jesus Coll., 202* 

Cambridgeshire, 100, 194 

Canada, OS*, 70 

Can no, 92 

Cannings, 20*, 239 

Canon Byoii, 9, 10 

Canterbury, 81, 80, 101, 
10 I, 285 

Cape Colony, 09 

Cape Town, 08 

Carden, 87 

Carington, 18 

Carlisle, 201 

Carlton, 123, 121, 125*, 

120*, 127*, 128, 12!)* 
Carmarthenshire, 235 
Carnarvonshire, 287 
Can-house, 49, 50, 51 
Carshalton, 151 
Castelcombe, 2 12 
Castle Jordan, 88 
Castleton, 51 
Caston, 287 
Catfosse, 14 
Cattail, 203 
Caurden, 87 
Cawthorne, 50', 122 
Cawvile, 93 
Caxton, 137 
Cessaeotte, 13!) 
Chaleombe, 125 
Chaliield, 93 
Chainbre, 51 
Channel Islands, 1 13 
Charborne, 2 13 
Charlton Kings, 1 i) 
Chavyld, 27 
Checkley, 251, 255 
Chedle, 111 
Chelsea, 196* 
Cheltenham, 137 
Chorell, his 
Cheselhorn.o, 92 
( Jhesewardyn, 1 75 
Chesliatn, 85, 188 
Cheshire, 18, 23 *, 72, 80, 

84*, 85*, So*, 87*, 88* 

107*, 108*, 110* 
Cheshire, 1 I 1 f , 112', 113, 

120, 2;; I, 238, 'j/5 
Chcshunt, 113 
( 'hcssonbui y, 92 



Chester, 65, 81*, 82*, 83*, 
84*, 85*, 86, 87* 88*, 
112, 230 

CliesterhVlt!. 200*, ':. r )4, 
255", 25$* 257*, 258 

Chesterford, 101 

Clveveld, 27 

Cheveley, 86 

Clievell, 91 

Chykeneye, 232 

Chilhampton, 26 

Chilinarko, 95 

Chilston, 13 

Ghflterne, 89* 

China, 2S7 

Ohyhnock, 95 

Chipenham, 237 

Chisenball, 85 

Chittowe, 207 
Churton, 83 
Chute, 22, 23, 243 
Christchurch, 27, 143 
Cirencester, 137 
Chick, 91 
Claphain, 201 
Clare, 285 
Clayton, 85 
Cleineiithorpe, 130 
Cleve, 92 
Cleveland, 47 
Cliffc, 91, 102, 20:5 
Cliftonn, 25 
Olotherham. 52 
Clouville, 92 
Cloventnillon, 195 
Clownes. 98 
Clyio, 12 
Clyton, 111 
Goate, 170 
Cobcroft, 201 
Cbbham, 102. 189 
Coekglode, 259 
Cokiugton, 05 
Colbarwiek, 23 
Cold Ashby, 180, 187 
Coleford, 64 
Coleshill, 236 
Collyfurd, 239 
Collingborne, 22. 20 
Colne Engayne, 29 
Coltishall, 70 
Colton, 57 
Coluuib, 05 
Colmnpton. 65, 60 
Coiiibelilory, 25 
C« >mpton Chamberlay ne, 

Compton Marty n, 30, 31 
Constable Burton, 132 
Copley, 18 
Copmanthorpe, 190 
Coil -oil, 285 
Corfu Castle, 230 
Corfton, 228 

Cornwall, 03, 04*, 65, 72, 
82*, 100, 137, 213, 220 

Gorton, 169*, 170 

Cory Mallrtt. "JO 

Cottells, 91 

Cottella Alvvorth, 27 

Cotes, 112 

Cottesford, 22 

Cottingham, 130 

Cotton, 85 

Courts 68 

Cowarne, 14 

Cowesby, 234 

Cowthoipe, 23 4 

Cratfield, 212 

Craven, 43 

Crekhowell, 90 

Creeswell, 1 

Croconibu, 00 

Crosland, 19!), 201* 

Croxdale, 10 

Crosden, 25 1, 255 

Cubbington, 21 5 

Cuckfield, 139 

Cumberland, 125, 130,171*, 

Curraheen, 287 

Daresbury, 23 

Darley, 25:5, 2o7 

Dartford, ."53, 82, 80 

Davenport, 80 

Daventry, 137, 138 

1 )ebuam, 87 

1 )enbv, 57 

Denbigh, 101, 282 

Denbighshire, 83, 87 

benehworth, 2:5, 2 1, 20 

Dunham, 138 

Derteford, 33 

Denton, 19 I 

Denzelstoun, OS 

Derby, 120, 127, 200, 258 

Derbyshire. 32, 57,'5S*, 59, 
82, 83, 84, 85*, 87* 99, 
101, 120, 175, 206*, 238. 
253, 254*. 255, 250, 257* 

Derham, 211 

Dethiek, 83, 255 

Devereux Wooton, 8 

Devizes, 19, 2 1 

Devizes, 24 

Devonshire. 25, 63*, 65*, 
00*, 68, 88, 98, 120, 
137*, 139*, 215, 237,239, 
211, 282*, 284, 285 

Dewsbury, 51, 144 

Dickering, 200 

Dilton, 10 

Dihvyn, 14, 15, 18 

Din more, 16 

Doddington, 25 
Dodyngton, 175 
Doncaster, 52, 54, 55, 64, 

99, 139 
Don ed marie, 236 
Donegore, 67 
Donlineh, 9^ 
Dorking, 103 
Dormedeswell. 28 4 
Dorney, 88 

Dorsetshire, 19,27. 31, 34, 
03, 80, 90*, 92*, 94*, 95, 
90*. 113, 139*, 169, 225, 
226, 236, 237*, 238 

Dover, 101 

Doway, 129 

Downe Amny, 96*, 97 

Dracott, 95 

Draycott, 238, 241 

Draycott Selweys, 96 

Draycott Sterne, 97 

Drayton, 174 

Draix, 124 

Drew ton, 263 

Dioitwieh, 264 

Dronfield, 50, 87 

Dublin, 100, 19 1, 200 

Duekinfeld, 86* 

Dumbartonshire, 08 

Dunham, 139, 22(5, 230 

Dunhead, 92 

Dunstansville, 177 

Durham. 10, -4 7, 48, 83* 
190, 198, 201, 283, 285 

Dynnington, 13 

Eardisland, 1 4 
Earswiek, 20 1 
East Grimstead, 139*', 283 
Eaton, 88 

Eeelestield, 57*, 58*, 250, 

258*, 259* 
Eccleshale, 225 
Eel es ton, 83 
Edeston, 227 
Edinburgh, 78, 79 
Edmonton, 101 
Egleskott, 92 
Elberton, 99 
Elingham, 212 
Ellenhall, 230 
Ellinghain, 170 
Ehnhirst, 121 
Elmor, 28 
Elphin, 87 
Elsham, 88' 
Klton, 193, 253 
Einburton, 31 
Kmelye, 132 
Emley, 55 
Erehel'ount, 27 



Erneley, 20 

Essex, 29, 30, 03*, 05*. 

82, SI, 87, 88, 92, 98. 

99*, 100*, 104, 137, 138, 

211, 214, 232. 211*, 282, 

Eaterton, 18 
Eatgarten, 233 
Kston, 177, 242 
Ftherdwick, 50* 
Eton Water, 230 
Ettiick, 217 
Eustou, 235 
Everingham, 131, 195 
Evesham, 98 
Evitkornv, 90 
Ewelme, 21 

Exeter, 03*, 05*, 00, 97, 

101, 137*, 139*, 281 
Eyeuto, 100 
Kynosford, 112 
Eytun, 18, 175 

Kalaliill, 217 
Farney, 17 
Farnham. 1 I 
Fastou; 239 
Fauntell Gyfford, 93 
Fawley, 20 
Faxton, 281 
Felk, 139 
Fermanagh, 98 
Kurriliy, 128 
Fewstmi, 133 
Fife, 40 
Fifyde, 33 
Filey, 50* 
Finborungh, 71 
Firboek, 57 
Firsby, 101 
Pubertal) 90 
Pisherton Ager, 91 
Fittleford, 90 
Flamburgh, 125 
Flaniborough, 235 
Flanders, 15 
Fledbtmmgh, 235 
Fleteinarston, 192 
Flintshire, 1 I, 83, 87 
Flock tun, 122 
Plodder*, 08, 78, 120, 130 
Fonthill, 92, 170 
Fontil Gilford, 177 
Poolowj 253 
Fordeo, 40 
Pordiiighaiii, 2G2 
Forenaglita, 7 1 
Fouuteyne, 19, 23 
Frankendal), 144 
Frickley, 128 
Frome Selwood, 236 

Fry ton, 200 
Froyle, 19 

Fulham, 191*, 195, 201 
Pulsion, 171 

Gailes, 198 

Gainsborough, 233, 234 
Gameleston, 230 
GaniM-y, 91 
Gate-ford, 203 
Gavvswol-th, 87, 109 

Gedney, 77 

Qeafingthorpe. 101 

Gibraltar, 72, 101 

Gildenmoi den, 3 1 

GilliiighaiUj 97, 109* 

Qilston, 88 

GisHeluirttei 229 

Givendalo, 130 

Glencarne, 10 

Ulentworth, 250* 

Gloucester, 01*, 101. 137*, 
2S3*, 285 

Gloucestershire, 9 \ 1 0*, i 
11, 18, ji), 20, 28, S9\ 
91 \ 90*, 97, 9!), Io0, I 
101*. 212, 227, 23b, 272, 

God madam, 283 

Godstone. 87 

Goldale, 203* 

Golden Grove, 235 

Goodnosl on, 80 

( lorlyn, 2 Hi 

Gosport, 93 

Gousewoith, 109, 230 

Grange, 88 

Grant, 09 

Graveseud, 88 

G reasborough, 51 

Greene, 239, 2 K) 

Greuehead, 201. 202 

Greenwich, 03, 104 

( 1 regory, 1 1 

Grey Bridge*, 2S3 

Groby, 09 

Grosmont, 1 9 1 

Guernsey, 9 1 

Guildhall, 212 

Guisborough, 48 

Guiseley, 130 

Guinfrcyston, 172 

Gunby, 127 

CJ unth way t, 51 

Qylcmn, 287 

Hacche, 171, 213 
Haccomb, 03* 
Hackington, 113 

Hackney, 101 
Haddlesey, 123 
Iladlcsey, 203 
lladley, 195 
11 age, 101, 257 
Hague, 58 
Hainault, 71 
Hale. 171, 230 
Hallaston, 13 
Hailing, 85 
Halsham, 131, 173 
Hal tun, 83, 208 
Hani, 19 
Hambleton. 203 
Hameiton, 13S 
Hiimmersmith, 10 
Hampnett, 91 

I [amps-hire, 1 8 
Hampstead, 19, 22, 20, 99, 

1 13, 1 70, 238, 241, 242", 

Hampton, 81, 108 
Hamilton Bishop, 12 
Hampton in Arderne, 29 
Hanborough, 101 
Hanenden, 212 
Hanewall, 111 
Hanger, 20 
Uaiikelow, S3 
Hauleye, 33 
Happisford, S3 
Harborough, 215 
Hareourt, 20 
HareWood, 125 
llardmede, 137 
HardvvioK, 9, 188, 191, 257 
Harlow, 283 

I I iU'petre, 25* 
Harpham, 50, 132 
Harpsden, 190 
Harrow, 101* 
Hart, 53 
Haitain, 237 
Hartahorne, 253 
llaryngeworth, 112 
Haaelborow, 257 
Hasland, 123*, 127 
lla.s-op, 87 
Hastings, 103 
Hatch, 171 

Hal chain Barnes, 190 
Hatfield, 03, 05, 195 
Hathelsay, 124, 203 
Hatton, 80* 
Hautbois, 70 
llawkhurst, 98 
Hawkeswortb,, 200 
Uawsted, 80 
Ha/dewood, 121 
Hoadingley, 100 
Heaton, 55, 09 
Heck, 122 
Hedingham, 102 
Helu, 20 



Hell Meld Peel, 131 
Ifellin^ley, '2-11 
Helnusley, 202, 2u3*, 261 
IMjrtiy, 171 ' 
Mkdtlnvaile, 57' 
lleiiisley, 202, 238 
Hemsworth, 57 
Hen 1 by oh Thames, 03 
Hehfchoine; 240 
Henton Mare, 96 
Hereford, 172 
Herefordshire, S, 0, 7-17, 

82, 95, 102, 1 13, 216, 


Herstmoneenx, 1 0- > 
Hertfoidshire, 29, 30, 08*, 

65, 88, 1 13, 111, 214, 


Hert*borne, 243 
Hertwell, 188 
H<&etbrok, 28 
Heslerton, 44 
Hessle, 53 
Hetherdeane, 20 
Heveiiinghtun, 65 
Heyes, !•!» 
Hey thorp, 236 
Higham, 2.'»7 
Highgale, 10 1, 213, 287* 
Highlow, 87" 
Highwaye, 20 
Hildeverill, 2 10 
Hil-deveiill, 94 
lliltingbury, 20 
Miltounbury, 20 
Hinton St. George, 98 
Holbeck, 263 
Holderness, 131 
Hollonton, 93 
Hollyinoiint, 68 
Holme, 53, 67, 68 
Holme I'ierpont. 128 
Holm l.aov," 1 1 • 
llolinsley, 202 

n,.it, 88 

Hoole, 81 

» (>'(-«-, 16, 25G, 258* 
Hopley, 13 
Hornby, l'J6 
Horncastle, 137 
Horndoii, 8 1 
Horideye, 33 
llornsey;, 43, 1 1 
I lornyngsham, 96 
llor.-liiim, 139 
Hoisley, 85, 92 
Hotham, 53* 
Hotherselt, 51 
Hot hom, 227 
Houghton, 203, 263 
H.M.I. hour, 12 
Hovingham, 130, 258 
Howley, 54 

Huddor*iieId, 51*, 126. 201 

Hull, 59, 259 
1 1 ullavifigton, 93 
1 1 ul i. hi, 55 

Huiimanby, 260, 261*, 262* 
!lonting<hin, 17, 18, 138, 

1 13 
1 1 now iek, 20 
Hurst Moneeaux, 194 
Hutchenson, 260 
Hutton, 4 8 
Hutton IJushel, 261 
Hutton I'arke, 51 
Huxley, 83 
II yms worth, 51 

reombe, 9 
Idsworth, 26 
lfoid, ]«.(, 95*, 239 
Ilminster, 283 
Imber, 90, 96 
Inchbrakie, 68 
rngersgill, 133 
Ingham, 12 1*, 125* 
Ingleby, 46, 47* 48*, 49* 
Ingmanthorpe, 1 30, 265 
Ireland, 51, 68. 88. 9!)*, 
1D1, 132, 140, 194, 215, 
260, 287 
Isell, 10 1 
Ishill, 77 
Isleworth, 213 
Italy, 69 

Keldholme, 124, 230 

Kelton, 131 

Keinesynges, 176 

Kendal, 65 

Kcnilworth, 215 

Kensington, 101,1 96 

Kent, 10, 21, 31, 33, 63*, 
82* 84, 86, 87, 97, 98*, 
101*, 102, 112, 143*, 
176, 189, 239, 240 

Kentchurch, 10 

Kent mens, 12 1, 125 

Kent well Hall, 48 
Ketelby, 255 

Ketilby, 234 ■ 
Kevell, 95 
Kevyll, 242 
Keylvvey, 242 
Keynton, 238 
Kiddal, 44 
Kilkenny, 68 
Killinghall, 265 
Kiraberworth, 205 
Kincardine, 68 

Kingwooil, 168 
Kingslaud, 102 
Kingston, 201 
Kingston, St. Myehella, 97 
Kington, 11, 212 
Kinlct, 9 
Kipling, 200 
Kirkby, 65, 99, 112, 198 
Kirkby Fleetham, 124 
Kirkby Misterton, 227 
Kiikby Moor.side, 12 1, 266 
Kirk lira in wi I li, 201 , 202 
Kirkfby wy.-k, 176 
Kirkington, 1 Ul 
Kirkley, 58 
Kirklington, 255 
Kirkskill, 202 
Knelle, 113 
Knightsbrook, 70 
Knoyle, 95* 
Knokyn, 1 2 1 
Kynderton, 110* 
Kyuebelle, 172 

Lackham, 132. 196 

Lacock, 182, 170, 195, 196 

Liteoek Abbey, 132 

Lambeth, 100 

Lancashire, 22, 51, 54, 55*, 
80, 82* 83*, 84, 85*, 
86, 88*, 101, 139 143, 
23S*, 289, 210, 260*, 

Langford Burford, 21 
Langhbargh, 46 
Langley, 20, 70 
Langley Burrell, 242 
Langovell, 100 
Langscales, 260 
Langthorpe, 128 
Langton, 49*, 133 
Lansdowne, 286 
Lanthony, 28 
Lastingham, 284 
Lattou, 286 
Launceston, 64, 65 
Laughton, 87 
Lavington, 23, 24, 26 
Lawtonshopu, 0, 10* 
Laxton, 126, 127 
Laynston, 2 1 
Lea, 84 
Led.sham, 258 
Leeds, 44, 188, 205, 259, 

Legers Ashbye, 138 
Leicestershire, 20, 70, 99, 

104, 138, 111, 174, 176, 

210, 215, 285 
Leith, 79 
Lellcltseyc, 1 73 



Leominster, 12 
Levercomb, 00 
Lewed, 139, 211, 'ill' 
Lewston, Do' 
Ley, 84 
Leysdon, 31 
Lidney, 13 
Lights Cary, 91 
Liirhtwoml, 49, 50 
Lilford, 1 I -J 
Liuaere, 257 

Lincoln. 61* 99, 137, 138, 
■203, 21 li, 250. 2S3, 281 

Lincolnshire, 19, 82, 133, 
137% 1 12, 195, 220, 251, 
2f> 7 

Lindsay, 1-6 

Lin.licld, 233 

Linton, 127, 00 

Liversdttge, 120, 131 

Llanarmon, 14* 

Llandatr, 10 1 

Llanthew, Li 
Lloyuddee, !»8 
Locknaw, 07 
L<>! i, f>2 
Loiideiiboroiigfr, 130, 202 
Lon.lon, 20*, 23, 2 1*, 40, 

5 ;, 03, 83*, 84, 85*, 86, 

87, 96*, y&*\ !'!), 100*, 
101* 187, 204, 212,241*, 
201, 201*, 283, 287; 
Christ ('hurch, Newgate 
St., 223 ; Cnil.lhall, 139 ; 
llolborn, 1, 282 ; Inner 
Temple, Li, 127, 132, 
190, 258 ; St. Andrew's, 
lloll.oin, 15, 98; St. 
Ann's, Blackfriars, 99; 
St. Bride's, 98 ; St. Dun- 
staii'a, List, 99, West, 
200 ; St (lili'.s', 102 ; St. 
(liW, Urippltigate, 132, 
256 ; St. Giles in Fields, 
235 ; St. .las. Garlick, 
Hythe, 93 ; St. Martina 
in Fields, 100 ; St, 
.Martin, Orgars, 93 ; St. 
Martin's, Ontwuli, 98 ; 
SI. Mary, Ahlernnuy. 18; 
St. le Strand, 235 ; 

St. Sepulehivs, 100 J 

Staple Inn, 92 
Longcrot'ts, 07 
Long.-tone, 59 
Lostok-GrnMiam, 110 
Loudham, 253 
Lough, 90 
I. on tli, 2S3 
L.udliam. 101 
Luc ton, 12 
Luueiiham, 127 
Lullesley, 10 

Lnllington, 94, 95 
Lnshall, 213 
Lntterell, 21 
Lydiard, 230 
Lydiard Tregoose, 230 
Lye, 170 
Lye Court, 13 
Lyme, 237 
Lynnne, 80, 107 
Lyonshall, 8 

Madeira, 99 

Madeley, 97 

Madestoke, 270 

Maiden Bradley, 238 

Maidstone, 03 

Maldon, 138 

Mak'paee, 83 

Mailing, 207, 208 

Mahnsbery, 22 

Mai |>as, 107 

Maltby, 44, 202 

Malton, 58, 190, 284 

M;m, Isle of, 07 

Manchester, 55, 85, 198, 

201, 238 
Manitoba, 09 
Manningt'ord, 91 
Market Weighton, 201 
Marlborough, 23, 283 
Marat hi, 10, 13, 191 
Marske, 190, 19S* 
Marten, 94 
Martin, 94 
Martock, 288 
Mai well, 212 
Mashatn, 132 
Maydencote, 233 
Maydon, 103 
Mayo, OS 
Medbourne, 211 
Meere, 22*, '2 > 
Melbourne, 7 1 
I Mel lent, 285 
Mel Is, 257 
Melplessh, 113 
Melrose, 217 
Melsouby, 121 
.Melton, 201 

Menstre Kstcherche 31 

Merton, 190 

Merston, 12 

Methani, 123 

Mieklethwayt, 121, 122* 

Middlesex, 17, 03, 87, 88*, 
98, 99*, 100, 101*, 137, 
195, 201, 213, 282, 284 ; 
Gray'ss Inn, 92*, 100, 
191, 197 ; Lincoln's Inn, 

Middleton, 55 
Mildenhall, 3 1 
Millington, 128 
Milium, 12. r > 
Mirlield, 15 
Missenden, 40, 188 
Misterton, 257 
Monmouthshire, 90, 9S, 

Monuington, 9 
Moo.vhall, 257* 
Moricetown, 70 
Morley, 52, 99 
Morpeth, 283 
Morton, 200 
Morton on Lugg, 10 
Moscow, 102 
Mosley, 250 
Motcombe, 27 
Mountgrace, 125 
Mueleston, 231 
Muncaster, 51, 194 
Munet, 3 
Muskham, 81 
Mussenden, 172 
Mylton, 89 

Myton, 195, 190*, 197*, 

Nabbs, 121 
Nuborne, 128 
Nancy, 101 
Nanlhey, 287 
Nantwiuh, 05, 111 
Natal, 07 

Nariuton BeaucUamp, 140 
Navehtoek, 99 
Neath, 285 
Netherham, 90 
Newark, 07 
Newbery, 95, 198 
New Brunswick, 08, 70 
Newby, 200, 202, 203 
Neweas tie-on -Tyne, 05, 

132, 19S 
Newel k, 175 
Newesom, 176 
Newhall, 138 
Newhouse, 51 , 201 
Newtimber, 250 
Newton, 132 
Newton Abbot, 03 
Newton Kyme, 208 
New South Wales, 67, 08, 

09*, 70 
New Zealand, 08*, 09, 70, 

71, 101 
Nid, 201 
Nor bury, 81 
Norcott, 88 




Norfolk, 70, 82, 106, 123, 
124, 138, 139, 149, 212, 
230, 231, 235, 241*, 283, 

Norlich, 20 

Norumudy, 69, 284 

Normauton, 52 

Norrington, 243 

Northallerton, 47, 203 

Northampton, 18, 101, 138*, 
209, 232, 283*, 284 

Northamptonshire, 87, 99, 
104*, 125, 126, 142, 186. 

Noi thcombe, 27 
Northdigton, 282 
Northington, 89, 90*, 96 
Noithlich, 20 
Noi thop, 87 

Noi thmnberland,26,29,47, 
64. 65, 70, 92, 129, 132, 
137, 268, 277, 283 

Northwieh, 84 

Norton, 49*, 50*, 51*, 57, 
84*, 196, 198* 

Norton Bavent, 237 

Norton Canon, 17 

Norton Conyers, 48, 130, 

Norton-Lees, 50 
Norwich, 139, 110, 212, 

Not I inghani, 28 1 

Nottinghamshire, 49, 69, 
82, 83, 84, 101, 126*, 
127, 128, 230, 253, 255, 
257, 28 1 

Nnn-Appleton, 258 

Nuneaton, 110 

Oaks, 51 
Oakes, 50 
Ogborne, 26, 92 
Ore, 103 
Ormesby, 229 
Osbaldeston, 260 
Osberstone, 176 
Osbertou, 83 
Osterley, 83 
Oswaldkirk, 130, 132 
Otterborne, 43 
Over Penne, 71 
Owghterside, 171 
Ovvre, 90 

Oxford, 64, 138, 140, 242, 
282 ; All Souls, 47, 198 ; 
Lalliol Coll., 91, 195, 
196, 198 , Christ Church 
Coll., 197 ; Gloucester 
Hall, 13 ; Lincoln Coll., 

47 ; Magdalen Coll., 47*; 
New Coll., 1 H 9 ; St. 
Alban Hal), 47*, 196* ; 
St. Edmund Hall, 197 ; 
Univ. Coll.. 51, 197* 
Oxfordshire. 13, 20, 22*, 
63, 89, 91, 101, 144*, 
187, 197*, 212, 236> 213 

Painswick, 70 
Pakenham, 99 
Pannall, 132 
Pauntley, 9 
lYmbi idge, 12, 1 5 
Pershore, 70 
lVnshuist, 210 
Penwarne, 100 
Perth, co , 68 
Pel ton, 71 
Peterborough, 101 
Peyton, 9C* 
I'hellpotts, 13 
Pickering Lythe, 260 
Pillaton, 256 
Pihchinthorpe, 198 
Place Newith, 101 
I'layford, 257 
I'la.sgwyn, 97 
LMumley, 257 
IMumpton, 125 
Poix, 216 
Pomlivt, 57, 139 
Pontefract, 65, 256 
Tonteland, 64, 129 
Pontrilas, 11 
Poole, 91 
Poppletun, 133 
Portington, 122 
Purtwood, 238 
lVtteine, 19, 21, 89 
Powderham, 239 
Powlsolt, 19 
Powl.sowlte, 19 
Poytheres, 13 
Prescott, 23 
Preshute, 23 
Pulborough, 240 
Pulton, Lancelot, 88 
Punchardon, 31 
Pype, 22 
Pyrton, 20 
Pytt. 95 

Quarmby, 126 
Quarrenden, 187 
Quebec, 71 

Queensland, G9, 70 
Querndon, 187 

Kaby, 142 
Pad ley, 104 
Radnorshire. 1 2 
Kadynhale, 106, 231 

Hampton, 49 

Land way, 170* 

Kavenstone, 1 7 7 

KaVcliffe, 133 

Rawmarsh, 255* 

Ray ley, 138 

Reading, 199, 212 

Rempston, 126*, 127 

Retford, 205 

Ricabon, 87 

'Richmond, 70 

Riddell, 288 

Ridge, 82 

Ridley, 86*, 87 

Ridlington, 256 

Ripley, 138 

Ripley Court, 10 

Ripon, 201, 203*, 282, 283* 

Kisley, 85 

Rock borne, 212 

Koekwith, 100 

Kodcnhuist, 91 

Koyds Hall, 203 

Ro) ston, 28 1 

Rolleston, 126, 255 

Rotherham, 50, 51, 58, 204, 

205, 257* 
Rouclyf, 171 
Rouen, 15 
Rowsell, 264 
Kudston, 56 
Huflbrd, 57 
Rumsey, 95 
Ruspere, 243 
Rutland, 127, 209 
Rydale, 202, 203 
Rye, 194 
Ryedale, 130 
Ryndecombe, 106 

St. Catherine of Sienna, 

Convent of, 79 
St. Werburgh, 230 
Salford, 83 

Salisbury, 23, 26, 168, see 

Salop, 9, 10, 20, 71, 72, 
106, 175, 204, 229*, 230, 
275, 284* 



Sal warp, 132, 195 
SAnipford PevereH; 90 
Sandhill, 212 
Saudiacre, 85 
Sapperton, 91 
Sarnestield, 7-17 
Srtium, 90, 93,94, 109, 170, 

230, 23!), 210*, 28:5, see 

Saughtoii, 85 
Saxton, 128 
Scampton, 256 
Scarborough, 100, 262 
Scarborough Castle, 203 
Scarthingwell, 131 
Scarborough, 193 
Scoi burgh, 228 
Scotland! 142 
Sere veto n, 255 
Scriven, 196 
Scrohy, 197 
Seal)* Clevedon, 22 
Sedbergty, 97 
Sctton, 260 
Segre, 163 
Sele, 176 
Selkirk, 217 
Selston, 101 
Selweys, i»7 
Sempi ingham. 254 
Seveuhampton, 212 
Seward; 1 1 

Sexho 17 
Shaftesbury, 96* 
Shafton, 139*, 176 
Shap, 282 
Shapwiek; 94 
Shaw, 82 
Sheield, 121 

SkeftieM, 50*, 58*, 59, 204 
Sheflbrd 283 
Shell wieke, 12 
Shonton, 71 
Sheppey, 31; 231 
Sherborne, 96, 139, 140, 

Sherburn, 25S 
Sherington, 132 
Sliervile, 19 
Shields. 201 
Shipbrook, 111 
Shirbourne. 3 I 
Shobdon, 10 
Shornc, 101 
Shrewsbury, 257 
Sibbrok, 111 
Sydney, 70 
Si>_'glesthorne, 4 i 
Silkston, 121, 122% 261 
Sissinghurst, 82 32 
Skiptonbridge, 44 
Skipwith, 261 
Skyraek, 43 

Slade, 2S2 
Slaithwaite, 56 
Sleafo.rd, 64, 65 
Sledmere, 48, 49 
Snaiuton, 53 

Snaith, 122,127*. 128, 129, 

133, 202 
Sneaton, 268* 
Soniersall, 85 

Somerset co., 12, 20, 21, 

22, 25*, 26*, 30, 31*, 
59, 63. 64, 65, 90*, 91, 
92*, 93, 94*, 95*, 96*, 
97*, 08, 99, 139*, 171, 
172, 213, 228, 231, 236, 

238, 239*, 213, 257, 283* 
Southampton, 19, 20*, 22, 

23, 25, 30, 63, 95*, 98, 
99, 101, 163*, 169, 171, 

239, 243, 28-1 
Southwark, 65% 101, 137, 

258, 2S4* 
Sower by, 51 
Spalding, 53 
Spillesburye, 192 
Sprotborough, 52, 85, 121 
Sprotle, 173 
S|.ioxton, 266 
Stafford, 33*, 67, 71, 97*, 

212, 225, 228, 230, 231, 

Stainsby, 48 
Staiey, 239 
Stanbre&ge, 30 
Stancorribe, 98 
Stanley, 51* 
Stanliiu h, 26, 1 
Staulish, 02 
Staunt-y, 81* 
Stanton Hussev, 92 
Stapletmi, 1 1, 121, 233 
Staveley, 101 

Steetou, 253, 258, 268 

Steyning, 19 

Steple Ash ton, 21 

Stepney, 98, 132, 196 

Stevetou, 253, 258 

Stiffkey, 82 

Stockland, 25 

Stockton, 193 

Stoford, 1!», 95 

Stoke, 213 

Stoke Charity, 213 

Stoke Goldyngton, 177 

Stoke by-Ncwaik, 9 

Sloke-undt i- I lamdoi), 213 

Stone, 191 

Stonor, 13 
Stowe, 99, 235, 2S6 
Stow market, 63 
Stratford, 49* 
Stiatt'oid, 05* 
Stratton, 72 
SLicatlam, 83* 

Street, 170 
Stretton, 72 
Strowd water, 89 
Studham, 204 
Studley, 54, 131 
Sudeley, 283 

Suffolk co., 20, 34, 48, 63, 
69, 82, 85, 86, 87, 99, 
101, 138, 173,229, 235*, 
254, 257 

Sulhill, 188 

Surnborne, 242 

Sunderland, 260 

Surrey, 16, 63, 65, 70, 85, 
87, 88, 100, 101, 102, 
107, 137*. 196, 201, 233, 
210, 284*, 287 

Sussex, 19, 26*, 103, 113, 
139*, 194, 196,212, 240*. 
241, 243, 256, 283, 284 

Sutton, 12*, 16, 176 

Sutton le Dale, 254* 

Suthain, 137 

Sutherland, 286 

S waff ham, 64 

Swakely, 239 

Swallowclill, 239, 243 

Swanscotnbe, 1 14 

Swansea, 16 

Swynford, 28, 29, 215 

Swynhope, 82 

Sykes, 48 

Synklers. 191 

Synningthwaite, 131 

Tadington, 13 
Tangele, 31 
Tanning ton, 85 
Tarant, 90 
Tarant (lonvile, 9 1 
Tasmania, 67 
Thttenhall, 83 
Tatton, 55 
Taunton, 63, 139 
Tcdstone Delamere, 144 
Telthin, 90* 
Temple Bel wood, 251 
Tempiehurst, 127* 
Temple Newsam, 133 
Teryton, 65 
Terririgton, 26 1 
Tevcrsa), 256* 
Teverton, 81 . 
Tewkesbury, 11, 70 
Teyntoo, 226 
Thame, 187 
Thatcham, 88 
Tliieket, 45, 41, 266 
Thorganby, 264* 



Thormonby, 266 
Thorneton le Street, 202 
Thornhill, 55*, 261 
Thornhull, 238 
Thornseti, 233 
Thornton Bridge, 126 
Thornton Watlas, 197, 198 
Thorpe, S2, 201, 251, 261, 

Threlkeld, 130 
Thribergh, 130, 257 
Thriplowe, 283 
Thundercliffe, 56-59 
Thiuleston, 29 
Thurstanestone, 109 
Tickhill, 49* 
Tideswell, 253 
Tydworth, 168 
Tillington, 9 
Titehborne, 89-90 
Titsey, 88 
Tockwith, 265* 
Toddington, 1 1 
Todyngton, 28-1 
Tokynton, 227 
Tompkins, 1 
Topcliffe, 64 
Totnes, 282 
Towneley, 254 
Town send, 18 
Tow ton 9 
Tracy, 83 
Tredagh, 54 
Trent, 171 
Treseot, 71 
Tresvvell, 69 
Tring, 144 
Truyle, 287 
Trowbridge, 95, 168* 
Trowe, 3 3 
Trumpington, 100 
Trush-y, 257 
Tuaiu. HO 
Tutlh'v, 89 
Tuiuhor, 21 
Tunstod, 255 
Turvih'. 188 
Twining, 10, 70 
Twyford Abbey, 133 
Twynham, 27 
Twy.ston, 240 
Tymplegh, 111 
Tyryngham, 3 1 
Tyslmry, 20 

Uffington, 203 
Ufford, 121 
Ufton, 169, 199 
Ulchester, 241 
Ulcombe, 76 

| Upham, 91 
Uphaven, 22 
Upton, 83, 84* 
Up were, 172 
Utkington, S6* 

Vale Royal, 109 
Vastern, 239 
Venice, 114 
Victoria, 67 

Wakefield, 55 
Walrhale, 30 
Walford, 10 

Wallingford, 21, 101, 18'.) 
Wallington, 132 
Waltham, 13S 
Walton, 87, 132, 133.253*, 

254*, 255* 256*, 257 
VValton-upon-Thames, 107 j 
Walwick Grange, 20 
Walworth, 101 
Wardon, 31 
Wardour, 82 
Warmynghurst, 210 
Warminster, 237 
Warmyster, 21 
Waiter, 132, 133 
Wartre, 193, 194 
Warwick, 87, 137*, 138, 

1 10, 171, 212, 215, 283* 
Warwickshire, 28, 29, 97, 

137, '-'70 
Waterford, 195 
Wath, I'M 

Wat h it] on Oenrne, 100 
Watlas, IDS* 
Watton, 1!» 1 
Wedlianipton, 27 
Wedon, 188, 191 
Welbcck, 255 
Welynton, l()(i 
Welh'sjhourno, 28 
Welliugb n, 9, 1 1 
Wells, 101, 257 
Weme, 201 
Weobley, 7, 11*, 12* 
Westdeane, 87 
Westerhitni, 1 1 I 
Western Australia, 71 
Wrsthnnster. 48, 63, 196, 

Westminster Abbey, 48, 
98*, 128, 100, 128, 235* 

Westmorland, 65, G7, 171, 
203, 273, 282 

Weston Turville, 175 

Westow, 258 
Westwood, 20, 56, 95 
Wether Grove, 92 
WettenhaU, 83 
Wexford, 101 
Wich-Malbanc, 111 
Wickham Abbey, '260 
Wiganthorpe, 264 
Wigetnne. 21 6 
Wighill, 52, 123, 129, 130*, 

131*, 132*, 133*, 193, 

194, 195* 
Wight, Isle of, 22, 168 
Willesden, 87 
Wilton, 93 

Wiltshire, 18-27, 33, 72, 
87, 89-97, 100, 132*, 
139*, 1 76. 195, 196,283*, 


Wincanton, 26, 233, 239, 
2 13 

Winchcomb, 283 
Winchester, 8, 2)3 
Winsley, S 
Winterbournt , 21 
Winterslowe, 22 
Wintringham, 1 11 
Wishawe, 171 
Wistaston, U) 
Witham-on-the-Hill, 112 
Withcote, 70 
Withington, 236 
Wbaddon, 95 
Wlieathanipton, 27 
Whenby, 201 
Whissendine, 191 
Whwtell, 19 
Whitby, 19-1, 267, 268* 
Whytechurche, 28, 63 
Whitelegh, 113 
Whiteparifdi, 19, 27, 238 
Whitepnlle, 112 
Whitham, 98 
Whitkiik, 44*, 15*, 133 
Whitley, 53 
Wodhev, 20 
Wolfhall 21, 75 
Wollaton, 25:5 
VVulley, 122, 261 
Wolverton, 93, 129 
Womersley, 201 
Wood aye, 22 
Woodford, 83, 99 
Woodhall, 29, 251 
Woodland in Moore, 25 
Woodnianton, 16, 17* 
Woodiniwgton, 16 
WoodsouH* B 197 
Woodstock, 213 
Woonton Almeley, 16 
Worcester, 63, 97, 98, 137, 

138, 1 10, 195, 288 
Worcestershire, 8, 10, 13, 

132, 233, 271 


Worksop, 254 
Wormhill, 253 
Worsborough 122, 258 
Worswick, 16 
Worth Francis, 94 
Wortley, 256 
Wottou, 11, 2S6 
Wray, 255 
Wrington, 59 
Wycombe, 197 
Wycliffe, 198 
Wyddyll, 23G 
Wykeham Abbey, 48 

Wymering, 108 

Wymersley, 232 
Wytelaye-Forwode, 28 
Wythe, 28 
Wytheford, 229 
Wyvill, 132 

Yale, 14 
Yarmouth, 287 

York, 44, 45, 48* 49, 53, 

97, 99*, 125, 130-, 133, 

137, 194* 
Yorke, 201, 202, 204, 260, 

261*, 263, 267*, 268*, 


Yorkshire, 43-59, 63*, 65, 
84, 85, 87, 88, 99, 100*, 
101, 121-133, 138*, 139*, 
144. 173, 174, 176. 193- 
206, 227,* 229, 233, 234, 
238, 240, 253-268, 282, 
283*, 284* 

2914 X